Mr Wenger, I thought the players had mental strength?

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‘Holding my mental strength’

Finally coming to the end of what seems like the never ending journey of United States of cray. To anyone wanting a really cool place to go in America outside the standard bits (UK standard bits), head into Austin. It’s such a great city full of people who are all about the craic!

Anyway, onto more serious things.

Arsene Wenger is worried that the negative atmosphere in the ground might be affecting his players.

Babies. Absolute babies.

Do you know what might affect your day job? Working in a hospital as a junior doctor and getting spat on for no reason other than wanting to help someone. Being a teacher in a low income area and having chairs thrown at you. Not having a job and worrying about how you’re going to feed your family. Being in advertising and getting last minute feedback that blows your cross platform idea apart.

That’s real talk there my friends.

The players might not feel good about the atmosphere?

Ok Arsene, feels like we’ve spent the last ten years talking about mental strength, and now we’re saying we’ve hired expensive talent from around the world and they can’t concentrate on the game without feeling love from the home fans?

Wenger fired a barb at Thierry last week saying he sits too far away from the fans to be able to make a judgement on anger, now he’s agreeing with Thierry and saying it’s affecting his players?

Have you seen what Barca fans do to their players if they drop their level? White hankies and loud condemnation. Same at Madrid. I think Barca fans did it to Enrique last season, then he went on to win the treble. Madrid fans do the same. So to Atleti fans. It’s expectation that makes you work harder. Also worth noting that Highbury was branded the library… hardly a cauldron, despite what the romantics will tell you.

Point here. Wenger shouldn’t be slagging the fans. The people who keep the party alive. The people who have been incredibly forgiving of his bullshit over the last 5 years. The people defend a man who is done.

The away fans are great. Sure, we get that. They are younger, more drunk and part of a smaller tribe. But a lot of them go to the home games as well. If the way the crowd are behaving is a problem, then the club should think about doing something to improve the atmosphere, rather than doing all they can to kill it.

Things you could do:

  • You need a younger crowd, not a more working class crowd. Voice comes with youth and excitement. If the youth can’t afford tickets, they can’t go.
  • Safe standing. It’s a real basic here, but there aren’t many rockstars who sing on chairs. You need to be on your feed. Also, safe-standing makes it cheaper to attend.
  • Choreograph the noise. Dortmund have a soundtrack that goes on before the game. They have people on megaphones. They allow massive flags all around the ground. Noise is something that needs to be forced if it’s not their naturally.

Arsene shouldn’t be moaning about the noise. He should keep that to himself, especially as it’s come right out of the blue. If you have a problem, bring it up at the start of the season, otherwise it looks like another deflectionary excuse to cover up the fact he can’t motivate his players in the final stretch of the season.

Also, if you don’t go to games at the club, don’t jibe the people that do.

‘But I can’t make it because I have other priorities’

Good for you. The people that pay to go also have priorities but they put Arsenal first. I’m not saying people that don’t go are lesser fans, I am part of that crowd now and we start drinking at 7am to watch the arse, what I am saying is overseas fans need to show the home fans the same respect they expect. Being a season ticket holder is a slog and until you’ve experienced it, you really shouldn’t jump in and tell them how great you’d be.

Anyway, I’ve been a season ticket holder. Up your game home fans #SupportTheLADS #Slags #AwayDays #ChantLoud.

Back to Wenger… this made me laugh.

“What I find just boring is always sitting here after 19 years to face [the question]: ‘Do you think you are good enough?’” said Wenger. “I am not on Twitter. I don’t invite anybody to go out to dinner and be nice with them. I work and work and work and work. If it’s not good enough, someone will tell me one day. That’s all I can do. I do not worry what you [journalists] say about me or what fans say about me. I try to do my job in a proper way and with full commitment. After that everybody has the right to have an opinion.

“I cannot influence the behaviour of the fans. How can I do that? I don’t know. I am humble enough every day to question myself, to accept my mistakes and, believe me, I do that. After that there is no coincidence that the people who own the club tell me to be here for 19 years. Do you think they are more stupid than you or me? I feel privileged to have the confidence of the club for such a long time. I work seven days a week with full commitment. That’s all I can do.”

Arsene, Arsene, Arsene… you can influence the behaviour of the fans. You know, up your fu*king game and stop acting like you’re intellectually superior to the world. You manage 25 footballers who are about as culturally attuned as a can of spam. You’re being out smarted by managers like Alan Pardew who are regularly reduced to tears by heavy episodes of Scooby Doo.

Also, let’s not pretend you’re accountable to anyone. I mean, you’re not even accountable to your own previously high standards. You’re not humble, you’re a shambles. You only care about your own personal gain. Which is sad… so less of the, ‘I’m doing you all a favour’ nonsense, because you’re not… you’re doing your career a favour, your bank account a HUGE favour and you don’t give a rats arse about anyone else.

So, back to the season.

We have a pretty good run in now. We have to beat Hull in the FA Cup replay tonight, which should be fairly simple (LOL), then we have a good run in for the league.

West Brom at the weekend should be fairly straightforward, even though Rondon put paid to United at their top 4 hopes at the weekend.

Worrying thing for Arsenal now is that we’re in the battle for the top four. Not the league. However, there’s no team more experienced in the world at finishing top four than Arsenal. Maybe that’s what we needed all along. A threat to our Euro bonus!

The big game next week is Everton. We have to play Barcelona in between. A massive chance for Arsene to hash things up. We play Barca late on Wednesday. Then we play Everton very early on Saturday. Will Wenger do the right thing and drop his key players for a game that is dead… and shoot for glory at Everton?

We’ll see. My gut says he won’t because he’ll feel that he can still win the Champions League. If we go into Everton away tired, we could get a spanking. I really, really, really hope Wenger asks people around him what they think before he does something silly.

After Everton, it’s Watford, West Ham, Palace, Sunderland and Norwich that close out April. We need to hover around the top to have a chance. 76 points could win the league this year.

Spurs are going to drop points. Poch doesn’t rotate his team and you’ve seen how tired they’ve looked of late. They’re running out of steam at the wrong time. Leicester are also a team that haven’t had the luxury of rotation, so they’ll drop points. Big question is on Arsenal… can they make the right decisions in the run in? Because there will be opportunities to make a go of it…

But that’s a question of mental strength. We’ve seen a total lack of it lately… and Wenger going on the record calling his babies wimps doesn’t bode well.

P.S. I thought this quote from Wenger was great… when praise is at a low, create your own.

“Just to remind you, we have beaten Leicester twice so we have done our job against them. People have to look at other teams more, not just us on that front.


P.P.S. Steve Bruce needs to give it a rest. Give it up man, elite management is over for you.

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  1. gambon

    Hilarious that we have been absolute shite since boxing day, and it took the players to call a crisis meeting.

    What the fuck was Wenger doing after we lost to Southampton, drew with Liverpool, drew with Stoke, lost to Chelsea, lost to Barca, lost to Swansea?

    I thought Wenger worked 24/7? But he couldnt find time to tell the fucking players that they needed to sort themselves out.

    This reminds me of how the players themselves told Wenger we needed to adopt a tactical approach against City last season.

    Why are the players in charge?

    Also reminds me of 1997-98, we lost 3-1 to blackburn in December and were struggling. Then Tony Adams tore into the players after the game in the dressing room.

    Where was Wenger?

    Specialist in failure was watching on like a voyeur.

  2. Red&White4life

    lol karima wants his medal for having unmasked me lol

    As pathetic as wenger’s obsession for the 4th place.

  3. Relieable Sauce

    Ramsey might feel its time to move on if/when Wenger ruins him for the Euros.
    Tough break if its your one chance to play for your national side at a big tournament. Handy for England though.

  4. Carts

    Martinez is a hack. Top 8 since 2009/10 is good for Everton; 11th last season and their current position is pathetic.

    Koeman isn’t bad but he’s a massive tinkerer. I mean MASSIVE!

  5. Carts

    john cross: “Banner-carrying Arsenal fans should show Arsene Wenger more respect – they’ll miss him when he’s gone.”

    Remind of those guys who are scared to lodge their other half on the 1% chance they’ll never find another like her. Still peddling that tripe in 2016 then it’s clear that one can’t think objectively.

  6. Confidentgoner

    Although we played against Hull, you have to admit that there was a directness to our play, a willingness to shoot from outside the box.

    Iwobi played well as creator and shunting him to the wings as we did against United did not bring the best in him. He is an alternative creator in theaking and had a MoM performance.

    Can we say that Wenger is evolving this late in the day?

  7. PieAFC

    John Cross is absolute plank.

    Never another journalist so far up Wenger’s ass than him. He probably became a writer because of him,lol.

    Man annoys me as much as Wenger.

  8. PieAFC

    ConfidentGoner, seriously?

    Wenger evolving. The guy is a stubborn as they come, he isn’t changing nothing. The more we moan, the more he reverts back to type!

  9. Louis Almeida

    We only played more direct because Hull had to come out after we scored the first goal. It’s normally easier to play when a team attacks and doesn’t defend the edge of the 18. The only difference between last night and the first game against Hull was that we got ahead early which made the game easier for us. Hull’s only game plan over the to fixtures was to defend deep and counter. Problem with that is it’s reliant on them scoring the first goal. The moment we did you saw the gulf in the two teams.

  10. Carts


    AKB “ahh babe, can you wear this for me please, it will spice things up a little, I promise”

    *she puts on a Wenger cut out face and an extra long Puma puffer jacket zipped up”

    Her “I not sure about this….”

    AKB “careful what you wish for; you’ll be sorry when he’s gone”

  11. peanuts&monkeys

    No white hankies. No protest March. No booing. No slogans. Just a banner. One banner! And see how the devil buckles. He has already started ‘I don care. Nobody has more FA Cups than me…’. He is buckling. Amazing how this cookie will crumble.

    Some more banners please, Gooners. And, we will get a new manager.

    Wenger OUTTTTTTTT!!!!!

  12. Carts


    haha – for shits and giggles I’d love to try. Million YT hits I reckon.

    Have Robbie at my front door, in the AM, like “yeah but don’t you think that put a dampener on Wenger leaving now? this moment was supposed to be for him and you’ve diverted it”

  13. Leedsgunner

    john cross: “Banner-carrying Arsenal fans should show Arsene Wenger more respect – they’ll miss him when he’s gone.”

    Trust me John, speaking personally, I won’t. 🙂

    No man is bigger than the club, not even Arsene.

  14. PK

    Nice to win 0-4 and all, but during the game i could not stop myself thinking that if the opponent was of better quality we would find a way to crumble and lose the game. We basicly played Hulls second string and they gave away atleast two of those goals.

    Nice to finally see that banner out! Get one for Stan while your at it.

  15. TheBayingMob

    Leedsgunner March 9, 2016 14:51:18

    john cross: “Banner-carrying Arsenal fans should show Arsene Wenger more respect – they’ll miss him when he’s gone.”
    I honestly cannot understand this mentality.

    Where does it stop? I mean he’s going to die one day right?

    There is life after Wenger.

    I always think about he people I know who have been made redundant; I worked in a company that was stripped down from 1250 people to 200 over a 12 year period due to out sourcing work to India (back in the 90s before it was really in fashion); I used to look at the lifers in the company, the 25 year men who were basically trapped in their jobs through fear of change; for most of them getting the heave ho was absolutely the best thing that ever happened to them; while I completely understand that the grass is not greener, I just can’t get my head around this BE SCARED OF CHANGE mentality that has gripped a lot of Arsenal fans, like losing Wenger will mean financial Armageddon and the club going out of business within two weeks of his departure.

    Some people should really get a fucking grip of themselves, including John The Cunt Cross. I think he’s been clearly fed that line from the club and been asked to toe the party line and generate some fear as they know the natives are getting restless! What a complete wanker!!

  16. Red&White4life

    Ramsey on the picture makes me think of L’oLreal…

    And it is well known that wenger is also ze specialist in male fashion models.

  17. Jacko

    Good to finally see some common sense regarding away ticket prices. The board are also throwing an extra few quid in as well.

    That said, don’t get too excited. No doubt the home crowd will be asked to pick up the difference at some point!

    This is Wiggy’s Arsenal after all !

  18. Relieable Sauce

    Luckily the fearful akb mentality doesnt effect all humans, otherwise we’d still be living in caves having never harnessed fire.

    Pathetic bunch of sheep.

  19. Carts

    Someone mentioned earlier that they thought Elneny will be a good player.

    I, too, am on record saying that I think he’ll be a beast.

    But here’s the issue, he’s no way near that required level.

    And at his rate, he’ll feature in another 8 games and Wenger will claim the Elneny’s near-end season form is the reason why he doesn’t need to spend next summer

    Wenger is more predictable that ever

  20. Red&White4life

    @Danny : yesterday evening on french tv, there was a journalist who was saying the same.

    “They win 4-0 at Hull, but they are unable to beat Swansea at home, what the hell is wrong with them ??” lol

  21. Red&White4life

    Rumor says that wenger asked to The Rock to show him how to get some muscles…
    He wanted to be part of the film.

    But The Rock told him that he will only be the stunt double for David Hassellhof…

  22. Mickey G

    I’m very glad our premiership game this weekend has been rescheduled. We have only one premiership game left this month (a tough one way to Everton). The next one after that is April 2nd at home to Watford. If we have Santi and Wilshere back in contention by then at least we will have a functioning midfield. A lot can happen in 8 games and surely we will put in a good run at some stage this season.

  23. Red&White4life

    yep, santi’s injury was a big turning point in our season.

    Thank god arsène had bought a very descent player in replacement.

  24. Sancho Monzorla

    The banner was not disrespectful in the slightest, it was actually a very good choice of words. There is not a single part of it that rings untrue.

    I have mostly been a Le-Grove reader, occasionally check in on other blogs, and I’ve always known this place to be a bit bipolar, but looking at comments on the more neutral blogs it really seems like the pulse of the supporters has changed during the course of this season. Besides Untold of course, they are a fanatical bunch that take Wenger as religion.

    Hopefully this change in attitude can continue to evolve, similar banners continue to gain media attention.

    As for a song that can be sung by the fans to let their intentions be known, I think the banner came up with it for us. Andrea Bocelli, Time to Say Goodbye. Just sing that one part over and over lol

  25. Bonkers

    After the day that i’ve had today the last thing i need to see is a queer like image on my favourite blog.WTF?

  26. Dissenter

    Theo Walcott should have just shut up his over-pampered mouth.
    Who cares if you had a meeting with the crocked faction of the team he referred to as “old heads”. Those old heads are part of the problems.
    Who pays players to be crocked and perpetually live on the bench and treatment rooms?

    No one cares about your silly team meetings. You’ll be judged based on your output on the field. He should try to earn his wages once in awhile like we all do.

  27. Gooner63

    Why are some Arsenal fans lording up a 4-0 win vs Hull

    Firstly it was a 4-0 win vs Hull reserves – they made 9 changes

    Respect for wenger ? lol

    When has wenger EVER shown respect for the fans who pay big money. by creating a squad thats capable of winning the league, when has ever shown respect to Arsenal itself and its history.

    Not long ago it was us and Man Utd as the only two teams who could win the Premier League.

    Now fans are celebrating beating Hull Reserves – 4-0 – get a grip wenger fans – you are lowering the clubs standards.

    We are Arsenal – not Spurs, not Newcastle, Not Norwich

    Kroenke – sell up to Usmanov and lets see an owner that wants to make this club as big as it should be.

    12 years without a title – not good enough wenger – thanks for the memories – you dont even deserve that.

  28. Dissenter

    Ivan Gazidis was seen stumping away from the Emirates earlier on today.
    Apparently he was pissed off at not being able to charge away fans more that the 30 buck cap from next season.

  29. nepGunner

    Awww..the AKBs cho cho cute.. I wish I could donate them to the local zoo so they could be taken care of by professional. Oh wait.. They already have their professor to wipe their dripping arses..

    John Cross can fcuk off to the hole he crept out from. And I’ll personally thank anyone who will smash his stupid teeth and wipe off that cuntish fake smile off his stupid face

  30. Thank you and goodnight

    Good thing is that the banner has had desired effect as all the media is talking about it now….


  31. Bigclub

    Brilliant comment from Miranda C in the Guardian

    “If Arsenal fans were invited to submit their opinions by email; if shareholders’ and supporters’ groups were still able to submit questions to the board and actually get answers; if there were any way of expressing dissatisfaction other than at away games by means of a banner – then you’d be absolutely right: sabotaging the atmosphere would be a bad thing. Trouble is, banners are the only voice that fans have – and only at away games, since protests at the Emirates are no longer allowed.

    Fans are not just consumers; if that were the case they could take their custom to another club where the pleasure on offer is greater and the misery less. Fans see themselves as stakeholders. Since it is their money that in part pays Wenger’s considerable salary, they, the fans, whom he holds in contempt, are in fact his employers, albeit employers without any say. Arsenal wouldn’t exist if it had no supporters. An empty Emirates couldn’t continue to pay off its debt and, because empty stadiums don’t look nice on TV, sponsors would eventually choose to take their money elsewhere. Without the despised fans Wenger really would be out of a job.

    Far more disturbing than one little, mild-mannered banner has been Wenger’s response. He’s bored with their questions, he tells the journalists, he has been in the job for 19 years – as though sheer longevity entitles him to immunity from criticism however poorly he performs? He’s currently behaving like a half-witted, tetchy despot in a rage and blind panic because his right to remain in power, accountable to no one, has been courteously called into question. Not a reassuring spectacle, even to the most stalwart of his admirers, I wouldn’t have thought.

    You disagree? You think Wenger is learning from his mistakes and doing a great job? You think taking 131 minutes to beat Hull’s reserves is impressive for a club which had the second-highest net spend in the window before last? You think next season Wenger will be outwitting Pep, Poch, Klopp and Ranieri with money to spend, Mourinho, Conte and co, when this season he hasn’t been able to win the league despite there being no opposition to speak of? You think limping into fourth and exiting the CL in the last 16 is all that can expected of the seventh-richest club in Europe, despite the fact that others – Dortmund, Juve, Atletico – have achieved more on a fraction of the budget available to Wenger? You’re happy with his failure to address the permanent injury crisis, with the poor scouting and neglect of the youth set-up for over a decade? Great. Make yourself a banner and take it to the next away game because that’s the only voice you’re allowed. Just don’t deny the same right to those who feel equally strongly but take a different view.”

  32. Sancho Monzorla

    Regardless of whether Wenger steps away after this season or not, you have to think that the summer window will be a lost cause. There are so many holes to address and truthfully it will be very difficult for a new manager to assess all the shortcomings and identify (and obtain) the type of players we would need within such a short span.

    Considering that, there is definitely some efficiency to what City have decided to do in making Pellegrini a lame duck and essentially handing over the reigns to Pep during the middle of the season. I’m sure they recognized the loopy nature of this season, the inconsistency of their own squad and decided it would be better to sort of punt this year and allow Pep to prepare while still managing Bayern.

  33. Mickey G

    Protest are forbidden at the Emirates? And banners? I didn’t realise that… I’m a foreign Gooner so wouldn’t know. Surely that can’t be? What about a protest whereby fans don’t come into the ground for the first 10 or 15 minutes. That’d be a hoot…. leave the team in their home ground with 3000 away supporters taking full advantage. The last game i attended at highbury was a capions leaguea5ch against Ajax. The home fans were quiet and i was amazed how the “fuck Ingland” chant from the away fans was the only real noise in the first five minutes or so was pretty funny actually.

    Anyway, they surely wouldn’t be long sacking Wenger if the home fans deliberately turned up 10-15 minutes late every home game.

  34. alexanderhenry

    Just watched the interview on Arsenal fan tv with one of the banner wavers.

    I was quite encouraged actually. I disagree with his view of wenger, but it’s telling that all the WOBs are now at pains to admit that the problems at arsenal fc go a lot further than the manager. A couple of seasons ago none of them were concerned about our owner, now it’s all ‘wengr and kroenke’ out. That’s progress at least.
    Even Pedro has written several anti kroenke articles recently. I hear pennies dropping.

  35. Highbury4ever

    “Protest are forbidden at the Emirates? And banners?”

    Guess who is responsible for the rules lol

  36. Thank you and goodnight

    I don’t know who this Miranda C is but what a brilliant article. In fact I want to make love to her….3 seconds of pleasure. Thank you Miranda

  37. Confidentgoner

    Let’s go e him credit when he wins, albeit against a weakened side. But hey, we couldn’t beat them at the Emirates. We lost to a weakened Manu side.

    I think loosing Carzola has hurt us more than was envisaged. Teams run past our mid easily. At White Hart Lane, Coq – Elneny did a better job than Coq-Ramsey could have ever done. Ramsey at center mid, unbalances the team because he goes forward a lot and cannot keep the ball well.

  38. wenker-wanger

    I for one will detest Wenger forever. Everything about the man is contrasted with my own personality. His arrogance and superiority complex should rile the most tolerant of arsenal fans. I can honestly say that in my most forgiving mood he is the biggest CNUT I have ever spent any time assessing.How on earth these AKBs still hang on to his plastic coat tails I really can’t find any reason.