Man Utd 3-2 Arsenal. Bottled it. So Wenger, right?

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Hello darkness my old friend

Hello darkness my old friend, its Alex here after a looooooong hiatus to report on the abomination that was Arsenal’s performance at Old Trafford.

I wish we were meeting under more felicitous circumstances, I really do. However this is a season where mediocrity has been the benchmark and Arsenal are struggling to even be consistently mediocre. The only thing that does appear to be consistent is our unnerving ability to blunder our way to fourth.

Why does this keep happening? The players are different, the tactics are different, the backroom team is different, the transfer budget is different, the opponents are different, their managers, kits, medical teams, all different. However the results remain the same. The one constant is Arsene Wenger. A good manager, perhaps. A true servant to Arsenal Football Club, undoubtedly yes. The man to put Arsenal where they belong, at the pinnacle of English and world football, NO.

In isolation this match would be an embarrassment but it’s symptomatic of a failure to perform on the big occasions which has meant Arsenal has not really been dining with the big boys since 2004. This result was in many ways worse than the 8-2. That day we fielded a team of youngsters and ne’er-do-wells in what was essentially a damage limitation exercise (brought about nonetheless by Arsene’s lack of planning).

Yesterday was different. United were the ones fielding a squad of assistant burger flippers and chimney sweeps. I swear by the end they were bringing on kids who’d just resat their 11 plus. Throw into the mix fraudulent show ponies like Memphis Depay, an ageing Carrick being played out of position, two fullbacks who hadn’t played for months and a complete fruit loop of a manager, this team deserved a spanking.

It’s almost impossible that a team of professionals; World Cup, Champions League and league winners could contrive to lose to that Motley crew. Almost but not quite. Not when you’re Arsenal.

The first five minutes were alright. United looked like they were due a hiding, we had most of the ball and created a nice chance through Monreal who should have been more clinical.

But then it became apparent that something was wrong. United were pressing us high and our midfield, Coquelin and the absolutely woeful Aaron Ramsey, went missing. More often than not our back four were bringing the ball out and struggling to find an outlet. Usually having Giroud up front would give us an alternative, however Walcott was having one of those days (you know the ones where he is in a state of quantum superposition and you’re not really sure if he exists).

We started to get jittery, LIKE WE ALWAYS DO WHEN OUR OPPONENTS REFUSE TO ROLL OVER FOR US, and that’s when the bullshit started.

I questioned the decision to drop Mertesacker for Gabriel. Sure Merts had a mare against Barca and was at fault for both goals, but Gabriel still looks a little green and plays like he is wearing rollerskates. Sure enough after about 12 minutes he got skinned by Roy of the Rovers and was lucky not to concede a penalty. It was shocking play from him, his body positioning was all wrong and he got turned inside out by a child with zero Premier League minutes. He should have been subbed for that alone.

Walcott briefly appeared to try and dribble the ball out of the danger area. Unfortunately he was only able to run in a straight line and was quickly dispossessed. United broke forward before Arsenal could reset themselves (that’s why you shouldn’t get dispossessed in danger areas Theo). Their fullback whipped in an excellent cross which Koscielny missed and Gabriel jabbed at like it was a dead beagle. The ball fell for Captain Marvel who smashed it home. Awful anticipation from Gabriel.

Their second came a few minutes later. Lingard moseyed inside and Herarra’s ball over the top was too much for Alexis (another player guilty of breath-taking shittiness) to track. The floated cross landed bang in the middle of the six yard box, in between our two centrebacks and onto the head of the Boy Wonder. I’m blaming Gabriel for this one to. He could see Rashford in front of him, and his anticipation was way, way too slow.

Their third was another example of shambolic defending. We had six players back versus their three and still got taken apart. Here’s a tip, rather than standing in a straight line in the penalty area, Coquelin (or even Ramsey if you feel like it): TRACK THE RUNNER.

I’m not going to focus on our goals as they don’t warrant analysis, other than to say there was a noticeable lack of response from the players following both. The players reacted as if Ozil’s goal was a consolation after a 10-1 shellacking, not a crucial turning point in the game. Can you imagine any team other than one managed by Arsene Wenger chasing their first league title in 12 years reacting so nonchalantly to this goal? I’ve played in pub darts teams with more desire to win.

The game ended with United showboating. Actual 18 year old debutants doing step-overs and flicks to piss away the last five minutes. That is how little threat we posed, that is how little respect they had for our team. Champions? Not fucking likely.

So what are the talking points? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Wore the captain’s armband but needs to start acting like a captain. That doesn’t mean just playing ace, it means sorting out your team mates when they have taken leave of their senses, organising the defence and showing some #pashun when the rest of the team are losing their heads.

There is a good player in there somewhere but this has been a season to forget for him. He should be starting behind Mertesacker and even Big Cal at the moment. He needs extra coaching on his positioning because it’s usually wrong and he is relying on his pace to bail him out. Have you noticed that he’s almost always falling over at the critical time? He is the very definition of “last-ditch”.

What is going on with this guy? Does he even know what his role is in the team, does he get instructions from Wenger? I’m pretty sure Ozil is the guy with the free role, Aaron, so stop dicking around in the penalty area and sort out your positioning. United pressed high today and both he and Coquelin were unable to play around it. Dare I say it but did we miss Santi Cazorla?

Possibly his worst ever Arsenal performance. Theo seriously needs to think about what he wants from his career, does he want to coast for the next 8 years like he has the last 10? His best season for us was 10/11 when he played out wide feeding Van Persie. That season he would hang off the full back’s shoulder, carry the ball to the byline and whip in crosses for RVP to finish. I’d suggest he reverts back to that role as its not working for him at number 9.

Another one in the category of WTAF. This guy has been playing like a bucket of cold sick for months. I know he’s one of our superstars but he needs to be dropped. Like Ramsey, he is desperate to score and holds onto the ball for too long. He needs to drop this Roy of the Rovers nonsense and focus on the basics. In the meantime, why can’t Campbell fill in?

I’d love us to win the league and there is still a possibility from this position. But if it is to happen it would require a complete reversal of the form we have shown over the last two months. Let’s be honest, Leicester are playing like Champions. Tottenham are playing like Champions. We got lucky in the Leicester game and haven’t looked confident or clinical for a long time. I would put that down to the mentality of the players but we know these guys are winners. Alexis, Ozil, Welbeck, Mertesacker, Giroud have all won major honours. Why are they looking lost now?

There is something psychological going on, “bottling it” is actually a thing and it is what Arsenal are doing right now. We either start games complacently or we panic when the game plan doesn’t work. We’ve been finishing seasons like this for 12 years now and it’s not getting any better.

However, more concerning than even this, we are not playing like a team. We are not playing well as a defensive unit or as an offensive unit. There is no link up between our defence and midfield or our midfield and attack. There are no successful partnerships on the pitch and there is no one to take the game by the scruff of the neck when needed. Ozil is the closest thing we have to this but even Mozart is going to struggle to make beautiful music with a cow bell.

Arsene Wenger
Which brings me on to the manager and his consistent inability to resolve these issues. I alluded to this at the start of the post and it is a drum I have been banging for so long my arm has fallen off. He is the cause of (and unfortunately for now) the solution to all of Arsenal’s problems. That performance was so bad in every respect, coming at such a decisive time in the season, how can it be tolerated by a club with serious aspirations of winning the title? Will the necessary pressure be put on him to re-evaluate his methods?

His substitutions against Barca were insane and I’m not sure of the value of bringing on Iwobi over Campbell in this game. However it’s the lack of motivation for the team and ability to change things when the chips are down that are his real Achilles heel. His post-match comments were petulant but reveal what is at the heart of the problem with Arsene Wenger.

“They spent a lot of money” the long standing refrain that has been his emotional and professional security blanket for ten years looks threadbare now he has two players in his team who cost upwards of £70 million combined. This is not a time for excuses, it’s time for him to reflect on his own performance and consider if it has been good enough.

The bar has been set considerably lower this year and yet, somehow, Arsene Wenger’s team still look set to hang their caps several pegs below it. That in itself should be enough for him to reflect on.

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  1. Arsene's Nurse


    What is going on with this guy? Does he even know what his role is in the team, does he get instructions from Wenger?
    Ramsey doesn’t get any instruction. It’s the reason why he runs for himself and not the team. Wenger won’t drop him or explain what he wants, hence the poor display.

    Wenger lets the players figure it out for themselves.

  2. DM

    Lol typical time for my computer to install it’s mandatory update after I’d been postponing it all day!

    Oh, and in terms of Arsenal, I just can’t even… we were an absolute disgrace today. We don’t deserve anything at all out of this season. It pains me to say it but I almost hope Leicester win it.

  3. DM

    I’ve stood up for Theo for a long time on here (and I still think that my points were perfectly fair and valid at the time), but OMG, I genuinely — GENUINELY — believe we would’ve been better off without him, playing with 10 men. After his last few weeks for us, he really needs to have a long think about himself (as Alex stated). That performance was simply unacceptable, and it rounds off a series of extremely poor games from him. It’d be one thing if he was just missing chances, or something like that, but he’s literally not doing ANYTHING; not offering us ANYTHING. I know there were plenty of other culprits today, too, but jeez. I just wanna scream.

  4. John T.

    The constant over the past decade is one name, Arsene Wenger. This team reflects a manager who is not expected to perform or win. Two words, WENGER OUT.

  5. Arsene's Nurse

    Walcott’s going rate seems to be about 10 grand a touch at the moment. A lot of these players need a rocket up the rear or just moving on.

  6. Sarah T

    first time posting…great points but still – I think its now coming to an end – I cant bear to watch this anymore – I still feel sick

  7. GoonerInNY

    Great post, Alex.

    I have resigned myself to the simple fact that as long as Kroenke owns Arsenal and Wenger manages Arsenal, Arsenal will not only not win the league, but will always underperform its potential relative to the club’s assets.

    Kroenke’s complete disinterest in Arsenal as more than a financial asset and Wenger’s delusional need to keep to his way of doing things in the face of repeated failures is disgraceful, and it manifested itself today at Old Trafford.

    The owner and manager treat the supporters with absolute contempt.

  8. Simon

    The best assessment of our failings I can ever remember reading. And bear in mind the last ten years of failings that takes some going. We need to transfer list Giroud, Walcott, Chamberlain, and Ozil. Replace Giroud with Lukaku, offer enough money for Kante, give Madrid their asking for Isco and if you cannot get Reus then try and get Mhryz (if that’s how you spell it). Mourinho reiterated what George Graham had said almost twenty years before. It takes three years to build a team, after that you are heading for the sell by date. I cannot stand this anymore. We have been total shit ALL FUCKING SEASON. The fella above nailed it by saying he hopes Leicester win it, they actually deserve it way more than us. WHY DO I FEEL LIKE BILL MURRAY IN GROUNDHOG DAY? Arsene old son, it really is time to go.

  9. David Smith

    Don’t blame the players, not their fault.
    Bring in the German manager after the Euros this summer
    Won’t happen of course.

  10. Adam A. Carbarundum

    11 guys on the ManU squad played better than Walcott…more than half of them you won’t remember by seasons end. Walcott should be flat out ashamed of himself and his pay packet should be donated to local kids groups,many of whom are likely better footballers than Walcott has been. Wenger’s boy for sure!!! Disgrace!

  11. pete

    Ouch! !

    Alex this hurts but 100% agree. Top post. A deposit that is coming get from a person who has always supported Wenger all of the time.

    Arsene. .. We love what you did for our club but I love Arsenal more.

    Clueless substitutions vs Barca and players without a clue in what they were doing together. There is no Team.

    In the most pathetic of seasons where all the big boys are not, and with our other Leicester and Spurs to better, we are a shadow of both those clubs.

    This is now shameful.

  12. Joe

    It all starts with a thrashing by the Spurs.

    Let’s hope Spurs embarrass us completely.

    Most supporters will turn after that.

    Wengers position will be untenable. He’s lost the dressing room. If he loses the last bit of of supporters he has, Gazidis will have to act.

    So if Spurs embarrass us this weekend and.

    Then with Leicester or God forbid Spurs (unless it guarantees wenger is gone(winning the league there will be no way weneger can stay on

    Enough is enough. Wenger Fucken out.

  13. Troy McClure

    No need to repeat the recap of how awful Arsenal was today. Other managers would get fired for losing to a bunch of academy players, but not Arsene when he is being Arsene.
    Lost in the news was that Usmanov’sUsmanov bought half of Everton today. Which means it is likely that he’ll lose interest in Arsenal, and Kranker can strengthen his grip. So many more years of unfulfilled expectations on the horizon.

  14. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Troy…Usmanov purchased up RedAndWhite Holding shares, thus increasing his Arsenal stake to 30%. The gentleman he purchased them from went on to purchase controlling interest in Everton. Please take the time to actually read beyond the headlines.

  15. Pendrey

    Arsene Wenger go, please go, now, I don’t care where you go just go. Take Walcott with you, he can carry your bags, perhaps not, he may lose possession of them. Against a Man U team with 14 players out, we still manage to lose in a spineless, directionless performance that shows that the team is not coached. No other manager would survive this long, so many years of promise and nothing to show.

  16. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Losing to a makeshift ManU squad is bad enough, but put on a similar display against Spurs and it won’t be just Wenger whose head the supporters will want. These guys have to be better than the nonsense they have been putting on display of late. No heart and certainly no desire or passion to br found…gutless.

  17. Pendrey

    Hopefully Spurs will thrash us next weekend and Wenger resigns. Swansea is looking a difficult match. Wenger has completely lost the dressing room, Ozil and Sanchez have lost motivation.

  18. David Smith

    For all Wengers faults, cannot ever want Spurs to beat us, and I have grave suspicions on anyone on here who would want such a thing.
    Lose the manager by all means, but not ever by losing to Spurs, goes against every grain. Anyway, this team are so FUBAR they will probably win that one.

  19. Joe


    Usually I agree. Never ever would I want the spuddies to win any match ever and especially against us. It’s the match of the season for me

    But this is a special circumstance and I want us to not just lose but get smashed by the Spurs. Embarrassed. I want there to be no way back for Wenger after the match.

    I’m sorry. But it has to be this way.

    I want his position untenable. And this would take it there.

  20. Pendrey

    Good points, his position, in reality is untenable already. He is a stubborn old fool, whom learns nothing. Sticks with his favourites like Walcott, who is a disgrace. He did the same with Almunia, Eboue and Arshavin and several others. Come on you Spurs.

  21. Joe

    He’s lost the dressing room.

    Once he loses the supporters it’s over for him.

    Getting smashed by the Spurs will be the last straw for a lot of people.

    Today I’m sure a lot of supporters have turned.

  22. Joe

    We lose and lose badly as I hope we do to the Spurs. The train incident at stoke last season will seem like nothing to him. There will be a whole new level of Vitirol and hatred thrown at him.

  23. Pendrey

    Nothing will shift this deluded old man who lives in a fantasy world of his own. Like many people at the top they stay to long, surrounded by sycophants who just tell them what they want to hear.

  24. RhinoNeal

    Ian Wright says he wishes Arsenal were “fearless” and is a quality that Spurs possess but don’t just admit to that quality as Tottenham have a few qualities. For a start they have several players with a lot of skill, speed and they very much play as a team especially in the way they win the ball back by hunting in packs. You also say that Arsenal have “expectations” having come fairly close to winning the Premiership several times but it doesn’t matter whether it’s winning the Premiership or just getting in the top four as an expectation is an expectation no matter what level and the fans react the same way.

    You talk as if that is the only problem Arsenal have when really there’s a lot more going on than just the expectation reason. For instance Arsenal are not playing as a team and they don’t have a Plan B it’s always the same way. Lots of quick passing around the 18 yard box and then they love to walk the ball into the net. It’s as if they want to take the piss when they score.

    Arsenal should have walked this Premiership title this season with Liverpool, Chelsea and Man Utd playing so bad…who would have thought eh?

  25. David Smith

    Joe, it might make his position untenable for the fans, but unfortunately not Stan, however I do agree that Spurs or Leicester finishing above us with less spending and a manager earning far less than Wenger might make tightwad Stan think a bit. But knowing our board, they would probably bring o Leary in on the cheap. In the unlikely event they get rid of Wenger.
    But can never ever want us to lose to Spurs, cannot imagine their fans reciprocating such sentiments., after all they face such issues in an annual event …or a two decade event.
    If Wenger finishes out of the top four , which looking at that performance, is a distinct possibility, fair enough, but never by losing to Spurs…..cannot undo twenty years just to get rid of a cunt

  26. David Smith

    I know this is a site where one can be critical of Wenger, but starting to get suspicious of where the loyalties of some on here lie

  27. Jamal

    “Look errrr”
    “why do you look at me?”
    “I have made 50000000 substitutions”

    Wenger is outdated and needs to resign

  28. Joe


    Sorry mate. My loyalty is to Arsenal. But enough is enough.

    And by getting smashed by Spurs it will all start to unravel for the cunt.

    I’ll take all the abuse that’s coming to me.

    But I’ve had it to the point where I want the spuds to smash us.

    Wenger out.

  29. Joe


    Where do your loyalties lie??

    Wenger is ruining Arsenal.

    So are your loyalties with weneger or Arsenal?

    If weneger going would make Arsenal great again then why not have everything happen to make it weneger fuck off

    Two steps back to take one giant leap forward.

    Spuds smashing us and Leicester or spuddies winning the league.

  30. Follow the money

    Good piece in the Guardian by Amy Lawrence on Arsenal choking. More of this please. Only the media will drive the loser out of the club. Souness was hilarious on Sky. “No balls!”

  31. David Smith

    My loyalties lie with Arsenal, and whatever I think of Wengers many failings, I will never ever want the Spuds to do us, ….their fans must be looking at this site and laughing.
    Have a sneaking suspicion we will get something from that game anyway.
    Wanting change shouldn’t mean compromising who and what you are. Old school ,old soldier …end of.

  32. J cenere

    Long time first time guys,

    Can anyone tell me what the fuck wenger tells our players? I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but we used to be a great counter attacking team under wenger. We could also play football but counter attacking was a true strength.

    Ever since he got a boner for tiki taka we have been tip-tapping out way to not only 4th but boredom. We used to play good football and that was at least a consolation for our failure, now we are just shit.

    So many times we have the pace and the space to hit teams on the counter quick, but we piss it away by lazily taking extra unnecessary touches or doing turns back to goal and losing the fucking ball.

    Wenger out!

  33. Dissenter

    Anything top make Wenger’s position untenable id okay with me.
    Even if it means a trashing on Saturday, so be it.

    Short term pain for long term gain
    Spuds were far behind us until five years ago when the gap starting to shorten.
    Now even the most optimistic goner wont disagree that at the very least, they’ve drawn level with us.

    It’s time to break the fever.

  34. CD

    I’ve called Oxlade and Walcott luxury players for a long time and it’s painfully obvious at this stage. They’re too limited for a top side and we have to carry them from match to match. And Ramsey is just SHIT. This is not 2013 anymore, it’s time to wake up. He’s been the definition of dreadful this season, even in the matches where some people have called him MOTM he’s been pretty dreadful. People cling on to some romantic notion about him and his redemption like they do with Wenger but this is the real world. Things like that only happens in fairy tales and to people who really deserve it. And just last week a lot of Arsenal fans thought Barcelona were interested in Ramsey… beyond laughable.

    The British core has to be deemed a failed experiment and Walcott, Oxlade and Ramsey needs to be benched as soon as possible. We can’t let this mediocrity dominate our starting eleven. In the summer we need new players AND a new manager, some new blood and a new voice in the dressing room. Wenger is past it, he will never win anything significant with a Premier League team again.

  35. Pendrey

    One of his 17 touches was to lose the ball, Man U sent the ball wide, crossed 1-0.
    Walcott is just dreadful, Oxide has no confidence, Ramsey is like a headless chook. Wenger is way way past use by date.

  36. jgcecil

    I know – Wenger Out and all that – but WTF? “Lose to Sp**s”? That’s not even a strategy. Arsene will leave if we fuck this season up, I have a feeling, but, christalmighty, those supporters who’ve taken a bottle to the head on their way into Shite Hart Lane deserve better than for us to actively root for those cunts to beat us.

  37. Wolfgang

    This game shows Wenger aint good enough to lift Arsenal and shd leave asap.
    I say thanks for the memories.His repeated losses in crunch games aint acceptable.
    At any other club he would have been fired long,long ago,

  38. Bamford10


    Settle down a little.

    One, Spurs may beat us, but they’re not going to “embarrass” us. They don’t score that many goals and we still have a fairly solid defense. Plus I assume our players will put in a decent effort.

    Two, even if they beat us 4-0, Wenger isn’t going anywhere. As bad as that would be, and as much pressure as he would be under, he won’t go anywhere unless we finish outside of the top four.

    He has withstood horrendous humiliations before — 8-2, 6-3, 6-0. 5-1 — and gone nowhere. Indeed he chalked these up to “accident”.

    Has to finish outside of the top four. That’s how we get rid of him.

  39. Follow the money

    Bamford I have doubts Wenger would be sacked even if we got relegated. Stan has stuck with losing coaches in his other teams

  40. salman

    The worst part is results like these don’t surprise me anymore. We just don’t have the balls anymore. Makes me wonder whether all the success we enjoyed during Arsene’s early years was down to his genius or the ability of grown men in the squad to take charge of things by themselves.

  41. Brooklyn

    If we win league this season, I will be happy of course but will feel sad for squad of (2007-2011)….real lack of talent in this team for the way we want to play….and real lack of tactics for player to play to their strengh…

  42. Joe


    Losing to Spurs. Embarrassingly. Is one step closer to not being in top 4. Add to it Leicester or Spurs winning the league

    It’ll be the end for Wenger.

  43. Bamford10

    Wenger says he is a “bitter loser”.

    Well, there’s no question he’s a loser, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a little bitter at this point, given how little success he has had over the past decade and how many humiliating defeats he has suffered.

    Wenger says people shouldn’t make so much of losing to 5th- place United, because United fielded an “experienced midfield” and have spent “a lot” of money. Maybe, Arsene, but that raises two questions: why didn’t we field an “experienced midfield”? And given that we have some £200m in cash on hand, why didn’t we spend a bit of money this summer?

    Disphit has no answers to these questions.

    Go away, old man. You have been thoroughly exposed.

  44. Outah

    Been an Arsene supporter but not anymore. The man does not have any balls, he should be benching Alexis and Ramsey because the two of them seem to be playing for glory instead of the team. Plus starting Theo and Gabriel was just a stupid decision. How can you be a professional footballer and you can’t even pass/hold the ball. Arsene should just leave and take Theo with him

  45. Bamford10


    He wouldn’t be sacked, but I think he might resign. It has been a long, long road, and I think he might see that things aren’t going to get any better from here. I also think he might be ashamed of himself. Yes, he is the king of self-deception, but I think finishing outside of the top four — esp. if Leicester and Tottenham finish above us — would be a defeat that even he couldn’t hide from himself.

    I think he would choose to step aside.

  46. Rabbitsfoot

    The players showed lack of ambition yesterday. Coupled with a leacj of leadership on the pitch, it seems like they are happy makeung their money. Trophy is not at all on their list. Look at Leicester’s game and put game. You could see hunger in the Leicester players eyes. Could you see that in our players yesterday? NO. All I could see was that we are a bunch of sissies being chided by a bunch of boys. I still remeber arsenal not being taken seriously a couple of years ago by being called as the group of boys playing against men. The role had reversed here. The result? Still the same. The backroom staff has been reshuffled, the players have been reshuffled, what has remained the same? The same old manager. Wenger needs to leave at the end of season. A new man has to come in. A new thought needs to come in. A new energy needs to to instilled in this team. Deadwood and overpaid non performers need to be thrashed out. I seriously wished we has Pep coming in for arsenal. Atleast the players would have started to give performancea in fear of not being thrown our from the club ( especially Theo). And this team needs to stop Fuc*ing lateral passing all along. They need to show energy, if the players are tired, shuffle. But start pressing, wins second balls ( I hardly see them winning any second balls apart from when Giroud lays one for his players), and start to show the eagerness to win. This year is a big one. If they don’t win now, it will be quite difficult for the next year with teams strengthening again.

  47. Follow the money

    It’s worse than lack of ambition, our boys looked scared. Scared of a team of kids. Wenger with few exceptions has assembled a team of pussies. It’s sad but true. They folded like a wet paper bag

  48. Dennis

    Very poignant this quote from Myles Palmer:

    Wenger & Kroenke fail at the same level so regularly that it can’t be luck. It has
    to be policy.

  49. Dennis

    What do I want for my club?

    A manager who acknowledges the fans. Have you ever heard Wenger acknowledge the supporters over the last 5-10 years? He just airbrushes them out of his fantasy wonderland.

    A manager who knows his best eleven and picks them on merit.

    A manager who plans for the opposition.

    A manager who can motivate his players over the course of an entire season.

    A manager

  50. nepGunner

    Motherfcuking Broken Record! Doesn’t he get tired of his own shit?

    intensity, effort, blah…blah…blah…, excuses, excuses…blah, blah, blah…


    Fcuking hypocrite and looser! Not shaking hands after a loss..that alone tells you what a classless sore looser c*nt this fraudster is.

  51. Leedsgunner

    “Let’s not got overboard. They had a very experienced midfield and spent a lot of money.”
    Wenger after we lost yesterday.

    No doubt though, the next game we win he will call our players world class. Now, that’s going overboard isn’t?

    What an ungrateful response. They played better than us. End of.

  52. azed

    “After his last few weeks for us, he really needs to have a long think about himself”

    About Theo just fucks off ?

  53. underrated Coq

    Don’t you just feel like smashing something whenever you hear/read the usual ‘IT WAS THE PLAYERS FAULT’ or ‘THERE IS NO ONE THAT COULD REPLACE WENGER’ statements?

    I mean, I seriously wonder if they are prepared to go as far as embarrass themselves just to defend Wenger or they are actually that dumb.

  54. Black Hei

    Goodbye Wenger,

    It has been many long years but I get the feeling you will be stepping down end of the season barring a miracle.

    Early toast to you sir.

    Yours truly
    One of the couple of AKBs on Le Grove

  55. Leedsgunner

    *ungracious response

    Rashford – neither experienced or expensive — next excuse? 4 goals in 2 days plus an assist.

  56. Wallace

    excellent post, Alex. it wasn’t so much getting beaten. more the fact that in such a huge game we looked so half-assed about it all. unforgivable, really.

  57. GuNZ

    I got given an Arsenal baseball cap by my mate before the game yesterday, along with some cherry tomatoes from his back yard. I was going to wear it today (after I’d put it through the wash that is, as my mate reckons he found it in his daughter’s bedroom and she’d found it on the street in Gisborne some years ago) but I just couldn’t bring myself to. I ate the cherry tomatoes though, they were lovely.

  58. Wallace

    for Swansea I’d drop Ramsey, Walcott and maybe Alexis, and also bring back Mertesacker for one of the two CBs. maybe –

    Bellerin – Mert – Koscielny – Monreal
    Coquelin – Elneny
    Campbell – Ozil – Iwobi

    not our most quality-filled side, but at least they’ll give their all.

  59. GuNZ

    The question is: will Wenger comprehend he’s ‘lost the dressing room’ as so many on here put it? Only then can he attempt to compensate for stagnant quality with raw guts and enthusiastic hunger. I’m not sure he even ‘gets’ that players have switched off for whatever reason.

  60. Tweezy

    I hear some people saying we need to spend to be champions, i say there are managers who would do so much better with this present squad of players. The manager who would realise that Aaron Ramsey isnt good enough to start games and that Theo is bang average. The manager who can motivate this team to come out smoking and show some balls in a big game. The manager who can make d whole squad feel terrible when they loose a game. Ours cant do that, either because he doesnt care or he just doesnt know what to do and he is too stubborn to let someone show him. Wenger is killing us..

  61. underrated Coq

    “The question is: will Wenger comprehend he’s ‘lost the dressing room’ ”

    GuNZ,I’m starting to believe in this theory. Only thing that can explain the turd that’s been being served up to us for close to three months now. One or two such performances can be taken as a co-incidence but when so many of your players look off-key for months and give the demeanor that they can’t be arsed then serious questions need to be asked whether all is well in the dressing room. We’ve seen it from the Chelsea players this season though not so subtly.

    Ramsey’s attitude was especially galling. He’s usually the ‘brush it off and keep going’ kind of guy but yesterday it was as if he was asking to get sent off. Koscielny and Sanchez, usually our best players, look like they don’t give two shits two.

  62. Jeff

    You know I’ve been reading a lot of comments here and it’s usually the same after a loss. We fixate on players who have played badly and proceed to call for their dismissal. It’s a usual pattern where players are very consistent in their below-par performances. But what you have to ask yourself is why? If we know that these particular players have played well in the past but are now playing badly, what is the reason for that?

    As some have suggested, maybe there is a bit of a revolt going on. Ramsey for example couldn’t care less. Walcott doesn’t look like he even wants to play. After the Ozil goal to go 3:2, they hardly celebrated even though we were only a goal behind with sufficient time to go. So I don’t really know if something is going on among the players.

  63. Redtruth

    I said Walcott was useless during his 21 goals in all competitions season, I said Ramsey was useless during his ‘purple patch’ I said Koscielny was useless when others laughably labelled him ‘world class’ in all these instances and on many more i have been correct so when i say Ozil in spite of his many assists is useless then you can be assured it’s a given that i am right.

  64. Chika

    What a terrible performance by the team yesterday!

    The first player I’d kick out of Arsenal is Walcott, such a horrible footballer. He has no business on a football pitch, he belongs to the tracks.

    We need the injection of at least three top class players this summer.

    I just hope Kroenke becomes more interested in football matters and starts to demand more! The bar must be raised!

  65. Jeff


    I think most of us agree that Walcott and Ramsey are not what one would call world class – never have been. But there is an upper ceiling of performance that we know they are capable of. Even if you said they were “useless”, that is a subjective term that cannot be properly quantified. My point was that a player should be giving their absolute best (however moderate that is) in every game. Why aren’t they doing that?

    As for Ozil, I do not agree with you there as I also do not agree about Cech but my comments weren’t really aimed at those players.

  66. underrated Coq

    Rambo, tbh it was pretty much expected. One doesn’t have much hope if he doesn’t make Wenger’s favorites list.

    You gotta wait and wait and wait some more till all of his babies get injured so that he’s got no other choice than playing you. Then you gotta play out of your skin and give good performances week after week to ensure he begrudgingly plays you. One slightly less impressive performance though and you’re out while his babies get chance after chance regardless of their own performances. Heck,it doesn’t even have to be you. Once his babies are fit to play again, you might find yourself relegated to the bench for no apparent reason.

    Just another example of Wenger’s disgraceful man-management.

  67. Kigen

    Very poignant this quote from Myles Palmer: ‘Wenger and Kroenke fail at the same level so regularly that it can’t be luck. It has to be policy.’

    So, has the reign of the greatest spin doctor of the last decade and a half come to a head? Leicester and Tottenham are now putting paid to all the excuses he’s been clinging on for the last twelve years. It’s been one season on repeat for the last ten years. The squad’s limitations are becoming all too apparent in the second half of the season, as is always the case in February. Excess of 200m sitting in the bank. The likes of Walcott on superstar wages. A manager who refuses to acknowledge the supporters (have you ever heard him mention the supporters?), refuses to accept criticism and airbrushes terrible results from memory. I had enough of this Wenger wonderland five years ago.

    Please Mr. Wenger, thank you for everything but please leave our club.

  68. Redtruth


    Good passer

    No leadership
    No heading ability
    Poor crosser
    No pace
    Weak shot
    Lack of goals
    No desire
    Limited dribbling skills
    No vision

  69. GuNZ

    I am terribly dispirited at present. I can’t even be bothered to bag Giroud, that’s how negative I feel (and I’ll always predict an Arsenal win or, at the very least, a draw). It’s THAT time of the season again. You hope and hope and hope that this time it’ll come good – which is what, I suppose, an habitual gambler must feel like – but Arsene always manages to kick you in the teeth.

    ‘All is not yet lost!’ many will cry, but it’s getting loster and loster as the weeks go on.

    Fuck it, gonna get pissed . . . .

  70. Jeff


    Can’t blame you for being dispirited. I think most people (even the neutrals) expected us to win yesterday and we failed miserably which makes it all the more painful. Plus of course we’re pretty much out of the PL running as well as CL all in a space of a few days and Tottenham of course widening the gap.

    But then you have to counterbalance that with the weight of history. Wenger buys and persists with cheap players and expects them to perform like world class ones. It doesn’t happen very often and it certainly hasn’t happened to us since Van Persie. We need more talent on the pitch if we are going to win by brute force but if we’re not, we need a manager who can motivate his players and has a definite game plan. Neither of those things is in place so the odds of us winning anything big are very long.

    My disappointment of yesterday lasted all of 5 minutes simply because we have been here many times before.

  71. Greg

    You hit the nail right bang smack on the head
    The only way for enough pressure to build on the dictator that he wil be forced to go is if things get really really bad
    So yes – lose to the S*it – badly – lose away feebly to Everton and West Ham – struggle to get goals at home – maybe even a poor draw or even a loss to palace- get steam rollered at City
    And it will only come through deep deep crisis- horrible as it will be

  72. Carts

    Nice post Alex.

    Pretty much spot on with the above points. I too was flummoxed at the lack of upstart when Ozil scored.

    It’s really got to a point where these chaps have ran out of steam for Wenger – just depends how they feel on the day, to be honest.

    What made me chuckle, during Wenger’s post match interview was while he listed the number of things what took place during the match he also mention ‘Utd’s fouling’ which, according to him, disrupted our game.

    Ironically no one thought to give ol’ Rashford a good morning tackle. How naive are we. You think if Sanogo was playing Rojo or Carrick wouldn’t have leaned into him early doors??

  73. DivineSherlock

    I am an optimist , but the only silver lining I can see in that horrendous performance yesterday is atleast its salvageable . Salvageable in the sense that when Wenger resigns at the end of the season , we have good crop of players & possibly a great manager from the candidates that’s being spoken of. I think even Wenger yesterday realised it himself that he is not that great as he used to , if hes not realised it he has 11 games left.

  74. Greg

    Add to that : can’t tackle
    Not even a baby attempt at physical contact
    My two dogs tackle with more authority

    Maybe that’s why he does the baby thing when he scores

  75. Thank you and goodnight

    I used to have a football manager who would only play his favourites who were scientologists as he was their pe teacher at school. I’d always get a game but we had so many great players not chosen so he could shoe horn his favourites into the team….needless to say after 2 seasons I told him to fuck off and went to another team where you were chosen in first 11 on merit. Think how Ozil must feel after listening to the lies coming out of wenger mouth and seeing his manager fuck up transfer window after transfer window on purpose. Then going out and having to play with at least half the team who are shit. Sorry I’ve picked on Ozil in the past but I feel sorry for him and Sanchez and I’m 100% certain they won’t be at Arsenal next season.

  76. Tomtom

    Watching the city game yesterday reminded me how lucky we were to miss out on Wengers main transfer target last summer.
    Sterling ran around like a headless chicken and the fact that Wenger wanted him shows that he can’t be trusted with transfers.

  77. diabyearnshownuch

    We’re entering a very long cold winter of discontent. there is no doubt that The Spuds will finish above us, they have a strong young side, with possibly the best manager to arrive on these shores for a very long time. Money is much less of an issue with the new TV deal arriving………………..I get the feeling we’re in for years of Humble Pie.
    on the bright side, it’ll be a lot easier to get a ticket, as all the tourist wander over to Middlesex!
    ad days on the horizon

  78. Emiratesstroller

    Having had time to compose myself in aftermath of yesterday’s debacle I
    am now looking at the overall situation at Arsenal and not specifically at
    the Manager and Players.

    For me the primary cause for concern is the Major Shareholder who controls the club. It has been obvious from the time that he took control that his main interest in the club is the real estate and the business. All his sports franchises under perform on the field of play.

    The reasons are very clear. First the major shareholder has invested in shares but not in improving the football as most of his counterparts have
    done whether by direct investment or loans. Since Kroenke took over acquisitions have been more or less dependent on sales.

    Sales in recent times have been a diminishing return because most of the
    players recruited are fairly average AND grossly overpaid. Noone is going
    to buy Walcott who is paid £140 K pw and then pay us a large transfer fee
    on top of that.

    Moving onto the way that the club is run. First the Board of Directors is fairly static. Most of these people are now in 70s with no financial interest in
    the club. It is very hard to see much energy or activity from these people.

    When it comes to the football side of the business we see a manager who has been at the helm for almost 20 years and apart from 2 FA Cup wins against Hull and Aston Villa has achieved little in the last decade. He is
    past his sell by date and that shows very clearly in his decision making.
    We are paying this guy £8 million pa for frankly very little return.

    What makes the situation even worse is that the Manager is unchallenged
    either in his recruitment, training methods or tactical game. Most of the
    coaching personnel has been at the club almost as long as Wenger apart
    from Bould who came in 2001 and Shad Forsyth two years ago.

    When you look at the team/squad today it looks AVERAGE and STALE. There is not an ounce of spark in the way we play. Even players like Ozil and
    Sanchez are beginning to play down to the lowest denomination and most
    of the younger arrivals fail to progress.

    The so called home grown British core are injury prone players and in most
    cases lack football intelligence. Players like Gibbs, Ox-Chamberlain, Ramsey and Walcott fall well short of the levels of performance of other players
    yet we are paying them ridiculous amounts of money.

    The real problem for me is not if and when Wenger goes, but how the club
    is run. Will Kroenke change a habit of a lifetime and release enough money
    to compete with other major clubs and upgrade team?

    Personally I don’t see that happening any time soon with this man. Arsenal
    for him is a commodity rather than a passion and that is now the real problem at the club. The only way that the club culture will change is if he sells
    and unfortunately that is not going to happen any time soon.

  79. Jeff

    I was just watching some of the Arsenal Fan TV interviews and one or two AKBs now waking up to the irrefutable logic that none of their money-related arguments are valid if either Tottenham or Leicester win the league which it looks like is going to happen. Wenger and all the AKBs would have preferred it if one of the other big four win it because then the narrative works.

    It should be possible now for all to see that it isn’t just about how much money a club spends. It is also about how you use your players, how you manage them, their motivation levels and the tactics you deploy. Previously the faithful were convinced that those things went without saying for Wenger but it was the handicap of not being able to compete with their finances that was stopping us from winning the league. I can now see the blood drain from their faces at the realisation that Tottenham and Leicester are doing better than we are.

    I think I have seen enough now to be swayed that there will be a massive drop in the AKB numbers should either Tottenham or Leicester (especially Tottenham) finish above us.

  80. nepGunner

    “* “What is different is that at that time we were losing momentum,” Arsene Wenger explained on the day before the game. “This time it’s the opposite. We are chasing and gaining momentum. We had two difficult games recently but overall the psychological situation is quite different.”

    It was good for us mere mortals to understand why Arsenal were mentally stronger this time, how they were tougher and more resilient than before. Wenger’s team had only won three of their last nine matches, but Wenger had spoken: Arsenal were on the up. Unfortunately, gaining momentum isn’t particularly useful when you are plummeting head first towards the cold hard floor.

    So many times we have seen this film played on repeat. So many times have we been told by Wenger that this is a different Arsenal. So many times have we been given excuses for past failure, immediately followed by further reasons why this is the one. He is the manager who cried wolf, and he’s been crying it for five years.

    If Arsenal fail to win the Premier League title this season, Wenger should be ashamed. Almost every time he claims that his players are harder, better, faster and stronger, they demonstrate themselves to be softer, worse(r), slower and weaker.

    Barcelona and Manchester United have long been Arsenal’s two biggest hurdles. In the space of six days, they have proved themselves physically incapable of beating one, and mentally incapable of beating the other. It is now nine years, five months and 11 days since Arsenal won at Old Trafford in the Premier League. And counting.”

    – First conclusion of Daniel Storey’s 16 Conclusions over at Football365. Tides are turning…hard and fast

  81. Jeff

    “Will Kroenke change a habit of a lifetime and release enough money
    to compete with other major clubs and upgrade team?”


    That’s the $64,000 question. We don’t know how much of the intransigence is down to Wenger and how much of it is down to Kroenke. We know Kroenke doesn’t care for football and we know he has no passion. But that does not mean he would refuse a request from the manager to buy world class players if the club can afford it. We’re not even talking about Kroenke putting up his own money. We’re talking about spending what the club has and to me it looks like Wenger doesn’t even want to spend that. It still mystifies me how we ended up not buying a single outfield player in the summer.

    So we have to wait and see what happens once Wenger goes. It is obviously going to take time before the new manager can stamp his style and authority but success after that depends on two vital things:

    1. How good will the new manager be?
    2. How much spending freedom will Kroenke allow him to have?

    Those are the vital questions for me before we can say whether or not Kroenke is a complete loss or if it is Wenger that is driving the transfer policy. My personal view is that Wenger has complete autonomy over transfers and it is his intransigence that is causing the problems.

  82. nepGunner

    The 2nd Conclusion is even better! Couldn’t agree more

    “* One day, a scorpion (named Arsene Wenger) looked around at the mountain where he lived and decided that he wanted a change. So he set out on a journey through the forests and hills. He climbed over rocks and under vines and kept going until he reached a river.

    The river was wide and swift, and Wenger stopped to reconsider the situation. He couldn’t see any way across. So he ran upriver and then checked downriver, all the while thinking that he might have to turn back. Suddenly, he saw a frog (named The Hopes Of All Arsenal Supporters) sitting in the rushes by the bank of the stream on the other side of the river. He decided to ask the frog for help getting across the stream.

    “Hellooo The Hopes Of All Arsenal Supporters!” called the scorpion across the water, “Would you be so kind as to give me a ride on your back across the river?”

    “Well now, Wenger! How do I know that if I try to help you, you won’t try to kill me?” asked The Hopes Of All Arsenal Supporters hesitantly.

    “Because,” Wenger replied, “if I try to kill you, then I would die too, for you see I cannot swim!”

    Now this seemed to make sense to The Hopes Of All Arsenal Supporters. But he asked. “What about when I get close to the bank? You could still try to kill me and get back to the shore!”

    “This is true,” agreed Wenger, “But then I wouldn’t be able to get to the other side of the river!”

    “Alright then…how do I know you won’t just wait till we get to the other side and THEN kill me?” said The Hopes Of All Arsenal Supporters.

    “Ahh…,” crooned Wenger, “Because you see, once you’ve taken me to the other side of this river, I will be so grateful for your help, that it would hardly be fair to reward you with death, now would it?!”

    So The Hopes Of All Arsenal Supporters agreed to take Wenger across the river. He swam over to the bank and settled himself near the mud to pick up his passenger. Wenger crawled onto the his back, his sharp claws prickling into The Hopes Of All Arsenal Supporters’ soft hide, and the frog slid into the river. The muddy water swirled around them, but the frog stayed near the surface so Wenger would not drown. He kicked strongly through the first half of the stream, his flippers paddling wildly against the current.

    Halfway across the river, The Hopes Of All Arsenal Supporters suddenly felt a sharp sting in his back and, out of the corner of his eye, saw Wenger remove his stinger from his back. A deadening numbness began to creep into his limbs.

    “You fool!” croaked The Hopes Of All Arsenal Supporters, “now we shall both die! Why on earth did you do that?”

    Wenger shrugged, and did a little jig on the drowning Hopes Of All Arsenal Supporters’ back.

    “I could not help myself. It is my nature.””

  83. Thank you and goodnight

    Please please please please if their is a God deliver us from this mental French man at the helm of the club we love.

  84. Melvyn

    A lot of references as to whether the players were genuinely trying at OT yesterday – maybe the problem was that they were confused because after the Leicester game they, unbelievably, celebrated as though they had won the Premiership that day (lap of honour and selfies) so against Manure they were clearly in wind down mode.

  85. nepGunner


    yea very apt analogy from Daniel Story of football365 on the “16 Conclusions” column.

    The French Tw@t is THAT SCORPION…He is really killing the joy of watching, enjoying and cherishing Arsenal. Like many here, I didn’t even felt sad that we lost. It was as if…the scorpion had stung my brain and it just went numb…that’s it.

    WENGER (AND HIS LAME AKBs)… Please get the Fcuk Out!

  86. Carts


    “For me the primary cause for concern is the Major Shareholder who controls the club. It has been obvious from the time that he took control that his main interest in the club is the real estate and the business. All his sports franchises under perform on the field of play.”

    There’s truth to this, but I don’t see how this has impacted Wenger’s reluctance to buy or explain his lack of invention in all the time that we’ve been sitting on piles of cash. Ask yourself this: do you think the board told Wenger “no” when he asked for funds to buy better defensive players? do you think the board told Wenger that £10m was only available for Gabriel when we desperately needed defensive cover? furthermore, when Wenger decided to spend £12m and £16m on Chambers and Ox, what do you think the board said? Lastly, when he spent £35m and £42.5m on Sanchez and Ozil, what do you think the major shareholder said to him?

    I have no doubt in my mind that Wenger has final say on who he wants/needs. The board is full of relics who have nothing on Wenger, when it comes to who he should and shouldn’t buy.

  87. YoungMurphy

    Doesn’t happen often but completely agree with EVERYTHING you said. ESPECIALLY THE PLAYER RATINGS.

    Not usually part of the AOB because he’s done good things for us and I’m not really with all the abuse but yesterday really shows me it’s not going to change. The last time I really felt this despondent was March 4th 2013 ( when we lost to Spurs. I remember coming into work on the Monday thinking to myself there’s no way we’ll get 4th. We did in the end but somehow I don’t see us winning the league.

    I DO buy the narrative that this is our best chance to win the league. It definitely won’t be easier next year!

    People talking about tottenham always ‘Spursing’ it up but Arsenal are always ‘ARSENAL-ING’ it up. Complete bottle jobs

  88. gambon

    Oh dear Arsene

    “They have spent a lot of money, its not a problem, lets not overreact”

    Man Utds squad yesterday cost £184.7m

    Arsenals squad yesterday cos £178.5m

    Well, that ends that excuse doesnt it.

  89. Emiratesstroller


    The malaise at Arsenal is for me down to the major shareholder and not the manager.

    It is the major shareholder who sets the agenda at the club. That is how the
    club is run and what are its priorities whether it is the business or the success
    of the football field.

    When you discuss the management and coaching staff at the club that is also
    down to the major shareholder. In most other clubs of Arsenal’s standing Wenger would have long gone on his record over last decade. Could you
    conceive that Abramovich would have held onto him so long?

    The financial constraints on buying players is also down to the major shareholder and not the manager. Mr Kroenke thinks nothing about investing a
    billion dollars in a new stadium complex or seven hundred and fifty million dollars in a ranch in USA, but when it comes to spending £100 million on the team that is not on the table.

    It suits him to keep Wenger, because he know that our manager will not rock
    the boat. Wenger’s frugality in transfer window is down to his arrogance. He
    believes that he is cleverer than all the other managers when it comes to investing in team. It suits his persona not to spend money on transfers and that
    suits the owner of club fine because his interest is in the business and not the

    Arsenal is the major club in London one of the great cities of the World. We
    should be outperforming clubs in Manchester and Liverpool as well as those
    in Madrid,Barcelona and Munich.

    Sadly the way the club is being run we are a second tier club and sadly beginning to fall down the pecking order, because there are other clubs and owners
    with far more ambition than ourselves.

  90. alexanderhenry


    Thank you for your last post. In amongst all the wenger out hysteria , there is at least someone on here who can see the bigger picture.
    Whatever we think of wenger, he is not the main issue at arsenal fc, kroenke is. He’s ben on the BOD since 2007 and has had full control of the club since 2011. Here are some questions for all of you:

    How have arsenal done during this period?

    Were we not a lot more successful before he got involved?

    We started selling off our best players (henry, viera, pires, cesc, nasri, rvp etc) during this period. Why?

    How has Mr Kroenke fared at his other clubs?

    Where do arsenal rank in his list of priorities?

    Why hasn’t he sanctioned a bigger spend? (we have £250 million in the bank)

    If wenger was the person holding the team back, why hasn’t Kroenke fired him?

    Wenger will go if not this season, definitely next season. What should we expect?

    Does anyone really expect kroenke to appoint a top coach and give him access to arsenal’s huge funds?

    Kroenke is about to move the Rams from St Louis to L.A. and into a brand new purpose built stadium complex. This will cost roughly $1.9 billion. He has a solid gold investment in arsenal as it is. Doesn’t that hint at why he has kept cash firmly under lock and key at arsenal?

  91. Thank you and goodnight


    Yeah but we had a lot of injuries……oh so did man utd………..

    Fuck, can’t blame the injuries Mr Wenger or finances…….who’s fault is it now Mr Wenger…..CUNT

  92. alexanderhenry


    As well as leicester have done, this season is a one off.
    Arsenal, man utd, man city, chelsea and liverpool have all been pretty awful.
    If any of the top four or five had been decent they’d be walking the league.
    This has allowed leicester, and more worryongly spurs, to fill the vacuum.

  93. Emiratesstroller


    The answers to those questions are precisely why we are under performing.

    Wenger could get the sack tomorrow and I doubt it will solve the problem. A
    new manager will be under similar constraints.

  94. Rustygunner

    Arsenal are not in football for the glory. The owners are in it just so they can brag they own a prestigious club with a global following and £159 million cash. But they are penny pinching and cannot stand competition without offering excuses. I don’t see a solution to this in a long time. We could be the Chelsea of old.

  95. shad


    Are you fucking serious? Because the board is meant to motivate the players, do tactics and call subs? The board is meant to analyze the opposition, ensure the team is practiced enough?

    My point: Yes the board is culpable, God knows that scum of a man Kroenke and his stooge are the worst – but the glue that sticks the evil is that senile old fool called Wenger. He can’t motivate a paper bag to pen, has zero tactical nous, is horribly predictable and has finally seeped his weak mentality into our star players (Alexis, Cech). No fight, no hunger, no desire to win. Once the proclamation that 4th is trophy was made, that was it. Though I believe his sell by date was at the end of the 08/09 season, personally.

  96. Emiratesstroller

    I will make a different point.

    Most football owners have a degree of passion for football and an ego. Kroenke lacks either.

    Personally I would not want to see Usmanov take control of the club, because of his history, but what I do know from his business background and more importantly his involvement in sport is that he would have invested serious money in the team had he owned the club.

    For the record he is President of FIE [Fencing] and invests annually in that
    Organization CH5,000,000. That is a minor amateur sport with absolutely no
    sponsorship or business potential.

  97. WengerEagle

    The selfie brigade at the club is a disgrace, makes us a laughing stock to the footballing world.

    A Vieira, Keown or an Adams would nip that shit in the bud by smashing Ox’s camera off the dressing room wall to send a message.

    I can actually fully appreciate why a lot of rival supporters hate Arsenal and the fans in particular.

    Many Gooners are an arrogant bunch when we have no right to be.

    We’ve never won the UCL, haven’t won the BPL in 12 years, we play turgid and uninspiring football and have done for years and we have possibly the worst group of players mentality-wise in the clubs history in the BPL.

    Spurs winning the title which they might well do (They have to be favourites now) would be the straw that breaks the Camel’s back IMO and it will be far too late by then.

  98. Dissenter

    Emirates stroller is doing his daily Wenger deflection ritual.
    What a happy day.

    So Kroenkenis restricting funds, right?
    He’s clearly not doing it properly with the monster wage packages he’s approving for average players.

    Anything to take the heat off Wenger.

  99. Emiratesstroller


    The issue is that I doubt that whoever manages or runs the club will change
    the culture.

    Wenger’s stewardship of the football side suits the business model of the club
    and in turn the major shareholder.

    Arsenal are a top ten club in wealth stakes of world football, but when it comes
    to performance on football field we don’t punch our weight.

    Wenger could and should have been offloaded long ago, but it suits the major
    shareholder and Board to keep him.

  100. Dissenter

    I think we got the owner we deserved
    The vast majority of London based gooners preferred Kroenke’s over Usmanov. I remember reading borderline bigoted comments at the time. You were all warned about Stan’s lack of sporting interest.
    Not that London gooners had a say but the sentiment was anyone to stop us from going the way of Chelsea.

  101. Carts


    You’re not making much sense here. How can Wenger be working under constraints when he’s spend gig on Sanchez and Ozil not to mention the likes of Ox, Chambers, Gabriels, Cech Welbeck. Wenger has spent double figure digits for the most parts.

    These so called constraints is a myth!

    We aren’t under performing cos of Kroenke not really giving a shit. We’ve been under performing cos Wenger reluctance to address area on the pitch as well as diversifying. Kroenke and our board are useless, but Wenger operates on his own parameters

  102. Emiratesstroller


    As usual you and your ilk miss the point.

    Wenger could be sacked tomorrow, but will it change anything at the club? I
    am fairly sure that the business model at club will remain the same.

    Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea might sack a manager but I am pretty sure
    that the new one will be provided with a significant budget. Would that be the
    case with Arsenal?

    The model at Arsenal mirrors the other franchises owned by Kroenke and none are particularly successful.

  103. alexanderhenry


    You’re missing the point. It’s not about wenger. Look, with kroenke in charge arsenal fc will never spend big. We are an investment opportunity for him, nothing more.
    He even managed to take money out of the club for ‘undisclosed services’. In the meantime our great club acts as a make weight for his other deals.
    If the club doesn’t spend then it will never attract the best managers and players. Without the best managers and players we will never compete at the highest level. It’s that simple.
    Wenger will be off next season, maybe even this season. Let’s see who kroenke appoints.