Arsenal players hell-bent on making average keepers look spectacular

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courtesy @allthatchas

courtesy @allthatchas

Early kick offs two weeks in a row. Honestly, can’t believe I had to wake to a draw with a team sponsored by Flamingo World.

We heavily rotated, and to be honest, I don’t think I’m as down beat about the game as everyone else. I think we played some exciting football in patches. But, once again, the game was decided by a keeper on form and a strike force that can’t always cut the mustard.

Jakupovic, the Hull City back up keeper, was on fire. He made a few really terrific saves that kept his team afloat. One of his finest arrived from a Joel Campbell freekick, he changed direction and palmed the shot onto the post, such a shame that the ball dropped to Flamini who did as you’d generally expect and missed the target.

We had 24 attempts at goal, 11 on target and we still couldn’t find the net. You can sit there and curse the keeping gods for anointing saviours at The Emirates every other week, but look, you need to focus on the players finishing skills. The keeper made maybe three really good saves, the rest were kind of standard.

Iwobi dragging his shot wide from 10 yards, Theo, Giroud and Welbeck striking too close to the keeper from good angles, Chamberlain slapping at a perfectly cushioned header. Keepers look as good as a striker allows them to look. We specialise in making keepers look like worldies…

The bigger concern for me in the second half was that when we brought on the back up, it didn’t really work. Alexis really is out of sorts. He failed to impact the game in the way you’d hope a well rested goal machine could. His touch isn’t there, his tricks and flicks lack confidence and his finishing is woeful.

As for Giroud, 6 games without a goal? Not great in the home stretch…

Credit to Hull, they nearly suckered us at the end with their one break on goal. Huddlestone hoofed with some style, Aluko picked it up, made space, but could only hit the ball right at Ospina (only place he was likely to save it).

We huffed around a bit, broke our record for the most shots without a goal this season and slumped to a replay in Hull.

Good times.


That our second string couldn’t beat a Championship team at home and our superstars couldn’t rescue them. However, put in context, we dominated, had a whole bunch of shots but lacked the finish. I don’t think the performance was terrible, however, the result was.

Good times:

I thought Elneny had a very composed games. He likes to touch the ball, he has a great range of passing, he can make runs and he looks composed. Bit odd that we’d start with him and Flamini against Hull, but great he put in a shift.

I also thought we saw another positive game from Iwobi. He looks extremely confident on the ball, he’s always ferriting for space, he has great vision and he’s not afraid of the moment. I was also warmed by Callum Chambers moving forward. His delivery from out wide is really good and he’s starting to build out his confidence on the ball. My thing with him is he usually looks defeated by the occassion. Not the last few games.


Theo Walcott just doesn’t have the bite, does he? He has all the ingredients to be dangerous, but he never looks like he wants it enough. There’s so little hustle to his game. He had a couple of shots, outside that, there’s very little to his game. Chamberlain was pretty poor as well. Neither are showing us the character you want to see in the games like this. These guys are athletes, are they competitors? Jury is still out.

The Keeper:

Had basically nothing to do all game and still came out for a corner to punch without actually looking at the ball. He’s a calamity waiting to happen. We need to sign a proper back up in the summer. Not Chezzer who has conceded 17 goals in the CL alone. Some young upstart who can challenge Cech in a couple of seasons time. We should take a leaf out of Stoke’s book. They signed Butland and made him fight for his dinner. Now look at him, absolutely flying.


Barcelona in the Champions League. Firstly, they’ll run us ragged. Secondly, if we do play a tight defensive game, we’ll likely have one or two chances. We couldn’t score with 24 today. Odds of us making something happen are slim, but hey, stranger things have happened, right?

I just hope it’s not a walloping. Not sure our title chances could cope with that.

Right, that’s me done. Have a stunning Saturday night.

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  1. James wood

    I would put Noble in the higher end of the table
    as regard of English ability.?
    How Carrick has amassed his England caps amazes me
    Noble is a far better player.

    But I get what your saying Uk ability is pretty poor.

  2. gunnergetyou


    I know West Ham fans at work that think Noble is a very average player who can only pass the ball sideways, yet you’re trying to convince yourself that he’s somehow good enough for Arsenal. We have tonnes of cash in the bank, where’s the ambition? With that kind of attitude we won’t win the league for another 12 years.

  3. Joe

    We should really refrain from signing any more English players as our current lot is nothing to brag about.

    At least until we change managers.

  4. James wood

    You have got me wrong I said Noble over Carrick.

    Trouble is gunnergetyou.we never do splash the cash on the very top players do we.
    My ambition goes back to the George Eastham – Joe Baker days
    I have seen the very best of Aresenal and the very worst at the moment
    we are backward club new ground and all.
    The games all about GREED.

  5. Uwot?

    Why oh why are we discussing mark “nobby” noble when. We have the little matter of the barca bumbandits on Tuesday & the appt by uefa of a very dodgy Turkish ref( has sent off 5 English players already)so we know his thought process there.uefa’s insurance policy just in case we might possibly make a fight of it against their darlings?.they leave no stone unturned do they?

  6. Danny

    George Eastham – Joe Baker days
    Nice to see supporters of a particular age here on Le Grove.

  7. kwik fit

    The games all about GREED.

    Very true but its only mirroring life, Every sport is all about the money.

  8. Jamie

    Chelsea supporters throwing coins at the City players after the equalizer. Sanctions should include, but not be limited to, a series of home games played without home supporters.

  9. Marc

    I can’t believe these Carrick stories aren’t anything but made up paper bollocks.

    If true Wenger would have gone from not accepting players over 30 on anything but 1 year deals to replacing out of date players with players completely over the hill.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Hopefully that dents Spurs a little bit, I remember way back in 2011/12 when they were held by Stevenage (I think) in the FA Cup, and at that time they were ten points clear of us I think, and that shattered them.

    Went on to lose 5-2 to us and just collapse completely.

    I read that they were all over Palace, Alli managed to hit both posts with one strike? But confidence is a funny thing…really have to cross our fingers Spurs hit a rocky patch now.

    Fiorentina on Thursday and then Swansea at home…unfortunately not the toughest EPL fixture.

  11. gonsterous

    The downfall of city this season can be directed at the point when they announced guardiola as their next manager. Good play city, very nicely done.. Chelsea ripping them a new one now..

  12. Danny

    Alli managed to hit both posts with one strike?
    Correct, classic Spurs bollocks!

  13. Leedsgunner

    “Hopefully that dents Spurs a little bit, I remember way back in 2011/12 when they were held by Stevenage (I think) in the FA Cup, and at that time they were ten points clear of us I think, and that shattered them.”

    Call me a pessimist but I think this will have a galvanising effect on Spurs — and it’s one less distraction for their title challenge. Sure, they would have preferred the win, but I think everyone knows this year the EPL is a big one.

  14. AA23

    Carrick rumors simply can’t be true, could they? I know we’re a bit backward atm but surely Wenger wouldn’t make that signing…

    Really think Elneny is our Arteta replacement.

  15. Leedsgunner

    Cup replay happening between 11-14 March 2016.

    Looking at the schedule (if none of the existing EPL fixtures are moved) I imagine it will happen after the West Brom at home and before the away trip to Barca… eek.

    We’ll see how cohesion stands up to 3 games in 4 days. Wenger made his choice not to strengthen in the summer, even though he had first teasers like Welbeck and Wilshere injured…

    Wenger made the bed, but I doubt he’ll man up and bear the responsibility if it goes wrong.

  16. Marc

    It sickens me to say it but we really want ManU to win tomorrow. The last thing we want is to be going to Old Trafford with a new manager in the stands for them.

    Hopefully we can be the ones to get LVG the sack!

  17. Leedsgunner

    Elneny is our Ramsey replacement. It would not surprise me in the least if Ramsey is sold if he has a good Euro 2016 tournament.

  18. Follow the money

    What a position Wenger puts us in. I want us to win the league of course but just imagine what Wenger’s gonna be like if we do. Think he’s arrogant now? He’d be completely and totally insufferable

  19. bishop

    Pellegrini is only destroying his reputation.

    What is he playing for if he keeps losing in premier league..cant and won’t win Champions League.

    Can win micky mouse cup against Liverpool. He might lose against a full strength Liverpool.

    Now he is embarrassing himself like his friend Wenger with Kids that aren’t ready against Chelsea.

  20. GS88

    Really liking Payet. Such great balance and eye for goal.

    His free-kicks are lethal as well.

    Rated him at OM, but he looks even better now and is playing superb.

    We proberly won’t make a move for him, knowing who our manager is. But its for reasons such as these why we have NOT and will NOT move forward as a club.

  21. gunnergetyou

    With Spurs and City out of the cup I guess we must be favourites although Chelsea are quietly getting back to their normal selves. Something tells me we’re gonna have to play them again this season. Can only hope that they take points off of our title rivals.

  22. Redtruth

    Teams in the past had no problem playing their strongest sides in every Competition even if it was to the detriment of the team

    Today’s football is the least competitive in history and all about money.

  23. GS88

    If Jose Mourinho takes over at Man Utd as has expected, I could see a scenario where he makes a bold bid for Willian and Ross Barkley.

    These are two players that we should be earnestly pursuing.

    We also have major work to do with our midfield and backline.

    We could quite possibly require upto 11 new top-class players – purchased over the next 2 transfer windows.

  24. Cesc Appeal


    We have a lot of work to do, that is why most of this blog were saying in June 2015 we need to buy and complete that workload over the next three windows i.e. summer 2015, January 2016 and then summer 2016…we let two of those windows slip by with next to nothing.

    Now, we’ve left ourselves with a central midfield to address, forward area to reinvigorate and defensive signings to make in one summer, a summer with an international tournament and unprecedented levels of money from EPL sides.

    Considering Wenger takes around 3 months to actually get a single signing done, what can we expect really this summer?

    To my mind, we need a new CB, two new back up fullbacks cutting two costly flops in Debuchy and Gibbs off the wage bill and replacing them with cheaper youngsters, a new central midfield and then a RM and ST, if you really want to be talking us up as a big side.

    We’re not even going to come close.

  25. bishop


    Wenger going after Willian?

    Willian of chelsea?

    When I read things like this I just wonder if some people really just say what they like or wish or if they really mean it.

  26. Rhys Jaggar


    Le Grove would absolutely murder Barkley if he wasn’t Fabregas and then some. He’s improved significantly this season and is now a solid EPL performer, but he’s still got some way to go to reach the standards people here expect of players.

    If you watched the Everton-Bournemouth cup tie you would have been swearing at how many times his balls to Lukaku went astray.

    Fact is, he didn’t have his best game but scored and won.

    You’d be saying he’s like Ramsey within 4 months.

    He still needs two more years of consistent improvements before he starts to perform consistently at Champions League level, in my opinion.

    That said, I think he’s one of England’s most promising young players……

    Question is: do Grovers think that someone who needs two more years of continual improvement will actually achieve that at Arsenal?!

  27. Cesc Appeal

    How do people feel about Lukaku as a ST at Arsenal, always been a player who gets very up and down reviews among fans?

  28. Highbury4ever

    No chance to retain the FA Cup again, chelscum will go all the way without any mercy.
    If we don’t win the PL there will be zero trophy this year, sweet old memories… lol

  29. Redtruth

    “Lol how easy draw can you get? Sunderland, Burnley, Hull and now possibly Watford. Everyone at home.”

    All home draws and all against B teams too…

  30. Highbury4ever

    “Sanchez expects a tough tie against Barcelona”
    Thanks a lot Captain Evidence lol

    “Alexis Sanchez is ‘Arsenal’s Luis Suarez’ says Javier Mascherano”
    Ah ah ah ah ah so full of shit!!

  31. Cesc Appeal

    Saints have quietly crept up the table, didn’t realise they were just a point behind United now along with West Ham.

  32. Wallace


    “Teams in the past had no problem playing their strongest sides in every Competition even if it was to the detriment of the team.”

    pills the size of wagon wheels and nobody bothered locking their front door, right Red?

  33. GS88


    Chelsea may not make the CL for next season so why not.

    Anyway, I was more just shooting the breeze and thinking that Willian could be got, and considering Mourihno bought him over from SD, it could happen. Thats providing that he take over at Man Utd.


    Yeah exactly. Always normally agree with your posts.

    We always leave ourselves with a mountain to climb – inregards to transfers.

  34. Cesc Appeal



    Considering we are probably one of the worst teams going when it comes to getting transfers done as well, seems especially stupid.

    You can guarantee some will use our 2015 inactivity to justify our 2016 inactivity, in the same way Wenger has standards lowered for him by his own refusal to spend, people will write off the 2016 window because we have so much to do and have so much money.

  35. Cesc Appeal

    I think I’d actually give Elneny a game against United:

    Bellerin, Mert, Kozz, Monreal
    Coq, Elneny
    Sanchez, Ozil, Ramsey

    I think we need to switch Sanchez out onto the right side, having him over on the left just means he always cuts in to try and shoot, we seem to just play a game that is reliant on overlapping full backs that way, Sanchez cuts in, Monreal overlaps, Sanchez knocks it to Monreal, Monreal looks for Giroud…or Sanchez attempts a shot into an area filled with defenders.

    Put him on the right, where his natural inclination will then to be stay on his right foot and take his man on at LB.

    You might say, but Ramsey is right footed and you’ve got him at LM, Ramsey wants to be CAM anyway, when he plays RM he naturally drifts inside anyway, so you might as well play him LM where in drifting in he will be on his favoured right foot to cross or shoot.

    Freshens the side up as well, and it badly needs it, United are properly shit, so it gives us a chance to try this out before tougher fixtures like Spurs away and see how Coq, Elneny and Ramsey wide do as a middle.

    You could easily change into a 4-1-2-1-2 with that line up as well for a bit of variety, or a 4-3-3 but with Ozil wide which is a bit of a problem.

    I know we’ve all been thinking RM in terms of what we need to buy, but maybe we actually need a left footed LM, or a player gifted with both feet.

  36. GS88


    See your point regarding Barkley. How old is he?? 22? 23 later in the year, so he and Oxlade are more or less the same age. But for me RB is the superior player. Most would agree with this.

    He could improve no doubt and providing he could be playing with the likes of Özil, and other slightly better players than he currently does at Everton, his passing and other elements to his game would no doubt improve.

  37. boy dio

    what’s the point of talking down iwobi?
    just curious to those who have done so already
    his game is not that of an ozil, and he is not jj okocha either, but it seems this is what people want to see from the 19yo?

    heck arsene even said it himself, he is a tactical player, he plays the game as 11v11 instead of an isolated battle wherever he might be positioned, he is the type of player who helps his teammate by moving away from the ball to create space and widen the area of play, and he is only interested in taking a man on to disrupt the oppositons positioning to create space for someone else to either run into or for them to have time on the ball to see the final pass.

    realistically he is probably the successor to cazorla, he has the mind for it and his game is seemingly tailor made for playing that role, now he just needs to put in the work

    i’m unsure if it was against Sunderland or Burnley, we had been pegged back in our own half for the greater majority of the game and iwobi came on to replace walcott or the ox and he played some give and go passes down the left flank with monreal and whoever was playing central that literally moved the entire team into the opposite half of the pitch
    that is his game in a nutshell, has great potential really and i hope he keeps developing cause he could be one hell of a player sooner rather than later

    he is unlucky not to be a central midfielder, he is unlucky to be competing with ozil and sanchez, and he is desperately unlucky that walcott, ox and campbell are ahead of him by seniority, he will be pushing one of them out the club in the summer though, or down the pecking order, watch this space
    much better prospect than the likes of akpom who will be sold to a championship side to be frank

  38. WengerEagle

    ‘heck arsene even said it himself, he is a tactical player, he plays the game as 11v11 instead of an isolated battle wherever he might be positioned, he is the type of player who helps his teammate by moving away from the ball to create space and widen the area of play, and he is only interested in taking a man on to disrupt the oppositons positioning to create space for someone else to either run into or for them to have time on the ball to see the final pass.’


    So in layman terms he ‘creates space’ for others?

    Come on, admit it he’s just a bit anonymous and doesn’t actually contribute anything of substance.

    Only at Arsenal would you have people fawning over such a bang average and ordinary young player.

  39. wenker-wanger

    Chelsea look very good these days.Gus hiddink has found the key to turn these prima donnas into hard working grafters with quality. Unfortunately the tosser that manages arsenal turns world class players into misfits. The ox is potentially a great player and never gets to play 90 minutes. His career is going backwards under the incompetence of Wenger. Sanchez looks like he will go the same way as arshavin. With Wenger still stubbornly refusing to leave, the club loses more ground each season. There is no hope with this senile fool in charge.

  40. John T.

    I continue to be puzzled as to why Mike Dean is still a FIFA ref. The guy could be the worse of all time yet keeps his job?

  41. vicky


    I love Martial. I think United have found a potential superstar. He has got amazing composure and skills. I won’t be surprised if he goes on to become one of the most feared strikers in the world in a couple of years. We could have done with him in our side.

  42. WengerEagle


    Agree, I’m a bit blown away by his ability for a 20 year old tbh.

    I was one of those fools who seriously questioned United’s decision to shell out so much money for him and felt it was a huge mistake.

    For what he’s giving them now and will give them for 2-3 more seasons before Real Madrid come knocking will be priceless given how dire they are right now, same goes for De Gea, you can’t even put a price on what he’s worth to United right now. How incredibly fortunate they were that Real are still operating in the 20th Century fucking up with the Fax machine.

    What impresses me most about Martial is his ability to ghost past even the most experienced defenders, it is so rare nowadays to possess a player who can do something as old-fashioned in a footballing sense as beating their man with the ball at their feet and in Martial they have found one of those players. He also has the physique of a CF but the speed and quick feet needed to play wide learning the ropes, reminds me of Anelka in his style of play.

    If Nico had the brains to match his ability he’d have been every bit as good as Henry IMO, maybe even better.

  43. Joe

    he is desperately unlucky that walcott, ox and campbell are ahead of him by seniority,

    He was pretty probably saying the same about Walcott and Ox not too long ago about how great they will be etc etc etc.

  44. vicky

    Sanchez’s bad form is not a surprise. Even when he was banging goals for us, you could see he was very predictable in his play. His passing and link up play has always been ordinary. Good thing about him is he works his socks off. He would look an average player if he was lazy. He needs to mix up his game a bit now that defenders in EPL have figured out how to defend against him.

  45. Joe

    It’s quite funny how people are saying the Spurs will self destruct and lose confidence because they lost to CP, a premiership team in the fa cup

    But it’s ok we drew and couldn’t even score vs a second string championship side.

    Never mind what barca will do to us.

  46. vicky

    One potential upside of losing badly to Barca is we will “bounce back” against United. if we miraculously draw against Barca, we will somehow manage to lose points against shitty United.

  47. Thank you and goodnight

    I think the worrying thing for us is that it’s the business end of the season and none of our players seem to be running into any form at the moment. Yes could change over next few games but still and i think out of Leicester and the filth, we’re probably 3rd favourites for the title and rightly so. Worrying

  48. WengerEagle

    ‘I think the worrying thing for us is that it’s the business end of the season and none of our players seem to be running into any form at the moment. ‘

    Very true and a valid concern.

    Alexis is in awful form, Giroud has gone off the boil and is still stuck on 18 goals, Ozil hasn’t been great since late December, none of Wally, Campbell, Ox or Ramsey are in any sort of purple patch or even playing well if we’re being blunt.

    Hard to see where the goals are going to come from, Welbeck took his goal well vs Leicester and looked bright (ish) against Hull yesterday, hopefully he can contribute a few vital goals.

    We’re fucked for Barcelona though, I sincerely just have my fingers crossed that we aren’t humiliated to the extent that if affects our league form.

  49. Cesc Appeal

    What if we play a tax inspector at CB, throw Messi and Neymar right off if he starts asking about assets and tax history…

  50. WengerEagle

    Go one better, get Flamini to secretly buy-out the Barcelona owners so he ensures his unbeaten record at the Emirates remains intact.

    ‘That’s ok Neymar and Lionel, you can score a brace each and smash us at the Emirates but you won’t be getting paid again this season if you do you little beady eyed shits.’

    In a French accent of course.

  51. London gunner

    I think people are being unfair regarding Sanchez ability.

    No one would say he is a great passer and he isn’t one to have 85-90 percent accuracy a game

    But he sure can thread a very good through ball. In terms of incisive passing I would say he is third best after Ozil and caZorla.

    As for him being average if he didn’t have a high work rate I certainly don’t agree I think actually part of the problems he runs into is because of that high work rate mentality aka trying to go alone do it all by himself holding onto the ball and dribbling into trouble.

    I think if he refined that part of his game he would be on a level
    With tevez who is/was an elite level player

  52. WengerEagle

    I’m actually in agreement with Marble, the F.A Cup has completely lost it’s magic.

    Teams aren’t even putting out their best 11 any more and it’s not just the big sides, we couldn’t beat Hull’s 2nd team.

  53. WengerEagle


    Not sure if he has Tevez’s ridiculous strength for a 5 foot 8 player but yes, he is similar in his tenacious and relentless energetic pressing and hassling defenders, Suarez has this too. Has a good turn of pace as well and a phenomenal leap.

    It’s a trait in South American forwards that I have to say I love. (The hassling of defenders)

  54. boy dio


    So in layman terms he ‘creates space’ for others?

    Come on, admit it he’s just a bit anonymous and doesn’t actually contribute anything of substance.Only at Arsenal would you have people fawning over such a bang average and ordinary young player.”

    except his contributions are of substance, seems your view of the game is limited
    the only other player in our squad who can move play forward like he does is cazorla, and everyone has been up in arms about finding a replacement for him
    its not a simple forward pass, anyone can make a forward pass, even coquelin who people keep saying has no vision for passing

    its not the case of making a forward pass, it’s about opening options for the player who receives the ball instead of passing them into a corner and hoping they can find a way out
    its a tactical view of the game that literally takes years upon years to develop, and yet no one mentions sanchez trying to run through men instead of finding a pass to a free player as a fault

    yes cazorla is more refined in doing it than iwobi and he isn’t limited to one foot, but it’s comparing two players that are essentially a generation apart

    there’s this other tendency people have here of hyping up players in other teams over ours, yet it’s our players that are challenging for the league while United and city battle for 4th with their billion pound squads
    get fucking real guys

    my thoughts on iwobi have been written down here for you to read, if you don’t think they’re my own then i have no obligation to respond to you as you have no obligation to read my post

    everyone just wants a dribbler, yet we have sanchez who has frankly been tripe since coming back from injury and wasn’t actually that good before getting injured
    and i can’t frankly say if he will regain his form cause he’s one dimensional as fuck, like a walcott with more energy and a better right foot, problem is he’s still walcott

    heck i bet anyone giving iwobi shit had written off bellerin when he went on his gameless loan spell to watford
    and i had no opinion on the ox here some seasons back cause i wasn’t even posting here, regardless he’s a better player than walcott at least, though his future is definitely in the central midfield and not out wide, his vision is stifled by being close to the touchline, his passing is adventurous when playing central though which is great

    i would like walcott moved on, he’s a one trick pony that will simply never work at arsenal, he’s also lost a yard of pace since his acl injury and arsene isn’t keen on playing him centrally where he may actually be worth half his salary

    campbell is a great squad player and a lot cheaper than the likes of the English lads, keep him till someone better comes along

    anyway, back on point, iwobi certainly has a bright future, brighter than any of the other good youngsters I’ve seen from us, except for maybe donyell malen but he has the advantage of the unknown youth on his side and hasn’t been asked to make a first team appearance yet
    jra looked good in preseason but was definitely carried by the team when he came on in the last fa cup game, some questionable passes outside our own box but he didn’t get punished for them
    iwobi, interestingly, doesn’t make those passes, and anyone receiving the ball from him always has time on the ball, he’s gonna be good, he’s very developed physically and is decent technically, i expect him to be challenging for a starting position in the next two seasons, considering of all the youngsters that played in that COC game he’s the only one to still be getting a look in at the first team, that’s not by accident considering its become a lot harder to find game time as a youngster at arsenal, and if you haven’t noticed that over the years then your opinion is uninformed

  55. Redtruth

    Sanchez is being bogged down by the mediocrity around him.
    It’s fruitless expectations for Sanchez to do it alone when others are so lacking and add nothing to the team.

  56. MidwestGun

    Are we still talking about Iwobi after a 0-0 draw to Hulls second team really? Where he was supposedly the #10 in charge of creating.

    Worked hard? haha is that code for didn’t do shit. 79.6% passing accuracy, 1 key pass. 0 tackles, 0 interceptions, 0 clearances. 3 shots… none on target.

    Maybe he should work harder at being better. Love the useless You tube mashups tho.. Hell You tube videos can make Sanogo look good.

  57. MidwestGun

    Joe _ I don’t know….just browsing thru comments and those were last things I saw. If you actually look at statistically what he provided it was crap yet you have people waxing lyrical like he was amazing………. sorry” wonderkid”.

    I think I will wait til he actually does something.

  58. Joe

    Like i said earlier, I’m sure Sam
    And boy dio were raving about theo , Ox, Ramsey, Denilson, bedtner and the hundereds of others that were the next big thing.

    I hope iWobi makes it but let’s not get carried away. Like pep says, they have 100s of iwobis in the barca academy.

    Sam would rather iWobi and elneny than payet