Don’t excuse the result because Barcelona are great.

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Tough one really, I mean. It’s easy to be despondent. We just failed in the last 16 of the Champions League again. We lost to Barca, again. But there are some positives to take.

I’m not going to dissect the game, because I don’t have time, but I’ll give some topline thoughts.


I thought we ran a tight shop for most of the game. I think the game plan was right, the personnel was not. Wenger was let down by mistakes, but ultimately, mistakes from players he’s put far too much trust in. Barca didn’t dominate us like they could have, but it did feel like they always had an extra gear that we lacked.

I had Juve / Bayern on the other screen. They went two down and pulled it back. Why can’t Arsenal do that? If we went down to Bayern, you’d have the same feeling. If we went 2 down to Juve, again, you’d give us no hope. Why is that?


We created some great chances last night. If Chamberlain shoots either side of the keeper from 8 yards, that changes the game. If Giroud can put that header in or get into the right positions, we’re changing the game. We had great chances, but we’re not clinical in front of goal. Arsene Wenger can’t complain. He’s had 3 years to address these issues and he hasn’t.

‘But who was there to buy?’

Higuain, breaking records in Serie A. Suarez, who if we’d pushed our bid to £50m, we’d have landed. Pierre-Erick, who we’d have if our scouting network was a bit sharper. Lukaku if we were sharper in the market and wanted to develop someone. Dybala scored last night for Juve (13 goals and 8 assists this year). Teams are scoring goals, teams are finding gems, so you can’t excuse a team with more money than sense missing out on everyone.

Doing nothing and talking about bread in supermarkets isn’t acceptable.


It wasn’t a great night in the office from Coquelin. He’s a very good player, exposed at the highest level. But here’s the thing, that guy is an accident in our team, Wenger never recognised the need for someone like him in the side. Worse still, Wenger brings on Flamini who gives away a penalty almost instantly. Flamini tries his hardest, but he’s been a problem for 3 seasons now. You build a squad in the knowledge you’ll have to play these people. Why Arteta and Flamini are anywhere near it is beyond me. But you pay the price in the end. Last night, our hopes in that game were killed by a lack of ruthlessness that’s pervaded the last 10 years of Wenger’s career.

But Barca are good:

This argument always crops up and it’s an understandable one. Barcelona are one of the greatest sides of all time. They have been for years. You either accept that as a challenge and you work to be better, or you use it as an excuse. I’d rather we tried to take them on. We have massive funds that we’re not using to make our squad as good as theirs. Why is that? How can you accept being second best if you didn’t at least try to make things better?

Did the manager think our squad was as good as their one in the summer? If he didn’t, why did he only add one player. The one player Barcelona would take from us.

Also worth remembering that Atletico Madrid, a team of lower financial power than us, successfully wrestled the league from Barca and Madrid. That wasn’t a fluke, it was just bloody mindedness and smarts

We’ve had 5 years of good times financially. We’re still no closer to cracking Europe. It’s crazy.

Also, let’s not cite City as an example of spunking money with nothing to show in Europe. They’ve won the league title. Chelsea have won the Champions League. United have. LIVERPOOL HAVE. All in recent times. Why haven’t we?

One man, consistent in all of this…


Going out of the competition, which is pretty likely is great for our title chances, but it’s another black mark next to the name of a manager obsessed with a competition he can’t win.

Too many focus on the opposition as the reason we lost, rather than the reason the opposition is still so much better than us. We need to address why we’ve never cracked the Champions League and we need to sharpen up. It’s becoming very embarrassing. We’re not even the bridesmaid, we’re the +1 on an evening invite.

Real sad.

More tomorrow.

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  1. MrT

    Attitude and belief wise we don’t look at ourselves like giant slayers. We settle for oh we almost got there forgetting that almost there is never there. But what can a supporter do?

  2. Joe


    We should aim to challenge in the PL every season and look to get beyond the last 16 of the CL before people get carried away saying we ought to be winning the CL. It’s ridiculous.Too bad we don’t do either. And no one is saying we should win
    Everyone is saying we should compete. And we Fucken don’tTunny and supporters like him are the reason we are where we are. Accepting medriocrity. Going on about aren’t entitled. We have 200m in the bank and a wanker manager who didn’t buy one Fucken player in the summer and. Fans like you tunny blaming supporters for supposedly feeding entitled to win stuff. Your ambition meets that of Tottenham and west ham tunny. Over the moon just being in the top 4. Never mind competing. Fuck
    Off down the lane with your unambitous excuse ridden bull shitIf we can’t compete in the CL and challenge in the pl. what was the point of moving to the Emirates. To make the owners and Wenger money. You are the worst type of supporter. Happy to lose to barca because it’s what we are meant to do. Not entitled to beat them. With Wenger we don’t even try

  3. Joe

    Tell me the cunt Wenger doesn’t make
    A bonus every season for saving money.

    A bung anyway you look at it

    The crook is Wenger stealing from
    Arsenal and its supporters. Not GG taking money from an agent

  4. Paddygooner

    Don’t know where we can go from here. Barca are so far ahead of us in the striker department and we need to ship out so many. How many of our team would get on that team. Kos and Cech prob. Thats all. £200mill will buy you a lot, but doesn’t guarantee anything (just ask ManU)

  5. TheBayingMob

    “Suarez, who if we’d pushed our bid to £50m, we’d have landed. ”

    Again, not true. Suarez could have threatened Liverpool with court action because the clause existed in his contract. It was up to him to do that. He didn’t do that. Why? Because he was never going to come to Arsenal, we were just a pawn in that particular game; shame on Ivan and Arsene for getting sucked in, that’s on them for being gullible cunts, but I don’t think there was ever a situation where Suarez really wanted in at Arsenal. It was a lesser of two evils, but in the end they conned the Liverpool fans into accepting his move to Barcalona simply because at leas that meant he didn’t go to Arsenal. They swallowed it like a cheap

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Always makes me laugh the ‘there’s no one to buy’ or ‘who is really worth it’ argument.

    Are we the best team in Europe, are we eve close to that, are we in the top five, are we in the top ten, are we the best team in the EPL?


    Then there were players to buy, lots and lots of them. We aren’t unique, aside from one aspect, no other club has Wenger.

  7. gambon

    We definitely wouldve got Suarez if we hadnt walked away with our tails between our legs.

    Brendan Rogers even hinted that 55m wouldve been enough.

  8. TheBayingMob

    “Going out of the competition, which is pretty likely is great for our title chances”

    Again no, Arsenal under Wenger tend to completely implode after losing the CL. It’s like your mates telling you your bird is shagging someone else, you know it but you don’t believe; when you walk in on her with some other guy nuts deep … you’re heartbroken; every year it seems Wenger is blindsided by how far off the top in Europe we are … such is his bubble that he genuinely doesn’t see it. I’m not sad about it anymore, it’s laughable. The only experiment left is to see how far Gazidis and Kroenke will let him take it beyond this season, my guess they’ll be happy to let him drive it into the ground … it will have get pretty serious before the AKBs turn; we’re still a way from that yet.

  9. TheBayingMob

    We definitely wouldve got Suarez if we hadnt walked away with our tails between our legs.

    Brendan Rogers even hinted that 55m wouldve been enough”

    The clause in the contract existed. Arsenal were right not to raise their bid as they knew the contact existed. Behind the scenes Liverpool must’ve been shitting themselves. Why didn’t Suarez threaten the courts? That’s all it would have taken and Liverpool would have had to sell, or risk an expensive and hufely embarrassing court case. He took the payrise and the promise that they wouldn’t stand in his way of going to Barca. I absolutely do not believe he would have come to Arsenal …

  10. Spanishdave

    We have a rotten core of players, to improve we have to change 5 or 6 players and Wenger won’t do that. By overpaying Walcott he has made him unbuyable so we are stuck with him.
    Giroud is a donkey, surrounded by heads down dwarfs.
    Wenger is so arrogant he blames the players, they should be mad but they will keep their mouths shut as they are afraid to loose their cosy existence.
    The club is going nowhere.

  11. gambon

    Baying mob

    Sorry youre wrong.

    The head of the PFA himself said it was a clause that meant liverpool had to inform Suarez, not a “buy out” clause.

    The sale was being lined up.

    We just bottled it.

  12. Dusty Kart

    Wenger should just walk away!!let someone else have a crack! says he loves the club bullshit he loves the cheddar fucking dictator.

  13. izzo

    i hear West Ham want the Ox in the summer. They can have him and also take Jenkinson as well. I’d also give them Gibbs if they want.

  14. Joe


    Was just going to say.

    It was a notification Clause. Not a buy out clause.

    Liverpool said no. Wenger being the cunt he is. Walked away

    No second offer. Nothing.

    What a joke we are under Wenger.

    What’s Suarez worth now. 80? 90?

  15. Bay area gooner

    Sad times again….
    Now we have tough games ahead.
    Lose to Manure and Spurms and then the proverbial shit breaks the fan, and the roof.

    We miss Santi badly. His dribbling skills and turning is what usually results in the killer pass we so lack now. Ozil, good player but there is no way his dribbling is like Santi, and lets not talk about Ramsey’s pirouettes.

  16. Dissenter

    “The clause in the contract existed. Arsenal were right not to raise their bid as they knew the contact existed. Behind the scenes Liverpool must’ve been shitting themselves. Why didn’t Suarez threaten the courts? That’s all it would have taken and Liverpool would have had to sell, or risk an expensive and hufely embarrassing court case. He took the payrise and the promise that they wouldn’t stand in his way of going to Barca. I absolutely do not believe he would have come to Arsenal ‘

    They were laughing at us all the time.
    We negotiated poorly from the outset and they rightly called our bluff because they knew we were bull-shiting.
    We were acting like tire-kickers, they caller us out and were scampered off like cowards.
    We played our cards to early

  17. Bay area gooner

    Given all that has happened over the last 10 years, you would think this team would have a chip on its shoulder that starts with the management on down to the ball boys.

    I don’t see that mentality anywhere. Complacency and lack of fight…. and poor management.

    Fighters, dirty mother fuckers, angry and players who are willing to die on the pitch is what we need.

    Instead we highly paid, selfie taking, average players

  18. Du Vi

    @ jeff

    Arsenal fans are blind,deaf, and dumb to reason when it comes to thier own best interest.If getting rid of Ozil and bringing someone else without the unwarranted hype or reputation but far more effective to the team’s general play they would willingly rebel in thier own ignorance against thier own teams interest and start regurgitating trash,sob stories, and tired old cliches.Under Mourinnho, Mata a more influential player to the entire Chelsea set up than Ozil ever was at Madrid was benched and sold….Utter Ruthlessness when it comes to player assessment unlike the drivel you keep hearing from the deluded manager and an equally deluded fan base.

  19. izzo

    I agree with everything Joe posted. Fans have a loser mentality created by Wenger. I hear Moh on Arseanl Fan TV saying shit like we don’t have a God given right to win blah blah. Fucking idiots on there! Those are the types that go to the Emirates huh! Sport is about winning not just participating. These are not kids who need to be pampered because they are mentally fragile and you give them a participation trophy which in itself is wrong and encourages defeatist mentality. Winning is the epitome of sport. Every team is entitled to win including Arsenal.It fucking grates me to hear fans in London spouting rubbish. They all keep Wenger where he is now. Fucking idiots!

  20. Du Vi

    Playing with Olivier Giroud and Ozil is like starting with a deficit and playing with nine men from the start of the game..How can anyone in thier right mind question Coquelin’s performance and leave out Ramsey and the lazy perenially inefectual Mezut Ozil is beyond my comprehension

  21. tunnygriffboy


    Read the posts thoroughly before you have a go at supporters of my “ilk”

    You’ve totally misquoted and what you throw my way doesn’t reflect what I’ve posted. At least have the decency to read a post before you start throwing insults around.

    I’m not going to re write what I’ve written in detail earlier, just go back and read them properly. My point was we can’t even regularly compete for the PL at the moment yet alone the CL. That is fact. Am I happy with that ? Absolutely not. It’s in my posts

    You just pick out the parts that make you angry and repeat them out of context and then throw insults around. I get your angry and hate Wenger but do me a favour have the decency to read posts before you go off on one. You come across like a bit of a to be honest.

  22. O

    I hope we win the league.
    Because it will make a change in manager more palatable.
    Wenger has taken this team as far as it can go.
    Things will eventually change
    Just hope we have something to show for the last 12 years

  23. Danish Gooner

    People keep focussing on Suarez or no Suarez ,instead you have to look at the general recritment policy,it has been laughable.When we need and out and out striker he buys an offensive midfielder unable to score,when we need a winger he buys a defender,when we needed to address the goal keeper issue he kept Almunia in goal year after year,etc.His recruitment policy is never ever good enough,he is always a player or two short and to wenger spending money is a deadly sin.

  24. Danish Gooner

    Remember the iconic words of Wenger in 2000,we are moving to compete with the biggest teams in the world………………..yesterday were an eye opener that we are further from competing then when we played at Highbury.

  25. Joe


    You keep saying entitled. We aren’t entitled to win leagues. Aren’t entitled to elite players.

    Fucken rights we are. We had elite players at highbury

    We moved to Emirates to compete with elite and now you say we aren’t entitled??

    We have 200m in the bank

    That buys a few elite players.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    That’s a great point that people always forget.

    They get bogged down in this player, or that player, isolated little examples.

    We aren’t best team in Europe, not even in the top 10 and we’re struggling still in a league where Chelsea, City and United have imploded, trailing Spurs and Leicester ffs.

    This player, or that player doesn’t matter. There aren’t a limited pool of players who could improve us, there are scores and scores. Even transfer we do complete, generally they take weeks and weeks even dealing with talent no one else wants.

    Transfers at Arsenal are totally fucked. No other word for it, been that way since Dein left and Wenger was given total control.

  27. GS88

    We simply have to buy in the summer, no question.

    We will have a whole host of clubs – our rivals – 3 with new world class managers – Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea. Then we have Livepool with Klöpp (his first summer window) and now a revitalized Spurs in the frame.

    Theres not doubt that ALL aforementioned clubs WILL certainly be aggressively active in the market.

    So we have no option not to buy.

    I said last week that over the next 2-4 windows, that we NEED to buy in the region of 11 top-class players and gradually build up our squad.

    At the same time we MUST offload the average/poor players in the squad.

  28. Majestic gooner

    Before Arsenal putting a bust of wenger at the Emirates they should put one of David Dein because it was down to him we signed the players we did and were successful, no one can convince me those were wenger signings, the Henry, pires , Kanu,Campbell,wiltord, Reyes, Gilberto none we would have signed without Dein. The umbrella that was covering wenger went with Dein leaving the club. Wenger is just a lucky manager.

  29. izzo

    The fact Sanchez has had a poor season and injuries just show that under Wenger players regress or never kick on. Same would ve happened to Suarez. I can’t wait till Wenger is gone! The sweet relief i would feel!!

  30. Cesc Appeal

    ‘We simply have to buy in the summer, no question.’

    People keep saying this, I’m not having a pop at individual posters here, but why?

    Have you just met Arsene Wenger…we’ve had a raft of injuries that can be new signings, Elneny who will be a new signing, players like Iwobi who is new signing.

    The market will be ridiculous as well, the Euros and billions of pounds in the EPL to spend.

    Wenger will retreat into his shell, watch what Spurs and Liverpool do and calculate what he needs to get to fourth on a minimal spend, because forbid anyone has any expectations of him or he has to abandon his precious principles.

  31. Joe

    We pay the highest prices in the world for football tickets. Make hand over fist money from sponsors.

    We are entitled to seeing elite talent


  32. tunnygriffboy


    That was my point. We didn’t buy players when we should have. Now the ones that were available are either at huge teams or too old. Hence I said we have to take a gamble on a youngster and they are now going at huge prices. They are out there but we need to find them


    My point about buying elite players was in conjunction to competing with the likes of Barcalona. Of course there’s very good players out there who will improve us but to compete with the very best we need elite players.

    When I suggest we build to compete regularly for the PL and get further in the CL by huying very good players not elite ones I’m accused of settling for mediocrity and a stain on the club.

    I’m just stating where we are as a club at the moment and where we need to get to in order to achieve those things. It doesn’t mean I’m happy with the situation but realistic what needs to be done.

  33. kwik fit

    Louis Van Gaal:

    “We have to move the ball quicker. Desire…I often use the word ‘horny’ with my players.”

    Now we know why their form has been indifferent 🙂

  34. Cesc Appeal

    What we’re entitled to is to have a manager who does everything he can with the resources at his disposal to make Arsenal the very best team they can be, with no obvious holes or deficiencies in the side and with the best possible chance of success.

    That is what every single fan, of every single club is entitled to. We don’t get that.

  35. tunnygriffboy


    In my posts I regularly refer to buying 2/3 world class players in the summer. This means good players who are now regularly starting need to be benched hence squad improves

    I said we have never been an elite club but it’s what we should be aspiring to be.
    I said some of our players are able to be part of an elite team others that start are not.

    I’m really not that far away from what you want the club to be. I just express it differently

  36. salparadisenyc

    Entitled isn’t the right word.

    We have the ‘means’ to attain the best to compete in games like last night.
    But the only real obvious is we wont press hard enough to procure it. Suarez is the perfect example, we lacked the bravado to pull such a deal and played it safe. Started that window with Higuain and moved goal posts, onto to Suarez and landed Ozil. From a playing front think about that?

    And we’ve still not landed a CF, Wengers’ a slave to his valuation not the current market values. Not a recipe for success as witnessed last night.

    I’ve watched that game 6 years running.. probably more and it literally has the same groundhog day result due to our lack of quality. Whilst the money collects dust.

    Back to Suarez, he’ll potentially be historically known as playing in the deadliest front three ever assembled. A player we could of landed with an extra push, another Ronaldo, Zlatan…. I could of landed him. Yes the film is on repeat, its Wengerland.

  37. Joe

    We were elite during the invincibles, just didn’t have the manager to do it in Europe

    That’s a obvious now.

    Out of our starting 11-13 players.

    Giroud,Walcott, Ox , Ramsey , per all need to be replaced by an upgrade

  38. tunnygriffboy


    I agree. Just drives me mad that people suddenly think we should be dining at the top table when bar for a few years we’ve never been there

    We should be aspiring to get there but we’re not at the moment. To get there will take time and the whole ambition of the club and manager has to change. My point is from where we are now we are nearer to winning the PL than CL. We are not far off most of Europe but to get in the top tier will need changes all round

  39. gambon

    You have to agree with tunny

    Theres no way we can realistically bring more than 3 first team players in over one transfer window.

    Its irrelevant anyway. We will bring one in at most.

    For me, if we are to compete for the PL in the coming seasons we will need as a bare minimum :

    – 2 x strikers
    – a CM

    However if we want to really be a top team, and win multiple PLs and compete for the CL, we will need a whole new team.

    People talk about Ozil and Sanchez being our marquee players…..but they would be the worst players in the Barca team.

    Until they are the worst players in our team we wont be competing.

  40. tunnygriffboy


    Perhaps I’ve stirred the hornets nest by using the term entitled. Been listening to a phone in and Arsenal fans were ringing in totally unaware of where this team is in terms of it’s ability. They seemed to think this team ought to be winning and beating Barca.

    We are entitled to a better team. But to say we should be at the top in Europe is entitlement. To get there we have a fair way to go in terms of team building, ambition and aspiration Wenger or no Wenger

  41. tunnygriffboy


    Thank you

    We are a long way off. We should definitely be doing better in the CL ie getting further. To win it we need 5 or 6 top players to come in

    To consistently compete in the PL I reckon a top striker, a top DM and a top CB

  42. Cesc Appeal


    Of course.

    We’re not even on Atletico’s level, and they don’t have the resources we do.

    We’ve got a dead weight manager though.

    It gets more frustrating every year, how can people not see it, its so obvious Arsene Wenger is holding this club back because he will not budge from his principles and loyalty to underwhelming players.

    Right now, to be a great side, we’d need a new CB, new central midfield, a RM/LM and a ST.

    Wenger will take June, July and August to get in some unknown from Greenland who he will be confident will ‘make headlines soon.’

    He’s so far passed it, so scared, so stubborn, so old its not even funny any more, how there are still legions of Arsenal fans to defend him as well baffles me.

    Again though, I think they are scared, for all Wenger’s failings what he gives you is constancy, 4th/3rd, always. You know it. Which is fine, but say that, don’t try to convince Arsenal fans that Wenger is suddenly going to pull it together, or we’re a pubic hair away from greatness.

  43. Hitman

    Ozil, Theo, Ox, Per, Ramsey. Not good enough or don’t have the courage heart desire to play in big games. Sqauddies but should not be automatic starters.

    Pedro summed it up perfectly. Right tactics , wrong players. Wenger’s lacks ruthlessness eg to drop players when needs must. He is a dreamer to even think Ozil could cope with Barca pressing game. Or that Rambo would come good.

    This is why SAF beat us to soo many trophies even when we had the better players TH14, PV, DB.

  44. Mickey G

    Its very unusual for Wenger to come out and pan the team they way he did afterwards. “Naive” and “Average” is very strong criticism for him. Had I not seen the game or the score and heard only that, I’d assume we were beaten at least 5 or 5 nil (if not more).

    So I’m wondering – why? I think Wenger must have been under orders to improve the Champions League showing. I can’t think of another reason for criticism that is so out of character for him. Especially since it was wholly unfair. This is his team playing the way his teams also do (except with a mostly good defensive performance).

  45. pliget

    Exactly, with bells on Majestic. Every successful club needs people with strong backbone, players and managers. Wenger seems like a nice guy with good theories, but Europe was so far ahead of us that maybe any half-decent European manager (let alone one who’d been sacked) could have brought modern methods to England and been hailed as a saviour. Wenger just happened to be the very lucky man who Dein spotted .

    Almost any time we fail it seems it is down to a lack of desire. Imagine Dave Mackay or Billy Bremner in Arsenal’s team of niceys. They’d go barmy. I think Wenger is, at heart, a coward, unlike Mourinho or Ferguson. Has any Arsenal, player ever shown any fear of Wenger? No, everyone is just happy to keep over-earning their salaries and live comfortably.

    I tell you I would have bet more on Leicester beating Barcelona last night than Arsenal.

  46. Dissenter

    Arsene’s Nurse

    That little girl should be learning how to sing “Mary had a little lamb” not partisan Arsenal songs.

    Sadly Kroenke will just see her as a consumer/customer in the pipeline waiting to be sucked dry when she becomes an adult.

  47. Paul Mc Daid

    Said it a thousand times, Winning went out the door with David Dein, David made Wenger complete and compete, I hope that bastard Hill-Wood dies roaring, His father must turn in his grave seeing what that clown has done to his and our beloved Arsenal, Thats one funeral i will definitely be going too, Just to make sure that the bastard is dead.

  48. pliget

    We need a Board/Owner/MD who demands to know why we don’t win the PL and get to the semis of the Champions League every season that we fail either. I’m guessing people to replicate what Danny Fiszman and David Dein did back in the day. Not Lord Chips and the munchkins.

  49. Honest Bill

    We just need a new manager. I’d seriously take any other manager right now. I don’t care if they don’t have the pulling power of Guardiola. Any other manager will do their best to improve the squad and that’s all i ask.

  50. MidwestGun

    To be honest, the Champion’s League is just something I watch now to see all the players we almost signed do well.
    Buffon,Suarez,Messi,Vidal.Benzema, Cavani,, etc… etc…

    We are just making up the numbers. Sadly, I think all the talk Wenger does about the importance of the CL is lip service. As his actions show otherwise.

    The ironic part is we still should win the EPL this season because the alternative is to finish behind Spuds and Leicester… unacceptable.
    City,Manc U., and Chelscum, even Pool find it unacceptable and have changed management… will we if it should happen? ……… going with no chance.

  51. Troy McClure

    Other than the previously mentioned shortcomings, not having Gabriel in the lineup was a big miss (I realize he was injured). Gab was a shut down defender in La Liga vs. the likes of Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Suarez – his experience would have been useful. Mert is only useful against the lower level sides in this day and age, Gab should be playing against the Euro elite.

  52. Hitman

    AW is a bit like the EU -dishonest European holding on to self proclaimed ‘principles’, even when they have caused catastrophic failure and refusing to budge when change in approach is needed.

    And treating the masses with utter contempt whilst pursuing the real agenda – acquiring absolute power and wealth.

  53. luke

    Top post, Pedro. I definitely found myself thinking a lot of what you wrote yesterday after the game.

    Wenger has had 3 years to address the CF position. We all know that Giroud is a good striker but he is guaranteed to let you down with his finishing in terms of his ability to be consistent and his ability to be clinical. I’ve grown more fond of him this year but we need another option when he inevitably has a bad day.

    We all know that Per is a great CB, but he is a CB that demands the team play with certain tactics when he is in the team. The team has to sit deep when he is in the side – a high line with Per is suicide. Arsenal employ a high line defense…If we had a mobile CB, who also had tactical discipline, experience, and leadership, our defense and entire team could have so much more flexibility in the way that they play off the ball.

    Cazorla was hurt so Ramsey isn’t necessarily first choice, but the lad is not a starting XI CM. He is good at everything but not great at anything and against the top teams that shows. His passing, vision and ability to dictate the game in possession is nowhere near where it needs to be if he wants to start for arsenal at CM. It’s not a coincidence his best performances have come at RW (not that I want to see him there).

  54. MidwestGun

    awww Red- Your attitude has done a lot to make it happen I must say. About 20 years so far… when you going to do something?

    And I was just gonna agree with you too Juventus is a better side. And they just rebuilt too… didn’t need cohesion.

  55. petrovic

    Unfortunately wenger won’t be going anywhere soon, unfortunately most people like to feel ‘safe’ and are afraid of the unknown, the nation’s now going to spend 3 months debating leaving Europe, well don’t bother because I can tell you the result now and it’s a resounding ‘ remain’ because people are afraid of the unknown!! You would think that football fans might be more likely to vote for change but arsenals modern day support is just the same as nation, the majority are shit scared of changing their cosy, mediocre and ever hopeful position, really sad.

  56. Ashley

    ‘ we would have gotten Suarez if blah blah blah ‘ who gives a shit , that time has been and gone can’t believe that us not getting Suarez is even a topic …. It’s the manager plain and simple , get rid of him and we will be a better side

  57. MidwestGun

    Red- I disagree, obviously again, fans are calling for change but not enough, and the results haven’t been bad enough for Stan to care.. And if you know anything about the history of Stans teams then you would know finishing near the bottom doesn’t concern him all that much nor do empty stadiums as long as season tickets sell. Rams had empty stadiums for a decade but still sold all their season tickets.
    Gonna take more then losing to Barca.
    But bottom line once again… what the hell are you doing about it? all wll and good to call out others, whilst you do nothing.

  58. Chika

    I hope Kroenke becomes trophy hungry, as the OWNER, he only can chart the direction of the club. We need to start competing!

  59. Highbury4ever

    Cech said that he is persuaded that we can score twice at the nou camp, and after, who knows ??

    — > Morte than any other “skill”, wenger has become ZE real specialist in brainwashing.

  60. Majestic gooner

    For me I can take players not skill full enough but what gets me is why the Arsenal players seem so lazy and laid back. No urgency in their play , lacklustre and hats down to the culture at the club. We sign both carzola and Sanchez who were good at free kicks and in two years it’s coached out of them, carzola was one of the deadliest ar free kicks at Villarreal , what happened to him? As for work rate , I don’t see us hunting the ball down, look at Barcelona, even Neva, Mossi were hunting players down and winning the ball back, it’s not just enough to be skilful they need to work hard and that is what wenger cannot I still in them.

  61. Du Vi

    Alexis Sanchez who should be our starting attacking forward in this setup is shunted to the wing to make-way in the side for Wenger’s project Olivier “The donkey” Giroud.


  62. kwik fit


    I honestly would mind if they took Ramsey off our hands, although I doubt they’re interested, Just can see him getting back to his 2013 form.

  63. Alex James

    Joe is right, it makes one wonder whether there is a financial bonus involved for savings against the annual transfer budget at Arsenal. Nothing else makes sense in the mad world that is football management. No manager of another club would hand back millions of unspent money. If Wenger is still in charge once the match day income of Spurs equals ours, we shall be in deep trouble. Spurs will go on a spending spree, even allowing for the repayment costs of their new stadium. The wasted financial years under Wenger will haunt us for years.

    As for the match yesterday, I think we got out of jail. Some of the people praising our team seem to forget that Suarez hit the post and had another great chance. We avoided another hiding in my opinion, and one can only hope that Barca stay in second gear over there. The only person to emerge with any real. credit, apart from our keeper, was Wellbeck, who did more in ten minutes than Giroud, Oxe and Walcott combined. As for Flamini, I almost had a seizure when Wenger sent him on. I have been watching the Arsenal for sixty years, and have seen some bad teams at the club. But at least the managers were sacked. Wenger has destroyed my club, with the likes of Almunia and Denilson and the belting at OT but he still sits in the seat. Farcical!

  64. salparadisenyc

    Was just looking at the fixtures tonight and thought what bad luck to draw Barca, then I remembered we bounced out to Monaco last season in round of 16.

    Tried my best to erase that, like a lost night with porky bird. The memories always resurface, for better or worse.

  65. Cesc Appeal


    Neither would I, got stick for saying that weeks ago, Ramsey isn’t one thing and he isn’t another, good player, but needs to learn discipline and maturity to really excel.

    He won’t do that under Wenger then, unless he learns it himself. I do think under a better, more fastidious manager Ramsey would be excellent.

  66. Du Vi

    “Sanchez isn’t a CF.. not even for Chile.”

    Sematics my friend His the best attacking forward at the club and with a an actual creative midfield behind him as opposed to the sham setup we currently have in place he would bang in just as many goals as any other top striker in Europe.

  67. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal right now, its kind of Revenge of the Sith syndrome.

    Everybody adores the old Star Wars, it was classic, revolutionary, then George Lucas brought out Episode 1 and 2, and everyone tried desperately to convince themselves that it wasn’t the enormous pile of pony turd that they actually were, so that when Revenge of the Sith arrived, a passable Star Wars film, everyone grabbed onto it and extolled it as being something like back to the best, even though it was distinctly average.

    That’s us. In a Star Wars metaphor.

    We need our JJ Abrams, we need our Episode 7.

  68. kwik fit


    Agreed its difficult to find his best position. It certainly isn’t next to a DM as he’s not dicilpined enough to hold position. I can now understand why Wenger play him wide right with a licence to roam.

  69. Phd007

    SamesongFebruary 24, 2016 20:23:13
    Wenger is sick the guy is smiling to himself on the bench when his team is down to 2-0.


    Funny isn’t it…I have to laugh myself..LOL

  70. gnarleygeorge9

    The Arsenal can move another step closer this weekend to claiming something Barcelonely can only stand by & watch from third world catalonia, win the Premier League. Champions League is only some revenue raising exercise to be distributed amongst Platini & his little mateys.

    For me, the blow torch is well & truely on Old Froggy Wenger to lift the BIG ONE 🙂 the PL 😈

    “Its Up For Grabs Nowwwwwwwwwwww”

  71. MidwestGun

    Du Vi-
    Naaa I don’t agree with that at all. He did plenty good last season. Its a taller mobile forward we need who can finish chances at a higher rate. Moving Sanchez to CF doesn’t work as he turns into a one man pressing crew with no purpose and his lack of height makes crossing pointless.

  72. Cesc Appeal

    97, Wenger is a New Hope, the Invincibles, Empire, about the time we’re leaving Highbury, Return of the Jedi, you can see the wheels starting to come off, after that, Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones is no doubt our low budget impersonation of Barcelona, now we’re at Revenge of the Sith and it’s time for Lucas to hand over.

    I’m not even watching Star Wars, no idea.

  73. pliget

    Of course Wenger is smiling = Arsenal got exactly what they wanted out of the match £6 million (as retweeted by Claude on twitter from a talksport commenter)

  74. Cesc Appeal


    Great question, I’m really not sure.

    Such a fitting metaphor though, Lucas fell out with his executive producer in Return of the Jedi and he left (Wenger and Dein) and that producer was all about story and substance, Lucas was about the style and the CGI, it became all about visuals and style with no substance…fitting much?

    Then, come Episode 1, the heart was gone, in its place a plastic, style, money making, merchandise machine.

  75. MidwestGun

    OK I’m going with Gazidas then as Jar Jar… pointless character who occasionally gives you a one-liner you don’t understand. And you never know what his storyline is. He might as well be an animated robot.

  76. Leedsgunner

    All I have to say we better win versus Man United come this weekend.

    It’s unnatural seeing Tottenham so high on the League table… it’s like we’re deliberately inviting the wrath of the gods and the end of the world 🙂

  77. Du Vi

    Trying to figure when the tide turned and it became acceptable dogma at Arsenal to play with a lump up top and lob balls into him.Its the reason why we have become so predictable,immobile…. with no fluidity or creativeness in our attacking play.Cant remember when last i have actually enjoyed watching this Arsenal side play as we have morphed into the Ghost of Spur’s past.

    This team needs to find a player in the mould of Alexander Hleb again someone for who is a creative mid and who would dictate tempo against anyone…… be a ball carrier and drive the team forward!!!

    Most English Arsenal fans obsessed about defensive mid yet are blind to the fact that the real problem is in attacking mid as this team is seriously deficient in this area.This team struggles to win games or create chances from open play even against average opposition and it has been an extremely long time since it scorde more than two goals in a premiership game…

  78. Follow the money

    Imagine the level of delusion it takes to think that bunch last night had a chance against Barca. Imagine the incredible delusion it takes to think Giroud is a top striker. Now imagine what will come out of his mouth if we win the league. It could happen. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I’m totally conflicted hoping we win the league, because it will only make Wenger think his methods are the right way, and I want him and the poisonous tonic he peddles out of Arsenal

  79. Leedsgunner

    “We better lose to Man Utd so we can get that maggot Wenger out of the club.”

    Yeah right… if this Board was going to dismiss Wenger for losing to Man United they should have done it in 2011 when we lost 8-2.

    If Wenger survived then, no humiliating loss is going to get him sacked. Wenger will only walk out on his terms. This Board will never ever fore him. The sad thing is Wenger knows this… he has job for life at Arsenal. Job security redefined.

  80. Du Vi

    We have become a counter attacking team by design not by choice………. because against sides comfortable in possession and with half decent technique we cant hold unto or dictate possession and are forced to sit deep and counterattack which we cant even undertake successful when your winger is Theo Walcott,your supposed creative midfielder Ozil cant run,take on players..,dictate tempo.. nor drive the play forward and your center forward is so uncomfortable with the ball to feet its seriously embarrassing……

  81. MidwestGun

    Du Vi_
    Ozil can run… doesn’t choose to take on players as most times that isn’t the correct play. He plays a lot like David Silva… actually. Altho I think Silva is better finisher.
    Slightly better player. Otherwise I agree with your assessment.
    However, Ozil is far far from shit… as you claimed on previous thread. I don’t like our system tho for his style of play as it doesn’t match playing Giroud as a forward or Ox/Ramsey/ Campbell on one wing. If you watch Chile with Sanchez , Ozil is basically Vladivia and he does just fine.

  82. salparadisenyc

    City with a third, going to be tough for Kiev now.
    That said, this City play like the Arsenal, anythings possible.
    Nothing capitulation too great.

  83. kwik fit

    Lol Mid 🙂

    What ever did happen to the likely lads ……Sanchez and Ozil …..gone of the boil, or are they totally pissed of listening to Arsene Wenger and his tactics or lack thereof