MUFC vs Arsenal: Who wants to have an Overmars or Wiltord moment?

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5 things we need to see against Manchester United:


Against Barcelona in the week, I kind of felt we were nervous. Loose touches, misplaced passes and duffed chances that lacked any sort of composure. If we’re going to beat United tomorrow, we can’t be scared of the occasion. We had a title-winning performance against Leicester when we took them down in the last minutes of injury time. That needs to be our belief system tomorrow. We can win, no matter what.


It’s frightening how poor in front of goal we’ve been this season. I don’t know what the problem is, because plenty of chances are created. The boys need to be sharper tomorrow. They need to remember that Barcelona could have been so different if someone had taken their opportunity and put us in the lead early on. I don’t want tomorrow to be another game that we curse because of chances… and a nasty United style sucker punch.


Last year we went to United in the FA Cup on put on a masterclass. Two midfielders pinning, a solid defense and well taken chance for the WELBZ. That game was all about smart preparation. I think Wenger was so frustrated the other night because the players did so well for a majority of the game, then they forgot the game plan. Hopefully, against weaker opposition, they’ll be able to focus and take more fruit from the occasion.


This is when you find out whether your team are winners or also rans. We’re off the back off a shitty loss and we’re chasing Leicester again who unbelievably keep on winning. They looked great. I mean, they fought right until the end and they made it happen. We need to start looking as good as, or better than them. When I say look good, I mean they look fierce. Like they know the mission. All aboard. We show that so intermittently… we need to get on title train sharpishly. How about this…

‘Boys, imagine you are chasing 4th place’

Worked most years, right?


I hope the boys have watched examples of seasons past. That every season has moments that you look back on and go, shit, that was a helluva moment. They can be part of the moment. They can be part of a classic. They can be Marc Overmars breaking through and slipping the ball between Schmiechals legs. They can be Sylvain Wiltord knocking the ball over the Everton keeper when it looked like our record might not last. They could be Wiltord when he dropped his shot past Barthez. Or that moment we drew at the lane to take the title.

Tomorrow is a moment. It could be a great one we look back on. Players need to want to make this special.

Right, enjoy the game, I’ll be watching it in Atlanta!

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  1. Adam A. Carbarundum

    So it appears that once again, after being in the mix until today, that the results are pretty much the going to be the same, no league title again. Surely someone at the top must be getting fed up of this nonsense?

    You can’t help but feel that you are in a nightmare that you know is a nightmare, but you can’t wake up from it. What has any supporter done to deserve this, consistently so?

  2. Kay

    This result and the chelsea loss for some reason just makes me laugh rather than the usual anger I used to get over the last few years..

  3. Wallace


    “He’s an excellent little player on his day at the Emirates against weaker opposition but he’s not a top drawer player mainly due to his athletic deficiencies. He’s usually among our worst performers away from home against anybody with a pulse.”


    “The key difference on Sunday was that everybody worked so hard and made sure they did their job for the team.

    In possession they tried to stretch City and when they lost the ball they all worked their socks off to get it back. In the middle of it all they had Cazorla, who was head and shoulders above every other player.

    He is not a big player, but he has the heart of a lion and showed his bravery by getting on the ball. For me, it was one of the best individual performances of the season so far,”

    – Jamie Redknapp (after Arsenal beat Man City 2-0 at the Etihad)

  4. David Smith

    We could be approaching a tipping point to drive him out.
    Is it just me, or are those players not playing for him? Are they doing what Chelsea’s players did?
    We all know Wengers flaws, but performances in 2016 suggest there are things going on we don’t know about.
    These are good players, they must be acutely awaypre of what a poor manager and tactician Wenger is. No wonder Ozils coach is making noises.
    Carry on like this and they might not even make the top four.
    And Wenger looks more worried than his words suggest.

  5. Cesc Appeal


    One example. Come on.

    Caz frequently has very bad games in physical environments, Spurs must rank among one of the worst for me, completely bullied.

    Caz is the best option in possession we have in CM, but he isn’t a CM, he’s a 4ft CAM who can’t play CAM because Ozil plays CAM, he lacks the pace to play wide so Wenger sticks him at CM because it also nicely counteracts Coq’s lack of proficiency on the ball.

    He’s the best of a bad situation that could have been remedied by investment.

    Seriously, its laughable how far ahead in this league we could be if Wenger had actually done his job, put his own pigheadedness aside and actually built a proper team.

  6. MidwestGun

    Imo, Wenger has us stuck between a possession team and a counter attack team. and everything has to be intricate passing. The better teams play more direct now, even Barca. And we have a mix of types of players because he doesn’t know what our philosophy is…..not building on a concept. So we play schizophrenic with our fullbacks not knowing what to do.

  7. Paulinho

    That was literally Cazorla’s best performance in his whole time at Arsenal.

    His 2nd best was away at Anfield in his second game for the club.

    Performances like Spurs away, United away, Munich away, Chelsea away(before the sending off), are far more representative of the type of performance Cazorla delivers. When he ‘uncharacteristically’ gives the ball away all the time.

    Seriously, think about it, Cazorla in that City match tackled someone with his torso/head. It’s pretty obvious that sort of commitment and intensity is the type he can only deliver on a one-off occasion.

    What were the possession stats for us in that match by the way, 30%?

    Not exactly controlling possession.

  8. Joe

    Gonna say it.

    I hope Spurs smash us a new asshole.

    I want the venom directed at Wenger to be as bad as it can be.

    I’ve had enough. We are not winning the title this season so fuck it.

    It’s only big losses against the likes of spuddies where the supporters will turn. Only then will Gazidis and co hear us and know what to do.

    Let’s hope for a 4 nil spanking and Leicester as league champions

    I’m done with this shit. Wenger has to go. At all costs. If that means losing to Spurs so be it. We will never be anything with Wenger here so i would rather take one step by getting smacked by Spurs and opening a lot of supporters blind deluded eyes and move forward with Wenger gone

    Ready for all the crap that’s going to be thrown at me. I don’t care. I’m done with the Fucken ass hat Wenger.

    Spurs 4. Arsenal 0. Fucken Wenger out

  9. Majestic gooner

    People have also failed to notice the drop in the teams performance since he started benching Campbell , the boy was earning his corn , working his socks off for the team and genius wenger decides to drop him for his favourites.

  10. Joe

    David smith

    He has to be a laughing stock in the dressing room. They must all think he is a clown

    He has lost the dressing room
    For sure. They are not playing for him. No one is dying out there for the shirt. For our Fucken cannon. No one is leaving it all out there. There is no fight. No passion. No love.

    They don’t care. They know it’s a lost cause. They probably knew it in the summer when no one was bought. And then again in the winter when Elneny was bought.

    Or when he says Sanago is going to be our 50 pound striker

    If all of us can see it, the players definitely can.

    The play on the pitch says all you need to know. To lose to Man U team playing teenager and a team that had just lost to Sunderland is a complete joke

    To lose to Chelsea who were shit all season. That win has probably turned Chelsea’s season around

    To lose 6 nil on wengers 1000th game tells you all you need to know about what the players think of Wenger

  11. Zoran

    Cant believe there is a bunch of clueless lads here who critisese Özil.
    Apart that he is by ways our best Player this season, what could he do else for this Team today. A Goal and an assist. Total 18 this season.
    And very few who mention Sanchez.

  12. Bamford10


    Loved that interview on Arsenal TV. Sensible fellow.

    Nothing will improve at Arsenal until Wenger fucks off, and Wenger will only fuck off if we finish outside of the top four (or incur some other disaster). Spurs or Leicester winning the title will not prompt him to leave, IMO; indeed the opposite: he’ll see it as confirmation that one can win without “big” players.

    Problem is that United are pretty far back. Even if City improve their form and pass us, I don’t know that United will. Therefore Wenger is likely to finish top four (likely fourth) yet again.

    Although United did look like a winning side today, and we looked rather dreadful. They are seven points back and have eleven games to make up the difference. Perhaps they’ll do it.

    At moment our season hinges on Welbeck. Yeah, I said it. To me he looks like the one attacking player who is in the mood. Ozil will be Ozil, regardless; he doesn’t do enough for me, but he’s having a fairly solid season. Walcott is a nonentity, Giroud has lost his form, Sanchez has lost his form, and Ramsey is gash — and none of these guys are playing all that well in combination with one another.

    Aside from Gabriel, the defense is still OK, but I don’t see where the goals will come from. Maybe Welbeck. Maybe Sanchez wakes up. Maybe Jack returns with energy and something to prove, as Welbeck has. Maybe Cazorla returns and gives us something more than Ramsey has.

    But it doesn’t look good. Problem is that I don’t know if we’re bad enough to finish outside of the top four, which IMO is the only way to get rid of Wenger.

  13. Joe

    Wallace is pulling out all stops to save his Wenger

    It’s over Wallace.

    Nothing you can say now

    give up Wallace. Go cry in your Wenger towel. It’ll be ok chap. When new manager wins us the league you won’t even remember the cunts name.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    Wasn’t it a three man middle that day as well? Ramsey and Coq sat really deep that game at the Etihad…probably one of Ramsey’s better games as well.

    Shock horror, because we had a plan, and specific instructions, players played better…

  15. Joe

    Wallace keeps bringing up that game
    And it was the match that the players Wenger to basically fuck off and told him to stuff his tactics and they were doing something different.

    Even Wenger admitted to it. That the player s came to him hahah

  16. Bamford10

    One other thing re Ozil, I am not one of his bigger fans, but people need to recognize that Wenger basically plays him like a second CF. There were several times when the camera panned out today to reveal that Ozil was playing nearly as high as Walcott at times. Something like a withdrawn forward. IMO, this is partly why he doesn’t touch the ball enough, doesn’t do enough.

    The rest is on him, his physique, his lack of power, his disposition, his style of play. He is not the #10 I would select for my team, but I recognize that he is doing some pretty good things this year, and he did manage to get a goal today.

    Our central midfield is awful, though — partly because Coquelin isn’t good enough, partly because Ramsey isn’t good enough, and partly because Wenger plays Ozil so high that we really only have two CMs.

  17. WengerEagle


    You saying that Big John Carew nicked your booty call for the night?

    Shite luck there mate, no ordinary bloke stands a chance against BPL footballers with so many wallet obsessed women knocking about.

    Forget Carew who would do alright with the birds without earning £40,000 a week, Luka Modric could waltz into most London nightclubs and leave with his pick of the bunch.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    A quarter to when pigs fly, I think.

    Don’t want to point the finger or anything, but you are French, have a word 😉

  19. Joe

    Wenger revealed that the tighter, more defensive formation and counter-attacking style came about due to dressing-room pressure after a run of poor performances against the top sides.

    Wenger said: “At some stage you cannot go against the feelings of the team because it’s detrimental.”

    Of course I listened to the players. Your tactics have to be aligned with the feeling of the team.

  20. Wallace


    I just disagree with your remark that Cazorla has become a better player than he actually is while he’s been injured. he’s genuine quality. along with Ozil head and shoulders above the rest in terms of natural ability.

  21. Joe

    Just like the previous league winning teams.

    They did in spite of Wenger.

    Invicnibles. Done because of the players. The leaders in the squad. Done in spite of Wenger.

    No statue for Wenger.

  22. David Smith

    I wouldn’t take the top four for granted, Wenger could easily blow this, or the players could if they want him out. Look at Chelsea before and after Jose this season, might be catching.
    It wouldn’t be the first time the players have reportedly been unhappy with him, wonder if his comments after the Barca game may have upset a bunch of players not ever given a proper game plan?
    If the fans turn, he is gone. But how do you turn tourists!
    I would like to see Bould resign….in protest…..but there is that expensive price ate school…..and the Arsenal comfort zone.

  23. Bamford10


    I doubt it.


    Cazorla is a very good player and was often better as a CM than Ramsey has been, but he was never a great CM. Doesn’t have the athleticism or the presence to be a great CM. He isn’t really even a CM, anyways. Wenger just slid him in there because he had no one else.

    Cazorla and Coquelin weren’t going to win us the league, even if that was a better combination than Ramsey and Coquelin.

  24. Bamford10


    If there is a statue for Wenger, I will most definitely egg it mercilessly when I come to London.

    Absolutely no question. Will be a highlight for me.

  25. WengerEagle


    He can’t mix it up though, he’s an excellent player on his terms when the game is tailor made for him i.e most matches at the Emirates where we have more possession and the opposition are pegged right back in their own half sitting behind the ball.

    He’s great at picking locked defences and finding gaps to slip through the final ball to our forwards but when the opposition have the balls to intensely press us back into our own half, he is next to useless as he is incapable of bursting past a player to open up space. He literally is our slowest player outside of Mert, even slower than Giroud, just not as clumsy and obviously more agile.

    In the Champions League I’ve never really been impressed with Cazorla tbh. Can’t remember even one UCL match where he’s stood out.

  26. David Smith

    The Invincibles…..did it because David Dein could influence Wenger, and for all we know, the players. Dein and Danny F had ambition, before they fell out.
    Ivan Gazidis has zero influence on Wenger and Stan does not care

  27. Rhys Jaggar

    ‘WallaceFebruary 28, 2016 19:43:01
    surprised no one’s mentioned Pochettino as a possible replacement for Wenger. he’s young, knows the league, likes to bring the kids through, plays good football, seems like a very solid, focused individual…’


    If you look carefully at what Pocchetino has done in England (please anyone with knowledge add to what I say if he did different at Espanyol), what he has done is taken advantage of two clubs with top drawer academy programmes and tuned up young, hungry players into a close-knit team.

    That has probably been because both Southampton and Spurs have had budgetary constraints meaning they’ve not been in the market for £40m superstars.

    Now let’s assume that Pocchetino could be tempted away from Spurs (and I find that surprising as he is young, has got Spurs just where he wants them right now and the team is young and can hence grow and evolve organically rather than needing major surgery (which he did the past two summers to get the squad where he wanted it), what would he look for in his next club?

    1. Does he want a thriving academy system? Says he might value Man Utd, Chelsea, Barcelona above Arsenal.
    2. Does he want any move to be a club significantly greater than his current one? Is Arsenal sufficiently bigger to make it worth the hassle of eternal hatred from the club that has made his name?
    3. What sort of fans does he appreciate? Those whose hopes can rise with his or those obsessed with permanent perfection having tasted it for one season? You tell me.
    4. What sort of Chairman/owner does he want? He arguably left Southampton because the Swiss owner wouldn’t invest to push for the Champions League. Now he’s found a club with ambitions to go far in the EPL and in Europe. Would he think Kroenke sufficiently ambitious?? You tell me.

    My feeling is that Pocchetino has benefitted from two great academy heads and I wonder how he would fare if his new one wasn’t quite up to scratch? Has he yet worked with very highly paid superstars? I’m not saying he can’t, I’m saying it’s something he has yet to prove.

    The one advantage from a fans’ point of view is that Pocchetino is in a position to negotiate hardball. He’s in a great set up currently, so he would only leave if the set up was just as he wanted. He’d demand a root-and-branch upgrade of the academy system, he’d demand ambition and standards and he’d expect a clear out of those he doesn’t want. No ifs, no buts, no sponsors’ pets screwing up the dressing room for him.

    He can ask for that and expect it, because he has no need to leave where he currently is.

    Some cheap and cheeky offer isn’t going to float his boat. £4m +£1 isn’t a salary offer he’ll take to cross No-Mans’ Land unless it’s Christmas Day……

    My personal view is that he’s not going to leave Spurs any time soon. He’s got everything set up perfectly and he’ll want to lead Spurs into their new stadium. Maybe 2019 he has to decide whether he wants to break up one team and build another. Unless of course this current squad is a false dawn, unless some of those players take the money and run to Man Utd, Real Madrid or wherever.

    Kane has caught the eye of Zidane, but Zidane’s words say more has to be proved before he’d shell out loads of money. The ones likely to attract attention of big clubs are Lloris, Alderweireld, Alli, Erikssen and Kane.

    I can’t see Pocchetino moving on unless the core of his squad his dismembered……

    The real issue is far simpler: the more you pay people, the more you must demand in return and the more ruthless you must be concerning under-performance.

  28. Paulinho

    “I just disagree with your remark that Cazorla has become a better player than he actually is while he’s been injured. ”

    You’ve just greatly exaggerated the effect he has on the team. Our performances are plenty ‘disjointed’ with him in the side. He controls games when the match is won and the opposition – usually relegation fodder – get reckless and leave gaps.

    Not a surprise though. Happens every single time we get a player injured.

    Remember Keyser bemoaning the loss of Chamberlain at the back end of last season, simply because he for once put in a half decent performance against United in the F.A Cup.

  29. Paulinho

    Two months ago people were counting down the days to Coquelin and Sanchez’s return. That hasn’t made a blind bit of difference so it’s a case of who is next on the injury list to pin all our hopes on.

  30. David Smith

    Something about this season just gives me hope, not sure Wenger will be able to get out of this one, at least not with any credibility. It has been a long time coming.
    Stan will back him as long as he can, but if the players , hardcore fans and media turn….
    IF a man on £8 million finishes below those on a quarter of that or less…..come on Stan…..what’s the point of him?

  31. Follow the money

    @Joe, so the team is coaching itself (as we always suspected was the case,) unfortunately we don’t have PV 4 etc so it won’t result in wins. And Wenger does not motivate the players. Soooo, what is he doing for 8.5 million per? We might as well have some Random Monkey on the touchline

  32. Follow the money

    Sanchez wants out. Clearly. His agent probably already has it lined up. I don’t blame him. Don’t see us scoring much until seasons end. My prediction of dropping out of the top four might happen after all

  33. Thanos

    I missed the game because I was at work after watching it on motd I have to say what a joke we are throwing it all away like we do every time this year it’s Groundhog Day and the next home game I am going to fucking boo all game. I sit in the tier above wenger and he will hear me I promise. I would take a banner but they will only take it off of me. We her out its the same shit every season. We have the back bone of a slug

  34. Bamford10

    Sir Chips

    If there ends up being a statue, I will definitely consider it. Don’t think that makes me a c*nt. That that makes me a proper critic of the man.

    Not to mention I’d assume that plenty of English supporters would have already given his statue the proper treatment.

    Wenger is the c*nt, Chips, because he is the one keeping Arsenal from being a great team. I simply want the team to be great again, and if I have to egg a statue to make a correct point, I would gladly do so.

    (Unless a supporter I respect told me they thought that would be inappropriate.)

    You are not that supporter, as you’re one of the morons who can’t bear to criticize this manager. You and your ilk are in fact a big part of the problem.

  35. Wallace


    interesting post. I think there’s a good chance a few of the elite clubs will be taking a close look at Spurs this summer. the manager and a few of the players. in the past Levy’s talked a good game but has usually ended up selling.

  36. bennydevito

    Just been chatting to doublegooner and he’s rethinking the protest banners because he says it could get people bans.

    Really? Isn’t freedom of speech and peaceful protest a civil right? A law of this land??

  37. Dissenter

    You’re hoping spuds sell key players
    Right when the league is about to blow up in money and they qualify directly to the CL ?

    Dream on

  38. Dissenter

    Wenger’s press conference
    “Let’s not got overboard. They had a very experienced midfield and spent a lot of money.”

    What an asinine comment from the shameless leech.

  39. Joe

    New post


    Wallace is living in 2005

    Every team is going to be swimming in cash. Spurs will be in the CL.

    No players are leaving. And to who? Man U who aren’t in the CL?

  40. S Asoa


    You have blamed Ozil because his 18 precision assists did not all produce goals.
    You throw real pearls in a trough , the pigs eat them. So they were worthless all the time ?
    This is the situation at Arsenal. We have a manager who is only fit to rear pigs.
    Only the 8.2 million salary is the oddity.

  41. Phd007

    Many have said,for a many a long time on here..Arsene is a busted flush..
    The club on a footballing front,is a joke..Won’t even delve into the commercial aspects..

    But let’s face facts,I’ve said all along,Arsene is not interested in winning trophies since 2005/6..(The major ones..EPL & CL)

    The Arsenal apologist can make all the excuses in the world…

    Arsene for one,is only motivated by money…


    I’ll tell you why…
    If Arsenal was truly a professional about his job,in terms of wanting to win trophies,strategising & utilising his resources to the best of his ability…

    He would have :-

    1) 2011..Carling Cup vs Birmingham..

    Benched Szechny & found himself a proper experienced GK..

    After the 8-2 debacle vs ManUre..& until then he was ooohing & aarghing in the transfer window before that debacle..He would have said to himself,this humiliation under my watch,will never happen again..

    I will make sure,that I will use my funds under my disposal to strengthen the team,in the required areas,to make sure,not only such a disastrous result never occurs again,but I have players who will fight for the cause..
    Not going on a fornicating super market trolley dash,to paper the cracks

    3)Having suffered a 4-0 humilation against AC Milan, he would have said to himself,from a professional standpoint..I’m tired of being the whipping boys of Europe..
    I must retreat to the drawing board & find the best players,the best number 2 coach in Europe,or the world,that tactically can navigate me at least to the semi-finals & then the finals,in a progressive manner..At the very worst,get me to another final..One final in 20 odd years,is diabolical,for a manger that is trying to dine at the elite premier table..

    I’ve tried for 16 odd years,my methods are not working..

    3)Having approached my 1000th game,& I’m about to meet my nemesis..Who I haven’t beaten in a competitive match since 2003 ,(bar the charity shield)..What can I do ,to bend “The Special One” over?

    Hmm..just employ the same tactics & get bitch slapped 6-0..

    4)At this point,surely professional pride kicks in-non?

    5)So you go into the next season,results are the same,footballing philosophy still the same,just more a mish mash of heaven knows what..No strategy,just winging it,to achieve the bare minimum on little spend..

    Almost a decade of the same long run results..Flitting between 3rd/4th in the EPL..Crashing out of the CL Knockout..
    In between players of ambition being sold,being replaced with inferior quality…Average players being given improved contracts,in the name of creating a socialist wage regime(b/s),cohesion & harmony.

    Doesn’t spund like a manager who really is chumping at the bit,to force about change that brings not only a winning mentality,but top trophies..

    6) You decide,after a 3-1 trouncing before the close of the transfer window,that you do actually need to spend some money..Despite earlier realising you need a striker to replace RVP..You try unsuccessfully to bid for Higuain, get outbid,fold & run..Subsequently you try a limp attempt for Suarez..Get called out & run for the hills..& then end up with Ozil..

    Clearly that indicates no clear vision,strrategy or idea of what you want..
    Just winging it,off the back of a few fans raising their hands in uproar..
    That’s just your attempt to placate the fans,to get them off your back..

    Not of a manager,having suffered humiliating defeats & has a blueprint of how to avoid further humiliating defeats,but to also win something,or attempt to utilise all the resources available at one’s disposal..

    7)Where we clearly needed a striker,BM game springs to mind,we spring on Sanogo.Throw him into the deep end.Bearing in mind,that Arsene had been tracking this guy for 3 years..& meet up with him in his hotel,along with Ivan”The Whore” before signing him..Pity he couldn’t employ the same energy & resourcefulness in trying to procure the services of a Benzema(before he went to RM),Higuain,Suarez & to name a few others before hand..

    Again,lack of planning,lack of ambition,lack of vision..Just smacks of a manager not entirely serious on using what is available to him resource wise,effectively..Winging it,.All in the name of self preservation..

    8)Top of the league 2013,instead of getting what was needed in the summer window,we had the opportunity to build upon our position in January 2013 to consolidate.What does he do?

    He buys Brokeback Kalstrom….
    Does this sound to you like a manager,that wants to win?

    9)We get spanked by Monaco in the CL…
    Surely a man of pride,would say I walk..Or I stay,& I’ll make sure that before I leave,I will do everything in my power to see that I will use all my financial resources to build/assemble a squad,having the best coaches,analysts,backroom staff, that will win my first EPL in 12 years & my first CL in all my managerial career..If not I walk..

    We enter 2015/16..Not having bought one outfield player in the summer window..Just a GK,who literally fell into our lap..

    We are in the same position,we have been for the last 10 years..
    In possibly the worst season possible,in terms of the league being mediocre..
    & still he contrives to butcher the whole season,yet again.All through choice..

    Sorry,this manager,doesn’t seem like a manager interested in competing for trophies…No way..If he did,he would have the fortitude,pride and vision to rewrite the wrongs of yesteryear by now..

    He has neither…He’s motivation is purely money..

    Lastly,I question the players at Arsenal..It’s a nice creche..
    Any player that comes to Arsenal,as far as I am concerned,lacks ambition like the manager..

    If they did have ambition and were sold a lie by Monsieur Wenger about wanting to win top trophies.I’d expect after two seasons,they would have bailed out by now..
    So if Ozil & Sanchez have any ambition about them,I expect them gone by the end of this season..
    If not,they are part of the cult..

    I ask myself this..If Theo had ambition,he would have left before 10 years..
    I ask myself the same question about Ramsey,about Gibbs,about Szcheny(on loan),about Jack,about a lot of the players..Injuries are no excuse..

    It’s symptomatic of the malaise that encapsulates& stinks out the whole club,from top to bottom..Money…Nothing else…

    Arsene doesn’t care,just about his own self preservation & the bottom line..