BIG contract reward for what exactly? | Pep stealing a march on our targets?

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Not sure what that is exactly, but this week has been good, which means I must destroy it with an overly excitable booze binge later on today!

I’ve stolen an office today, the downside is slow internetz… but if I go out to get better internetz… someone will commandeer my space. Things get animalistic in the work environment. So this post is taking many long times to write.

Arsene Wenger is going to rotate at the weekend. Koscielny should be fit (but shouldn’t play really), Elneny might get a run out and Gabriel is a no go but is at least running.

Wenger on the Egyptian

‘Elneny is fit. He is one of the players who could get a run [out] there. He’s mobile, he’s a very good player. He’s adapting at the moment and I think he’s there now. We’ll certainly see him against Hull. He has a chance to start.’

I know I keep coming back to this, but really, what was the point in signing a player who wouldn’t be ready until the following season? I really do wonder if we’ll look back on that move with regret. I guess because firstly, he should have been signed last May and secondly, if we were looking for now impact, we should have signed someone else.

Some top class banter from Alex the OXLADE if the Daily Hillwood is to be believed. Apparently he’s asking for nearly DOUBLE the wages he’s on now to put him on par with absolute Arsenal LEGENDS, Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott. Apparently he dropped the request via Snapchat inbetween bantzing Vic Akers about his base sneaker game.

If the above is true, which I’ve no doubt it is, then I’m about to say ‘this is a sad indictment of our British core.’

I really like Chambo. Who wouldn’t? He has a lovely selection of leather jackets and he smiles nicely. BUT, here’s the thing, he doesn’t really do much on the pitch? I mean, how many good games has he had? He had his Jack / Barca moment against Milan about 15 years ago and he steamed in with a terrific 25minutes against Leicester.

Once again, we’re bent over the… BUT HE’S ENGLISH barrel. If we don’t pay him that, Liverpool will drop double (and he’s a Klopp type of player) and maybe even Chelsea who’ve been sniffing around. You never want to be the team that dealt with the smoothing phase only to hand over the diamond to someone else. But, at the same time, what’s this shit with rewarding injury prone under performing Brit kids with contracts of an obscene nature?

The indictment is so sad.

Granit Xhaka, the Monchengladbach super hero midfielder is apparently a target for Manchester City who need at least 15 defensively minded midfielders to feel secure. £39m is the rumoured price, which is beyond crazy, but for a 23  year old, probably not a terrible investment if you can keep him fit. Arsenal, if they are looking at players, should be eyeing up man beast Kante. I’d imagine we’re probably done on Elneny. I still don’t know much about the Egyptian, my main issue is that we’re still ignoring the power problem we have in the middle of the park. We haven’t addressed that since Paddy left. Still, if we win the league this year without a 6ft ball playing beast, then I guess Wenger was right.

I’d like to have a bit more power though…

We will have to invest in the summer. I know I say this every year, but this season was a total anomaly. United will get the Mourinho make over, City will get Pep’d and Klopp will no doubt make some smart additions to bring some balance to that squad. Then you have Pochettino adding to his already very fit and powerful line up as well as the slight chance Leicester might do good things again (highly unlikely if they find Europe).

Big summer. As always.

GUYS and GALS, I don’t often encourage you to buy things, nor am I a big fan of award ceremonies, but when it’s for Willow Charity, you’ve got to weigh in. I loved that film. The London  Awards have nominated SIX Arsenal players our of a possible 8 to win the player of the year. Pretty impressive. I mean, I’d be marginally miffed if I were a Spurs fan. But, whatever. If you want to attend, here be dem deets.

Standard tickets to the London Football Awards, including pre-dinner drinks and a three course meal, cost £200 per person.  Tables of ten are available for £2,000, Premium tables cost £3,000 and Legend Tables (for ten guests plus a legend) cost £5,000.

Finally, what everyone needs on a Thursday, Aaron Ramsey being a total gentleman.

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Beginning of a hard week, Hull, Barcelona and United…awful start.

    Fuck, worst result we could have got.

    Really starting to get completely pissed off with this Arsenal team, every fucking thing is a struggle. I cannot remember the last time I switched off from an Arsenal game and felt thoroughly pleased.

  2. NYCgooner

    “Flamini is finished
    Elneny looks over priced
    The players mentality is so poor compared to spurs.And to cap it all I’d sell sancez he looks finished.”

    Someone didn’t take their meds again

  3. Al

    Gibbs. Is there a more pointless player at the moment. What does he offer apart from taking too many touches and passing it back to the CB. Or hitting the first man with all his crosses?

  4. Jeff

    Another set of inbreds who think that a 0:0 draw at the Emirates is actually resounding victory in a f***** FA cup match. So what are they going to do in the replay – park an even bigger bus and hope to win on penalties! Steve Bruce is a fat gutbucket much like Tony Pulis. No entertainment value at all. What a waste of time. It’s supposed to be an FA cup match.

    As for us, on the whole, we were unlucky. Three penalty shouts but Mike the c*** Dean didn’t see any of them. And then the trusty old two bit keeper who decides to have a blinder against Arsenal. Everything went against us today.

  5. vicky

    We haven’t scored a lot of goals for sometime now, have we ? Our passing has been slow and laborious for most part of the season. We don’t get to see many one touch passes anymore.

  6. Al

    I would seriously move Theo , Gibbs and chamberlain on at the end of summer. And get some real talent or young players that out actually hungry to succeed.

  7. Leedsgunner

    Reading the short match report it sounds like we could have won it but our finishing let us down again? If the Grove commentary is accurate Sanchez or Oxlade didn’t cover themselves in glory either.

    Oh well, at least we didn’t lose. Sure I wanted better, but given the choice I would rather play our strongest team versus Man United in the league. Glad Wenger rotated.

  8. DaleDaGooner

    People forget that the goalkeeper had a great game, we had quite a few shots on target . That said, Ox was not a good option to bring on when you are chasing a goal and Walcott was nothing today. Sanchez has been poor.

  9. Hunter

    Well that was a pile of shite!coulnt even beat the second string of Hull City.Yes their keeper had a fantastic game but come on really.As for our team IMO the following players were ok,Chambers,Mert,Kos,Flamboyant,Elneny,Iwobi Wellbeck.The others were poor ,that Walnut,Cambell,Gibbs,Ospina,Giroud,Ox and Sanchez was downright DIABOLICAL!.What has happened to him,sure he can dribble,but Christ he constantly runs into trouble,terrible passer,can’t or won’t cross and has lost all confidence.How on earth are we paying Walnut all that dosh a week I just don’t get it!ok he had a reasonable first half but was totally anonymous in the second half!

  10. Thank you and goodnight


    No chance wenger will move them on. 200 million sitting in the bank with only Elneny to show for it. Please please please please leave Mr Wenger.

  11. DaleDaGooner

    Don’t know what game some watched, but I wouldn’t put Campbell in the rubbish category of this game. Walcott, Gibbs, Ox, Sanchez, Giroud, Where pretty useless. Flamini, Ospina where just there to make up numbers, not a lot bad, nothing good. Iwobi, Welbeck, Campbell, Elneny and Chambers kept the team going and did a lot. Kos, Mert ..and Aluko for them, kept us respectably away from defeat.

  12. Wallace

    wih so many players back now I don’t think a replay will inconvenience us that much. probably be useful game time for some of them. average game, Chambers, Welbeck and Elneny probably our best players.

  13. Dream10


    He’ll miss at least next two matches. Don’t expect him to play against Spurs as well.
    Expect him to start the FA Cup replay

  14. #WAHT

    February 20, 2016 14:47:40

    we had quite a few shots on target
    3 maybe?

    Did you watch the game?

    Yes there are some people under performing and yes we should of won but this … oh we had like 2 shots and everything was shit attitude doesn’t help.

    24 shots, 11 on target.

  15. DaleDaGooner

    Sanchez didn’t look like a world class player, Campbell looked more world class than him , I know he only came on as a sub, but I’ve noticed a regression in his play, he’s easily found out. Does the same thing over and over

  16. Leedsgunner

    Ironic that on the BBC there’s an article entitled “Wenger urges keeping replays…” I know it’s very very annoying but tbh I don’t know if I trust this bunch to come through on a crunch penalty shoot out situation.

    Despite Wenger’s protestations to the contrary they seem mentally very fragile. We should have seen this through even with the B team.

    Roll on the week from hell. Time for the boys to turnout and demonstrate how much the shirt means to them.

    No excuses.

  17. #WAHT

    At least Barca will be in awe of our state of the art facilities and comfy Red chairs, eh?

    Nah they’ve been here before.

    Maybe we should break out the lasagne again? Or is it too soon?

  18. Cesc Appeal

    Elneny was decent, not really inspiring, but solid type, see how he gets on until the end of the season, but decent enough as a back up sort of choice in the squad.

    Welbeck was good today I thought, will get accused of bias, but I thought he looked sharper having spent 10 months out than most of our players have all season long…not sure if that’s a compliment or a critique.

    Chambers was good again, starting to get back into it a bit now, can feel a bit more confidence from him and relishing the physicalness.

    Not really worth mentioning anyone else, Iwobi was okay, but his passing was always just off.

    Substitutions actually made us a worse team today oddly enough.

    Welbeck needs to be given a run at ST when fit, an extended run with Giroud…f**k Walcott, pointless.

  19. Danny

    I don’t think a replay will inconvenience us that much
    Well maybe not the players but us fans it probably will!

  20. TheBayingMob

    The last safe house of the akb that we “play great football” is done. We are mostly garbage. I can’t remeber the last time I watched us and thought, ye that was great football. Its boring and gutless. Barcelona will be a fitting end to the Arsene myth as they tear us a new arsene-hole over two legs. The akbs will have to wear black armbands as they say farewell to the myth of a legend thar died in 2005/6 but they just couldn’t accept it …

  21. Thank you and goodnight

    @Wenger Eagle

    He used his hands mate…..shovel was too expensive as homebase refused to budge on their prices even though wenger offered a pound. 😀

  22. Dream10


    That’s the biggest myth that continues to be shoved down our throats.
    We have played good football since 07-08. Man City have been far and away the most aesthetically pleasing football side in the country this decade.

  23. Thank you and goodnight

    I’ve put a bet on with an akb that we’ll get beat by at least 5 goals over both legs. He reckons we’ll do Barca ha ha ha ha

  24. Leedsgunner

    I think we will get something from the Man United game if we get the result versus Barcelona that the majority of us think we will. After all,no one does “bouncing back” from a humiliation better than us.

    If we stop Barcelona scoring less than 6 goals against us over two legs we will have done better than most. Sure I would like to think we could win over two legs but at some point we have to face the facts and stop daydreaming.

    In the form they’re in at the moment MSN are unplayable.

    Next time Wenger says he isn’t afraid to sign quality ask yourself why we didn’t sign Suarez or Neymar… unaffordable? If so why are paying six figure salaries to the likes of Walcott? Oxlade wants over £100k a week huh? Right….

    What we can’t afford is to continue paying average player superstar wages… for no return.

  25. Leedsgunner


    Re goal return — hilarious. Why didn’t you add Sanogo’s tally on to it whilst you were at it? Has he even scored any on loan? Our incredible £50m striker!!

  26. Joe

    Where is foking Sam and foking Gary and foking Wallace who all think we can beat barca at the Emirates and think we will win all our PL games at home


    We barely beat a 10 man Leicester. A Leicester who were almost relegated last season and these cunts were celebrating like we had won the World Cup

    Arsene again showing how much of a fraud he is.

  27. #WAHT

    41 goals this season for Suarez

    Impressive but had he still been in England his total would have been closer to 21 than 41.

    As for the Barca game, we need ot not get slaughtered over 2 legs. Don’t want more heads dropping … :/

  28. Honest Bill

    Let’s not act surprised. Most of us already know we aren’t a very good side. It’s as simple as that.

    We’ll never be a very good side as long as Wenger is in charge. There will be no turned corners where we suddenly click and become a consistent team because it’s not an issue with the players’ mentality, it’s that we simply lack quality. Too many of our squad just aren’t very good at football. and we have a manager who is perfectly happy with that.

    Can we beat Barca?

    Who gives a shit? There are no awards for beating Barca or Bayern. plenty of great teams lose matches against average teams. It happens all the time. It’s nothing to shout about. We need to be at the level where we don’t have to pray for a miracle in the hope that we can gain a hollow victory over a vastly superior team.

    Wenger will never take us to that level again.

  29. WengerEagle


    Where do you think he’ll go if he wants to be sold?


    Sanchez played for Barcelona for 3 years and only broke 20 goals once, he’s scored more since he’s been in England.

  30. DaleDaGooner

    I hate this total overreaction. We actually played pretty football and were not lucky to get a penalty and a few good saves by the goalie. Why I expect us to be beating Hull City at home easily, people on here are acting as usual…. I’m disappointed we have to replay, but I took away some positives personally, I liked the way we played. Yes a few players were rubbish but I see some names that should not be mentioned as rubbish in today’s performance. A lot of you come off as trolls when we don’t win games or even when we win. Hard to believe you’re a fan. I have my resentments and criticize a lot, but some of you are perpetual doom Sayers

  31. Spanishdave

    Same old we win a game then relax thinking we are good then back to drivel .
    Our English core is absolute shite.
    Loosing the next three games in a row and we will be about where we are in reality.
    Wenger is the problem and a season with nothing will help him to go,but he won’t go.

  32. MidwestGun

    You mugs, Las Pas is holding Barca 1-1 …lol
    Not really, Suarez missed 2 stone cold sitters or it would be 4-1…. 2-1 at the moment.

    Only positive I can see is Suarez has it in his head a bit and Barca can’t sub as its still close. not exactly loling… tho.

  33. GS88

    Its amazing the amount of easy chances Arsenal miss in front of goal – incredible.

    Most on here know that with the strikers and forward line we have at present, that the same issues will continue into next season. And dear I say it, until Arsene Wenger leaves, this will continue.

  34. gonsterous

    Guess when the team will come to life ? It’ll be when we are out of the title race, out of the fa cup and out of the CL ( going to happen soon )

  35. Dissenter

    Wilshere is really a dumb prick
    How can he go liv on TV and suggest that Arsenal are favourites to win the league.

    Managers try desperately hard to deflect pressure from their teams and this perennial crock just went to heap it on his team mates.