2nd Nigerian flies in | Do you trust Arsenal? | Barca… soon… gulp

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courtesy @allthatchas

Good Tuesday to you all! I had a day off yesterday, I think it was for the Grammy’s or something.


A tough few weeks coming up. We have a tidy game against Hull at the weekend, then we hit FA Cup quarter final time. The great thing about playing Hull at home before Barca is hopefully, we can rotate quite heavily and give our players all the help they need.

I think we should be looking at bringing in Iwobi, he’s more than capable of putting in a shift, as Chambo is now on form I’d say Campbell probably needs to start, we could bring in Chambers who might have to play against Barca if Koscielny has the worst dead leg of time. We can also puts some fitness into WELBZ-LATE legs. Hell, maybe even give Gnabry a run out.

If you have a squad, you should use it. If we’re going to have any chance of beating Barca, we should make sure we give ourselves the best chance. There will be those that say the FA Cup is our best chance of glory. Well, that’s true, but our second string should be able to deal with the greatest Championship team of the moment.

Barcelona is an interesting game. All we can really hope for is a bad day at the office from them. They are one of the greatest teams of all time with the greatest player of all time running the show. We should be able to give them a good game, I fear we won’t be able to. This could be a mega spanking. Only hope I have is that we have Coquelin back in the game. If he pins the midfield with, like, 12 other players, we might have a chance.

I think the total write off that’s going on is pretty fine to be fair… we had that before Madrid back in the day and we tanked them 1-0 away from home. I appreciate we’ve not replicated that sort of progress in years and that Wenger really does struggle in Europe, but whatever, if you go into this not thinking we can win, well, you’re a bore.

Yeah, a massive bore face.

Nick Hornby, clearly not an AKB, reckons Arsenal will not win the league. He’s pretty positive about that here. He says that he doesn’t trust the team. That’s the thing right, I don’t either? I also don’t trust the manager. I mean, we’re in it, but I’m so battered by disappointments gone by that I can’t get truly excited about winning the league at the moment. Every big win like the one yesterday can be followed up with a big pile of, ‘oh my fucking lord what is this?’… so I’m keeping sceptical because we’ve had the flowers and the ‘this will never happen again darling’ before.

Arsenal are continuing the ramp up of Nigerian talent. Samuel Chukwueze has flown in to join his pal Kalelechi Nwakali. When asked why he wanted to play for us, he said…

“Arsenal as you well know are a very good club and it will be good for my career since I will be able to learn many new things.

“I like Arsenal because they are a club who give young players the opportunity to showcase their talents and I believe I would be given the chance to play too.”

When the reporter gave him the, ‘you’re supposed to say that Arsene is like a father to you’ look, he didn’t respond. Rumours say the deal now may be up in the air.

It’s exciting to have some African talent back in the squad. Exciting until it buggers off every two years for the ACN and comes back with PTSD or malaria (Kolo was infected twice!). But hey, if they’re great players, whatever. Arsenal already have a mad following in Nigeria and it’s good for the profile of the club. Hopefully they have mad Nwankwo Kanu like skills.

Finally, big shout out to the ladies team who beat Bayern 3-1 in their preseason game. Hopefully that’s good news for the season ahead!

Have a great day, see you on the blog tomorrow! x


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  1. Cesc Appeal


    Van Dijk is a good shout actually, didn’t realise how young he was still! Can make the odd mistake, but when I’ve seen him he was always looks like a really powerful defender, good see him forming a part of a very slid back line for us.

    But again, it isn’t likely to happen.

    For really refreshing changes we’d need a new manager, Wenger isn’t going to abandon his players, so we can expect some minimal changes, Elneny style, that won’t upset anybody.

    As much as I’d really like to see a new CB and a new, powerful central midfield base…it just isn’t going to happen.

  2. qna

    Wallace. If we had signed VVD from Celtic you would be his biggest advocate. Your simply blindly supporting the decisions we have made rather than using your brain to make a fair judgement on those decisions.

    I have already said Gabriel is not bad. I am not biased for or against but by any reasonable judgement a good CB signing would have proven himself and earnt 1st choice status. Champion teams always have a top CB – Vidic, Kompany, Terry. And as soon as these guys drop off, its no coincidence their teams do to. Gabriel will bever be in that class. Perhaps VVD could. Perhaps not, but he is already miles ahead of Gab.

  3. qna

    Wallace. So Mertesacker is in his peak age? You really say some ridiculous things sometimes. I am not sure if its just getting carried away to prove your point or if you really mean them. Hint: players dont retire from international football when they are still in their prime. As much as I am sure Mert loves Arsenal, we wont even be close to his love for his country.

  4. Emiratesstroller


    I am anticipating 5 departures this summer. One player in midfield will be replaced by Elneny. However, he is a squad and not first team player.

    If Ospina leaves we will need to replace him. Arsenal do have two options on books in Szczesny and Martinez who are good enough as second strings.

    Debuchy will definitely leave because his latest statement about not being allowed to go to Man Utd means that he has burned his bridges.

    Even if Chambers were to be understudy for Bellerin we need still an additional Defender. 7 defenders is not enough as we discovered when Vermaelen left

    Elneny will be replacement for either Flamini or Arteta in squad, but is not at
    moment starting X1 player.

    So my summary is that Arsenal need to bring in between 2 and 3 new players
    who are not on our books or out on loan. That is the minimum.

    Anything less is a failure to invest or refresh squad.

  5. qna

    Emirates:Anything less is a failure to invest or refresh squad

    Unfortunately, less is the norm and not the exception.

    I wont be surprised if Flamini gets a new deal. We might bring in 1 more player and Artera and Rosicky released. That is my guess actually.

    I am holding out for one possibility. We win the title and Wenger retires at the end of this season. If that happens then I will again get excited in the transfer window. But not until wenger is gone.

  6. Wallace


    “So Mertesacker is in his peak age?”

    most CBs enjoy their best period 28-31. they have the experience and physically they’re still good. Koscielny will probably decline faster than Mertesacker because he’s more reliant on his athletic gifts.

    I like VVD but don’t agree that he’s miles ahead of Gabriel. I actually said last week that I thought he’d make a good partner for Gabriel.

  7. Up 4 grabs now

    Afternoon Emirates,

    My guess would be jenkinson comes back to be Bellerins understudy.
    Chesney is Cechs understudy.
    We then see bielik get promoted to the first team as CB & CDM cover with Chambers.
    Elmo is the flameta replacement, unless Arsene gives flamini an extension.

    We need a top draw scoring right winger, will we get one?
    Probably not, Jack will be like a new signing!!!!!

  8. Red&White4life

    Big CL clash tonight, La Gantoise vs Wolfsburg…

    And we have to play barcelona, it’s f*cking depressing lol

  9. qna

    With Jenks having torn his ACL I hope he is not being considered. I think Chambers would be good enough. Defensively he is better than Jenks anyway and in my opinion Jenks is pretty average going forward. He is not Arsenal level.

  10. Up 4 grabs now


    Jenks should be fit by August, you know Arsene he will probably take the risk and go into the season under prepared.
    If he is used as a squad player and back up to bulletin he should be ok.

  11. naijagunner

    @Jamie and Dissenter

    First off…are u Nigerians?

    You guys spewed a lot of stuffs I don’t even know where to start..

    Firstly a 25kg bag of rice in Nigeria is give or take 6500 to 7500…u can do your conversion with whatever exchange rate u fancy considering it changes daily.
    Secondly I am gainfully employed…..i just wanted to try my hand at Crowdfunding to help a pastor I know who provides for folks. In these camps
    Thirdly I have my roots firmly in maiduguri , I was born there,schooled there and still my old man lives over there.

    This idea that everything a Nigerian does online is fraudulent is becoming a big problem but hey you sow what you reap….the earlier yahoo yahoo boys have already left their mark.

    As for the coward Jamie remark. That not a dollar was raised from friends and family ( u are a coward cos u couldn’t even say my name) well it’s an effort aimed at giving people in diaspora a chance to affect lives….u don’t know what me and my friends do to help on our own.

    I apologize if anyone found it offensive..but am not apologising to you Jamie nor you dissenter who has refused to let his origins known

  12. naijagunner

    With Arteta,flamini and rosicky all leaving we need to be pretty proactive in the summer….i for one am worried Wenger appears to be sticking around…telling the press you knew about players ( now is Kante) yet did nothing to try to sign them tells u all u need to know

    He is a manager who devotes a lot of time to watching football yet you don’t see that devotion in the way he plans his squad.

    I have only known Arsenal under Wenger and frankly it’s getting boring

  13. PieAFC

    We will all be on here come next season all saying the same stuff.

    – You all know deep down, Wenger will stay on long enough until Henry or whoever is promoted from within.

  14. AA23


    Do you think Jenkinson could be our second string RB to Bellerin?

    I always appreciated his workrate and his passion for the club, even though he’s not the most proficient.