Wenger can go the easy way, or the ugly way… but it’s clear, the end is upon us

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Another week, another disappointment. We’ve gone from sad, to disappointing, to absolute ‘farce.’

Let’s cut to the chase here, Wenger has lost the dressing room. His players have given up on the season. They’ve entered an internal meltdown. It’s over.

Sure, we’re still in the race for the league, but it would take an effort of magnificent proportions to turn things around now. We have Barcelona on Wednesday, that could be an absolute car crash. Internally, the boys will know they have no chance. Then we face Everton at the weekend. Fresh off the back of them beating Chelsea… and to make matters worse, our first team will have just taken a Spanish spanking, Wenger will have them in training on Friday, they’ll be in hotels that night, whilst Everton will have been on easy street planning our demise.

This weekend could signal a new chapter in the growing screams for Wenger to move it on.

Really, when you think about it, Wenger has two choices now.

  • He admits that his squad aren’t playing for him and he dismantles it and starts again. At 67, the chances of that are very slim.
  • He resigns, accepting that he’s taken the club as far as he can and he moves upstairs.

Sad thing is, for me, I have my doubts he’ll do either. He’ll be praising the spirit and the mental strength of the squad long into the summer, he’ll not add anyone of note and we’ll be here cursing him again next season.

… bigger worry is Wenger is no longer a managerial force. If you’re coming over to this league, you’ll have Pochettino, Klopp, Mourinho and Guardiola to work for. Where are you going if you’re major talent? I’m not sure I’d want to play for a manager who doesn’t know how to win?

Things are also getting very worrying in the league. West Ham are 3 points behind us and in good form. United are within spitting distance. City are 2 points behind us and capable of a very good run in. We are in shocking form, 13th in the 2016 Premier League table. We’ve lost 3 home games on the bounce for the first time since the dinosaurs. We’ve won 4, lost 5 and drawn 5 out of our last batch of games.

People hitting me up with, ‘we should sign a 34 year old Zlatan because he’s a winner’ are totally deluded. Zlatan, is one of the greats, but he’s an aging force and here’s the thing… we have winners, all over the squad. World Cup winners, Euro Championship winners, Champions League winners, La Liga winners, Premier League legends… and we’re still not working out.

We don’t need more winners. We need a better manager. This whole set up stinks of a weak manager, why? Because it’s absolute fact Wenger isn’t a great manager now. You’re watching the culmination of 10 years of demise… the only reason it’s so obvious now is because the excuses have ebbed away. He’s been this bad for a while.

He’s not won or come close to the league in 12 years. He’s not made it past the last 16 in the Champions League in 6 attempts. He’s never won a European trophy. He’s tanked this season from an incredible position and he’s allowed Spurs and Leicester to run the show.

This is endgame territory. This is irrecoverable. He’s lost the fans, he’s lost the players… if he loses Champions League, he might have lost the board.

Wenger had waited for this season for ten years. That moment the rest of the league got shitter than Arsenal. It happened this year, a total fluke, Chelsea collapsed, so did City, so did United… and we had ALL the stability. All of the finances. All of the prestige.

Yet we still flunked. Our players couldn’t even motivate themselves to win a 3rd FA Cup in a row.

Glorious failure feels like a distant memory, this is raw, naked, unadulterated failure that sits with one man. Arsene Wenger. History is playing out, the question is how does he want it to go? With class and honour, like Fergie, Klopp or Pep. Or like a kicking and screaming dictator in the back of a pickup truck with people burning ‘Wenger Knows’ banners around him?

Wenger is an analogue guy in a digital age. He doesn’t want to accept that the internet is a thing. He doesn’t want buy a Netflix membership. He just wants to reminisce about the times when things were simpler.

It’s time for him to move on. It’s time for us to say goodbye. Because it’s coming, the only question now is how brutal does Wenger want it to be?

He’ll be thinking about his legacy. I just hope he’s not thinking of saving it by staying on for one more 3 year stint.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

P.S. A message to those idiot Arsenal fans fighting each other outside the ground. You’re an embarrassment. Even worse the people snapchatting it. This is football, not war… and if there’s a war, have it in the stadium against the opposition. It’s so embarrassing to watch that sort of eighties thug behaviour play out online. We’re better than that.


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  1. Mr. J


    March 15, 2016 06:01:54
    “Deflect,deflect,deflect……Deflect away from the narrative…”

    LOL… Yep.

    You’ve almost captured everything there.

  2. Marko

    Who’s available in the summer? The Chilean Sampaoli? How’s his English? Low? Maybe go all out for Tuchel at Dortmund? Eddie Howe might be a decent shout or absolute worst case scenario Bielsa at a pinch. Truth is he’s a greedy bastard to an extent. He knew he doesn’t have long left and last summer had Ancellotti and Klopp available

  3. Red&White4life

    Alan Smith:
    “Arsenal fans have seen good young kids for the last 15 years, they want them to be a proper team. ” lololol

  4. Marko

    Worth mentioning things could be worse we could have Mad Man Louis as manager. That clown still thinks he’s doing a good job cause they’re technically in two cup competitions still

  5. Carts


    I don’t think the Cosmopolitan factor is as important as you make out, nor should one be judged on that.

    Wenger went from Tokyo to Monaco, ok!

    Go and see all the cities Ranieri has managed in, successful or not those team were also big in their own right.

    A manager’s job isn’t to run a big club, as Wenger has.

    It’s to focus on what goes on on the training pitch and on match days.

    Again, this is the problem, Wenger has assumed so much control that we’re talking about elements that need not even be mentioned. With a solid structure in place we wouldn’t need to mention Wenger alongside RUNNING A BIG CLUB

  6. Leedsgunner

    By an honourable result I suspect we will “win” 1-0 but still not enough to win the tie or 0-0 so that Wenger can lay claim to the “We didn’t get beat in the Nou Camp Trophy.” It would not surprise me in the least if Barca take pity on us and and put out their fringe players and rest their main men…

    This is what it has become now. For our first XI to get any sort of result against Europe’s elite they have to put out a weakened side and take their foot off the pedal. When they play their strongest side — there is only one result. We get humiliated.

    Is this why we moved to the Emirates for? Is this what escalation of financial power looks like?

    Need an example?

    We beat Bayern 1-0 when they underestimated us. In the game at their ground what happened? We were trounced 5-1.

    Top 4 is just an income stream for the club, and not a springboard in which to win the competition. If you don’t win it after 18 tries, it’s a bit embarrassing isn’t?

  7. Red&White4life

    “By an honourable result I suspect we will “win” 1-0 but still not enough to win the tie or 0-0 ”

    Not a single chance lol

  8. Carts

    Not a snowballs chance we’ll keep a clean sheet at the Nou Camp.

    Best case scenario is that is Barcelona also take pity on Wenger and Enrique instructs his troops to just pass the ball around once they’re 2 or 3 up.

  9. Jacko

    Re the replacement manager question;

    I would go for a someone currently plying his trade in a third world football nation, who had previously experienced relegation, winning a solitary national championship, a few minor cups and being sacked for finishing 17th. Or would this be a tad risky?

    Maybe only managers with a lengthy list of credentials can be considered as a worthy replacements for Mr.Wenger? Or maybe the field is far more open than some people might like to admit?

  10. Lensa Spencer

    It’s time for him to move on. It’s time for us to say goodbye. Because it’s coming, the only question now is how brutal does Wenger want it to be?.

    I will leave it at that. If we lose tonight, he should begin to make plans for his exit. Can’t stand him in the club for another 3 months.

  11. Arsene's Nurse

    David Beckham you say? Is this the same DB that trained at Arsenal to regain fitness in 2013? Is this the same DB who’s three sons where enrolled at the Arsenal academy?

    Of course he’s not going to say anything negative against Arsenal. Neither will Vieira, they know which side their bread is buttered.

  12. Leedsgunner

    I cannot believe the audacity of the headline in the leading article on Arsenal.com

    “Lack of pressure will help.” Koscielny.

    What is that about?!? What a “loser’s” mentality. Is this what mental strength looks like? I cannot believe that such an interview was allowed to be aired. Surely true champions thrive on pressure… so much for Wenger’s assrtions earlier in the season that they are up for the fight.

    Where is the disappointment and embarrassment that placed us in this predicament in the first place?

    No fight, no passion, no pride.


  13. Red&White4life

    @Leeds : I think he’s talking about the fact that we have nothing to lose at the camp nou, considering the result of the first tie… and the fact that we will play agaisnt the best team in the world.

  14. Emiratesstroller


    Ranieri was never that successful with any of the long list of clubs that he managed. More often than not he was sacked after two or three years.

    I think that he is probably a very likeable guy, and clearly his formula has worked this season at Leicester. However, it could just as easily gone pear shaped.

    Following the argument of Gambon that Arsenal should look at bringing in
    a team rather than recruit a big personality I do think that the Frank de Boer
    and Denis Bergkamp combination makes total sense.

    Frank de Boer has been manager at Ajax for quite a long time and is still relatively young. Under his management the club have won league title in four
    consecutive years something never been achieved previously in Holland.

    He has an excellent football playing pedigree with Ajax and Barcelona and
    has also played briefly at Rangers.

    I don’t think that anyone needs to sell Dennis Bergkamp to Arsenal. He was
    an outstanding footballer and immensely loyal to club having played here
    for more than 10 years. Also rather like Wenger he does have an interesting
    academic background having studied in his spare time whilst playing for
    an Engineering Degree. So he is clearly someone with more than just a football brain.

    What would also benefit Arsenal is that they complement each other De Boer
    understands the importance of good defence and Bergkamp was a sublime
    creative and offensive player.

    The final point is that Dennis Bergkamp is unlikely to be ever a Manager of
    a “Champions League” Club, because of his aversion to flying and therefore
    problems with long distance travel. Therefore he can develop different management and/or coaching skills.

    Personally I think that would be an ideal combination for Arsenal to bring in and would suit the club’s culture.

  15. Leedsgunner

    Red and White

    I know he was.

    The big Q I would ask is why aren’t we the best team in the world? After all, wasn’t that the reason why we were told we were moving into the Emirates? To compete with the best not only in this country but in the world?

    Where is this escalation of financial firepower that Gazidas gleefully spoke about back in 2013?


    “Always winter — never Christmas”

  16. Phd007


    Take it easy ..You’ll end up giving yourself a stroke..I feel your frustration.
    Maybe it’s worthwhile,watching other sports,or taking part in sports unrelated to Arsenal..

  17. Carts


    Irrespective of how long Ranieri’s tenures were, he still got work as a cosmopolitan.

    Your point was centred around cosmopolitans and whether one has what it takes to run a big club.

    My point is that no manager should be expected to run a big club. This isn’t Dario Gradi’s Crewe Alexander.

    A club the size of Arsenal should be modeled similar to Bayern Munich, at least. Juventus and City are another example of the hierarchy in place that has reaped success.

    Arsenal’s model is flawed and archaic. Wenger has been incredibly selfish; and as stated many times, refuses to even employ a DoF, ffs.

    Even if Wenger ceded some power to a DoF, but retained veto power, and focused on bigger issues then maybe we’d perform better instead of looking for credit just cos we finish top and qualify for the CL every year, while deliberately under-spending

  18. Carts


    It’s the Wenger mentality passed down to another zombie.

    There’s a method to this madness. Wenger doesn’t consider fan pressure as even remotely important!

    If he doesn’t get it in the neck from Kroenke, then who the fuck is Gazidis to call a one-on-one with him after we lost to Birmingham City and so on, and so on

    Wenger won’t even acknowledge disgruntled fans; and doesn’t see why the media is even on to him.

    Now Kos comes out with that scripted damage control shit. Unbelievable

  19. Leedsgunner

    Just in case someone is tempted to say “We don’t want to do a Leeds.” I say no one is asking for reckless spending.

    Take this summer for an example — as we all knew all we needed to add was a clinical striker and a dominant DM to support and compete with Coquelin… easily obtainable for I would say £50m. We didn’t, and so we are suffering the consequences. Had we done so, we would be walking away with this league… and Wenger could have gone out of the club on a high.

    Furthermore, for those who say “We don’t want to do a Leeds” I say wake up… we spend recklessly every week on continually injured players. We are already doing a Leeds in respect to our wage bill.

    What do have to show for it?

    Nothing but a limp damp fourth place if we are lucky. Doing the bare minimum but getting paid the absolute maximum.

    Whose disrepecting who? So the fans who pay out the highest prices in world football in ticket prices are “disrepecting” Arsene because they flew a perfectly respectable and respectful banner?

    It’s time for a reality check isn’t?

    Where’s Arsene’s respect for the fans? and his supposed love for the club?

    If he had any he would walk now.

  20. Joe

    Everyone talking about what Becks angel viera said

    Why about Merson who said their are 1000 managers who could achieve what wenger achieves every season with Arsenal.

    ES, thoughts?

  21. Joe

    ‘People may say there’s nobody better than him, but there’s a thousand managers who could come in and get Arsenal in the top four.

    ‘A thousand managers would come to Arsenal and say “don’t give me a penny, but if I get Arsenal in the top four then pay me 10 million quid”.

    ‘Every football manager in the world would take that deal. Arsenal are always going to get in the top four.

    ‘If Leicester or Tottenham win the title then I just don’t see how he can keep his job.’

  22. Red&White4life

    “Maybe it’s worthwhile,watching other sports,or taking part in sports unrelated to Arsenal”

    Football, for exemple lol

  23. Emiratesstroller


    Look Wenger is going to leave sooner rather than later.

    Ideally it will happen at end of this season on his own volition when either he
    realises he has nothing left to offer the club and does the decent thing.

    If not then he will have to go at end of his current contract and make us suffer.

    Frankly I would not take too seriously anything has to say. He is not the “brain
    box of the year”

    What is important to me is what happens to Arsenal after Wenger leaves. The
    club cannot continue to be run the way it is at present whoever is in charge.

  24. nepGunner

    When the AKBs are clutching to language constraint and failures of the next manager not even in conception, you know it’s dire straits… I don’t hate the AKBs coz they are also a part of the Arsenal family, I just pity their fear of change… If it was for then, humanity would still be stuck in the African bushes and deserts

    A blind and his dog knows, anything is better than Wenger right now. But everyone to his own I guess

  25. nepGunner

    In other note, I despise the AKBs cuz they are the very manifestation of status quo.. Only for the wrong reasons…. Stagnation, rift, division, unhealthy arguments, diversion, acceptance of mediocrity, acceptance of failure, acceptance of degression, championing defeat as progress, championing degression as the best available option, championing a looser as an idol

    Heck… We should get rid of these maggots before Wenger

  26. Emiratesstroller

    There are two forwards seldom discussed this season, but were of definite
    interest last season.

    They were Fekir and Lacazette. Fekir started the season on fire scoring 4 goals in first 4 games before succumbing to a cruciate ligament injury. He is expected to return on April 7.

    Lacazette started season slowly with Olympique Lyonais, but is now scoring
    consistently. He has scored in league 13 goals in 26 games.

    Both are relatively young players and I suspect would not cost outrageous
    transfer fees.

  27. tenerife gooner

    Walcott is beginning to irritate me Big time.George Best was born 2 years after me.I always said if George gave me 50% of his ability we could both play in the 1st div,Premeir League .If you took 100% of Walcott 100% of Giroud you still do not have a World class striker.