The end is nigh for Arsene Wenger

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When I penned my ode to Arsene yesterday, I felt quite bad. I thought it’d receive more of a backlash because I wrote it before an important game that could keep us in the title race. I was wrong. Why is that interesting? Because people agreed with what I said passionately. That’s never happened when I post something aggressive at pretty inappropriate time. Things are different now. Something has changed.

What didn’t change was the usual disappointment I feel when there’s a pressure game for Arsenal. I kind of had a feeling that last night would go the way of a disappointment. It always does. Swansea are a weird old bogey team. They always seem to bother us. I hoped they wouldn’t at home, without Montero, but my hope was in vain, we’re not made of the strong stuff and the losses against Barca and a sh*te United side were always going to take their toll on fragile minds.

Sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was barely disappointed. I was laughably defeatist. Like when you lose your front door keys, then you reach for you phone and drop it down the drain… then you turn to shrug at the man on the street and get hit by a bus.

On the face of it, looking at the ninety minutes without the searing emotion that’s running through my body right now, you could say we were unlucky. We created a bunch of chances, we rattled the woodwork 3 times and we were robbed for the first Swansea goal when Ozil was wrestled to the ground.

However, this fuck up we find ourself in now wasn’t made in one night. This has been a series of micro-shockers since Christmas. Score draw at Southampton, a loss at the Chavs, 3-3 at Liverpool, a score draw at Stoke. The gradual build up of weak micro-disappointments has us where we are now. As usual, the toll of a poor summer is now playing out, as bad preparation always does, in the final throws of a season.

Last night isn’t the problem. 12 years of this utter drivel is. This isn’t hot-headed fans losing their minds. This isn’t a financial problem. This a culmination of things Le Grove and many of you have known for years… our manager is past it. Waaaaaay past it.

The Swansea goal last night was a terrible refereeing decision, granted. But bloody hell, one loose ball in the middle and they can walk right through us with absolute ease? That’s not title-winning concentration. Their second goal, we’re fighting it out at the death and that dirty cross evades all our players? Horrendous communication and a complete lack of accountability. Wenger taking off Joel Campbell when he’s looking the most dangerous and motivated? I mean, our manager is world-class at making some of the most bizarre sub decisions… even more baffling he’d go rogue after the Flamini shocker last week.

Arsenal don’t have the guts.

People are blaming the players, but the guts come from the manager… because he buys those players. He molds them in his name. He makes them who they are.

That’s true of any leader. When you work under a douche, you don’t perform. Everyone knows this. When you work under a manager who you know isn’t fussed about perfection, your game slips. When you work under a manager who let’s shit go, you let shit go. Wenger built that team, it is a reflection of him and the reflection has been gutless one for twelve years now.

These players are great players. Look at how many bottlers leave us and win big things. We have one of the best teams in the league, you can’t doubt that. We have the best players in the top three by a long shot. But they’re not firing. World Cup winners, Champions League winners, players doing amazing things for their national teams… not quite up for it, when it’s all on the line.

That’s a Wenger problem. He’s not a good motivator of players. This much is clear. The silent team talk works when you have Tony Adams and Viera managing the clarion call. When you’ve a dressing room of meek middle class darlings, who is taking that role on? Why do we not have powerhouse characters in the dressing room?

Control. Wenger won’t have it. The man doesn’t even believe in a captain.

We’ve won 4 Premier League games since Christmas (1o games). I mean, we were on the cusp of greatness this year. Just 4 games. Can you believe that? How pathetic.

We can’t find the net. We’ve lost our discipline. Our confidence. Our drive.

Where did all that start? Ozil has been feeding Olivier Giroud for 3 years now. Wenger hasn’t found a better option than Giroud in 3 whole years. What does that tell you about his ability to recognise that one of his best pals Steve Rowley is a joke?

How about the defensive midfield role? Flamini and Arteta are our back ups!

How about when Wenger recognised what we all did last summer and bought a replacement DM he can’t use this season because he’s not good enough! I don’t mean to bang on, but we called that as well, because it was so obvious as it’d happened with Gabriel last year! Signing players from slow leagues is so f*cking stupid when you need now players who can contribute. But we let it go.

How about not recognizing that Santi Cazorla is one of our most important players in our setup, 31 years old and in physical decline… and leaving the squad with no direct replacement?

Were there no Santi replacements this summer as well as no strikers? Amazing how dry the well is for Arsene.

These things are so simple to recognise. What we’ve learnt together is that if I can see the gaps, you can see the gaps, pundits can see the gaps… there are probably gaps. The Arsene game of ‘insider secret vision’ died 10 years ago, or like Alex said, when he signed Kos. Which is a real shame if I’m honest.

So back to it, what did Wenger do this summer? He made one signing.

What have our issues since Christmas been? No Santi back-up. No one adequate to compete with Coquelin. A goal drought of epic proportions.

This is madness.

No, it’s not even a madness, because if you put a match (£157m) next to a madman (LVG), he’d light a fucking crazy fire (buy some players). What sort of crazy sits idly by and does nothing?

A man who truly believes doing nothing is the best option for progress. How can anyone tolerate that attitude… especially when it’s pervasive over 6 years!

The tipping point has come. The fans are finished with him. This manager has had plenty of faith. He lies about what he’s going to do. He never really learns his lessons. He continues to use us as his pet project. He shows no signs of giving up.

This resentment feels different… if we lose at the weekend. It could be curtains. If Spurs beat us. I think that could be the straw that breaks his will to carry on.

… but we know how this film plays out. Wenger is the master of never doing badly enough for it to be curtains. We’ll beat Spurs, which is would be an antidote for burning the Union Flag in most AFC fans eyes. Then he’ll string some games together. We’ll finish close. Then Arsenal fans will take solace in the warchest and say, ‘he’s smart enough to know what to do this summer, judge him in September’, and the cycle will begin again.

Someone needs to break the cycle.

It’s over. Even if this season ends in league glory. It’s over. We’re not progressing. Look at how much better Europe is than us. We’re sinking in a season of swirl, when stability should have seen us flourishing. Our players look like they’ve tapped out when they should be fighting. The fans are booing the manager, when they should be cheering him on.

We need a change. A fresh vision. A new direction.

Wenger has to go this summer. Time to move over. There are plenty of names that would jump at the chance to bring something exciting and motivated to the club.

… and look, I couldn’t be more careful about what I wish for. We are a mega club now, in part, thanks to Wenger, we’ll always rise to the top again. He helped build a greater Arsenal, now it’s time to hand it over to the man who can decorate the walls with modern glory.

Names to look out for, because the internet is incapable of thinking anyone else knows football:

Diego Simeone | Atletico

Martin Schmidt | Mainz

Tomas Tuchel | Dortmund

Jorge Sampaoli | Ex Chile

Frank De Boer | Ajax (WITH DB10)

Unai Emery | Sevilla

Laurent Blanc | Paris

Ronald Koeman | Southampton

Steve Bould | Arsenal Assistant

Valverde | Bilbao

Owen Coyle | Some club

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  1. Dusty Kart

    Although Wenger claimed he ‘ignored’ the atmosphere at the Emirates, he did admit that they need to get the fans back on side.

    “I don’t know (about the atmosphere),” he said.

    “Let’s focus on our job and ignore that. We have to get the fans back on our side. The fans were ready to support us tonight I think. They were quite good. We faded in the game and we could see that in the last part of the game we had a lack of movement to create dangerous situations.”

    Fucking fraudulent cunt.

  2. Danny

    Who would people want in place of Wenger
    I would really like a team of Henry as manager, Dennis as his no.2 and Pires in some kind of additional role. Of course I’d prefer Vieira instead of Pires but theres no chance of that.
    I believe these 3 would immediately sort this squad out over night – more or less the same players – just simply playing the proper way with maybe Ozil as captain to give them a bollocking during the match. Allow and even encourage players to shoot from outside the area. To reignite their desire to be first in every tackle and to real man up for every match.
    I remember a story of Nasri sitting in Henry’s sit on the france team bus – he never did that again. This is the type we need.

  3. Bamford10

    There’s an interesting photo making the rounds on Twitter of Wenger giving a/an (ironic?) thumbs up to the fans on his way off last night.

    If the man is inwardly/outwardly saying ‘go fuck yourselves’ to the fans — realize he has been saying this inwardly for some time now — that is a very good sign. That is a man who could decide to fuck off if the situation becomes uncomfortable for him.

  4. gazzap

    Wenger will get top 4 and then claim that he has met expectations and kroenke will be obliged to extend his contract. It is all so predictable.

  5. shad

    “As poor as we are at the moment, our final ten games are not all that difficult.”

    Stopped reading there. I usually agree with stuff you post Bamford but that statement is pure BS and you know it. In case you forgot, let me remind you some game results where we contrived to drop points from the jaws of sure victory;

    Arsenal 1 Swansea 2,
    ManU 3 Arsenal 2
    Arsenal 0 Chelsea 1
    Liverpool 3 Arsenal 3
    Arsenal 0 WestHam 2
    Arsenal 0 Southampton 0
    Norwich 1 Arsenal 1

  6. Leedsgunner

    They miss the most obvious one.

    Arsene Wenger supported by the Board.

    In normal clubs, by this point you would expect the manager to get the dread “vote of confidence” from the Board, only to get fired the next day.

    When Wenger receives such a vote you know, it is because this limpless cowardly Board REALLY does SUPPORT HIM NO MATTER HOW BADLY HE DOES.

    Wenger will go when he decides. He will not be fired.

    I wonder if Wenger will be leading his group of players on a lap of honour if they win on the weekend, you know like they do after every win now.


    Pathetic. No leaders, no vision, why are we surprised? We all said this would happen. As I said on Sunday when we conceded to Man United the second time, the collapse was on… and collapsing they are doing right before our eyes.

  7. Bamford10


    Look, I’m as critical and pessimistic as they come, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to see us winning the games I see us winning.

    I’m trying to come up with the most realistic/feasible final point tally — not the most pessimistic (or the most optimistic). That’s a go at the realistic final total, all things considered.


  8. Champagne Charlie


    Having a plethora of ex-players as a management team is an awful idea. Henry isn’t ready to be a fucking manager, same for Pires, and even Bergkamp although he’s been a number two for some time. That’s just asking for a shitshow to follow a shitshow.

    Frank de Boer with Bergkamp #2
    Roberto Martinez with Arteta/Henry #2

    They would be the only iterations including former players. Frankly the former player angle is mainly sentimental, Simeone would be the best candidate and no ex-player would be in tow.

  9. shad


    FYI, most of those fixtures I’ve listed, we were on a seemingly hot streak an expected to get maximum points (maybe bar Chelsea, who seem to have our number). Take them away and I can count 11-15 points needlessly dropped, simply because we were profligate in front of goal or checked into the game with an “already won” mentality.

  10. Danish Gooner

    Coq came back from Charlton and started to perform it had nothing to do with Wenger and Wilshire got much better under Owen Coyle at Bolton nothing to do with Wenger,up to that he was a wasteful no good always losing possession midfielder.

  11. shad


    So while I agree that “on paper” we should get something, this team is too feeble mentally and tactically to cause any real damage. A safer approach is Yaay if we win, unmoved if we draw, not chuffed at a loss. This team is an absolutely mixed bag.
    And I say this as a 20 yrs Arsenal fan, I want Leicester to win the league simply because they have played football in the right spirit on a fraction of the spend. Wenger will have nowhere to run or hide if either Spu*s or Leicester win the league.

  12. Arsene's Nurse

    From Arseblog

    “And as poor as Alexis was, when you haul him off and put Theo Walcott on, you’re basically saying ‘Stick a fork in us, we’re done.’ A player with all the mental fortitude of a shoe is not the man to drag a team up from depths of despair, and make no mistake, that’s what we saw last night. A group of players who more or less accepted defeat when that Swansea goal went in.”

    “We don’t have any form to speak of. There’s clearly no confidence or belief. There’s no rhythm. Tactically we seem all over the place. Basically speaking, there’s a group of players, but not much of a team. And you can call for this player to go and that player to go all you like, but it’s on the manager.

    They’re his players, it’s his team, his system – whatever the hell it might be – and his inability to find any way to make them function. ”

    Sums it up as much as Le-Grove. I think it’s going to get worse for Wenger. Former staunch supporters have now turned on him. People have had enough.

  13. shad

    Wenger probably prepares the team by pinning the balance sheet and P&L statements to each player’s’ locker. His subs are based on how many shirts were sold with your name on them.

  14. Danish Gooner

    I was a fan during the bad eighties there were some insipid play in the early eighties but this team takes the biscuit,i have never seen a more gutless arsenal team in my life,they are bereft of any consoling trades.

  15. Bamford10

    ‘We don’t have any form to speak of. There’s clearly no confidence or belief. There’s no rhythm. Tactically we seem all over the place … [T]here’s a group of players, but not much of a team. And you can call for this player to go and that player to go all you like, but it’s on the manager.’ -Arseblog

    Correct, and well-said.

  16. Paulinho

    “Who would people want in place of Wenger, obvious choice would be Simeone, but outside of that, what are people thinking?”

    Always liked Slaven Bilic, way back to the time he beat England with Croatia.

    Give to him in heartbeat.



  18. Danny

    Champagne Charlie
    Fair enough.
    I forgot to add that I’d want Tony Adams on the board of directors.

  19. Champagne Charlie


    Rudi Garcia
    Frank de boer
    Roberto Martinez
    Thomas Tuchel
    Joachim Low

    These would be considerations for sure. Simeone is someone I rate highly but Atletico move into their new stadium next year and word is he wants to lead them there which would be understandable.

  20. Relieable Sauce

    Whatever manager were to come in would need a better setup than there currently is now.
    The club needs a major shake up from top down.

    Guardiola wouldve demanded these improvements (which is why we werent interested I guess), whereas a Martinez/Henry/Garde will jump at the chance to get the job. They will just go with the flow because it will be an UNBELIEVABLE career opportunity for them (one they dont merit) and they dont have the credentials to make such demands.

    Henry!?…I guess logic just isnt required after 20 years of the nut.ty p.r.ofess.or.

  21. Gooner63

    I honestly think that Wenger has lost the plot – how can you take off the player who looked most likely to score.

    We have 2 strikers who have no confidence and yet we have welbeck and campbell who look up for it and we play them on the wing.

    I think certain players have now given up on wenger. when alexis got subbed for walcott, he wasnt even fucked off with it, just sat there, no passion in him at all, was sad to see.

    If wenger goes, just please please not steve bould – our defence is crap now, we need it to improve not stay the same.

    We need a top name in to attract top players, who is ruthless in culling the rubbish we have – theo, ox, arteta, flamini, mertesacker, rosicky, wilshire, ramsey, paulista, chambers, should all be replaced – an players like giroud, coquelin should be 2nd choices not main players.

    Have the board got the balls to replace wenger – i doubt it

  22. Paulinho

    Champagne – Not sure about Martinez. Bit too Wengerish for me in terms of spinning, and choking late leads.

    I suppose one thing that he does recognise – unlike Wenger – is the need to have a solid midfield. Besic was a good signing.

    Couple of years ago I said Mark Hughes, and still think he would be a good shout.

  23. John T.

    As an Arsenal Fan, NOT an Arsene fan, I hope this post is true. Enough excuses, enough with Wenger. OVERTIME to move on.

  24. Kay

    Arsenal will start winning games soon. Believe me….they always play for 4th lol. They dont like competing for first so they find a way to fuck it up. As much as i like Wenger, he is finished completely. He nearly found a way to loose to Hull in the FA Cup final 2 seasons ago before the players decided to coach themselves on the pitch. I mean, the guy cant even make the right substitutions. Why take Campbell off and Ramsey stays on the Pitch. He did thesame on Sunday when he took Welbeck off. It really pains me to see Wenger finish is arsenal career like this. But this is what happens when a man becomes a dictator and does not concentrate on the job he his hired to do. I am writing this season off and i am going to write arsenal off until Wenger does the right thing and leave. The era of the Wengers, Van Gaal is gone.

  25. Cheney10

    Wenger won’t be going anywhere anytime soon… He has the support of the board and no matter how many fans boo, who hands our arse to us… They will remain faithful to him…. They invest 8m in him per year and get a massive return for that investment… The results are inconsequential to the people who run this club bar finishing top four, as this guarantees a steady income… I respect Wenger for what he has done for this club but I feel like everyone on here that his time has come but I can’t see him leaving, or being sacked.

  26. Champagne Charlie


    Hell no to mark Hughes. He’s awful.

    Martinez is a terrific prospect if you will, learning still for sure but his philosophy is good and he’s tactically flexible. You have to remember Everton aren’t the most financially capable of teams in the league but they can be a very difficult side to face. Him with a number two of stature like Henry could work.

    But Rudi Garcia is a top manager as is Frank de Boer potentially, but he’s more dangerous because keeping Ajax on top is a questionable display of prowess.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    We could make any manager going a great offer, how much is Simeone earning right now for example, and what is Atletico’s spending power and wage bill like compared to ours?

    Not sure if its just flavour of the season thing, but Pochettino just looks ideal right now, doesn’t take any s**t of his players, demands complete dedication and effort and doesn’t piss his pants at the thought of going into the transfer market.

  28. L

    I went to bed last night hoping to wake up to a headline like “Wenger resigns as Arsenal manager”
    It didn’t happen. And he may never resign unless someone with balls on the board walk up to him and tell him. Now I’d like to know how the people on the board are feeling right now , are they sad at the state of affairs?.

  29. Kane







  30. Danny

    they always play for 4th lol.
    I wrote the other day that maybe, just maybe, the players are doing to Wenger what the Chelsea players did to Jose and a few of you replied “why would they do that when they’re on great money” from Wenger.
    Well after last nights display nothing would surprise me anymore.

  31. TT

    Colin March 3, 2016 12:08:29
    Great post.
    I would like to see a huge demonstration at the next home game with 50,000 plus Arsenal supporters chanting Wenger Out and then walking out.

    And I want to sleep with Jennifer Lawrence………Neither is gonna happen though.

  32. Carts

    Joachim Lurve – would be my #1 choice

    Quique Flores – young and inventive

    Roberto Martinez – can’t even get that Everton team in top 7 as we speak. Poor defensive manager

    Frank Rijkaard – out of retirement with DB10 as his #2

    Rudi Garcia – started brightly then couldn’t get his team playing

    Mark Hughes – strong manager and has Stoke playing well on a show string



    FREDDIE LUMBERG (spelt wrong der!), ROBERT PIRES,

  34. Carts

    LOL @ Demonstration.

    You just had a man stand in front of thousands of people, fumin like a kettle, to then turn round and say he’s never watching Arsenal against after their shit show v Swansea.

    Then right at the end said he’ll be at WHL come Saturday. Chap on Arsenal TV

    Listen, you can stand there and berate Wenger all you like. But when you still turn up, after paying hard money for a ticket, then you too are part of the problem.

    Admittedly I rarely tune into Arsenal, and when I do I can’t give them my full attention. I’m going to WHL courtesy of my pal taking me as a birthday gift. I won’t say no; and I’ll be sitting with the skids. But at least I’m not foolish enough to spunk a couple thousand on a season ticket. Now that is fucken LOL

  35. Red&White4life

    “I went to bed last night hoping to wake up to a headline like “Wenger resigns as Arsenal manager”

    Ah ah, same for me!!

  36. wenker-wanger

    @kane and Cheney…you are both correct. It pains me to say it, I guess I’m an optimist where my beloved arsenal are concerned. I know writing on here seems pointless, but it only takes a match to start a fire, so maybe somewhere along the story our mass criticism on here and in social circles gets noticed and expanded. Fans in his face may be enough to make him resign.Surely he isn’t that obsessed and just fckin awkward???

  37. Jaroda

    Interesting that for the last 11 matches, Arsenal have won 15 pts.
    If you look at the exact same corresponding 11 fixtures last year (replacing promoted top placed Bournemouth with relegated best placed Hull) Arsenal won 16pts.
    If you have the same players, you get the same results

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    Albert Einstein.

  38. paddywhack

    Great post. But, we won’t beat Spurs, I would put my house on it. I reckon 3-0 to the Spuds. We have no leaders on the pitch and don’t be surprised if Ozil and Sanchez want out at the end of the season.

    This manager will only go when The Emirates is empty for a match, up to the supporters but that won’t happen.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    Realistically, you can see a loss at WHL, again, with a changed side away at Hull, who will sniff blood, you can see a loss…the Nou Camp…annihilation.

    This could be a very interesting period for Arsenal. At the end of that Barcelona game the fans could be on the edge of mutiny.

    United and City are only one point further behind us than Spurs are in front of us (City have a game in hand as well,) we could easily end up sucked into a battle for 4th.

    Interesting times ahead. Club is going to have to spin some top rate PR.

  40. wenker-wanger

    Wenger’s beyond the Einstein def of insanity, as he does the same things over and over again,BUT he believes that its other variables outside his control that can change( is quality of opposition and lady luck). In other words in his world he is perfect its the others that are somehow conspiring against him. Others include luck and “accidents” a la 6-0 Chelsea.

  41. Danny

    we could easily end up sucked into a battle for 4th.
    I thought we’ve been in that battle for over a month now.

  42. Southern Gooner

    This is a really sad state of affairs, is it wrong that I hope our season goes to shit, so Wenger realises the stench of the shit he’s been shovelling and moves on?

    I should be a real fan and support the team through thick and thin, but I just cant supress these feelings – am I wrong?

  43. Leedsgunner

    Wenger has done the impossible he’s turned three WC players in Özil, Sanchez and Cech ordinary.

    Özil is having a wonderful season despite Wenger.

    The mere fact that he has these many assists despite Giroud and Walcott’s wastefulness is astounding. I reckon if he had a true WC striker in front of him he would be on course to over 40 if not 50 assists for the season… could you imagine where we would be on the table, in the UCL?

    I can tell you where you wouldn’t be, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    The only reason we are is because Wenger in his hubris thought his existing “strikeforce” and use that term very loosely was good enough. Giroud is a decent player but he isn’t nearly clinical enough. What is not? Not scored in 9 names? Next time Olivier does score Wenger will seize on that as “proof” that he doesn’t need a striker… conveniently forgetting this latest drought.


    He is a shadow of himself. I have conflicting feeling when it comes to Alexis. It has to be acknowledged that if it wasn’t for him our season would have been sunk last year. He definitely carried us. Wenger has completely mismanaged him. He broke one of the most robust players in world football to a wreck.. and the replay of the Arshavin debacle is there for us to see.

    Strangely Alexis seems to have sunk to Theo’s level instead of Theo raising his game. Why is that? I can only surmise that is because under Wenger excellence isn’t sought and mediocrity is tolerated.

    Cech – again Wenger has transformed one of the best GKs in EPL history into an ordinary one. Cech isn’t blameless but he cannot do it by himself. This month, the defending by our lads have been absolutely woeful, pitiful and disgraceful.

    Wenger has become the anti-manager who makes world class players ordinary and hails ordinary players as world class with matching wages to boot.

    Sooner he leaves the better.

  44. wenker-wanger

    @southern Goober, no you aren’t wrong. Look at it in terms of surgery. Its unpleasant and hurts but after the trauma comes the healthy regeneration. The cancer ain’t gonna go on its own!

  45. Leedsgunner

    “There is a lack of fight, lack of leadership,” he said. “The same questions are hanging over them. Arsenal’s issues have been repeated over and over.”

    Shearer BBC

    Tell us something we don’t know already Alan.

  46. Cesc Appeal

    I think just throw everything at Simeone. Treble his wages, offer him a massive transfer budget, huge wage budget, complete discretion over which players he wants to keep and sell, money to bring any coaches, scouts, assistants etc he wants with him and see what happens.

    Usmanov would be smart to start making some subtle noises right now, make his presence at games well known etc

  47. Phd007

    Funny Nasri’s “Cock in”Mouth has literally disappeared off the face of the earth..

    1st class jerk..

  48. seg

    All academic anyway, because the emperor is not going anywhere soon. Even though he’s naked in the bloody market.

  49. wenker-wanger

    In the true spirit of jumping on the bandwagon, ex players and some pundits are feeling more confident about criticising Wenger. Before they were scared to say the obvious, for some reasons of a strange “etiquette” afforded to this tosser. In other words, slamming Wenger 5 years ago was hazardous to your career in football.Not now thank goodness.

  50. Red&White4life

    “Usmanov would be smart to start making some subtle noises right now, make his presence at games well known etc”

    LOL we don’t even know if the guy exist, for real.

  51. AA23

    As much as if like to see it happen, I just can’t believe that Wenger would leave before his contract expires.

    Isn’t that one of the things he always brags about? That he always sees out his contracts?

    Yeah, must be hard grinding through another year for a measly £8MM.

  52. Relieable Sauce

    Would like to see Bergkamp or Viera offered top jobs if we ever turn back into a football club. Assistant/youth development/DoF even, whatever suits themm best.

    TA back in some capacity would be great imo, at least let him give Arteta and co the bad news.

    “Hello Mikel. Unfortunately we’ve decided not to keep you on. The club is now moving in a different direction as we need a fresh approach. We thank you for your contribution and wish you all the best.”

  53. Leedsgunner

    Who in the world would you NEVER consider approaching for the AFC job?

    Remi Garde is top of the list for me. He’s just Wenger in a different suit. Harry Redknapp would be a close second… and N.eil Warnock a third. Others?

  54. TitsMcGee

    but we know how this film plays out. Wenger is the master of never doing badly enough for it to be curtains. We’ll beat Spurs, which is would be an antidote for burning the Union Flag in most AFC fans eyes. Then he’ll string some games together. We’ll finish close. Then Arsenal fans will take solace in the warchest and say, ‘he’s smart enough to know what to do this summer, judge him in September’, and the cycle will begin again.”

    Said this yesterday. You just know Wenger will dig himself out of this hole just enough to get a reprieve. The fans (most) are fickle and he knows that. At the end of the day we have better players than Spurs.

    However I think a loss to Spurs would be just what the doctor ordered. I almost want to see it so that Wenger can gtfo but sadly win or lose Wenger has put himself in a position where he will decide if he walks or not and I don’t see him walking. This is a guy who gets annoyed with the slightest criticism (like fans are out of order for wanting a league title in 12 years) no way he gives in to the demands of the “crazy” fans. He’s too egotistical.

  55. Leedsgunner

    If we lose to Spurs I think that would be conclusive proof that he’s lost the dressing room.

    It might be just me but yesterday Wenger genuinely looked confused and perplexed at how they lost the game. You can tell he had the “mental strength and self belief” spiel all prepared to roll out for the waiting press only for him to rip it up in the last 10 minutes. I think he arrogant expected to win and was confounded he didn’t. He was lost for words…

  56. MidwestGun

    Top, top post,you always do your best work when you go on a bit of rant, but you got it all in there. I hope your right that the end is nigh, but one thing Ive learned in life and in Arsenal, …… when you think its over it rarely is.

  57. wenker-wanger

    Candidates to avoid: any clones of Wenger, any managers that can’t operate a zipped tube-shaped coat. Any manager that fails the interview questions: a) what’s your priority, winning trophies or making large profits, b) is 5 years too long to keep a broken hospital-case player on the books? C) what do you prefer a strong forceful captain or 11 equal captains that discuss all issues all the time.?

  58. Danny

    Who in the world would you NEVER consider approaching for the AFC job?
    There’s a whole bunch of British mangers that if your team gets one of them, then you know you in for a shit time:
    Sam Allardyce
    Mark Hughes
    Tony Pulis
    Steve McClaren
    Steve Bruce
    Alan Pardew

  59. Troy McClure

    Really weak stuff yesterday. I like the Frank deBoer idea, a top player who won a lot at top clubs, so he knows what it takes. He’s from Ajax so he should be on top of technique and tactics, and he’s Dutch so you know he’d be a bit mad and ruthless too.
    I was thinking Pelligrini as a possible option also. He may be too nice for what we need, which is a blast of air in the face and a kick up the backside – that is to say a big culture change. His players at City have quit on him now that he’s a lame duck, and he had decent success, but he strikes me as a nearly man much like AW.

  60. Cesc Appeal

    Again though, isn’t it kind of fitting, Wenger’s pigheaded stubbornness and ego are what has ruined his chances of success, it will be that same pigheaded ego that means he sees out his contract potentially ruining his legacy at Arsenal.

  61. AA23

    No Kos or Cech for Saturday, not looking good.

    If we don’t at least see some fight and passion against the spuds then you know for sure he’s lost the dressing room.

  62. Leedsgunner

    “Again though, isn’t it kind of fitting, Wenger’s pigheaded stubbornness and ego are what has ruined his chances of success….”

    Not that Wenger will see it that way.

    No doubt, amazingly if he does get the sack, he will try to paint the narrative that it was everybody else’s fault than his. He will want to stridently assert that other forces led to his demise rather than manning up and accepting that it was his choices that led him out of the club.

    Funny that when things are going well he’s more than happy to accept the plaudits, and say things like “He always knew so and so would succeed…” but at the first sign of distress he starts pointing fingers at everybody else.

    More than anything it’s his double faced duplicity I can’t stand. He wants all the rewards without accepting any of the consequences.

  63. Carts

    Lads, Simeone is a top young manager, and I know it wouldn’t take something special to improve on our languid, archaic, style but please recognise that Simeone is famed for his exciting style of football.

    Yeah sure we’ll look a strong and lively team, but if you’re talking about pre-2010 style football then you’re mistaken. Same goes for Blanc’s style at PSG.

  64. OleGunner

    If we lose to Spurs Wenger will just cite mental strength and the next “big important game” against Hull in FA cup for the team to bounce back lol.

    Amidst all the fury and anger from fans he’ll know he is safe until 2017 and will molly coddle all his useless overpaid twat footballers, saying they are world class.

    It’ll push him closer to the brink of not getting a contract extension but naturally he won’t be replaced even at the end of this season.

  65. wenker-wanger

    Wenger’s statue would of once been gold, 8 years ago it would be bronze, 5 years ago clay, now its a turd. He’s destroyed his legacy. Knowing when to quit takes courage,balanced perspective and intelligence. Appears Wenger has none of these qualities. Fergie, for all his horrid demeaned, had the sense to quit when he was at the top of his career at man utd….its a shame that he’s taken millions of arsenal fans down with him, spiritually. Like a punchdrunk has-been he refuses to acknowledge he can’t compete anymore. Spurs may provide the final knock out blow.

  66. Bermy boy

    What is eating everyone’s guts from the inside out is they know the yanks don’t care about English tradition and Asswipe will ALWAYS have a job.

    Lik swallowing ah fuckin horse pill meant for the rectum…..yum yum.

  67. Jamal

    “Wenger’s statue would of once been gold, 8 years ago it would be bronze, 5 years ago clay, now its a turd. He’s destroyed his legacy.”

    Hahah this is spot on!

  68. izzo

    Sorry RT but Ospina is worse than Cech and I know how much you hate Cech but expect us to concede just as much or even more. Plus no Kos means an even shittier defense. No one to make last ditch tackles as we all saw how fucking Routledge walked through our defense. Spuds at home won’t lose. I don’t even see a draw. I see a defeat. Doesn’t matter whether its 1-0, 2-0, 201, 3-1, 6-0. The players are done. Season is done. I don’t see us winning another game save maybe Hull or mid april when we play Sunderland who would probably play out their skin to survive.

  69. wenker-wanger

    3-0 spurs or more will be enough to force the tosser out. Ex players will stick the knife in and that will be that.nowhere to hide with no excuses to hide behind. Finished.

  70. izzo

    I know some like to hang on to a glimmer of hope we could somehow win games but i don’t. This is the business end of the season. crunch time! the teams we have to play that are left all have something to fight for, they won’t be rolling over for us.

  71. Ishola70

    The powers that be at Arsenal would never employ Simeone because of his bad boy image.

    And yet Wenger misbehaves quite regularly on the touchline with hissy fits and let’s not forget his petulance when he refuses to shake opposition managers hands at the end of a match because he has lost a football match.

    But this is alright because he is known as a professor is educated and can speak fifty different languages.

    Simeone would be seen as a barrio boy in comparison.

  72. Red&White4life

    “Where is Diaby when you need him?”

    At the infirmary , as usual.
    Different club and country, same shit.

  73. Leedsgunner

    Forget about anybody worth signing wanting to play for Arsenal in the summer. After this pantomine if you were a young hungry talented player — would you want to play for Arsene?

    Arsene likes to boast that he isn’t afraid to sign big players and quality if the opportunity presents itself but what he forgets is that star players don’t want to go to a club in trouble… remember how Liverpool lost Suarez and Alexis…

    The truth is the longer this continues on, the world’s stars won’t want to play for us under Wenger. If we want the best players we need to show our intent by bringing in the best manager money can buy rather than keep throwing good money after bad in Wenger who is bankrupt of ideas.

  74. Joe

    The perfect storm is brewing!!

    Lose to the Spuds.

    Then lose to Hull.

    There will be no way back for the cunt

    No legacy. No statue.

  75. jwl


    I think we already reached point a while ago where proper world class players won’t want to play for us. Ozil, Sanchez didnt have choice really, we were biggest club willing to buy them while Cech wanted to stay in London apparently and he’s won bunch of medals so doesnt worry about winning trophies as other do.

    I dont believe le grove regulars are the only ones who notice our manager isn’t ambitious at all, prefers to build large bank balances than make serious effort to win league.

  76. Gooner63

    To TT

    “I would like to see a huge demonstration at the next home game with 50,000 plus Arsenal supporters chanting Wenger Out and then walking out.And I want to sleep with Jennifer Lawrence………Neither is gonna happen though.”

    You have more chance with Jennifer Lawrence….

  77. Negation

    “… but we know how this film plays out. Wenger is the master of never doing badly enough for it to be curtains. We’ll beat Spurs, which is would be an antidote for burning the Union Flag in most AFC fans eyes. Then he’ll string some games together. We’ll finish close. Then Arsenal fans will take solace in the warchest and say, ‘he’s smart enough to know what to do this summer, judge him in September’, and the cycle will begin again.

    Someone needs to break the cycle.”

    This is what needs to be stapled to the head of everyone still defending Wenger.

    I don’t care which position an individual or a group find themselves in, if they are not as high as they can possibly be — i.e., FIRST — being stuck in the same position time and time again is not satisfactory. Sports and the art of competition go hand in hand, so how can consistent complacency be encouraged?

    Nothing will change until fans boo they same way they did yesterday even when Arsenal win a match. How many decades of this magnetic-like attraction to fourth place — be it a pull from higher or lower positions — do fans need to see before they realise no progress is taking place?

    Diego Simeone. Just to see how much he’d torture the current group of players. He’d be so horrified by their lack of balls and aversion to hard work that he’d probably end up committing a crime in frustration. I bet 75% of them wouldn’t be able to keep up with the intensity of his personal yoga regime, talk less of getting them into mental shape as champion footballers.

  78. steve

    Too many spineless timid Araenalfans constantly giving Wenger the benefit of doubt so the status quo can continue. Pathetic.

  79. salparadisenyc

    Agree Pedro, last night felt like a long needed page somehow turned collectively. That second goal was a needle popping the Wenger balloon, he’s fully exposed. Absolutely past it, something many of us have seen for years which was not a feat when you put emotion aside. But it seems the support as a whole is coming to terms with that…. well maybe.

    If Wenger truly had the clubs best interests in care, he’d step aside this summer.

    I’ve no doubt his ego will get in the way, he’ll cling on riding this storm like so many past. With the Euro’s to distract us. He’s the perfect manager for StanK’s type ownership, so the decision is clearly his. I’ve been very guarded this season, trying not to get sucked up in rollercoaster that always falters, but it still stings.

    As Dan Ahern text “Total numbness has returned”. A very sad indictment.

  80. Ishola70

    Izzo -“I know some like to hang on to a glimmer of hope we could somehow win games but i don’t. This is the business end of the season. crunch time! the teams we have to play that are left all have something to fight for, they won’t be rolling over for us.”

    As Claude alluded to in his interview last night on this season EPL is a heap of shite. It’s poor. Look at this team and if they somehow stumble to a title and the previous title winners under Wenger. There is just no comparison between them.

    Wenger’s master plan seems to have been sustainability, keeping at the same sort of level and not pressing to really improve this team for years in the hope the other name clubs would regress and fall a level and this is what has happened this season. So his ploy has worked in one aspect. The other major main aspect though is actually to take advantage of such a situation. If he is incapable to do that then there is nowhere left to go for the man. Finished.

  81. Leedsgunner

    What was it golf great, Gary Player said? The more I practice, the luckier I get.

    If one fails to prepare one can hardly complain when that lack of preparation doen’t come off.

    Yes perhaps we were unlucky going forward but defensively we were stupid and the architects of our downfall. First goal we didn’t play to the whistle, expecting to be awarded a foul, second goal we left Williams unmarked.

    What do you expect?

  82. gambon


    I still think we could sign whoever we want.

    We’re London, we’re a big club, CL football……its all about paying the right salary and having the right ambition.

    With Wenger, neither will happen.

    We will always overpay injured and shit players, and underpay top players.

    Its the ambition thing that will never change under Wenger.

    Can you imagine him meeting with Lewandowski:

    “Robert, I have been tracking you for many years. I wish to build my team around you, you will be essential in our push for 4th place”

  83. Ishola70

    I don’t know why some of you guys refer to the FA Cup and Hull.

    You are giving this competition some sort of elevated status in keep referring to it and all it does is give Wenger some sort of life line if he wins it again.

    The FA Cup is a second rate competition and if he wins it yet again and fails in the EPL and CL then all it does is rubber stamp that he is not good enough at the top level. FA Cup is not top level trophy.

  84. Red&White4life

    “No legacy. No statue.”

    No statue really ?? So we won’t have the opportunity to shitting on it ??


  85. salparadisenyc

    Referring the FA cup has little to do with the competitions merit. What it is, is the perfect barometer of where Wenger is as a manager. Its all he can achieve.

    We lack the ability to win a competition over a two legged tie at 180 minutes. Regardless of opponent, Monaco is pretty good evidence to that.

    We lack the nous or consistency to carry it over a season, even if its the weakest league in memory. Wenger’s players will ALWAYS buckle when the petal hits the metal. Happens every season, we win when theres no big pressures.

    The Cup competition, one off winning over 90 minutes and riding the draw is the peak Wenger’s abilities.

  86. Joe

    Come on Spurss. Come on Hull

    Make the old twat lose his shit completely.

    Imagine the interview after we lose to Hull

    It would be comedy gold

  87. Rhys Jaggar

    ‘LeedsgunnerMarch 3, 2016 13:58:19 Leicester is not only leading the EPL table, they also made record profits!!! Now that is multi-tasking!’

    They made the record profits last season, just about avoiding relegation. Not this.

    Actually they needed to make those record profits to balance the humungous loss they recorded to get promoted from the Championship.

    So in the two years to summer 2015, they just about broke even. Got promoted. And escaped relegation by a late surge.

  88. Leedsgunner


    CL football? Are you sure mate? Not at the rate we are going. Man United, West Ham Liverpool — they will all fight us for fourth.

    You know what WEnger will say then… if by some miracle we manage to fight these clubs off and gather up 4th. He’ll pat himself on the back, and come out with some spiel of how he can’t really sign players until he’s sure we’ve qualified… then he won’t sign anyone and meekly say he tried. We all know how it goes by now.

    Notwithstanding he’s going to be doing colour commentary/punditry for Bein Sports during Euro 2016… another excuse to not do his day job properly.

  89. Voice of terror

    Wenger statue a turd, ha ha, I didn’t think anything would make me laugh today, well done.
    As for all these great managers being banded about it just ain’t going to happen, Stan, Josh and Lord Harris have never heard of them,the only announcement to expect is wengers new contract, they will enjoy showing their contempt for us.

  90. BillikenGooner

    Is it a coincidence that our team has been lackluster and unmotivated since it became apparent that Wenger wasn’t going to spend and reinforce the squad with actual quality?

    Cesc, RvP, etc left (in part) because they finally got fed up waiting, don’t be surprised if Ozil and Sanchez start packing their bags.

  91. Joe


    I hope Chelsea catch us. Never mind United.

    That would be the ultimate shot to the head of the cunt. His ego will be blown for good.

    And it will be the end

  92. Cesc Appeal

    Pro-Wenger on the radio, ‘people need to remember we’ve been without Wilshere all season.’

    Haha, f**k off.

  93. Mo

    Thing is though, even if Pep plus Ancelotti plus Mourinho plus whoever else we might want came in – with no changes at board level, and the same expectations set for the new manager “finish top 4, keep the $$$ coming in” – do we think it’ll actually make much difference?

    The problem is the level of expectation set on Wenger. Otherwise, he’d clearly have been sacked by now.

  94. Cesc Appeal


    It’s that classic thing, and its so true, when a player is out for a long period they are elevated to a Messi like station.

    Wilshere is ‘integral’ to our middle, agreed, if integral means ‘ rarely plays, rarely useful when he does and rarely contributes goals or assists,’ absolutely, if we’re applying the dictionary meaning, not so much.

    Same with Caz, as good as he is, he just the best of a shit show in the middle, people are talking like he solves our midfield issues, actually, its the £80 Million transfer budget that should have solved that.

  95. wenker-wanger

    Fans like those making excuses for our long term or current demise are and have been, missing the point.luck generally evens itself out, injuries are inevitable but can be minimised by sensible MANAGEMENT. The transfer window is available to all managers, again its good MANAGEMENT to buy the correct quality players for the correct positions that’s required for strengthening. Tactics are generally indicative of whether you get it right or wrong. Good managers get it right, I am absolutely sure Wenger doesn’t explain tactics against the opposition. His method is to give the players respect and responsibility to know what they need to do. Poor strategic MANAGEMENT. Tactics also covers substitutions and as demonstrated continually the manager replaces an effective player with an ineffective one.
    With so many aspects of poor management one wonders how we manage 4th place?. IMO, mainly we have one or two world class performers playing for their futures and putting themselves in the shop window. RVP , CESC, NASRI ( For half a season), Sanchez last season and possibly ozil will pull arsenal through to 4th this season. That’s how Wenger gets away with poor management every season.

  96. Cesc Appeal


    Except those managers have ambition, Wenger is backed with cash when he wants it, its just he wants to win the league adhering to his own ridiculous principles and he doesn’t want to heap pressure on himself by not having the out of having not spent, look how quickly he resorted to expenditure after the Old Trafford disgrace.

  97. Cesc Appeal


    Of course they didn’t, forbid Wenger is ever criticised by some, genuinely curious to see what these fans are like after Wenger goes.

    Pro-Wenger fans on the phone ins have just been ridiculed though, presenter saying ‘did you say that last year and the year before and the year before.’

  98. Cesc Appeal

    Why do journalists keep saying ‘Walcott is out of form.’

    This is Walcott, the surprise should come in the brief windows of a season he is in form, reverse onus completely.

  99. Santos

    When people keep asking you about proabale replacements, I think they are:

    1) Trying to wind you up
    2) Trying to test your knowledge of global football
    3) Afraid of embracing change and constantly denying reality.
    4) In strong belief that only Wenger can do a decent job, albeit having failed at the same point every season.

    When you don’t set strategies for the future, it will be hard for you align with the changing football environment. Just imagine how the big clubs will leave is behind next season. It is no joke. Usmanov should be piling pressure right now. He should be using the media to cause board unrest right now.

  100. Sandy

    It doesn’t matter whoor when Wenger is replaced- as long as Kronke owns the club and liar Gazidis is in plac e nothing will change.
    No decent manager will come to Arsenal when they know they will get limited transfer funds, be expected to continuously lie to the supporters and make sure Kronkes cash stream flourishes.
    Its Kronke that we need to target , we need to demonstrate seriously at the Emirates-the Liverpool fans showed what can be done to parasite owners if supporters get together.
    It looks grim right now and I don’t see any light at all other than I am convinced we will have another manager for next season unless by some miracle we win the league., but as I said above as long as Kronkite is there we will never compete.

  101. salparadisenyc

    ‘people need to remember we’ve been without Wilshere all season.’

    Jeez.. just comedy.
    Our midfield situation is so criminal from the standpoint of this past summer: Arteta, Rosicky, Wilshire, Flamini and Cazorla whom is likely injured from featuring in every game up to the point of injury.

    Thats 4x senior central mids out along with .5 Flamini. 3 of which have featured less than a collective 90 min all season. But lets sit on the cash and throw terms like cohesion and spirit about.

    Ya but lets sit on the money an

  102. Mr. J

    Two Points:

    1. Judging by Arsenal TV (probably not a good judge but hey), it seems that some of the fans that continue to go to the games – still seem somewhat deluded to me. Maybe its me, as I won’t spend a penny on AFC, (and I admire/marvel at those that do) – they seem yet still hopeful that somehow, this is our year and Wenger can lead the club to PL glory… perhaps if I spent my cash often at the expense of my family to go and show my support, then maybe I’d share that view… But I simply cannot and will not. Not until there’s change.

    2. Joel Campbell’s goal was actually very underrated. That was a clinical finish, which has gone largely unnoticed – for obvious reasons

  103. MidwestGun

    Ya… its basically pie in the sky stuff, well, if everyone was perfectly healthy and in top form…etc.. etc…Why you would bother to call in to a talk show with that theory based on our injury history tho is beyond me.

    Man I like Theo as a person and his 2-0 salute will always live in my mind as a famous moment, but resigning a striker to a huge contract who has never scored more then 14 goals in a season has to go on the long list of ridiculous, resigning of players over the years, along with Arteta and Flamini and others.

  104. Relieable Sauce

    Just heard a Man City say Wenger is a great tactical manager…!!!

    Thanfully the media are now calling these muppets out with their fantasties.


  105. Leedsgunner

    Pro-Wenger on the radio, ‘people need to remember we’ve been without Wilshere all season.’

    Right numbnuts, answer me this — whose decision was it to rely on him despite knowing he was injured? and sign not one outfield player?

    Would Jack have made one bit of difference when we played
    Barca at home where we lost?
    Bayern Munich away where we lost?
    Chelsea at home and away where we lost?
    Liverpool at home and away where we drew?
    Southampton away when we got thrashed?
    Norwich away when we drew?
    Stoke away when we drew?
    Tottenham at home when we drew?
    Man United away where we lost?
    Swansea at home where we lost?

    If you think Jack would have made a difference to the good in all those games, it’s not Jack you’re thinking of, it’s Iniesta… and sorry he’s not an Arsenal player.

    At best we will never know because he’s never fit enough to play.

    Is this what’s coming down to? Grasping at Jack’s unavailability as an excuse? Just don’t grasp at him too tight… he’ll break in your hands… 🙁

  106. kwik fit

    over ended done broken down broken up broken off over and done with kaput complete closed concluded decided full fucked settled stopped ceased compassed consummated discharged dispatched finalized finalised fulfilled lapsed terminated ended disposed done t over and done put into effect sewn up tied up wrapped up screwed!!!

  107. KANE

    Between them Giroud / Walcott / Sanchez have scored 22 premier league goals…

    Jamie Vardy has 19….


  108. Glassonion

    The only way things will change, until Wenger wants them to, is an empty stadium, boycoyy the games until thos prick is gone.