Barcelona are coming | FA Cup results are a mixed bag for title run in

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Weather took a turn for the good yesterday, the sun came out, it was barely legitimate to call it warm… which made it quite amusing to watch the American’s lose their shit about the heat. Inappropriate vests, 3 quarter lengths with pulled up socks and plenty of pasty flesh on show. Bravo.

The FA Cup threw out some annoying results for us. Well, they could be annoying, or they could be gold…

Spurs lost against Crystal Palace in a pretty exciting 1-0 game. Real end to end stuff. Also noticed that Adebayor was playing for his 19th club. They threw out a beefy team, no hardcore rotation for them. Plus it was at their place, so a double gutter.

Now, from a fatigue perspective, they’re now out of a competition we have to play an extra game in. Confidence wise, it can’t be great to lose to a lesser team at this point in the season. So the reaction will be interesting. Especially if they go out in Europe this week to Fiorentina.

The other result that was a shame was the Manchester City one. They took and absolute ass pounding from Chelsea. 5-1 is beyond embarrassing for Pellegrini, but then again, what can you expect when you announce a new manager at the crunch point of the season. Especially with a squad of individuals who don’t need an excuse to turn off.

Good news there is they’re done for the season. It’s over for them. They’ve checked out. Hopefully that means that the tough game we have against them won’t be so tough. I mean, wishful thinking on my part, but it doesn’t look good does it? The other great news is that United are in the same situation. Their players know that Jose is coming, the manager has well and truly lost the dressing room and Rooney is injured… I mean, is that really a good thing? Probably not… De Gea might be injured as well. That guy couldn’t look any less happy.

Very interesting reading Wenger’s take on Luis Suarez,

“I used to think ‘what if I signed Luis Suarez’ before, but not now,”

“He gives camaraderie to a team. He did it at Liverpool and he did it playing with Edinson Cavani and Diego Forlan for Uruguay, and did it well.

“Suarez is the kind of guy who manages to create that spirit in teams. Apart from the individual talent the three have, they also have a good understanding, cohesion and great solidarity.

It’s such a good insight. A player with one of the worst reputations in the game actually has one of the best attitudes. I still dream of ‘what if’, mostly because we’re still in the same situation striker wise. We don’t have someone who can do what he does consistently. I mean, we kind of have it in Sanchez, but through the middle? We’re still massively short on quality.

“Individually, all their players are difficult to stop. We have to find a way to do it collectively. We have to analyse what we do and do it well and together. We have to keep Suarez quiet on Tuesday night.”

The above comment is refreshing because we know Wenger has gone into these games with no plan and even bragged about it pregame and taken an absolute spanking. I have no idea what the plan is going to be. Will we try and play our game or just give up possession and go for Stoke?

There are some teams that even the smartest game plan can’t beat. Their talent pool is so rich and so bullet proof, it really is going to be  tough to get anywhere near them. But, the collective can be powerful, and we’ve done well against the top 5 teams in our own league this year… can we try and replicate a bit of that on Tuesday?

Tommy V is going to celebrate if he scores against us.

‘Yeah, probably. You have to show respect for who you’re playing for as well. I feel like that’s not always real.’

Fair shout mate. This faux ‘I respect my old club’ is embarrassing. Scream and shout, someone else pays you now!

He also had some words about training sessions at Barca.

“The first thing I noticed here was the intensity of the pressing”

“The pressure is on straight away when we lose the ball. We do a lot of positioning games, focusing on getting the ball back. The pressure the players put on you is incredible, you have no time on the ball.”

“We did it sometimes at Arsenal but not a lot of clubs do it like we do it here.”

One of our issues over the years has been the half-arsed attempt we have at pressing. Sanchez is a monster presser… but if you only have one player interested in doing it, it kind of kills the impact and it’s effectiveness.

Banter that Tomas even knows what our training sessions are like, He must have taken part in about 2 in the last 2 years of his career!

Have a great day, see you tomorrow. x


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  1. Louis Almeida

    I’m not a fan of starting Giroud tonight but I’m sure Wenger will do it. Would prefer to lead the line with Walcott and bring on Giroud when defenders are tiring like we did against Bayern. I agree with everyone that Ramsey will have to be very disciplined. I have liked the look of Elneny a lot so far though.

  2. Rambo Ramsey

    “he’s a popular guy who posts on this blog”

    popularity eh? you his sidekick, then Louis? 😉

    as for the big one, No Oxo, Theo or Theo please! can’t afford passengers

  3. Rambo Ramsey

    4life, what you on about? Ozil won’t be a passenger, he’s our best bet for carving out a goal scoring chance. I should say ONLY bet. set piece is the way we are to rely on and he’s the best in delivery

  4. Louis Almeida

    Lol @ Ozil being a passenger. It’s one of the big English clichés/myths. He looks like he’s not working hard even though he covers more ground every game than Alexis who people love. I expect people will criticise him again tonight for what is a perceived lack of effort even though it is not true. But if we are to win/have an impact over these two legs, he’ll be key. He’s put in awesome performances against Barcelona before. He was playing with much better forwards though.

  5. Relieable Sauce


    Maybe six is the total number of goals then, I did have a feeling for 3-3.
    That result would please almost everyone and Barca could contain us with ease at Camp Nou and win in 2nd gear.

    Sadly, 0-6 to Barca wouldnt be a suprise at all and will just be accepted as “one of those things”.

  6. Wallace


    “Lol @ Ozil being a passenger.”

    yeah, we have to get him the ball tonight. the more we can the better chance we’ll have. it’s why I’d seriously consider starting Elneny ahead of Ramsey.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Robbie from Arsenal Fan TV may have just eroded a lot of his credibility, he states Arsenal and Barcelona are ‘more or less on a par,’ that Barcelona’s front three probably give them an advantage.

    F**k me. The treble winners of last year, and we’re just shy of them? A front three who’ve scored more goals than the Arsenal team, I think, but we’re right there with them…

    I know people say he always gives the overly optimistic side just to stoke debate in his interviews…not so sure now.

  8. Leedsgunner

    Someone will get sent off or a penalty will be given… it just fuels the aspirations of the Wengerites who make excuses for him year after year.

    “We would have won if XXXX hadn’t got sent off…”
    “We would have won if XXXX hadn’t given away the penalty.”

    “Should have could would have”.. summarises the Arsenal Champion’s League Experience under Wenger.

    Next time someone says we should be thankful for Wenger, and to be careful what we wish for (ie. in wanting a different manager…)

    Just read this on BBC Sports…

    “Barcelona manager Luis Enrique, who guided the Catalans to victory in the Champions League in his first season in charge, brings his team to London top of La Liga by eight points and unbeaten in 32 matches in all competitions.”

    Enrique wins in his first season in charge… how many attempts has Wenger had? With the amount of control he has at the club, with the wage bill he controls?

    Why isn’t anyone keeping him accountable at the club?

    I would love a win but honestly, I think the best we can hope for tonight is a 0-0 draw… and then try to do the impossible and nick a win at the Nou Camp.

  9. Leedsgunner

    “Robbie from Arsenal Fan TV may have just eroded a lot of his credibility, he states Arsenal and Barcelona are ‘more or less on a par,’ that Barcelona’s front three probably give them an advantage.”

    If he truly believes that he needs to go to SpecSavers.

  10. Rambo Ramsey

    “Enrique wins in his first season in charge… ”

    you would too if you were managing that Barca team. just goes to show Guardiola is overhyped. if he was really that good he would replicate it with another ridiculous good team in Bayern. but nope!

  11. Leedsgunner

    Wenger with another beauty…

    “”The difficulty of the task is completely different but it is more difficult to prepare against Hull than Barcelona.”

    Right…. thanks for that Arsene. Not.

  12. naijagunner

    Since we are all in agreement we are gonna loose today…i hope that would significantly reduce the amount of name calling and temper tantrums we will have on here during the game.

    Just relax and enjoy watching Barcelona

  13. Spanishdave

    Wenger will just look and dream up his excuses for Stan.
    Stan will tell him what fun it is on his new farm, and Wenger will be dreaming of his new contract.
    Oh contrare

  14. vicky

    “Someone will get sent off or a penalty will be given… it just fuels the aspirations of the Wengerites who make excuses for him year after year.”

    As Naija said, just relax and watch the game 🙂

  15. karim

    After predicting a hundred goal deficit on the draw’s day, I’d sound stupid to feel any sort of unrealistic hope today.

    But as we’re talking about football, I’ll keep repeating that anything could happen, well at least until the tenth minute or so.

  16. naijagunner


    I am looking forward to some good football from Barcelona..i won’t even bother with the 500 misplaced passes we are going to make…Sanchez being the chief culprit in this regard…..he will see for himself why he was sold today.

  17. nepGunner

    I’ve already had my share of liquid painkillers..will have a few glasses more just in case…then watching the game will be like a dream. I’ll be watching it but not watching it at the same time,. And i’ll wake up tomorrow without any remorse or regret.

    But if we win…it will totally ruin my hard work till now, cuz i’ll freshen up out of extreme euphoria.

    i know i’ll have a nightmare. all these formation and tactics talk is so naive. wake up and smell the coffee.

    On the other note, i absolutely demand we thrash manure 8-0 come sunday

  18. vicky


    Yeah, I am also not much bothered about result. I just want our players to play with some pride and try to play the best we can. It’s also a good opportunity for some of the lads to test themselves against the best players in the world and I hope a few of them rise to the occasion. Anything other than a real battering, I am fine with it

  19. Honest Bill

    I must say i find it interesting how eagerly some people have piped up on Le-Grove to proclaim Sanchez as a shit player who needs to be sold after a few poor games.

    I wonder if they remember all his great performances for us, Barca, and Chile…

    The knee-jerk has always been strong in here, and i know that for some of you, a players ability is diminished as soon as he is seriously linked with Arsenal, but get a fucking grip.

  20. karim

    Maybe, but it feels weird to see the French language literally slaughtered time and again on here, so I just meant to correct it as I expect people to correct me when my English turns sour.

    Nothing personal, I’m just high mate.

  21. karim


    Same with Koscielny, people have been acting like he already retired of late.
    Although he did suffer a drop in his performances the last 2 months or so, I still did see him save our bacon in our very last games as well.

    People need to show more respect to players who’ve been fundamental in our recent history in my not so humble opinion.

  22. Thierry Henry

    any team that succesfully beat barca this season was played well organized defense and high line pressing. we’ve seen well organized defense from arsenal in some occasion before. but i’ve never saw arsenal doing “great high line pressing” especially with ozil in the sheet. logically barca will beat us while my heart said arsenal will win

  23. Honest Bill


    Yeah i know. It’s almost as if players can’t play to their optimum ability when the team as a whole isn’t functioning well… Who would’ve thought it?

    Remove your only competent DM and the defenders start looking shaky.. What a shock!

  24. karim

    What I mean is that I fully expect Kos to be back to his true level rather sooner than later.

    Of course, people can say that he hasn’t been great for a couple of months.

  25. karim


    Sad but true. We are a very fragile team, doesn’t mean we’re shite but still it’s very frustrating as it’s been the same for far too long now.