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I worked back to backed 18 hours days + 13hrs plus erryday. SO NOT COOL, BUT, ADVERTS.

I managed to see my favourite team get beaten by Barcelona, so all is cool, right?

Also, if one good thing came out of all of this… it’s that my little cousin led out the team.


I mean, that is pretty f*cking cool. Think he’s dad was a bit jealous, he always spoke of his ambition to be held gently by Big Per.

‘Soothe me Per, with one of those fancy German Christmas carols.’

Anyway, what else do we have?

THE SWISS ARE RUNNING FOOTBALL. Yep, Infantino is now the King of FIFA and we shall bow down to him. I know little about him, however, I have to say, I prefer him to Bahrain royalty linked to oppressive practices. UNLESS, he is oppressing the Swiss. Which I would not be accepting of.

Proof is in the pudding, is anyone at FIFA capable of turning the organsiation around? We’ll see.

I’ll have my own vision of a football organizing body in the back pocket if it all goes wrong…

Absolute banter that the Ox is now out for a few weeks. Him, Theo, Aaron and Gibbs are so broken all the time. Anyway, there are strong rumours that West Ham may make him a target for the summer when they move to their new taxpayer paid stadium. I’d still be against binning him, though I do have to say that I’m really disappointed by his general gashness this season. He needs to up his game. I mean, he doesn’t, he’s English, he’s never more than a year away from a pay rise.

Arsenal announced financial results. We made a loss for the 6 months preceding today. BUT, the rest of the cash will drop in the next financial period. Sir Chips, fresh from throwing shade at the poor of Islington…

“We continue to see robust growth around our commercial revenues and build our support globally through our marketing and media channels. The result for the period has been impacted by a reduction in transfer profits but this reflects the overall stability we have within the squad which, in my view, is a positive factor for the club.”

The profits are lower because we didn’t sell loads of players. Excellent I guess. We still have mega cash in the bank, sitting at a whopping £135m. Nothing we didn’t already know, right?

Can’t wait to head into the summer and be disappointed by the end because the world ran out of quality players to buy.

It’ll be interesting to see if Mourinho, Klopp or Guardiola manage to find good players this summer.


Give it a rest already…

Right, I’m so damn tired, have very little idea whether this is any good… but back to normal next week!

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  1. karim

    Know what you mean.
    In French we call it ” la peur de gagner ”
    Still, I’m gutted they scored, it’s not like they created chance after chance today.
    Could be a decisive result for them as it would have been 1 point out of 6.
    They have West Brom at home again, we need them to bottle it big time.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    It’s almost like we need some sort of instant, irreparable swing of results, with Spurs and Leicester losing it right at the death and us taking it whilst all playing at the same time, so that bottle doesn’t come into it.

    Can you imagine say, needing a result at City in the second to last game of the season to go top, the Arsenal players walking out onto that pitch at the Etihad…I would have zero confidence at all if they knew about other results and what they had to do they wouldn’t crumble under the pressure because the manager has proved time and again he can’t prepare teams and we lack leaders on the field.

    Need one of those 3 o’clock kick off days where all of us are playing at once and we take it without even knowing.

  3. Brooklyn

    You muppet,
    Much confirmation bias….you think anyone cares about that report unless they were cunt like you..

  4. Joe


    Could you imagine this squad going to anfield on the last day of the season and needing to win 2 nil to win the title? And actually doing it?

    Or any team under Wenger in the last 11 seasons??

    Wenger gives me no hope of us winning the league this season. Esecially with man city being the penultimate match (2016 versio. Of the 89 Liverpool match ) and ending a result. Don’t see it happening.

  5. Confidentgoner

    Good weekend for Leicester. Hard won victory. It’s either they win the league or Tottenham. City and Arsenal have a slimmer chance.

    Had another look at our Barca match. Almost a perfect first half for us. Wellbeck and Campbell should start at the Nou Camp. The can then come in at 70mins for Campbell.

    ManU will be bubbling with confidence after beating the lowly Swedish side. I do think we can and should beat them at home, but we need to be up for it as the ref might be our albatross. We keep it tight, prevent their crosses and should hammer them on the counter

    We need a win at all cost because Spurs at home is a tough proposition considering their form.

  6. Joe

    Think quite highly of your opinion Brooklyn don’t you. More so than an official report built on stats.

    Not everyone thinks coming top 4 as an achievement for greatest ever award.

    I guess you also think Wenger built the Emirates with his own two hands and his own money

  7. Rambo Ramsey

    “Or any team under Wenger in the last 11 seasons??”

    Yeah, could you imagine a Wenger led team going unbeaten all season? Oh wait..

    don’t get me wrong. I reckon Wenger’s time is up as much as the next poster on here but your never ending moaning gets tedious. shut it Joe and stop behaving like a 10 year old girl.

  8. Joe

    GG graham went a season with one loss to win the title. Not much difference in that and an undefeated season to me.

    And what part of last 11 seasons did you not understand.

    And that was because of the leaders on the team back then that we went undefeated. In spite of Wenger.

  9. Rambo Ramsey

    “It’s either they win the league or Tottenham.”

    you think Spuds have a better chance of winning the PL which means finishing above Arsenal? you need a history lesson mate 😉

  10. Joe


    What are you going to say if the spuds do finish above us???

    Because right now they are playing much much much better than we are.

    They are more likely to win the league than we are

  11. Rambo Ramsey

    “What are you going to say if the spuds do finish above us???”

    you hear the same question every year. we all know what happens though

    “Because right now they are playing much much much better than we are.”

    and yet its goal difference that’s barely keeping them above us. imagine that. poor old spuddies

  12. Joe

    A small club who spend way less than us. Have way less revenue than us. And are cunts.

    Really well done by Wenger to be tied with them on points.

    I’m so proud. Glad you pointed that out.

  13. Joe

    I’m resigned to us not winning it Rambo.

    I have no Faith’ whatsoever in Wenger to
    Lead us there. So why get myself excited.

    Just to be let down by the cunt again

  14. Rambo Ramsey

    “I’m resigned to us not winning it Rambo. I have no Faith’ whatsoever in Wenger to
    Lead us there. So why get myself excited.”

    been there Joe. thought we would never win another trophy under him. but I’ve been proven wrong. twice. you never know

  15. Bamford10


    Except that winning the FAC isn’t comparable to winning the EPL. Not even close. Hull City and Aston Villa made it to the final of the former but could never have won the latter. Teams play weaker line-ups in the FAC these days.

    Winning the FAC proved NOTHING.

  16. Joe

    Ha fa
    Is not the same as the league or CL

    As great as the history is, it’s not the same
    As it was 10-15 years ago.

    Wenger has said he would rather Come 4th than win the fa cup.

  17. Bamford10


    Just because Arsenal have finished above Spurs for some time now doesn’t mean they will forever. There will come a season when this does not occur and there is no reason it can’t be this season. They look pretty strong, actually. The shame is that finishing above Spurs is the extent of your ilk’s ambitions.

    We want more — and given the club’s resources, the club should be competing for much more. We never will, however, as long as Wenger is in charge.

  18. karim

    I dont see us winning the title at injury time on the last day for sure, but I do think we have a reasonable opportunity all the same.

    This opportunity would have been bigger had Norwich resisted till the end of course.

    Gutted, I’m telling ya

  19. Rambo Ramsey

    Oh please. you lot belittle the FA cup cause we’ve won it and that doesn’t suit your agenda. something tells me if we’d not have won it, you would be harping about 12 years without any trophy.

    its all too predictable. even if we won the PL this year, you will just shift to ‘Never won the CL’ or ‘ 1 PL title doesnt mean anything’ or ‘top teams blowing up gave it to us otherwise we wouldn’t have won’

  20. David Smith

    We won’t win the league, firstly because our manager is unable, secondly, I seriously doubt he actually wants to win it……because of the pressure and scrutiny that would bring upon him. Third, the owner doesn’t give a shit.
    But, Wenger had better start praying City win it, or he is completely out of excuses.
    Interested to hear Usmanovs partner is buying Everton, and promising investment. And we get stuck with Stan and his make do manager. In sporting terms, tragic.

  21. Rambo Ramsey

    Joe, the underlying point is this- we didn’t think Wenger would win us another trophy. he did. thought the team would get knocked out by Lpool especially considering they had mauled us few days prior to that in the PL. didn’t happen, we came through. thought the team would contrive to lose against Hull in final. it didn’t. the next season we were drawn at OT, we thought that was it we’re getting knocked out. we passed the test. now you think we can’t win the PL. I ask you, Why not?

  22. Confidentgoner


    How will the teams stack up by the end of may?

    Here’s my take

    1) Leicester

    If the above happens, what will you say about Arsenal? Leicester’ wage bill is less than 1/5th of ours.

    Wouldn’t you love to see an Arsenal where average players are not overpaid, where our midfield and strike force instills fear? Don’t you think that Wenger should be doing much better with the resources he has?

  23. David Smith

    Arsenal should be beyond settling for a trophy that can be won after six games littered with home draws against inferior opposition, and recently won by Wigan.

  24. Confidentgoner


    That’s the level of ambition shown here by some posters, influenced obviously by our glorious leader.

    The problem with that is Leicester. Leicester has shown them up.

  25. Bamford10


    No, that’s incorrect. My criticism has never been the bland “no trophies” argument. And the FAC is objectively less meaningful and less prestigious than the EPL or CL. It’s a lesser trophy. I’d prefer to actually compete for the EPL or CL than win the FAC. These things mean more.

  26. Bamford10

    Make a counter argument, then, guy. Prove you’re not a dipshit. I’ve never heard anything out of you but dipshittery, so I’m going to call you by the name I think appropriate.

  27. David Smith

    Leicester have shown a lot of people up, not least our manager, and his fitness and medical staff.
    Sadly for them, and luckily for Wenger, can still see City putting in a late run and winning the title….just….a run which will include them trouncing us.

  28. Rambo Ramsey

    “can still see City putting in a late run and winning the title….just….a run which will include them trouncing us.”

    personally wouldn’t put my money on it considering the way City are playing and their recent record against us

  29. Bamford10

    How does one do that? By apologizing for the verbal abuse? Ok, then please accept my sincere apology for insulting you, Rambo. I find your point of view and commentary to be misguided and frankly moronic, but it was wrong of me to insult you personally.

    There. All better?

    Now say something reasonable or intelligent — or fuck off.

  30. Confidentgoner


    I don’t think we will see any magic from. City at this stage. Spurs beat them home and away. Spurs look good for at least the Second spot.

    Now in saying all these, I will be most delighted to see us win it. My fear is not that we can’t win it but Wenger will bottle it by not setting his team properly.

    For tomorrow

    Bell Mert Kos Monreal
    Coq Ramsey/Elneny
    Campbell Wellbeck Sanchez

  31. Rambo Ramsey

    Bamford, are you sure you should be the one teaching? me thinks you should be sitting amongst the kids maybe 1st grade wearing the dunce hat while you’re at it. don’t worry. you’ll eventually get the hang of social behaviour.

  32. Confidentgoner

    We just need to be disciplined against MU and pick them apart on the counter. I think they will come at us and throw the sink. Once we are disciplined at the mid and back, prevent or deal with their crosses, we can score on the counter

  33. Bamford10


    Don’t worry: when I’m with my students, I adopt a very different tone of voice, and I obviously teach them to be respectful and polite to others, especially when there is disagreement. However, I feel no need to be overly polite on Le Grove, and certainly not with your ilk. I am a perfect gentleman to those on here whom I respect. You are not one of these people. Until you demonstrate that you deserve respect, I will continue to treat you with contempt. Cheers.

  34. Confidentgoner


    Please take it easy with Rambo. I want him to lay his arguments freely and you never know, you can get him to change

  35. Rambo Ramsey

    “You are not one of these people. Until you demonstrate that you deserve respect, I will continue to treat you with contempt.”

    just know that it applies the other way too. Listen, the World doesn’t revolve around you.

  36. TitsMcGee

    The post on “self preservation ” is spot on and what I have been saying for many years. It’s the only thing that actually makes sense. All of Wenger’s ridiculous decisions: squad additions/transfer market activity/inactivity makes sense when you look at it from the angle he is just trying to save his job.

    It probably goes like this:

    1. Did we finish top 4? (If yes go to step 2. If no go to step 5)

    2. Did other top 4 finishers/contenders make enough additions to bump us out? (If yes go to step 3. If no go to step 4)

    3. Match 3rd/4th/5th addition(go to step 6)

    4. Buy nobody(go to step 6).

    5. Spend big.

    6.TW over.

    7. Loop every season.

  37. TitsMcGee

    He’s essentially saying: look I can bring UCL money every season with minimal expenditures.

    UCL money – expenditures = big profit.

    Rather than :

    UCL money – big expenditures = loss /break even (for the same result 3rd/4th).

  38. David Smith

    Perfectly reasonable posts about City and their flaws and losses, but just get the feeling we will see an upsurge in their form and results , especially with Kompany and Aguero fit and playing well. Against Spurs, they were unlucky, a completely ridiculous call from an unsigned ref won them that game.
    City are not that far behind either, if their manager is clever in motivating them, they have by far the best squad, even with injuries……all depends on Kompany.
    Just about had it with Arsenal…and Wenger….and Stan,…..and the football….and the boredom, really trying to loosen ties and spend more time watching non league…..yes, I know it is a cliche, but you can feel involved in an unpredictable journey….and the quality can be better than some would imagine. Arsenal finishing below a team with less resources …should it happen, .I am going to try and use that as a motivating factor to break away…..for someone who loves the game as it once was,, following Arsenal as they are now is an exercise in futility.

  39. reality check

    City are not that far behind either, if their manager is clever in motivating them, they have by far the best squad, even with injuries……all depends on Kompany.

    Not by far. Nope.

  40. blsany

    -getting knocked out of the Champions league at early stages
    -getting 3th or 4th in the league (oh well at least we’ll have European football next year)
    -might win a shitty cup once in a while ( saves wenger’s ass for another year and ofc you got arsenal fans celebrating like they’ve won the treble)
    -injuries, players with bad form, excuses…etc

    That’s arsenal for you for the last 10 years…ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC !

  41. blsany

    iam so happy that alice oxtail chambermaid is injured and won’t make the euro’s.Fucking hate that Cunt with a passion.

  42. Joe

    The best was all the Wenger apologists hoping Leicester would capitulate after their loss to us.

    They know it’s the only way we stand a chance with Wenger in charge. Is for other teams to completely shit the bed. Including a club like Leicester and Tottenham.

    Says it all really.

  43. reality check

    The only thing i can assume is, Girouds eyes were completely and utterly fixated on the ball and his peripheral vision was non-existent.

    In any event, why didn’t he shoot?

  44. El Tel 1

    So the FA Cup is a shit cup is it.

    How old are you twats?

    It is the oldest knock out competition in the World and still watched all over the planet.

    I bet the Chav fans wouldn’t dismiss it if they were to win it this season.

    Hate Wenger all you want but saying a cup is shit is ridiculous.

    I want the Arsenal to win every cup we play for no matter what it is.

    That Trophy is the oldest in the world and we are the ones who have won it the most.

    Will be delighted to win it three years in a row.

  45. GuNZ

    I would like to apologise to anybody that took me seriously when I foretold that Giroud would break the Arsenal most-goals-scored-in-one-season record earlier this year. Although convinced of its viability at the time, I now realise that my prediction was based solely on the gargantuan quantities of mind-bending drugs I took as a young man. In the words of my therapist, Dr. Reinhart Thrustcock Stinkelhausen,I am ‘one deluded fuckwit’ if I think for a single second that ‘that banana-nosed excuse for a Cunt Fucker’ (at least that’s what I assume he meant when he said ‘CF’) was going to achieve anything. ‘The nearest that nougat chomping fudge-tunneller will get to breaking a record,’ he said, ‘is if they shove down that colossal beak of his too hard onto the grooves of an old vinyl record in an attempt to play it.’

    On the plus side, the good doc said not to worry about the voices I hear from the fairies that live in wine bottles and the missus’ shoe rack, as they are perfectly genuine and I am to put money on their predictions.

    1 all tomorrow at Old Trafford although I’ve yet to consult the little folk.

    Oh, and BTW, well done England on beating Ireland. By The Fates, that team likes to make it hard on itself in the closing stages of a rugby game, don’t they?

  46. Confidentgoner

    El Tel

    A little perspective here. FA cup we have two times in a row. Give me the premiership this year or you think we are so shot we can’t win the End this year?

    If we can’t win it how do you explain Leicester with 1/5th of our wage bill.

    How do you determine efficiency and effectiveness? Will Wenger now die on his own sword, if Leicester succeed? What happens to our referred AKBs ?

  47. TheBayingMob

    Joe would put GG back in charge tomorrow. So stuck in the past. He probably thinks you can sti go out on a fiver, buy 20 woodbines, drink ten pints and still come home with changein shillings. You got love the old cunts who are stuck in the past …

  48. Highbury4ever

    Just came home.
    Didn’t know Leicester’s result.
    Saw the resume of the game.

    Conclusion : big victory for them, they have the momentum, they won’t crack under pressure – contrary to us lol – and the race for the 2nd place is between us and the spuds.

  49. Joe

    No baying

    But. I would rather have GG than Wenger.

    You say I’m stuck in the past yet you back Wenger who has done fuck all for 11 seasons.


  50. TheBayingMob

    I don’t back Wenger. Please go back and point out where I back Wenger you silly cunt. This GG love in is fucking pathetic though. I mean GG was like 20 fucking years ago you mental case. Now get back in your Ford Cortina Mk IV and fuck off!

  51. Dissenter

    This was posted by an ecstatic spuds
    “A new bottling plant is being opened in Islington and are looking for 11 new employees! Vacancies will be filled before May said their managing director and Bottling Specialist, Mr. A. Whinger”

    I had belly laugh roar but it’s true, we have become serial chokers. I wont be surprised if we shit ourselves tomorrow.

  52. David Smith

    Doesn’t matter who we have from now on, this club have no ambition to win anything major…….and a man who has won doubles, gone a season unbeaten in the league has passively bowed down to his American master., that and the fact that he no longer has it in him.
    I honestly dread to think who they will replace Wenger with, a thought almost as scary as sticking with Wenger At a time when he will soon be up against at least five managers light years ahead of him.

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Actually find myself agreeing with Glenn Hoddle, United are bare in the ST department, bare in the defensive area, Arsenal should not approach tomorrow with any trepidation, in terms of starting 11, we’re really only missing Caz (people sort of forget that when talking about missing personnel) going up against an underwhelming, injury ravaged United side coached by an out of date manager.

    Put a side out that is physical, industrious and pacey and we should thump United into submission, can never expect a spanking, but we should be able to control this game and be comfortable.

  54. TheBayingMob

    I’ve got the same amount of rspect for GG as I have AW. Both have lived off past successes too much and robbed the fans blind. The only real difference is GG ended a drunk cunt. AW drunk on his own fevered ego. Both cunts of the highest order.

  55. Joe

    Past successes? GG was current European cup holder when he got fired.

    And only here 7 seasons and won 2 titles. And a European cup. Hardly living off his past.

    And he took money from an agent.

    Wenger is stealing from
    The club and supporters though.

    I don’t want GG back. Just anyone but Wenger Simone if available. Who has beaten Madrid 3 times in a row at the real. Wenger can’t even get his team to score v Chelsea

    Don’t hear him whining about madrids vast riches.

  56. Confidentgoner

    United are there for slaughter like we did at the Emirates. This time, we need to set out the team for counter attack and to deal with their crosses.

    OX needs to be loaned out or sold, otherwise he will remain average. If you watch his game against Barca, he lost the ball a lot and found it hard to get past players. These are basic skills guys like Iwobi have right now. We must admit that there has been an issue with his development and try to remedy it now.