The end is nigh for Arsene Wenger

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When I penned my ode to Arsene yesterday, I felt quite bad. I thought it’d receive more of a backlash because I wrote it before an important game that could keep us in the title race. I was wrong. Why is that interesting? Because people agreed with what I said passionately. That’s never happened when I post something aggressive at pretty inappropriate time. Things are different now. Something has changed.

What didn’t change was the usual disappointment I feel when there’s a pressure game for Arsenal. I kind of had a feeling that last night would go the way of a disappointment. It always does. Swansea are a weird old bogey team. They always seem to bother us. I hoped they wouldn’t at home, without Montero, but my hope was in vain, we’re not made of the strong stuff and the losses against Barca and a sh*te United side were always going to take their toll on fragile minds.

Sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was barely disappointed. I was laughably defeatist. Like when you lose your front door keys, then you reach for you phone and drop it down the drain… then you turn to shrug at the man on the street and get hit by a bus.

On the face of it, looking at the ninety minutes without the searing emotion that’s running through my body right now, you could say we were unlucky. We created a bunch of chances, we rattled the woodwork 3 times and we were robbed for the first Swansea goal when Ozil was wrestled to the ground.

However, this fuck up we find ourself in now wasn’t made in one night. This has been a series of micro-shockers since Christmas. Score draw at Southampton, a loss at the Chavs, 3-3 at Liverpool, a score draw at Stoke. The gradual build up of weak micro-disappointments has us where we are now. As usual, the toll of a poor summer is now playing out, as bad preparation always does, in the final throws of a season.

Last night isn’t the problem. 12 years of this utter drivel is. This isn’t hot-headed fans losing their minds. This isn’t a financial problem. This a culmination of things Le Grove and many of you have known for years… our manager is past it. Waaaaaay past it.

The Swansea goal last night was a terrible refereeing decision, granted. But bloody hell, one loose ball in the middle and they can walk right through us with absolute ease? That’s not title-winning concentration. Their second goal, we’re fighting it out at the death and that dirty cross evades all our players? Horrendous communication and a complete lack of accountability. Wenger taking off Joel Campbell when he’s looking the most dangerous and motivated? I mean, our manager is world-class at making some of the most bizarre sub decisions… even more baffling he’d go rogue after the Flamini shocker last week.

Arsenal don’t have the guts.

People are blaming the players, but the guts come from the manager… because he buys those players. He molds them in his name. He makes them who they are.

That’s true of any leader. When you work under a douche, you don’t perform. Everyone knows this. When you work under a manager who you know isn’t fussed about perfection, your game slips. When you work under a manager who let’s shit go, you let shit go. Wenger built that team, it is a reflection of him and the reflection has been gutless one for twelve years now.

These players are great players. Look at how many bottlers leave us and win big things. We have one of the best teams in the league, you can’t doubt that. We have the best players in the top three by a long shot. But they’re not firing. World Cup winners, Champions League winners, players doing amazing things for their national teams… not quite up for it, when it’s all on the line.

That’s a Wenger problem. He’s not a good motivator of players. This much is clear. The silent team talk works when you have Tony Adams and Viera managing the clarion call. When you’ve a dressing room of meek middle class darlings, who is taking that role on? Why do we not have powerhouse characters in the dressing room?

Control. Wenger won’t have it. The man doesn’t even believe in a captain.

We’ve won 4 Premier League games since Christmas (1o games). I mean, we were on the cusp of greatness this year. Just 4 games. Can you believe that? How pathetic.

We can’t find the net. We’ve lost our discipline. Our confidence. Our drive.

Where did all that start? Ozil has been feeding Olivier Giroud for 3 years now. Wenger hasn’t found a better option than Giroud in 3 whole years. What does that tell you about his ability to recognise that one of his best pals Steve Rowley is a joke?

How about the defensive midfield role? Flamini and Arteta are our back ups!

How about when Wenger recognised what we all did last summer and bought a replacement DM he can’t use this season because he’s not good enough! I don’t mean to bang on, but we called that as well, because it was so obvious as it’d happened with Gabriel last year! Signing players from slow leagues is so f*cking stupid when you need now players who can contribute. But we let it go.

How about not recognizing that Santi Cazorla is one of our most important players in our setup, 31 years old and in physical decline… and leaving the squad with no direct replacement?

Were there no Santi replacements this summer as well as no strikers? Amazing how dry the well is for Arsene.

These things are so simple to recognise. What we’ve learnt together is that if I can see the gaps, you can see the gaps, pundits can see the gaps… there are probably gaps. The Arsene game of ‘insider secret vision’ died 10 years ago, or like Alex said, when he signed Kos. Which is a real shame if I’m honest.

So back to it, what did Wenger do this summer? He made one signing.

What have our issues since Christmas been? No Santi back-up. No one adequate to compete with Coquelin. A goal drought of epic proportions.

This is madness.

No, it’s not even a madness, because if you put a match (£157m) next to a madman (LVG), he’d light a fucking crazy fire (buy some players). What sort of crazy sits idly by and does nothing?

A man who truly believes doing nothing is the best option for progress. How can anyone tolerate that attitude… especially when it’s pervasive over 6 years!

The tipping point has come. The fans are finished with him. This manager has had plenty of faith. He lies about what he’s going to do. He never really learns his lessons. He continues to use us as his pet project. He shows no signs of giving up.

This resentment feels different… if we lose at the weekend. It could be curtains. If Spurs beat us. I think that could be the straw that breaks his will to carry on.

… but we know how this film plays out. Wenger is the master of never doing badly enough for it to be curtains. We’ll beat Spurs, which is would be an antidote for burning the Union Flag in most AFC fans eyes. Then he’ll string some games together. We’ll finish close. Then Arsenal fans will take solace in the warchest and say, ‘he’s smart enough to know what to do this summer, judge him in September’, and the cycle will begin again.

Someone needs to break the cycle.

It’s over. Even if this season ends in league glory. It’s over. We’re not progressing. Look at how much better Europe is than us. We’re sinking in a season of swirl, when stability should have seen us flourishing. Our players look like they’ve tapped out when they should be fighting. The fans are booing the manager, when they should be cheering him on.

We need a change. A fresh vision. A new direction.

Wenger has to go this summer. Time to move over. There are plenty of names that would jump at the chance to bring something exciting and motivated to the club.

… and look, I couldn’t be more careful about what I wish for. We are a mega club now, in part, thanks to Wenger, we’ll always rise to the top again. He helped build a greater Arsenal, now it’s time to hand it over to the man who can decorate the walls with modern glory.

Names to look out for, because the internet is incapable of thinking anyone else knows football:

Diego Simeone | Atletico

Martin Schmidt | Mainz

Tomas Tuchel | Dortmund

Jorge Sampaoli | Ex Chile

Frank De Boer | Ajax (WITH DB10)

Unai Emery | Sevilla

Laurent Blanc | Paris

Ronald Koeman | Southampton

Steve Bould | Arsenal Assistant

Valverde | Bilbao

Owen Coyle | Some club

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  1. useroz

    Wenger is sick by taking Campbell off when Sanchez was poor, and put on Walcott who’s even worse… by the numbers

    63 – Minutes played by Joel Campbell
    131 – Minutes played by Theo Walcott in the last three matches (Swans, ManU, Barca)
    56 – Touches by Joel Campbell today [ed. vs Swansea]
    34 – Touches by Walcott in the last three matches
    33 – Passes by Joel Campbell today
    21 – Passes by Theo Walcott in the last three matches
    18 – Passes by Joel Campbell in the Swansea final third today…
    4 – Successful dribbles by Joel Campbell today (of 5, led all players)
    0 – Successful dribbles by Theo Walcott in the last three matches
    3 – Shots by Joel Campbell today
    1 – Shots by Theo Walcott in the last three matches (today was his first shot since Hull)
    2 – Chances created by Joel Campbell today
    1 – Chances created by Theo Walcott in the last three matches (also today)
    1 – Goal scored by Joel Campbell today
    0 – Goals scored by Theo Walcott in the last three games

    Sack Wenger.

  2. Spanishdave

    Wenger is clutching straws he will say anything to keep his job. Eight mil it’s outrageous .
    This prick has no scruples.

  3. Relieable Sauce

    Yeah…but did Joel Campbell know we were the best team in Europe in 2015 ???

    I dont think so.

  4. Marc

    Last night was the first time I’ve really seen the crowd turn on Wenger. There’s always been people who would moan at stuff but what started as “what the fuck” criticism turned to outright anger at the final whistle.

    A couple of guys behind me actually brought out a Wenger out banner and some idiot behind them completely lost it. If it hadn’t been such a shit evening it would have been funny, I really thought they were going to come to blows.

    I can’t see us getting anything at the Spud’s on Saturday and if we follow our recent history of going out of 3 competitions in a couple of weeks I can’t see us beating Hull either.

    Wenger’s excuses of can’t compete with other clubs spending are going to look really stupid should Leicester pull it off and if the nightmare scenario comes true of Tottenham winning the league they’ll be riots. Either way the last nail in Wenger’s coffin isn’t far away.

  5. kwik fit

    If Wenger goes le grove will have to reinvent its self . Le Grove was born in 2008 and was the first Wenger out blog. WTF are we going to do if he goes……. I’m bringing my .Arsene don’t go! poster to the next match

  6. pliget

    If we get this European League ( Kroenke, Chips and the munchkins only aim will be to get into the league. Once we’re in it then it won’t be the 4th place trophy we’ll be going for, it will be 12th, or 16th, or whatever position keeps us in the big bucks league. Finding a mediocre manager to match Wenger will be the next step. And then it’ll be little bit handbrakes and 16th place trophy for ever after for Arsenal Financial Club. alternative home for FIFA failures and lazy footballers.

  7. Marc


    Sorry but you’re wrong so many on here think that the support in the stadium is either irrelevant or just go along with whatever is served up. If what you describe happened you’d end up with a stadium only half full – that’d be £50 million off the turnover. Trust me if the gates begin to fall off they’ll soon look to change things.

  8. pliget

    kwik fit, I’m sure Wenger Mk2 will be just as bad. And, if by some miracle, someone destroys Kroenke’s fortune and he has to sell to the Russian and he sacks Chips & the munchkins and Wenger, and employs football people on the board and Simeone or Pochettino as manager then we will at last be able to move this blog’s debate into the 21st century. (Wenger is a very lucky man who owes everything he has done to Dein/Fiszmann/Adams/Bergkamp etc.)

  9. pliget

    Marc, I agree support is key. But we have season ticket waiting lists to see us fight for 3rd loser each year already. How about fighting for 7th loser in Europe in a 16-team league? What level of mediocrity will keep the money rolling in? I bet you Kroenke will find that minimum level. And what decent manager will want that as his brief?

  10. Brooklyn

    Allegri, my favourite after Guardiola. His contract ends next season and Wenga’s too. Allegri has said previously he wants to manage PL side and has already learned English.

    P.S I don’t think Wenga will be sacked even if we finish in bottom half next season. And we all know how much Wenga loves to respect his contract to just resign.

  11. Brooklyn

    Allegri, my favourite after Guardiola. His contract ends next season and Wenga’s too. Allegri has said previously he wants to manage PL side and has already learned English.

    P.S I don’t think Wenga will be sacked even if we finish in bottom half this season. And we all know how much Wenga loves to respect his contract to just resign.

  12. jwl

    “If Wenger goes le grove will have to reinvent its self . ”

    Depends on who Arsenal appoint as next manager.

  13. loyika

    Why do you guys even bother.

    1. Even we lose to Spurs and Hull, Arsene won’t resign and i repeat; THE BOD CANNOT SACK HIM!! With the emphasis on the word; “CANNOT!!”

    2. All this talk of supporters demonstrations!? Are we talking of Arsenal fans or another lot!? Could someone please remind me of a time Arsenal supporters actually demonstrated successfully against anything!? (all i can remember is one game and 1 banner being held aloft with much infighting after that?) Never experienced it in all my time in England while supporting the club? So please someone should remind me of any such mass demonstrations.

    3. Do people actually think SK gives a toss of what supporters feel!? If you do then you must either be the most stupid person on the planet (because you refuse to realise that if he was able to move an NFL team despite all the protest in his home country without batting an eyelid then why oh why would he care about what Arsenal a percentage of Arsenal supporters care a few miles across the pond)

    4. My advice is everyone should just do themselves a favour and ride out this wave till 2017 when he decides he has had enough (and don’t be surprised if he is made DOF or even CEO of Arsenal as a reward by SK!! Now that would be the “Killer joke!!” wouldn’t it!!

    NLD on Sunday!? Hoping for a draw and a Leicester win against Watford. Right now i really do want Leicester to win the league. Could never see myself wanting Spurs to win the League under any circumstance whatsoever.

  14. Alex Cutter

    “If you do then you must either be the most stupid person on the planet”

    You talk a lot of shit for someone who was one of the most obnoxious AKBs on here just a few weeks ago…

  15. pliget

    That Guardian article/clip. Why do journalists not call him on his bullshit. Is it because most of them have the brains of Paul Merson? On the other hand, if you’re Wenger and know you have chips and the munchkins and wiggy behind you and you can just spout LSD-inspired drivel and not get called on it then why not? Trebles all round!

  16. loyika

    @ Alex Cutter!? Who the fcuk are you!?

    Alright then since you feel you have an opinion lets see you stick out your neck. So what do you feel will happen!? Go on Son. Stick out your neck and tell us all what you feel.

    Here is what i feel; Nothing will happen regardless of how the season pans out and Arsene Wenger will see out his contract till 2017 regardless of results.

    So i chose to ride out his remaining time at the club and not get so wound up by results. Cheerful if we win and not too bothered if we lose.

    That me done. now over to you?

  17. Alex Cutter

    “@ Alex Cutter!? Who the fcuk are you!?”

    Just someone who’s gotten used to scrolling past your AKB bullshit…

  18. loyika

    @ Pliget

    i linked that article to show you the mindset of the Man. He has become immuned to whatever happens around him to the extent he now feels he is doing us all a favor.

    So how do you even begin to get rid of someone like that if he chooses not to walk himself?

    And like i alluded to; Arsenal supporters don’t do “Protest!” it’s not in our genes and i asked some oldies to correct me if i was wrong, cause i have never seen any mass protest by Arsenal fans since as long as i have been supporting the club, so would be surprised if it started now.

  19. loyika

    @ Alex Cutter

    Then you are a true Muppet!!

    As you claim to scroll past and yet decide to comment on my posts!?


  20. Thank you and goodnight


    We’ll I hope whoever had a go at the guy with the wenger out banner gets his head smashed in and comes to his senses. Hopefully he’ll get seven bales if shit knocked out of him by the next wob he comes across….THE CUNT. It’s cunts like him keeping wenger in a job.

  21. Thank you and goodnight


    AKB’S will grasp at any straws. The JW who’s been average last 3 seasons, he was going to win it for us eh….thick cunt. Clutching at fucking straws. They’ll be blaming the manufacturer’s of wenger’s coat next, puma, for him not being able to zip up his coat hence not being able to concentrate on what’s going on on the pitch.

  22. MidwestGun

    If Wenger goes le grove will have to reinvent its self
    Kwik _
    Le Grove the blog of love?

    Hahahahaha Wasn’t Pedro trying to push that motto for awhile ?

  23. Joe


    Shut up you AKB. No one cares what you think

    Why don’t we paste some of your post from a couple weeks ago?? Bollocks after boollocks

    Ride out the wave???fuck you you AKB wanker. It’s your fault we are here with your blind deluded faith of Wenger

    I hope spuds smash us 4 nil on Saturday

    I hope hull beats us on Tuesday

    I hope spuds win the league

    And if you think that will make no difference you are an idiot

    You just want us to ride it out so your boyfriend Wenger gets a nice goodbye. A final year of lap of honours.

    Fuck that. I want the man t go out disgraced. Hated. Embarrassed.

    No legacy. No statue.

    Fuck Wenger.

  24. Joe

    Liverpool got rid of their owners with supporter revolt, thier OwNERS!! and idiots like loyika want us to ride out the wave so we don’t hurt his wanker Hero’s feelings and don’t think we can get rid of the employee of Arsenal. Employee of Arsenal.

    He is nothing more nothing less. An employee of our club.

  25. Dissenter

    You’ve been a Wenger apologist on this blog for as long as I’ve read your kiss-ass Wenger drivel.
    There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you got it wrong before.

  26. loyika

    @ Joe

    Ranting and raving won’t do anything but give you a high BP!!

    What you want in life and what you actually get are 2 different things!!

    You can choose to get mad and scream yourself blue in the face or you can accept the reality of whats on ground and hope for the best.

    I keep asking for someone to recall whenever Arsenal supporters have actually done a mass demonstration and yet none has come out with any evidence of such!?

    Which all points to the fact that we are just as bad as the team, all talk and no balls!!

    Do i respect AW for what he did for the club? Yes i do and i won’t deny that fact. Do i feel his time is up? Yes i do, but i realise the reality of how the club is run and know AW had put himself in a position of being bigger than everyone except the owner (for Pete sake!! The rumor is he even interviewed Ivan for the job of CEO!?)

    Ranting and raving won’t change anything in the long run (apart from ease up stress in the short term) We all do it so no “Holy Hands!!” raised here.

    Key thing for me is to do something better with my time and just take the club for what it is right now and hope things change when AW goes next year.

    Lets place a bet (as we both keep saying we will but never do. Although you have to suggest how either one of us will get the loot if we get it right) AW stays and walks when his contract is up. That’s what i feel will realistically happen. How do you honestly see it panning out (take out the emotions and tell me how you honestly see things riding out)

  27. Joe

    His position will be untenable. Just watch on Saturday when we lose.

    Then hopefully Tuesday hull do us a favour and beat us.

  28. loyika


    Did i not admit that last night!!

    However what i won’t do is delude myself that whatever we do here has a bearing on what will happen with the club!? Why put myself under that torture of delusion!?

    Like the Guy said on Arsenal Fan TV; He will still stupidly go to the NLD because he supports the team through it all. Is he an AKB as well!?

  29. Joe


    That guy will be spitting mad and spitting Vitirol at Wenger at the end of the match as will the yhousands of others

    It will be too much Vitirol by the end of the season if Spurs or liecester win the league.

    It’ll be a perfect send off to a perfect cunt

  30. loyika

    @ Joe

    Fair enough Bro.

    NLD is just round the corner. Lets see how things pan out.

    In the long run the key thing is for AW to hand in the reins and we start afresh with new ideas and start delivering what we know we can and should as a club.

    I maintain; I am an Arsenal supporter through it all (before AW was and will be after AW is gone)

  31. Vince

    Wenger is sick by taking Campbell off when Sanchez was poor, and put on Walcott who’s even worse… by the numbers63 – Minutes played by Joel Campbell

    these are the kind of statements that makes me get sick to my stomach. ffs I watched the highlights again and almost every good thing we did went through Sanchez: Campbell pass, the shot that hit the upright, the freekick that was deflected unto the crossbar, the amazing overhead ball that the nutter Ozil didn’t realize he had to control before shooting. At a stage he was even in midfield actually playmaking, watch it again if you don’t me, bursting a gut to be everywhere. Campbell had absolutely no reason coming off but you’ve got to look at bringing off Ozil, Ramsey or Giroud, the shitiest players on the pitch yesterday and for a while. This is our problem, people will blame Koscielny not realizing he had to work twice as hard to cover for Per, some idiots were even calling for Ramsey ahead of Cazorla in CAM when he was yet uninjured. Blame people I’d you can but Cech, Bellerin, Koscielny, Coquelin and Sanchez are the least of our problems.

  32. pliget

    @loyika _ don’t often get involved in the comments but would agree with @Dissenter that anyone can change their mind.

    I still stick with my theory that Arsene was a very lucky boy when David Dein/(Danny Fiszman/??) decided they needed someone to upgrade the English game and picked on Wenger who had been sacked at Monaco. The European game was far ahead of the English game at that point and I suspect many others could have done what Wenger did, supported by GG’s back-5, Bergkamp and Dein to be the hard man.

    Wenger was promoted beyond the level of his competence when Dein left and no-one was left to challenge him, from above or below. Wenger is a yes-man and has been sooo lucky. Each year he stays more and more people see this. I think he also sees it and has lost his confidence. Why substitute Campbell against Swansea then or drop Chambers who someone said had a good game. I wonder also whether Dein was Wenger’s “rock” who would support him if things were going badly and now he has no-one so is just imploding slowly inside. His pride/obsession with football won’t let him give up but he just needs someone to say “There, there, Arsene, it’s over now, come to Sunny Acres, where Arsenal news reports are always glorious and you are still worshipped” and ship him off to a home where he can manage Arsenal from his room via FIFA 16.

  33. pliget

    @loyika glad to make you smile. A slightly beer-induced post that but I do believe it. I think Wenger was a good coach but he doesn’t have the backbone of Ferguson/Mourinho etc. Neither do I for that matter, but then Arsenal don’t pay me £8m for mine :).

  34. loyika

    @ Pliget

    To put things in perspective, I almost smashed my phone at the Telly after one misplaced Rambo pass, the Wifey just calmly stood up, walked towards me and took the phone off my hand and gently said; “You want to destroy the new phone you just bought and the TV and yet when you go to bed and wake up AW will still be on the touchline come Sunday and beyond while you will be on the line at the Shops trying to get yourself a new phone and get us a new telly!?”

    After that i just spent the whole game laughing!! Almost choked with laughter when Ashley Williams scored. After the game i just came on Le Grove posted what i felt and called it a night!!

  35. Ishola70

    Vince -“ffs I watched the highlights again and almost every good thing we did went through Sanchez”

    That’s the problem with watching highlights. If highlights only show the best parts of the game then naturally they will show the best contributions of a player however poor he has been for the majority of the game.

    Trust me Sanchez on the whole in that match stank the place out. His passing was abysmal. At times I couldn’t believe what I was seeing from a pro footballer. Misplacing passes that were just a few yards. Basic passing that was going astray. There was a point in the second half where he gave the ball away under no pressure at all and the supposed receiving player just a few yards away three times in quick succession.

    That guy on Arsenal Fan TV was exactly right last night. Is it Kenny Ken? one of the more sensible contributors to that channel. He said Sanchez was shite and not to sugar coat it.

  36. loyika

    Funny enough, i think Alexis needs to be benched and Rambo moved over to his position and Elneny to come into the center with Coq.

    Either that or Giroud being benched and Alexis being played through the middle.

    Altho want Welbz in the team but would rather Rambo on that flank for his energy through 90 mins

  37. Vince

    Ishola. Yeah, so shot he was. More shot than Ramsey, Ozil and Giroud? Nadal by the way my words actually were “ffs I watched the highlights again…” If that tells you I didn’t watch the match then I shouldn’t be surprised the logic of my statement isn’t properly digested.

  38. Ishola70

    Vince if you saw the whole match then surely you saw that far too many passes were being misplaced by Sanchez in that match. Not good enough for a top player. Passing the ball correctly under no pressure is a basic premise for a footballer of any standard let alone a top high profile player.

  39. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I don’t agree with that old boy…

    I think it would be best for the outing of Wenger if Leicester won league.

    They would win it in a way Wenger wanks over doing it…
    Frugal concise way of budgeting players maximising player potentials

    That would be a dagger in the slags heart .

  40. Ishola70

    loyika -“Funny enough, i think Alexis needs to be benched and Rambo moved over to his position and Elneny to come into the center with Coq”

    Well I wouldn’t go that far as he can win a game on his own with just a few good moments in a match and it won’t happen.

    But he has to be called out for some of that rank poor passing last night. No good kidding on he played well overall.

  41. Vince

    Ishola. There are players referred to in football “having a game built on risk.” He’s always trying to make things happen and for such people making mistakes isn’t out of place. Compare that to people like Ramsey who make unforced errors and you’ll understand my stance.

  42. loyika

    That’s why i said he could be played through the middle and just concentrate on getting goals.

    He has been poor for 3 to 4 games now. Trying to dribble when a simple pass would just do!? Another player that likes losing the ball for no reason whatsoever is Ozil? Brilliant as he can be, he does come across as a soft touch on the ball? Compare that to Joel who opponents find it difficult getting the ball off him. (that’s why AW substitution was bizarre!?)

  43. Vince

    “This means the Chilean has become a creative fulcrum, a mechanic rather than a stunt driver. A fortnight ago, Wenger observed that Alexis “has a game built on risk,” which is a statement of the obvious. A team needs players that takes risks as much as it needs its methodical scientists. However, your risk takers are generally better off playing percentages in or close to the penalty area. Too much of Alexis’ play takes place in excess of forty yards from goal at the moment.”

  44. loyika

    I keep saying Alexis being played through the middle, i meant to say being played upfront as the striker (probably with Welbz as support!?)

    Lets shake things up and see if that works. In that we still have speed in the team;


    Bellerin Per Gab Monreal

    Ozil Coq Eleneny Rambo(or Joel instead of Rambo and then Ramsey instead of Elneny)

    Welbz Alexis

  45. salparadisenyc

    In true Dein fashion Gazidas would be going back to Asia and getting Stojković from China. Won the Japanese league with Nagoya, a feat Wenger wasn’t able to pull in his two seasons pre Arsenal. Would be a massive dice roll, but to be honest barring a few they all are.

    Simeone – which is highly unlikely on several fronts, notably the buyout. But can’t deny best available.

    Low- post Euro with little prep, no thanks.

    Koemann – has proven he can build side and contend in league. Could he step it up? I believe so.

    Tuchel and a few others fall in line with Koemann.

    Klopp, Pep and Carlo all missed and we know why. FFS

  46. Hitman

    It’s not the players, more the way we play. Slow slow midget tippy tappy crab football. Its not effective in EPL. We’ve not evolved our play for years. Other teams find it easy to defend against. They’ be been parking the bus for years – its so routine. Even U19 teams find us easy.
    That’s why our players are losing their confidence systematically one by one.
    Our style of play doesn’t work in EPL. Need a fresh start , new style of play.
    That means a new head coach.
    Wenger is too old, too well paid he really can’t be bothered with changes and hard work at his age.
    But he isn’t honest enough to admit it. Too much £££ to turn down. How much more £££ does he need at his age ? Can’t take it to your grave you greedy godless French loser. Just go.

  47. Samesong

    What must the confidence to those spanish players do when Barca come to town knowing you played your best and you get rolled over so easy.

  48. Joe


    We need the supporters to 100% turn. And nothing will do that like the spuds winning the league.

    There will be some lame excuse come out from Wenger and all the AKBs if Leicester win.

    We need it be so there is no get out jail free card available.

  49. daz


    You could be right, as the last time spurs managed to finish above us was in 95 when we were under GG and he got the sack that season so spurs winning the league will probably do the trick

  50. steve


    Exactly. If Leicester won they would just use the “Leicester didn’t play out in Europe” excuse. They will also say it shows that you don’t need to spend to justify Wengers bullshit. If Spurs won they couldn’t use the “you don’t need to spend” excuse nor the “they didn’t play in Europe” excuse. Also they can’t say “we can’t compete with Spurs oil money”. Absolutely vital that Spurs win it.

  51. Pierre


    Just because 30 or 40 saddos come on here and agree with you , it means nothing and I mean NOTHING. You are preaching to the converted.

    There are hundreds of thousands of true Arsenal supporters who don’t subscribe to your sad and pathetic views .


  52. Mick Kartun

    I told you in my previous post that spuds’ players are the on e with the COCKS and BALLS right now same with their shirt logo, while ours are bunch of PUSSIES and CUNTS.

    But can’t really blame our players since they’re the reflection image of the OLD CUNT himself.

  53. Joe


    Good night and fuck off AKB wanker.

    Not much to stand behind now is there now that your failed wanker leader has been found out. Well most of have known for years

    Don’t worry Pierre, you can go support Bordeaux, or Monaco ir wherever Wenger goes.

    Don’t need supporters like you at our Arsenal

  54. Alex James

    I keep asking for someone to recall whenever Arsenal supporters have actually done a mass demonstration and yet none has come out with any evidence of such!?

    I can. At Highbury in 1966. Billy Wright was then sacked.

  55. Adam A. Carbarundum

    The one thing that astounds me about Arsene Wenger is how he is able to actually get less from more. Great managers often are able to get more from less, but yet Arsene has proven the reverse is not only possible, but is in fact, a reality.

  56. Loiz

    I’ve read this blog for years, love the banter but have never been moved to post until now. I’m 100% in the Wenger out camp and have been for years, but no true Gooner would want that fucking lot down the road to win the league. I want regime change as much as anyone but not at the expense of those knuckle dragging Spud cnuts celebrating on my manor. Anyone advocating that has clearly never visited London, let alone lived here. Don’t wanna pick on any individuals but that shit has to stop FFS

  57. pliget

    Adam A. C. Yes I tend to the view that Arsenal should be given a handicap. Wherever Wenger is manager that team should get 6-8 points bonus.

  58. Alex Cutter

    “I think we can win the Premier League with the players we have,” he told DirectTV Sports. “That said, we lack a certain hunger.. We lack self-belief, that we can actually be champions.”
    – Sexi Lexi

  59. steve

    “There are hundreds of thousands of true Arsenal supporters who don’t subscribe to your sad and pathetic views .”


    You mean the Wenger groupies that are constantly willing to give Wenger the benefit of doubt? Yeah they are the true supporters. You and your ilk have been found out. Sad cunt.

  60. WrightIsGod

    Some of you are pathetic. I’m Wenger Out but I will never, ever, want us to lose a match, especially to that scum. I will never any team rather win the league even if we don’t deserve it.

    I’ve been WENGER OUT for 7 years and I have the literature to prove it, however if you think this ends how we want it your mistaken.

    If we finish top 4 or even if he doesn’t there is no way he leaves unless he walks, and given his megalomaniac demeanour ever since the Invincibles, I don’t see him walking. Kronke definitely will not sack him that’s for sure.

    So all we can do is hound him out but our fanbase are as sackless as Wenger and his team.

  61. pliget

    I suppose it’s all the drama of sport. How a nobody from a (minor)(squared) J-league can be offered a job by one of England’s top clubs and, thanks to the infrastructure already built, enjoy 10 years of success, most of which is due to other people. For his slights at the hands of the English Press (Tinkerman) and poor luck in his many second places since I think Ranieri deserves to win the league this year. Rapidly losing interest in Wenger, Kroenke and the old board who sold out Arsenal, and losing interest in their sordid little self-serving affairs. Disgusting bunch of selfish repro-Nina-bracewell reprobates.

  62. WrightIsGod


    You can’t call yourself a fan of Arsenal if you cheer for another team against us. Not in any circumstance unfortunately.

    What you can try and do is a create a demonstrating. But to cheer an opposing team especially The Scum… That’s bad form that’s not a real fan in my eyes.

  63. pliget

    @WrightisGod. Sometimes you have to sacrifice in the short-term for the future. Great to want Arsenal to win EVERY match but you know (don’t you???) that that can’t happen. We all have to live in the real world, even if you really don’t want to :).

  64. MuddyGooner

    Donald Trump’s real family name is Drumpf !
    John Oliver campaigning to make
    Hilarious stuff !

  65. Joe

    Sorry wrighty

    I’ve had enough. It’s time for drastic measures.

    Anything ahort of spuddies and hull beating us and spuddies winning the league wil lead to an extension to Wengers contract.

    I ain’t having it.

    Enough is enough.

    Whatever it takes. Only way the crowd turns Vitirol is with a spuddies smashing. And losing to hull

    Say what you want. I know where my heart is. My loyalties Are. Small sacrifice for the greater good

  66. WrightIsGod


    That’s not the point at. Losing and willing your team to lose are two different things. You are letting your agenda blind your integrity.

    I want him gone. But I will always want to beat the scum and I will always want and hope we lift that league. If we can still do let’s try and do it. If we don’t let’s hound him out like we should have done years ago.

  67. Joe

    I’m more of. Fan than you are if you can’t see the bigger picture.

    You’d rather Wenger for another 3 years than take a loss to the spuds.

    Good for you. That in the long run will be much worse for Arsenal as Wenger will lead us to 6-7th next season.

    Which could actually happen this season

  68. Adam A. Carbarundum

    True Grit vs. Capitulation. Saturday will ultimately likely come down to one of the two. Win, lose or draw we will see exactly what Wengers Minions are really made of.

    One thing is very certain, a loss and Wengers position becomes untenable. If he thinks that people are over-reacting now, he won’t ever understand what’s about to come his way. And make no mistake, he will deserve the full scorn heaped upon him.

    I am always nervous but confident before every Spuds match. I truly believe that Arsenal are always the superior team, it’s just the way it is. This time round…I’m just plain nervous because I have no confidence in Wenger that he’s even bothered to prepare his team. There are some serious problems with this team, and only an absolute moron would or could say otherwise.

    Saturday effectively is the season for Arsenal.

  69. WrightIsGod


    You sound like a Ty vs Claude promo ha. You are not more of a fan, especially if you are cheating your team to lose. It goes against the very definition.

    We may well lose to the scum and hull and lose the league. Fine. We didn’t deserve it anyway. And if it means he goes great, he goes.

    But I will NEVER wish that the team I support loses especially to the scum.

    It’s funny that when us (WOB) look at the AKBs we say that they don’t support Arsenal they support Arsene, well right now, and perversely, your alligence is not with the team but rather a Vendetta against one man who isn’t and shouldn’t be the team. It’s not Arsene FC. I hope that makes sense.

  70. Joe


    Me saying I want spuds and hull to beat us isn’t going to make it happen , Wenger will do that all his own.

    I have my feelings as to what it will take for Wenger to walk. So be it

  71. Black Hei

    Peds is right.

    Personally, I want the team to go on an unbeaten run, win the treble and for Wenger to end his term at the end of the season.

    Not unreasonable right? Lol.

    From your friendly Le Grove, AKB

  72. nepGunner

    It’s clear to most people that Wenger is finished as a top flight manager and he needs to go… Like right now. He’s mad to continue to defy facts, figures, and logic. Like it’s said, the very definition of insanity is to try same thing over and over again and expect diff result.

    However now I’ve realized Wenger is just tip of the issue. The other 9 part of the iceberg are these stupid AKB sheeps. They are the idiots who want to continue in the the comfort zone of #4thIsATrophy. They are the idiots who deny every change because they are scared of. If the world was at the hands of their ilks, humanity would still be stuck at the bushes and desert of the Africa.

  73. nepGunner

    And there are two kinds of AKBs…. unfortunately both kinds are stupid and idiot.

    The first kind is the plain stupid and shameless ones; who simply worship and defend their demi God as if he could do no wrong and drinks elixir every day hence can go on forever.

    The 2nd type are the most dangerous if the two. I call them #TheExcusesHyaenas. These idiots work in pack and continuously try to put across their arguments as well thought and researched facts passively absolving Wenger of any faults. These bunch think they are clever because they also point finger at Wenger but then quickly change the topic to some other pointless topics like stats, and formation, and the fabled “we don’t hv money” bullshit. These are the worst of AKBs ‘Cuz like their supreme commander, they can’t speak straight and truthfully. They need that veil of lies to get by their lives.


    No squad planning, No will to improve nor allow anyone to help us improve using the available resources, same stupid rants every year, same excuses every year, no learning, no winning attitude, just plain fuckin looser mentality, and the contempt towards people who care for the club.

    I know it’s not up to me or many here to sack Wenger. It’s a wishful thinking. But WHEN Wenger finally leaves, CAN YOU IRRITATING,STUPID FUCKIN LOT ALSO PLEASE PLEASE GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE FOR GOOD AND FOLLOW YOUR HERO?

  74. Mike

    Score draw at Stoke ? 0-0
    Score draw at soton? 0-4

    I don’t know how the post could forget those scores !!!!!

  75. Pierre


    Have you seen city, United, Chelsea and Liverpool’s squads.
    Why haven’t they won the league at a canter with Jose, van gal, pellegrini and Klopp in charge.
    You are talking out of your arse
    Who’s brainless lol
    And just for the record , I believe that it’s time for wenger to go , we should have gone all out for pep . The club lack ambition and until Kronke sells up that will sadly always be the case but that will not stop me supporting the Arsenal.

  76. Up 4 grabs now

    Morning to anyone that’s awake.

    After having no internet since Saturday evening, I perused the last few posts and comments since the utd and Swansea games.
    I’ve wanted Wenger out for over 2 years now, but what I want, and what happens are two different things.

    Reading some of the comments made me laugh.
    Wishing us to lose to spurs, wanting them to win the league!
    Lol, do you think that will make a difference!

    We lost heavily 8-2 6-0 5-1 and more Wenger stays on.
    We blow up in the league every year Wenger stays on.
    We never sign the players we need and always fail. Wenger stays on.

    Stan wants top 4 he gets top 4 Wenger stays on. That’s all Stan wants, its a business now, not a football club.

    Ivan can do nothing, a yes man, a puppet with no power.
    So don’t expect anything from him.

    I honestly think Wenger genuinely believes it’s still 2005 and that he can win things doing it his way. That there’s still a gap between Arsenal and the mid table clubs and its just a matter of time before he hits on the right solution to Winning the league.

    Except he continues to play the same way with the same type of players in the same formation as he is to arrogant to think he’s wrong.
    I honestly believe the only way Wenger leaves is in a box.
    I don’t wish death on the man, unlike a few on here but that’s the only way he leaves.

    Even if we finish outside the top 4 this year, and that’s still a possibility if we continue in this form,
    He won’t do the decent thing and leave.

    Stan doesn’t have the football knowledge to take the risk and replace him and will probably listen to wengers bullshit that he can turn it around, and with the extra Tv money we could be out of the champions league for a year and be fine, so will keep his job.
    The only way it changes is if Wenger dies, or Stan sells up.
    Unfortunately neither are happening anytime soon.

  77. Wallace

    “Don’t need supporters like you at our Arsenal.” – Joe

    always makes me smile when he comes out with that one.

  78. salman

    A bunch of gutless pussies bottling it up since 2006. That’s what Wenger has turned our squad into in the quest of emulating barca/spain.

  79. Hitman

    I don’t think we need to will our team to lose. They are more than capable of doing that on their own.

  80. Up 4 grabs now

    The league should have been won at a canter this year, by us.
    Chelsea won the league last year at a canter as everyone else wasn’t at the races.
    They were organised, had an in form and injury free Costa and hazard. They were disciplined and had players who knew how to win the league.

    Everybody else bought badly had bad injuries and players whose form dipped, you also had a new manager at utd rebuilding an average side. (They still are and still beat us on Sunday)

    Leicester this year are exactly the same organised, disciplined and almost injury free, with vardy and mahrez.
    The only difference is they had a new manager but at least he is disciplined and has a wealth of tactical knowledge.

    At the end of the day if Wenger had a bought a cdm and striker/attacking striker we win the league easily. Instead it’s the usual fight for 3rd-4th spot.

  81. Black Hei


    At least we don’t type in all caps. Heh.

    The hysteria is reaching a point where some just fly into rage without reading posts properly.

    Even Joe got labelled as an AKB. Poor guy never posts a single pro-Wenger thing in his whole internet life.

  82. Hitman

    Salman Wenger was bottling it well before 2006.
    2003 still ranks as the worst case of clutching defeat from jaws of victory.
    But 2008 isn’t too far behind.

  83. Frank Mc

    “Don’t need supporters like you at our Arsenal.” – Joe

    We need thousands like you though…. thick cunt!

  84. Black Hei

    Up 4 grabs now

    Actually, I think with a simple investment of a deep lying playmaker in the summer, we would have nailed the league. I think Coquelin is more versatile than just a DM; with a deep lying playmaker, he can press higher up the pitch.

    We could even postpone the striker thing.

    Sigh. I will be skipping live matches. My life is too valuable and my blood pressure is too vulnerable.

  85. salman

    I kind of agree on that front too. I always thought even the invincibles underachieved big time. No European cup plus we never won back to back league titles. The squad we had; we should have cleaned up everything from 2000 till 2005.

  86. nepGunner


    Pellegrini won the PL & League Cup in his very first season, Jose won the league at a canter in his second season of second coming, and its only about half a season for Klopp. As of now Jose is sacked and Pellegrini has already been shown the door. What has Wenger done /won in last 12 years?

    Yea hide behind your Wenger excuses 101, that’s what I thought. And I said “this season” and not any other season. But you are so up Wenger’s arse, you wouldn’t know what I was referring to. You AKBs are such thick idiots you couldn’t tell between Wenger’s fart and CK.

  87. Dream10

    Really looking forward to tomorrow’s match. I want to see us playing with calm heads at the back and intensity in midfield and attack. Gabriel should be dropped.

    Bellerin Mertesacker Chambers Monreal
    Coquelin Ramsey
    Campbell Ozil Welbeck

    Opting for Campbell and Welbeck on the wings as the fullbacks need more protection, particularly Bellerin who has been average in 2016. This will allow Coquelin and Ramsey to not be dragged away from the centre. Poor Cazorla was run ragged last year due to his lack of athleticism. Ramsey has been shaky on the ball recently but he does possess a prodigious work rate. Hope he shows it.
    Opting for Giroud instead of Walcott/Sanchez to occupy the Alderweireld and Wimmer for the first 60 minutes. Sanchez can then come on for the last half an hour for one of the front three and can put pressure on their back four.

  88. Up 4 grabs now

    Black hei,

    If we had bought the Cdm he could have played alongside Coquelin who I really rate. Or rotated with him.
    If Wenger had any sense he could have dropped ozil back and played him as deep lying midfielder in a 442 and let coquelin win the ball and give it ozil to to do the fancy stuff.

    Santi has been a huge loss, but had to play every game as Wenger wouldn’t rotate with him with ozil, and the great saviour wilshere was injured again.

    Add in the keeping of flamini, arteta, and not getting a replacement for wellbeck when he knew he was injured a week before deadline day, the incompetence just keeps coming.

  89. Up 4 grabs now

    The spuds have had a blip in mid week and looked tired against the hammers. Do you think they will be tired for tomorrow.
    No chance its a north London derby, it’s the game they should win and can put us out of the title race, and the game that virtually confirms they finish above us.

    We go into it with piss poor confidence, no form, our best defender and keeper out, and Mr I don’t need tactics as manager.
    I’m praying for a miracle!!!!!!!

  90. Wallace

    Black Hei

    “Even Joe got labelled as an AKB. Poor guy never posts a single pro-Wenger thing in his whole internet life.”

    wish I’d seen that, or joe’s reaction to it anyway 😉

  91. Wallace


    “Really looking forward to tomorrow’s match.”

    ach, i’m dreading it. even if Spurs also start losing their nerve i can’t see anything better than a draw for us.

  92. Moray

    We should be all guns blazing tomorrow, to put spuds further behind in the tittle race and try to upset their form.

    As it is we will give the ball away and let stupid goals in and generally look like we don’t give a fook.

    Money on a draw tomorrow. I’d be happy with that at this stage.

  93. Dream10


    Draw is alright as long as Leicester lose. Can’t start with Ozil, Sanchez and Walcott on the pitch. We don’t usually follow up a winless period with a great performance. We’re stuck in a rut at the moment. However,
    result tmrw>aesthetic performance. Just something with good shape and intensity please. No Gabriel and no Walcott in the XI. Thanks a lot.

  94. Wallace

    I’d like to to find a place for Campbell tomorrow, but i think three in midfield might be better, at least to start the game….

    Elneny – Coquelin – Ramsey
    Ozil – Welbeck – Alexis

  95. gambon

    Tomorrow will be terrible.

    As always in these situations we will absolutely shit ourselves, look physically lethargic, and not be in any way prepared.

    Amazing that Wenger doesnt get more stick than he does for the complete lack of desire and effort we put in.

    Teams like Leicester, Spurs and West Ham have put us to shame in that regard.

  96. Up 4 grabs now

    I know it sounds strange but I would be tempted to go right back to basics tomorrow.
    Play it for what it is, it’s a derby form is out the window, it’s a battle for the 3 points.

    Play a 532
    (it will throw spurs off not knowing what we are doing)
    Bell, chambers, mert,Gabriel,monreal
    Elmo, coquelin.
    Welbz, giroud

    We say to the fullbacks push up and get early crosses into the box.
    Spurs struggle with crosses at height and giroud and welbz can give them problems.
    Elmo and coquelin can win the ball in midfield and get it to ozil for creativity,through balls and runs over the top from wellbeck.
    Then at the usual wenger 65 minute mark, replace him with alexis.
    It won’t be pretty, it won’t be tippy tappy but it’s the best chance of 3 points and that’s all that matters.

  97. gambon

    Up 4 grabs

    You change formation in pre-season, not for a huge game in March after 6 seasons playing 4-2-3-1

  98. Up 4 grabs now


    I get what you mean and normally I would fully agree, but do you think we get anything out of tomorrow’s game playing the formation and tactics we normally do?

  99. Cesc Appeal

    I wondered who the first idiot to bring up City, Chelsea and United would be as a way of excusing Wenger.

    Difference being, Chelsea sacked Mourinho and will have another new boss in the summer, Pellegrini is gone and City have acquired the best manager in the world and Van Gaal will be gone in the summer.

    Its only us that will stand by our dud. Sorry…’let him honour his contract.’

  100. Up 4 grabs now

    If we play the same way tomorrow as we have all season, we lose the game.
    I’d rather lose tomorrow knowing we tried something different, than limping along to a defeat without trying.
    Play Campbell and wellbeck up top, big man, small man both with pace, and wellbeck has height.

    We can rotate with Alexis and giroud as well.
    Spurs will be thrown, and we have a better shot of getting something out of the game than playing Theo up top or a complete out of form giroud on his own.

    It’s about tomorrow getting 3 points anyway possible, and getting a confidence building result.

    I would love to be proved wrong and we win easily tomorrow playing tippy tappy, and beautiful football but can anyone honestly tell me they think we will?

  101. Jeff

    “We should be all guns blazing tomorrow”.

    This should be changed to

    “We should be all guns blazing in all the games”.

    The NLD should not define our season – win or lose. The season should define our season and in many games we come out with pea-shooters rather than guns blazing. The wrong attitude can lose you games even if you have a world class player in every position (which we don’t).

    We have zero help from the manager when heads drop. Wenger has the charisma of a dead sloth – he’s not going to motivate anyone to do anything. In the past we have won things with a very strong team (and we should have won a great deal more with the invincibles) but it all mostly went to waste. None so blind as those who will not see.

  102. Leedsgunner

    *get are

    “The NLD should not define our season – win or lose.”

    Many in the media, on Le Grove and other blogs said our season would be defined by the games following the win over Leicester.

    Since then we’ve drawn versus Hull, lost to Barcelona, Man Utd and Swansea. Suddenly just because we are losing, the goalposts have moved again and apparently our season will be defined by how we do in the NLD.

    As Jeff has already said our season is defined by how we do in the season as a whole and not just in one game.

    Yet, this is the heart of the problem at Arsenal. Under this present regime they are completely reactionary. If win, everything is good. If we lose, we have to bounce back.

    Speaking personally, if I knew what the long term overall vision was for Arsenal and our on field success I would be able to handle the disappointments as steps onward to a greater destination… but as it stands what makes it more and more depressing is the realisation that THIS is as good as it is going to get under this present owner, Board and manager… we are foolish to expect more.

  103. Black Hei


    Let me prep you for this.

    Think it is bad. Wait till Wenger goes.

    Now let’s see what’s going to happen. We have Stan the boss appointing some yes dude, with less talent…….

    Hey, don’t say Wenger never prepped us for disappointments!

  104. Relieable Sauce

    First question for Wenger today should be – Whos right Arsene, you or Sanchez?

    Call him out on his bs and crank up the pressure on the senile one.

  105. Up 4 grabs now

    Black Hei,

    Would that be a bad thing I’d rather see us try something different, than go into the game playing how we have been over the last few months, knowing we have pretty much zero chance of winning.

    If I remember last year when we went there, they had a worse side and we were the form team.
    We never turned up and they won, do you think with everything going on at the moment we are going to do any better?
    What would you do?

  106. Leedsgunner

    “Think it is bad. Wait till Wenger goes.”

    This in itself should be a reason to keep someone in a job, especially one worth £8.5m pa… should it? I personally don;t think so. Wenger is finished.

    Even if we go on a winning run now for a few games, it doesn’t matter in the long run we are regressing. A few wins are just respite from a downward trend and not a change in fortune… a dead cat bounce as it were…

    When did our club become so cowardly? Why are we afraid of the future so much? So afraid of innovation and risk?

    Ironic that the manager whose hall mark was innovation and risk taking is now preventing us from moving forward.

  107. Gelbs

    It’s fucking weird really. I can’t see Leicester, Spurs or Arsenal winning it, purely because we’re talking about Leicester and Spurs! Lol. But realistically speaking, one of those three (though not Arsenal) ARE going to win it! I always believed that Leicester’s bubble will burst, and Arsenal overtake them. But that can’t happen as I don’t think Arsenal win win the League, and the chances are, who ever finishes above Leicester, will be Champions, haha! This season is a clusterfuck!
    I think a lot of depends on tomorrows results. I think Arsenal will lose to Spurs, and Leicester only draw at Watford.
    Looking at the clubs remaining fixtures. I currently have it as Spurs on something like 75 points, Leicester on 73, and Arsenal on 73. City on 72..
    I think Leicester will still drop quite a few points.

  108. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Worst thing that ever happened was wing the FA Cup two years ago. Had we lost to Hull ! Wenger would not have signed his extension and the future of the club would likely have finally begun.

    The only positive that anyone should take moving forward, is that eventually the old goat will die. The only hope that anyone should have, is that you are able to outlive that stupid old goat.

  109. Leedsgunner

    The press in the live press conference now are so deferential to Wenger, it’s ridiculous to be almost meaningless!

    Why are people so afraid to ask Wenger the difficult questions? Reminds me of PMQs where planted sycophantic Qs are asked of the PM to give him a way out of actually addressing the real issues.

  110. Leedsgunner

    “Cech out for 3-4 weeks, might be back for Watford at the start of April.”

    No doubt his injury will be seized upon to provide a convenient excuse if we lose tomorrow… despite Wenger saying after the Swansea loss that he has “every confidence in Ospina.”

    Personally I don’t mind Ospina… he did well for us before Cech came and I hope he steps up tomorrow.

  111. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @Leeds….why are people so afraid of asking tough questions? Likely because sensible people are tired of having their intelligence insulted by a stupid moron who takes pleasure in doing so.

  112. Up 4 grabs now

    Wilshere is back in 3-4 weeks from today.
    Hasn’t he been 3-4 weeks since December?
    Bank on him being fit for preseason training in July then!

  113. Gelbs

    It’s fucking weird really. I can’t see Leicester, Spurs or Arsenal winning it, purely because we’re talking about Leicester and Spurs! Lol. But realistically speaking, one of those three (though not Arsenal) ARE going to win it! I always believed that Leicester’s bubble will burst, and Arsenal overtake them. But that can’t happen as I don’t think Arsenal win win the League, and the chances are, who ever finishes above Leicester, will be Champions, haha! This season is a clusterfuck!
    I think a lot of depends on tomorrows results. I think Arsenal will lose to Spurs, and Leicester only draw at Watford.
    Looking at the clubs remaining fixtures. I currently have it as Spurs on something like 75 points, Leicester on 73, and Arsenal on 73. City on 72..
    I think Leicester will still drop quite a few points.

  114. Bamford10

    Agree that we should change things up. Thinking about what that fabulously furious and articulate supporter said on Arsenal TV re Chambers and thinking he deserves a run.

    Also think Sanchez should sit until 65 minutes or so. Also think Ramsey should play as the CAM so that we have three CMs (as opposed to two) and aren’t outnumbered in central midfield.

    Like so:


    Or to really mix things up, try Campbell — who is in form, confident and can play CF — as the CF, like so:


  115. Bamford10

    Black Hei

    “Think it is bad. Wait till Wenger goes.”

    If you’re suggesting things will get even worse without Wenger, this is silly, sorry.

    Any competent, rational manager will improve us — simply by getting rid of the dross and spending the ample money available on quality replacements, including a CDM, CF and CB.

    Proper motivation and a little discipline will help as well.

    The notion that things will get worse is nonsense. The only thing holding Arsenal back is Arsene Wenger.

  116. Red&White4life

    “Wenger has the charisma of a dead sloth”

    lol, if you puts Pellegrino in a time machine, you can have a younger version of wenger

  117. Shaun Wilson

    In the past, even after a run of bad results, I would have bet my house on Arsenal getting it together for the NLD and if not winning it then at least giving a 100% to having a good go at the Spuds. I have a horrible feeling that the current crop under the wing of Wenger will just fold tomorrow. Surely this will spell the end for him? (we all know it won’t though don’t we?)