Bad week for PR at Arsenal

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Sooooo, after coming home from Austin for 18 hours I’m back on the road, I’m in Texas again. This time, I’m sampling Dallas. What a lifestyle.

So what do we have to talk about on this fine day?

Arsenal. Sweet Arsenal.

It’s been a pretty rough week for the club on the PR front. Highlighted as one of the obstructors of the reduced ticket pricing was pretty shameful, but again, totally Stan Kroenke. We’re customers to him and if people are paying £64 for an away ticket, then there’s no reason to reduce your prices. Such a shame our billionaire is tight.

Running sports clubs feels such a waste on a man like Stan. When wifey is propping up business, and you got your little sideline going on in sport, surely you can kick back and have a bit of fun? Why would you jump into sport, as a billionaire, and not be all about the trophies and mega glories?

I just don’t get it. Stan has the saddest sporting existence out of any of the billionaires. He’s not interested in dick waving competitions, which is really weird. All he cares about is winning in the long term profit stakes… but here’s what I don’t get. When you’re Stan, you’ve already won at life, ten times over. So what’s the point in portfolio building like he does? He gives his clubs no love. I read his basketball team has some of the worst commercials in the US. So he’s not even bleeding it hard on a business front?

It’s mad. I wonder what he talks about at parties? I wonder if his pals tease him?

‘Yo Stan, your clubs, like, you know, suck ass’

Anyway, each to their own… but know this, when I make a few billion, I’ll be letting loose on my club.

Chelsea dropped out of the Champions League. Sad times for English football. I really don’t understand how we can have so much money, but so little quality in Europe. Hopefully by upping the level of our coaching, we can start to dominate a bit harder in Europe. We all coo over managers like Arsene Wenger over here, when the reality is he’s been a mega failure in Europe his whole career. I mean, we can’t really hope to up our European game until we have coaches capable of helping us do that.

I still think it’s way harder for English clubs to make it work than their Euro counterparts. Our fixtures are way more congested, we don’t offer up a winter break and we also don’t have a league full of poverty teams you can play in second gear against. I mean, La Liga really is a shit show in that sense. It’s pub teams most of the time.

Back to Arsene Wenger. It was interesting reading around post ‘that banner’, because in seasons gone by, we’d be talking about how ungrateful Arsenal fans are. Bar a massive Ian Wright hissy fit, the response hasn’t been too crazy from the press.

I think people are accepting now that the club isn’t moving in the right direction. Arsene Wenger isn’t learning from mistakes, which really, is an absolute basic of existing in any job. He’s no progressing the club. But, to ladder back to what I was saying about Stan earlier, he’s not really in the sports results business. He’s quite happy to let Arsene use the club as his pet project. Providing those dollar bills continue to pour in…

When you can openly tell a press conference you’re bored of answering questions about how average you’ve been, you do have to throw that one back at the manager… if you’re bored of the questions, maybe you should recognise that boredom possibly comes because you never address the issues.

I’d really love to hear Arsene Wenger tell us why this season has gone awry. I’d love to hear a real assessment of what went wrong. I’d also like to hear what he plans to do about it. The press always whack skippy about how good Wenger is at answering questions… but I’m not so sure. You hear Pep or Klopp talk, and they’re real footballing men. They’ll tell you what their sides lack, what they plan to do about it and you’ll be able to see them action it.

When does Wenger ever give you an insightful overview of what he needs to do? What actually went wrong?


That’s why I’m so game for a new project. If we have to drop out of the top four for a couple of years to get things back on track, so be it. I like being in the biggest competition, but really, it’s a bit of a waste if you have no chance of winning it. We need to clear the decks, build for the future and have someone who is a proper strategist in charge of proceedings. We’ve seen from Pochettino and Ranieri that you don’t need a ten year plan, you can turn a club around in 2 years. I still truly believe that if Ivan gets the next manager right, we can win the Champions League within 5 and we should be able to win the domestic league within 2, maybe 1 if Wenger doesn’t fuck up the squad too badly between now and then.

Anyway, Watford on Saturday. More FA Cup. I wonder how many players Wenger will rest, because that’ll give you a good sign of how hard he’s gonna go at the unwinnable game at the Camp Nou.

Apologies this post is garbled, penned on a plane in a rush!

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  1. Ughelligunner

    “If you have enough money, you
    can buy your mistakes and make
    them right. If you manage your
    club with what you spend, what
    comes in, you have to minimise
    your mistakes. If you have a huge
    amount of money, you can afford
    arsenal managers Arsene wenger, quote above. I don’t think the AOBs can get something out of this line. No wonder we are always opposing each other because we see it differently.

  2. Ughelligunner

    Well ferguson would have had the refs in his pockets and it would’nt be this obvious.

    Joe, i don’t think you understand why i wanted comparison of totenham and the rest europa league teams. If you always bring it up when it comes to arsenal, shouldn’t totenham be winning the Europa league yearly since they have the higher wage bill in that competition?

    Pot calling kettle black in this case. You are willing totenham to win the league, what happened to your boys in dortmund?

  3. Ughelligunner

    Shouldn’t it be a competition for their likes since they are the richest in that league yearly and yet always fall short just like arsenal. Yet every year you secretly until recently will them to win just to spite wenger.

  4. Ughelligunner

    Joe, i am waiting. Any other fan willing totenham to beat arsenal to the title because their wage bill is lower than us in the league can also add his oppinion to my question.

    They are both in Europe, yet they never win. They both have more financial capability to win the tournament yet they never try. Yet we always prefer them yearly, are we this dense and Obtuse?

  5. Ughelligunner

    If as a fan you are tired of waiting, take a break and chill till wenger is gone. He won’t last for ever.

    I recently posted a link that shows Daniel Levy was angry about the ticket cap, no response. Its always wenger this, wenger that. Arsenal this arsenal that.

  6. Ughelligunner

    “If you have enough money, you can buy your mistakes and
    make them right. If you manage your
    club with what you spend, what comes in, you have to
    minimise your mistakes. If you have a huge amount of money, you can afford more.”
    Arsenal manager, Arsene wenger’s today presser quote above. Make anything of it as it suit you.

    I will keep posting this and make of it as it suits me. Pls do likewise

  7. Dissenter

    I see you’ve been throwing taunting questions my way.
    Spuds were never goingt to beat BVB and Poch was right to prioritize the PL as a pathway to Europe. People forget that BVB [bar last season] have been a quarter final staple in the CL for the past 3-5 seasons.
    Contrast this with Wenger who will play his best eleven out of pride midweek against Barcelona. This I believe will cost us when we play Everton.

    Joe already answered your question about the wage comparison. There isn’t much of a difference between BVB and Spuds wages. There is a big difference however between Arsenal’s and BVB.
    Make no mistake, BVB would have givien us the same spankning they gane Spuds, even if we had fielded our best eleven.

  8. Uwot?

    Let’s get one thing straight.that carrot headed c**t scholes hates I don’t take any shit he comes out with.any chance to have a pop at us…so please enough of his wind up opinions thanks…

  9. MidwestGun

    If you have enough money, you can buy your mistakes and
    make them right. If you manage your
    club with what you spend, what comes in, you have to
    minimise your mistakes. If you have a huge amount of money, you can afford more.”
    Huh? WTF…. So 200 mill in the bank isn’t a large chunk of change? Spending just 10 mill in a transfer window where you need desperate help in the midfield because you have aging and known injured players, not to mention crocked and ineffective goal scorers, isn’t mimimizing mistakes its being completely dumbass and negligent.

    Honestly, Ughelli… you make no sense, whatsoever with your argument. Keyserlike.

  10. Ughelligunner

    they are already giving the same excuse the akbs give arsenal, yet they accuse the akbs of not willing to support the ousting of wenger. Pathetic bunch. Shouldn’t spurs be winning the Europa league since their wage bill is higher? They have been in it every year since i can remember

    If you can consistently accuse wenger of doing nothing about qualifying in Europe, what says your totenham?
    You were among those labelling arsenal shit for having a replay against hull with all the wage bill comparison. Monaco lost last season, you never said arsenal should be priortising the league because we would still encounter Barcelona

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, never mind the risk of not spending, because there is no risk for Wenger, the risk is you don’t succeed, but obviously, that means nothing to this plank.

    Success has a different meaning to him, getting to do everything his own way and coming fourth, success.

    Pro-Wenger arguments getting desperate and utterly incoherent now.

  12. Alex Cutter

    “Let’s get one thing straight.that carrot headed c**t scholes hates I don’t take any shit he comes out with.”

    Judge the message, not the messenger.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    It’s the same with this I keep hearing, ‘well, if we’re doing shit what about City, United and Chelsea.’

    Get there…get there…

  14. MidwestGun

    Awww the video didn’t load…….its some Norwegian footballers trying to score a kick off a 240 ft building next to their stadium. under Scandic Norge on YouTube.

  15. MidwestGun

    Pedro is spending so much time in Texas… he’s gonna become an honorary Texan like me. If he starts saying Y’all… and hook’em horns…..Ill start to worry. Hope he checks out the Jerry Dome… Like the 3rd wonder of the modern world.

  16. Quagmire

    I think the only reason former man United players have no problem attacking their club is because of change in management. If Ferguson was still in charge and had into ‘wenger mode’ settings, they won’t be running their mouth……. Unless you are Keane. He gives zero fucks. 🙂

  17. Quagmire

    I wish wenger had given elneny more opportunities instead of persisting with Ramsey and Flamini. May be we could have salvaged our season. I personally feel it’s over

  18. Alex Cutter

    “I wish wenger had given elneny more opportunities instead of persisting with Ramsey and Flamini. May be we could have salvaged our season. ”

    That’s quite a stretch.

  19. Quagmire

    If wenger really love this club as he always claims, then it’s time to hand over to someone else the mantle and retire with a positive reputation

  20. Quagmire

    Alex, I don’t think so. Recent history shows that he only experiments when forced to (Coq and Bellerin). I’m just tired of seeing us repeating the same thing regardless of the knowledge it won’t work. Ramsey should stick on the wing. The Tottenham game was the first time I felt the team is almost balanced

  21. Dissenter

    Do you think we are good enough to win the Europa league.
    Spuds comfortably beat Florientina in the last round but they are a notch below BVB.

    Like I said earlier, that BVB would have trashed this Arsenal team 5-0

  22. MidwestGun

    I’m waiting for the first time Pedro says ‘soccer,’ burn the place down.
    Haha…actually I never really catch myself saying or typing that… but it took me about 2 years of commenting to say Attack instead of offense.

  23. MidwestGun

    Haha Exactly! what ya gonna do….. its how I was raised. Speaking of which do we have enough healthy defenders to field a squad on Sunday… If I see Flamini at RB, I might have a mild stroke.

  24. Hitman

    Wenger choked UEFA cup final – when we were best team in Europe.
    He always finds a way to lose when it’s easier to win.

  25. Rhys Jaggar

    I must say I disagree with posters saying Spurs were right to play a weakened side in Dortmund. I mean: come on – they’ve got Villa away on Sunday. If the side they played in Dortmund can’t reach 60 minutes ahead against the worst side in the EPL, then I’m not sure I believe the ‘depth of squad’ arguments up at WHL.

    My view was that you played your first XI in Dortmund, rotated with a strong bench for Villa and if the game was up after the first leg of the Europa league or the EPL was critical, play a younger side at WHL in the second leg against Dortmund.

    I actually think there is some conspiracy amongst the EPL sides to weaken the English coefficient for Europe sufficiently to start breaking away from European competition altogether.

    I think that’s crazy as then Europe WILL form a super league without the English. They’ll only do that if they have to, but if they have to they will. They won’t suffer a slow death letting the EPL become the sole de facto league in the world worth watching and playing in. They won’t and that’s that.

    Klopp took the Europa League seriously and he’s in contention for Champions League places too.

    I don’t understand why Spurs didn’t.

    My view is that it’s linked to Dortmund and Leverkusen beating Sporting Lisbon and Porto……

  26. Cesc Appeal


    It’s interesting isn’t it, a few people out there seem to think we will field another FA Cup side similar to Hull, but in all honesty, its rather pointless, Watford are EPL opposition, so we should play it like that.

    Barcelona is pointless, field an FA Cup team in that, f**k pride, Wenger chucked that out of a moving car into a pit of used needles and fire years ago.

    I’d put Chambers, Mert, Gabriel, Monreal, Coq, Elneny, Campbell, Ozil, Sanchez, Welbeck out.

    Aside from Bellerin, that is probably our starting line up from now on. Another FA Cup team this weekend gives players way too much rest for a game on Wednesday they are going to get hammered in.

    Would rather play them on Sunday, rest them on Wednesday, then go again at Everton rested.

    We will likely start the day in fourth as well, 12 45 kick off, away at Everton you can hear the bottles departing.

  27. Redtruth

    I don’t believe Arsenal were anywhere near the best side in Europe between 1999-2004 however they still should and could have won at least one Champions league.

  28. Redtruth

    Pedro whinging about fixture congestion hampering English sides in Europe well it didn’t prevent English sides dominating Europe in the late 70’s and early 80’s when fixtures were far more congested than our European counterparts.

  29. Confidentgoner


    It is a fact that Spurs splash out more per player than say Dortmond or Seville. It only highlights the inefficiency in most EPL teams. That does not mean Spurs will in any way win Europa, no. In the premiership it’s telling that Leicester operates on a lower budget than most of the top teams. It looks like Leicester re recruited efficiently-Mahrez, Kante, Soun, Drink water, etc. That is the way a club should be run.

    Come back to Arsenal. We overpay average players and find it difficult to shift them on. We are so inefficient, it’s unbelievable. We are far worse than Spurs in efficiency. But Wenger has a job for life…

  30. Cesc Appeal

    ‘We are far worse than Spurs in efficiency. But Wenger has a job for life…’

    Just a tiny correction, we are far worse for efficiency ‘because’ Wenger has a job for life.

  31. Highbury4ever

    “…then it’s time to hand over to someone else the mantle and retire with a positive reputation”

    Far too late to save the positive reputation lol

  32. Joe


    Spurs Dortmund 30% difference in wages. If Dortmund played in the pl, Thier wage level would double as that the going rate in England. Apples and oranges.

    Spurs Arsenal 80%

    Arsenal Leicester 275%

    Why are we not miles ahead of Spurs and leicester??

    Please explain.

    FYI. Chelsea Arsenal 18%
    Arsenal Man U 13%
    Man city Arsenal 7 %

  33. Joe


    You’re a muppet. Spuds are not my boys.

    I want them to win in order to get wenger out

    Whatever it takes.

    If I was a spud. Don’t you think I would want wenger to stay as he is so shit

    Just like I want lvg to stay at United. Although he did just Spank wenger

  34. Moray

    “I think that’s crazy as then Europe WILL form a super league without the English.”

    I doubt it Rhys. So much of the money in football comes from the English support. Just look at the ridiculous amounts paid to English players and the sky subs. If anything, they would look to bring in more British teams than fewer.

  35. Confidentgoner


    matter of fact you are so right. I often wonder why Wenger can no longer get this team to play at a high tempo for 90mins? Potechino, Koeman etc are able to do that with their teams. Ours are so labored and not motivated enough, it’s unreal.

    But then what is the club culture under Wenger? A guy who subs players regardless of what their output is on the pitch, a guy who pays players unbelievable amounts to be loyal? A guy who subs only at set times-65minutes?

    The players don’t play for him anymore. I am guessing that the player in-house meeting was to correct that. Life is so cushy in Wenger ‘s Arsenal.

  36. Relieable Sauce

    If you love music and hate injustice you should get your teeth into some Hot Chip, they deserve huge credit for their fine body of work but seem to get none – sort of anti(?) Wenger.
    I may well be overstating it but I genuinly think they are putting themselves up there with the GOATs.
    The depth of quality theyre producing is quite astonishing imo.

  37. Ughelligunner

    Arsene Wenger has shrugged off
    Paul Scholes’ comments
    “I have my own problems and
    my own critics — I do not want
    on top of that Manchester
    United’s problems,” he said.

    Yeah Paul should focus on his own problems, a club is in 8th position and you are taking a dig at a club in 3rd place, forgetting it is 3 seasons and counting your club is becoming a Liverpool. You focus on arsenal and our fickle dogs bark at it.

  38. Vince

    Hello Pedro, I’ve been a longtime poster under different names and I would have emailed you directly if I had your mail. Please there’s a personal project that I’m working on, non-football related. and I’ll love to share the link here. All that posters here need to do is to Open the link and make a comment. It’s a personal pet project and your views/comments will go a long way at helping my course. Thanks in anticipation of your cooperation.

  39. Confidentgoner

    Thought Wenger was “bored” of his own critics? I think criticism gets at him. He does not tolerate dissent and makes sure his players are pampered-overpaid.

    If the press keep up the toxic press, with the majority of supporters booing, Wenger could walk.

  40. Jeff


    He’s had toxic press before (remember “why do you look at me”) and it did nothing. The only way he will go is if he goes voluntarily. There is absolutely no question of him being sacked or “invited to leave” – absolutely none.

  41. Jeff

    Here’s something funny I read on twitter.

    “AKBs all have Arsene tattoos on their bollocks so they can touch the Messiah anytime they want”

  42. Thank you and goodnight


    That guy is spot on. In all honesty mate I’m sick of the club and will start supporting my local club from now on. When you consider we were one of the few to moan about capping ticket prices it makes you sick….especially when wenger then defends our prices. All those akb who solely blame kroenke should open their eyes and realise he’s bought into the kroenke way hook line and sinker and has sold the club down the river. The only part of Arsenal wenger loves is the part that increases his pay packet. Contrast that with klopp when Liverpool fans were walking out of games in protest at price increases, he came out in defence of fans as he knows they are the lifeline of any club. The whole lot from kroenke to wenger and the rest are rotten to the core. Fuck em all. COME ON YOU SEAGULLS

  43. Ughelligunner

    tyng, don’t you think its easier for klopp to support the fans because he just came from Germany where tickets are cheap like free, give him 5 more years and he would start thinking British.

  44. Ughelligunner

    so totenham who has a larger wage bill compared to their relative counterpacts in Europa can be excused for not winning and arsenal should have won it even when they are competing with teams who spend unlimited in Europe?

  45. Ughelligunner

    double standards.
    So Midwest, for all the totenham change of managers, they haven’t won it yet and they still struggle to qualify for champions league. See there was no need to keep changing managers then.

  46. Ughelligunner

    It’s the same with great sides, average sides and poor sides. Just like man utd, i don’t blame Van gal. They are a lot of average man utd players and even Moneyrinho would’nt survive it. Lets stop deceiving ourselves and get real

  47. Ughelligunner

    People were saying klopp was going to change liverpools world with players like Benteke and co, now they are saying wait till next season when he has bought his own players, forgetting that all the top teams are going to change managers and they are going to buy new players (except arsenal of course) and no worldclass player would choose Liverpool presently. Even they lost a player to the Chinese league due to money.

  48. Thank you and goodnight

    @Wenger Eagle

    Ha ha ha. Lovely ladies to wake up too….. thought it might put smile on your face

  49. gunnergetyou

    @DeejayDt I was out of order calling you a . Apologies for that. Just thought the flag was bad timing! No probs with it totally understand

    Looks like Wright’s had a change of heart.

  50. Jim Lahey

    @Ughelligunner – Wenger has no place in the modern game, you’ve got to admit that. We need to pick up the right manager once he goes (Hopefully this summer), that will be the biggest challenge.

    I think Klopp could have done great things at Aresnal, we really missed out. Maybe someone like Tuchel at Dortmund now would be a good replacement.

  51. Ughelligunner

    Gunnergetyou, because he said wenger didn’t instill the winning mentality in the players? Lol. Will that make Mertesaker run faster, or Ozil shine in high temple matches or giroud miss sitters, or flamini to stop waving, or sanchez to play more combination game?
    Or cech to save the most difficult goals and allow the simply balls in his net? Or stop wilshere from getting injured or Ramsey from running head long. Or walcot/ox from never improving?

    Barcelona players don’t even need to have a winning mentality, they just have to be on 50percent level to our 100percent effort and the difference would still be obvious.

  52. Ughelligunner

    Just like, Roma ex coach, Bredan, AVB, Martnez, Moyes, Laudrup, at various stages since the inception of the wenger out phrase began. I remember people waxing lyricaly about van gal before he took over man utd. SMH.

    When wenger is ready he can go for all i care, but lets stop day dreaming.

  53. Cesc Appeal

    ‘When wenger is ready he can go for all i care.’


    Well you do a great impression of someone who certainly does care about him staying.

  54. Jim Lahey

    “Bredan, AVB, Martnez, Moyes, Laudrup, ”

    Don’t remember the majority of sane posters on here ever championing these candidates. I do remember a lot of people calling for Klopp, Pep and Simeone though.

    “When wenger is ready he can go”

    Why must we wait for when he is ready?

  55. Cesc Appeal


    He doesn’t believe he’s made any mistakes, that’s why, he has zero self awareness.

    He’s right, its football that’s wrong, if Leicester won the league he would say that confirms the beliefs he’s had for years, that money and spending isn’t important.

    If City win the league he will say that confirms the beliefs he’s had for years, that money wins the league.

  56. Thank you and goodnight


    30 years I’ve been supporting Arsenal but I’m done with it. I’ll start supporting Brighton and going down with my father in law too games. If kroenke wenger and the board want to own a bank then let him buy Lloyd’s out. Sick of it

  57. Cesc Appeal



    I see what people are saying about we’re stuck with him, because I think we are as well, at last for another year.

    The plank’s principles mean he sacrificed success, I don’t think he’d decide to run hi back on them now to quit his contract a year early if he’s willing to ruin a season for them.

    What I don’t like though are the fans who continue to try to find reason behind what Wenger is doing, or try to say there is a logic, there isn’t.

    He’s stubbornly sticking to his principles and kicking out like a petulant child against the world, that is reason or rationality, that is the exact opposite.

    £192 Million wage bill and yet we’ve still found ourselves on multiple occasions having to cobble together a squad after ten players drop, or even biting our finger nails after one or two important injuries because for £192 Million a year we’ve got a thin layer of quality.

    This is a man who thought it made more sense to leave £80 Million in the bank, that we would have a better chance of competing that way, what’s worse, is that even this space had people backing him on it.

    This is a man who continually, I mean continually, annually, cannot see the failings and holes in this squad. He will still, however, make reference to those things that had failed yet again for the year as reasons to be optimistic in the summer, ‘what if they don’t fail this year?’

    If you think we’re stuck with him and don’t want to talk about, that’s fine, but the idiots who still come on posting complete random garbage and think they are producing something revelatory in the defence of Wenger grate on me.

  58. gunnergetyou


    Spot on, I bet he truly believes he’s the best manager in the world and that we somehow should be grateful that he didn’t decide to join Real Madrid when given the opportunity. He wouldn’t last 5 minutes at any other club. It’s not even his fault. This is the consequence of a board that has created an atmosphere that means none of his decisions can be questioned by anyone inside the club. Even the fans get criticised for having an opinion.

  59. Thank you and goodnight


    People like ugg no doubt eh? I think we’re stuck with wenger longer than that mate, really do.

  60. Wallace

    Jim Lahey

    “Don’t remember the majority of sane posters on here ever championing these candidates. I do remember a lot of people calling for Klopp, Pep and Simeone though.”

    a lot of people were liking the guy Derby just fired(Clement?). Martinez & Rodgers have definitely had their advocates on here. and I remember Joe was livid we didn’t move for Allardici when West Ham let him go…

  61. Wallace

    for me Tuchel’s the outstanding candidate to replace him followed by Poch. no chance this summer for Tuchel, I don’t think, but next summer might be different…

  62. PieAFC

    i wonder how many people stay following Arsenal when Wenger goes. Intrigued…

    I bet numbers drop massively. That’s how a lot of them sound. He goes they go.

    Good riddance and all.

  63. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Arsenal is an investment for Stan The Kronk. It’s an investment that makes money hand over foot. He need never really invest any of his own money because it pays for itself. Your problem, and it’s really your problem Pedro, is that you are not a billionaire, not a millionaire, and likely just a lowly low end thousandaire, to which you likely will never truly understand what it takes to become a Stan type person. You can’t stand the man because he won’t invest in the club as other owners have, but you know you admire the businessman he is because he aspires to what you will never become, richer than your wildest dreams.

    This posting is as useless a one that you have ever posted, because it’s a rehash of a gripe that wont change. Bottom line, if there was someone else that could have stepped up at the time that Stan took controlling interest, they did not. So live with it and live with the fact that Wengers his boy and until one of the two likely die, nothing will change. Get over it and get on with it already. Money talks and always has and always will.

  64. Bamford10

    Photograph on Twitter of Wenger smiling at his press conference this morning, joking about how he was “tempted to jog” over to Watford’s training ground, it being so close.

    Seeing the photograph, one can only ask: why is this man smiling? Arsenal are foundering yet again, the supporters are incensed, former players are criticizing him left and right, yet he’s all quips & smirks.

    He’s smiling, of course, because he doesn’t give a fuck about winning the league, or competing for the CL, or being one of the best teams in the world.

    All he cares about is running things in accordance with his (idiotic, outmoded, irrational) “principles,” being treated like royalty wherever he goes, and collecting his £150,000 every week.

    Wenger fucking out.

  65. Bamford10

    City remain two points below us for the time being, but they rested Yaya Toure are still without De Bruyne. De Bruyne will return, apparently, in early April, for last six EPL games.

    I will be surprised if they don’t finish above us, which would place us fourth. If either West Ham or United pip us, we could finish outside of the top four.

    That’s what is needed to get rid of Wenger.

  66. Joe

    Joe was livid we didn’t move for Allardici when West Ham let him go…

    Never once did I say that.

    Wallace. You are a cunt. Don’t make up shit to suit your agenda. All you talk is shit and then when you get caught out you ignore it or disappear for hours./days

    You are so wrong on so many levels that you have to make up shit to try to get posters on your side or to get people to think you are on to something.

    Everyone on here knows you’re wrong and an idiot.

    Well except maybe ugh. And Gary.

    Please fuck off with wenger. Again, you don’t deserve Arsenal.

  67. Joe


    You conveniently ignored the fact that wages in Europe are much much lower than in England

    You , like Wallace , just spout shit. And when facts are pointed out , you ignore them.

    Do you have two have a half a brain cell byween the two of you ?? I’m thinking not, and now are just sheep following wenger.

  68. WengerEagle

    Could see Leicester struggling against Newcastle on Monday.

    Rafa will galvanize the Magpies, they are more than good enough to stay up player for player, McClaren was just a clown and miles out of his depth.

  69. Joe

    You know what Wallace

    Now that you mention it, i would rather have big Sam than wenger

    At least the team would show some fight. Instead of the weak no passion no fight that wenger installs in his players

    Never seen a manager turn players into shadows of their former selves more than wenger has

  70. Gelbsy

    I still think Leicester will fuck up to a certain point. It’s really hard to see who will win it. Crappy City drawing and even failing to score against Norwich. I can still see that Cunt Wenger scraping the League. I don’t overall, but part of me can see it, due to the fact Leicester are gonna bottle points and Spurs too. Just a question of who drops the most. Or least.

  71. Cesc Appeal


    It’s interesting, because I think now Leicester have to recognise they are title favourites, have to see how they deal with that.

    But then, in all honesty, I thought Leicester would fade away months back, they just keep going.

    Literally the only thing that has been predictable this season is Arsenal.

  72. Thank you and goodnight


    Yeah but Arsenal being predictable has nothing to do with Arsene of course. And if Leicester do win it is think they have an advantage which is Leicester’s money….I mean how are we meant to compete against crisp money 😀

  73. Joe

    Ugh now using Spurs losing to Dortmund as an excuse as to why Arsenal are behind Leicester and Tottenham.

    The fucking Akbs will stop at nothing to defend wenger. Make up any excuse.

  74. WengerEagle


    Too true, in the most bizarre BPL season to date, the only constant that looks to remain is us finishing 3rd/4th barring a complete meltdown from Spurs or Leicester.

    And United being complete shit too, unlike us though LVG will be out the door come the summer.

    ION, how can the 3 best players in the world in Barcelona’s attack be so shit at penalties?

    Has to be a major concern for them were a UCL tie with Bayern or Real Madrid were to go the distance.

  75. Joe

    Any boy of consistency and this pl would of been a cake walk.

    Or our Deluded cunt of a manager to had bought in the summer and to have a clue how to motivate prepare and tactics

  76. Wallace


    “Joe was livid we didn’t move for Allardici when West Ham let him go…

    Never once did I say that. Wallace. You are a cunt.”

    sorry man, next time I’ll lob a bunch of lolz on the end so that you’ll know I’m not being entirely serious. nice comeback though.

  77. Arseology

    Finishing outside the top 4 will still not be enough to get rid of Wenger. The club have always indicated that they budgeted for dropping out of the CL for a few seasons.
    Only thing that gets rid of Wenger before he chooses to leave is creating a toxic environment at the club.
    Loads more banners and a blimp telling Wenger to feck off are needed.