Man Utd 3-2 Arsenal. Bottled it. So Wenger, right?

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Hello darkness my old friend

Hello darkness my old friend, its Alex here after a looooooong hiatus to report on the abomination that was Arsenal’s performance at Old Trafford.

I wish we were meeting under more felicitous circumstances, I really do. However this is a season where mediocrity has been the benchmark and Arsenal are struggling to even be consistently mediocre. The only thing that does appear to be consistent is our unnerving ability to blunder our way to fourth.

Why does this keep happening? The players are different, the tactics are different, the backroom team is different, the transfer budget is different, the opponents are different, their managers, kits, medical teams, all different. However the results remain the same. The one constant is Arsene Wenger. A good manager, perhaps. A true servant to Arsenal Football Club, undoubtedly yes. The man to put Arsenal where they belong, at the pinnacle of English and world football, NO.

In isolation this match would be an embarrassment but it’s symptomatic of a failure to perform on the big occasions which has meant Arsenal has not really been dining with the big boys since 2004. This result was in many ways worse than the 8-2. That day we fielded a team of youngsters and ne’er-do-wells in what was essentially a damage limitation exercise (brought about nonetheless by Arsene’s lack of planning).

Yesterday was different. United were the ones fielding a squad of assistant burger flippers and chimney sweeps. I swear by the end they were bringing on kids who’d just resat their 11 plus. Throw into the mix fraudulent show ponies like Memphis Depay, an ageing Carrick being played out of position, two fullbacks who hadn’t played for months and a complete fruit loop of a manager, this team deserved a spanking.

It’s almost impossible that a team of professionals; World Cup, Champions League and league winners could contrive to lose to that Motley crew. Almost but not quite. Not when you’re Arsenal.

The first five minutes were alright. United looked like they were due a hiding, we had most of the ball and created a nice chance through Monreal who should have been more clinical.

But then it became apparent that something was wrong. United were pressing us high and our midfield, Coquelin and the absolutely woeful Aaron Ramsey, went missing. More often than not our back four were bringing the ball out and struggling to find an outlet. Usually having Giroud up front would give us an alternative, however Walcott was having one of those days (you know the ones where he is in a state of quantum superposition and you’re not really sure if he exists).

We started to get jittery, LIKE WE ALWAYS DO WHEN OUR OPPONENTS REFUSE TO ROLL OVER FOR US, and that’s when the bullshit started.

I questioned the decision to drop Mertesacker for Gabriel. Sure Merts had a mare against Barca and was at fault for both goals, but Gabriel still looks a little green and plays like he is wearing rollerskates. Sure enough after about 12 minutes he got skinned by Roy of the Rovers and was lucky not to concede a penalty. It was shocking play from him, his body positioning was all wrong and he got turned inside out by a child with zero Premier League minutes. He should have been subbed for that alone.

Walcott briefly appeared to try and dribble the ball out of the danger area. Unfortunately he was only able to run in a straight line and was quickly dispossessed. United broke forward before Arsenal could reset themselves (that’s why you shouldn’t get dispossessed in danger areas Theo). Their fullback whipped in an excellent cross which Koscielny missed and Gabriel jabbed at like it was a dead beagle. The ball fell for Captain Marvel who smashed it home. Awful anticipation from Gabriel.

Their second came a few minutes later. Lingard moseyed inside and Herarra’s ball over the top was too much for Alexis (another player guilty of breath-taking shittiness) to track. The floated cross landed bang in the middle of the six yard box, in between our two centrebacks and onto the head of the Boy Wonder. I’m blaming Gabriel for this one to. He could see Rashford in front of him, and his anticipation was way, way too slow.

Their third was another example of shambolic defending. We had six players back versus their three and still got taken apart. Here’s a tip, rather than standing in a straight line in the penalty area, Coquelin (or even Ramsey if you feel like it): TRACK THE RUNNER.

I’m not going to focus on our goals as they don’t warrant analysis, other than to say there was a noticeable lack of response from the players following both. The players reacted as if Ozil’s goal was a consolation after a 10-1 shellacking, not a crucial turning point in the game. Can you imagine any team other than one managed by Arsene Wenger chasing their first league title in 12 years reacting so nonchalantly to this goal? I’ve played in pub darts teams with more desire to win.

The game ended with United showboating. Actual 18 year old debutants doing step-overs and flicks to piss away the last five minutes. That is how little threat we posed, that is how little respect they had for our team. Champions? Not fucking likely.

So what are the talking points? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Wore the captain’s armband but needs to start acting like a captain. That doesn’t mean just playing ace, it means sorting out your team mates when they have taken leave of their senses, organising the defence and showing some #pashun when the rest of the team are losing their heads.

There is a good player in there somewhere but this has been a season to forget for him. He should be starting behind Mertesacker and even Big Cal at the moment. He needs extra coaching on his positioning because it’s usually wrong and he is relying on his pace to bail him out. Have you noticed that he’s almost always falling over at the critical time? He is the very definition of “last-ditch”.

What is going on with this guy? Does he even know what his role is in the team, does he get instructions from Wenger? I’m pretty sure Ozil is the guy with the free role, Aaron, so stop dicking around in the penalty area and sort out your positioning. United pressed high today and both he and Coquelin were unable to play around it. Dare I say it but did we miss Santi Cazorla?

Possibly his worst ever Arsenal performance. Theo seriously needs to think about what he wants from his career, does he want to coast for the next 8 years like he has the last 10? His best season for us was 10/11 when he played out wide feeding Van Persie. That season he would hang off the full back’s shoulder, carry the ball to the byline and whip in crosses for RVP to finish. I’d suggest he reverts back to that role as its not working for him at number 9.

Another one in the category of WTAF. This guy has been playing like a bucket of cold sick for months. I know he’s one of our superstars but he needs to be dropped. Like Ramsey, he is desperate to score and holds onto the ball for too long. He needs to drop this Roy of the Rovers nonsense and focus on the basics. In the meantime, why can’t Campbell fill in?

I’d love us to win the league and there is still a possibility from this position. But if it is to happen it would require a complete reversal of the form we have shown over the last two months. Let’s be honest, Leicester are playing like Champions. Tottenham are playing like Champions. We got lucky in the Leicester game and haven’t looked confident or clinical for a long time. I would put that down to the mentality of the players but we know these guys are winners. Alexis, Ozil, Welbeck, Mertesacker, Giroud have all won major honours. Why are they looking lost now?

There is something psychological going on, “bottling it” is actually a thing and it is what Arsenal are doing right now. We either start games complacently or we panic when the game plan doesn’t work. We’ve been finishing seasons like this for 12 years now and it’s not getting any better.

However, more concerning than even this, we are not playing like a team. We are not playing well as a defensive unit or as an offensive unit. There is no link up between our defence and midfield or our midfield and attack. There are no successful partnerships on the pitch and there is no one to take the game by the scruff of the neck when needed. Ozil is the closest thing we have to this but even Mozart is going to struggle to make beautiful music with a cow bell.

Arsene Wenger
Which brings me on to the manager and his consistent inability to resolve these issues. I alluded to this at the start of the post and it is a drum I have been banging for so long my arm has fallen off. He is the cause of (and unfortunately for now) the solution to all of Arsenal’s problems. That performance was so bad in every respect, coming at such a decisive time in the season, how can it be tolerated by a club with serious aspirations of winning the title? Will the necessary pressure be put on him to re-evaluate his methods?

His substitutions against Barca were insane and I’m not sure of the value of bringing on Iwobi over Campbell in this game. However it’s the lack of motivation for the team and ability to change things when the chips are down that are his real Achilles heel. His post-match comments were petulant but reveal what is at the heart of the problem with Arsene Wenger.

“They spent a lot of money” the long standing refrain that has been his emotional and professional security blanket for ten years looks threadbare now he has two players in his team who cost upwards of £70 million combined. This is not a time for excuses, it’s time for him to reflect on his own performance and consider if it has been good enough.

The bar has been set considerably lower this year and yet, somehow, Arsene Wenger’s team still look set to hang their caps several pegs below it. That in itself should be enough for him to reflect on.

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  1. gambon

    Thierry Henry scored 33 in 45 games in 05/06 – and only had a 4th place medal to show for it.

    Gareth Bale never finished higher than 4th despite being an incredible player.

  2. Joe

    Ramsey is the least of our problems at the moment

    The issue at hand is Wenger and how he’s lost the dressing room and the players aren’t playing for him anymore.

    The same performance vs spuddies and we will get snashed and everyone will be clear that Wenger has lost the players.

    If they can’t show passion
    And heart v spuddies then we know. Well the non believers will realize it’s Wenger

  3. Wallace


    “However its also worth pointing out that he(Ramsey) was playing well above his real level.”

    not sure that makes any sense. if it was a couple of games then maybe, but he was performing at an excellent level for, what, 9-12mths? you can’t fluke that. and there was also his considerable early promise at 18/19 just prior to the leg break. there is obviously a top quality midfielder player hidden somewhere inside of Ramsey.

  4. WengerEagle

    Getting caught up in tedious semantics now Joe, lol who the fuck makes such a huge distinction between a ‘monster’ season and an ‘awesome’ season?

    Do you understand that without Ramsey’s 10 goals, many more assists and great defensive contribution in the BPL we wouldn’t have come in 4th? And he scored the winner in the Cup Final to top it off with so it’s not even like he won nothing for us.

    Relegation fodder? Did you take a peak at Sanchez’s goal list from last season? You might be in for a bit of a rude awakening.

    Ramsey’s goals were the reason that we were even in the Champions League in 2013/14, he scored 3 of our 5 goals vs Fenerbahce in the play-off.

    He also scored away to Marseille and Borussia Dortmund, Cup Final winner vs Hull (no doubt you’d praise Sanchez for his Cup Final goal), vs Liverpool who were runners up.

    All big game goals.

    And he’s a CM, it’s hardly fair just to judge a CM on his goals.

  5. Relieable Sauce

    GK – Top kid
    RB – 1st/2nd choice
    CB – 1st choice
    CM – 1st choice
    LW/RW – 1st choice
    CF – 1st choice

    We might need that just for top 4 next season imo.
    Trusting Wenger to sign the £120m+ worth of talent needed would be madness.

  6. Joe


    Does anyone talk about those seasons?

    Gareth bales goals led Spurs to 4th which they haven’t achieved since. So he did do something for them.

    Would Henry’s 33 goal season hold a lot more value had it led to a title challenge or title win?

  7. WengerEagle

    ‘Thierry Henry scored 33 in 45 games in 05/06 – and only had a 4th place medal to show for it.Gareth Bale never finished higher than 4th despite being an incredible player.’

    But what did they win?

    That only qualifies as an ‘Awesome’ season, not a ‘monster’ season.

    Ask Michael Carrick or Anderson about monster seasons.

  8. WengerEagle

    ‘Gareth bales goals led Spurs to 4th which they haven’t achieved since. So he did do something for them.’

    Eh, bit of amnesia there pal?

    They finished in 5th place that season.

  9. gambon


    8 years at Arsenal this summer, with one good season.

    Im sure youve also been backing Walcott for years due to one good season

    Im also sure you think Vardy and Mahrez are the 2 best players in the PL.

    Players often have periods where they play well above their natural ability.

    Ramsey is a good player. Would play 50 games per season at Everton or Southampton.

    If we want to compete at the top end of the game, he should be a rotation option….not a first team player.

    As with about 90% of our squad.

  10. Thank you and goodnight

    I’m sticking up for Remi garde and not because I want him to be our next manager, because I don’t. But the other day he came out with a comment that made me think, fuck me he’s nothing like wenger. He commented on how small villas squad was which meant their was very little competition for places and how that’s a bad thing as it breeds complacency. Now compare that too wenger who refuses to buy players because it would kill walcott/giroud/ramsey.

  11. Redtruth

    Ramsey injured himself against West December and immediately
    Arsenal went on a winning run culminating in reaching an FA Cup Final all without Ramsey.
    I recall Ramsey being recalled and coming on in our 3-0 defeat to Everton.

    Ramsey’s absence made no impact to our season…FACT..the stats agree with me too.

  12. Wallace


    “Im also sure you think Vardy and Mahrez are the 2 best players in the PL.”

    nope. and neither of the above had the two biggest managers in English football at the time chasing their signature when they were 16/17. he’s done brilliantly to get back to the level he’s at after having his leg snapped in two, but i think losing those 2yrs at such a crucial age has cost him.

  13. Thank you and goodnight


    I think being coached and managed by wenger is what’s cost ramsey. Players regress under wenger…..FACT!!!.

  14. Wallace

    I still think both Leicester and Spurs are going to have a major wobble in the coming weeks as the pressure builds, I just don’t think either ourselves or City are good enough to take advantage of it.

  15. gambon

    Lol Wallace

    Talk about evading the question.

    Mahrez has clearly been the best player in the PL this season.

    So is he the best in the PL?

    He must be because you said players cant play above their level for a season.

    Man Utd and Arsenal chasing Ramsey means precisely fuck all.

  16. Thank you and goodnight


    The fact that he said he doesn’t think we’re good enough to take advantage of the wobble doesn’t sound like he’s making excuses to me mate.

  17. Wallace


    “Players regress under wenger…..FACT!!!.”

    i can give you a long list of players who developed magnificently under Wenger, and I can give you a list of players whose careers stalled. same as any other manager who’s been around a long time.

    George Weah was an absolute donkey at 22/23, and 3/4yrs later he was the best player on the planet.

  18. Redtruth


    You forgot to mention Ramsey gifting Dortmund a goal at the Emirates and wasn’t he guilty of giving away a penalty in another European tie that season

  19. Doom n gloom

    Jeez joe.your’e real class act hey?are you for f***ng real?a spuds win?really?if you want the ditherer out at least pick another match lol!

  20. Thank you and goodnight


    Seriously I’m not looking for a row with you as I have to admit to respecting you a little. But in all honesty name me at least 2 players who wenger has bought, whether youth or international, in last 8 years who has gone on to flourish under him and become WC.

  21. Wallace


    “Mahrez has clearly been the best player in the PL this season. So is he the best in the PL?”

    he’s a good player having an excellent season. but at 24 nobody, apart from maybe Karim, had heard of him. Ramsey’s been highly regarded from the time he was 15/16….do you get my point?

  22. Wallace


    “But in all honesty name me at least 2 players who wenger has bought, whether youth or international, in last 8 years who has gone on to flourish under him and become WC.”

    i’d say RVP, Adebayor, Hleb & Cesc, with honourable mentions for Nasri, Sagna & Koscielny….but yeah, the numbers have dried up recently. I think both Jack & Ramsey had the potential to be added to the list, but injuries have hampered both of them.

  23. WengerEagle

    ‘i’d say RVP, Adebayor, Hleb & Cesc, with honourable mentions for Nasri, Sagna & Koscielny….but yeah, the numbers have dried up recently. ‘

    To put it mildly.

    Koscielny is the only name on that list that was bought after 2008 and even he was bought 5 years ago now.

  24. Jim Lahey

    “Ramsey’s been highly regarded from the time he was 15/16”

    Regarded by who though? Doubt anyone outside of England knew who he was. Doubt many people outside of England know who he is today!

  25. Thank you and goodnight

    @ Wallace

    Out of all those players I’d say only cesc( 50/50) and rvp could be considered world class and both were signed over 11 years ago when dein was negotiating transfers. But that’s your opinion mine is that near enough all our players have regressed under wenger over last 8 years.

  26. WengerEagle

    ‘I don’t care or know when spuds finish every year.”

    So why did you say that Bale dragged them to 4th in proving your point then if you didn’t know?

    And you mention Spurs a lot on here for someone who doesn’t care.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger’s just lost it all, he’s well past his sack by date.

    Doesn’t know what he wants from his team, can’t really motivate or man manage, can’t develop, no ambition, can’t organise his team and doesn’t know what his best 11 is.

  28. WengerEagle


    In all seriousness, how are you still on the fence regarding Wenger?

    Not even having a pop just a bit baffled as the season is collapsing like clock-work yet again just as it does every season.

  29. Joe


    The only time I give a fuck about Spurs because ironically enough they are the ones who will help us get rid of Wenger by turning all of the support against him.

    By smashing us this weekend and either them
    Or Leicester winning the title

    That will be the end of Wenger

  30. Wallace


    “OK Kos I’ll give you but even he’s not WC really is he.”

    a lot of good judges would have him alongside Kompany as the outstanding PL CB of the last 4/5yrs. WC is hard to judge, but for a Grimandi youtuber he’s done alright 😉

  31. Joe

    Cesc and RVP were Always going to be world class.

    Wenger had nothing to do with it

    Nasri was already an international.

    Wallace probably thinks Wenger discovered Henry and viera too.

  32. salparadisenyc

    That season Ramsay had was stellar, no two ways about that. To put it into perspective Laudrup’s best goal tally was 18. Above that you get into the untouchable Platini area.

    Ramsay’s not been on the best of form but he’s the least of our worrries, which if we had to list would be our lack of goals. Doesn’t take a genius to spot that, Wenger neglected to remedy it and its the main reasons were looking at yet another round of 16 knockout and a title challenge unravelling.

    We are shit in front of goal.

  33. WengerEagle


    He’s like a Cockroach, if the 8-2 humiliation vs United, the 4-0 battering to an aging Milan side, 6-0 at Chelsea, 5-1 at Liverpool, 3-0 at Everton, 6-3 at City, 5-1 at Bayern, the 3-1 defeat at the Emirates to Monaco, having the worst performing Chelsea side in the Abramovich era doing the double over us and now losing to a bunch of kids at OT with close to our first XI, aren’t enough to get the man sacked then nothing will be enough.

  34. Wallace


    “In all seriousness, how are you still on the fence regarding Wenger?”

    I don’t know, yesterday was tough, maybe the worst, but I’d rather wait until the end of the season before passing judgement. I’d look a complete tool if I trashed him and we then won our next 12 games, wouldn’t i?

  35. WengerEagle

    Napoli disappointing of late, blowing another 2 points in the title race tonight drawing to Fiorentina.

    Juventus now are 3 points clear, pretty hard to look past them as Champions for the 5th season running.

  36. Samesong

    I’d look a complete tool if I trashed him and we then won our next 12 games, wouldn’t i?

    Rather be a fool then a dumb fool.

  37. WengerEagle


    Understandable, but if we haven’t got the guts to beat a team full of kids, how are we going to head up to the best side in the league of late who we normally struggle against anyway and take all 3 points?

    I honestly can’t see anything other than a Spurs win.

    I don’t even think that we’ll beat Swansea on Wednesday.

  38. Wallace


    “Cesc and RVP were Always going to be world class. Wenger had nothing to do with it ”

    if you really think that I’m not sure arguing the point gets us anywhere. RVP wasn’t even getting a game at Feyenoord when Wenger bought him.

  39. Samesong

    Wenger going to send those lads out unprepared against spurs. We got Swansea coming up first watch us struggle against them I recall them beating us at home last season.

  40. WengerEagle

    ‘We are shit in front of goal.’

    Too true Sal.

    The goals for Giroud have dried up big time of late (has he scored since Liverpool?) Sanchez can’t buy a BPL goal atm and the rest are too shit too even go into.

  41. salparadisenyc

    “Wallace probably thinks Wenger discovered Henry and viera”


    You have to give Wenger some credit regarding Henry. At the time it was a large transfer fee for a player doing little on the Juve wing. Was gutted we sold Anelka. Wenger signed Henry for 1/2 the fee Le Sulk went for and upped the goal production with immediate effect, never looking back. Best CF this clubs had.

  42. Wallace


    “Understandable, but if we haven’t got the guts to beat a team full of kids, how are we going to head up to the best side in the league of late who we normally struggle against anyway and take all 3 points?”

    yeah, that’s my thinking also. I don’t seriously think we’ll recover from yesterday, but at the same time, now the pressure’s off, us suddenly clicking into gear and thumping 5 past them next weekend wouldn’t surprise me either.

  43. Thank you and goodnight

    Yes Kos has been one of our better defenders, but that’s not really been hard when you consider who we had before him. Vermaelen,djourou,senderos, to name a few. Personally I think the majority regress under wenger and I think it’s a culmination of things. Oh well, I’ll see you this time same chat with you next year Wallace

  44. Thank you and goodnight


    Sorry meant * I’ll see you this time next year same date as no doubt it will be another rerun of last 6 years. 😀

  45. salparadisenyc



    As if the films on repeat…. we can’t get out of the cinema as the doors been chained shut. Wenger has the key.

    Stuff of nightmares.

  46. steve


    Typical dim akb. “Let’s wait and see what happens”. And when Wenger fails again. “let’s see what happens next season.”

  47. Wallace


    nah, this time next year we’ll probably have it wrapped up by now. first title in his first season for Eddie Howe, and 43 goals in 33 games for big summer signing Benik Afobe 😉 Serge Gnabry PL player of the year(despite midwest’s best efforts to sabotage the ballot)

  48. Redtruth

    We did sell Petit and Overmars for a combined fee of £25m which negated somewhat the risk in the Henry fee.

    Bergkamp was poorly used at Inter and just like Henry flourished at Arsenal without the guidance of Wenger.

  49. Jim Lahey

    “Ferguson & Wenger.”

    Don’t know how highly Ferguson regarded Ramsey, wasn’t one of the reasons he chose Arsenal over United was because Ferguson never bothered to meet him in person?

    And being Highly regarded by Wenger isn’t really something to write home about now is it.

  50. Joe


    Well documented that RVP has behaviour problems. There was issue of his class.

    Needed a change of scenery

    Henry was already an international for France. When he came to Arsenal. Wenger did not make him.

  51. salparadisenyc

    Safe to say we missed a serious trick with Higuain, all set we pulled out into that fabled Suarez bid.

    Going to easily break 30+ goals this season.

  52. Jim Lahey

    @Sal “Safe to say we missed a serious trick with Higuain, all set we pulled out into that fabled Suarez bid.”

    I think he scored number 25 tonight, that is one more than our entire forward line has scored in the league this season.

  53. Wallace


    “Don’t know how highly Ferguson regarded Ramsey, wasn’t one of the reasons he chose Arsenal over United was because Ferguson never bothered to meet him in person?”

    yes, Ferguson left it to Gary Neville, who apparently felt the full force of Fergie’s wrath when Ramsey subsequently choose us over Utd.

  54. WengerEagle


    No other properly run club in their right mind would even pay him close to £100,000 a week, never mind £140,000 a week.

    I hope that he’s been taking Mandarin lessons because unless he buggers off to China to link up with Gervinho and friends, we’re likely stuck with him as he’s not worth anything close to what Wenger would want for him.

    So depressing that it takes so many years before Wenger realizes that a player is next to useless.

  55. Wallace

    I think it’s fair to say Walcott, the Ox and Ramsey have all been given every opportunity to impress and kick on this year. whether Wenger’s in charge or not next season I’ll be surprised if more than one of the above is still an Arsenal player.

  56. BigCheese

    Ramsey is a great player. His fitness and running power is phenomenal. At the moment he’s going through a patch where nothing is going for him. He’s in the right place at the right time but everything is a fraction to late or too rushed.

    In my opinion he’s suffered playing alongside Flamini where’s he had to play box to box every game for 90 minutes. That will affect all players – even with an engine like his. There’s a reason he played so well with Arteta (yes his legs are gone now etc).

    Arteta played with far more discipline and relied on positioning opposed to running around like a headless chicken which Coq and Flamini love doing. This meant Ramsey had a safety net behind him. He could bomb on ahead and try and intercept further up the pitch and influence the game in the final 3rd.

    You want the best out of him? Put himself alongside a Matic or Fernandiho in the “Yaya Toure” role. Then you’ll see what he’s all about.

  57. MidwestGun

    Juventus now are 3 points clear, pretty hard to look past them as Champions for the 5th season running.
    Yep, remember when everyone early in the season was all in a panic about how you cant change too many players, cohesion, etc., etc….. when it comes to Juve making an overhaul.
    Nope… quality wins out over time. Didn’t take the whole season and a summer for their new players to settle.

    Wallace if Gnabry ever wins player of the year, I will Shave off all my hair and get a big Red and White, Mike Tyson tattoo….i t isn’t gonna happen, my friend.

  58. Relieable Sauce

    C’mon Wallace! Adebayor an Hleb WC and Koz a better CB than Terry???

    I’d say RVP was WC (imo: consistant top level performances played at the highest level over a minimum 2/3 year period) just about. One season for us, one for MU and a very good World Cup.

  59. Jim Lahey

    @WE – Walcott will defiantly run his contact down at Arsenal, he isn’t going anywhere. He lacks any ambition to leave to win things so he is at the perfect club. And as you say, there isn’t another club on the planet that would pay his wages!

  60. Wallace

    “unless he buggers off to China to link up with Gervinho and friends, we’re likely stuck with him as he’s not worth anything close to what Wenger would want for him.”

    nah, with the tv money this summer will see a spending shitfest. fuckin’ Stoke will probably offer us 100m for the three of them(Walcott, Ox & Ramsey )

  61. salparadisenyc

    “We did sell Petit and Overmars for a combined fee of £25m which negated somewhat the risk in the Henry fee.”

    Yes Red except you’ve got it backwards. Henry came in the previous summers window before selling Overmars and Peitit, not sure how that moneys played a roll in averting “risk”.

    Also you’ve somehow failed to mention upon selling Overmars and Petit we landed Pires, Wilford and Edu, insanely good business for less money.

    Bergkamp’s an entirely different situation to Henry.
    He’d had a stellar first year at Inter and a very poor follow up. But his best years were at Arsenal under Wenger for whatever reason. Thats not really up or debate.

  62. Jim Lahey

    @BigCheese – Ramsey is either positionally awful or a selfish player, I don’t know which one would be worse to be honest. The guy plays for the cameras not the club. Sure Flamini is dogshit we all know it, but that doesn’t excuse Ramsey for wandering around like he has a free role and leaving our midfield empty.

  63. Bamford10

    Arsene’s Nurse

    “It’s all there in black and white. Wenger is the problem. The AKBs are like moon-hoax conspiracy theorists. No matter how much evidence is presented to them they will never accept that man landed on the moon. AKBs will never accept that the problem is Wenger. Today we still see them blaming Kroenke even when Wenger’s own words contradict them.

    That’s how fucked up they are. They worship Wenger, but will even resort to ignoring Wenger’s own words when those words undermine their own reasons for deflecting criticism from him. It’s a religion for them.”

    Hear, hear.

  64. Cesc Appeal

    Ramsey could be a different player under a new manager, Oxlade needs a loan, if West Ham want him that could be spot on, Walcott should have been sold, like everyone was saying, last summer…will struggle to find someone willing to pay his £140 000 a week wages.

  65. Wallace

    Reliable Sauce

    “Adebayor an Hleb WC and Koz a better CB than Terry???”

    it was a response to a question about players who have improved under Wenger. while Ade & Hleb both fall short of genuine world class the fact one went to City for a shedload of money while the other was snapped up by Barcelona suggests they were both pretty good.

    re Koscielny – i was talking the last 4/5 yrs.

  66. PieAFC

    Wenger has lost the dressing room.

    I wonder if the players maybe realise now the pressure players can actually have at getting a manager sacked. Clearly they are not as stupid, they’ve all been asking for signings for years and Wenger hasn’t delivered!

    Chelsea players got JM out, Van Gaal the pressure isn’t going away.

    Maybe it’s what Arsenal need.

  67. MidwestGun

    Hell if the Chinese will pay big money for Obafemi Martins, surely Walcott Is like a 30 mill signing.

    Martins and Walcott.. at the Shanghai Shenhua surely at least 50 goals a season.

  68. Cesc Appeal

    Species of invertebrate have evolved backbones in the time its taken Wenger to try and ‘address Arsenal’s spine.’

  69. MidwestGun

    Wenger regards this as his best squad since the ‘Invincible’ era and, although his thinking will certainly be shaped by the next three months, he does not currently plan a major summer overhaul.
    Fuck me….. and there you have it. warchest saved.

  70. salparadisenyc


    Strike force? Apparently that position went out of fashion in Wengerland.
    A place where spending money for such is punishable by something seriously evil.

    Must be the case otherwise hows it possible we had Giroud leading the line well into his 4th season. With Walcott awaiting to rescue us should that fail.

  71. MidwestGun

    chief executive Ivan Gazidis believes that it will be Arsenal’s biggest challenge – but there is no timescale and every indication is that he will only leave at a time of his choosing.

  72. GoonerSam

    Dear all, Wenger and the Arsenal Board are to blame for Arsenal’s dreadful performances. Wenger is possibley one of the worst managers in European football from the point of view of tactical and strategic insight. But he’s there to make money for the Board. Arsenal are a money-rich but trophy-poor Club. And the Board pay Wenger a lot of money to achieve that each season. They simply don’t care about the fans. It’s almost a pointless exercise analysing hiw useless Walcott, Ramsay,Gabriel and several others are. Neither Wenger nor the Club’s Board want anything better tgan 4th place in the Premiership. Even if the Club changed this policy, Wenger doesn’t have the insight, expertise or wherewithal to enable an Arsenal 1st XI to beat my local pub team.

  73. Relieable Sauce

    £75m !???

    1 – WTF. We had 70 last summer.
    2 – The supa-mega TV deal means every club will likely be able to match that figure.
    3 – Wenger is a notorious ditherer who hasnt built a competitive well balanced team in 10 years.

    Misguided PR if thats what it is, more like clickbait for the hopeless.

  74. Cesc Appeal

    They just pull these figures out of their arses, everyone keeps quoting the £135 Million in cash, but that’s half year with operating costs taken out, figure will be £220-250 Million by years end.

    The AST estimated Wenger had about £70-80 Million budget last year, that will only have increased this summer.

    £75 Million is like the go to budget for the papers talking about us.

    Really is irrelevant talking about it, Wenger won’t spend it and we don’t really want him spending it.

  75. Zeus

    Only now doing the read up from yesterday’s debacle.

    Wow. This from Arseblog…….
    “It then raises the question as to what happens if we don’t win this title. What should happen, I think, is that Arsenal Football Club look at this underachievement this season and make a decision that this inability to challenge – especially now that the financial shackles are off – is repetitive and chronic, and find a new man to take charge.

    I say that, by the way, as somebody who likes and respects Arsene Wenger a great deal, and can’t abide the abuse, but if he can’t win the title this year, I don’t think he can win it again.”

    Never thought I’d seethe day

  76. Relieable Sauce

    Yep, just going to enjoy the Euros and ignore the Arsenal stories this summer – unless its regarding a big shake up at the very top.

    PL should be a great spectacle at least and a reason to watch next season.
    A bit like watching the quality hotties on the dancefloor because you have to sit with granny, but still, some enjoyment can be had I think.

  77. Cesc Appeal

    Quite looking forward to the Euros, I like the look our young team, provided Woy plays it that way, should look to imitate Germany (not saying we were on their level) when they just threw their young talent in and made a real statement.

    With the right guidance, youngsters can play like they have nothing to lose.

    Positions I’m not sure about though is what GK I would go with, CB pairing and then RM.

  78. Bazza

    Well said mate – I’m a gooner and couldn’t agree more – that performance was a pile of shite but the worst thing was the lack of energy and enthusiasm. We are trying to win the league for heavens sake – truly unbelievable

  79. Follow the money

    I don’t think we need that much a top striker a top DM and a top CD. The most important thing we need is a manager who will be ruthless, who will hammer positioning and discipline into this bunch, and do more than say “Go out and express yourself”

  80. Dissenter

    Cesc and RSPC
    On current form the England team to the Euros is going to be populated with spuds players. There will be at least 6 of them in your squad.
    I hope Hodgson resists the urge to take Wilshere because he does not deserve a spot.
    I really expect Dele Alli to be emerge from the Euros as the hottest young star in Europe.
    He’s very good and knows no fear.

    Hodgson just needs to unleash the youth and who knows, England could be in the last four.

  81. Relieable Sauce

    Wenger out!…and the list of the banned words.

    My England team:


  82. azed

    “Must be the case otherwise hows it possible we had Giroud leading the line well into his 4th season.”

    Not surprising when you remember that we had a shoe shiner aka Almunia in goal for over 3 seasons.

  83. Relieable Sauce



    Milner-Hendersen-Delph-Shelvey-Lallana-Chamberlain/Zaha/Leicesters LM-Wilshire/Drinkwater


    Assuming everyone was fit. Left room for a couple of wildcards in midfield/attack with England lack a dominant creative force, hence Wilshires possible inclusion.
    I’d leave Walcott out and probably Ox as well, too limited, not enough end product or intelligence and they are not in any kind of form either.

    Dont think I forgot anyone. Slim pickings really.

  84. Dissenter

    You have to laugh at the phraseology of these silly Arsenal sponsored tabloid reports
    They always show up in March after a bad shellacking.
    “Victor Wanyama, N’Golo Kante, John Stones, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Odion Ighalo have all been watched in recent weeks.”

    They all being “watched” in recent weeks

    Who the f*** is doing the watching?

  85. Follow the money

    Omg sal I thought you were joking and that was from a previous year. Loool. You know goddamned well what’s happening here, Wenger took a peek at the Internet, saw the rage, and then had one of his PR turds send something out into the rumor mill to calm fans down and convince fans this summer will be different. Sorry Charlie, I ain’t buying it. Wenger out!!!!!!!!

  86. Follow the money

    I haven’t gotten upset about results since 2008 but right now I just want this situation to end. It will go on forever and you know I’m right, unless something drastic happens. I don’t care what at this point, getting hammered by Barca, hammered by Spurs, I don’t care. I just want Wenger out. Disgusting coward

  87. Black Hei


    I think until Ramsey is able to do a job out wide. But he is a liability in the middle without the right partner for midfield.
    Would like to see Elneny given a chance in the mid and Ramsey shifted out on the right.
    Walcott to stay on the bench or out of the squad. I think Walcott can play through the mid, but on this form, is a terrible option out wide.

    Would still leave Sanchez on the left; but if he continues to be rubbish, shift Welbeck to the left and bring Giroud up tops.

  88. Jeff

    Top six as things stand now:
    1. Leicester 27 20 56
    2. Tottenham 27 28 54
    3. Arsenal 27 17 51
    4. Man City 26 20 47
    5. Man Utd 27 10 44
    6. West Ham 27 10 43

    The top six this time last season.
    1. Chelsea 26 34 60
    2. Manchester City 27 30 55
    3. Arsenal 27 22 51
    4. Manchester United 27 20 50
    5 . Liverpool 27 10 48
    6 . Southampton 27 18 46

    The AKBs will see this as “at least we haven’t regressed” like Man U and Man City. Those with common sense will see it as “no progress”.

  89. Brooklyn

    England has quite a decent squad now…with intelligent players mostly from Spuds(Ali, Dier and Kane) and Smalling has been very good and good keeper in Hart and Forster and Butland….Wing back maybe problem and playing Ali and Barkley together may be problem as they both act best behind striker…Ali more like prototype Mourinho’s 10’s like Lampard, Deco, with better physicality….Dier with Shelvey/Henderson/Milner/Wilshere can be very decent CM pairing….Sterling, Lallana, Welbeck, Walcott(sub) and Ox is also very decent wing option…Kane, Rooney, Vardy and Sturridge are all very good option to have as striker…..

    Onto Arsenal…feeling like shit last couple of months..

  90. champagne charlie

    “Different players, same result”

    I’d question this… are the players of the last 8 years all that different? Literally, sure. But in terms of style and substance it’s the same ilk of ‘nice-guy’ half footballers that we’ve seen recycled year on year.

    Wenger uses the term harmony and solidarity in his description of the dressing room, but he’s achieved this by collecting a group of characterless, insipid footballers rather than unifying a bunch of fiery winners. Simeones Atletico are the product of solidarity and harmony, ours are a bunch of nice guy Theo types that nod and say yes to everything. It’s no surprise the ones with some semblance of character left (Cesc, RVP, Nasri..). Too much personality for Wengers blueprint.

  91. Leedsgunner

    Wins against Swansea and Tottenham, no matter won’t make a difference in the long run because it will just be seen by Wenger and the Board as a relief from deserved criticism.

    Two wins and they will start singing the praises of this weak squad again… and Operation Cohesion will be on again… ands then off when we lose, then on when we win… you get the idea.

    The main problem is our Board and Manager don’t think there really is a problem, that our poor form at this time of year is just a blip… they ignore the fact that the blindingly obvious that we have had a collapse at this time for the past seven years at least… as long as we finish strongly into 4th they could care less.

    Titles cups are a bonus not a necessity.

  92. Leedsgunner

    2 wins against Tottenham and Swansea will bring the Wengerites out again into proclaiming the team as good enough, but I ask where was that quality when we played Barca or Man United?

    If we are honest we should have dropped points against Leicester, except that they played with 10 men for 30 minutes in the second half. Honestly, in that game it would have been harder to lose than to win… and in the same position how many do you think our rivals would have won by? 5, 6? 7?

    The truth is we were blessed with a big dollop of good luck. But you wouldn’t get Wenger admitting that….

    When we win it’s our mental strength and skill, when we lose, it’s bad luck… really?

    Where was this mental strength in our crunch games this past month?
    Mental strength that only magically appears when there is no pressure isa not mental strength. It is opposite, mental weakness.

    True determination turns up when your back is against the wall and fights back.

    At the moment when the pressure is on and they have to deliver, they crumble into nothing.

  93. fabregas bald head

    I recognise Arsene Wenger as a man with
    faults and flaws, but also as one who, in the
    current make-up of this football club, who
    keeps everything more or less glued together.
    Putting our cards on the table we have a
    majority shareholder who does not give a
    single shit whether this club wins things or not.
    Not once since he took over has Stan Kroenke
    demonstrated or elucidated the slightest hint of
    football ambition. Not once.- Arseblog