Warchests and Arsenal’s stagnation

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Alright lads it’s Alex here back for round 2 after my sterling efforts on Monday.

Three things I want to touch on very briefly today:

1. The ‘Warchest’ – Yesterday Pedro retweeted an old article from him which prettily debunks this ridiculous myth; a myth that reappears ahead of each AGM like a turd that won’t flush. It’s purpose is to serve as a none-too-subtle emollient to soothe the concerns of frustrated shareholders on the only day of the year when the manager and board can be held to account in any meaningful way.

Is there anyone in the entire universe who is still taken in by it? We know a) the cash is there and available for Wenger to use all year round and b) he will not spend what is required to give the team a chance.

The whole point of PR is it’s supposed to be subtle. When hacks like John Cross, who have fairly good relationships with the Club, are groaning at the predictability of the ‘spin’ it is putting out, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

2. Second point: Even if we did win the league, I’d want Arsene to go. Professional sport is a hyper-competitive world. Teams and coaches are constantly applying fresh approaches in order to gain the competitive advantage. It’s why a team like Bayern Munich didn’t rest on its laurels after winning the treble, they went out and signed the best coach in the business. Adapt or die.

If we are able to turn things round and win the league, it will still have been an underwhelming campaign and when Chelsea and City turn up next year we are unlikely to be able to repeat our success. Similarly we will be no further down the road in Europe where we haven’t been able to beat a big club since 2006.

Arsenal is a great club but it is crying out for fresh ideas. As I said yesterday, the boss has done great things for this club and no doubt many on the board are true Arsenal fans. But they are analogue pogo sticks in a cloud-based,  fibre optic, 4G hoverboard world. After Eton, the Arsenal Board room is the last great bastion of entitlement and privilege in the UK. Bring in the football men, the commercial guys, the guys with fresh ideas. And bring in a new manager, someone who can shake up tired training routines and tactics.

3. Final point linked to number two. There is lots of talk of our British Core being rotten. But in all seriousness can you identify one player who has developed significantly in the last couple of years under Arsene Wenger. What was once his forte is now perhaps his greatest weakness. The British Core have spent most of their lives under his stewardship and are all stagnating. The players that are shining Ozil, Cech, Welbeck spent their formative years with different clubs and coaches. The only player I would say who has progressed significantly is Laurent Koscielny. Perhaps I’m wrong on this but its food for thought.

Anyway that’s enough for me today. You can follow me @aldo_doel.

See you later

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  1. Jeff

    At some point in every AKBs life there will come a junction and upon it will be written the question: “What do you value more, Wenger or competing for big trophies?”. All AKBs have chosen the former out of sentimental loyalty because they cannot imagine a world without him at the helm. It is difficult for them. Imagine taking away Jesus from Christians, or Buddha from the Buddhists, or Mohammed from the Muslims. It is very, very difficult.

  2. Wallace

    man, that Cazorla/Wilshere injury update isn’t doing anything for me. unless Elneny can establish himself in the side I can’t see us going on a run with Coquelin/Ramsey in the middle.

  3. Confidentgoner

    I am aware that Wenger’ s task and target is top 4 finish. This year was an opportunity to do much more and win it. He has shown to all that he is too scared to try and win.

    Truly, the only group that can sack Wenger is the fans. I agree that a draw at home to Swansea and a loss at Spurs, will turn the fan base visibly against him. The loss at Old Trafford will get traction if he does not win today.

    He knows he must win today, the old man is under stress as he sees some of his loyalist get nervous.

    Despite all the hyperbole about staying in solidarity bla bla bla, lies a real fear of what fan outrage may do to his career. When the outrage starts, the board will see him as too toxic and would sacrifice him.

    The board themselves can be sent packing by determined fans, don’t forget that. There is board, players and fans

  4. Jeff


    I agree with you but there isn’t sufficient consensus among the fan-base to trigger the sort of revolution to which you are alluding. Look all around the Arsenal blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc. If you did a survey now and asked the question: “Should Wenger be sacked” the response will be split. For better or for worse, the Arsenal fan-base is largely too timid and doesn’t have the stomach to launch an attack of the kind required to force change. It’s no good half the fan-base saying Wenger out and the other saying Wenger in. It has to be stronger than that and it has to be persistent. There are some out there who would never say “Wenger out” even if we get relegated!

    With Arsenal fans (particularly the AKBs), we only need to win one game and it’s all business as usual again. And that is because Wenger never fails hard enough. He has enough in the team to keep finishing in the top four and if he thinks he doesn’t only then will he dip into the transfer market. It’s basically a well-run long term scam that robs fans of the most precious thing in the game which is glory and accolade – the saddest part is the most just can’t see it.

  5. BacaryisGod

    Damn it-season is on the line.

    Take off Ramsey. Ozil in central midfield with Coquelin and Welbeck up top with Giroud.

  6. BacaryisGod

    Just curious, but on the Swansea goal when Cech kicks it up to Ozil, Ramsey is jogging five yards behind his man. How the hell did he manage to get in front of the same player and allow him to make the through ball?

  7. max

    In terms of players he developed from a young age I can only think of Anelka [1998].
    It’s alarming how many with a modicum of potential have fallen by the way
    side or worst -abandoned.Shocking how JW,Alex,Gibbs,Gnarby,Walcott have re-gressed.And notice how he is trying his best to do same to Akpom.