‘Strikers? They just haven’t been available’ <- Excuse me?

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courtesy @allthatchas

Good morning party people, just a quick one from me today because I am away in St Louis. Always feel weird saying that, you know, because of Stan and his hatchet men. I mean, surely when you own a £500m ranch you have hatchet men on horses and stuff?

Anyway, JOKES STAN. Calm your legal people.

So apparently, the season ticket prices for normal season tickets are frozen… but Arsenal are getting their cut from the Diamond members. They’ve pulled a fast one and want £900 a seat these days to be more aligned with Spurs or some shiz like that.

There is ALWAYS a plan for more revenue. The guys in Diamond are furious. I would be too… getting hiked after this season is a mental concept.

Right, how about we talk about hindsight?

I saw some chat about hindsight being a wonderful thing when it comes to our last few seasons in conjunction with our striking issues. I can’t have that.

We cannot still be playing the shrugged shouldered, ‘there aren’t the players’, not after three years. I’ll give you that after one maybe, but three? Get out of my face and take your bag of excuses with you.

Things we’ve known for 3 seasons… Giroud is not very good. Theo is not very good. Those are two undeniable facts. Even when Theo banged in a ton of goals a few years back, you knew it was just a phase because he’s not technically very gifted (a whole blog needs to be dedicated to how we sacrificed technical ability over the past few years). You also knew that Giroud was one of those strikers that flattered to deceive. Even at the start of this season I wrote that they might be good players, but look, in a big game, with one chance, those guys are gonna flunk.

Also, they’ve been playing for 3 seasons with one of the greatest creators in Europe and they’re still duffers.

So, foresight said those two wouldn’t amount to much. Where are we now? In a situation where we’re crying about our goals. Wenger has done nothing in that sense. He added Welbeck, again, a good player, but one LVG binned for being poor. He ‘could’ be very good, but I sense if he didn’t have such a great smile, you might not be so excited.

So, in a world of zero strikers… we’ve seen Higuain go to Napoli because we wouldn’t pay £32m for him. Which, considering his goals, was a steal.

Then we switched up our attention to Suarez. We went cute. Super cute.

‘Hey Liverpool, here’s £40,000,001’


They said do one. The word on the street is they would have parted with him for £55m, which we had, but we dithered, then said, ‘no way, no striker is better than feeling like you’ve paid a premium’… and that’s how it ended. Well, it didn’t end that way, Barca said, here’s £70m, and that crowned them Champions League winners.

Who, with foresight, didn’t know Suarez was one of the best players in the world at that point?

We tanked a whole summer onBenzema last year. We didn’t go back in for Reus. We letLukaku go to Everton, despite being theDrogba we always wanted. We missed out on Aubameyang, a player who played in France… OUR FRICKING LAND PEOPLE.  We also missed out on Dybala last season, a player who is pure mustard and totally hot right now.

I mean, we’ve missed out on some players. The worst thing is we haven’t even tried to go creative. You know, buy someone really young, or convert a winger. I mean, we gave up on Sanchez as a striker after 45minutes despite him having all the minerals to offer us way more than what we currently have in our team.

We’ve just accepted our lot and cracked on with nothing.

Here’s the thing as well…

‘There aren’t the strikers’

Then there is a striker, because the world is big, and we, as fans, fuss over a premium.


* Well worth noting that when you have the most cash of any club in the world, finding a striker should be pretty easy. You know, in a free market, with loads of cash, you have leverage. We spent most of the last 10 years being a victim to clubs with more money, now we have money, we make out that it’s actually not an advantage to be rich? SO ODD!

We should be offering up huge money for two players this summer. John Stones and Lukaku. Those two are immense players, they’re young and they’ll be the bedrock of a team for years to come. Just go out and get them. Prem ready, classy players and one is an absolute bulldozer of a striker (and a very smart chap apparently).

Will we do that? Of course we won’t. Wenger doesn’t like spending money because it makes him accountable.

So anyway, point is, all this nonchalant, ‘well, hindsight is wonderful thing’, is just nonsense. There have been players available, there have been clear holes all over our squad that have been well documented, we have a mountain of cash. Hindsight is not an issue here, we can all look back and say, in the past, we saw it, called it and Wenger didn’t. The major issue with our club is foresight. Wenger doesn’t have it anymore. Which is incredible when you consider he spent 8 years of his career selling us the future.

Ivan has foresight. I know you think I give him an easy ride, but look at what he’s done to the parts of the club he controls. We’re a force in every area that isn’t defined by the coach and his actions on the pitch.

Crazy thing is Ranieri is just about to show up Wenger… they beat Newcastle last night and they’re just powering on. The greatest upset in English league football history? I mean, did anyone see this coming? Bar my mate Kieran, who I think might have been really smashed when he told me at least 5 times this would happen. But anyway, most didn’t see it happen and it’s so bloody amazing.

Right, I’m tapping out. Have a super excellent day and I’ll see you on the other side!

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  1. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA, unfortunately for some people Arsenal starts and stops with Wenger. People think we may go into a malaise without him. Maybe we will (I doubt it) but I’d rather change than continue with the current status quo. I’m done with being a team of nice guys who choke when the going gets tough. Wenger definitely isn’t really a leader himself so he needs to buy those sort of characters who do on the field management.

    Tbh I’m glad he’s been brutally exposed, he has nowhere to hide anymore. Even if he did somehow miraculously win the title from here (which he won’t), I’d still want him to go.

  2. Dream10

    We allow counter attack goals in the same manner for the last six or seven years.

    Minimum for us should be to avg at least two pts per PL match over a season and around two goals per match.

  3. salparadisenyc

    …”we Finnish fouth yearly. How come other 16 teams cant match us since we are so predictable?”

    You need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The entire culture is flawed with this club, fact 4th place became an accepted norm with victory parades and selfies to match is a nice place to start.

    Thats not the barometer of success, you’ve been sold that and accepted it.

    Moment Gazidas came out and said we can compete for any player in the market barring the truly elite three or four, followed by a board member saying Wenger has our financial backing for whatever he needs.

    The fourth place trophy died, much like St. Totteringham’s day will perish this season.

  4. DUIFG

    we have no discernable pattern of play, no goals, leaking at the back.

    wenger is putting out a bunch of zombies onto the field and we are getting the results befitting of it.

  5. Relieable Sauce

    I got a horrible feeling we might sign Toure and Benzema in the summer and 95% of the fanbase will be overjoyed.
    Wenger signs new contract/choose new manager and becomes DoF.

  6. TitsMcGee

    Should Arsene Wenger leave Arsenal at the end of the season?

    Tom Adams: Yes. It’s been a legitimate position for a couple of years now but this season must still be seen as a tipping point. Losing in the Champions League to Barcelona is no crime but the failure to sustain a viable title challenge yet again, whatever Wenger says, cannot be justified in a season when the only two teams above Arsenal in the table are Tottenham and Leicester City. Talk about a missed opportunity.

    James McNicholas: It feels like time. Wenger has a contract until the summer of 2017 and is unlikely to ever be dismissed by the current board, but even he must be sensing that his reign is coming to a close. With discontent rising among the fans, Wenger should consider leaving with dignity before the atmosphere becomes any more volatile. The deciding could factor could be whether Arsenal manage to hold on to their spot in the top four.

    What has he done wrong?

    TA: Finishing in the top four every season is hugely consistent and in keeping with Arsenal’s place in the financial hierarchy, but this season has exploded the myth that money is everything. For Arsenal not to have maintained a title challenge until the end of the season once in 10 years is not good enough and speaks to a fundamental problem. It’s the cyclical nature of it all as well. Every season is the same: collapse in the league, finish fourth, get out of the Champions League group, lose in the last-16. It’s so deeply ingrained now that it’s impossible to see anything changing.

    If we are talking specifics, there’s the obvious problem that Wenger is too conservative in the transfer market; always leaving the club a couple of signings away from having a great side. And there have also been the blind spots: persisting with Manuel Almunia for so long, asking Denilson to replace Gilberto Silva and, latterly, the inability to sign a truly world-class striker.

    JM: Wenger has never been guilty of gross incompetence. In fact, he’s been remarkably consistent in his time at the club, regularly qualifying for the top four and reaching the knockout stages of the Champions League. However, the problem seems to be his inability to kick on past that point. Take this season’s Premier League: with so many other contenders falling by the wayside, Arsenal ought to have had a free run at the title.

    Instead, they find themselves trailing Leicester City and neighbours Tottenham. What’s more concerning is that he no longer seems able to get the best out of the players he does have at his disposal. Arsenal have a squad that ought to be consistently challenging for the Premier League, yet they now look like they might end up in a familiar fight for fourth.

  7. Jim Lahey

    @Ughelli – “The easiest form of pundit analysis about Arsenal is usually no leaders, bottlers and predictable. ”

    But as awful as it is hearing Arsenal being bashed in the media, they are right, we are a team of bottlers lead by a coward.

    And we are predictable. The most predictable team in the league, possibly in Europe. Its funny, Ferguson wrote about how predictable we are in his book and how easy it was to prepare for Arsenal, and we STILL haven’t changed our approach.

    ROP made a good point earlier, money or lack there of, doesn’t excuse the errors, the same errors that are made week in, week out, the zonal marking, the high line, the 68th minute plus changes, the pre determined changes not based on how the actual game is going. Wenger still to this day seem incapable of making a tactical decision during a game.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    I would rather we roll the dice now, if we see a manager come in and try some new things and we end up 5th or 6th next season, so what.

    What is the UCL to us really, us fans I mean? We’re not getting any closer to the league so maybe a revaluation of ourselves as a club away from 4th equals success and a relighting of some hunger and desire is what is required.

    This club sleepwalks every season, all money, no value, not in the wage bill, not in the manager, not in the board and not for the fans.

    For a manager who is so anti-spending and anti-money, isn’t it ironic the reason he keeps his job is the £35 Million a year he brings in from finishing 4th.

    Things might go wrong for us, we might find ourselves foe 2-3 season having to rebuild from the shit Wenger left us with, that’s fine, as long as there is a vision you can get behind it.

    Equally, things might go absolutely brilliantly, we might get a great manager, who changes this squad up and does a fantastic job of turning us into contenders again.

    Either of those, I take over this current situation of profit without value.

  9. TitsMcGee

    What should Arsenal fans be expecting the club to achieve?

    TA: They certainly shouldn’t be expecting to win the league every year: it’s only going to get harder from this point. But it’s reasonable to expect the club to show evidence of forward progress and cutting-edge modernisation. It’s reasonable to expect an actual title challenge and maybe going deep into Europe once every few years. It’s reasonable to expect that the biggest ticket prices in Europe will be matched by an ambitious transfer policy. Basically, behaving like the “super clubs” Arsenal wish to join. But the whole structure needs a shake up to achieve this, fresh knowledge acquired: it’s not fair to just pin it all on Wenger.

    JM: Arsenal fans have every right to expect the best. The club has huge cash reserves that remain largely untapped, and that wealth should now be translating to success on the pitch. Again, Tom is spot on that the ticket prices — higher than any other set of supporters in England — demand success. They deserve to watch an elite side who can challenge regularly for the two biggest prizes on the table: the Premier League and the Champions League.

  10. WengerEagle

    LOL, see you later Wallace, enjoy the Sun!

    Reminds me of The Office when Malcolm says to Brent:

    ‘So, you faked high blood pressure in order to fail a medical test?’

    Brent: ‘Oh no.’

    *Winks at the camera and smiles*

    See you later’

    *Runs back to the party.*

  11. TitsMcGee

    Who is the best replacement if he does leave?

    TA: A year ago you might have said Jurgen Klopp; six months ago Pep Guardiola. But Wenger remains in place and those opportunities have now gone. It’s probably a bit early for someone like Thomas Tuchel and definitely too early for Eddie Howe, who has been talked about. Mauricio Pochettino would be ideal if he wasn’t managing Spurs, but Joachim Low would be a strong contender if he became available in the summer

    Spot on with that one TA.

  12. Emiratesstroller

    Two forwards who were discussed frequently last season were Fekir and Lacazette from Olympique Lyonais.

    Fekir started this season like a train scoring 4 goals in 4 games in league before succumbing to cruciate ligament injury. He is due to return at beginning
    of April.

    Lacazette started season slowly but is now scoring regularly. He has scored
    13 goals in 26 games sofar this season.

    Both would be in right age range being respectively 22 and 24.

  13. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA, yep 100%. He’s had his chance. I can’t fathom how he’s managed to get away this. Actually I can, it’s the board. At any other board in a proper city firm, Wenger would’ve been sacked numerous times over.

    We’re no closer to winning the league or the champions league. Wenger gave us the rhetoric about how stability would stand us in good stead in the summer. How has that worked out for him? He’s never managed to address the injury crisis which rears its ugly head every season without fail. He doesn’t have to justify his decisions to anybody. He’s just happy to trundle along and use the first team as a crèche for certain young players.

    Yep, agreed. People keep saying that we should be wary about sacking Wenger. Why? It’s not like how Fergie left United. We have better players at this stage and are good financially. A lot of young managers would take this job because there’s no big pressure. Wenger hasn’t been successful so it’s not like a Moyes taking over a Fergie. Right now I can’t get excited about Arsenal and I don’t think I’ve ever said that in all my years supporting them.

  14. salparadisenyc

    If Romford Pele could please submit his list of replacement managers asap.
    We need to forward those onto Mr. Gazidas.


  15. Ishola70

    4 wins in 15 matches. Two of those wins were against championship sides one playing a weakened side.

    Do these people have no shame at all who keep defending Wenger when these see such poor stats in black and white staring them in the face?

    How can such form be defendable in any way and the manager presiding over it all?


    It’s just pathetic to see people trying to still defend him.

    Those form stats are dreadful.

  16. Romford Ozil Pele

    Fekir is still my personal favourite French player. Obviously he has to show that he’s over the ACL and fully recovered but if he is then all the teams will be back in for him. He was keeping Griezmann out of the NT X1 at the start of the season. Silky as feck. Striker wise give me Michy or Lukaku

  17. bennydevito

    WallaceMarch 17, 2016 12:28:33


    nobody was asking for Lukaku last summer. nobody.

    I was. I was calling for him and when he left to go to Everton I was vical about how we should have been in for him.

  18. WengerEagle

    ‘Right now I can’t get excited about Arsenal and I don’t think I’ve ever said that in all my years supporting them.’

    Same, and that’s the saddest part.

    How can you possibly get excited by something when you know exactly how it will pan out?

    It’s impossible to feel any other emotion that an nauseating feeling of certainty that we will finish 3rd/4th every season and get smashed in the last 16 of the UCL.

  19. Romford Ozil Pele

    Ha Sal! Tuchel and Koeman are my leading two right now. I’ve always had a soft spot for AvB although I think that could be a clusterfuxk tbh. Rudi underperformed considering what he had at Roma. Maybe we could look at the likes of De Boer and Cocu although I’m not convinced. Don’t think Simeone is in a hurry to leave Atletico considering what he’s built there. I’m actually really jealous the spuds have Pochettino I won’t lie.

  20. Romford Ozil Pele

    Eagle, it’s real sad. Tbh I’m going to watch us at Goodison Park on Saturday as the ticket was paid for ages ago but it’s so sad I’m not even anticipating victory. Back in December/early Jan I was anticipation us being in a great position but alas, it’s the same as all the other years.

  21. salparadisenyc

    Regarding Everton i’d like to see a repeater of last nights attack.
    Front three Iwobi, Welbeck and Sanchez.

    Although think Wenger put the Man Cub Giroud up front.

  22. Romford Ozil Pele

    I’d play the exact same team against Everton (fitness permitting) with the exception of Coquelin in for Flamini.

  23. bennydevito

    Agreed WengerEagle,

    I’ve lost all motivation for Arsenal as well. Even my 9 year old lad is asking if he can swap to another team – he even asked if he could support West Ham or fucking Tottenham for fuck sake!

    I said no Hugo, no you fucking can’t switch to another team, especially fucking Tottenham. Even think about it again and you won’t be my Son.

    This is all on Wenger. I absolutely despair.

  24. WengerEagle

    What does your list look like Sal?

    As of now I’d happily take any of:

    Marcelino (Villarreal)
    Dardai (Hertha Berlin)
    Valverde (Athletic Bilbao)

    Jesus is doing amazing things with Sporting Lisbon this season and was extremely successful at Benfica, could be a short-term option.

    You could do worse than Mancini even, he bought very well in his spell at City, to the point that every single last one of their best players remains a Mancini signing.

    Got City playing extremely attractive football, did a great job at Inter Milan in his first spell there.

    He hasn’t had the best of seasons but he inherited a really shit Inter side that had finished in 9th the 2 previous seasons, he’s gotten them to within a chance of finishing 3rd, they trail Roma by 5 points.

  25. Romford Ozil Pele

    Ah Bilic I’ve always had a soft spot for actually but West Ham is a really exciting project right now, especially with them moving to the Olympic Stadium so I think he’ll see it through. They’ll have a ton of cash too. Marcelino is a good shout though.

    RE Mancio, think he’s a good domestic manager although he’s quite underwhelming in Europe. Also the way he continuously falls out with his players ala Mourinho would worry me.

  26. WengerEagle


    Yeah it’s pretty soul-destroying supporting Arsenal these days mainly because there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

    Liverpool fr example are going to finish below us but they have a bright future ahead of them with some talented youngsters (*cough Firmino *cough) and Klopp in charge, he bought very well in his time with Dortmund barring the odd flop like Immobile (Nobody has a perfect record in this respect).
    So I expect him to significantly strengthen Liverpool in the summer.

    Spurs will only improve under Poch if they can hold onto Eriksen, Lamela and Kane, they have an extremely exciting young squad and can build on that i the summer with a couple more goalscorers and another midfielder maybe.

    Chelsea will completely rebuild, expect a whole host of departures in the summer with Conte coming in, wouldn’t be surprised if he attempted to get a couple of Juventus players’, Pogba especially.

    City will be the same under Pep, reconstruction of the squad.

    And I’d be amazed if Mourinho isn’t sitting in the OT dugout come August.

  27. WengerEagle

    ‘RE Mancio, think he’s a good domestic manager although he’s quite underwhelming in Europe. ‘

    No different to Wenger in Europe then, agree that his record is poor but domestically his record is exceptional.

    ‘Also the way he continuously falls out with his players ala Mourinho would worry me.’

    Was only really Balotelli and Tevez that he fell out with though and who hasn’t fell out with the former?

  28. salparadisenyc

    RP /Eagle

    Agree on Tuchel. Think Koemann’s my number one though, has shown much with Southhampton. Anyone thats spent that much time with Cruyff has been behind the veil of greatness and surely will come out if given the right opportunity. Top choice imo.

    Barring the obvious elite whom have already made their perspective moves seems to be a very nice crop of younger fresh managers about.

    Of the not mentioned I like

    Cheeky bid for Poch
    Cheeky bid for Klopp
    Cheeky bid for Blanc

    Cant see it really happening but thought of Simeone replacing Wenger is quite interesting – polar opposites really.

    I switched over to the Bayern game after Messi hit net last night. Can’t deny Pep inspires, he willed them back into that match on a night they should of probably been dumped out. Dudes got mad game.

  29. Rambo Ramsey

    Lol @ Welbeck fanboys. scoring a couple of goals as a sub has made opinions regarding his striking ability bit overrated. similar to when Wilshere plays a couple decent games after a layoff and you have people gushing bout his abilities.

    give Welbeck another five six games as striker and people will be reminded of the donkey he is as he shanks efforts and wastes chances.

    face it, Giroud is our only semi reliable consistent scorer. keep him as squad option and sell the other two

  30. Romford Ozil Pele

    Eagle, I’m a sucker as I’ll always watch my club, just have zero confidence that we’re going to do anything tangible right now.

    Yeah you can see that Liverpool are moving in the right direction with Klopp and it looks really exciting for them, ditto Spurs. Also agree on the rebuilding jobs at Chelsea and the Manchester clubs which kind of leaves us in s perilous position unless we strengthen significantly.

    RE Mancio, you’re right there but I think I’d choose other managers before him. He’s kind of liable to self-implode, kind of like Mourinho which is why I’d steer clear of him. Prefer some of the other names mentioned.

  31. Romford Ozil Pele

    Errrr no. L’Oreal has been leading the line since 2012 and sucks absolute balls. Without getting into the subject of how he isn’t compatible with Alexis, there’s also the bit of how teams squeeze and press Arsenal hard because they know L’Oreal doesn’t offer that threat in behind. Welbz has his issues, nobody will deny that but the lad wears his heart on his sleeve, gives us a different dimension, creates space for those around him. Funnily enough last night was actually a decent performance (sounds weird as we lost) but the basis of the team was much stronger than it has been in recent times. Welbz is a part of that.

  32. Cesc Appeal



    That’s why last summer was incredibly frustrating listening to people say we didn’t need to spend, it’s just like, take Wenger’s penis out of your mouth for just a second, literally one second and you can put it straight back in again if you like, give your jaw a rest and really think about it, if the same failings that plagued Arsenal for the last 10 years occurred last season, why do you think 2015/16 is suddenly going to be different, that these players injuries will suddenly clear up and that Wenger will suddenly turn into one of those managers who can tactically and through sheer personality get an extra bit out of this side they way Ferguson did.

    I’m with you, we’re a most unappealing team, no ambition, no excitement, I do actually worry about the future fan base, will we turn into Tottenham of yesteryear where you have to force your kids to support Arsenal because they want to support the flashy exciting teams, not boring Arsenal managed by 72 year old Wenger who’s banned singing in the ground and mobile phones because it messes with his hearing aid.

    We missed the manager merry-go-round, said it at the time, with Klopp, Guardiola and Ancelotti all available we should have moved for one, Ancelotti and Klopp were both sat at home all year, where were we?

    That’s right ‘we’re top of the league, why would we get rid of Wenger?’

  33. Rambo Ramsey

    “but the lad wears his heart on his sleeve,”

    So does Flamini. you gonna keep him too? Welbeck doesnt even guarantee a 10 goal return per season. not good enough

  34. WengerEagle


    Yeah bang on about Cruyff’s influence, if even 10% of his knowledge rubbed off onto Koeman he’s an ideal candidate. Most influential figure of all time for football you could argue between his playing career and his time as a manager.

    Pep is taking it to even greater heights but without Cruyff, there would be no Pep (as a manager).

    Not sure I like Blanc, PSG is a difficult job to judge tbf as they win everything in sight in France but if we’re being honest, they are WAY too strong for Ligue 1.

    Will be interesting to see if he can take them beyond the QF this year in Europe, if they meet Barcelona or Bayern Munich I don’t see it.

  35. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA, yeah you’re right. Kroenke wants money. You could have even more money by having a successful team who wins stuff! That in turn brings more sponsors and revenue. At the moment they’re just trying to win with minimal outlay. Maybe you could do it with someone more tactically astute than Wenger but it’s not happening currently.

    Like you say it’s import at to think about the next generation of fans. Obviously I will force my child to support Arsenal but what about others. What’s their incentive? We don’t look like being successful at the top level anytime soon. Change needs to happen, and it starts by firing Wenger. We missed the three best managers about but there are still good options out there who can do a good job. We just need to take the plunge. Unfortunately I have no confidence in the board to do so. Only way it can happen is if fans hound Wenger out/stop attending matches altogether. The former is more likely.

  36. WengerEagle


    Your boy Neymar has hit Messi’s level this season.

    Freak of nature.

    Last night supplied 6 key passes (SIX), six successful dribbles, 1 goal, countless amazing long passes (that over the top ball to Messi that produced a great save out of Ospina).

    His name is literally imprinted on Ballon D’or 2017, maybe even 2016.

  37. salparadisenyc


    Yes Blancs a bit of a drippy type but based on putting Chelsea to the sword concurrently. He’s found some love and managed to be considered into the Sal list.

  38. Romford Ozil Pele

    Rambo Ramsey, that comparison isn’t even apt and you know it. Like I said, I never said Welbeck is perfect but if you can’t see how he helps to make the attack greater than the sum of its parts then I can’t help you. I’m all for signing a new striker but Welbz is well worth keeping IMO.

  39. NYCgooner

    Same lineup for me at everton on the weekend. Iwobi at least looks like he’s capable of causing the opposition some problems.

  40. Rambo Ramsey

    “gives us a different dimension, creates space for those around him.”

    you could find a striker who gives all these with the added benefit of not resembling a headless chicken in front of goal. We should sign one of those.

    I m intrigued. you were pretty okay with pointing out Coquelin’s limitations and elevating Elneny over him. Can’t do that with Welbz or is that your English bias shining through? Coq wears his ” heart in sleeve ” doesnt he

  41. Cesc Appeal



    Simeone is the top choice.

    Gambon has the idea of De Boer with Bergkamp, pretty decent.

    Bilic is a good one.

    Koeman wouldn’t be bad.

    Allegri maybe.


  42. WengerEagle

    Pep was the big miss tbh.

    He has that special aura around him, he’s already one of the most successful managers of all time and he’s 45.

    Watching him giving the troops the speech in ET last night was pretty awesome.

  43. Romford Ozil Pele

    Eagle, yeah Neymar isn’t surprising. It’s the next Ballon D’Or winner outside of Messi and Ronaldo. Surprisingly he didn’t destroy Bellerin as badly as I thought he would, although he didn’t really need to as the tie was over after the first leg. He’s a complete player now. Has learnt to assist a lot more and not over dribble. He actually scores in every big game too. A freak of nature. When you realise that he cost £60m+ it doesn’t really surprise you as he’s already paid it back. Lovely ambidextrous player

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Welbeck also creates space for Ozil, Walcott does the same but Welbeck isn’t an enormous flange.

    Can also switch out with Sanchez.

    That said, I expect an Everton win and then, of course, for us not to be able to read into it because of Barcelona a few days previously.

  45. Romford Ozil Pele

    Rambo Ramsey. What’s your point? I never said Welbeck should be our first choice striker. I said we should sign someone better. You’re just glossing over what you wanna read here. Your initial retort was L’Oreal over Welbz. I said no and gave my reasons. I never said Welbz should be 1st choice. I said Welbz should be picked over L’Oreal because the team is much more dangerous on the whole.

  46. Romford Ozil Pele

    Koeman for me is my main choice but any modern manager right now tbh. Just want something different.

    Was impressed by Pep last night. His team aren’t usually that good at overturning deficits so to do it against a very strong team like Juve is even more impressive. Lol apparently Muller said at HT, Pep made the assertion that he’d cut the players’ balls off if they didn’t come back. Motivation if you ever needed it. I think he’s gonna make City so scary next season. Feck

  47. WengerEagle


    He creates more chances than the most creative attacking midfielders in Europe, he scores as many goals as most of the best strikers in Europe, he scores home and away and against all the biggest sides like you said.

    And he’s 24, I’m actually excited by how good he could become, can he surpass Messi’s 2012/2015 level is the question?

    Imagine being a Barcelona fan, I’ve give a pinky just to watch MSN in the flesh once, they get to watch them every week.

  48. Rambo Ramsey

    tbf Bellerin handled Neymar quite well in the first leg, certainly surprised me. the kids a real talent though a couple more years under this manager could hamper his developement.

  49. Romford Ozil Pele

    Eagle, yeah, complete player like I said. He’s obviously picked up a few tools from playing with Messi and has become more rounded as a result. I’m not sure if he can ever surpass peak Messi though. Messi is one of a kind and has been doing it for the best part of a decade which is scary when you consider he is still only 28. Brazilians never really have long shelf life but sky is the limit for Neymar as long as he remains motivated. Wonderful player. Brazil have a lot of good attackers now like Costa and Firmino too. Need to work on their midfield though.

  50. DUIFG

    welbz opens up so many more options for us offensively, we look back to the old arsenal being a threat on the counter with him, stretching defences.

    pig sick of watching us compromise the whole team to accommodate girouds flaws.

  51. Rambo Ramsey

    “I said Welbz should be picked over L’Oreal because the team is much more dangerous on the whole.”

    I m saying Giroud over Welbeck because the former is simply a more reliable goalscorer which is essentially the job of a striker. I don’t even know what you are basing “the team is better with Welbeck” on? he got a stint at CF early last season and he was painfully bad along with the team. Sanchez literally carried us on his own. this season? Welbeck’s rarely played!

  52. DUIFG

    Messi is still unquestionably the man though, you have to factor in that teams only double up on Messi which allows Neymar and Suarez more space.

    messi was pretty ridiculous last night, his touch was insane, the way he brought down that ball for ospinas save was a just bang on.

    he can just sit deep and pick people off with a pass as well which is the scary part, so many facets to his game offensively

  53. Leedsgunner

    At the moment, in our present form, a blip is when we pull off a win, rather than lose unexpectedly. 4th is not a given this year. West Ham and Everton will fight us for it make no mistake!

    Looking back at our season… I think the collapse began happening with the 4-0 drubbing at Southampton. After that our defence has not looked solid.. in the cups or in the league.

    More than any other season in the past 10 years… should have, could have, would have… another season to write off and throw into the the reject pile!

    But hey not to worry, I’m sure the players will have a meeting about it soon to discuss it.

  54. Romford Ozil Pele

    “I m saying Giroud over Welbeck because the former is simply a more reliable goalscorer which is essentially the job of a striker. I don’t even know what you are basing “the team is better with Welbeck” on? he got a stint at CF early last season and he was painfully bad along with the team. Sanchez literally carried us on his own. this season? Welbeck’s rarely played!”

    Lol L’Oreal only scores headers or cutbacks. He’s literally a hindrance to the team in general play. Err no, the job of a lone striker is more than just to score goals. He has to bring teammates into play, stretch defences, link play. It’s multi fictional. L’Oreal may be a more reliable goal scorer atm but Welbeck brings more out of Özil and Alexis. Alexis’ best goal scoring periods have come with a more mobile Cf leading the line. He’s almost never scored with L’Oreal playing because L’Oreal occupies the spaces he does when he drives forward with the ball. Lol the team was a shambles at the start of last season, to try and pin that all on Welbeck is silly considering he was trying to acclimatise to a new team. Try harder.

  55. Romford Ozil Pele

    I think we’ll get fourth, that’s the only time we ever seem to show the mental strength Wenger talks of

  56. Phd007

    LeedsgunnerMarch 17, 2016 14:55:49
    At the moment, in our present form, a blip is when we pull off a win

    This is absolutely true.Many a time,I expect us to lose..
    When we win..I usually raise my eyebrows in shock & utter the words”can’t believe we won”.

    When we lose,I utter the words..”Typical,normal service resumed then..”

  57. WengerEagle


    Yeah that’s it isn’t it, Messi has been playing at this level for half a decade+ and that’s the challenge for Neymar, it’s why Ronaldinho will never be put up amongst the greats because his flame burned out too quickly.

    I don’t see Neymar going that way though, he seems to be very similar to Messi personality-wise hence they’re best friends.

    More flamboyant but equally driven.

  58. Rambo Ramsey

    “Try harder.”

    are you taking the piss? you said the team is better with Welbz at CF. I gave you all of the instances he has actually played CF for us. apparantely most of it is void as he had the convinient excuse of acclimatising to a new team. so where does your opinion stem from?

    not to mention Welbeck has never, at the least till now, been a half reliable striker.

    I should be the one trying harder?!

  59. Leedsgunner

    “I think we’ll get fourth, that’s the only time we ever seem to show the mental strength Wenger talks of…”


    IF we do, I hope the players have the decency not to start doing a lap of honour and selfies nonsense. Especially if Tottenham *gulp* win the league.

    I heard last night that the first team players all have a massive financial bonus built into the contracts… maybe that’s why they put the afterburners on when 4th is threatened.

    4th is completely pointless under Wenger anyways.

    Leicester, if they win the league this year has ,more chance winning the Uefa Champion’s League more than we do under Wenger. We make up the numbers, period.

    Feels very strange that we haven’t celebrated St. T day yet… normally that would have been well done and dusted by now.

    Please anything, but Tottenham winning the league.

  60. Romford Ozil Pele

    “are you taking the piss? you said the team is better with Welbz at CF. I gave you all of the instances he has actually played CF for us. apparantely most of it is void as he had the convinient excuse of acclimatising to a new team. so where does your opinion stem from?”

    I said Welbeck brings the best out of our other attackers. Alexis scored a shitload when he first joined because he was able to thread throughballs and interchange with Welbeck. Our attack has looked less stale since he’s come back because of the reasons I mentioned. We were causing Spurs endless problems before Coq made a stupid challenge.

    Ask yourself why people don’t want L’Oreal in the team….

  61. DUIFG

    I haat it when people try and defend giroud by saying he scores 1 in 2, thats still poor, its not more than 18 pl goals.

    Not to mention hes had ozil behind him one of the best creators in europe and cazorla who isnt too shabby either

  62. salparadisenyc

    Giroud hinders accept it.


    Personally think Tottenham will implode, after being dumped by Dortmund tonight they will probably get past Bournmouth then have Liverpool and United with a bit of respite in Stoke/West Brom before Chelsea and Southhampton and finishing with Newcastle in potential relegation battle if they haven’t already dropped.

    Leicester going to win and bless em.

    If we get past Everton with 3 points my predictions:


    If we don’t

    Arsenal / West Ham

  63. Red&White4life

    “Isn’t that just the Arsenal way?”
    “Final position: Where else? Fourth again.”

    excellent lol

  64. Ughelligunner

    People don’t like Giroud because he doesn’t run around headlessly. That’s why they dislike Ozil too. They would never blame sanchez but it is either Giroud or ozil.

  65. Rambo Ramsey

    fair enough Romford.

    whatever Welbeck gives us with his partnership with Sanchez, many other strikers could. even Walcott looked the part when him, Sanchez and Ozil were tearing apart Leicester and also United. but does that mean you keep Walcott too? Nope. both are capable of bringing better out of Sanchez but neither are good enough contributors on their own, not if you want to win the title.

    Welbeck’s style may suit us more but he’s not good enough to do it to requisite level which is why we should upgrade. that’s your plan A. so why would you want a similar player as your squad option? wouldn’t keeping Giroud as plan B make more sense?

    The point is :I think both of us agreed we need a better CF than all three of our current options. leaving the question of who’d we retain to do bench duties. essentially boils down to one question: When you desperately need a goal and you want to bring on the option on your bench, who’d you rather have- Giroud or Welbeck?

  66. Jeff

    Hector Bellerin: “Arsenal can take positives from Barca loss and end term on high”

    What sort of high is that then Hector. You mean like cocaine or something?

  67. Ughelligunner

    people like activities. Managers gesticulating and all. That is why Van gal, Wenger, Pellegrini are all hated most. They don’t do gestulate and people think heck no, this manager doesn’t do tactics. Nowonder flamini was a wonder to almost everyone when he came back again at first.

    Welbeck has played under, Almighty Sir Alex, Moyes, Wenger yet…. Maybe when he plays under mighty pep he will discover how to stay on his feet.

  68. Romford Ozil Pele

    Bro, L’Oreal is approaching 30. His major attributes are holding it up and bringing teammates into play. Welbz does that as well as running in behind. I’d rather hedge my bets with the Englishman tbh. Welbz still has upside and mileage. Plus I’m tired of L’Oreal and I hate him. That good enough?

  69. Leedsgunner

    Hector Bellerin: “Arsenal can take positives from Barca loss…”

    You can take 10 000 positives but it’s outweighed by the reality of this 1 negative… we lost.


  70. salparadisenyc


    NONE of our strikers are optimal, but at the moment Giroud isn’t scoring goals, has two league goals in 2016. Been extremely poor overall and could be argued/has been argued brings the rest of our attack to a stand still.

    Where as the front three assembled last night offer something we’ve not had this season in attack, balance with pace. Think we had 18 shots on goal at the Nou.

    Sadly few were on target Wallace.. 🙂

    So many things Giroud can’t do I’m not going to bother listing them.

    Plan B at best, when we need some muscle to hold it up and hoof balls in the box for the headed goal.

    For me a very anti-Arsenal CF.

  71. Ughelligunner

    i too dislike most players at arsenal but it doesn’t make me blinded to know that what is good and bad. Giroud is still Arsenal’s best striker.

    Welbeck is like Cech ( save the difficult, allow the easiest) this season, score the difficult and make waste the easiest.

    Giroud is still better, that’s why we are were we are. Well blame who you want though.

  72. ofebs

    Arsene cannot motivate the team anymore, whether in the dressing or on the touchline.

    The way Pep did it yesterday against Juve was astonishing. His substitutions, game time tactics plus his marauding presence up and down the touchline – that’s what the modern game is all about; it adds to the excitement!

    Arsenal right now is just damn boring and annoying…

  73. Dissenter

    The numbers do not lie, irrespective of the nationality of the striker
    Olivier Giroud 20 goals
    Theo Walcott 8 goals
    ***Danny Wellbeck 3 goals [injured for most of the season]

    Giroud is Arsenal’s best striker and the argument looks even more specious when people start these ‘Theo makes others play better” nonsense.

    It’s a shame that Giroud despite his myriad deficits is our best striker. He should be the 3rd place striker like Leonardo Ulloa at Leicester. Theo should be plowing away at Sunderland and Welbeck…only time will tell.

  74. Dissenter

    “Lol L’Oreal can’t run full stop. It’s why Alexis and Özil don’t like him.”

    That’s you making ups stuff.
    Giroud has provided assists for two of Ozil’s goals this season, how do you know that he’s not liked?

  75. Dissenter

    Tom Fox the CEO at Villa has just been sacked
    He’s the former chief commercial officer at Arsenal and protege of Gazidis.
    These people looked better at Arsenal because of Wenger.
    Wenger [despite his innumerable flaws] makes all these jokers look better.

    Expect Gazidis to be found out too. At some point he will have to stick his head out of Wenger’s skirts to actually lead. That’s when it will become obvious that he’s just another smooth talking American CEO.