4 major reasons Arsenal will continue to stagnate until Wenger or Kroenke go

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Good morning! Apologies for the poor timing and intermittent posting from me in a very important time frame. I’ve been traipsing through areas that give zero fucks about my football love, so it’s been hard to catch the games let alone write them up. Some great reads from Alex and James, yesterday’s match report certainly had more balance and insight than I’d have been able to give.

The Spurs game was a good result given the context of the day, but factored in with the context of the season? No way. It wasn’t good enough. I found it pretty embarrassing revelling in a draw with Spurs. Aren’t we the fans that used to rip Spurs fans for doing that? We’re taking joy in stifling Spurs rather than engaging in sadness that by doing so, we stuttered again in our now derailed romp to glory…

Arsenal needed 5 points from our last three games. We’ve taken one. We should have gone to United and pinned that midfield with Elneny and Coquelin and hit them on the break. Instead, we open it up with Flamini who was playing like a fearful sweeper and Ramsey who wanted to play in advance of Ozil, like a total fool. Then we go to Swansea, we totally batter them but again, we let them in because our midfield aren’t in position to deal with a bad goal kick. If we’d taken the needed points in those two games, we’d be in good shape there. Go back before then where we shouldn’t have conceded 3 against Liverpool, we should be beating Stoke and we certainly shouldn’t have crashed against the worst Chelsea for years.

These micro fuck ups have all added up in a season where we should have bossed the league.

Anyway, here is my take on our issues…


The Axis of Malaise

Wenger has really f*cked up this season. He’s made improvements, for sure, but at a very base level, he’s a failing manager and we all know it. Worse thing is that he clearly knows that these days, so instead of shooting for glory in one last push to be king, he does the things he knows will keep him in a job.

Stan K is a tight arse, we all know that. He sanctions pitiful season ticket price increases even though we have millions in the bank. He’s never put a penny into the club. He’s a sporting leech. He should have stuck to real estate, but instead he ventured into the world of sport, hoovering up clubs and putting the progress blockers on them. Arsenal aren’t a love, they’re a gold star portfolio purchase.

With both hindsight and foresight, you could see he was going to a nightmare… we should have opted for Usmanov and Moshiri… one half of which has taken on Everton and dropped ticket prices as a golden hello. The board acting like elitist public school boys (acting?) blocked out Alisher because they could and they wanted to protect their ability to sit at board meetings and impact NOTHING at the club, and took in a man who doesn’t care for our success or for the game.

He is anti-sport, and it’s really sad. Worst thing is I know the people of St Louis feel this same.

Anyway, back to Wenger, what you have to realise about this man is that outside football, he doesn’t have a life. Pretty sad situation. His obsession for football killed any outside interest. It even killed his relationship. He’s a man who just has the game. Football is him. Kind of beautiful and worrying at the same time. He’s a clever guy, who also knows that his situation at Arsenal is fu*cking cushy. Like any subordinate versed in the art of bossman survivorship, he understands what pleasures his paymaster… and he plays to that pleasure to embarrassing extremes even though those values mean he avoids winning and worse, kill his reputation in the process.

Stan thinks about football as a business. So to him, winning is about cash money. He doesn’t see trophies, he sees pound notes. 1st and 4th are basically the same amount of pound notes. Investing in the team to lift them to 1st represents a massive investment of maybe £100m. Why would he do that when 4th gives you the same cash? Stan doesn’t seem to get the bigger picture that more prizes mean better commercials… or maybe he does get it, but can’t be bothered with the effort.

Either way, Wenger knows that as long as he’s not losing money… he can keep his job. Because Stan is a balance sheet man. He’s not a trophy man. He sees $$$ bills when he sleeps. So spending is a risk. Wenger knows that if he drops mega money, his job is in the dangerzone. Not spending means he has a lifeline if it goes wrong.

‘I’ve always made you money, you owe me another season’

Wenger hedges his bets by competing  at the bear minimum.

So we’re in a horrible situation. Our owner has no ambition to make us the greatest. He’s happy with the top 10. We have a manager who is preserving his career because he knows if he spends big, he’ll probably still fall short. So it leaves us in this horrible middle earth zone as a club. We aren’t competitive and there’s absolutely no desire to work out why that is and turn it around.

The Quality of Thinking

Saddest thing is, it’s not even a money issue here. It’s a quality of thinking issue.

His squad is a shambles. Wenger doesn’t buy players thinking about the bigger picture. He doesn’t look at his players as a collective group of talent that can work like a well oiled machine. He looks at his players on a micro level. Just bodies with skills in a vacuum. He doesn’t see the bigger picture. He has massive inefficiency all over the place and he’s not sharp enough to rectify the mess.

Look at some of the basic mistakes he’s made this season.

Our midfield to start with. Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky are all dead as players. That’s £250k p/w in wages (Matty earns £80k pw apparently). Massive inefficiency. How many games are you expecting from those guys? What is their role to the team? Why weren’t they moved on or bought out of their deals? A total waste.

Then look at some of the other issues we have in midfield. Santi is on the back 9 of his career and was never going to last the season, because he’s been brutalized for 2 years now and he’s 31. Chamberlain was no where near ready to flourish, he should have been loaned out. The guy has no trust from the manager and he plays like that. Aaron Ramsey, a good player, but he’s extremely selfish and we don’t get the most out of him. There’s no use saying he’d be great as a number 10 because, 1) he wouldn’t be 2) Ozil plays there. Jack Wilshere, I mean, really, a great player bubbling, but he’s broken. No good. Why do we persist? Coquelin, a good player, but we all know about his limitations… why the hell did we not sign a back up in the summer after we accidentally worked out that a DM who is mobile might be a good idea? Schneiderlin, Illarramendi or Vidal would have been very good signings last summer.

So we know that our midfield is extremely unfit and not balanced at all. Then we sign Elneny and we don’t use him, despite having nightmares in the middle. He looked very good against Spurs, in fact, in all the games he’s played, but he’s not featured and we’re suffering massively. He’s a ball player, he has great vision and he’s in good health. What was the point in signing him if it wasn’t to help with our shockingly inept and broken midfield?

Then look at how we’ve played the back 4! Per Mertesacker is not going to be able to play all the games, nor is Kos. So we have a very capable centre back in Gabriel, and we give him next to no games. Then we wonder why he’s shite when he drops into the side? Mental. Also, what were we thinking with Chambers? A very good kid, don’t get me wrong. But any manager worth their salt would have had him out on loan learning his trade, so that next season, he could step in for Per. We have Debuchy at right back, a very good player, had a few bad games, career over. So now we have the choice of him or a kid. No planning. Zero idea of how to motivate players and zero understanding of how to manage a squad.

Look at Spurs and Alderweireld. We knew this kid was great at Southampton. He can play DM, he can play right back and centre back. He cost £10m. He was Prem ready, why the hell weren’t we looking at a 26 year old like this? We could have sent Chambers back to Southampton? Poor fucking planning, that’s what… Wenger never thinks about the bigger picture. He never thinks about having a squad that can operate under strain. He never looks at even the basics, like the history of fitness.

As for our forward line. Theo Walcott has consistently given us nothing. He was never, ever, ever going to be a centre forward. Yet he’s on a new deal. He offers nothing creatively and now nothing infront of goal. If Wenger wanted a playmaker outwide, why not steam into Dybala, Shaqiri or Draxler? Don’t bitch at me about names, just play along here that signing no one was stupid.

Our shabby striking issue is 3 seasons old. It’s not acceptable to say, ‘well, there aren’t many available’, because there’s this thing called the globe and it’s a big f*cking place. If all your found in 3 seasons is nothing, you have to wonder what’s going on with your backroom team and make massive changes. Suarez moved, Pierre Erick, Lukaku, Higuain, Morata, Griezmann…

Wenger has made a mess of his squad because he thinks at a micro level and he thinks about starting 11s. He can’t manage a group of players like elite coaches do these days. He also isn’t ruthless. This summer, if Liverpool want Chamberlain, send him away for £22m. Let’s not waste another season on him, because the guys brain is fried, he thinks the only way to make it at Arsenal is doing something incredible with every touch… he looks broken. Let’s clear out the deadwood and spend the money we need to get us into a place where we’re competing.

A Problem of Feedback

There’s an article on HBR at the moment that talks about how modern leaders don’t conform to Steve Jobs-esque stereotypes. They seek opinion that challenges their own…

‘When Swedish psychologist K. Anders Ericsson studied what separates the masters from the mediocre in a wide range of cognitively complex skills (from chess to violin), he discovered that the quality of practice determined performance. Masters were obsessive about identifying and improving on their weaknesses; that means they were able to overcome the natural human bias toward illusory superiority (i.e., the tendency to overestimate our strengths and overlook our faults) by staying open to critical feedback from others. As Cornell psychologist David Dunning says, “The road to self-insight runs through other people.”

Does that sound like Wenger? Is he challenging the way he thinks? Has he built a team around him that can question him? Does he foster a culture of creativity and problem solving? I doubt it. Because he has talented people around him who would NEVER agree that our squad was 0 outfield players away from dominance. Who said, ‘Arsene, you’re being a doughnut, here’s what you need to do and here’s why it works strategically for the short term… oh and here’s a plan for how we build out a team that can compete over the next few years’…

No one is challenging misconceptions here. There are no checks in place to stop the same things happening every season. There’s no accountability for Wenger, so there’s no accountability for the players. Why? Because this season is fine for Arsene. He’s still in a job, no matter what.

The massive test of how barmy Wenger is will come for the Barcelona game. Wenger and everyone at the club accept we’re not competitive in Europe despite having the clout to change that. Which is embarrassing as it is. However, the manager is still delusional, will he go out there and try and win the game… turning Barca over 3-0 at their place… maybe shooting for a bit of glorious failure? Or will he be pragmatic, accept that Everton 3 days later is far more important and send a team to Spain that’ll allow us to be fresh for the league?

You know how that’ll go, don’t you. You just know because Wenger doesn’t posess the quality of thinking he once did. It happens, but no one is there to challenge him.


This Season is just the start

Also, you need to know that this isn’t going to get any better. The mega TV money drops this summer. You’re giving bonus money to good managers who have been working on small club business models that prioritize efficiency. Arsenal no longer have an advantage of bigger money. We no longer have a better scouting network. We certainly don’t have an elite manager. Our training methods are no better than anyone else’s. This season is not a fluke, this season is football moving forward and it’s been brewing for a number of years (and we’ve been writing about it).

The happenings of this season is why all the ‘elite’ CEOs are trying to preserve themselves in a Euro breakaway league. They know they can’t compete now. United out of the CL again. Liverpool, out. Chelsea, out. Because small clubs are now smarter and they’re a genuine threat to old guard, at least in England.

A smarter way for us to protect our elite status would be to bring in an elite manager. Sadly, Ivan will know this, but he’s impotent on the issue and on £2m per year + bonuses, he’s not really financially inclined to kick up a massive stink.

It’s such a soul destroying feeling… terrible owner, impotent CEO and a manager who can’t stop because he doesn’t have a life.

The groundhog feeling just goes on and on.

So in short, a draw against Spurs was great, but the bigger picture isn’t a rosy one…

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    Wait and see, run of decent results to see out the season, 3rd place, loads of PR stories and our summer plans and Wenger ‘wanting to go out with a bang,’ and we will back to how it was last summer.

    People aren’t sort of considering the effect on the team and club of having a lame duck manager next year as well.

    But that is Wenger’s plan, most clubs give another year extension so the manager can quit unexpectedly to avid that effect, but Wenger’s principles means he always sees out his deals and Arsenal fans want to give him the ‘respect’ of allowing him to finish his contracts, Wenger in perpetuity! 😉

  2. Joe


    How many league titles had arsenal won before wenger came

    How many had spuddies.

    We’ve alway been a bigger club you wenger supporter and that comment cements it

    You are a wenger supporter 1st. Arsenal 2nd if at all

  3. Gelbsy

    Then saying that, about the board and owners not having ambition. There lies the paradox actually. If that’s the case, they won’t go for someone better ie in the case with Wenger, lol.

  4. gambon

    A lot of managers could do better than Wenger.

    Look at Bilic.

    3 points behind Wenger, with vastly inferior resources. Vastly inferior.

    Look at Ranieri. A wage bill that is £150m pa lower.

  5. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    “I really just engaged my brain, looked at most every single comment and action of Wenger over the last decade, benefit from not having some weird sentimental craving to keep him around, and came to the conclusion that him ‘stepping down with honour’ is not that likely.”

    but you’ve never actually met the man, or even been in the same room as him? I mean, how would you feel if someone you had never met before comes up to you one day and tells you he has you figured out?

    would you acknowledge there might be a difference between the public and the private Wenger?

  6. kc

    I see the way of the world evades a shit ton of so called Gooners. Wenger is the football guy, Kroenke is the money man. Should I draw that out on a big chief tablet for some like arseology. Kroenke pays more than enough for a top shelf manager. He also pays enough for a top class title challenging squad. It is Arsene fucking Wenger that isn’t getting it done. Kroenke is making his money, which is all he should care about. Wenger is the disgrace that has allowed this team to slip into this sad state. He is the football guy.

  7. Wallace


    “We’ve alway been a bigger club you wenger supporter and that comment cements it.”

    no, we haven’t. prior to Wenger it was always pretty even. not as successful as Liverpool, not as much money as Utd.

  8. Dissenter

    “I see the way of the world evades a shit ton of so called Gooners. Wenger is the football guy, Kroenke is the money man. Should I draw that out on a big chief tablet for some like arseology. Kroenke pays more than enough for a top shelf manager. He also pays enough for a top class title challenging squad. It is Arsene fucking Wenger that isn’t getting it done. Kroenke is making his money, which is all he should care about. Wenger is the disgrace that has allowed this team to slip into this sad state. He is the football guy.”

    Telling it like it is. This

  9. salparadisenyc


    I don’t know, something feels like it genuinely turned over the course of this past month, on heels of two feeble transfer windows for Wenger. More collective. It really is there for all to see with Leicester top and Tottenham currently running 2nd. Everything we’ve blogged about, happening to Wenger. The ineptitude magnified.

    Do think James was a bit hard done by yesterday stating Wenger deserved respect for the good years… he does. But the man certainly seems dead set on burning the respect card, testing the waters to the point of being vilified by a vast majority of supporters. The desperation is now hitting the point of blaming everyone and anyone involved with the club. Supporters, players, staff all fair game.

    Its an odd thing, i’ve literally split Wenger into two periods in my head.
    Before and after.

    Hit the failsafe point where theres very little left recognizable from the once cutting edge manager. A runaway train with nobody monitoring the vitals, and very sad it was let go this long.

    Once a king now legacy tarnished, dignity lost and time to be put down. Oldest story running and it never ends well.

  10. GS88

    See that Steve Bruce has yet again sung Wenger’s praises for ‘the work that he has done at Arsenal’.

    Well that was mainly 10 years ago. What about the last 10 years?

    Mourinho is the only manager who doesn’t hide the truth about the how he has lead Arsenal down a downward spiral.

    Its absolutely ridiculous.

  11. Cesc Appeal


    It depends.

    If I was a public figure and someone came up to me and said based on my professional conduct over the last ten years they had figured out my most likely course, I would probably think it was fair comment.

    Don’t see what you’re struggling with here, I mean aside from the obvious that its a criticism of Wenger.

    I really don’t care what Wenger is like personally, it has no bearing on Arsenal, I know what he’s like in his professional life and his comments in press conferences, particular his raw, emotional comments when stung give you a nice insight into his mind.

    I mean, as Pedro says, I could make inferences about his private life, the fact he’s just obsessed with football, has nothing else in his life and his wife left him,a allegedly, because of it. That tells me this man is obsessive and also self obsessed.

    But I would never actually state that, because I don’t know him.

    I know what he’s like with regards to Arsenal though, he’s lived through some really bad embarrassments, lived through fan abuse and he’s always acted the same way because he has the unwavering backing of fans like you.

    I mean seriously, you’ve been wrong about Wenger and Arsenal at every turn this year. All I’m saying is, if you think that Wenger will step down because he realises he got it wrong, or admits defeat…I think you’re wrong, again.

  12. Joe

    Tottenham: 2 leagues and 8 cups

    Arsenal: 10 leagues and 8 cups

    Before Wenger

    Yeah real even

    Again shows you have no clue and you are a Wenger supporter and not an Arsenal supperter

  13. Thank you and goodnight


    Before Uniteds rise under ferries we were the second most successful club in England.

  14. gambon


    Absolutely agree.

    There has definutely been a shift in opinion with Wenger.

    I think his incompetence is now a fact rather than an opinion.

    I was reading a site a few days ago that had a poll for Wenger in or out and less than 5% wanted him to be given a new contract.

    Look at Arsenal Fan TV….its jyst that merchandise prick that still rates him.

    His days are numbered.

    Dont agree that he deserves respect.

    He has burned any respect he had in manys eyes.

  15. Tipster

    Wenger on the title race, coming up on sky. Ffs, give it a rest, hope hull win and get us closer to the new era.

  16. Joe

    And we were talking about Arsenal v spuddies. Not Liverpool and Manchester Wallace

    Stop changing the pare meters

  17. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    I criticised James yesterday, not in the sense of thinking Wenger deserves abuse, more that ‘respect’ is stretched to mean reverence and excusing.

    The way some fans talk about Wenger is more appropriate for when he retires, not whilst he’s a sitting manager.

    Just like Arsenal signing a player, just like a player returning from injury, Wenger leaving I will believe when I see.

    Fingers crossed, but the man is insufferable, the more we push, the more he will resist.

  18. gambon

    Wenger regularly helps Bruce out with loan players. No wonder he backs him.

    He also wants to buy 2 of his players this summer.

    Most managers know Wengers a busted flush.

  19. GS88

    A cousin of mine saw Wenger’s flaws as far back as 1999.

    What did it was when we blew the FAC semi final against United with a man’s advantage, and the PL up at Leeds Utd.

    We would argue constantly about his shortcomings. Those were early day signs that many are now seeing manifesting itself.

  20. Jeff

    The board and owner are terrified that a change in management will disturb the delicate equilibrium over which Wenger has presided for years by consistently finishing in the top four. If they sack him or not offer him a new contract and the new manager finishes below CL places, they will be absolutely kicking themselves. It is a risk they are not willing to take. Those fans who still have a soft spot for Arsene no doubt feel the same. This is why they always bring up the old “who can replace him” argument. Reading between the lines of that statement, you can easily see that it’s not about who can replace him but who can do as well for so long.

    The only reason you would want change is because you are engulfed in a burning sense of desire and ambition. You want Arsenal to start competing for and winning big trophies again but realise it can’t happen under Wenger.

    The only difference between the two points of view really just boils down to risk versus ambition. It’s like you are in a steady job with a nice steady income but you might want to do much better by going it alone – starting your own business. The hierarchy aren’t ready to take that risk because they prefer the steady, almost guaranteed income. So unless and until Wenger falters even in one season where that steady income (CL money) suddenly disappears. things will remain as they are.

    In other words, the risk to push for big trophies (in the eyes of the board and owner) is not worth the reward. Very sad for the fans and the club.

  21. gambon


    Yeah, i first wondered if Wenger wasnt as good as he was made out to be in 2003 when we blew the PL with the greatest bunch of players the PL has seen.

    But it wasnt until summer 2008 that i realised we needed a new manager.

    Looking back its obvious that he was always a bottler and underachiever.

  22. NYCgooner

    Hate to break it to some of you but Wenger will only leave on his terms. The title is gone but the club will probably finish 2nd and have another run at the FA cup which will be enough to get another vote of confidence from the club.

  23. salparadisenyc

    “Dont agree that he deserves respect.”

    Yes I get that, Wenger seems to be doing his best to loose that early respect.
    My father had a real sparkle for Wenger and what he did, notably the quality of play. Its nostalgia for me, not so much for Wenger for that times spent with my old man during that period from Graham and onto Wenger.

    Can guarantee you if he was still around my old man would certainly be calling for his head at this points. Would likely bring up fact we gave away three titles in a row to United in our best of days and failed in Europe throughout.

  24. Wallace

    Cesc Appeal

    “All I’m saying is, if you think that Wenger will step down because he realises he got it wrong, or admits defeat…I think you’re wrong, again.”

    okay, let’s see. but if things don’t change much between now and the end of the season I think he’ll walk.

  25. Chika

    “Wenger is the football guy” lol silly talk.

    He’s still a fucking employee! Being the football guy doesn’t make him unsackable when he fumbles.

    If you were Kroenke, what would be your stance with Wenger?

  26. Spanishdave

    Knowing that Wenger is on his way out soon the players spence that the club is in limbo and they have no focus.
    This must impact the squad as some will know that without his guarantee of nice wages and cosy existence they will be turned by the agents to see if they can move out.
    The older players will hang on as they are past it, and Ozil and co will push for a move this summer.
    Wengers selfish little egoistic world will send the club to the buffers

  27. Wallace


    you’re arguing about something when all you have to back you up is wiki. I’ve been following Arsenal for 35+yrs now and I’m telling you until Wenger and Vieira arrived there was barely anything between ourselves and Spurs. if a big player became available for transfer in the mid-80s and both sides wanted him it would have been impossible to say with any certainty where he would have ended up.

  28. Dissenter

    I’ve never heard Wenger accept blame for a lost game.
    It’s always someone else’s fault with Wenger.

    He’s so full of himself that he would never leave until disgraced out of Arsenal.

  29. Dissenter

    ““Wenger is the football guy” lol silly talk.He’s still a fucking employee! Being the football guy doesn’t make him unsackable when he fumbles.If you were Kroenke, what would be your stance with Wenger?”

    If I were Kroenke and my attention was on my American sporting franchises, I would listen to my board and CEO before taking a decision aboutWenger.

    Kroenke delegates authority to those that have more footballing culture than himself which is commendable.

    If the board and Gazidis did their jobs and went to Kroenke over an impasse with Wenger then Wenger will be gone.
    Kroenke is a hands-off owner who’s red line is drawn around the finances. The board and Gazidis are responsible for the day-to-day running of the club.

    Kroenke is different from Abrahmovich who knows most the individual player’s first names.

  30. Joe

    So I bring up trophies. And you say players make us even.

    So players signed is a indication of a bigger club.

    We’re city a bigger club when they signed Robinho and tevez

    We have always been a bigger club.

    mate I’ve bee. Following Arsenal just as long.

  31. alexanderhenry


    If you’re right then kroenke will appoint a top coach and give him a massive chunk of that £200 million in the bank to spend.
    Let’s see if that happens.


    ‘new direction and a fresh approach’…that’s waffle

    What arsenal need is better players.

  32. Joe


    Are you saying we didn’t win the leagues before Wenger to Spurs 2?

    You are a class a idiot Wallace. All you spout is nonsensical bollocks.

    Please leave with Wenger. You don’t deserve Arsena.

  33. alexanderhenry

    Nice to hear Bruce support wenger in the standard. He certainly gets it.
    I suggest you all read it- only the over 12s perhaps.

  34. Wallace


    “So players signed is a indication of a bigger club.”

    you don’t think that’s a good measure?

    how many English clubs were realistically in with a chance at Aguero when he moved to City?

    why did Sanchez choose us over Liverpool?

    why couldn’t Liverpool sign any really top notch players with the Suarez money?

    and Spurs with the Bale money?

  35. GS88



    No he isn’t Redtruth. That made me chuckle. But my coz was from ’99, very critical of Wenger and his philosophies. Was always using Ferguson as a guide has to how AW should manage the club.


    Yeah thats it. That ’03 side, was possibly our best ever. As I’ve pointed out on Le Grove for 4 years now, we should of won a plethora of trophies during the period of 2001-06.

    Remains to be seen if we would ever get that chance again, especially when one takes into consideration the PL and TV money enabling more clubs to become more competitive.

  36. Joe

    Sanche chose us because we are in London. He wanted to be in London. Same as cech

    Why could t any clubs compete with city? Maybe because of the crazy money they offered him. Quite simple actually.

    Are you forgetting be league title in the 80s wallAce?

    Balotelli and benteke were probably considered more top notch than giroud and well beck.

  37. salparadisenyc

    ‘new direction and a fresh approach’…that’s waffle

    Waffle? Talk about head in sand.

    How is it that Tottenham are in the position they are with the addition Alderweireld and Son? Are those two players worth the points up in the table?

    Or Dortmund now 5 points back of Bayern without signing anyone of note barring Castro. Where as Klopp nearly relegated them last term.

    No… its not better players, obviously they help but its down to new management getting more out the group. Pochettino and Tuchel have brought something new to the table enabling a freshness in the squad.

    In Pochettino’s case he’s bettering a very good first season and will likely not be around for a third.

    If you put either of them in charge of Arsenal or say Koemann, Emery, Marcelino I’d wager much they get more out of this squad.

    You need to accept fact Wenger is holding this club back.

  38. salparadisenyc

    I’ll caveat that with none of those managers pull off the impotent window Wenger has or puts faith in the players he has so its really a moot point where as Wengers concerned.

    Were 5-6 players short AND a new management away from being truly competitive on all fronts.

  39. Dissenter

    Metro; “Rumour: West Ham United ready to seal £26m Theo Walcott transfer from Arsenal”

    The rumor is laughable but assuming it were true. There will be many gooners lined up to drive him over quickly com next summer.

  40. Gelbsy

    Going back to the players winning inspite of Wenger etc and about tactics. I remember reading about how Tony Adams I think it was, suggested to Wenger about playing Parlour the right side of midfield at times like in away games, rather than Ljungberg, as he offered more protection. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that per se. But in Wenger’s case, he really does/did rely on players telling him what to do, lol.

  41. Arsene's Nurse

    March 7, 2016 21:44:47


    “So players signed is a indication of a bigger club.”

    you don’t think that’s a good measure?

    how many English clubs were realistically in with a chance at Aguero when he moved to City?

    why did Sanchez choose us over Liverpool?

    why couldn’t Liverpool sign any really top notch players with the Suarez money?

    and Spurs with the Bale money?
    Were any of those players available before 1996? Why are you shifting the goal posts? The argument was about whether we were bigger than Spurs before Wenger. You think it was neck and neck. You were then shown that we had won more so you then change it to being about players coming to a club.

    Please leave with Wenger.

  42. Gelbsy

    Lol Joe. I bet if Fat Sam had Arsene’s resources etc, he’d do a better job than Wenger! Ask yourself this. I said the same thing on here, as did someone else. Imagine if every manager in the League had the same resources and calibre of players, etc. Where would Wenger finish then? I bet it would be around tenth or something! At best! Now there’s going to be even more money in the PL next season, we can perhaps see what managers are made of. Though it might act as a smoke-screen, and players make a manager better than they actually are, like Wenger, lol

  43. Pendrey

    Do we have ‘sense of entitlement’ like Man u Liverpool supporters?

    Wenger has had so many opportunities over the years to build a strong side to challenge the likes of Barca, Real, Bayern but always the top players leave because of Wenger’s lack of ambition. Ozil and Sanchez will soon be looking for better opportunities elsewhere.

  44. daz

    If we want to talk about being neck and neck we were at Everton and villa level when Wenger took over, trophy wise at least

  45. Gelbsy

    You know the biggest contradiction too? We all say Wenger should be winning more and doing better etc. But here’s the question….If Wenger isn’t good enough, he isn’t going to be doing things like winning the League etc, is he?? Haha!.

  46. Relieable Sauce

    Will Leicester winning the title will do to football what The Sex Pistols done to music?

    Nevermind the bollocks suitably apt.

  47. Gelbsy

    To be fair though. Wenger needs his foreskin (bet it’s really lanky too and loose!) pulled right back to the sack, and have some salt and vinegar sprinkled and rubbed into it.

  48. TitsMcGee

    For someone who dedicates their life to defending the man, you don’t seen to understand him that well. Maybe its the whole, warped view of Wenger being brilliant thing again.”


    He’s an AKB.

    This is what they do.

    He’ll never admit that Wenger needs to go or that Wenger is to blame for our current situation. To AKBs Wenger is like their grandfather.

  49. Wallace

    Arsene’s Nurse

    we won about 15 trophies under Chapman in the thirties, so of course the trophy count’s going to be in our favour. I was talking the last 30-40yrs.

  50. wenker-wanger

    Wenger’s success up to 2005
    Fantastic defenders he inherited. These players formed the organisation and subsequent tactics of the games. Wenger didn’t need to work on this at all.
    Db10 and wrighty.. 2 players of exceptional talent he inherited. Db10 probably the best ever arsenal player. He inherited these superstars.
    Henry, Vieira petit, pires wiltjord. These great French players virtually offered themselves to him. No competition from UTd Chelsea etc. An easy fix..
    Gilberto ljungberg pires Sol Campbell Lauren. These were well worked signings by wenger. Credit to wenger.
    Overall, the success at this glory time was really substantially beyond Wenger’s influence. Those players blended perfectly within the structure forced onto them by the focused and demanding back 4. Henry and DB10 cut the opposition to pieces whilst the George grahams drilled defense shored up our goal. Wenger just sat back, mumbled some inane instructions in the dressing room and took more plaudits than Adams, the real leader.
    As these players retired the success vanished. Any players wenger did sign, cesc van Persia eventually left him as realisation dawned that wenger was a loser.
    NEVER before in the field of football management have so many been fooled by just one incredibly lucky and barely average manager.

  51. Wallace


    “He’ll never admit that Wenger needs to go”

    me, just after 9pm tonight –

    “okay, let’s see. but if things don’t change much between now and the end of the season I think he’ll walk.”

  52. Joe

    Wallace keeps changing the parameters to suit his argument. Hahaha

    It’s so funny.

    No where did he mention Liverpool and Manu

    No where did he mention the last 30-40 years.

    We won the double under mee in the 70s and a league at anfield under GG in the 89. I guess that doesn’t count for Wallace

    Haha what absolute fool you are Wallace

    So are you saying the chap,man years don’t count in the history of Arsenal v Spurs.

    Nope only Wenger years.

    Haha I’m done with you Wallace. You’re an idiot

    Seriously. please fuck off with Wenger.

  53. Joe

    “okay, let’s see. but if things don’t change much between now and the end of the season I think he’ll walk.”

    You still haven’t said he needs to go Wallace

    Just fucken say it man

  54. Arsene's Nurse

    @Wallace. We won more titles than spurs, they haven’t won it since 1961.

    We won it in 1970/1, 1988/9, 1998/9 all before Wenger. FA Cup is 3 a piece between 1970 and 1996.

  55. daz

    I’m just asking a question humour me joe, why did GG with the superior club finish below spurs 4 times out of 9?

  56. Wallace


    you think le grove would really get behind a George Graham-type manager?

    a solid, well-drilled defence, 3 or 4 defensively-minded midfielders, one talented player who’ll be the first to be yanked if things aren’t going well, and Ian Wright up front? you think people will settle for that these days?

    try and reply without bringing Wenger into it.

  57. Redtruth

    Arsenal since 1970’s

    1970-Fairs Cup
    1971-League Champions/FA Cup
    1979-FA Cup
    1987-League Cup
    1989-League Champions
    1991-League Champions
    1993-League Cup/FA Cup
    1994-Cup Winners Cup

    Spurs since 1970’s

    A couple of European Trophies/Relegated and a few domestic cups

  58. Joe

    Not saying bring GG back

    We need a new manager New ideas

    Nothing to do with GG Wallace

    Why can’t you just agree wenger is done and we need a new manager with new ideas

    Le grove would get behind any new manager.

    We just want change from the same

    And why not GG winning percentage is a lot better than the unmentionable.

    An we play shit football under wenger now and have for more than half a decade.

    So yes they would Wallace

  59. Arseology

    kc – so when the footballing guy is laying turds, who holds him accountable? who sacks him?
    Things are only going to change if the board/KSE get pressure from the fans to get rid of Wenger.

  60. AY

    I find it appalling that some people still believe in Wenger. I lost all respect for him 3yrs ago and right now, his sight alone infuriates me. What are these Arsenal fans smoking? They seem to me to be living below average in their various lives because how can people support this level of mediocrity. This is Arsenal for F sake. Not blackburn or some club like that.

    How many managers can keep Diaby for that long on such wage? How many serious minded managers will rely on Arteta and Flamini for backup. I fear for Iwobi and the fresh guys coming out because their career is threatened under Wenger. He will kill them as he has killed Wilshere, Oxlade. These guys did not develop under him. Walcot should not even be playing in Arsenal. He doesnt have any football sense but guess what, only Wenger doesnt see this. Enough of Wenger. He should go. Period!!!

  61. Joe


    Who knows why. Maybe they had a Better player or two at the time.

    Maybe the sun shined on the doggs ass finally.

    But GG won 2 titles in those 9 years.

    So who was the superior team?

  62. Redtruth

    Interesting period 1970’s for Arsenal contested 5 FA Cup Finals if you include 1980, Won their first European trophy won the Double were Runner Up in 1973 and flirted with relegation in the mid 70’s …aah the good old days.

  63. Wallace


    “Ian wright up front. You talk like he is sanago”

    no, Wright was phenomenal, you mis-understood my point. we were a side built not to concede goals,and then fingers crossed Wright would sneak one for us.

  64. Wallace


    i respect what Graham did, at least the early years. i’d chew my own arm off before i’d watch one of his sides play football again though.

  65. Arseology

    ‘Kroenke is making his money, which is all he should care about’

    no he shouldn’t…. he should be working his arris off evolving the club into a super club. That starts with sacking Wenger.

  66. daz


    No I’m not dis respecting GG I like him I was just curious as to what you thought of it that’s all thanks, my thoughts on it are that it shows how hard it is to do well in the league

  67. salparadisenyc

    Can’t deny Graham was effective, won 6 trophy’s in 8 seasons. Created likely the best defensive unit assembled in England. And my favorite Arsenal moment with the Thomas goal.

    Stat wise, only four times has a top-flight team ended the season with a goals-against tally below 20. Chelsea in Mou’s first season. Liverpool in 1979 and Graham with 18 goals against in his title-winning season in 91. Wenger in 99 with an inherited back four.

  68. daz

    “Graham with 18 goals against in his title-winning season in 91. Wenger in 99 with an inherited back four.”

    Where do you draw the line on what’s inherited?, I read the other day someone saying how GG was lucky to have inherited a great youth squad which includes that back four

  69. Dissenter

    Wenger: “What I find just boring is always sitting here after 19 years to face [the question]: ‘Do you think you are good enough?’” said Wenger. “I am not on Twitter. I don’t invite anybody to go out to dinner and be nice with them. I work and work and work and work. If it’s not good enough, someone will tell me one day. That’s all I can do. I do not worry what you [journalists] say about me or what fans say about me. I try to do my job in a proper way and with full commitment. After that everybody has the right to have an opinion.

    Wenger: “I cannot influence the behaviour of the fans. How can I do that? I don’t know. I am humble enough every day to question myself, to accept my mistakes and, believe me, I do that. After that there is no coincidence that the people who own the club tell me to be here for 19 years. Do you think they are more stupid than you or me? I feel privileged to have the confidence of the club for such a long time. I work seven days a week with full commitment. That’s all I can do.”

    Talk about a lack of accountability.

  70. Follow the money

    Wenger: “I’ve coached 35 years at the top level. If I’m not doing well someone will tell me.” Oh, and who would that be, you clown? Ivan, who you hired? Stan, who doesn’t care as long as the stadium sells out? You wanker, disrespecting the fans and the media. He’s cracking boys, just like I knew he would if the media get on his case. Keep the pressure on!!

  71. wenker-wanger

    Incidentally the Criticism of gg’s style is not as justified as many claim. I remember the video 92 for 92…. 92 goals in the season 91-92. A strike force of wright smith Merson Campbell limpar and more. Some of the most entertaining attacking football I’ve ever seen. Liverpool 4-0, sheff wed 7-1..
    So yes gg had a liking for 1-0, but some seasons of his management were anything but 1-0.
    GG was a clever tactician and motivator, he also hated losing.

  72. daz

    Also why was it that back four went 7 years without a league title? I thought it was the only reason Wenger ever won anything in the first place?

    And that’s it for me to sum it up he did really well for us early on then got us through a tough patch now he’s been at the club so long he can’t see the wood for the trees time for a new guy with fresh ideas. Rather than he has always been shit, the players won in spite of him blah blah blah

  73. gambon

    That wenger interview in the mirror is hilarious….hes such a fucking troll its unreal.

    He told us we had to move in order to compete at the top of world football.

    He told us his vision was to make Arsenal the best team in the world.

    Now he is desperately trying to cling on to his job and telling us he is good enough due to the fact that he hasnt yet been sacked.

    The man has no shame, no ambition and is absolutely finushed as a top manager.

    We have become complete also-rans.

    No league title in 12 years, never won the CL despite 345 attempts. Hes watched Chelsea win the PL 4 times, Man Utd 5 times, Man City twice and now either Leicester or Spurs. Hes watches UTD ( x2), Chelsea and Liverpool all win the CL yet he completely embarrasses himself every year

    Yet he talks like hes Pep fucking Guardiola.

  74. salparadisenyc

    “Where do you draw the line on what’s inherited?”


    Don’t think anybody would argue Dixon-Adams-Bould- Winterburn were all inherited by Wenger. Same back four that outlasted Parma’s triumvirate of Asprial, Zola and Brolin in 1994. Keown was resigned by Graham around that time as well.

    Nobody’s denying Wenger didn’t put it to good use adding style and substance ahead of that VERY effective defensive anchor. But he certainly can’t take credit for assembling them.

  75. gambon

    So Wenger works 7 days a week but couldnt find a single outfield player that could improve us last summer?

    Thats 98 days of work and not a single player.

    Lol. Like i said….fucking troll.

  76. daz

    The interesting part about that interview is how he said “I’m not worried what the fans say” that’s because he knows the board don’t give a fuck what the fans say

  77. Dissenter

    We are stuck with Wenger’s stagnation.
    He’s convinced of his own greatness and does not give a hoot what the fans or the media think.
    That’s where I agree with Joe.

    Had Saturday gone belly up, there wont be this residual ambivalence amongst many gooners.
    How can he be boasting about beating Leicester twice?

  78. Joe


    He is losing it. This is why we need hull to beat us tomorrow.

    A spuds win would of been great. He wouldn’t of been able to handle the vitriol from the fans or media

    Come on Hull. Finish the cunt

    Let’s hope the brom keeper has the game of his life next weekend

    And braca are in the mood

    Almost makes me giddy thinking this is the end of the cunt

  79. Joe

    Great result according to the AKBs. Wenger got his tactics spot on.

    2-2 draw. It’s almost as great as drawing stoke away. Well you know , we never do well up there so a draw is a like a win really

  80. Joe

    I want to know when the goal posts stop moving for what is now a great result

    If villa go on a 8 game on form
    Streak until they play us and we draw them at home is that a great result and wenger got his tactics spot on

    Or is it what it is. 2 points drop and bottle job against a relegation fodder tean

  81. alexanderhenry


    Don’t talk about tottenham. They have yet to finish above us under wenger. That’s 20 years. My prediction is that we’ll finish above them again this season.

    To quote you: ‘No… its not better players, obviously they help’. My god man , wake up. The teams with the best players win 90% of the time.
    Players win matches not tactics.

  82. salparadisenyc

    Alexander Henry

    Love how you’ve cherry picked that bit… without touching on what I said next.
    You are the daftest, cunting Wenger excuser this blog has to offer..

    Its all Stan blah blah blah, your so thick. Wake up.

  83. Redtruth

    “The teams with the best players win 90% of the time.Players win matches not tactics.”

    True Wenger has little infuence so why keep him.

  84. GoonerInNY

    Alexander Henry, Does Leicester have the best players?

    Managers are important, too. Shame Arsenal doesn’t have a competent one.

    Pedro’s Kroenke-Wenger analysis was spot on.

  85. Follow the money

    Lol. I’d have given up supporting Arsenal if it weren’t for LG. Only thing that saved my sanity and relieves the boredom of Wenger

  86. alexanderhenry


    So, are you suggesting that the teams with the best players don’t win 90% of the time?

    Look, you may be 12 years old or you may be a half wit. I don’t know and I don’t care, but rest assured, the teams with the best players win 90% of the time.

    Now, go away and play your playstation.

  87. Mick Kartun

    Redtruth, this is a joyfull news for your lovely buddy ospina:

    Taken from AT for the Shite Hart Lane players rating:

    Ospina (7) Made some good saves, shame he didn’t fancy catching anything
    Bellerin (5) Positional play a bit suspect
    Mertesacker (4) Still going through the motions after winning the World Cup
    Gabriel (4) Plays like he looks, assembled from various body parts
    Gibbs (4) Is, was and always will be a clueless oaf
    Coquelin (3) Played like a Charlton midfielder
    Elneny (4) Mediocre at best
    Ozil (2) Auditioning for the Invisible Man again
    Ramsey (4) Typical Ramsey, great technique for the goal but fuck all else to his game
    Sanchez (4) Scored a lucky goal, otherwise poor
    Welbeck (5) Stretched Spurs defence but will never be prolific


  88. Mick Kartun

    Great link Follow,
    Trump on wenger:
    “I am a number one supporter of Arsenal FC and as a real GUNNER, I expect us to humiliate other minor clubs. Arsene Wenger has hurt so many souls worldwide, including myself. This man runs the club like his own property and he does whatever he pleases with it. How could Manchester beat us? As if that is not enough, Swansea hammered us and the best we could do is hit the woodwork three times. Wenger is a clown, a masquerade and an original version of fake” Said Trump. WENGER can go to hell, I am ready to pay the new Arsenal coach for 50 years.


  89. Mick Kartun

    “If Wenger was to lead the children of Israel to the promised land, they could spend 40 years doing nothing but again end up in Egypt” Added Trump.

    Hahaha….Laugh My Arse Off.

    Let me modify his words:

    “”If Wenger was to lead his children of AKBs to the promised land full with major trophy and honours, they could spend 40 years doing nothing but again end up in 4TH PLACE (his mantra of rinse and repeat same old shit season”. LOL.

  90. Black Hei


    No point telling these folks that it has been 20 years since something like Leicester happened.

    These things that happens are even rarer than a major Arsenal trophy.

    Now that’s the truth.

    And even so, Leicester performs well not just because of just good organization, they have regular folks that suddenly became game changers like Rihad, who had very average stats last season. Same for Jamie Vardy.

    Will they all blow out like Lacazette next season? We don’t know.

    Give Raneiri a big round of applause. He was available last season and nobody on Le Grove would have wanted this guy. Instead the “sacked” one was the popular choice.

    Personally, and yes it sounds controversial, I will pick Brendan Rodgers to take over Wenger. I like exciting football and I think this Arsenal side is setup nicely for Rodgers style.

  91. Mick Kartun

    “West Ham squad set to share £7million bonus if they claim Champions League place.”

    Come on Hammers, put the old Le Cunt out of misery. Nail it on wenger’s coffin with big hammer blow.

  92. Bamford10

    Dipshits (Alexander & Black Hei)

    In general, the team that wins the title is a combination of two things:
    1. superior players
    2. superior organization, tactics, spirit/desire

    Wenger has failed Arsenal for some ten years now on both of these fronts.

    When he didn’t have a ton of money, he didn’t find a way to identify, develop and organize undervalued players (as Leicester City are doing this season).

    When he did have money — the last several years — he has either not spent this money intelligently enough or he has not spent this money AT ALL (this past summer).

    He is also completely incompetent when it comes to properly organizing, instructing and motivating players, something we have seen in important match after important match, something we have seen year after year after year.

    Wenger hasn’t even CONTENDED for a title in ten years much less won one, and this year is no different. It is March 7th and Arsenal are basically out of it, whether you care to admit it or not.

    Arsene Wenger is a fucking joke; he and his brainless devotees are simply the last people to see this.

  93. TitsMcGee

    Arsenal is a team that needs a coach like Wenger. Arsenal is not a one season club, so it has in the past always been interested in the stability of the club. I am an Arsenal fan because of the beautiful football they play. I am not an Arsenal fan because the cabinet is full of trophies. As we all know one can cheat to win, play ugly to win and all that stuff, but a stable club with consistency is what the fan base should be crying for. Winning trophies is a bonus. I am a happy Arsenal fan and I would rather that than a club with inconsistency and ugly football wining trophies every now and again.”

    Comment taken from ESPN.

    This is the caliber of idiots we have in the stands at Arsenal cheering on Wenger.

  94. Mick Kartun

    Wneger thinks he still has the board’s blind faith and will let him stay for another 20 fucking years at the helm.

    Till he is 85 years old? He is the real fucking TROLL, is he?

  95. TitsMcGee

    We’ll probably go on a mini-run to end the season. Starting tomorrow(barring Barcelona of course).

    Of the 9 league games we’ll prob win 6 lose 2 and draw 1.

    Enough to make the sprint to the finish interesting so that the gullible AKBs will come out in droves to talk about how our team grew and how it bode’s well for the next blah blah blah.

  96. Joe

    Leicester need to win 6 and draw 1 to make sure we don’t catch them. Of course any loss by arsenal lowers that number.

    West ham

    All will be points dropped by us.

  97. TitsMcGee

    Leicester need to win 6 and draw 1 to make sure we don’t catch them. Of course any loss by arsenal lowers that number.”

    Mathematically yes but I think less.

    15 points from LFC would mean we need to get 24 of 27 available points and I just don’t see that happening.

    15 points gets LFC the title barring Spurs(God Forbid) really close strong.

  98. Moray

    Tits, I’m most surprised there’s anyone still going to the games who thinks that shit we serve up every week is “beautiful football”.

    We don’t even have that over other clubs any more…

  99. Moray

    Wenger should be sacked for his mismanagement of our wage bill at the very least. That automatic payrise that kicked in for Djourou once he had become completely gash was the last straw for me. Signing Flamini on a three year contract when his legs had gone is another master stroke. The guy that mugged us off before.

    And how many times has 60k per week man, Rosicky appeared this year for us? Fucking joke.

  100. gonsterous

    If Wenger gets a contract extension.. I don’t think he’s ever going to leave the club unless his health declines.

  101. Chika

    Wenger: “I work and work and work and work. If it’s not good enough, someone will tell me one day.
    That someone is Stan Kroenke!

    Ofcourse, you moaners can ignore this and continue with what you do best…. MOAN!!!