Wenger should go, regardless of final position

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I’ve been out the game for a while, thankfully Alex deputized with a beast of a rant. Apologies the timing of this rant isn’t perfect, but I’m travelling, so I have to drop this now, which is 10pm Tuesday.

I was kind of flat about United. I’ve been saying all along that I’m not convinced we have the mentality to push this season over the line. Leicester have more heart than us, and really, so do Spurs if we’re being totally honest with ourselves.

Pochettino went into Spurs, kicked out all the players who didn’t want to work for him, he raised the fitness levels, sharpened the focus and now they look very solid. They might fall away, but jeez, look at the progress he’s made in 2 years without Champions League football?

Arsene Wenger added one player to his squad in the summer. A very good player. A game changing player. But he ignored the rest of the squad. He kept faith with players who are not only substandard, they’re past their sell by date.

Why did he invest in Rosicky? Why did he keep Arteta on? Why did he not replace the hopeless Flamini?

How can he go into another season saying that the players weren’t available? How did he look at our showing last season and think…

‘We’re one keeper away from winning it all?’

What made him think Jack was going to give us a season of more than 2 games? What made him think we could just opt out of signing a striker?

Wenger is all about himself. I mean, give me a break that he’s some sort of saint that sacrificed his life for us. He did a great job at the start. He did an incredible job keeping us afloat during the bad times. But look, he earnt mega money in the process. We were on our ass, but still paying through the nose for his services. He prolonged his fading career by staying withus, because he was ruled out of the Barca job in 2006. He’d never have cut it at the mega clubs. He’s on bonus money. It’s like a long, drawn out golden goodbye…

We’re behaving like a David club. Problem is this, we’re not David. We’re Goliath. We’re Goliath, but we’re acting like a pacifist. We’re pretending we don’t have the resource and we’re hiding behind… I mean, I don’t even know what we’re hiding behind these days?

Too much competition? Other smaller clubs being smarter than us? Other managers being more hungry to win?

We have £157m in the bank. We’re the most cash heavy club in the world. According the brilliant Swiss Ramble, we had 40% of the entire cash reserves of the league last season.

What’s worse about this whole debacle is that it’s not even a player thing here. Jurgen Klopp would win the league with our current crop, so would Pep, so would Mourinho. Absolutely no doubt. All of those managers would make sure the mentality was there. We have great players, but a soft manager who isn’t a winner.

For me, he killed himself in the downtime by reframing what success was. He’s never pulled himself out of that mindset. 4th is good enough for him. Finishing outside of the top one is ok if you have pseudo values of not spending money (despite lavishing £8m a year on yourself).

Everything about Wenger’s approach this season has been predictable. As Alex alluded to… the league feels more average than ever, and somehow, instead of using stability as foundation to build from, we’ve just joined the party of average.

The players are an embodiment of the manager. Who is soft, uncompetitive and totally lacking in ambition.

It’s time to say goodbye. Even if we win the league this year. It’s time to say goodbye.

He doesn’t cut the mustard. We’re at a tipping point as a club. Too much incredible managerial talent is in the league now for us to continue to tread water in the top four. For me, it’s advance our manager, or die. Klopp is one man whirlwind… Mourinho, for all his faults, is a winner… Pep is one of the greatest managers of all time… Pochetino is one of the most talented managers about.

Our manager has had it all, but he’s failed to make hay while the sun shined on the mess that’s been going off at other clubs. We’re sinking when the opportunity is at its most fertile.

The warchest stories won’t cut it. Le Grove has been highlighting the bullshit of these for years. Now the fans are seeing them for what they are… a way to appease us. A way to make us think that Wenger maybe, just maybe knows what he’s doing.

He doesn’t. Leicester or Spurs could win the league this year. That is shocking if it happens.

But for me, the biggest failing of this year is that we haven’t progressed. If we win the league, firstly, I’d be amazed, secondly, it’d be odd. Because you know that this wouldn’t be a golden achievement like so many league titles in the past.

This is the tipping point for the club. The league is about to kick it up a notch. The Premier League is about to head into a golden era. We can’t head into that with a manager who refuses to change his ways. We can’t keep writing Champions League failure as bad luck. We can’t keep this Wenger gravy train going on.

This fading genius is done…

We need a fresh canvass. Fresh ideas. A new direction.

… and that point stands even if he does win the league.

Because remember, this league is the calm before the storm. A storm Arsenal won’t weather with Wenger at the helm.

+ Remember, Bayern Munich fired a manager after the treble.

Sometimes you have to be bold.

Right, speak tomorrow. I’m in LA. Like Spain but with more gangs. Real nice!

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  1. LeMassiveCoq

    Guys I’m with you all, Wenger’s number was up years ago. BUT…I absolutely cannot, as a true gooner want anything other than a win against that mob down the lane. Fuck the prem, let the Foxes have it, but no fucking way do we want those cunts to beat us.

    Had a few beers by the way! My drink is my only remedy…

  2. GoonerGaz

    Directed to the fans who go to the Emirates:

    Is the mood changing in the ground or is it still full of AKBs?

    I know they were booing after the game, but it’s another thing chanting Wenger Out, right?

    I get the feeling you’d get lynched if you dared mutter a word about Wenger at the Emirates, but would love to be wrong on this.

  3. Mick Kartun

    Spuds win the league, arsenal pipped by manure to 5th.

    Still the owner thinks what would he do without wenger?

    And still reward wenger another 3 years extension.

    They’re still backed by their die hard AKBs for sure.

  4. Dissenter

    “Spurs could be a few days away from doing Arsenal the biggest favour imaginable, in the long run it might be best for them to let us win”

    I’ve been hoping for the unthinkable.
    I hope spuds put us out of our misery

    …I’ll leave it at that.
    okay I can’t hold myself, it’s like Tourette’s – hope we get shellacked and make Wenger’s position untenable.

    Short term pain for long term relief.

  5. kingHenry


    You’re barking up the wrong tree there mate. Wenger won’t leave until he wins the league, and the board won’t sack him for footballing reasons until he comes 10th. Anything in between, and he has a job for life.
    We’re stuck with him until fans stop buying tickets, and the board starts to feel the effect of such a boycott. That also won’t happen because the season ticket waiting list is as long as ever. Protests and walk-outs won’t achieve anything because all those seats have been paid for anyways.

    Viva La Wenger.
    Viva La Kroenke
    Viva La Mediocrity

  6. MidwestGun

    Oh and I should mention Campbell was having the game of his life, scored our only goal and Wenger inexplicably subbed him off to massive booos from the crowd.

  7. MidwestGun

    Red _
    You mean where Cech was caught in between staying on the line and coming and missed badly? It happens, what is that 2 mistakes this year…. ya Ill get over it.
    Anyhow, I’m sure your boy Ospina will be awesome.

  8. Joe

    Guys I’m with you all, Wenger’s number was up years ago. BUT…I absolutely cannot, as a true gooner want anything other than a win against that mob down the lane. Fuck the prem, let the Foxes have it, but no fucking way do we want those cunts to beat us.

    Beat us??? I want them to Spank us. Rip us a new asshole. 4 nil would do me just fine.

  9. Thanos

    Reliable sauce he is not but I can’t go anymore I booed myself horse today and I got funny looks from some fans- he is louder than me and promised to keep up the booing

  10. Mick Kartun

    Metallica must be bunch of AKBs. Their songs remind me of the old srinking testicles wenger.

    Harvester of Sorrow
    Master of Puppets
    The Day that never comes

    Sad…..but True.

  11. Joe

    West ham could be only 2 points behind us after Saturday with us still to play there.

    We could finish 7th very easily.

    Perfect. Spuds or Leicester win the league

    A right tonking by Spurs this weekend

    And 7th place finish.

    Bye bye Wenger

  12. Thanos

    I don’t want to lose to spurs either hopefully we beat them and Leicester pull 7 points clear, I never want us to lose to those cunts, we will get hammered 4- 0 though sadly

  13. Cesc Appeal

    There is no way we don’t lose to Spurs, that was the case before we lost Cech and Kozz.

    Some people might not want to watch.

  14. Adam A. Carbarundum

    So now Cech may be injured? Could this unmitigated Shit Show get any more worse, or better yet, funnier?

  15. MidwestGun

    Well I watched us get smashed by Chelsea before, Liverpool, Man. United, Monaco, Bayern…..probably Barca again….. just add it to the list, sadly.

  16. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Not likely, Mick. They will keep coming back for more and more and more. You get the team you deserve, ultimately.

  17. PieAFC

    The club will only care when people stop going. I’ve turned down countless amounts of tickets for this reason alone.

    Went Villa away.

    Had a ticket for mancs, always lose up there. With this shower of shit why should fans bother.

    The pressure is on. Finally the media is waking up and and as i’ve been saying for ages, it’s about time they went at him like other managers. He’s had it too easy.

    Let SB take charge till the end of the season, at least for the derby he’d fucking get them going surely!

  18. MidwestGun

    Adam _
    They showed his injury…. he definitely messed up his hammy its not probably.

    Red _
    Wrong abut what? Cech is still better then Ospina…But you can savor all his moments now. woooohooo can’t wait.

  19. TitsMcGee

    I was certain even Wenger couldn’t blow it vs Swansea but whatever puts more pressure on the fraud the better in my opinion.

    If Wenger was worth half a damn we’d be nine points clear of everyone.

    Where is Nasri to say how well Wenger does based on net spend. How much did LFC have in their budget?

  20. Cesc Appeal


    Going to be nasty I think.

    Le Grove called the season spot on from an Arsenal point of view, can be no denying that. All the more shocking that its Leicester and Spurs ahead of us not City and Chelsea.

  21. Alex Cutter

    “Metallica must be bunch of AKBs. Their songs remind me of the old srinking testicles wenger.

    Harvester of Sorrow
    Master of Puppets
    The Day that never comes”

    The Clash must be bunch of AKBs. Their songs remind me of the old srinking testicles wenger.

    Train in Vain
    Straight to Hell
    Should I Stay or Should I Go?
    Armageddon Time

  22. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Brilliant! So whose decision was it to have Cech join the fray up front? Knowing of course that the team has an insipid attack.

  23. TitsMcGee

    I would love nothing more than to find out the players are revolting behind the scenes. I doubt it but anything to get this fraud out of AFC.

  24. Adam A. Carbarundum

    You never revolt against someone who pays you a million times more than your true worth, tits.

  25. Mick Kartun

    Hahaha…Cutter, LOL.

    Shoot, joyful time of posting but I have to get my arse to work.
    Booze and lap dance would be lovely after boring work.
    Can’t wait.


  26. MidwestGun

    Tits –
    Other then Sanchez or Ozil tho? Who is gonna revolt or demand a transfer after Wenger has given them all chance after chance despite not stellar performances. Other then that I don’t know who else we have that any other top team would want at this point… maybe Bellerin or Monreal.

  27. loyika

    That was Shyte!!

    Right now words fail me. Can we get any lower than we have now.

    You had the winning formula but you sold your soul to money.

    Traditionally Arsenal have always been a conservative club, but DD pulled us up by the balls and helped us get to where we are in the modern age. The Stadia move (which DD was against by the way) hasn’t really helped us in anyway!?

    I just don’t know where we go from here. AW cannot be sacked (anyone thinking he will be is delusional) The pity is he has no honour to resign and he won’t as he has no life outside football (hence the TV pundit stuff during the off season)

    All we can hope for is him not renewing his contract and go at the end of next season.

    Couldn’t care less bout the NLD (can’t believe i am actually saying this) Win, lose or draw won’t change the fact that this team is a disgrace to teams that came before them (even the rubbish teams in the past) NO FIGHT!! NO PASSION!! NO BALLS!! ABSOLUTELY SWEET FCUK ALL!!

  28. Jon3

    It was amazing Wenger pulled Joel Campbell when we needed a goal. He was by far the most dangerous and impressive Gunner. We got nothing from Sanchez, Giroud and Ramsey, but his “in favorite” Campbell had to leave. It was madness.

  29. PieAFC

    Not sticking up for the players in the slightest. But seeing what happened at Chelsea etc, maybe too they have decided enough is enough.

    We will never know.

  30. champagne charlie

    We need a clear out that sadly won’t happen. But biggest change we need is in manager, got a lot of love for Wenger but he’s ran his course not for christ sake it’s just embarrassing at this point to see us reproduce the same failings.

    We’re fucking loaded, identify the best manager for us and go get him. Simeone would be a dream, but not happening. Roberto Martinez with Arteta as #2?

  31. TitsMcGee

    Yea the players on ridic wages per talent wouldn’t you are right.

    Forgot for a second how much dross we have in the squad.

  32. Danish Gooner

    For them it is not th end of the world,because they dont play for the shirt they play for their fat wages.THis comment underlines how meek and gutless they are ,Big Tone used to rollick his players when he saw any sign of slacking off,these metro sexual tarts are just running around look good with thier latest hair cut etc.

  33. Jeff

    Wenger: “So at the moment we don’t dream, we have to be realistic and come back to what we do well. And do the basics.”

    In other words, finish fourth. That’s what we do best.

  34. Relieable Sauce

    I think Wenger has actually hampered Ramseys progression as a player, these little flicks and runs only serve to hide the apparent lack of ability needed to play a CM role in a 2 man midfield.

    He has pretty basic ball control and therefore spends minimal amounts of time on the ball, meaning he plays in overdrive all the time and is almost always ahead of the ball.

    Bad player? Bad coaching?

    Ramsey would be a good #10 in a direct counter attacking team imo. No sure he’s really suited to a tradional CM role at all. Certainly not a possesion based side.

  35. Danish Gooner

    This swansea side were shot the pieces when we meet them at the Millennium,today they came with a lot of second stringers and won,

  36. champagne charlie

    Danish Gooner

    Who gives a shit about the FA cup? We’ve won it the last two years and made NO progress as a football club in terms of real titles or team composition. The FA cup has been a paper trophy acting as a perfect excuse for the current regime to say all is rosey.

  37. Cesc Appeal

    What’s happened, what is so big that has happened over the past week to make so many fans turn against Wenger now?

    Is 10 years the tipping point…

    What’s happening right now is no different than what has happened season after season but suddenly, people are only now saying Wenger is the issue…

  38. Carts

    Put Jordan Henderson in there ahead of Ramsey, and you’ll know exactly what to expect.

    Persist with Ramsey and you’ll get a huff & puff inconsistent performer who thinks he’s a #10

  39. Biggles


    Spurs lost, so all we had to do was beat Swansea to draw level with them, then beat them on Sunday to go to clear. And we blew it…

    Anyway, I had a train of thought. How much have we paid Arsene Wenger in his time here? He never finishes contracts, but rather extends them a year or two years early and gets a pay rise every time. I’m not sure about the early years, my internetting is letting me down, but from what I can tell…

    In 2006, just after the ten year mark he signed a contract extension worth £4m a year (plus bonuses) to the end of 09/10 season. But only a year later, he extended it again to end of 10/11 and now salary was up to £4.5m. In summer 2010, with a year to go, he signed another three year extension, taking him end of 13/14 season – worth £6m a year. Somewhere in the middle of that he must have gotten a raise, because lots of places quote him as being on £7.5m a year BEFORE he signed the 2014 extension. And now he’s on something between £8 and £8.3m a year depending on who you believe and currency fluctuations. Either way, add it all up and in the last ten years, Wenger has been paid about £45m. The 2015 Sunday Times Rich List said Wenger was worth £38m, and that’s nearly a year old, but pretty much in line with what I’m guessing at.

    My point? The incredible scale of money we’ve invested in Wenger. Not in players, not in player wages, not in the stadium or any of that. Just in Wenger. I might not agree with it, but I understand why top CEOs get paid £10m a year or whatever – if you’ve doubled your shareprice and increased profit then £10m is a drop in the ocean of the potentially billions you’ve created for your investors.

    But that involves those CEOs delivering. At varying times Ferguson, Mourinho and Gardiola have earned more than Wenger. But they’ve delivered, by the bucket load. Leagues. Cups. European trophies. Club World Cup trophies. A season WITHOUT a trophy is the exception, not the rule. For Wenger though, he’s had 13/19 seasons without a trophy (okay, 12 if you count the Shield in 1999). In the overlapping period, Ferguson had 4/17 seasons without a trophy. We pay Wenger winner money, but he doesn’t give us winner performance.

    I don’t know why I still care.

  40. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal fans on Twitter pulling up to Ozil at traffic lights and asking him ‘please not to leave…give us one more season.’

  41. TitsMcGee


    You know what it is?

    IF and that is still a big IF people are turning on Wenger it’s probably because the teams ahead of us are LFC and THFC.

    AFC are the same joke they’ve been the past 10 years.

  42. Carts


    Wenger is as disingenuous as they come. He’s no different to Walcott when it comes to contarct extensions.

    Wenger has been paid bucket loads to run his own ship. He’s accountable to nobody and has total carte blanche.

    If he doesn’t spend at the level the fans expect then he has no pressure. See his excuse when asked about Utd, he straight away referenced how much they’ve spent.

  43. Cesc Appeal


    It makes me laugh a bit, people everywhere, wherever you look saying the same stuff that we’ve been taking shit for years for saying.

    This year is no different aside from the names of the teams above us.

  44. Jon3

    Remember when we said we will be more direct with Ramsey in center mid after Santi got hurt? Wouldn’t we all kill for Cazorla to be in instead of Ramsey now? Campbell and Ozil are our only offensive threats and he won’t play Campbell. Goalless wonders!

  45. TitsMcGee

    It really is amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more apparent “untouchable ” than Wenger in any sport in any time period.

    He’s like a politician in a 3rd world country that surrounds himself with people that he has dirt on /has on stupid wages so they don’t dare stand up to him.

  46. MidwestGun

    Cesc _
    My opinion what has happened this year to change minds is that nobody in their right faculties can say that the League is being won by oil money and we have no chance because of that, when LC is winning the League. and couple that along with buying absolutely nobody last summer and Wenger saying we had all we needed despite long term injuries to Jack and Danny and this being the best team in a decade. So, I think even some of the most deluded can see there isn’t any bogus excuses anymore. Also, not getting a backup for Coquilen and anyone can see that Arteta and Flamini are wank. Not to mention our strike force is bad … really bad. Snowball of things. Other seasons people could fool themselves into believing those other excuses. Wenger made his own bed basically by electing to not reinforce last summer.

  47. Sandy

    Is this as low as we can get- beaten at home by relegation strugglers.
    In my dream world wenger would go today , but it wont happen- Kronke is only interested in money in the bank, Gazidis is a limpwristed liar and sorry to say Wenger is past it and increasingly looks beleaguered.
    Put Steve Bould in charge from tomorrow umtil the end of the season – cant get any worse- but it wont happen.
    The sad thing is- most of us true gunners saw this coming.
    Until we get together and really undermine kronkite nothing will change, he doesn’t give a fxxxx about us why don’t we , who bankroll him rise up and damage him.

  48. Cesc Appeal


    Its just weird to me, Wenger leaving us short, having no tactics and instilling a fragile mentality in the team has been present for the last decade.

    Maybe it is just simply the teams above us now.

    We actually need to look over our shoulders now because United are on the same points as City now behind us, few weeks and we could find ourselves 5th…f**k me.

  49. MidwestGun

    Wenger obviously didn’t think or know City , Chelsea and Manc. U would all tank this season so his gamble to go with cohesion is getting exposed severely. Had all those teams done their normal results he could blame transfer fees and spending.

  50. Cesc Appeal

    Supporter on ArsenalFanTV makes a good point, the fans now think players like Sanchez and Ozil are doing us a favour by playing here, that is what Wenger has done.

    You hear it when we talk about transfers, ‘why would Aubameyang come here…’ or whoever, you hear it when we talk about managers ‘who would replace Wenger…Simeone? He would never come here.’

    Its both an excusing of Wenger to pretend he’s working magic within our lowly status but its also his effect, pissing on the fires of our expectations annually to the point where all that’s left is a few embers and some burnt, piss soaked wood.

  51. Cesc Appeal


    I think as well he may have looked at City and Chelsea and thought they looked strong, but United under Van Gaal aren’t great, so he probably knew 3rd or 4th place was pretty safe when he then looked at Rodgers at Liverpool and then Spurs.

    4th is the target, 4th in adherence to his principles and then is from that basic requirement some sort of title run occurs great, but that isn’t the target.

    The problem is, as you say, the lies he’s put forward for years have exploded in his face, he would have us believe aside from the oil money clubs, Arsenal are the best, separated only by their incredible wealth…oops.

  52. MidwestGun

    Also, I forgot to mention the sheer size of our cash balance compared to other teams is staggering this season as well. Hard to justify that with results. Some people have t o literally be hit over the head. with the bleeding obvious, I guess.

  53. Mr. J

    On substituting Joel Campbell:

    “I knew that Joel had not played for a while and I knew that he would start to tire. I thought Welbeck would come on and fit in well.”

  54. Champagne Charlie

    Have to change manager end of season. Simple

    Roberto Martinez with Arteta #2 I like.
    Simeone not happening.
    Frank de boer with Bergkamp #2
    Sanchez Flores
    Conte if not signed for Chavs

    We’ve dithered with Klopp, Pep, Ancelotti.

  55. DaveB666

    Words fail me tonight. I know our squad isnt good enough. I know Giroud isnt a world class striker. I know Mertersacker is not quick (but is a world cup winner). What I can’t believe in the last two games is the lack of spirit and fight – waiting for the ref to blow for a marginal foul and letting the lowly (with all respect to Swansea) team score. We are weak on the field and any team irrespective of their league position can boss us as a result.

    Its no longer the stadium, the market, the board, anything to do with world football right now the problem is ARSENE WENGER.

    I live about 6 miles from London Colney and the training ground – seen his house on Totteridge Lane – the fans deserve more considering how he has benefitted.


  56. arsene nose best

    we are going to get absolutely ironed out on saturday, i really fear what kind of score it’s going to end up. of all the (shit – house – ing) going on at the club right now, what a cunt of a game we go into next.

  57. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Most amusing is that many were saying that we are but one or two players away from being champions. Taking into account performances this season, I’d dare say we are likely closer to a full squad away from being champions. In the end it all points to one and only one person who is accountable and responsible for the untenable mess Arsenal find themselves in.

  58. Relieable Sauce

    Jeeez. When is Pedro going to address the issue with the list of banned words/names???
    As blase as Wenger!…maybe he’ll just continue to ignore it.

  59. arsene nose best

    that robbie on arsenal fan tv just won’t give up will he, f.f.s let it go man, it’s over.
    still hanging on to some sort of miracle, we’re more in danger of falling out the top4, let alone winning the thing.

  60. Champagne Charlie

    Adam A

    We have a good basis for a squad don’t get it twisted. A proper manager like Simeone could get a lot more out of this group, yet it does have some glaring holes in CM, ST.

  61. MidwestGun

    Sadly there is large percentage of fans… don’t know the exact amount that will never let it go…. as long as there is even 1% of a chance. I mean Untold is going on and on about referee conspiracies.

  62. David Smith

    Giroud……don’t blame him. Not a bad player, but playing like someone with a bit of an ego who knows his club made a £45 million bid for another striker …in Jan….ultimately, as we know a failed bid.
    This situation reminds me of Jose at Chelsea in his last days, the players are pissed off the manager hung them out to dry… Yet takes no blame himself.. After Barca game……nothing mentioned of Wengers many faults.
    Feels like the end of days, the fans have turned, the players seem to have, this is only heading one way.
    The owner will resist, but only for so long…….he is probably already trying to contact up and coming and potential arsenal managers like Don Howe, Brian Clough and Bob Paisley, and for all we know, Bradley Wiggins already.

  63. Relieable Sauce

    For me its a

    No to Koeman.
    NO to Martinez.

    Why should we have such low aspirations if we finally get rid of the n.utt.y p.r.ofess.or!!!?

    Art.et.a !!! …WHY!?…

    “Hes good in the dressing room”


    Do I really need to explain? {:-(

  64. gnarleygeorge9

    I blame the majority shareholder & past/current Board. If they had as much ambition as the fans about winning silverware, they would have ditched Arsene Wenger ages ago. Anyway, like I have said b4, Wenger is like an old pair of jeans to the majority shareholder & past/current Board, a comfy fit.

  65. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I no longer believe this, Charlie. Every year it is the same and every year it’s essentially the same result…close but no cigar. Of course it does not help when your so called Manager refuses to recognize true needs over perceived cohesion and strength, neither of which can sustain itself with this squad.

    Make no mistake, this is Wengers team, top to bottom. Simeone or any other Manager would not get results with the current group either, because they are fundamentally flawed and incapable of achieving anything other than the proverbial fourth place that Wenger has designed for them. That’s a fact!!!

  66. Relieable Sauce


    straight off the bat.

    Possibly De Boer, Quique Flores??
    Many capable and exciting options outs there.

    Every effort should be made to get Bergkamp back at the club imo, and perhaps Adams and Keown involved in some capacity.

    This is all assuming we had a well run football club though and had a strategy that wasnt at the mercy of the whims and follies of one man.

  67. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Walcott should take on a new nickname…The Invisible Man. Never has 140k a week looked so ridiculously spent and wasted. Sums up Wengers twisted logic that suffices for his sense to the inane and insane.

  68. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Think about it, Chelsea are now only 12,points behind Arsenal with plenty of games left to play. ManU, who have been a train wreck all season are easily within striking distance.

    How does a team go from top of the league at New Years to suddenly being in serious danger of collapsing under its own foolishness? Well, if you’re Arsenal and its March, it’s a relatively normal occurance.

    A very very heavy sigh.

  69. Bamford10

    Watching on replay. Fantastic goal from Campbell. Really, really nice. And he was good from the get-go. 15 minutes in.

  70. China

    Luck and refs are to blame…. For everything…. Always…. Always… Always…

    Luck and refs can cost you points. Luck and refs don’t make you play low quality football, lack high quality finishers, leak goals frequently and not make meaningful improvements to the team over the course of a decade

    I always go to my favourite restaurant. It’s the most expensive one in the world. It was incredibly good and I got what I paid for 10 years ago. The boss was lovely and ran the place really well with great customer service. For the last 10 years the food hasn’t been particularly good and the prices have grown higher and higher. Customer service isn’t a meaningful priority anymore and the freshness of the food is disappointing. Some people complain about paying through the nose for unremarkable food whilst getting low quality service but the boss says criticism isn’t really important to him because the restaurant is making good profits.

    Despite all this I continue to worship the boss of the restaurant and I’m uncomfortable with the idea that the restaurant is deemed overpriced and a big disappointment. The food is bad because of the suppliers, it’s not the restaurants fault. The service is bad because all of the staff are facing difficulties in their personal lives which distract them from their duty, we shouldn’t blame them. The prices are so high because there are enough wealthy people in Londpn who can afford to lose money on unremarkable food without worrying about it, we shouldn’t blame the restaurant. The restaurant can’t afford to pay for higher quality food, chefs and waiters because the company could go bankrupt if it doesn’t make staggeringly large profits. Eating a bit into those enormous profits is not worth it to risk destroying the entire business. I love this restaurant and the boss and refuse to think anything less than the best of them. I’ll continue to defend it come what may and will happily take a bit of food poisoning (caused by bad luck when rats got into the kitchen and were left there a couple of days) if it means I can still hold my head high and tell people about my wonderful favourite restaurant.



    Untold Arsenal

  71. underrated Coq

    I feared as much before the game kicked off. Swansea have been a bit of a bogey team for us, even when we were on much better form. Still , I harbored the tiniest of hopes that Arsenal could yet somehow win the title. Safe to say those hopes are shattered now.

    I can’t see how Wenger gets out of this one, he’s clearly lost respect of the players and an ever-increasing number of fans.

    Taking off Campbell sums up the blind, clueless old man he’s become. Even when his babies are letting him down left,right and centre over most of the last three months, he’d rather kill himself along with the hopes of the club and its fans than betray his favorites.

    Arsenal fans need to set aside all the meaningless bs like ‘Class’ and pressure the board to sign Mourinho. Its pivotal we need to get in a strong-willed manager who won’t tolerate mediocrity if we are to get out of the hole that Wenger will leave us in.

    You bring in a second-rate manager and he’ll be scared of making too many changes from the current set-up, end up mirroring Moyes’ time at United. A big name manager who won’t be frazzled about breaking up Wenger’s coaching set-up and dispatching the average donkeys in our squad is what we need. Enter Mourinho.

    The board need to hand Wenger his last pay-check, shove him out the door with all his useless back-room staff and bring in a big name.

  72. Mick Kartun

    Get ready for the 3rd Chapter of Wenger’s Trilogy:


    #1st Episode : “Sodomized by teenage manhood Rashford and Wenger likes it rough.

    #2nd Episode : “Arse hole butchered by Massive Williams dong.”

    #3rd Episode : “Both Testicles chopped to pieces by Kane’s jack knife.”

    Coming to theaters near you this weekend.

  73. Bamford10

    Cech should’ve done better on the second goal, but it was a very good ball from Sigurdsson.

    Arsenal did not deserve to get anything from this game. Alexis was shocking, Giroud was poor, and Ramsey was poor.

  74. Emiratesstroller

    Absolutely impotent and potential implosion.

    Our decline has been triggered by injuries to Coquelin and Cazorla in successive weeks in November.

    The first meant that the team were without adequate defensive cover in midfield.

    Cazorla’s absence highlights the limited technical ability and ball distribution in our team. Ramsey is not remotely a good enough replacement.

    With growing injury list once again Arsenal will now struggle to finish in
    top 4 position this season.

  75. Confidentgoner

    Wenger’s decision to remove Campbell shocked everyone in the stadium including the commentators.

    He should have removed Giraud for Wellbeck. I am sure that most of the players are just going through the motions. Well except the handsomely paid English core.

    The fans booing at the end marks the start of the pressure on Wenger. It’s real this time. Leicester and Spurs performance has been good overall for the fans as it shows Wenger has been a constant artist who overlays average players.

    I think top 4 will be a struggle. To loose it this year will tell all reasonable fans all they need to know.

    Wenger out.

  76. gonsterous

    I have plans on saturday so I was bumped that I would miss the NLD but now, I just couldn’t care.

  77. Confidentgoner

    We will be beaten on Saturday. Once they score, they knock the sail out of our players. Wenger does automatic subs, not from analysing the match.

    What is the definition of a Zombie? His subs are planned and when it’s time, wheel out the sub for the player, discarding match dynamics!

  78. Steveyg87

    The fans have been conned for too long now, Wenger is solely responsible for the shambles we find ourselves in. In the beginning I was hoping he could change his ways, its pretty obvious that its not going to happen. Another year of this shit plus when he sign his contract extension and does just enough to keep his job. The fans are to blame too for not rising up against this con artist, Let Wenger and his charity cases (Ramsey,Giroud,Walcott) ply their trade elsewhere

  79. SUGA3

    I would absolutely LOVE for Mourinho to come and show Wenger up in his first season here. But oh, he is a cunt, blah, blah, blah. So what, so is Wenger, but he is less useful.

    Last night it was simply down to the same mistakes I have seen way too many times under Wenger. Play to the fucking whistle. It’s that simple, it’s something you drill into the under 9 players, not a bunch if millionaire professionals. Ask yourselves, how many times did you see Arsenal stopping and waiting for the whistle, losing a goal in the process in the recent years?

    It’s absolutely unbelievable that this team does not get the basics right. And that Per’s ‘it’s not the end of the world’ bullshit after that game? Verpiss dich, cunt. Call yourself a captain? So symptomatic for the AFC ‘culture’, it is not even funny.

    It is funny how all the normal rivals for the top honours (money honours, not trophies) have ‘conspired’ to be gash this season, which has exposed Wenger for the fraud that he is. And what is even more funny is that the tide has now turned and everyone has basically started seeing what we have been saying for the last eight years or so.

  80. Leedsgunner

    No doubt we will go on a “winning” streak as soon as we get out of the title race, the Champion’s League, and Wenger’s fans will come out and say he has mojo back… when actually the truth is our squad is not deep enough to win anything but a Cup… and 4th place of course… as we all predicted.

  81. SUGA3

    Sacking Wenger would most certainly get everyone’s attention at the club. Sacking, not letting him run down his contract and leaving when HE wants.

  82. qna

    The ball is now unquestionably in the court of the Arsenal board and owners. There is no point abusing Wenger. Its not his decision to make to quit. Its a waste of your time and mine to say things like if he had any self respect… pointless. Nobody you or I know would quit an 8m a year job knowing it is his last job.

    Any football team from the lowest of the low, to the highest of the high, would at least be having “the meeting” to at seriously ask the question if the manager should be sacked. Any well run football club would come to the conclusion that the manager should be sacked. There is nothing that can explain away another bottle job/meltdown/pressure crack/whatever you want to call it, this season when the other top 3 clubs all fell away. If Spurs or Leicester manage to win the title then the manager must be sacked.

    Further, if the club decide to take control of transfers, like a lot of bigger clubs are doing now, then they must also come to the conclusion that certain Arsenal players MUST be sold in the summer and that list MUST start with Theo Walcott. If they decide to allow the manager to decide transfers, then that manager needs to be given the clear message that he can sell WHOEVER he wants without any limit.

    The important thing then becomes to pick the right manager and the board must be accountable for that.

  83. SUGA3


    Nah, it would be pretty daft of them to do so, will they have a smoother ride under anyone else? Of course not. Unless they actually have a bit of ambition, that is. But judging by the recent showings, can you say the latter?

  84. Thank you and goodnight

    I’ve just woken up hoping to switch on sky sports news to hear wenger ha resigned. …..damn he’s still here then.

  85. Bob

    There’s a stat flying round claiming that Ramsey has been dribbled past 51 times this season, more than any other player, and wenger with his infinite wisdom has decided to play actually not just play persist with him in cm! Piss fucking poor!

  86. Carts


    “Our decline has been triggered by injuries to Coquelin and Cazorla in successive weeks in November.”

    So what about the previous seasons, then? What you see is symptomatic for the last 5-6 season at least!!

    There’s no point focusing on on this particular portion of Wenger’s tenure when the writing has been on the wall for years.

    Even if we take 2011 as a marker, just look how much he spent and what we got in return: mertesacker, Santos, Park, Benayoun & Ox, – that season we spent about £60m. circa.

    Now you tell me, what has changed for the better? We still play the same with Wenger sounding out his same old shit

  87. Majestic gooner

    We are now the laughing stock of the football world, just been sent a joke from a manc saying if wenger was leading the Israelites , they would have spent 40years in the wilderness and still ended up in Egypt. Phfttt.