The end is nigh for Arsene Wenger

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When I penned my ode to Arsene yesterday, I felt quite bad. I thought it’d receive more of a backlash because I wrote it before an important game that could keep us in the title race. I was wrong. Why is that interesting? Because people agreed with what I said passionately. That’s never happened when I post something aggressive at pretty inappropriate time. Things are different now. Something has changed.

What didn’t change was the usual disappointment I feel when there’s a pressure game for Arsenal. I kind of had a feeling that last night would go the way of a disappointment. It always does. Swansea are a weird old bogey team. They always seem to bother us. I hoped they wouldn’t at home, without Montero, but my hope was in vain, we’re not made of the strong stuff and the losses against Barca and a sh*te United side were always going to take their toll on fragile minds.

Sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was barely disappointed. I was laughably defeatist. Like when you lose your front door keys, then you reach for you phone and drop it down the drain… then you turn to shrug at the man on the street and get hit by a bus.

On the face of it, looking at the ninety minutes without the searing emotion that’s running through my body right now, you could say we were unlucky. We created a bunch of chances, we rattled the woodwork 3 times and we were robbed for the first Swansea goal when Ozil was wrestled to the ground.

However, this fuck up we find ourself in now wasn’t made in one night. This has been a series of micro-shockers since Christmas. Score draw at Southampton, a loss at the Chavs, 3-3 at Liverpool, a score draw at Stoke. The gradual build up of weak micro-disappointments has us where we are now. As usual, the toll of a poor summer is now playing out, as bad preparation always does, in the final throws of a season.

Last night isn’t the problem. 12 years of this utter drivel is. This isn’t hot-headed fans losing their minds. This isn’t a financial problem. This a culmination of things Le Grove and many of you have known for years… our manager is past it. Waaaaaay past it.

The Swansea goal last night was a terrible refereeing decision, granted. But bloody hell, one loose ball in the middle and they can walk right through us with absolute ease? That’s not title-winning concentration. Their second goal, we’re fighting it out at the death and that dirty cross evades all our players? Horrendous communication and a complete lack of accountability. Wenger taking off Joel Campbell when he’s looking the most dangerous and motivated? I mean, our manager is world-class at making some of the most bizarre sub decisions… even more baffling he’d go rogue after the Flamini shocker last week.

Arsenal don’t have the guts.

People are blaming the players, but the guts come from the manager… because he buys those players. He molds them in his name. He makes them who they are.

That’s true of any leader. When you work under a douche, you don’t perform. Everyone knows this. When you work under a manager who you know isn’t fussed about perfection, your game slips. When you work under a manager who let’s shit go, you let shit go. Wenger built that team, it is a reflection of him and the reflection has been gutless one for twelve years now.

These players are great players. Look at how many bottlers leave us and win big things. We have one of the best teams in the league, you can’t doubt that. We have the best players in the top three by a long shot. But they’re not firing. World Cup winners, Champions League winners, players doing amazing things for their national teams… not quite up for it, when it’s all on the line.

That’s a Wenger problem. He’s not a good motivator of players. This much is clear. The silent team talk works when you have Tony Adams and Viera managing the clarion call. When you’ve a dressing room of meek middle class darlings, who is taking that role on? Why do we not have powerhouse characters in the dressing room?

Control. Wenger won’t have it. The man doesn’t even believe in a captain.

We’ve won 4 Premier League games since Christmas (1o games). I mean, we were on the cusp of greatness this year. Just 4 games. Can you believe that? How pathetic.

We can’t find the net. We’ve lost our discipline. Our confidence. Our drive.

Where did all that start? Ozil has been feeding Olivier Giroud for 3 years now. Wenger hasn’t found a better option than Giroud in 3 whole years. What does that tell you about his ability to recognise that one of his best pals Steve Rowley is a joke?

How about the defensive midfield role? Flamini and Arteta are our back ups!

How about when Wenger recognised what we all did last summer and bought a replacement DM he can’t use this season because he’s not good enough! I don’t mean to bang on, but we called that as well, because it was so obvious as it’d happened with Gabriel last year! Signing players from slow leagues is so f*cking stupid when you need now players who can contribute. But we let it go.

How about not recognizing that Santi Cazorla is one of our most important players in our setup, 31 years old and in physical decline… and leaving the squad with no direct replacement?

Were there no Santi replacements this summer as well as no strikers? Amazing how dry the well is for Arsene.

These things are so simple to recognise. What we’ve learnt together is that if I can see the gaps, you can see the gaps, pundits can see the gaps… there are probably gaps. The Arsene game of ‘insider secret vision’ died 10 years ago, or like Alex said, when he signed Kos. Which is a real shame if I’m honest.

So back to it, what did Wenger do this summer? He made one signing.

What have our issues since Christmas been? No Santi back-up. No one adequate to compete with Coquelin. A goal drought of epic proportions.

This is madness.

No, it’s not even a madness, because if you put a match (£157m) next to a madman (LVG), he’d light a fucking crazy fire (buy some players). What sort of crazy sits idly by and does nothing?

A man who truly believes doing nothing is the best option for progress. How can anyone tolerate that attitude… especially when it’s pervasive over 6 years!

The tipping point has come. The fans are finished with him. This manager has had plenty of faith. He lies about what he’s going to do. He never really learns his lessons. He continues to use us as his pet project. He shows no signs of giving up.

This resentment feels different… if we lose at the weekend. It could be curtains. If Spurs beat us. I think that could be the straw that breaks his will to carry on.

… but we know how this film plays out. Wenger is the master of never doing badly enough for it to be curtains. We’ll beat Spurs, which is would be an antidote for burning the Union Flag in most AFC fans eyes. Then he’ll string some games together. We’ll finish close. Then Arsenal fans will take solace in the warchest and say, ‘he’s smart enough to know what to do this summer, judge him in September’, and the cycle will begin again.

Someone needs to break the cycle.

It’s over. Even if this season ends in league glory. It’s over. We’re not progressing. Look at how much better Europe is than us. We’re sinking in a season of swirl, when stability should have seen us flourishing. Our players look like they’ve tapped out when they should be fighting. The fans are booing the manager, when they should be cheering him on.

We need a change. A fresh vision. A new direction.

Wenger has to go this summer. Time to move over. There are plenty of names that would jump at the chance to bring something exciting and motivated to the club.

… and look, I couldn’t be more careful about what I wish for. We are a mega club now, in part, thanks to Wenger, we’ll always rise to the top again. He helped build a greater Arsenal, now it’s time to hand it over to the man who can decorate the walls with modern glory.

Names to look out for, because the internet is incapable of thinking anyone else knows football:

Diego Simeone | Atletico

Martin Schmidt | Mainz

Tomas Tuchel | Dortmund

Jorge Sampaoli | Ex Chile

Frank De Boer | Ajax (WITH DB10)

Unai Emery | Sevilla

Laurent Blanc | Paris

Ronald Koeman | Southampton

Steve Bould | Arsenal Assistant

Valverde | Bilbao

Owen Coyle | Some club

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  1. MrT

    Arsene is a specialist in failure for sure. This is coming from a uberoptomistic Wenger respecting pragmatic fan.

  2. MrT

    We are damn too predictable we do the same thing all the time and expect a different result. It’s called madness.

  3. KenyanGooner

    The first and most important signing this coming window is a new manager.

    BTW are there any AKBs left in the goonerverse?

  4. LiamBrady'sLoveChild

    Frank De Boer (with Bergkamp in tow) would be a perfect replacement, let’s get it done!

  5. Simon McMahon

    For me I’d go for Low I think he’s a great tactician who will get the players fired up and interested !
    By the way you know today the amazing communication department will come out with one of their favourite stories !
    1. The fabled Warchest
    2. Be careful what you wish for if wenger leaves the usual Real Madrid offered Wenger a job 12 years ago !
    3. And my favourite the players are taking over snap chat !!!

    Wenger out , The Wig out , the lying snake Ivan out ! Tricky DIcky Law out !
    Let’s have our great club back ,
    Afc since 1886 not 1996 !

  6. Spanishdave

    It’s amazing even after what’s happening it’s not his fault. One fan last night said his family were threatened by an AKB because he dared to say Wenger out.
    He has religious followers brain washed into thinking we cannot live without him.
    It’s unreal

  7. Simon

    A score draw at Soton, Pedro!? More like a 4-0 pumping!
    We’ve won 2 PL away games since 1st November last year, and these were at Villa and Bournemouth. 2 victories in more than 4 months.
    It’s coming down heavy on the greedy control freak and it couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke. Watching the death throes of Wenger is going to be painful but very satisfying.

  8. Wengers plastic bottle

    Let’s admit it season was over when we drew at Liverpool we have been even worse since then.

    No tactics
    No leaders on or off the pitch
    The only way Wenger leaves if that guy stress hits him hard.

    The stadium full of twats booing why not say Wenger out! Dicks

  9. EmanAFC

    I don’t even see gooners angry on twitter anymore. Just this sad, disappointed feeling. We’re resigned to our fate. Only we can get Wenger out is when it really hurts the club where it matters – financially.

  10. Spanishdave

    The team have caught Wengeritis which is a mixture of delusion and being a looser . His acceptance of 4th is in the players heads

  11. Fertzy

    Spot on. When you work under a manager who coddles you when you’re injured for most of the season, and even gives you a pay rise, then you repay him by just being happy to be on the pitch , showing no fight or motivation to actually do your best.

  12. Matt

    What a great read. Every single point you brought up is spot on. It’s like one big circle that is not going to break. Wenger won’t leave and the board won’t sack him. A lot of fans aren’t happy. It’s about time we we make ourselves heard on match days and pressure Wenger to leave just like other teams do with their manager. I really don’t care that he’s been there for 20 years anymore. He’s lost it and it’s as simple as that therefore he needs to leave. We, the media, pundits need to make that clear to put pressure on him and the club.

    We need someone like a Someone or Mourinho who wouldn’t let the history phase them (unlike Moyes). We need someone who will come in fighting and transfer that to the players. Our team is good enough to win the title, we just need a manager who can motivate the team massively.

    I will not be watching the NLD on Saturday as I need a little break from this circus.

  13. bob

    The point is that Wenger will never be Sack Doing Good OR bad win league or not relegate or not he will never be sack

  14. wenker-wanger

    The only akbs left must be Chelsea and spud fans working their strategy to keep him at the club to Weaken one of their rivals. These are dark times on the pitch for arsenal, but now with every defeat springs hope for the future. Spurs losing to west ham will have them pumped up even more to beat us. Wenger could walk after a resounding defeat. Bould to see out the rest of the season, and hopefully the start of a new era without the great bungling idiot in charge.

  15. shad

    Hahahaha…finally the tide has turned. Spu*rs will tank us and then the chickens will really come home to roost.


  16. Wallace

    we had a shocking November, and we’ve been pretty ropey since Christmas…i’m kinda amazed we’re still in 3rd.

    apparently Spurs were showing signs of the pressure getting to them last night…Saturday could be fascinating in a bad way.

  17. Colin Decoteau

    I saw supporters at the game but herd little support for the team if the fans are so unhappy then in my humble opinion a united voice for him to go should start on the terrace with banners surely thats your wright

  18. gambon

    We had a dog when i was a kid. It was an absolute athlete, one of the quickest most powerful animals ive ever seen, absolutely formidable.

    My mum called me when i was 25 and no longer living at home and the dog was in trouble.

    His legs had gone, he was frail and could barely move. It was sad to see such a beast of a dog so fucked up.

    He was dead by the end of the day.

    This is what Arsene has become.

    Hes on his last legs.

    The players know it, hence they cant be bothered to perform.

    The fans have now certainly accepted it.

    Just put him down.

  19. Wallace

    I genuinely thought once Coquelin & Alexis returned and had a few games to find their rhythm our results would pick up. hasn’t happened. Welbeck’s return has been the lone positive recently, and I think with Cazorla not due back for another month the decision to wait on Wilshere’s return back in the summer looks like one of the bigger errors. if he had come back around Christmas time maybe we deal with Cazorla’s absence better. Wenger’s gambled on that and it’s backfired.

  20. wenker-wanger

    £8000000 a year for THAT ! …… The football world surely is the craziest sickest business that’s in a category of its own. How he has fooled so many so-called experts, players and fans for so long is a mystery that has no answer. Results should be the yardstick, but even a catalogue of hammerings like 8-2, 6-0 and others don’t appear to have had too much of a damaging effect on his reputation. This time its different. Nothing riles arsenal fans like the spuds being top dog in north London. Poor results maybe ignored,but the spud domination, (however temporary), is going to be Wenger’s downfall.

  21. Dream10


    It seems Jack Wilshere has been “three weeks away” for a long while now.
    Still don’t understand how he’ll get an extension until 2021 with an increase
    in wages. Talk of Sanchez getting something close to 200k a week in his next
    contract. Undeserved for both of them.

  22. Wallace

    “For 45 minutes Spurs were out-Poch’d, harried and nibbled away at all over the pitch by a furiously motivated, physically imposing home team.

    So high was the West Ham press that twice in the opening 50 minutes Hugo Lloris was almost driven back through his own six-yard box by a scuttling claret and blue demon.

    Spurs recovered to come pouring over the ramparts again, pushing their opponents back in a spell after half-time during which they could have scored at least twice. Too late, though. The plan still seems straightforward: keep on running, keep on playing that push-and-sprint football, the clarity of Pochettino’s approach an advantage in itself as the season narrows.

    Here, though, they looked for the first time a little anxious, a team for whom the corollary of playing with freedom because you’ve never been in this position before is the fact that – hang on a second – you’ve never actually been in this position before.

    There will be many more occasions like this from here, starting with a north London derby this weekend that – a quick scan of the rules confirms – it won’t actually be possible for both teams to lose simultaneously no matter how hard they try.”

    – Barney Ronay

  23. Wallace


    Sanchez has been woeful recently, but you know not scoring is killng him. once he gets one, and he has to get one soon, he’ll be okay, i think.

  24. Thank you and goodnight

    I’m loving watching the old cunt being made to look like a mug. As I’ve said before the cunt reminds me of my old man with his arrogance and stubbornness.

  25. tomb

    What a pitiful display last night was. No leadership on and off the field.
    We could spend all the “warchest” and nothing would change.
    We need a motivator somebody to fire up these players. They are sleep walking to 4th if we are lucky.

  26. chris

    The only way Wenger will leave is if HE says so. That’s how bad it is. Kroenke would not know a football from a water melon and is only interested in the business numbers

  27. Shaun Wilson

    The most fucked up thing is that if we beat Spurs and gain some momentum we could still be in with a shout. Personally I hope that Spurs beat us and Leicester win the title than us having to put up with the sad sham of a manager that Wenger has become for any longer.

  28. Hitman49

    I have been coming on here what 8/9 years most of us have been WOBs, not to go against the grain but because we cared.
    Yes about a club we loved and took abuse from other fellow supporters but our number have growing,and it’s now down to us to force the diaries hand !
    Because if we don’t this will just continue if we luck a result on Saturday…all will be forgiven..! Really ? Will it.
    Not fir me it wont.

    So what do we plan to do ?

  29. prolix

    Btw Ramsey has no place in the team. He’s not a DM, not creative enough to play the Santi role, and not as good as Mesut. Bye!

  30. wasiu

    thank God I did not bother myself to watch the heartbroken match because I
    already knew what will happen. for me I don’t see any world class player playing for arsenal apart from these trio (Peter cech, ozil & kos) the rest are bench warmer in any big team in the top 5 league and I don’t blame them because the coach brought them so all arsenal need now is a change of coach

  31. Wallace

    there aren’t any Vieira’s, but a Xabi Alonso/Roy Keane alongside Coquelin would improve things pretty significantly right now.

  32. augie

    I have been a “wenger out” advocate for a long, long time now and I would say that the reason we are still having to endure this senile old fool, is because too many sheep are living in the past and support the man and not the club. Now those chickens are coming home to roost – the players are far from blameless, but a manager like simeone (our club would NEVER hire him) would light a fire under them and we would at least see passion for players who don’t seem to care.
    Where we go from here is what is important now – the fans have got to take the responsibility now and force change cos there is nobody on the board that will recognise the need for change, and even if they did see it, they haven’t the balls to get rid of wenker. The fans need to be more vocal and more organised in their anger – fans of the victims were not afraid to walk out after 77 minutes and nor were they afraid to protest against Rodgers. Fans of manure were not afraid to organise a plane to fly over old shatford demanding moyes be replaced – why are we unwilling to do what is necessary ? Too many middle class arseholes claiming that it isn’t The Arsenal Way ? What exactly is the Arsenal way ? I know that it isn’t what it used to be when I started supporting the club 40 years ago. Back then we had class but now we have a manager and team that continue to make excuses and blame others for their own weaknesses. We have a club that is only interested in generating money and profits. We have a club that is not driven to win trophies and that message has seeped down from the board and the manager right to the players.

    Enough is enough……..wenger has to go

  33. Thank you and goodnight


    I think they could offer both mesut and Sanchez 300k a week and they won’t stay….like RVP before them they’ve realised wenger is a joke.
    I was never one of those that slated RVP and fully understood his decision to leave. In fact it was very brave of him and honestly refreshing to have a player come out and speak from the heart as opposed to being wheeled out to talk shit to the fans and tow the party line.

  34. petrovic

    Superb post, of all the posts I have read over the years this post is the most accurate and succinct, great stuff.wenger the liar out!!

  35. wenker-wanger

    I also need to praise Pedro on what is a very crystal clear assessment of the club under Wenger at this point in time. Great post and one worthy of a much wider audience.

  36. Red&White4life

    Sorry Pedro, I would like to believe that “the end is nigh”, but I truly think that you’re far from being the truth.

  37. Mr. J

    Thank you and goodnight
    March 3, 2016 09:03:54

    Have to agree with you here.

    Couldn’t understand how fans couldn’t/can’t see this. You can talk about how he went about it and all that, but I don’t at all.

    Just think how easy it would be for arsenal to have been a real force in the PL – just a little ambition in any of the last 12 years could have seen us with multiple titles… and non was shown.

    Just think back to playing in school and you’ve had to pick that useless guy who you knew, if you put it on a plate for him, with garnish, he’d contrive to mess it up!! Well RVP had a whole team of guys like that… with the biggest of them all being the manager.

    RVP had enough and engineered a move away… then won the league.

    I honestly enjoy watching Wenger get embarrassed… it just makes my day!

    Usually it never gets too bad so he ends up getting away with it… but I’m hopeful this year.

    I’m willing Spurs to have a field-day. Then West Ham, Barca and Hull too. I want the atmosphere sooo toxic at the emirates (and away) that there is no excuse to hold on to.

    And you know what… he would’ve bought it all on himself.

  38. gnarleygeorge9


    Arsene Wenger has attempted, over the last 12 years, to do what Claudio Ranieri is on the brink of achieving. We are currently seeing Wengers vison played ou,t but not by Wenger. Leicester is what winning the Title, via a good frugal footie eye looks like, now Arsene should piss off. Its done!

    Now get off your Arses Board & Co, or you will lose your subjects.

  39. manoel

    Mourinho was absolutely right when he said Wenger is a specialist in failure. It’s pretty obvious, the picture is so clear for all to see. Come on arsenal fans we need to do something now and stop accepting mediocrity. #wenger out!!!

  40. Thank you and goodnight

    I fucking detest the man for what he’s doing to our club. FUCK OFF wenger and take the board and owners with you. Fucking losers the lot of them. Reason wenger didn’t want Usmanov was because he would of been under pressure. Scum.

  41. Red&White4life

    “If Spurs beat us. I think that could be the straw that breaks his will to carry on.”

    With the “luck” we have, I’m prety sure we will not lose lol

    But I swear that I will burn some candles and pray for a huge defeat on saturday, enough is enough.

  42. Billy Coleman

    On a positive note, this might not be a groundhog day season after all. Like an alcoholic the club needs to hit rock bottom for reality to kick in. Finishing outside the top 4 would be a start. I know that could be viewed as some form of ‘Arsenal Treason’ but a major negative event needs to happen to stimulate change. Yanks only understand the dollar so Kronke needs his wallet hit badly………………..

  43. daz

    To more names to add would be Bilic and pochettino, I’ve admired Bilic for a while thought he did really well with Croatia motivation certainly wouldn’t be an issue under him, and unlikely but how good would it be to steal spuds manager from under their nose

  44. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I will take Carlo Ancelotti, thank you. Man definitely knows what he’s doing.

    It’s nice to see that Pedro has taken his time to write up a succinct and appropriate assessment of wha truly ails Arsenal. It’s really never been about the players because they really are only an extension of their Manager.

    What do I want? No want for Wenger to do one thing and one thing only – accept responsibility for the failings of his team. Don’t fault referees,. Don’t fault players. Don’t fault anyone. Finally, please accept and admit your failings and leave.

  45. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Saturday result irrelevant as to wether the cunt goes or not..

    Those who own only see profit need rather than goal nets.

    An now the greedy bastards want to be more greedy.

    Face it arsenal FC is dead

    Arsenal plc live an kicking
    But not footballs..

  46. Majestic gooner

    Posted this earlier in yesterday’s , we are now the laughing stock of the football world thanks to one man, my manc friend just sent me this joke saying if wenger was leading the Israelites, they would have spent 40years in the wilderness and still ended up in Egypt. Painful but true.

  47. Biggles

    There’s a lot of people on here who actually hate Wenger. As in, actively want bad things to happen to another human. I think that’s over the top and I don’t feel that way. But I do want him gone.

    The sad thing is, I liked his principles and his vision for the first ten years. Wining the double twice, making the Champions League final… it all looked like it was working. But losing to Barca that night in Paris should have been the end. That should have been the point he decided to quit and keep his dignity. If he’d said “I did my best guys, I don’t think I can take the lads any further” we’d all have stood back and said he was our best manager ever. Nobody knows what would have happened in those ten years either, maybe we’d have slipped to mid-table mediocrity like Liverpool. But I could have lived with that.

    What I can’t hack is the Edge of Tomorrow approach that Wenger has adopted since. Every day is the same one, lived over and over again. Failure to sign keeper, failure to sign keeper, failure to sign keeper, failure to sign keeper, failure to sign keeper, failure to sign keeper. Failure to sign striker, failure to sign striker, failure to sign striker, failure to sign striker. Failure to sign DM, failure to sign DM, failure to sign DM, failure to sign DM, failure to sign DM.

    The difference between Arsenal and the movie is that Tom Cruise learns from his mistakes and gets further up the beach every time. Wenger on the other hand is resigned to his fate and just stands about waiting to get killed by an alien. Every time.

    Those principles and that vision which was once something that we could buy into is now the millstone round our necks.

  48. Chris

    “… but we know how this film plays out. Wenger is the master of never doing badly enough for it to be curtains. We’ll beat Spurs, which is would be an antidote for burning the Union Flag in most AFC fans eyes. Then he’ll string some games together. We’ll finish close. Then Arsenal fans will take solace in the warchest and say, ‘he’s smart enough to know what to do this summer, judge him in September’, and the cycle will begin again.”

    Staple those words on the forehead of any fan who thinks we are overreacting.

    Diego Simeone. Just for the torture the players would go through. El Cholo would be so horrified by their overall lack of spirit, he’d probably overreact and flog one of them to death. I bet half the players wouldn’t be able to keep with the man’s yoga routine.

  49. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Nice point

    However it’s his willingness to admit his errors that. Make him hated.

    He is an insidious fucker whose only interest is to gain self profit of millions.

    I believe him to be a really nasty stain on the club.

    I want him out the club any way possible.

  50. Merson's Tonic

    Diego Simeone would be ideal to take over. He is will fire up teh players and ensure the soft passive culture at Arsenal will come to an end. We need a complete refresh. I would like to see some of our invincibles return to the managament set up. Get Bergkamp, Henry and Pires involved like Utd have done in recent years with Giggs and Neville brothers. You need a change now. Wenger is the wrong man to steer or motivate the team.

  51. Zoran

    “We could spend all the “warchest” and nothing would Change”
    Even if he had the whole Barca Team we would still fight to the 4th.
    Both the cunts, French and Yankee, has to go.

  52. Thank you and goodnight


    Spot on. It’s why I loathe the man. If he had the balls to admit his failings and errors I could forgive him as to err is human. But his arrogance, stubbornness and condescending manner makes me loathe and detest him with a passion. So yes sorry but I wish him nothing but pain ( in the mental sense not physical).

  53. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    To an ex tent you can’t blame stan.

    He was sold the dream by wenger of what was possible !

    In some ways wenger has achieved that , top 4 constantly earning profit ?
    Why would stAn disagree with wenger ?

    Problem is all the energy has gone from the pitch an into the marketing room where greater goals are big contracts to to club to endorse rather than to win major trophies .

    Biggs picture with wenger we will be extinct in top European football in 5 years

    We will hVe the third biggest ground in london only 2/3 full.

  54. EdKurtic

    Wenger never thought Arsenal will be in with chance to win title this season. He simply overlooked possibility that both Mancs and Chavs will underperform this season. He, and his players are totally unprepared for title fight,and that’s because he and them didn’t anticipate any.

    I was there last night, it was abysmal, gutless performance by group of players clearly scared to fight for title. That is all down to manager.

    Also, I’ve heard Wenger refer to Arsenal the other day as ‘My Club’. That senile old useless fool is going nowhere, I’m afraid.

    You can also laugh at me, but there is a manager capable and ready to take AFC to next level, and his name is Mark Warburton.

  55. Spanishdave

    After last nights debacle, there are still many looking for blame other than Wenger. He really has built up a cult following that refuse to see any wrong in him.
    Being at the club so long has meant that thousands of supporters have never known what another manager can be like. They fear change as if we could be any worse.
    The club is in a rut and is now rotting .

  56. shad

    Wenger’s mistakes cannot even be catalogued in a single post but he is an absolute nutter. Yesterday was when the Emirates had a sustained aura of toxicity especially after the Campbell sub.
    Problem is we don’t know what straw will eventually break the camel’s back. Wenger is too proud to fall on his own sword unless fans make his position untenable, because the fucking board won’t fire the money maker.
    Will it be Spurs or Leicester winning the league over us? Or altogether falling out of the top 4? Fans mutiny at home & away games? Pizzagate?
    Anything to make him leave please.

  57. Micheal

    Two overwhelming issues for me:

    1. We never learn. How can any team expect to develop and progress if we keep making the same mistakes, season in, season out. I won’t repeat the blindingly obvious failures because we all know.

    2. The current squad has some very good players. They did not become bad players when they walked through the door at The Emirates. The simple fact is that Wenger can no longer motivate them.

    Conclusion ? Wenger must go.

  58. Mr. J

    I you want to know why so many wish ill on Wenger (hopefully just professional ill – agreed I don’t exactly want the guy to meet an untimely death, famine or pestilence or alike), below are 10 things most hated in human beings.

    You tell me, how many you can find in Wenger?

    Arrogant– (Meaning = unpleasantly proud and behaving as if you are more important than, or know more than, other people).

    Rudeness – (Meaning = not polite; offensive or embarrassing)

    Domineering – (Meaning = inclined to rule arbitrarily or despotically; overbearing; tyrannical: domineering parents).

    Dishonesty – (Meaning = not honest)

    Temperamental – (Meaning = describes someone whose mood tends to change very suddenly)

    Conceited – (Meaning = Holding a high opinion of yourself)

    Unreliable – (Meaning = cannot be relied or depended upon)

    Dependent – (Meaning = relying on someone or something else for aid, support, etc).

    Pessimism –(Meaning = the tendency to see, anticipate, or emphasize only bad or undesirable outcomes, results, conditions, problems, etc)

    Condescending – (Meaning = showing or implying a usually patronizing descent from dignity or superiority).

  59. Pendrey

    He will never leave, we have all done something wrong in previous lives and our karma is to suffer Wenger.

  60. Carts

    Good post, Pedro.

    It’s on top for Wenger right now – that’s if you’ve tuned in from summer 2015.

    But it’s been on top for him since 2011 – if that as far back one is willing to go back. I’d say 2010, but 2011 resonates cos of those half a dozen signings. Park, Benayoun and Santos…anyone? These were signings Wenger made and took us to OT to get rattled for 8

    But even when these things were highlighted (I wasn’t posting here that far back) here and in other forums, we were instantly branded as gloomers.

    I mean, Akb’s were happy that we simply spent, but didn’t take time to look at things objectively,with regards to who we spent on.

    But I’m guessing Moh (from Arsenal TV) and Emiratestroller will tell you that those signing were made by the board, right? or that the problem run higher up the food chain to the board.

    Are we forgetting that Wenger, way before Gazidis, has Kroenke’s ear. There is no board. Those so-called board member are sitting ducks. And have absolutely no input from any perspective.

    Right now, how we’re only 6 point off of top is mind boggling. Spurs on Saturday won’t be easy. I’ll be in the stands for that – Spurs end though.

    Wenger needs to save the “I always honour my contract” bollocks and leave at the end of the season. That dressing room is going through the motions and demotivated. We lose on Saturday…and Utd and City win then it really will be trouble.

  61. Cloggs

    He will never leave, we have all done something wrong in previous lives and our karma is to suffer Wenger.


  62. Red&White4life

    “What I can’t hack is the Edge of Tomorrow approach that Wenger has adopted since. ”
    Ah ah ah!! Very nice movie by the way!!

  63. Ashburton Patriot

    So finally went to my first game at the emirates… I dont regret it as ireally wanted to get afeel for the atmosphere at this moment in time.
    the view is magnificent, however, it must be an awful place to play. every mistake met with boos and groans, but why wouldn’t they be?

    Watching arsenal fuck up on tv is one thing, watching them in the ground is another. you can see the whole pitch, the pitiful lack of energy. the amount of times our forwards could have made runs when we had the ball in deep. The amount of players stood in the box when were busy doing one-twos with ourselves in the corner with 5 minutes to go. its shambolic.

    When that second goal went in all the atmosphere was sucked away, it was just pure silence, never really heard anything like that before.

    couldn’t help but thinking though “is this what we left Highbury for?”

    safe to say i wont be going back there this season (to save money of course) but it was quite a poignant experience.

    something needs to change in this club soon though. I don’t believe the fans can take much more.

  64. Cesc Appeal

    Most journalists are actually saying the most likely thing to happen is a new deal for Wenger until 2019…the club really has descended into a total joke.

    They do no give a fuck about the fans.

    In the next couple of seasons they deserve everything they get, and so does that pig Wenger if he signs on, he will drown in this league the way its going to change over the next couple of seasons.

    Guardiola, Pochettino, Klopp, Mourinho back and then a Chelsea boss out of Simeone/Allegri/Conte, the EPL swimming in money whilst Wenger still tries to do his whole ‘resistant to modern ways…I’m so smart’ routine.

    I said in the summer, when everyone in the top five divisions in Europe buys players and you don’t you are either the smartest guy in the room or a total moron.

    We’ve got our answer.

  65. Danish Gooner

    Like a mad dog,we will be put out of our misery by saturday !!!!! Bet on it and it will be an embarrassing scoreline or as wenger says “an accident”.

  66. Raymie

    Firstly there is no absolute dictum that says AFC have to do well, but there is a great tradition in this club which first drew me to it as far back as 1950, when I saw them beat Liverpool 2-0 in the Cup Final on a small b& w TV. I fell in love there and then. Now it’s groundhog day. The same poor results, Pedro’s passionate demand for AW to go, but such is the inertia that I fear he will only go when carried out feet first. Hunger is the key word. Speaking as an oldie myself, with a career in TV, you need that hunger and energy to keep a team up there with the best and this is clearly fading for the manager. I know it’s tricky to find a replacement for somebody who has made great contributions to the club but the evidence is there. Most managers would have been sacked after the 8-2 licking by Man U. but the decline has been so obvious that action is needed now, with a view to reinventing this iconic club as a world leader in football

  67. Danish Gooner

    Allegri at Juve are on 2 mil pounds a year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wenger outscores him by 7 mil,laughable.

  68. Carts

    I will never forget this article, damning indictment of Wenger’s perpetual lies and arrogance.

    “We are never afraid to take a gamble,” Wenger said. “What you forget is we have bought players. We have bought Gervinho, Chamberlain, Jenkinson, Miyaichi and you will see during the season they are top-quality players. But at the moment we have to give them some time.

    “We will buy. People feel I’m stubborn, I’m not, I just want to do the best for the team and to buy the right players. If I have shown one thing in the last 15 years, it’s that I have brought good players here. We will bring experienced players. But people just say ‘buy’ but it’s to buy the right player which is difficult.”

    That summer 2011 we signed: Santos, Mertesacker, Benayoun et al ( you know the fucken rest). We lost Cesc to Barcelona.

    However, pay attention to the the previous summer, which imho, sealed Cesc’s fate: we signed Squilacci, Kos, Chamakh, Lehmann.

    Now someone please tell me how the fuck Wenger thought that those two summers were sufficient enough to mount any kind of challenge. Oh but wait, it’s the board, right? When people do their research they quickly realise that Wenger didn’t have a Director of Football like Comolli, do bring bundles of shit into the club.

    Wenger is on record saying that he doesn’t/wouldn’t like a DoF on board – and this is to lessen the work load. Even if Wenger retained veto power over a DoF then at least Wenger could focus on developing Arsenal.

    Instead he wants absolute power; then when things go wrong he say “yeah but look at Utd and all that oil money”. Wtf does that have to do with the price of fish, though?

  69. Danish Gooner

    Silent stan gives dog shit about Arsenal,if they win or lose i doesnt matter ,as long as in the end he earns his 3 mil consultancy fee,the perfect owner for Arsene.Arsenes `s health is very good so he can go on till he is 80 or 85.

  70. Micheal

    Do Grovers also see the similarity with that slug Mourinho at Chelsea during the first half of the season ?

    Chelski’s form was wofeul because the players clearly did not want to play for him.

    Result ? Maureen gets sacked, Hiddink comes and the club is turned round. They may even beat us to 4th if things continue unchanged,

    Watching Arsenal today is like watchig Chelski before Christasmas.

  71. Danish Gooner

    When you listen to his prezzies he alwys says “My club” but it is not our club ,it is the fans.

  72. Paulinho

    “I genuinely thought once Coquelin & Alexis returned and had a few games to find their rhythm our results would pick up. hasn’t happened. ”

    I tried to tell you if wouldn’t make any difference.

    It’s not about who is actually playing for us. When you see Ramsey barely being able to run – yet know if we were ten points behind the leaders he would be rampaging around like Thompson’s Gazelle – then you know personnel makes zero difference.

    Cazorla will come back when it’s all over in April – look great and inject spark into our play – and people will say “that’s what we missed”, if only he was there back in February. When if he was fit in Feb/March he would’ve been as bad as the rest of them.

  73. Nairobi gooner

    I was watching the game at my pub, with a manc Co worker, the bastard was so certain that we would mess up, that he put on a bet on swansea to win just before the game started…just to prove his point. I left the pub when he started to buy shots for every manc, with his winnings. I had to call in sick today…thanks again Wenger, for the stadium, our style of play, war chest, etc. But it’s about time you left, and we move on.

  74. Paulinho

    “We have bought Gervinho, Chamberlain, Jenkinson, Miyaichi and you will see during the season they are top-quality players.”

    All absolute shit.

  75. Danny

    The end is nigh for Arsene Wenger
    Wishful thinking Pedro!
    This is what will happen:
    We get top 4 this season and next – Stan offers him a new 3 year contract at 9 million a year and poor old Arsene feels he just has to accept.

  76. Carts

    “All absolute shit.”

    I could see that when rumourmill was working overtime. Wenger is deluded.

    He is a compulsive liar. But wait…it’s the board

  77. Danny

    Score draw at Southampton, a loss at the Chavs, 3-3 at Liverpool, a score draw at Stoke……
    Score draw at Southampton? 4 -0 wasn’t it Pedro?

  78. diabyearnshownuch

    Thanks Mr Wenger, you just saved me £3000. no way am I renewing my season tickets for next year………. the end has arrived for my lemming lifestyle.

  79. Paulinho

    I’m glad Spurs and Leicester are dropping points. It means we’re still in with a chance, and means the players can’t drop back into their fourth place comfort zone they so desperately want to cling to. Only then will they start playing of course.

    If Spurs and Leicester stay close to us we could conceivably not win a game until late April.

  80. Red&White4life

    In other news : Diaby is… injured – again lol
    H still didn’t play a game for Marseille yet

  81. Dissenter

    Are we allowed to say that the last two outfield players we signed are band average.
    Gabriel is not Arsenal quality and he will never be even be if you implant the Oxford English dictionary on his brain.

    Elneny is so bad that he can’t be trusted to replace a dog shite Ramsey and Flamini.

  82. diabyearnshownuch

    yep, a pair of seats in the north bank upper……it’s turned into an insipid bland hovel of resigned sadness.

  83. champagne charlie

    Penny has started to drop Re: some of the overhyped players in the squad.

    Coquelin: was awful again yesterday and was walked past for the first goal.
    Ramsey: his passing/ball retention is West ham level at a push.
    Theo: better than sterling they said. Stupid as fuck I said.
    Bellerin: good prospect, but criminal for him to be the nailed on RB. Poor final ball and questionable defending that gets saved often by pace.

    The middle of our pitch is the worst I’ve seen it for years. Cazorla crocked in November and our record since has been dire. He was the band-aid working overtime to cover the lack of quality in coquelin, Ramsey etc.

    All at the feet of Wenger. Barca had Neymar and Messi but paid 65mil for Suarez to get better. Wenger said we can’t buy benzema because we have Giroud who is a great player. Our ambition wrapped in delusion starts at the top of the club.

  84. Carts

    “In other news : Diaby is… injured – again lol
    H still didn’t play a game for Marseille yet”

    He played a cup game for Marseille a few weeks back, I’m almost certain of it.

    But there you go, a player we kept on, and Wenger even has the audacity to mention a pay as you play deal. Unfuckenbelievable

  85. Dissenter

    Breaking news

    Stan Kroenke’s sent a text to Wenger in the 57th minute just before he pulled off Campbell.
    Apparently Kroenke’s didn’t like Campbell’s goal celebration.

    It was Kroenke’s fault that we lost yesterday after all.

  86. Dissenter

    How does anyone expect Bellerin to get any better.
    There’s no competition.
    I’ve always insisted he should have been made to compete with Dubuchy. It doesn’t excuse Dubuchy’s pig-headedness but I can’t fault a player who hates to sit on the bench.

  87. S Asoa

    If you work under a douche
    You become an arsehole
    Bend down AKB and take it in
    Glorifying a fraud masquerading in image of club you are rubbing it in

  88. Jonraid

    Nice sweet post Pedro.

    Arsenal is so weak that I lost the will to fight for the first 4 positions this entire week. I see that DM is tapping out too…

    God help us.

  89. Arsene's Nurse

    Cech with a calf muscle injury will miss Saturday’s derby. No idea how long he may be out for.

  90. Cesc Appeal

    Who would people want in place of Wenger, obvious choice would be Simeone, but outside of that, what are people thinking?

    Not expecting it to happen, just out of curiosity.

  91. Carts


    Don’t insult West Ham, please.

    You think Ramsey gets into that current team? lol stahhhhp it!

    The guy, yeah Ramsey, how he hasn’t been dropped is unreal. I suppose it highlight our limitation in the squad.

    But wait, we signed a quality played in Elneny, cos after all, Wenger only signs quality.

    He’s been singning the “top quality” lyric since we signed top quality Miyaichi, Ox , Jenko, Benayoun and Santos.

    **Quick look over there…BLAME THE BOARD

  92. Bamford10


    “I think Wenger has actually hampered Ramseys progression”

    Absolutely. Ramsey has tons of technical ability. What he lacks is discipline, maturity, seriousness and intelligence. If he had been playing under a real manager, he would be a much, much better player right now. A Simeone would not allow him to play in such a careless, undisciplined, self-absorbed way. Some of his giveaways last night were simply shocking — especially for a player with his talent.

    Wenger is a disaster. He is terrible even at the things people imagine he’s good at, such as developing players.

    Look at the names below and ask yourself: how much have these players developed under Wenger?

    Theo Walcott
    Aaron Ramsey
    Jack Wilshere

    The answer is they have developed little, if at all, under Wenger.

  93. Carts

    So is the same Cech that won’t even go to bed without his lid on, coming up for a corner?

    Let that sink in for a minute.

    Cech, who wears a lid cos of the psychological scarring from his head injury is going to come up for a corner and…wait for it…challenge for a head? Love that!

    I’ve seen custard run quicker that Cech’s attempted run back up field.

    Ladies and gentlemen, that’s how he pinged his calf.

    Fucken twat.

  94. Carts


    Who better for Bellerin to learn off of than Sagna. But noooo, we can’t give Sagna what he want cos….1 sec…

    ….fuck me, we’ve got Feo on £140k, Ramsey £100k, Giroud £120k…

    …sorry got side tracked, so yeah, erm, where was I…let’s sign Debuchy….fuck me, where is Debuchy as we speak? £12m RB from Newcastle on what, £70k pw?

    But again we has posters saying that Walcott signing wasn’t all bad. That signing has totally skewed Arsenal forever.

    You think Ozil and Sanchez are hanging around on less that £180k-£200k pw?

  95. Leedsgunner

    The Arsenal Syndrome

    Every year, the same optimistic cries ring out around the Emirates at the Premier League start line: “This is our season. This is it. We’re going to win the league!” Trusty old manager Arsene Wenger zips up his oversized coat and leads the players and fans on another long, arduous quest for the title. Eight months later, the inevitable happens…

    You know what the sad thing is? I used to get annoyed that the mainstream media unfairly targeted us for criticism but now? WE deserve it. Wenger makes the same mistakes every year.

    Here’s the thing. Arsene’s made his bed, but how come he isn’t made to lie in it? How come he is still in a job?

  96. Dissenter

    I have to admit my darker thoughts
    I want the NLD to go south for us
    I want Hull city to beat us as well
    Then Barca will seal Wenger’s fate.

    I want change so bad, I ‘ll take a NLD loss for it.

  97. Colin

    Great post.
    I would like to see a huge demonstration at the next home game with 50,000 plus Arsenal supporters chanting Wenger Out and then walking out.

  98. Bamford10

    As poor as we are at the moment, our final ten games are not all that difficult. I can see us getting 17 points from the next ten games — with wins against WestB, Watford, Sunderland, Norwich and Villa — and finishing with 68 points.

    Question is where United and City will finish, as I think Leicester and Spurs will be above us.

    Would love to have better sense of where United and City will end up, but United seem to have turned a corner. I think they will have a good finish to the season.