Future Arsenal managers: The good, the bad and the maybes

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Not sure what the brief was here

Not sure what the brief was here

It’s my first day back in the office for a while. I missed it. That’s when you know you’re caged by a repugnant capitalist society. I hate weak self so much right now.


Let’s get into football tings.

A lot of moping around of late, so why not have some fun and pin my thoughts to some potential replacement managers people can laugh at and use against me for the next 15 years?

Right, good managers are a tough thing to come by, mostly because football tends to work unlike any other industry. The general rule of thumb is that ascension is your way to the top. No bumps in the road allowed and if there are bumps, context is not your friend because fans and football bosses alike are generally quite ill-informed when it comes to understanding what makes a football manager a good one.

A quick example of a football club who totally get that, and it’s BVB Dortmund (who just drew Liverpool in the Europa). Anyway, Jurgen Klopp took Mainz into the Bundesliga, he kept them up for a bit, then they found themselves relegated. Klopp left / got sacked. Then Dortmund took him.

That simply wouldn’t happen in England. Can you imagine United signing up a manager who’d just been sacked after relegating his team? Of course not. Because the fans and the media wouldn’t allow it.

Dortmund had different ideas. They saw a hugely charismatic manager with great ideas, a strong vision and a desire to win that outmatched most in the game. They took a calculated chance that went beyond an immediate string of results. When we’re hiring our next manager, we need to look beyond the immediate success, because often, even success doesn’t come with context.

Jose Mourinho ALWAYS gets a side that spends the most money. Similar story with Carlo Ancelotti. That’s not to say they’re not great coaches, but it does tell you that maybe Arsenal isn’t right for them, because Stan won’t allow a major spender at the club.

We need to map the right coach to the our environment.

So for me, that means we need a developmental coach. So bearing that in mind, you have to look at two types of manager Ivan G should be looking at. Those managers who are the kings of the elite, but in a more developmental way and those managers who Ivan could be a kingmaker for. The kingmaker managers are tough to talk around, because fans don’t have vision or guts. You sometimes have to scratch beneath the surface of a small club to understand what’s going on before you gupphaw at a suggestion.

… and also, you need to remember that Wenger was at Grampus 8 when we brought him back. David Dein, a visionary himself, understood that you need to look beyond the results.

Just to labour this point, the Premier League this year is so crazy because managers at small clubs have been doing better things behind the scenes than big clubs for years. What a bit of extra money has allowed them to do is feed better players into those systems. The results have been nothing short of phenomenal.

… and look, the least fashionable manager of last year, Nigel Pearson,  pretty much built the foundations for a title-winning side. Look at how well that wonky Cockney Alan Pardew is doing. Look at Pochettino now he has a bit of cash (another manager we were purring over on here a few years ago).

The other thing we need to ensure is that the next manager we bring in is tactically flexible. The game is moving along so fast now. We’re about to move into an era of NFL style tactical plays. Pep Guardiola is going to change the Premier League and it’s going to be wild. Managers who are tied to a singular style won’t be the ones making waves because you can’t buy players good enough to win with one style. We need to have a manager who can change the game from the sidelines. We need a manager who understands how to press properly. We need a manager who thinks differently.

We need energy, science and vision.

Anyway, I’m going to list out some managers I think we should look at and some I’m not too fussed about.

Not Interested:

Ronald Koeman: My big fear is that when Arsenal replace Wenger, they’ll go super safe because they’re petrified of dropping a David Moyes like moment. Koeman is a super safe option. He’s been around the block, he did a good job shaping up Southampton after they lost 90% of their talent. He’s a coaster though. I can’t pinpoint whether he’s a good manager, or whether Southampton are just a brilliantly well run club. I’m not sure he’s particularly dynamic tactically, maybe marginally better than Wenger, and his football style doesn’t blow me away.

Frank De Boer: He’s a sexy option. He rocks those shortsleeved white shirts like Joachim Loew. But he’s smashing up a terrible league. Taking 4 titles with Ajax is like taking 4 with Celtic. Also, I have to question a manager who watched videos of Yaya Sanogo and thought, you know what, yeah, let’s get him out here on loan for a season, we could teach him how to walk. I think it’s a really sexy risk, but not one we need to be taking.

Joachim Loew: Again, what an attractive man. He’d be worth it for the uptick in female fans alone, but here’s the thing, he’s a national team manager. His job is the extract the most out of his players for 6 weeks every two years. That is a totally different ball game to managing the load of players across potentially 60 odd games. Dealing with whiny players and their egos. Managing their fitness. Managing the intensity of analysis up to three times a week. I wouldn’t want to go there. Could be a Scolari like mistake.

The Good:

Diego Simeone: You have to say, out of the elite hero managers left in the game, this guy is probably the best of them left. He built a pretty incredible Atletico side that beat big spending Barca and Madrid to the top spot. He did that with a tiny squad and a pretty average budget (Arsenal like). I’m not quite sure he spunked the best part of £100m very well last summer, but hey, at least he spent it and he’s kind of in the mix in the league. He’s a superb organiser, he’s tactically very smart and he’s a powerhouse of a personality. He has a pressing philosophy, which is to turn over possession in the oppositions half, something Arsenal don’t even think about. He’s like Mourinho’s protegé. A total pragmatist. Capable of getting his players to work harder than anyone else in Europe. We’d sacrifice style, but hey, we’d probably win trophies.

Tomas Tuchel: Bearing in mind we’ll be looking at a new manager next year, you’ve got to put Tuchel in the ring. We’ve been speaking about him for a few years here, but the guy is a bit of a genius. He’s as unlikely a manager as Arsene Wenger. He looks like the sort of guy you’d find in the developer cellar at Facebook’s HQ. He’s smart though, very smart. He understands that human relationships matter and he’s very focused on making sure he’s teams behave like teams off the pitch, when he went to Mainz he made the players eat together and he put big round tables in the training rooms to encourage communications. Basics, but basics I think Arsenal miss if you believe the rumours.

Tuchel is a manager who didn’t have a good playing career, he’s a career coach. He’s a big admirer of the work ethic coaches like Pep G instill in their players. He makes players die for the cause. Again, he has a very set vision of how to press opposition and unlike Wenger, he knows how to buy the players to activate this approach. Also, good to know that he’s a trained physio therpaist and a he’s sport scientist. Very, very important if you come to the Premier League.

Importantly again, this guy is a master of tactical systems. He’s not chained to one style and he can change things up in game according to what he sees on the pitch. Unlike Wenger, he’ll select players to match his strategies, rather than rolling out the same 11 until they break. This is the sort of visionary coach that would be the replica of what Wenger was back in the day. Very exciting and a manager we should be going all out to bring to the club.

The maybes:

Martin Schmidt: Now, again, this is where I really start getting excited and really sad because I really don’t think our board have the vision to look at truly exciting managers doing impressive things. Schmidt took over from Tuchel. Mainz are a bit of a managerial factory. We should be looking at pinching some of their staff during our rebuild. This is a guy who understands the modern rigour of the game. His biggest achievement this season was turning over Bayern Munich. He changes from 3 at the back, then switched up during the game to 5 at the back. He can react to what he sees on the pitch in realtime and make powerful results happen.

The thing with these managers is they understand that analysis is a thing, and that if you have a predictable style, you leave yourself open to being planned against. If the opposition don’t know what you’re going to do… then even worse, they don’t know if you’re going to change it up during a game, they’ll struggle. It’s like guerilla warfare on the pitch. Schmidt is hardworking, smart with money and he has his minnow team right in the mix for the Champions League. Again, another manager with a vision for how to make strategic pressing work for his teams. Literally light years ahead of Arsene who is only just learning to look at what opposition teams do for big games.

Eddie Howe: I know, I know. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING PEDRO? Well, you have to keep all your options open and just because Eddie Howe is English, doesn’t mean he’s not very talented. Sure, he looks like he’s twelve years old, but look, we praised the shit out of Wenger for keeping us afloat on a low wage bill for years. Look at what this guy has done. He’s brought his team through some turgid leagues in a stadium I’m sure is smaller than some I’ve played in. His team works the hardest in the Premier League, they play an exciting style of football and  there’s a clear vision of what he wants up there. Keeping Bournemouth in the league this season is nothing short of a miracle, especially when you consider how incredibly competitive the place has been this year. Also, if he was German, and he’d done something similar, we’d all be purring.

Anyway, I could go on forever. But that was just a taster to get you excited about life after Arsene Wenger. He’s so far behind the curve these days it’s embarrassing. There are super smart and exciting coaches breaking out across Europe. I just hope our board has the vision to go for one. Gut feel says Tom Fox signing Remi Garde is a sign of things to come… that’d be a real shame.


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  1. alexanderhenry


    ‘This is the most humiliating season ever’….for whom exactly?

    Man united- behind us- after spending £250 million on players
    Man city- behind us- with the most expensive squad in the premiership
    Chelsea- way behind us- with the second most expensive squad and failing both under mourihno and now Hiddink.
    Liverpool- behind us- despite consistently spending more on transfers than us and despite employing ‘master tactician’ Jurgen Klopp.

    I’m not saying arsenal have been great this season; far from it but, putting it in perspective that’s Klopp, Mourihno, Hiddink, LVG and Pellegrini- all managers many of you think are far better than wenger- doing worse than wenger with more resources.

  2. London gunner


    You make constant excuses for Wengers lack of spending

    But what about his horrendous management decisions?

    Keeping perma crocks on the pay roll? And aged players past their sell by date. 1/3 of our squad are crocks… Does that seem sensible?

    If anything if wenger is so financially handicapped by kroenke he should be selling these players jack/Ramsey ect to generate funds and not resigning arteta and flamini to save money for wage funds?

    What about the tactical inflexibility? Substitutes like clock work at the 67 minute? What about player favouritism and benching players on form? What about the lack of development of pretty much all our English core? What about running our players into the ground and consequenctly having the highest injury record per season?

    What about the lack of mental strength and losing to teams we would normally win against when the match means something aka to extend a lead at the top or indeed to go top? What about these many capitualations?

    What about the historic and record breaking humiliating defeats in the league?

    What about the wasted money on poor quality players? Do I need to list the many Wengers has signed?
    Whilst other teams around us have spotted jems on the cheap mahrez, payet ect

    What about the near constant refusal to adjust our tactics to the opposition and to brazenly and foolishly only play the Arsenal way.

    Your great master Wenger has thrown the title this year as a better manager even with this unbalanced squad could have taken advantage of Chelsea and man city’s implosions. Instead we currently trail leister a team that has far less resources than wenger

  3. Dissenter

    Hodgson should take Rashford to the Euros ahead of Theo.

    If we had a break-out youth product like Rashford, Wenger would ruin him by the time he’s 21 year old.

  4. Sam

    Wenger or not

    I still support Arsenal as a community football club it always been
    Giving everybody a chance, Even though Wenger abused the system by keeping too many players for too long to save money.
    I believe the next man will put things right. Restore our Academy, shift failed ones quickly out so they can continue their career elsewhere.
    I don’t believe in buying trophies like Chelsea n Man City.
    I believe in producing our own players then add top quality where its needed

  5. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Levy has his faults but he is a fucking good chairman ..
    Fights tooth an nail for his uncle.

    He has cut some good no super deals for them made lose on transfer sales, admiringly fuxked up a few bad buys….

    Remember three different shirt deals per season ? Good idea
    An uncle joe is a yank investor who puts his money in not just takes out ..oh an he truly supports the club .

    Spurs are a wealthy club

    It will break me if they win league .

  6. alexanderhenry


    We can argue about whether arsenal don’t spend because of kroenke or because of wenger until we’re blue in the face. As owner of the club, I believe kroenke decides how much to spend. That’s how it works at all other football clubs.
    At least you acknowledge that arsenal fc must spend more in order to compete at the highest level.
    When wenger leaves- this season or next– if your theory is correct, Kroenke will allow wenger’s successor to spend big and- this is important- over a sustained period. If he doesn’t surely arsenal fans will realise that kroenke’s been the problem all along.

  7. alexanderhenry


    It’s not quite panic stations yet. You’d think they could beat Bournemouth at home. They’ve got tough fixtures after this though.

  8. Dissenter

    Levi is the best CEO in the league, talk about a club pouncing above their weight.

    No one likes to negotiate with him because he’ll extract the most of out every deal.
    He’s the reason why Spuds will never place a dud like Theo on a mega deal.

  9. Jeff

    The season is definitely over for us and it’s no use pretending otherwise. Third or fourth is all we’re playing for provided we stay reasonably focused in the remaining games. As usual, right on queue, around now, we have nothing other than a CL place to play for. It’s pitiful, it’s unacceptable, it’s pathetic, it’s not good enough and it’s all Wenger’s doing. There is absolutely no mitigation and no excuse. The AKBs will be struggling to justify it all. The current flavour of the month is to heap it all on Kroenke and feel better about Wenger. It is despicable.

  10. Wallace


    “If we had a break-out youth product like Rashford, Wenger would ruin him by the time he’s 21 year old.”

    might find out with Iwobi. and Bellerin only turned 21 yesterday. he’s been in the team since he was 19.

  11. kwik fit

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger ruin’s Iwobi by offering him a brand new 5 year 100k a week contract. He never learns. Spoilt Theo/Jack/Ox the same way. Too much too young.

  12. london gunner

    ” If he doesn’t surely arsenal fans will realise that kroenke’s been the problem all along.”

    Well no… even if that was the case which it isn’t.

    Kroenke doesn’t command Wenger to keep has been players arteta, flamini and (unfortunate as I love him) rosicky on the wage bill and taking up value squad space.

    Kroenke doesn’t dictate what tactics Arsene Wenger should or should not use on the field of play and does not ask Wenger to be tactically stubborn and inflexible.

    Diego Simeone for instance is a manager who I feel would get far more out of this group of players than Wenger.

    Wenger doesn’t even seem to have the ability to give his players individual constructive critism as why is Ramsey an undiscplined buffon, why has walcott never improved on most aspects of his game the entire time he has been here?

    There are far better man managers and tactical managers out there, so its not just a question of the lack of transfer spending its far far more than that.

    You can slither and slide around making excuses for Wenger’s lack of spending yet you manage to avoid looking at some of his bizarre and costly management decisions during the season and the matches within seasons past.

  13. Dissenter

    You’re either ignorant or misinterpreting Kroenke’s self-sufficiency model.

    All it means is that he wont be a sugar-daddy like the Arab or Russian billionaire-model.

    It has nothing to do with spending money that is generated from the club. Kroenke has nothing to do with unspent transfer funds cumulating to 150 milliom+.

    It’s Wenger’s decision [or indecisions] regarding transfers that is solely responsible.

  14. london gunner

    Lecister can still slip up.

    Spurs have a tough run in, but as do Lecister.

    Chelsea, man united, west ham,everton.

    Sure some of these teams have been playing badly this season or at least for parts of it, but they all have quality elements/talent so anything can happen in these games.

    Spurs fixtures are pretty much just as hard and we have the easiest run in with West ham and City being the obvious standouts.

    However we are 8 points off top so would have to win pretty much every game… which is some run. under title winning pressure

  15. alexanderhenry

    London gunner

    ‘Keeping perma crocks on the pay roll? And aged players past their sell by date. 1/3 of our squad are crocks… Does that seem sensible?’

    Yes, injuries have been a constant problem but if you’re waging a CL campaign every season with sub standard players and trying to win the PL and FA cup, you play more games and get more injuries.

    ‘What about the tactical inflexibility? Substitutes like clock work at the 67 minute? What about player favouritism and benching players on form? What about the lack of development of pretty much all our English core? What about running our players into the ground and consequenctly having the highest injury record per season?’

    I’ve covered injuries. ‘Tactical inflexibility’? Not sure about that. Arsenal can switch from a possession based style to a counter attacking style quite easily and frequently do this. I admit wenger doesn’t play percentage stuff. He always goes out to win and sometimes the team can be too gung ho. I still believe that an attacking approach reaps dividends. On substitutions, most managers use their subs on the 60 to 70 minute mark. It’s quite rare subs are made earlier.
    On the ‘english core’. Well, at least we have an english core. Managers like mourihno aren’t concerned with developing home grown talent because they don’t have to. Wenger had to rely on youth to a certain extent because he had no money.

    ‘What about the historic and record breaking humiliating defeats in the league?What about the wasted money on poor quality players? Do I need to list the many Wengers has signed?
    Whilst other teams around us have spotted jems on the cheap mahrez, payed eat’

    Ok, some of the defeats especially against man u and chelsea were pretty unforgivable.
    On poor players, I disagree. It’s all about money. If you spend £12 million on a centre forward you get Giroud. If you spend £38 million on a centre forward you get Aguerro. However sometimes if you spend £36 million on a striker you get Andy Carroll or Benteke.

    Wenger’s bought a few duds but apart from Sanchez and Ozil- most good buys- his transfers have been tiny compared to those made by Man u, chelsea, city and liverpool.

    On this season, I agree we have been disappointing but as I pointed out earlier Mourinho, Hiddink, Klopp and Pellegrini have performed worse than wenger. As far as leicester are concerned, they have been fantastic but this a once in a generation year where a genuine underdog may win the league.
    Do you really think Ranieri, or for that matter nigel pearson are better managers than wenger?

  16. Dissenter

    While we are at it, it’s important to note that Arsenal is not even the biggest sporting organization that Kroenke controls.
    He has his hands full with his LA Rams deal. The notion that he’s using Arsenal to save up for the LA deal is silly. Credit is cheap right now and he wont have any shortage of banks queueing up because it’s a win-win deal.
    If the dude can lavish 600 million on a house then surely all that talk about Arsenal being is piggy bank is balderdash.

    I believe that he’s handed over Arsenal to the UK people and Gazidis who handled it well before he came in. So long as they don’t come to for funds then his “self-sufficiency” model standards wont be breached.

  17. alexanderhenry


    Kroenke doesn’t have to pump money into the club. The money is there- over £200 million. It is Kroenke though, who decides whether to spend it or not.

  18. alexanderhenry

    London gunner

    I’d be very happy with simeone succeeding wenger but there is no way a manager like that would take the arsenal job…wonder why.

  19. Jeff

    “It is Kroenke though, who decides whether to spend it or not.”

    Absolute bunkum. We are being asked to believe one year Kroenke says to Wenger please spend nearly £100m, maintain a wage bill of £192m and the next year, only spend £10m because that’s all we can afford. Total shit – in fact I don’t even think you believe it but you just want to troll.

  20. kwik fit

    Guys ,Kronke and Wenger both have an understanding not to spend the cash pile. Conserve enough to make top 4 is all they want. Wenger gets well rewarded and Kronke’s shares increase in value. Win/Win

  21. alexanderhenry


    Arsenal is in fact the most valuable team Kroenke owns. We’re valued at $1.3 billion which makes us the 7th most valuable football club in the world. We also have more available cash in the bank than any other team in the UK.
    I think taking into account kroenke’s commitment to the Rams move, it’s a little naive to think that arsenal’s cash holding has nothing to do with it.

  22. kwik fit

    Was at a Stranglers gig the other week and this song is pretty apt. Perhaps it should be our new theme tune at the Emirates 🙂

  23. Dissenter

    Do you have any iota of evidence to suggest that Kroenke is restricting Wenger’s spending.

    Every public public utterance from most of main players has suggested that the money is there for transfers.
    Gazidis: “”It is going to be the players that Arsene believes in. He is pretty blind to price tags, he looks at what he sees with his eyes and makes judgements based on that, and not on reputations and prices.”
    “We have a certain amount which we’ve held in reserve and we also have new revenue streams coming on board. All of these things mean we can do some things which would excite you. We can think about all kinds of things.”

    Sir Chips Keswick on Wenger:
    “If he has a plan we back it, if he doesn’t have a plan we keep quiet.”

    Lord Harris: We have “£200 million in the bank” and the board “would back him to break the club’s transfer record. If he wanted the man, he could have him. Apart from [Lionel] Messi and [Cristiano] Ronaldo, he could have any player. We will probably have to break the club record to get the man he wants.”

    Are you implying that Kroenke limited the transfer budget to 10 million last summer?

  24. alexanderhenry


    It’s the only logical explanation. What is illogical and absurd is that over the years wenger has refused to spend on principle.

  25. underrated Coq

    How hard is it for some people to understand? It isn’t even about the funds. Its the way the club’s set up. Kroenke’s the boss and its his drive and ambition or lack thereof that seeps through the entire management structure.

    You can froth at the mouth whenever talking about Wenger all you want, but who is the one that’s enabled him to run Arsenal football club like his experimental field ground? You can target Gazidis all you want, but who is the one who appointed the gutless plank?

    Can you think of any ambitious club keeping the likes of Wenger and Gazidis, when they keep proving their incompetence year after year?

    Why don’t you contrast Arsenal with the likes of Chelsea, City, Madrid, Barca etc and see how ownership can make the difference?

  26. Jeff

    You see this is what I mean when I say people have a religious affiliation to Wenger. They just cannot and will not accept he’s just an incompetent stubborn old man.

    “It’s the only logical explanation. What is illogical and absurd is that over the years wenger has refused to spend on principle.”

    Alexander, you have it totally in reverse. What is illogical, is to maintain an argument for which there is no shred of evidence but to reject the opposite of what you believe despite there being plenty of evidence for it and people have been pointing out this evidence to you only for you to ignore it and carry on playing the same tune.

  27. alexanderhenry


    Can you prove otherwise?

    As far as sir chips and lord harris are concerned, they have no real say in the running of arsenal. They are merely figureheads and own hardly any shares in arsenal- if any.

    Yes, I am implying that Kroenke limited last summer’s spending – give or take a few million.
    What we needed was a top striker at the very least. I knew it, you knew it, journalists and pundits knew it and of course wenger knew it.
    He didn’t get one because he didn’t have enough money.

  28. kwik fit


    Its generally the best time of the year. All we have are meaningless internationals we’re Arsenal players get injured.

  29. Dissenter

    St Louis Rams were valued at 1.45 million USD as at 2015.
    The move to Los Angeles doubled it’s value to 2.9 million USD instantaneously because the LA market is the second largest and lucrative market in the States. The potential for mega corporate boxes are endless. It’s estimated that 20% of the new stadium will be for corporate use.

    You’ve got that wrong. Arsenal are not the biggest fish in Kroenke’s aquarium and don’t forget he he’s not the sole owner of Arsenal.

  30. Dissenter

    I meant billion not million for my last post. My pauper’s mindset couldn’t handle the “b” in billion. I guess. 😉

  31. alexanderhenry


    Ok, got that wrong on the valuation.

    What is also wrong is that arsenal is not kroenke’s priority. I hate arsenal being a franchise in a sports chain- a very unsuccessful chain incidentally.

    Kroenke isn’t the sole owner but as majority shareholder he can pretty much act as the owner. Usmanov isn’t even given a seat on the board. Kreonek despises him because he’s a rival and he’s a lot richer than kroenke. It’s pathetic really and the club and fans suffer as a result.

  32. Dissenter

    You’re disregarding Sir Chips and Lord Harris’ statements because it doesn’t suit your Wenger-apologist mindset.
    Regardless of how little power they may wield in the day-to-day running ot the club, every big purchase has to be authorized by the board.

  33. Dissenter

    There’s a limit to what he can do as majority owner. He can only go so far. That’s why he can only take money out as “consultancy fee”. He can’t arrange the pensions that the Glazers are getting out of United.

  34. alexanderhenry


    We’re going in circles.
    The ironic thing is that despite my difference of opinion on wenger, I think him leaving would be a positive thing for arsenal fc in the long term. . I think the club will be worse off in footballing terms, but it will reveal kroenke’s intentions. Good or bad.
    If I’m wrong – I hope I am- the club will employ a top catch and give him access to all the money. If I’m right kroenke will make a token cash splash to placate fans, but then resume to run arsenal on the cheap under a new wenger. The problem is that I don’t think there is a coach out there who could or would be willing to do it.

  35. Bamford10


    “As far as sir chips and lord harris are concerned, they have no real say in the running of arsenal.”

    More sophistry from our resident ostrich & AKB, Alexander. Whether these men have any “say” in the running of the club — and of course they do — is IRRELEVANT to the point in question; all that matters is whether they KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON at the club, and of course they do.

    Further, you haven’t addressed what GAZIDIS has said several times re the end of austerity and the money available to Wenger. Note that with Gazidis, not only does he clearly know what is going on, he also most definitely has some say in the matter.

  36. kwik fit

    I wouldn’t believe a word from any director at the club or manager for that matter. Wenger gets rewarded handsomely for getting us top 4 and spending conservatively. We are an excellently run business model whether we like it or not. Maximum rewards for minimum risk

  37. Jeff

    “Peter hill wood retired in 2013. He had no say anyway after he sold his shares to kroenke.”

    So what? Kroenke still had full control even in 2013. Hill-Wood was speaking for the club. Do you think things have changed since 2013? You’re talking complete bollocks.

  38. alexanderhenry


    Kroenke is the only member of the board who matters.
    If sir chips says to kroenke: ‘I think we should spend £40 million on a striker’, and kroenke says ‘I don’t’, then we don’t.

  39. Dissenter

    ‘No we weren’t going around in circles. It was a useful conversation because at least I know why and where we differ.

    I actually agree with you on the last point you’ve made about us being worse off football-wise.
    I’ve made the unpopular point several times that as flawed as Wenger might be, he still puts a veneer of competency on the club’s management. Wenger makes Kroenke, Gazidis and the entire board look respectable because they are all football nonentities.

  40. Bamford10


    “Peter hill wood retired in 2013.”

    Well that would only mean that Hill Wood’s comment — “We have never denied Arsene any transfer requests” — is good through 2013.

    Are you claiming that these “denials” began in 2015 (for no particular reason)?

    This Alexander is even worse than Tom or Revvin Kev, btw, just in his own special way.

  41. Jeff


    That isn’t what is being debated. We’re not talking about whether Arsenal is being run well or not. We are talking about absolving Wenger for not spending on any outfield players (particularly in the summer of 2015) because Alex reckons Kroenke told him he couldn’t. And now he’s got everyone tangled up in other things like Kroenke’s franchises in the US, which have nothing to do with the debate in hand. It’s almost Keyseresque – dilute the argument, go on a big tangent, throw in long winded circular arguments and before you know it you are talking about the price of mangos in Spain instead of Wenger’s ineptitude and pigheadedness.

  42. Rhys Jaggar

    ‘Analysis is king’, well, if it is, get your own facts right.

    Pochettino has a negative net spend in the market since joining. He’s not achieved by spending money. He’s done it buying judiciously, clearing out non-core players and giving the academy products their head.

    You also need to ask whether coaches wish to come to Arsenal or not. Tuchel has clearly stated Dortmund want Champions League football ‘for many years’. If he does leave in 2016, he will trash a lot of relationships doing it. for him not to do so with top players, he has to spend £100m+ raping Dortmund’s squad. That requires Kroenke Oking it and Dortmund agreeing to it all.

    You have the brain of a brain-dead alcoholic if you think that will happen. Tuchel will do a minimum of 3 years at Dortmund, end of. They are a proper football club: they won’t bend over for serial bottlers. You think they sign chancers as managers? no they do not, they want 3-7 years from their managers…..

    You are now a cheerleader for the NFL. Important for your career. As schools in Europe taught sports science to children in 1982, you are off your trolley if you think they are in the dark ages in Europe and have to beg the NFL for lessons. There’s nothing new about ‘mass customisation of tactics’. Nothing.

    how much are you getting paid to plug America?

    It’s what any competent lawyer would confront you with under oath in a courtroom scenario….

  43. Johnty79

    I hope all you finally get that Cech wasn’t a great signing and hasn’t improved us at all. Ospina all round game is better than Cech and results prove we are better with him.

    We r left with only Cech as a gk next year which is shocking incitement of wengers judgement.

    I think I am the only person on this blog that called that Cech would give us nothing this season. And I was proved right.

  44. Dissenter

    Are you aware that the board member can change the management structure and vote to involve the minority shareholder much more in decision making.
    They can perform a capitalistic boardroom bloodless putsch to dilute Kroenke’s power [not to take the club from him]
    These are multi-millionaire owners who wont sit there without the promise of participating in decision making. They are in the know of what’s going on.

  45. Jeff

    “I think hill- wood was lying.”

    Alex, which is more likely. That Hill Wood was lying, or that you’re talking drivel?

  46. Bamford10


    “he still puts a veneer of competency on the club’s management”

    I hope you’re kidding. If by this you mean only that he knows more about football than Gazidis or Kroenke or the board, sure, but that’s hardly a case for his “competence”.

    We could produce HUNDREDS of examples of his managerial incompetence in a matter of minutes here, so I’m a little perplexed as to what you are talking about.

  47. Bamford10


    That he is talking drivel is as clear as day. And anyone who reads the various exchanges above — or has been reading Le Grove long enough — can see this clearly.

  48. kwik fit

    Hahaha well put Jeff . Of Course Wenger decided not to invest because he always wants a bargain. If Wenger really wanted to spend he would have but he is concious not to spend too much as it will come back to bit if he gets it wrong.

  49. Goonah


    You seem to be a brainwashed dimwit with a shoesize IQ and very small feet to boot,
    Can you please go back to untold so I don’t have to read your tripe ever again


  50. Dissenter

    I meant what I said – “veneer” which in this case implies that he’s still a famous personality who draws flak away from them and has guaranteed fourth place yearly so far.
    He is still 30-50% a competent coach, that percentage is the thin sheen I’m referring to.

  51. Jeff


    Where Wenger is concerned, as you’ve pointed out, it’s actually not even about money. It’s often about misplaced belief and loyalty in players that we all know can’t deliver. He doesn’t want to buy better players because you can only play 11 on the pitch. He does not want to disappoint his favourites. At the end of the day it is the club and fans that suffer under Wenger- always has been.

  52. Bamford10

    While some may see a City loss here as good for our position, it may not be so. If the result remains, City will be 4 back of us, and United will be 5 back of us. This means that either or both could catch/pip us, depending on results going forward.

    Eight games remaining.

  53. Dissenter

    As pathetically average Wenger’s record has been, the repeated CL qualifications have given Gazidis the platform to operate like a whiz-kid CEO in UEFA circles. It’s still give Kroenke his occasional photo-ops to lift trophies at Wembley and look respectable.

    ‘That’s my definition of “veneer” of the faintest fragrance of success.

  54. alexanderhenry


    Are we friends or not? I thought we were supposed to be ignoring each other.

    Anyway, good point on gazidis. I’m glad you brought him up. When he says something about arsenal I do take it seriously, unlike Harris and Keswick. . Here is what he said at the last rather fractious AGM when questioned about arsenal’s lack of spending:

    ‘We have built a strong squad; we have to be smarter and work more intelligently than our wealthier competitors, But that doesn’t mean spending for the sake of it, we take a talent-led not money-led approach to signings, spending money on players who don’t contribute is incredibly damaging……
    I make no apologies for having a strong squad and being in a strong financial position.’

    Nothing about wenger, nothing about an actual transfer budget, no figures, nothing about wenger being able to buy who he wants, nothing about wenger not wanting to spend.
    It contradicts what Gazidis said in previous interviews ‘post austerity’.

    What it says is this:
    Austerity is back. We are not spending because that is what the club has decided. That’s club policy, not ‘wenger policy’. It directly contradicts previous statements Gazidis made, when he claimed that we were a year or two away from competing with bayern munich and arsenal were in a new phase where they could spend freely.
    . It’s back to ‘plucky little arsenal’ punching above their weight. a club who ‘makes stars’ instead of buying them etc. A club run self sustainably unlike all those vulgar sugar daddy clubs blah, blah. It’s bullshit and we’ve heard it all before.

    It’s a disgraceful statement if you think about it.

  55. Dissenter

    Hodgson has to take Rashford to the Euros, even if he does not score a single goal after today’s.
    He already ahead of Theo for me.

  56. alexanderhenry


    Trust me, Keswick and Harris have absolutely no say in the running of arsenal. None. They pass the port around and give after dinner speeches.

  57. Jeff


    At least I provided one link supporting the bleeding obvious but all you’ve done is talk. So I’ll leave it up to other readers to make up their mind.

  58. Jeff

    So you think Hill-Wood was lying, what about Wenger (your hero)? Are you prepared to call him a liar as well? Here’s what he had to say on the subject.

    “We are open-minded everywhere (in terms of positions). We work very hard to find the quality of the players we can.”

    “If there is something more, we are not reluctant to spend the money. I know that you like to paint me as doing that.”

    “I didn’t do it for a while because we didn’t have the money. Now that we have, if we find the players we will spend the money.”

    That was in July 2015.


  59. Dissenter

    No, I don’t trust you because you know a lot less about hos Arsenal is being run relative to these two gentlemen that have received the highest stamps of approval by your system.
    Both Sir Chips and Lord Harris are accomplished business persons in their own right. They don’t call the administrative shots at Arsenal but HAVE TO BE IN THE KNOW to be able to function on the board, even if it’s serving as pawns of Kroenke.
    They aren’t there for the money obviously, it’s more of semi-retirement to help and advice the club but I’ll take their word every single day over yours.

    I mentioned earlier that Kroenke can’t afford to underestimate them because he needs British representation, per your laws. These board members could vote for instance to admit Usmanov into more decision-making in the club with a single technical vote. The board members are the ones keeping out Usmanov, for your information.

  60. kwik fit


    Is there any English player whose not ahead of Theo ATM . Having said that Woy will still take him as he shows the same player loyalty that Wenger does.

  61. alexanderhenry


    Rubber stamps , the pair of them. One of them is an old school chum of hill wood who I despise for selling his shares to kroenke, and the other one is a carpet salesman.

    In that sense it’s a good thing they have absolutely no say at arsenal.

    If you trust their word over mine, that’s your decision but as neither them or myself make a blind bit of difference to the running of arsenal football club, it’s irrelevant

  62. Arseology

    All these AKB’s in disguise know that KSE are the only ones who can sack Wenger and to get him out, KSE have to be pressured into taking action.

    In typical fashion, they are now desperately trying to muddy the waters and divert attention away from KSE to save their God Wenger.

  63. Rambo Ramsey

    Pep’s got his work cut out. managing a Barca with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and then treble winning Bayern is one thing, managing this City squad filled with overpaid mercenaries is another. be interesting to see if he can live up to the hype

  64. Dissenter

    Pep might not manage a team in the CL next season, who would have imagined that at the start of the season.
    They should have delayed the news of Pep’s movement but the football people at Bayern are far too focused to allow uncertainty in that club.

  65. Dissenter

    It was Bamford, not his finest moment to be honest but we have to remember that any late surge was scuttled by the undercutting of Pellegrini’s authority. A large fraction of their squad are already looking for other clubs already – new homes, new schools for kids etc.

  66. Marc


    Don’t be a twat, how can you claim a club who is forecast to have a cash balance of circa £225 – £250 million in the summer, an increase TV revenue stream that’s going to be in the region of £100 million and say we are back in an austerity period.

    Having an opinion is one thing being a moron is something else entirely.

  67. alexanderhenry


    In 2013 Gazidis said this:

    ‘The fact is this year we are beginning to see something we have been planning for for some time, which is the escalation in our financial firepower. And that’s going to happen partly into next season – it’s part way available now in the summer but the following season as well. It’s a progression over the next two seasons. It’s quite significant for the club.”

    Translation: We’re going to start spending money

    In 2015 he said this:

    ‘We have to be smarter and work more intelligently than our wealthier competitors, But that doesn’t mean spending for the sake of it, we take a talent-led not money-led approach to signings, spending money on players who don’t contribute is incredibly damaging’

    Translation: We are not going to spend money,

    Gazidis can be annoyingly obsure. He never commits to anything, but there is a clear change of attitude in the 2015 statement and it’s not a positive one.
    This season arsenal went back to being ‘self sustainable’. Next season we may spend a bit . Who knows? but it’s all up to kroenke.

    One thing is clear: It’s not a very good way to run a football club.

  68. englandsbest

    Diagnosing the cause is the first step to curing a disease. Scratching spots does not help: eating healthier food does. With Arsenal, the major infection is the steer-roping majority owner. (Does anybody still doubt this?)
    The second step to take is to figure out how to get rid of the infection. With chronic kroenkitis, it is obvious – excruciatingly obvious. By his own admission (at the business forum), his motivation is money.
    Ergo, the third (and final) step appears to be a surgical procedure: cut off his money supply.
    Am I asking veteran Arsenal fans to relinquish their season tickets? No, I am not. A threat can be enough, provided it is convincing. The Liverpool fans demonstrated that a few weeks ago. Kroenke will be a tougher proposition than Fenway, that’s for sure, he is a Walmart clone. But no football club can exist wihout its fans.

  69. Dissenter

    The story about Ozil’s ultimatum is dumb but permit me to use it the ultimatum top make a moot point.
    Ozil wants out so he’s making a request that can’t be granted, it’s reminiscent of RVP’s letter [if it were true]
    Wenger apologists want to deflect so they are chanting for Kroenke to leave, knowing very well it wont happen.

  70. Jeff

    I’m sorry Alex but what you just put up does not in any way support the notion that you’ve been peddling – namely that Kroenke is telling Wenger he can’t spend. As you pointed out it’s vague and management-speak which as we all know doesn’t mean anything.

    You have no concrete evidence at all that Kroenke is preventing Wenger from spending – absolutely none.

  71. alexanderhenry


    Think about it.
    The nearest thing to finding out exactly what’s going on at arsenal is via Gazidis’ statements. Kroenke never says anything, Keswick and Harris are meaningless and wenger is the manager, not the owner. It’s not his job to answer detailed questions about club finances.

    So, we are stuck with Gazidis and his legalise. He is not going to come out and say: ‘look, kroenke is about the bottom line. He wants to run arsenal as cheaply as possible, therefore he holds back cash at the club’.
    That’s the truth, but if Gazidis actually made a statement like that, he’d be fired immediately.
    He’s not going to lie exactly but he can’t tell the truth. So, instead you get statements like the above. You have to read between the lines and wheedle information out.
    It’s a smoke and mirrors routine arsenal have been playing for years. Gazidis is not a decision maker. He is a messenger.

  72. Arsene's Nurse

    alexanderhenry is simply an AKB. He’ll post anything to excuse Wenger including absolute bullshit that he’s made up.

    He’s like a moon hoax conspiracy theorist who doesn’t believe man landed on the moon even though th evidence is overwhelming. Nothing any of us post can convince him we have huge amounts of money and a transfer budget around £100m.

    Even posting links to the accounts and dozens of reports over the last 5 years of everyone from Wenger to Gazidis saying money is available will never convince him.

    He has to be utterly deluded and somewhat of a complete twat to go on the internet and lie for his hero to people who are far more knowledgeable about the club than he.

    What a clown.

  73. Jeff


    Let me get this straight. Your evidence for Kroenke prohibiting Wenger from spending stems from reading between the lines of a vague statement made by Gazidis. You dismissed Hill-Wood as a liar because his words didn’t support what you want people to believe, but you are asking us to believe what you think Gazidis might be saying because you believe him. That is not evidence at all – it’s sheer sophistry.

  74. Arsene's Nurse

    The wage bill shows that alex is talking bullshit. It’s risen heavily for the last 5 years. We have massively overpaid a number of players . If Kroenke was keeping an eye on the pennies then we would have seen the wage bill remain static or even fall.

    Walcott getting £140k a week shows that spending money isn’t an issue.

    £192m this year. It will rise next year too but apparently we are in austerity! Laughable.

  75. Bamford10


    City remain the class of the league in terms of player quality. However they are clearly unmotivated in the league, and injuries haven’t helped. The Pep announcement has hurt as well. Not only is no other EPL team close to them in terms of quality, no team has played at the level City were playing at at the start of the season.

    Nice try.

  76. Jeff


    The wage bill anomaly was also pointed out to him many posts ago but Alex purposely ignores anything that puts Wenger in any kind of unfavourable light.

  77. Jeff

    If City doesn’t get top four, Pep won’t be pleased. He hasn’t spent any time out of CL whilst managing for a long time. Bad news for everyone else if all he has to concentrate on was the PL.

  78. Arsene's Nurse

    Jeff, yep I suspected as much. He’s just like the conspiracy loons. Any evidence contrary to their belief and they will simply ignore it. I’ve seen this behaviour before. They are almost religious in their fervour and belief. They only ever choose to see things that back their own view and will happily twist, lie and spin ambiguous information to support their viewpoint.

  79. Jeff


    Yes, it is irrational thinking and believing in things for which they have no evidence but at the same time ignoring evidence to the contrary.

  80. alexanderhenry

    Ok, enough about what I believe. Let’s look at what most of you believe:

    It goes something like this:

    Kroenke: ‘Hi Arsene. I’d like to give you £70 million to spend this summer
    because as owner of this great club I want arsenal to win things.
    There is plenty of money available, so go spend it’.

    Wenger: ‘Thanks Stan, but I’m going pass on that. Instead I would rather not
    spend any money apart from £10 million on a goalkeeper, because
    I would rather prove that I can win it with kids and mediocre
    players like Giroud.’

    Kroenke: ‘Ok Arsene, even though, because of me, you’ve been at a
    considerable financial disadvantage for ten years and as a result
    consistently failed to win the pL or CL, and despite the fact that
    you did spend the money I gave you last season and the season
    before but are now mysteriously choosing to refuse money, that’s
    ok with me.’

    That is what most of you believe.

  81. Wallace


    “While some may see a City loss here as good for our position, it may not be so. If the result remains, City will be 4 back of us, and United will be 5 back of us. This means that either or both could catch/pip us, depending on results going forward. ”

    have you seen who we’ve got left to play? I know we’ve been pretty bollocks of late but if we play anything close to our best, or as we did yesterday, then 18pts should be in the bag before we’ve even broken sweat. West Ham & City away are the tough games, the rest we should be winning comfortably.

  82. Jeff

    No Alex. It’s not a “belief”. There is considerable evidence to support the idea that Wenger was not prohibited from spending more (especially in the summer of 2015) when he made his biggest transfer window blunder of all time by not strengthening the team and relying on crocks and flops to do the job. It was never going to work and almost everyone on this blog predicted it with clarity and certainty – except of course the AKBs who thought Arsene knew best.

  83. Redtruth


    Regarding City; The season is over 38 games not 8 games

    Me thinks you still hold a torch for Wenger as your angst for a top 4 finish would indicate.

  84. Dissenter

    Stop typing dude. You’re are coming across at the grand-dragon of the flat-earth society.

    Arsene is far too arrogant to allow himself restricted to a 10 million pounds transfer budget when he knows how much is coming in.

    Wenger is deluded about his current crop of player and dithers when it’s time for signings. I believe the scouts and Gazidis submit the dossiers to him and he dilly-dallies until the targets are all gone.

  85. Wallace

    “Kwik fit

    You seem to know the goings on at Arsenal so why do you keep bending over…”

    yeah kwik, why do you keep bending over?

  86. Wallace


    I’ve never been on Untold in my life. sounds like i’d really enjoy it, but would miss the abuse from Bamford, Joe, Jeff, gambon, Cesc Appeal, Dissenter, london gunner, Paulinho, tits and their elk.

  87. Sam

    you guys don’t follow what Wenger does to our Academy
    Iwobi earns that Little coz he’s a local boy, foreign kids are on massive pay
    you are naive if you think Sanogo signed coz he loves Arsenal

  88. Relieable Sauce

    Can we go back to ignoring Alexander please. He has been posting that bs forever, even if Wenger himself argued against it, he would make an excuse.

    If he is not a troll or PR guy, its a little concerning tbh.

  89. STV

    Jonty 79 you are not the only one who despise chech signing. I too said it over and over. I think red truth too but he got a lot of abuse for it.

  90. englandsbest

    Nobody on the AFC Board has a single Arsenal share – apart from Stan Kroenke, who has 67% of the total. That means he can dismiss any or all of them whenever he pleases. Hence none of them disagrees with him on a serious issue. In other words, they are a bunch of yes-men.

  91. boy dio

    arsene will leave the money for the next manager, whoever comes in to replace him will have the funds to pursue any footballing philosophy they want to

    not to mention all this noise around arsene is tiresome at this point