Barcelona vs Arsenal: Like a shocking piece of performance art

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Jeez, I’m in a really fucking tough spot over here. I’m working on something visible and important… on short timescales. If I leave to go to a bar mid-day, and people find out, I’m up shit creek.

So many dilemmas here… but Arsenal. But Arsenal. But Arsenal.


It’s funny talking about this pregame, the evening’s event is like watching a well crafted snuff movie with your favourite actor… or heading to a really shocking piece of performance art… or watching your family butchered at a gladiatorial event. You go because you have to.

This is rubbernecking and secretly being excited about the contents of the wreckage…

I hope I’m wrong, but we’re going up against the best strike force of all time… kind of. This is going to be spectacular… you can either lap it up and say, shit, this team is the greatest. Or you can get all upset about Arsenal not being able to compete and hate every minute?

I say enjoy it. If you’re there, you’re watching history. Either great history, where Arsenal come out on top in a heroic win that will unpick in the second leg, or terrible history where we get trashed by the best team to grace these shores in a long, long time.

Let’s see how it pans out…


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  1. El Tel 1


    Maybe my explanation is poor.

    I am saying that IF Barcelona had to play the likes of WBA,Stoke etc week in week out they would burn out, not get the decisions they get and they will find it tougher.

    Do you think they would get away with walking around with the ball playing tippy tappy every week in our League? Do you think Messi,Suarez and worst of al, that dive Naymar would be presented the ball back every time play was turned over like they do now?

    For sure they are a great team but they would get battered over a larger number of games than they do now.

    That is all I am saying.

    I doubt they would walk our League but they would be top four.

  2. Du Vi

    @ Champ Charlie

    Ha !!!!The same Giroud that try’s those aimless flicks because he is so devoid of any semblance of basic technique ……………The same Olivier Giroud that finds it difficult to take more than one touch on the ball……………cant run with the ball at feet and that gets disposes ed every time he doesnt immediately try offloading the ball like a hot potato

    Tell me your your joking right?????????

    if Emenike,Benteke ,or Bony played for Arsenal,get given the sae game time Giroud has been given over the last four years were the manger refuses to drop irrespective of his clear limitations,performance,technique or lack therof statutes would have been erected in thier honor.

    I reiterate every striker if given the same game time that Giroud has gotten would bang in twice as many goals as this fraud ,but the goals are not really the issue more importantly would aid the fluidity and general play of this team and not drag everyother player like Giroud does to thier own level of mediocrity

  3. El Tel 1

    Mickey G

    Agree, Welbeck looking good.

    I thought silly bollocks would have started Welbeck to give them a tough time in their half. Instead he chose the Ox.

    Silly Bollocks chooses Sanogoals v Bayern but would not start Welbeck against them.

    The man is very very deluded.

    They were there for the taking I. That first half and with added power we could have got something.

    Instead we had the Ox and Sanchez playing deep.

    Predictable tactics yet again

  4. Wallace


    “but some of the comments about Ramsey’s performance yesterday were ridiculously over the top. I thought he was one of our better players.”

    yeah, I thought he played well. Koscielny also looked like he was really enjoying his battle with Messi.

  5. salparadisenyc

    It doesn’t happen often so when it does I take note, tactically Wenger got it right last night. Where he gets it wrong seasonly, notably the past two transfer windows is not bringing in enough class to compete at this level.

    Had we taken any of our chances this tie is still up for grabs. How is that were putting Flamini on against this opposition in the latter stages whilst everything is still to play for? That penalty effectively kills the tie.

    Would an upgrade on Coquelin played to crowd and pressed too far up the pitch allowing Mertesacker that type of exposure on the first? Sorry Gabriel doesn’t stop that goal either, in fact name me a CB that would, that front three is far too ruthless given that space.

    Interesting to see Juve claw two back against Pep’s Bayern all spurned by Juve’s arguable man of the match Dybala. A player who was on the market this summer. Took his first chance and kept them in the tie. Something we’ve lacked since Van Persie left.

  6. no1powerdaddy

    Pop quiz ……
    Name the last north London club to reach the quarter finals of the champions league?

    Hint: they don’t play in red………..

  7. TheBayingMob

    the goals are not really the issue more importantly would aid the fluidity and general play of this team and not drag everyother player like Giroud does to thier own level of mediocrity”

    I think it’s very much a real scenario in sport that if you play with people below your level, you end up going down to their level instead of bringing them up to yours. If you play tennis with a slasher, you tend to start slashing too … it’s almost psychological.

    Wenger has created a very average squad of players and then also created a comfy socialist wage structure to keep them from not complaining. It’s a total comfort zone and one that no one has to work too hard in; they are all complicit in keeping that going as it suits them all, why would you rock the boat?

  8. Carts


    I agree that Lukaku could fetch much more that I originally stated. With the impending investment in Everton, as well as the tv deal, they’ll be able to fend off a few teams by offering him more wage.

    But the then Lukaku could easily decline their offer as he could earn much more at PSG, Utd or Arsenal.

    But the larger issue is this: they are a good team on paper who don’t look anywhere near good enough for top 5, let alone top 4, based on performances. As Paul Merson said a few years ago ‘how the hell is Leicester above Everton’. It’s inexplicable.

    Now even if Lukaku had an asking price of £55m, I’m almost certain he’d force the issue cos even he knows Everton are so dire, defensively, he’ll be lucky to play Europa league football courtesy of the flair play table. He’s a gamble worth taking, imo.

    I mean, we paid £42.5m for an assist merchant who can’t score in a brothel, ffs.

  9. jwl

    What I find frustrating is when Wenger talks, he makes it seem like how our team plays has nothing to do with him. Wenger has been talking about his squad being ‘naive’ for four or five years at least but he does sweet fa about it.

    If Wenger would just buy a healthy world class striker who scores 25-30 league goals per season we would improve immeasurably. The definition of insanity is doing same thing over and over and over and expecting different results.

  10. Thank you and goodnight

    I don’t normally agree with El Tel… fact I never have…..but his remarks about Barcelona getting favouritism from the refs is bang on hence the reason I loathe Barcelona no matter how good they are. I’m not talking about last night’s game as we had no chance of beating Barcelona at all. But over last 7-8 years the cheating scum get A LOT of protection from ghetto refs.

  11. Joe

    We paid 42.5 m for an assist merchant without buying a forward line who can take advantage of his assists.

    It’s like buying a Ferrari engine without the body.

  12. Du Vi


    Totally agree……Even with all Wellbeck’s limitations and thier quite a few it was so evident once he came on that the attack became a lot more fluid because ala Giroud you no longer had a player who was comfortable receiving the ball and attempting to run at players.

    Giroud and his like would never truly complain at Arsenal because themselves and thier agents know no other club in European football that is properly clued in would be dumb enough to match thier pay-packets at Arsenal.

  13. Carts


    See, part of that is true….if say Ozil averaged 10 goals per season, but that ain’t happening. The chap literally can’t score.

    Look at all the factors of Ozil: not just the “chances created” cos chances created is a very vague statement. I posted a link courtesy of Sqwaka or Opta, and contrary to popular belief, a chance created isn’t playing the ball square for Ronnie Rosenthal to tap in.

    Ozil, with all his intelligence and vision is very limited but he’s exceptional at what he does best. Oxymoron maybe. He’s not expected to defend, get back, make tackle or simply defend. Bit like Walcott. But the traits they share is that they both useless when SCORING

  14. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 10

    We can argue ad infinitum about who is to blame for the current malaise and
    lack of real ambition at the club, but at the end of the day the only person who
    is ultimately responsible is the owner [major shareholder] of club.

    Wenger despite his huge salary is an employee. He is not even the CEO or a
    member of the Board. The fact that he has been able to operate for almost 20 years free from interference may be commendable if the club is continuously
    successful as Man Utd were in era under Fergie, but is not unfortunately matched at Arsenal.

    Sadly there is noone with the guts to call time on his stewardship of club. We are seeing a similar dilemma to the June Referendum on EU. We are
    being played the ‘fear factor’ if he were to leave.

    Your point about spending just £10 million being down to Wenger is irrelevant. Wenger spent £113 million in the previous financial year so I don’t think
    that there are any restrictions. However, the issue is not money, but whether
    a manager is performing to level of expectation of club.

    Frankly yesterday’s game demonstrated vividly the huge gulf between us and
    Barcelona. Barcelona do buy some very expensive players, but their squad contains also quite a lot of home grown and low budget players as well.

    I made the point earlier that most of our major competitors have or will be recruiting new managers by the summer. They are likely to be very active next
    summer in transfer market. The concern for me is that we will continue to
    ‘sleep walk’ as we have done too often in the past.

  15. gonsterous

    Dint watch the game last night, no, not because arsenal are playing badly or had no chance of winning.. I just couldn’t get my internet and tv to work, was too lazy to head to the pub so I dozed off to sleep .

  16. Emiratesstroller


    You are right that every player in world football has a price.

    The problem at Arsenal is that we have a Manager who will resist buying players if they fail to meet his valuation and/or will stretch the club to the financial limit.

    When it comes to top strikers/goalscorers valuations go out of the window.
    A consistent 30 goal scorer will cost today £80-100 million.

    My view is that Wenger will never spend more than £50 million and for that
    amount you are talking about a 20-25 goal a season player.

    I understand to a point Wenger’s argument when we discuss the striker position, because there are a lot of clubs chasing at moment a very limited availability. An awful lot of strikers in recent times have been sold for inflated prices and then failed to deliver.

    The real problem I have is that he fails to refresh other positions in team/squad where there is a need for improvement. It should not be too difficult to find upgrades in Central Midfield or Wing positions within our budget.

  17. Carts

    Ox starting was always going to fall flat, last night. What I was impressive with was Mascherano’s incredible pace…caught up to Ox impressively.

  18. Carts


    There’s nothing to overstand when Wenger talks in riddles. What the fuck does he expect, a clear run at the best crop out there or something? he is full of shit and still harping on like we’re living in austerity.

    Now I agree, that top goal scorers are at a premium today. I often have this discussion with friend about how 10-20 years ago there were top striker is each of the top 3-4 leagues that could come to the EPL and do a job.Times have changed!

    However, that doesn’t mean we stick with Giroud and Welbeck expecting them to morph into sharp-shooters. Giroud has done his part to date. But if you think simply “upgrading” the CM and wings will make us better then you’re mistaken. Wenger can’t motivate anything these days let alone build a top team!

  19. Mickey G

    I don’t subscribe to the view that our squad is full of limited players. I think a manager like Pep could have us playing that brilliant one touch football coupled with that awesome pressing game pretty quickly, given the talent we have and the high technical level. Arsenal are the best footballing team in England. What we lack is quite clearly a world class striker (although I would like to see how Wellbeck develops). We could also do with a more skillful holding midfielder and maybe a better centre back than Mertersacker. A real no-nonsense type like Godin at Atletico. In every other position we have real quality (apart from the back up options for DM)
    Some players are clearly out of form like Walcott and Ox. I’ve never really rated Walcott but I like him as a squad option. I had high hopes and expectations for Ox but I think he should be loaned out next season. Sanchez is currently horribly off form. He is a much better player than he has shown us yet this season. He is suffering from burn out at the moment I think.

  20. GS88

    Doesn’t really matter how much a player costs – if we have ambitions to win/seriously challenge for the major honours – CL, and the PL, then we have to change our mindset and go out and purchase them.

    When should also have 3 targets for the various postitions, so for example, if say we bid for Benzema and we are knocked back, then try for Lukaku, if we get knocked back there aswell, then why not bid for a Reus… and so on.

    Right now we should have at least upto 20 top-class targets for next – if we are serious.

    But Wenger doesn’t do as such does he.

  21. Emiratesstroller


    Let’s be realistic if Arsenal were given carte blanche to go out any striker irrespective of price how many players in the maker would you want to buy?

    LEVEL 1 [£80 Million +]
    Messi [Barcelona]
    Suarez [Barcelona]
    Neymar [Barcelona]
    Ronaldo [Real Madrid]
    Lewandowski [Bayern Munich]
    Aguero [Man City] ? injury prone

    LEVEL 2 [£50 Million+]
    Benzema [Real Madrid]
    Higuain [Napoli]
    Cavani [PSG]
    Aubameyang [Borussia Dortmund]
    Kane [Spurs]
    Lukaku [Everton]

    Looking at that list there is noone in first category who we could buy and only
    perhaps three or four on second list.

    If you are buying outside those lists you are investing in either potential or players who are on a similar level to Giroud.

  22. Giroud's Toblerone Boots

    How many keepy-uppies do you think Mert can do?

    I honestly think that if you said his weekly pay depended on it, and gave him 3 lives, he couldn’t do 10!!

    How has such a poor footballer made this sort of career? Oh, because there’s a Wenger born every minute…

  23. tunnygriffboy

    Can anyone explain to me why we are entitled to win the CL and are cast iron certainties to win the league this year. It’s absolutely rubbish. We have never been a big hitter in Europe or one of the elite. We have tough fixtures to overcome in order to win the league.

    We have loads of money in the bank. It needs to be spent but spent wisely. Chucking money at the team without planning doesn’t always guarentee success. We have to spend it but do it wisely on the right players

    Swap Neymar, Suarez and Messi for Giroud, Ox and Alexis who wins that game yesterday ? Bottom line they have better players than any team in the world and we’re not even close to being in the top tier. We should aim to challenge in the PL every season and look to get beyond the last 16 of the CL before people get carried away saying we ought to be winning the CL. It’s ridiculous.

  24. Majestic gooner

    Can someone tell me what the Arsenal players do in training, obviously not improving their shooting skills, oxlade chamberlain had almost the same chance he had against hull on Saturday in the six yard box and he scuffed his shot. The Barcelona players who have mostly played non stop since the start of the season , going to the world club championship, playing in the kings cup were way fitter than the Arsenal players who have been rested and Molly cuddled. We don’t change tactics during matches, why could wenger not switch Sanchez and Walcott , because even I know when Sanchez picks the ball up he is going to cut inside and these days a lot of the other teams have Sussed him out and he tends to lose possession. I honestly do not think anything much goes on in training , it’s just one holiday camp and can we stop deluding ourselves we have any world class players in our team, look at messi, Suarez and Neymar , that’s world class.

  25. Dissenter

    I’m sick and tired or hearing people trying to deflect blame from Wenger to Kroenke.
    If you bought majority shares in club with a venerated manager who was liked by most fans during an Austerity period where he kept the club in the conversation,
    What will it take for you to fire that manager?
    a] repeated 3rd/4th place finishes with a sprinkling of FA cup wins
    b] The manager is charged with sodomizing orangotans
    c] The manager is caught on video taking bribes from football agents
    d] The manager has a Mourinho style cataclysmic meltdown over five months

    No responsible owner will fire Wenger given his past history of working with little and qualify for CL between 2005-2011. That’s always going to be a mitigation factor.

    Unless Wenger does one of the [b],[c] or [d] options, no owner with a business sense will fire him. Even when he fails, he manages to do just enough to avoid the ax.

    The blame is on Wenger because he’s lost his way

  26. Jeff

    A new manager would immediately start to phase out at least 6 first team players. Ramsey, Giroud, Walcott, Wilshere… in fact it would be easier to list the ones he would keep – there aren’t many.

    Cech, Sanchez, Ozil, Bellerin, Kos, Gab and Monreal. Anyone think I’m being unfair?

  27. gambon

    Firstly….we dont need A striker….we need at least 2.

    We arent just missing a goalscorer…we are weak across the goalscoring spectrum.

    However….all this “there arent any good strikers available” argument completely misses the point.

    Where were we when Aubemeyang moved to Dortmund?

    Where were we when Lewandowski moved for free?

    Where were we when Higuain went to Napoli?

    We all know how much we fucked the Suarez thing up.

    Where were we when Benzema moved away from Lyon?

    Where were we when Cavani was up for sale?

    Its not like we all woke up this morning and realised we need a striker (im sure Wallace thinks we have the best strikers in the world).

    It is consistent failure to address our problems and consistent failure to compete for the best players.

  28. tunnygriffboy

    Can anyone explain to me why we are entitled to “elite players” in every position ? We are not and never have been an elite club. It’s what we should be aspiring to be. Parts of the team could be good enough to play in an elite team. Some are not good enough

    Purchase 3 elite players in the summer, 3 good players but not at this level will be benched and others sold/released. Our squad is then strengthened considerably and nearer to the level we all want us to be

  29. Danny

    I liked the way Barca always took short corners even though nothing came from them, it’s something we should also start doing coz we rarely score from corners.

  30. Emiratesstroller


    Your last 2 posts are 100% correct.

    Arsenal need to be making decisions now on disposals and acquisitions in the

    Personally if we are going to look at forward line I would hold onto Sanchez,
    Giroud and Welbeck, because I do think that when they are playing well they
    do have something to offer to team/squad.

    On the other hand I think that Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Campbell are not good enough. They should be replaced by a top class winger and an
    up and coming striker.

    We need also to bring in a quality central midfielder. What is abundantly clear since Cazorla’s injury in November is that Ramsey lacks the technical
    ability to hold and pass a ball and that has been lacking in this team. Wilshire
    is a more gifted player than Ramsey, but sadly with his injury track record you
    cannot rely on him.

  31. Jeff

    We have two well defined problems. The first is an incompetent manager and the second is an incompetent manager who doesn’t want to spend to mitigate his incompetence. So you has to ask yourself a very important question.If he did start to buy big players, how much of a difference would it make to our chances of winning a big trophy with Wenger still in charge? It is an entirely subjective question. My take on it would be – not very much although I know a few here would disagree emphatically. So by not buying and wasting big players, (at least not to many anyway), Wenger is doing his detractors a bit of a favour. But of course the question of how long can we stand it also looms in the background.

  32. tunnygriffboy


    Totally agree we missed out on these strikers when we should have bought them

    However we’re now at the stage where all these players are at elite clubs happy with their lot. The ones that may be available like Benzema, Cavani, Higuain are now too old to buy for big money. The one who may be available and in the right age bracket is Aubemayang. It’ll cost us £60 million plus and will be chased by a lot of sides

    We need to get in early with players like Dybala and Martial and even those are going for huge fees. We simply have to pay ott for them and for youngsters it’s a gamble.

  33. Jeff


    I think the point you are missing is that even if all those players were available now, Wenger would still not buy any of them. Ozil and Sanchez were aberrations never to be repeated again.

  34. gambon


    I have always said we will never win the CL with Wenger. He is nowhere near a good enough manager.

    We could definitely win the PL without a new manager. Pellegrini and Mancini have never been the best in the PL but have shown if you put the best group of players together you will win trophies.

    Because Wenger doesnt do tactics, because the players have no fear of him and because he doesnt understand game management and substitutions he has only ever been able to win the PL when he had a squad that was much better than the competition.

    Hes even mansged to blow numerous trophies when it shouldnt have been possible.

    Due to his severe limitations….wengers teams are literally the sum of their parts.

    Great managers create teams that are greater than the sum of their parts.

  35. jwl

    Summer of 2013 is when Wenger should have been fired for incompetence.

    Arsenal were supposedly about to purchase Higuain, then we move to Suarez and we end up buying Ozil but we didn’t buy someone for him to pass to. Power to purchase players should have been removed from Wenger after that clusterfcuk of summer.

    Wenger can identify players we purchase but he should not be part of negotiations, Arsenal are bigger than manager, if club has money we should be buying top quality players regardless of what Wenger thinks is correct price. Players are going to have to be bought eventually, price keeps rising while we build up cash in bank, it is false economy by Wenger to protect his core players.

  36. gambon


    Yes but lets not pretend Higuain, Suarez, Aguero etc are the last top strikers the game will ever see.

    Who are these next great strikers? Well im not paid 8.5m per year am i.

    The fact is we moved stadium to compete with the best teams in the world.

    Its been 10 years and we are further away than we were back at highbury.

    It took Wenger 9 years to buy a top GK since Lehman left.

    Football has changed so much yet the club is so passive, slow and antiquated.

    Barcelona spent 140m on 2 players to build this amazing team.

    We are buying players like Welbeck and giving Campbell chances to show what he can do (not much)

    Yet there is only one team in Europe with 200m in the bank.

  37. Jeff


    I agree of course that Wenger has not showed signs of “greatness” and I am being swayed more and more lately that the reason he doesn’t like to spend big on world class players is the deluded belief and confidence in his own abilities. He wants to prove to the world that he can manage without stars strewn all over the pitch. But of course, time and time again it’s been proved he can’t. The default finishing position is top four and it is also the last resort for justifying remaining in the job.

    You’re right, Wenger teams are never greater than the sum of their parts but I would even go a little further and say that sometimes, they are in fact less than the sum of their parts precisely for the managerial shortcomings you listed. It is an abysmal situation that in my view will continue for a few years more.

  38. Du Vi

    No single top class manager would tolerate the Mezut Ozil who wears the Number 11 shirt for Arsenal.Under a Guardiola type or another manager with any gumtion he would get the “Mata” treatment or be flogged out to China after a year of sitting his lazy, overhyped ass on the bench.

  39. Jeff

    Du Vi,

    That’s not logical. The Mata treatment was dished out by Mourinho who never flogged Ozil when they were both at Real Madrid and only has the highest praise for him. So your argument doesn’t work I’m afraid – if it is an argument at all.

  40. Cesc Appeal

    No one thinks we are entitled to elite players in every position, that’s why you had Arsenal fans talking about players like Wanyama, Schneiderlin etc…players we ‘need.’

    To think we’re asking for elite players is to vastly overestimate our squad, as if that is all that could improve us.

    Is Xhaka an elite player? No, would he improve our central midfield, yes.

    Ditto for a Wanyama type, is Draxler elite? Would he improve our wide attacking areas, yeah.

    Just as examples.

    Talking about elite players and entitlements obfuscates the central point, Wenger has utterly failed in the last 10 years to build a full squad, we’ve needed a ST for almost 4 years now, the central midfield has needed looking at for 5 years, it took Wenger 10 years to cure the GK problem and only because the solution fell into his lap.

    He always talks about buying only what we need, only what will improve us, only when its value, was Ozil? Really…I wouldn’t trade it for a second, but £42 Million on a CAM when Wenger had spent the whole summer dithering over ST’s…there is no coherence or logic to Wenger’s transfer activity or inactivity.

    Its all reaction, luck and dithering.

  41. Emiratesstroller

    The major problems at Arsenal come down to lack of leadership on the pitch
    AND management who are limited in tactics and playing a balanced team.

    Yesterday we could have done with leadership on the pitch when some of the
    players started losing their discipline.

    The tactics were in yesterday’s game just about okay for 60 minutes, but
    as we have seen many times before far too many players who play for Arsenal
    have very limited understanding for tactics and that is down to management
    and coaches. Strong managers will impose their will.

    Wenger’s substitutions yesterday were poor. The last thing that you do when
    you are defending a 0-0 is bring on Walcott. The right person to bring on would have been Welbeck who has been educated how to defend when required to do so.

    I find it absurd that Wenger continues to select Flamini. I had hoped that we
    would stop playing him as substitute for Coquelin once Elneny had achieved
    match fitness. Clearly that is not the plan!

    Most top managers know exactly how to pick a balanced team and one which
    is selected to beat opposition. Too often Wenger teams are outmanoeuvred
    by more knowledgable and better tactical managers.

  42. Carts


    I disagree completely. It’s about ambition, and how you measure ambition is by what teams go out and do.

    To say we couldn’t get anyone from the first list of strikers is ridiculous and you know it. Like I said last weeks, it boils down to “choice”.

    We can easily afford aMessi for £100m, but will we do it NO. Why? Because we’ve been programmed to believe that Arsenal arent built that way. Wenger wants people to feel sorry for Arsenal about what we’ve had to endure during austerity. He is in total control of what goes down – voiced entry he has carte Blanche!

    Soon to have £200m-£250m in the current account and you think we can’t afford Messi or Neymar? Do me a favour. Barcelona a brick in’ it right now scrounging around the Middle East for money.

    Like a discussion I had with Louis, I said Spurs could easily pay Zlatan £150k pw, but will they? Fuck no!

  43. John T.

    Reading these comments brings to mind Chicago Cubs fans and soon to be Los Angeles Rams fans. Fans who say the same thing every year, never win a dam thing and are STUCK with the same owners who could care less about winning. Kronk and the Board deserve the LOSER known as Wenger. Until all three are changed NOTHING will happen.

  44. Joe

    We should aim to challenge in the PL every season and look to get beyond the last 16 of the CL before people get carried away saying we ought to be winning the CL. It’s ridiculous.

    Too bad we don’t do either.

    And no one is saying we should win
    Everyone is saying we should compete. And we Fucken don’t

    Tunny and supporters like him are the reason we are where we are. Accepting medriocrity. Going on about aren’t entitled.

    We have 200m in the bank and a wanker manager who didn’t buy one Fucken player in the summer and. Fans like you tunny blaming supporters for supposedly feeding entitled to win stuff.

    Your ambition meets that of Tottenham and west ham tunny. Over the moon just being in the top 4. Never mind competing.

    Off down the lane with your unambitous excuse ridden bull shit

    If we can’t compete in the CL and challenge in the pl. what was the point of moving to the Emirates.

    To make the owners and Wenger money.

    You are the worst type of supporter. Happy to lose to barca because it’s what we are meant to do. Not entitled to beat them.

    With Wenger we don’t even try

  45. Joe

    Tell me the cunt Wenger doesn’t make
    A bonus every season for saving money.

    A bung anyway you look at it

    The crook is Wenger stealing from
    Arsenal and its supporters. Not GG taking money from an agent

  46. Du Vi

    @ jeff

    Arsenal fans are blind,deaf, and dumb to reason when it comes to thier own best interest.If getting rid of Ozil and bringing someone else without the unwarranted hype or reputation but far more effective to the team’s general play they would willingly rebel in thier own ignorance against thier own teams interest and start regurgitating trash,sob stories, and tired old cliches.

    Under Mourinnho, Mata a more influential player to the entire Chelsea set up than Ozil ever was at Madrid was benched and sold….Utter Ruthlessness when it comes to player assessment unlike the drivel you keep hearing from the deluded manager and an equally deluded fan base.

  47. TitsMcGee

    We have two well defined problems. The first is an incompetent manager and the second is an incompetent manager who doesn’t want to spend to mitigate his incompetence”

    Jeff with a Chris Gayle 6.