Don’t excuse the result because Barcelona are great.

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Tough one really, I mean. It’s easy to be despondent. We just failed in the last 16 of the Champions League again. We lost to Barca, again. But there are some positives to take.

I’m not going to dissect the game, because I don’t have time, but I’ll give some topline thoughts.


I thought we ran a tight shop for most of the game. I think the game plan was right, the personnel was not. Wenger was let down by mistakes, but ultimately, mistakes from players he’s put far too much trust in. Barca didn’t dominate us like they could have, but it did feel like they always had an extra gear that we lacked.

I had Juve / Bayern on the other screen. They went two down and pulled it back. Why can’t Arsenal do that? If we went down to Bayern, you’d have the same feeling. If we went 2 down to Juve, again, you’d give us no hope. Why is that?


We created some great chances last night. If Chamberlain shoots either side of the keeper from 8 yards, that changes the game. If Giroud can put that header in or get into the right positions, we’re changing the game. We had great chances, but we’re not clinical in front of goal. Arsene Wenger can’t complain. He’s had 3 years to address these issues and he hasn’t.

‘But who was there to buy?’

Higuain, breaking records in Serie A. Suarez, who if we’d pushed our bid to £50m, we’d have landed. Pierre-Erick, who we’d have if our scouting network was a bit sharper. Lukaku if we were sharper in the market and wanted to develop someone. Dybala scored last night for Juve (13 goals and 8 assists this year). Teams are scoring goals, teams are finding gems, so you can’t excuse a team with more money than sense missing out on everyone.

Doing nothing and talking about bread in supermarkets isn’t acceptable.


It wasn’t a great night in the office from Coquelin. He’s a very good player, exposed at the highest level. But here’s the thing, that guy is an accident in our team, Wenger never recognised the need for someone like him in the side. Worse still, Wenger brings on Flamini who gives away a penalty almost instantly. Flamini tries his hardest, but he’s been a problem for 3 seasons now. You build a squad in the knowledge you’ll have to play these people. Why Arteta and Flamini are anywhere near it is beyond me. But you pay the price in the end. Last night, our hopes in that game were killed by a lack of ruthlessness that’s pervaded the last 10 years of Wenger’s career.

But Barca are good:

This argument always crops up and it’s an understandable one. Barcelona are one of the greatest sides of all time. They have been for years. You either accept that as a challenge and you work to be better, or you use it as an excuse. I’d rather we tried to take them on. We have massive funds that we’re not using to make our squad as good as theirs. Why is that? How can you accept being second best if you didn’t at least try to make things better?

Did the manager think our squad was as good as their one in the summer? If he didn’t, why did he only add one player. The one player Barcelona would take from us.

Also worth remembering that Atletico Madrid, a team of lower financial power than us, successfully wrestled the league from Barca and Madrid. That wasn’t a fluke, it was just bloody mindedness and smarts

We’ve had 5 years of good times financially. We’re still no closer to cracking Europe. It’s crazy.

Also, let’s not cite City as an example of spunking money with nothing to show in Europe. They’ve won the league title. Chelsea have won the Champions League. United have. LIVERPOOL HAVE. All in recent times. Why haven’t we?

One man, consistent in all of this…


Going out of the competition, which is pretty likely is great for our title chances, but it’s another black mark next to the name of a manager obsessed with a competition he can’t win.

Too many focus on the opposition as the reason we lost, rather than the reason the opposition is still so much better than us. We need to address why we’ve never cracked the Champions League and we need to sharpen up. It’s becoming very embarrassing. We’re not even the bridesmaid, we’re the +1 on an evening invite.

Real sad.

More tomorrow.

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  1. DaleDaGooner

    gambon., are you a Mickey Mouse version of Piers Morgan? Or are you just a fat boy who’s been lied to by your folks constantly? I mean I don’t think Wenger is a manager Arsenal needs anymore, but you are first class douche, who’s never had any pessimism about Arsenal

  2. DaleDaGooner

    Charlie, the worst performing Chelsea squad in recent memory turned us over twice

    You can tell when perssistic C’ nts only started watching British 1st Div. worst Chelsea squad in recent memory….

  3. rollen

    If the club needs 10-15-20 years of saving in order to look Barcelona Chelsea and City eye to eye then so be it. As a fan you accept it and either stay back for a while or support. This idea that you can come in my private business and decide what needs to be done or not is ludicrous. Absurdity at its finest.


  4. somerandomperson

    Very funny Mick. The share holders /board decide who should be paid for what. Football fans are bit deluded I think. All these under achieving / ambition talks are bull .

    Fans have no role in what is considered achievement or what is considered ambitious . Joe can write 100 posts per day in le grove . It is not going to change the fact Arsenal FC is owned by Kroenke / Usamanov pretty much not any one else. Fans really delude themselves into this thinking of some one gives a about them.

    The people who own the company will decide what is the best way to use their investment. That is what will be done in any other business too.

    I think only sports probably only in football so many people have an opinion about how to run a $500M company and what should be done with money.

    But then we are fans we watch the games be happy when the teams win , sad/angry when the team loses. And talk all year as if our opinion counts. Do the same thing over next year and the year after.

  5. Honest Bill

    I really hope we do win the league and that Wenger manages to convince himself that it’s vindication for his years of failure. Then he might retire and leave on a high.

    My hopes are fuelled by the fact that he only took a 3 year contract. If he’d plaanned to stay on longer then he would have signed for four years. The board would not have objected.

    But then again, my fear is that, like most compulsive gamblers, he will not quit while he’s ahead. After a good win, a gambler often wants to play just one more hand.

  6. rollen

    February 26, 2016 04:29:58

    Total BS mate.
    Mass scale fan protest can easily force any sport company owner to sell.
    It would hit them and sponsors in the pocket big time.
    Looserpool make it work.

  7. Black Hei

    Honest Bill

    If we win the league, I think Wenger will finish his contract next year before calling it a day.

    I think that if he miss out on the league this year, he might consider dropping out early.

    That’s my guess.

  8. Leedsgunner

    The injury to the Ox is quite serious according to Wenger. As a Gooner I wish the Ox well, but I’m sure we all know how this one plays out.

    1. The Ox is most likely out for the season.
    2. The Ox will be hailed as our first new signing next season. Along with Wilshere.
    3, Both players, will get injured again next season.
    4. Repeat…


  9. nepGunner

    AKBs try to veil their hero’s failure using excuses of all kinds. They put across ingenuine arguments as if Its a well researched and well established fact. Pretty pathetic, lame, and embarrassing.

    Try this simple equation. Arsenal has circa £170M – £200M doing nothing in the bank as CASH RESERVE. Now any businessman worth his salt will tell you that money sitting ducks is money wasted. I don’t think Kroenke will object money spent to earn more money. After all that’s why he’s here for in the first place, right? Wenger CAN utilize the fund to build a much better squad than the one in display currently.
    – A better squad means better performance ON PITCH.
    – Better performance on pitch means better chance of winning competitions (which is actually what a professional club should aim to do any which ways utilizing all the available resources – see Leicester)
    – Winning more trophies and getting further in cup competitions means better REVENUE in return, better deals from sponsors, better viewership all over the world which leads to increase in existing fan-base which further leads to MORE revenue from MORE merchandise sales.
    – More REVENUE means even more profit to the owners, and more funds to continue to add to and improve the existing squad in a continuous basis.
    – And on and on and on

  10. Carts


    “Just what we need is Wenger stepping into a dir. of footballing role. Ready to caretake at the slightest bit of faltering. Imagine the ruthlessness the club will show then.”

    Haha…can you imagine that. There’s no way he’d stand for naive nonsense

  11. nepGunner

    Of course it wont always be honky dory, and there will be some hiccups. But, fans will consider the efforts put in by the manager and the club in the first place before making harsh opinions. AKBs talk like its been like this for just 2 games or 2 seasons!

  12. STV

    Wenger’s statement is ready for the summer :

    “We will only use financial resources to bring in one or two players who will give us something more. We will see what we can do until the end of the transfer period and certainly before the new season starts. That’s what we are working on at the moment.”

  13. Bamford10

    One, just the mention of Wenger calling it quits — see Black Hei above — has brightened my morning.

    Thank you, Black Hei. God will I be happy when this fraud finally fucks off.

    Two, I can’t remember who it was above who pasted in the arguments of some person “AT”, but please never do that again. We see enough bullshit, brain-dead AKB or apologist commentary here as it is, we don’t need to import it from elsewhere.

    Good morning, all.

  14. nepGunner

    The key to their success are the people at the top of their hierarchy; who don’t complicate things, keep it simple and dedicate their tenure to continuous improvement of the organization in all parameters, not just bottom line.

  15. nepGunner

    If you put a person who is as delusional as Wenger of his past glory at the top of ANY organization, and for this long, it will turn into present day Arsenal – stagnant, stale, and stinking of mismanagement.

  16. Wallace

    “It should be in Arsenal’s DNA to win football matches but they got punished by some of the greatest players were are ever going to see,”

    “I have been critical of Arsenal over the years, but I thought they did a lot of really good things in the game. I was impressed with them.

    “Arsenal are not a small little club and you would expect them to be on the front foot and have a good go. They were up against a brilliant team.

    “If they had scored the first goal, things could have been different, but I wouldn’t be too critical of them.”

    – Roy Keane

    Roy Keane being nice about us is kinda odd.

  17. STV

    Arsenal huffing and puffing towards the end of season. will they win some thing this year. They need huge help from Leicester and Tottenham,, yes Arsenal need Leicester and Tottenham to drop a lot of points. then Wenger will feel he is vindicated and hi 12 years of vision, hard work, and Philosophies has paid off.. What a moment that would be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and then please go 🙁

  18. Bamford10

    While Midtjylland did not look very strong, United looked better last night. More youth, more movement, more energy, more combination play.

    Memphis was excellent, Herrerra looked good and the young Rashford had two goals.

    If LVG is smart — he hasn’t been — he’ll go with a similar line-up this weekend.

    Could be an open, entertaining match.

  19. Red&White4life

    Manure have a new kid in town : Marcus Rashford.

    They know that the mighty Arsenal – one of their most favorite preys – are coming, and they already smell the fresh blood, they are so starving…
    I have a bad feeling about sunday’s game.
    A loss, or even a draw at old toilet would be such a symbol for wenger’s incapacity and failure.

    And also you have this terrible fact : “Arsenal favourites to win at Manchester United for the first time in Premier League era.”

    “Don’t crack under pressure” lol

  20. STV

    I like Roy Keane as a player and even as a pundit. He was thick as fuck but he got an unbelievable drive, leadership and the ability to bring the best out of those around him. some thing we are not having.

  21. Red&White4life

    “The longest Arsenal have been for a win at Old Trafford came in August 2011, going into the game 7/1 before falling to an 8-2 defeat.”


  22. Bamford10


    The problem is that Keane doesn’t know us as well as we know us. What he sees and what those of us who watch every minute and read every word see are two different things.

    Yes, we actually did reasonably well for the first 45. I don’t think Barcelona really turned on the focus until the second half — and Mascherano & Messi’s comments re knowing Arsenal would break down in the second half support this thought — but we put in a decent performance. To anyone, like Keane, who doesn’t rate Arsenal (for good reason) we looked pretty good, all things considered.

    The problem, however, is that as soon as Barcelona really focused — in the second half — they completely dominated. Even more problematic was the way things broke down in the final 25 minutes.

    On the first goal Coquelin was in too far advanced of a position and the slow and un-athletic Mertesacker stumbled and never recovered, leaving us exposed. How long have we been saying that Mertesacker’s lack of pace/athleticism was a liability?

    Then the second goal. Good fucking grief. The woeful Flamini is brought on because Wenger didn’t bother to sign a proper CDM in the summer. Within seconds this past-it mediocrity commits a silly foul, awarding them a PK.

    It is all well and good for an outsider to say ‘Arsenal actually looked decent for the first 70,’ but those of us who know this team and manager well know better.

  23. AA23

    I personally don’t think a change of manager will result in any serious change in the direction of the club as long as Kroenke is in charge.

    If anything, the way the club is run will deter any real ambitious manager from taking the helm.

    See: Pep Guardiola

  24. AA23


    While I agree Flamini shouldn’t have been on the field, that second goal was down to Mert, he decided to bring the ball down in our box instead of just heading it out.

  25. STV

    Arsenal vs Stoke 0-0, vs Chelsea 0-1 , vs Burnley 2-1, vs Southampton 0-0, vs Bournemouth 2-0 vs Leicester 2-1 vs Hull 0-0 vs Barca 0-2…….

    Total 6 scored and 5 conceded in last 8 games. Couldn’t score in 5 of last 8 games and only able to win 3 of them against mighty Burnley Leicester and Bournemouth.

    great momentum!!

  26. S Asoa

    Some random person

    Totally respect your viewpoint. Only find it misplaced. With your ambitions and passion or whatever ,it would be proper to follow a Frankfurter Manufacturing Company. You are lost mates

  27. S Asoa

    Change in the Manager is a start . What will happen ?
    Que sera sera
    The protracted drama at AFC is akin to after one constipated turd is dropped ,might get full evacuation and relief or it is a false start.
    Shit conundrum

  28. Red&White4life

    “Giroud has not scored in 8 matches. Start Welbeck as CF?”

    Certainly not!!
    “Merson thinks Olivier Giroud will score as Arsenal beat Man Utd at Old Trafford ”

  29. Carts

    The only small props I’ll be prepared to give LVG is that he isn’t afraid to draft in youth players. Some of this could be due to Utd’s recent spate of injuries, but still, I’ve been impressed.

    We’ve used Iwobi a couple times. Adelaide has been on the bench and I know we played a couple players against Sheff Wed.

  30. STV

    We have always deluded ourselves in to thinking that we have a great youth recruitment system. Aside from Fabregas and probably bellerin who are actually barca rejects there is/ was no one of note for past 10-15 years..

  31. Carts


    Last summer I used to harp on about the very same thing and I remeber Keyser would retort with “yeah but who are we comparing ourselves to? it’s like anyone else are producing youths; CHELSEA HAVE 30 PLAYERS OUT ON LOAN”

  32. Wallace


    “The only small props I’ll be prepared to give LVG is that he isn’t afraid to draft in youth players. Some of this could be due to Utd’s recent spate of injuries, but still, I’ve been impressed.”

    yeah, he’s never been afraid to play the kids. even at Bayern, where he didn’t do amazingly well, he still gave Muller his debut and converted Schweinsteiger from a pretty good right sided midfielder into a dominant CM.

  33. Carts

    “yeah, he’s never been afraid to play the kids. even at Bayern, where he didn’t do amazingly well, he still gave Muller his debut and converted Schweinsteiger from a pretty good right sided midfielder into a dominant CM.”

    It’s a good look, tbh. Around January time it was reported that he had used circa 40 players. I think it could’ve been more actually. When he done I think that number will be closer to 60

  34. underrated Coq

    You just know Wenger is gonna start Welbeck as CF for sentimentality bollocks. Thankfully for us, the way things are right now concerning our attack,a bit of change could well work out for the best.

  35. Uwot?

    Loving it.absolutely loving it!as Keegan would say.hope they kick the shit out of each other over the two legs. & spuds vs Dortmund.l couldn’t have planed it better I i’ d tried.both these ties will have serious implications on these clubs progress in the prem.make no mistake.the icing would then be the winner of spuds & Dortmund meet manure or dippers lol!

  36. Red&White4life

    wenger about sunday’s game: “…for me favourites has no special meaning, it’s opinions … Favourites is just good for talk.”

    lol, “why are you looking at me ??”

  37. Frank Mc

    “The problem is that Keane doesn’t know us as well as we know us. What he sees and what those of us who watch every minute and read every word see are two different things.

    You watch every minute? Pompous lying cunt!

  38. Uwot?

    The one problem I have with regards to Sunday is will our mentally fragile team be ” up for it”.because you can put your house on it that those hateful b*****ds most definitely matter who they put out.that has always been a big diff since the invisibles.we don’t have a side/ players who will rol up their sleeves & scrap tooth & nail against a club & fanbase who absolutely hate us .hence the shameful embarrassments we have graham for all his faults would never have allowed it…where’s the pride?

  39. gunnergetyou

    “You just know Wenger is gonna start Welbeck as CF for sentimentality bollocks.”

    Wenger should start Welbeck regardless because at the moment he looks like our only forward capable of doing a job. Can’t do much worse than Giroud or Walcott.

  40. Moray

    Haha Keane hates Arsenal and, like Ferguson in later years, they would both love to see Wenger stay and destroy the club.

    Hard to know who to back in Liv v Man Utd but it’s a great draw in a mediocre cup. Can it really be true it’s the only time they’ve been drawn together in Europe?

  41. Bermy boy

    I guess it’s time to get on our knees and take the money shot from United as per normal then take the money they leave on the night table.

    Face the camera in 3………2…………1 bukakiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  42. Champagne Charlie

    Just read Balagues Q&A where he stated Madrid want to sell James to fund moves in the summer cos they can’t find a buyer for Ronaldo. He would be a phenomenal signing if we had the balls to go so high…

  43. Carts


    James is a top player, but I think they’ll struggle to get more than £55m – still a lot of money obviously

  44. Wallace

    sure would be nice to see an impressive/dominant performance from the team at some point soon. and some f*ckin’ goals from the strikers.

  45. Brooklyn

    I can see Dortmund and Spuds being almost equal match….almost in sense I think one team is little bit more stronger then other(opposite of what you guys think) but other have more experience in higher level…

  46. Joe

    1) watch Wenger give wellbeck the captaincy at OT

    2) what bearing does United and Liverpool kicked lumps out of each other have on us or our title challenge? Both are not going to catch us.

    3) unfortunately Dortmund/spuds may be a great two legged tie to watch for the neutral.

  47. Joe

    I can’t wait for the posts in a few months after Ox has been out and he will be turned into the new Messi that we sorely miss.

    ” Remember that goal he scored v b mouth , he was just getting back to his best”


    Just like Jack. He’s turned into the greatest cm since he’s been injured

  48. TheBayingMob

    Uwot? February 26, 2016 13:34:29

    .hence the shameful embarrassments we have graham for all his faults would never have allowed it…where’s the pride?”

    Really, is this the same Goerge Graham who took us to United on the first day of the 1989/90 season and watched us getting fucking spanked 4-1!?!? No, Georgey would never had stood for that shit would he!?

    Or maybe the same cup focused Georgey Graham who over saw United coming to highbury and canning us 2-6 at home in the League Cup!?

    Definitely not. Not our George Graham, the bung hero. Honestly, stop with this sentimental shit; Wenger’s a cunt. Graham was really no better.

  49. TheBayingMob

    We also went to Old Trafford on the first day of the 1989/90 AS CHAMPIONS and started our defence by having United hand it to us. I remember that day, starting the season as champions and getting hammered. I was gutted. The rest of the season was shameful, our first title in 18 years and our defense of it was shambolic. George would never have allowed. No. Never. Ever.

  50. Emiratesstroller

    Interim Accounts for Club have been published covering period June to November. This is for 6 months and shows a small loss.

    Revenues rose £10 million.Bank balance has also risen marginally.

    What is also revealed is that transfer sales during period were minimal, but
    the club paid out £39.4 million as an instalment on current transfer debt. The
    club also spent £10.5 million on infrastructure projects at Training Ground and Hale End.

    When you look at the figures it shows that Arsenal’s famed bank balance is perhaps not all that it seems. Essentially this is not accumulated profits. It
    covers also staged instalments on historic transfers as well as potential tax
    bills as well as running costs.

    The difference between Arsenal and most of our competitors is that we
    built a stadium from scratch. Most of our competiors have either rebuilt
    their stadiums on existing sites or have yet to do so. That debt still exists
    albeit it is now reducing and is primarily longterm commitment.

    When you look at most of our competitors in EPL the overwhelming impression is that apart from Manchester City, which is clearly a special case, because of who owns the club they are either running their clubs on the financial margins or accumulating debt.

  51. Joe

    You comparing a 4-1 as defending CHAMPIONS
    To losing 8-2. 6-0. 5-1. 6-3. And not having won anything for years.

    Losing a 4 nil lead.

    Blowing a 4-2 lead in last minutes.

    Pull your head in baying

  52. Joe


    We came 4th.

    That’s another Fucken trophy. Why is that shameful.

    Wenger gets accolades for some of you for coming 4th and the reason he is still Ina job. With waaaaaaaaaaaaay more financial resources at his disposal too.

    Shameful. Haha fuck me

  53. nepGunner

    Oh yea… Wenger is the greatest for getting us spanked 8-2 at old toilet.. And then turning 360° on his decision not to buy any players in the summer to go on a trolley dash in the deadline day.. So freaking pragmatic!

  54. TheBayingMob

    The insinuation from Uwot? is that GG would not have seen results like that on his watch … he did, two examples of when we got spanked by United, once as reigning Champions in the first game of our defense.

    I’m not sure why so many Gooners are so h0.m0 and nostalgic over GG. He started well, 86 – 93 ish was glorious in parts, he then took a nose dive (he was a lush just like all other ex footballers of that time, the booze was probably getting the better of him). By the time he left we were bordering relegation fodder playing dog shit football. He also went on to manager Spurs which a lot of people seem to forget, I mean what a cunt.

  55. Joe

    He was holder of a European trophy when he got sacked


    Keep going baying

    Why are people still nostalgic over Wenger. He’s been terrible for 11 seasons.

    And manager of the most enbarrassing losses in the history of Arsenal both home and away.

    GG for me any time over the fraud

  56. Joe

    Who cares who he managed. People have to work. RVP and Cesc won titles with hated rivals. Change how you feel about them and thier time st Arsenal.

    If so. You’re a child

  57. Marc

    I remember going to an Arsenal match under Graham, I think it was vs Blackburn and the crowd were chanting “Get your cheque book out”

    Things don’t change really.

  58. Hitman

    GG wouldnt have needed to take a bung if he had been on £8m pa.

    It’s Wenger who been stealing a living for the past 11 years.

  59. Dave

    GG won a few titles then thought he could buy turds and polish them. Chris Kwonga, Eddie Mcgoldrick, perry groves, Christopher Wreh and John Jensen spring to mind

  60. Joe

    And Wenger is stealing from the club and supporters. GG just took money from a cunt agent.

    I’m sure Wenger is getting ‘bungs’ one way or another

  61. kwik fit

    How do the club make best use of the cash pile of 250m. Is it being held has collateral for the benefit of any shareholders? Of course it fuckin is. Silent Stan is a vulgar sucking the proverbial tit of us poor arsenal supporters.

  62. Marc


    Er You’re a fucking moron. Wreh was signed by Wenger and Perry Groves was Graham’s first signing who went on to win 2 titles and a league cup.

  63. kwik fit


    Not necessarily. He can pledge his shares as collateral on the agreement that cash reserves stay above a certain limit. No need to disclose this.

  64. Marc


    Whilst the 98 winners now doubt relied on both the experience of the GG back 5 by 2002 and 2004 their impact was either as squad players or they had gone.

  65. Hitman

    I can forgive GG. We all make mistakes in life.

    Can’t forgive Wenger though. He keeps on repeating the same mistake again and again. And pockets the money without any shame.

  66. Marc


    He can certainly use his share holding as collateral but this would appear on ither accounts (assuming US accounts are prepared roughly the same – I wouldn’t know) but Usmanov would know and would be screaming from the roof tops.

    This conspiracy theory about the cash reserves is bonkers – at least until someone shows some evidence.

  67. Wallace

    “I can forgive GG. We all make mistakes in life.”

    but can you forgive him for Selley-Hillier-Morrow? stick Flamini in that last GG squad and he’s the flair midfielder.

  68. kwik fit


    Only pledged companyassets must be disclosed. Shareholders are free to provide share certificates without disclosing this as they are external to the PLC. But hey he’s still a wanker either way 😉

  69. Marc


    Yeah but this wouldn’t stop us spending. Putting his share holding up for collateral isn’t a problem we spend money on an asset and the value of the club isn’t affected. If he was using the reserves as collateral it would need to be declared.

    If his share holding is up for collateral and he defaulted the loan provider would look to sell the shares to the highest bidder – something most on here would love to see.

  70. kwik fit


    But he could have agreed with his bank to keep a minimum cash level as bankers don’t view players a ‘normal’ assets. Having said that it will be interesting now to see what develops as the fat Russian has now has got more than 30%

  71. Cesc Appeal

    Only good news today is Usmanov has bought out Farad Moshiri, his partner in Red and White Holdings, whilst this doesn’t improve his position in terms of ownership of the club, he did say he’s sees being part of Arsenal as a benefit he wants to run in his family for a long time to come.

    Whilst Kroenke may be majority shareholder for some time, at least Usmanov isn’t going to abandon his third to Kroenke.

  72. Cesc Appeal


    I’m not sure what’s going on, a few years back he got to the limit where he could see the books, and didn’t the Arsenal board try to stop it?

  73. Cesc Appeal

    Anyway, regarding Sunday, big game, must win, United are s**t, missing a s**t load of players and will likely be playing without a recognised ST. I’d go with:

    Bellerin, Gabriel, Kozz, Monreal
    Coq, Elneny
    Sanchez, Ozil, Ramsey

    Brings a bit of variety to selection and positions, get Sanchez over onto the right to give us width, Welbeck up top who brings more than Walcott but can still switch with Sanchez which he likes to do, Ramsey on the left as he will cut in anyway and so with Sanchez left Ramsey right we end up with everything central, also means Ramsey can overload the middle.

    Coq and Elneny in the centre, we need to see Elneny in the EPL and seriously, United should not be taxing us too much, they are bad, seriously bad, if Elneny can’t at least do a competent job (which would be an improvement on what we currently have) there was no point in making him our only outfield addition in the last 9 months.

  74. somerandomperson

    “Total BS mate.
    Mass scale fan protest can easily force any sport company owner to sell.
    It would hit them and sponsors in the pocket big time.
    Looserpool make it work.”

    Liverpool restructured ticket prices , I read several places they just increased it somewhere else. I think overall ticket revenue will increase for liverpool. It is just a PR exercise to claim a victory for fans.

    Fans cannot do anything except not paying. Unless that happens the owners wont care.

  75. Redtruth

    In February, Liverpool’s owners announced a two-year freeze on Anfield ticket prices after an angry backlash from fans and a 77th minute walkout at the Sunderland home game during which the Reds threw away a two goal lead to drop two points.

    John W Henry and FSG president Mike Gordon also issued an apology for the ‘distress caused.

    ‘There will no longer be £77 tickets in the new Main Stand with the highest priced general admission ticket staying at the current level of £59.T

    There will also be no season tickets in excess of £1,000 with the top price kept at £869.

  76. Cesc Appeal


    That would be a bad result, draw against that lot and do we really then think we can win at WHL and City, away at places like Everton as well?

    We haven’t won at Old Trafford since 2006, that is shocking, Wenger has a lot of these little records, mostly to do with bottle, thinking of Chelsea and Stoke as well.

    No excuse for us not winning on Sunday. United might well have a ST who’s only just started to get funny feelings in his pants when he looks at girls.

    Should be the United fans worrying, I know people will say ‘but when is the last time we played well, or comfortably won,’ but that’s no excuse, we need to start doing that.