No surprises from Arsene, just indefensible failure again

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Absent for so much of this horrible period for the club, which really makes me sad. Weird not to be in the mix, even if the mix is miserable.

Anyway, grim result last night. Not just grim because we lost, more so because Arsenal fans are so battered by Wenger’s viscous assault on our standards that we now applaud a good 5-1 loss in the last 16 of the champions league. This is a tournament in which we’ve played 8 and lost 5. This is the 6th year in a row we’ve dropped out of last 16. The 3rd or 4th time we’ve taken solace in admirable fight in the second game away leg. When the pressure is off, it’s easy to put on a good show… even though I find it very difficult to accept you put in a good show losing 3-1.

Barca are artists, a team of mesmeric talent, one of the greatest… but Olympiacos and Zagreb are not. We lost there as well. We’re not moving forward as a club, we’re in a rapid decline now and the whole thing feels like the longest car crash of all time. One I can’t get out of… like that scene in Groundhog Day when he’s trying to kill himself in the car but keeps waking up.

Wenger is making this even worse, parallels of Sepp Blatter in his final days… Incredulous at criticism, proclamations of deity like proportions and an embarrassing lack of self awareness. We’ve entered footballing purgatory. A manager who can’t see he’s dying, an owner who is on record saying that titles are less important than the the business side of the game.

STAN: business lesson from marketing man to billionaire (LOL). If you invest in creating winning teams, you increase your brand equity. Brand equity makes you more appealing to consumers (people who spend money, ask your wife about them). If consumers find you appealing, brands will want to be associated with you. Manchester United have £100m more in sponsorship a season for one reason and one reason only.


Also, let’s drill down even further. You don’t have to invest hideously to create winning teams. Leicester are a profitable entity and they look like being a winning one. Small club efficiencies with better players (not even great), what a combo.

So let’s cut the business angle bullshit. If you don’t get that a good football business is a winning one, we really are fucked in the long term.

Worst thing about Wenger is he’ll likely have a direct line into Stan over Gazidis. Because our property mogul friend doesn’t understand the game and cares little about ambitiously growing the business, Wenger becomes the perfect candidate. Wenger is the stasis bet for Stan… but he can’t see what’s coming and he’s too rich to be forward thinking about protecting his asset by combatting the decline of its power.

You look at Arsenal last night and you understand why we’re so far behind. Our players aren’t good enough to start with, but worse… We are predictable now more than ever before. I’ve always banged the drum of analysis and how everyone is so far ahead of us. We did make minor progress. Now we look at bigger teams, we’re having more luck, but look… ‘Bigger’ teams are now easy low hanging fruit because smaller teams copy their approach and analyse back (actually, small teams started the analysis game, they just got better players to activate the plans). Chelsea and their undoing happened because they played the same team every game and they played the same way. Teams knew who they’d face and how they’d play… and they were duly obliterated this season (watch out Leicester).

Look how Pep is working Bayern as an example of forward thinking. He knew that teams were sussing out his game… so if teams learn how you play, you have to do something wild. Learn many ways to play. I read that Pep sometimes changes his system 4 times in a game. His teams have 8 styles they can adopt and switch to at any time. He played 2 at the back and 5 up top at one point this season! Teams can’t prep against that. Pep is taking a Patriots approach to football. The NFL team doesn’t have a style, they reset their approach for every game. It’s almost impossible to plan against them.

How many times do Arsenal change their system? I mean, what, three times a year? Do we EVER surprise teams? There is no dynamism in our set up. There is no vision. No forward thinking. Just a 4-2-1-3 that we operate to EVERY game. Teams know about our weaknesses and the good ones suss us. We could compete if we had a modern approach or even the awareness to deal with this. But wenger isn’t looking at the weaknesses. He doesn’t care to understand why we keep getting tanked in Europe. He won’t look at what Leicester are doing. He won’t speak to his players and ask what they know about other clubs and their processes.

Wenger says he’s driven, but he’s driven by the wrong things. He doesn’t care to evolve his thinking. He’s too arrogant to think younger managers are better than him. His just not interested in educating himself. When a man loses that innate curiosity that advances ones craft, he might as well give up. Wenger isn’t curious, he’s not interested in anyone but himself, he’s driven by preservation and a throwback to the good old days.

We don’t surprise. We lack flexibility. We have no internal checks to stop the rot.

If Wenger had any pride he’d quit this summer, but he doesn’t, this club is his, opinions of others don’t count, the fans are a joke and at the end of the day, he built us so he basically is Arsenal.

What a fucking horrible situation we’re in. I’ve never felt so hopeless about a sporting situation… Hopefully Wenger does the right thing and Gazidis can make this better when he goes.

More on that tomorrow.

Have a nice day.

P.S. Nice goal from Elneny. Makes you wonder what Wenger was thinking not playing him when we needed a long distance ball playing DM at the start of January.

(Penned in an iPhone on a plane, apologies for typos)

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  1. Jeff

    This morning’s press conference:

    “The Premiership is far from over. We also have to look behind us because things can change very quickly. We want to look forward but I’m conscious are position where we are now is not secure.”

    “We have quality strikers, if we produce the quality of performance we did against Barcelona our strikers will score goals.”

    “At the moment my priority is not to go in the transfer market about possible signings. We are not at the moment thinking of signing anybody.”

  2. Gelbs

    No-way in hell Wenger will buy anyone of note in the summer neither. Not unless Gazidis goes over his head due to fans being unhappy. Sure, they probably will spend ‘big’ again if that Cunt remains in charge. But it won’t be anytime soon. Look at Wenger’s team and the players out injured. There’s no way he’s going to buy anyone to replace them. His squad is big and good enough in his eyes. He certainly won’t be buying a top draw central midfielder now he got Elneny.

  3. Jeff

    That’s right we need Sanogo back. Those coconuts aren’t going to chase themselves down the stairs are they?

  4. Gelbs

    Lol. Just hope Everton hit Arsenal tomorrow, and come out all guns blazing. I can’t see anything but a draw. Think Leicester will drop points against Palace as well.

  5. gambon


    As of next season we can easily afford a £220m wage bill.

    Not to mention we have lots of players we can get off the wage bill.

    Szczesny, Mertesacker, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Chamberlain, Walcott, Giroud earn about £34m

    That would give us an additional £62m PA, which is over £1m per week to add to the wage bill.

    The problem is Wengers squad building is a mess, just like his tactics and his transfer window antics.

    He wont sacrifice player, he always wants to have his cake and eat it.

    We signed Cech, but then didnt sell Szczesny…..why?

    Why loan Debuchy in January? Sell him for fuck sake

    We turned down £10m for Campbell 2 years ago. Why?

  6. Emiratesstroller

    I have maintained for a very long time that Wenger is a symptom of the problem at Arsenal, but not the cause.

    Yes he may “manage” the club from top to bottom, but he is still an employee and therefore accountable to the major shareholder.

    In most “family owned businesses” where there is no member of family directly involved in running it there is inevitably reliance on the management to do so.

    So the question here is what is their brief and expectation. Kroenke at MIT
    Conference has more or less confirmed that the priority is the business and
    building the brand. The sport side of business is secondary. Whether we
    win trophies is not a priority.

    He goes on to distinguish himself from Arab oil sheikhs and Russian Oligarchs suggesting that most are short term investors and not in the game
    for long term.

    That may be true for many, but not necessarily those who matter. Owners
    of Chelsea, PSG and Man City are clearly in the business for long term.

    All three offer currently one thing that Arsenal do not and that is “football
    ambition”. Their owners may have similar expectation when it comes to
    running the business side but they are also interested in seeing the club
    succeed on the football pitch.

    If the club does not perform there then the owners will look at the reason
    and make the required changes.

    It is clear that Kroenke is not like minded. He is sadly a “hands off” owner
    and only likely to intervene if the business does not perform. That is why Wenger is still in control.

    Some posters claim that a protest will have an impact. It will have no impact
    on Kroenke. The only person maybe where it might have an impact is on
    Wenger although in his present frame of mind and knowing how proud and stubborn he is that is unlikely.

    There is a small chance that if the season goes “completely pear shape” and
    we fail to qualify for Champions League that Wenger will go on his own

    However, I don’t see that happening. Wenger will follow his earlier statements and see out his current contract which ends in June 2017.

    Personally I see him leaving then providing that Arsenal find a suitable replacement. My guess is that Arsenal will plan regime change over next 12 months in similar fashion to Man City.

    That means Arsenal will continue to fester for another 14 months.

  7. Gelbs

    Haha. Here’s another one! Lukaku…

    “Yes, we knew him in Belgium but at the time he opted to go to Chelsea,” said Wenger on Friday.

    “He is developing every year.

    “His finishing is better, his technical is better. He has better numbers.”

  8. Jeff


    I wasn’t actually trying to imply that we couldn’t afford the additional wage bill should we decide to bring in expensive players in key positions. If our wage bill goes up and comes even close to City and Chelsea or even exceeds them, and Wenger still can’t win anything, he won’t be able fall back on the old “financial doping” argument that he’s been feeding the faithful for the best part of 10 years.

    And I agree completely that if we did manage to offload even some of the players who simply add nothing to the first team, we could easily afford those new players without breaking the bank. As you say, we are in a mess and I don’t even know how many years it would take to clean it up once he finally goes.

  9. Jeff


    “I have maintained for a very long time that Wenger is a symptom of the problem at Arsenal, but not the cause.”

    It depends on which problem you are talking about. There are many at Arsenal. The problems around what happens on the pitch such as lack of motivation, not having a game plan, not changing to suit the opposition, being vulnerable to counter attack against any team, the insane wage structure etc. these cannot be laid at the door of anyone but Wenger.

    I’ve always maintained that a better coach (and Wenger is not really a football coach but more an executive of some sort) can bring us more success even with the current set up. So I have to disagree with you wholeheartedly that Wenger is just a symptom. He is both a symptom AND the cause of our main problems at the same time.

  10. loyika

    @ Jeff

    Brought JT into it cause if you watched Chelsea’s run during their famed CL campaign it was believed that JT had more influence on the players than Matteo (i think even once during a oarticular gamr JT stood on the touch line along side RD to dish out instructions to the players)

    RD was just at the right place at the right time. Just as Avram Grant was a JT pen away from winning it as well. Wld you call AG a World class Manager then?

    Also find it funny that you must always resort to insults? “Deranged Mind!?” was there any need for that comment!?

  11. Mickey G

    Wenger is neither a symptom nor a cause. The owner is responsible for it all. If you can’t see that by now then you are all delusional. Stan never the press. But he did a few days ago and said “you wouldn’t get into it if you wanted to win trophies” (or something to that effect).
    He doesn’t need to speculate to accumilate. He sees football as a perfect busiest opportunity . Fans do not switch brands and so are ripe for exploitation. He can even come out and say that he is not 8 it to win. What are the fans gonna do about it? Support Chelsea or spurs instead? Wenger is simply the goose that laid the golden eggs for him. He is 100% willing to toe the party line for his boss. He will come out and say anything to justify the lack of success. We are broke because of the stadium. We can’t compete with We have to adhere to financial fair play.

    The problem now is that Leicester and Spurs are now ahead of us and all the other top teams are having an off year. Fans could be placated in the past because they’d come to accept that we couldn’t compete with the power houses. However there is no excuses left this year. The truth is now load bare and the owner was happy to admit that trophies are not a metric be which Wenger is being judged.

    So back to Wenger. He is so arrogant because he has hit his targets every year. His job is 100% safe. He is a spin master, he is working for his boss and not the arsenal fans. He knows we are resources to be exploited and our opinions are irrelevant so long as the stadium is selling out.

    Redtruth is a troll but his right in his view that only a supporter revolt can lead to change. The only possible le protest that will have any affect is a boycott 9 season and match day tickets. Anything else is futile.

  12. Emiratesstroller


    There are several reasons as to why Arsenal do not perform or meet expectations as a football club some of which I have posted earlier.

    However, there is actually only two people responsible. The first is the Manager [Wenger] and the second is the owner [Kroenke]. As I have pointed out it is the owner who sets the priorities and culture within the club.

    If the owners of Chelsea, Man City or PSG were running Arsenal I doubt whether Wenger’s contract would have been renewed two years ago. In
    the case Abramovich he would have probably been sacked a long time ago.

  13. Jeff


    You’re making a case now that Di Matteo had nothing to do with the Chelsea CL win. I just don’t believe what on earth it has to do with the fact that Chelsea won the CL under Di Matteo in one attempt and Wenger couldn’t in 19 attempts. It’s a simple statement of fact which does not require any mitigating factors to be stated.

    And the reason he post was originally made was that Arsene was trying to defend his CL record. Whichever way you look at it, regardless of what think of Di Matteo, Wenger’s record in the CL stinks from here to high heaven.

  14. Jeff

    “Wenger is neither a symptom nor a cause.”

    You should have put that at the end of your comment rather than right at the beginning because soon as I read that, I knew the rest of it would also be drivel.

  15. Jeff


    Yes I agree about what PSG or City would do but you cannot just absolve Wenger because Kroenke is he owner. We do not bottle games because or make inane substitutions, or maintain an insane wage structure because of Kroenke. All that is Wenger’s handiwork. All I’m saying is that even with Kroenke’s faults, we could do better on the pitch under the guidance of a better coach. I think there is enough evidence to support that view going back more than a decade.

  16. Wallace

    I do think there might be some mileage in the accusation that Wenger, like Clough before him, no longer has the patience for the bigger characters, the ones who can drag a team out of a bad spell through sheer force of personality, but who are also probably quite difficult to manage on a day to day basis.

  17. Ishola70

    Mickey G:

    “Wenger is neither a symptom nor a cause. The owner is responsible for it all.”

    I think someone addressed this earlier and like them I can’t agree with this comment.

    First as a football manager Wenger started to regress even before Kroenke came on the scene.

    Secondly Arsenal’s financial prudence and ability to make money when moving stadiums, not winning trophies and paying off debt was what attracted Kroenke to the club in the first place. Good financial returns for minimum input.

    Wenger was integral to this that got Kroenke interested in the first place.

    People forget now that Wenger was being ridiculed in some quarters before Kroenke arrived for being some sort of economic guru. He was being asked economic questions in some of the football pre-match media gatherings ffs.

    Kroenke will need to be addressed at some point but in no shape or form is Wenger an innocent. He is fully implicated and was the reason Kroenke was drawn to the club in the first place.

  18. Jeff

    Sometimes you just have to throw your arms in the air and laugh – uncontrollably.

    Question to Wenger: How do you stop Lukaku?
    “Listen, we have just played against Messi, Neymar and Suarez…!”

    That’s right and we didn’t stop them either – all three scored against us. So where is the logic in that statement by Wenger?

  19. Red&White4life

    “Arsenal are not attempting to sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic “at the moment”, according to Arsene Wenger.”

    Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah please stop, I will die from laughing

  20. Wallace


    at this point I think Wenger could tell you what he had for breakfast and you’d be up in arms about it.

  21. Emiratesstroller


    I have a very simple answer to what you have written.

    Wenger has always maintained throughout career at Arsenal that he sticks
    to contracts.

    Arsenal is the only major club in World Football where a manager remains
    in his job more than three or four years.

    I am sure that if every manager on the planet was offered the job at Arsenal
    with sinecure of 20 years few would resign on their own volition.

    Therefore the blame for what goes on at the club is down to the owner. He
    could have done something about it long ago.

  22. Jeff

    No Wallace – he is the provider the main entertainment these days. I find myself laughing most of the time these days because all I can see talking on the screen is Mr Bean.

  23. Phd007

    EmiratesstrollerMarch 18, 2016 09:53:29

    There is a small chance that if the season goes “completely pear shape” and
    we fail to qualify for Champions League that Wenger will go on his own

    However, I don’t see that happening. Wenger will follow his earlier statements and see out his current contract which ends in June 2017.
    That means Arsenal will continue to fester for another 14 months.
    Why sit & wait as a fan till 2017?

    I think you seemed to underestimate the potential collective will of a substantial fan base,who if they vote en masse with their feet & don’t renew their season tickets,can have some kind of influence as to whether Arsene stays till 2017.

    Money talks & money is the language that SK understands..
    For fans to refuse to contribute a single penny to the club,would indeed force a reevaluation of the clubs strategy,or at the very least,a change of manager..

    To sit there & say there is bugger all we can do,we are left with Arsene at his mercy.We have to sit and wait until he leaves,reeks of not taking any accountability(common theme at Arsenal),cowardice, but also lack of ambition and backbone.All in line with the current Arsenal set up.

    As I’ve said before highlighting the fans complicity whether inadvertently or not, in the machinations that continue to exist at Arsenal.Essentially Arsenal fans are enablers/ collaborators,and are as part of the symptom,or growing problem as Arsene et al..

    Ask yourself this,how did Liverpool fans eventually get Hicks & Gill out?

    & will you continue to give your financial support up until Arsene stays in 2017 & possibly beyond,should he renew his contract?

  24. Jeff


    If you’re saying that we can’t do any better than Wenger even with Kroenke as owner, then that is where we part company.

  25. Wallace

    David Alaba’s just extended with Bayern. apparently there were rumours Pep wanted him at City next season.

  26. Gelbs

    I honestly can’t think of any reason for Wenger to continue staying on. There’s literally nothing ‘for’ him. Fuck knows what the AKBs defence is?! “Oh, I think he’ll get it right…” That’s hardly a reason. And besides, so could a lot of other managers. Look at the past twelve years. Wenger isn’t going to get any better. And just as importantly, he doesn’t even deserve anymore chances!

  27. Leedsgunner


    Frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger started talking about his breakfast rather than what is relevant.

    I found it sadly bemusing and pathetic that Wenger talked about causing Barcelona insecurities for about 20 minutes in the second half when questioned about Arsenal’s performance the other night.

    That insecurity was reflected in the final score line wasn’t it not? Also who gives a damn if we created more chances and took more shots if only one of those shots went in? Talk about grasping at straws… broken straws at that.

    Wallace in all seriousness you seem like a pleasant chap and I’m sure we could share a friendly pint but do you really believe some of the stuff you write? Or are you taking a view for the sake of debate?

    Serious question not a trap or a wind up by the way.

    Wishing you the very best.

  28. Jeff

    “Is the apathy and lack of ambition from the fans a symptom??”


    Of course it is. When you still hear statements like “he deserves to choose when he goes” from the AKBs of which there are still many, how could it not be.

  29. Emiratesstroller


    I have said consistently that Wenger is past his sell by date and should go,
    but if he is not willing to do so on his own volition then the only person who
    can force him to leave is Kroenke.

    I have made a clear and consistent case for his departure on many threads
    including earlier posts today.

    It is obvious that Kroenke will not sack Wenger and therefore we are likely
    to be saddled with him until June 2014 at the earliest when his contract expires.

  30. Jeff


    I agree with that but it still isn’t clear to me whether your answer to the hypothetical question about whether we can do better under a different manager with Kroenke as owner, is yes or no.

  31. Gelbs

    As long as there’s funds for players, it doesn’t matter at all about Kroenke. As long as Arsenal have a top draw manager. I’d even take Allardyce over Wenger if I had the choice!

  32. Phd007

    You know what’s interesting the mentality of the Arsenal hierarchy,players & fans..It’s absolutely twisted..

    We have SK,who says he’s not investing in Arsenal for trophies,but for business reasons..(fair enough)..

    We have a CEO,who by the time Arsene leaves(if he leaves) would have spent almost a decade in the position as a “Yes man”..

    Ivan won’t leave the best paying CEO job in the world to showcase his truth worth at another club,because guess what-he’s waiting for Arsene to leave..

    We were sold a dream about moving to the Emirates to compete with the BM’s,RM’s,Chelski’s of this world.The move happened,then we were told can’t compete with oil money,financial doping is scandalous,waiting for FFP,stadium debt,etc,etc..
    So the move happened in 2006,ten years down the line we are still waiting to realistically compete with the BM’s,RM,Barca’s of this world..Waiting for our first EPL title prior to the move.Waiting for our first CL trophy in 20 year..But we must wait further..

    Players tell us how they’ve turned a corner,but the next corner we turn,it’s the same shite.The only thing different is the year,or month.In the interim,we are told we must be patient.

    Then we have the fans,that piss and moan about the current situation,attend matches religiously.Highlight that the main problem is the manager & that he needs to go.But still continue to attend matches,not realising they are enabling the situation.
    Then some of the fans throw in the added caveat that,we can’t do anything but sit like stool pigeons,& pray Arsene leaves of his own volition.

    As in fans should “sit & wait”till Arsene leaves in 2017(if he leaves),whilst happily parting with their money to watch the same shower of shite,that’s been in operation for the last decade..

    So we have the owner,who doesn’t give a shit..

    A CEO,who would have waited a decade before Arsene leaves to eventually be his own man and stamp his authority.

    We have a manager who keeps promising,or lying that we can win the EPL,& CL.But in reality we can’t & we don’t.But we must be patient.

    We have players who pretty much repeat verbatim,what the manager says.

    & now we have fans,who want to sit & wait till Arsene leaves,In the meantime,they keep shelling out money,like confetti..

    An absolute comedy sketch there for you..

  33. Emiratesstroller


    Difficult question to answer. Depends on the manager who is appointed.

    The question you should be asking is are there managers who could do a
    better job? The answer is of course much easier then to answer.

  34. gmv8

    If Wenger goes without Kroenke going, Arsenal will be in an even worse position, with the only salvation being that Arsenal will sink so low that Kroenke will sell his shares.

    We have no footballing knowledge on the board apart from Gazidis, Kroenke has filled the board with financiers, so it is plain to see what he values. If Wenger goes, Kroenke will not get in a top manager, and even if tried to, no top manager would want to work under him, and how he milks money out of the club for himself. He doesn’t care about Arsenal, just as long as he doesn’t lose money, so maybe when Wenger goes, he will decide to sell up, as I don’t see the club able to make the big bucks without some investment, we can only hope.

  35. Jeff


    You’re being cagey. First you have to admit there are managers who could do better – and then we can discuss who. I sense you still have a bit of a soft spot for Arsene, though not as soft as some others, and don’t want to commit totally to the premise that Wenger has to go. I’m not really too interested in “who could do a better job” because that is even more subjective than the original question.

  36. Emiratesstroller

    The most interesting statistic when you at look at reasons for Barcelona’s success apart from the talent and goalscoring potential of their forward line is
    the stability of the team who are playing in La Liga Games.

    They have played 29 games this season and just 12 players have been involved in 20+ games. What that tells you is that they have the benefit of a team which is both stable and does not suffers very few injuries.

    Their rotation in these games is fairly limited and mainly confined to substitutions.

  37. Phd007

    It is obvious that Kroenke will not sack Wenger and therefore we are likely
    to be saddled with him until June 2014 at the earliest when his contract expires.

    This is what I mean…

    Fans must sit and wait,till something happens…Until then,still happily accommodate what is currently on offer,by renewing your season tickets en masse…

  38. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t have a soft spot for Wenger, but I recognise like most supporters that
    he has been in the job for 20 years and I would prefer him to leave on his own volition rather than be sacked.

    Manchester City made it clear to Pellegrini what they wanted to do and he
    bowed out gracefully.

  39. Phd007

    Manchester City made it clear to Pellegrini what they wanted to do and he
    bowed out gracefully.
    Pelligrini didn’t have a choice..He was given a mandate -five trophies in five years.Didn’t achieve,they’ve kicked on & hired Pepe for next season..

    There was no sitting and waiting for years to come..

  40. Bamford10

    Mickey G

    “Apologies for typos …”

    You should be apologizing for the fucking drivel you wrote. Kroenke may not be especially ambitious, but it is Wenger and Wenger alone who is responsible for Arsenal’s failure over the past ten years.


    Wenger CAN BE driven out through massive amounts of criticism and pressure, and there is actually a decent chance we don’t finish top four.

    Please stop with posts whose aim is to (i) obscure the fact that Wenger, not Kroenke, is the principal problem and (ii) persuade others to accept another 15 months of Arsene Wenger. Another season with Wenger in charge is simply unthinkable, unacceptable. Every Arsenal supporter with a heart and brain should be doing what he can to create an atmosphere in which Wenger has little choice but to leave.

    I have recommended the multiplying of banners, the singing of songs at every match, but I will add the following: tomatoes should be thrown as well.

    It may sound ridiculous or undignified, but it is an English tradition stretching back to the time of Shakespeare (at least) and we are well past the point of politeness. In short: if necessary, Wenger should be showered with tomatoes. This will help him better understand how loathed, despised and unloved he is, and it will help him better comprehend what it is that he needs to do, namely fuck off.

    Wenger out.

  41. Bamford10


    Good post, and remember that Wenger has an advanced degree in ECONOMICS. He is as much a frugal economist as he is anything, though what he mostly is is a fraud.

  42. Jeff


    Therein lies the problem. Allowing Wenger to leave by his own volition means he will never leave. It means he will get another contract. Is that really what you want? I don’t believe I’m hearing this.

  43. WengerEagle

    Pretty shitty draw, the SF will be PSG, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich barring any shocks.

    City probably the most likely out of that bunch to upset the odds.

  44. Bamford10

    The CL quarterfinal draw is out. The best clubs/teams in Europe are to meet, and Arsenal are not amongst them, yet again.

    There is one person responsible for this sad and pathetic state of affairs: Arsene Wenger.

  45. Bamford10


    Atletico v. Barca will at least be interesting. Unlike Arsenal, Atletico are well-managed and know how to compete with — even beat — Barca.

  46. S Asoa

    Solution at last Bamford10

    We have put up with Wenger con and turned apologetic too long, it almost makes Arsenal fans look like imbeciles .
    So tomatoes it shall be. Put them in plastic bags and take them in your trouser pockets, and don’t take rotten ones. Have respect for you trousers.
    Heave Ho.
    Whoever hits 4 wins Ze Trofie Campeao .

  47. Louis Almeida

    The CL is quite boring in my opinion. You can pretty much predict the final 4 because 3 of those huge teams monopolise their own league so can afford to rest players for CL. You can’t do that in the PL. The Europa League is much more interesting. My poor Benfica 🙁

  48. WengerEagle


    Benfica now top of the league after beating Sporting a couple of weeks ago. [(Who’d a thunk it besides me ;)]

    Agree on the UCL, it’s boring the way the big 3 are always kept apart in the QF, would be great to see Benfica or Wolfsburg make it to the SF.

  49. WengerEagle


    Yeah it’ll be an interesting tie for sure and they’ll make a much better fist of it than we did, Barcelona and Messi have an incredible record vs Atletico Madrid though, barring the 2014 UCL tie Barca basically always win and Messi basically always scores against them.

    Would have preferred Real Madrid-Atletico Madrid as they have a much more even H2H.

  50. WengerEagle

    Real Madrid no surprises draw the worst team in Wolfsburg.

    Another chance for Ronaldo to pad the UCL stats, he wouldn’t have gotten a sniff vs Atletico Madrid.

  51. Louis Almeida

    WengerEagle, yes our domestic form is outrageous. We have been beasting it the last couple months. I keep sending Romford links of Renato Sanches’ performance on a weekly basis so he’s loving him as well now. What a player and he has only had 20 senior first team appearances. Our goal difference is vastly superior to any other team too. I hope we can win the league so I can laugh at Jorge Jesus at the end of the season. We will get beaten badly by Bayern. I just hope it won’t affect our morale too much.

    Also I agree that a Madrid derby would’ve been a better clash. Atletico have the hoodoo over their city rivals now.

  52. Wallace


    “You can pretty much predict the final 4 because 3 of those huge teams monopolise their own league so can afford to rest players for CL. You can’t do that in the PL. The Europa League is much more interesting.”

    yeah, i agree. BVB vs Spurs was potentially the most interesting game in both competitions. was genuinely disappointed Spurs didn’t give it a go.

  53. WengerEagle

    ‘You can pretty much predict the final 4 because 3 of those huge teams monopolise their own league so can afford to rest players for CL.’

    Agree for Bayern maybe but Barcelona play basically the same team every week with MSN up front and Rakitic, Busquets and Iniesta in midfield. Atletico Madrid have been outstanding all year and were breathing right down their neck until very recently.

    Real are sitting 4 points behind Atletico, they’ve been so poor this season.

  54. Louis Almeida

    WengerEagle, they still rotate the likes of Mathieu, Vidal, Arda, Vermaelen and Munir all in too. They have winter break, only one cup competition. Obviously their team is amazing but it’s made easier for them that they are already on an uneven playing field,, along with Real Madrid. The PL is a more level playing field because of the TV deals and huge money even lower clubs have which is why they’re shocks every weekend. All this isn’t too excuse Wenger though. He has money and doesn’t spend it. And he hasn’t worked on his tactical acumen. It’s poor. Very poor.

  55. Emiratesstroller


    It is frustrating that Wenger will probably remain as Manager until his contract expires in 2017.

    However, I am pretty sure that Wenger’s contract will not be renewed. I think that he will leave then if not sooner.

    The main point about Manchester City is that they knew which Manager
    they wanted. Pellegrini was made aware of the consultation and decision
    and chose to leave on his terms. Had Guardiola not agreed to become their
    Manager I think that Pellegrini would still be there next season.

  56. Moray

    Stroller, wenger’s been in the jin 20 years, yes, but he’s been taking us backwards for a decade. Why should it be up to him when he leaves? He doesn’t own the club…the time for him to leave with grace by his own volition was at least 5-6 years ago. He’s turned us into a shambles.

    Would you let a tenant decide when to leave if they were torching the place and smearing shit up the walls? That is basically what Wenger is up to at Arsenal…shit up the walls…

  57. WengerEagle


    Yeah mate, haven’t watched much of the Portuguese League this season but I keep an eye out for the results every week and Benfica always smash teams, home and away.

    Porto lately have been sneaking wins, last week Corona scored a winner in the last couple of mins and they came back from 2-0 down to win 3-2 a few weeks ago, not at all convincing.

    Sporting Lisbon just keep chugging along but don’t seem to have much firepower after Slimani who’s been great.

    It’s all about Jonas though, what a finisher.

    I keep hearing about Renato, how good is he? Compared to say Ruben Neves?

  58. gambon

    The problem with Arsenal summed up in 30 seconds at the press conference this morning.

    Journo asks Wenger what his plans are for dealing with Lukaku.

    Wenger says “Well we had to deal with Messi, Suarez & Neymar this week”

    That would be MSN, that all scored a goal each then.

    That would be MSN that we completely and utterly failed to deal with.

  59. WengerEagle


    True, Mathieu looks so dodgy at the back though, they really miss Pique when he’s not there.

    I’m not a Munir fan at all, don’t think that he’ll make the grade at Barca and he’ll likely go the way of Tello, Bojan and Jeffren IMO.

    I love Sergi Roberto, the lad has been a revelation and is their most versatile player, looks equally adept at RB or in the middle of the park.

    Agree on the BPL’s quality going up, the likes of West Ham, Southampton and Stoke are proving that by the players that they are signing but the big teams have been pathetic this season, it’s ridiculous how poor United and Chelsea have been and us and City aren’t doing that much better.

  60. Red&White4life

    Please Lukaku, a treble on sunday!! lol

    In other news : do you remember of barcelona’s board’s big smile when they drawn Arsenal in the CL??

    This smile has suddenly disappear today when they draw Athletico lololol

  61. Paulinho

    The 30-year-old said: “We haven’t been fighting like we did in the last six months because we lost a little confidence in ourselves.”

    Another damning indictment of the pathetic Wenger regime. Meek, weak, with the backbone of a leek.

  62. Moray

    Gambon, he gave the same shitfaced answer a few years ago when we faced Barcelona. The result was Messi putting four past us. The guy has no clue. And is completely delusional.

  63. Bigper

    I want Wenger gone but Im not sure I agree he is the main problem at the club. The Kroenke qoutes from a few weeks ago were very worrying and coupled with his lack of involvement and the fact he hasn’t sacked Wenger yet puts the blame at his feet imo

    As far as I see it an ambitious owner would have brought in a new manager by now

    Whilst I think a young, forward thinking manager could improve us alot, I think the passive style of Kroenke will be a big hindrance in allowing us to fulfill our clear potential as a club

    The constant Groundhog Day the club is in is a indicator that the owner is happy as things are and unless we are proactive in getting a very good manager (which I doubt considering the candidates we were happy to miss out on) in i worry for more of the same go forward

  64. Zoran


    There I agree with you. Wenger is not the problem, the problem it is that Yankee cunt.
    If we had Abramowitch or Perez, Wenger wouldn’t be on the bench not even for 1 month.
    Usmanov has other Football brain, he would choose between the best ones; Simeone, Emery, Koeman

  65. Louis Almeida

    WengerEagle, I’d say they’re both #8s although Ruben can also play as the sole DM. He has a better passing range than Renato. That said, Renato is the exact sort of player for the PL. He is fast, powerful, robust. dribbles and shoots well. A good all round CM. I think providing he doesn’t lose his head will go on to have the career that fat Anderson should’ve had. At 18 he is already a fully grown man. And after 20 appearances he is already our best player. In terms of style, both of them would fit in well at Arsenal. Ruben is more Elneny, Renato is more Ramsey. Man United are already willing to pay 46m euros for him in the summer. Mourinho knows about him and was eulogising the other day. I hope we say no. The challenge for him is to live up to the hype because as people begin to notice him more they’ll start making contingency plans for him.

  66. Louis Almeida

    WengerEagle, I do agree that the big teams have been poor. I guess they’re struggling to find the right balance, all of them. It’s hard to play in Russia on a Wednesday night and then have a 12.45 Saturday kick-off away to Everton/West Ham/Southampton. All these teams are dangerous and even more so because they had the whole week to rest and prepare for the game.

  67. TheBayingMob

    I’ve never fully understood the ‘long term investor’ for the good of the club or game angle. This is classic AKB nonsense. Wenger is in someway building an unbreakable club during his tenure, but these are the same people that will argue from the FEAR perspective, to FEAR the next manager as he could take it all down and have us doing a Leeds/Portsmouth. So believe in Wenger for what he is building, but also believe that what he is building is so fragile that only he can operate it.

    Plus, I don’t really give a fuck about a season in five years time that hasn’t happened yet. The world’s financial systems may have collapsed by then leading to mass anarchy. North Korea may have launched short range ballistic warheads at the South causing a mini-armageddon. Arguing that you are a ‘long term’ investor is more utter lies from Kroenke. The Arabs have invested heavily not only on a football level at City but into the community as well. Kroenke has done none of this, all he does is takes his (confusingly insignificant, at least to him) 3m from the club in a disguised dividend every year.

    They’re all liars. I hate what the club has become, I hate the people that run it; even worse, I hate the fact that I see no end to it in a majority of my lifetime.

  68. Red&White4life

    “Wenger: “we dont need Ibrahimovic”.
    Typical idiot, he has Sanogo.”

    In fact we don’t need anyone.

    Except a new manager.

  69. Danny

    I hate the fact that I see no end to it in a majority of my lifetime.
    As John Belushi said: “My advice to you is to start drinking heavily”.

  70. Derek Papworth


  71. Joe


    Would wenger have won the CL with that Chelsea team? NO

    What is the point of being in the CL for money , because we are not winning it, if wenger is not going to spend the money

  72. Danish Gooner

    Anyone,anyone bar Wenger would jump at the chance to resurrect his career by signing Zlatan and Then we would probably have a chance of finally beating chavski…………. But nooooooooo !

  73. Red&White4life

    Hilarious comment about Ibra from le mighty professor.

    Arsène you can’t remember, but many years ago, Zlatan came to visit Colney, he was searching for a big club, but he felt that you were hesitating, and HE SAID NO!!

    He had already guessed the shitty manager that you would become lol

  74. Zoran

    “Would wenger have won the CL with that Chelsea team? NO”
    He wouldn’t win it with this Barcelona team either.

  75. NiNe

    I doubt that Wenger would like to manage someone that will always say the truth about the players and himself — in other words, someone that’s not a meek fellow.

    It’s really annoying some people still want him to stay. I was very hopeful that this will be our year but the state that we are in now, has me short of words and the shit he continues to spurt at every press conferences. I don’t know which one that’s worse.

    Keep the pressure on, people! Get him out

  76. Jeff

    There seems to be a new spin on Wenger by those who have long held a place in their hearts for him and are finding it difficult to say anything favourable. So the new phrase is:

    “I want Wenger gone but….”

    Where the dots stand for whatever doomsday scenario you like that you think will ensue the minute he’s out the door. This is so pathetic. It beggars belief.

  77. Joe


    Winner of Europa gets an extra spot in the CL. Too bad. Would be too funny if wenger lost his 4th place trophy to winner of the Europa.

  78. Ces1ne

    “Dissenter, I know far more about what goes on in that business than you do.”

    Whatever Dissenter said, this reads like a wenger about the supporters comment…….c’mon broham, you’re better than that

  79. Ces1ne

    Gazidis is our guardian angel, but the only problem is wenger has cut his wings, eh?………..FOH, just another Ivan’s just another puppet with no ambition on the football side of things (i.e., the most important!!) & happy to walk that company line bc his (supposed) subordinate has more power than him. Where is Ivan’s ambition/pride? Sure as hell isn’t in North London. Pathetic backing from Mr. Flip-Flop himself…….