Arsenal decide that playing the victim is boring | The title is on!

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No, I actually can’t. Heading into that final minute, watching us duff chance after chance, there was no way it was going to be our day. I said to person I was with at the time, ‘Champions win games in the last minute’, but it was looking bleak, then Monreal goes into a 50/50 with a WWE wrestler who munches him. The freekick is awarded. Ozil steps up, muttering things to himself under his breath. He floats his cross into the box, WELBZ nods it on… THE CROWD GO WILD!

What an absolute moment to savour. So much about that game was magic. I think it was the best game of the season and an absolute showcase for the Premier League.

Leicester were excellent again. There’s no frills to their set up. They sit back, absorb the pressure and then break at speed. They were down for this approach again, but we also had some good weaponry to fight back.

As James pointed out before the game yesterday, getting at their full backs was going to important. Wenger opted for Chamberlain and Alexis to support Bellerin and Monreal. I thought it worked well. A lot of hustle from both wings in the opening 30mins. Chambo was having a powerful show, making clever runs and dropping in some dangerous balls.

We also mixed up play ourselves, quite a few long balls to fire off our own counter attacks, the closest we came to a George Graham opener was a speculative ball to Giroud, but Kasper Schmeichal was out quickest to sweep the ball away.

We had a solid penalty shout when Kante handled a Chambo cross. Refs hate giving handball. Commentators love to say that it was ball to hand. Video evidence would help here.

Petr Cech came to our rescue with a blinding save. Vardy was played in with a peach of a cross, he struck his header hard and low but our man was down quickly to keep the ball out.

Sanchez had a difficult game, he was in the right places but he struggled with his finishing and touch. Prime example of this was the tame shot that came from a sweet one two interchange from Giroud and Chambo. He’d usually bury those, but he duffed it into Morgan. Morgan’s hand to be precise, that was clearly too high.

The breakthrough in the game came from Leicester. In the build up to their counter, Morgan jumped on Ozil’s back and missed the ball, our players thought it was a foul but didn’t play to the whistle. Then Koscielny flew out to defend the ball in our half, missed and wiped out one of their men which he received a booking for. Then Monreal planted his foot, Vardy changed the angle of the ball and fell over the Spaniards leg.

Arsenal fans called it a dive. I really couldn’t agree. Vardy changed the angle of the ball, he would have got there because he’s fast. Also, after the ball angle changed, there was no way he could do anything other than go over Monreal. Stonewall penalty which he finished pretty sweetly.

Big questions were raised going into the second half. Arsenal fans went into meltdown about conspiracies and English players getting away with cheating. My hope at that point was that the boys weren’t feeling that way. Shit happens in big games, the best way to remedy disappointment is to win the game.

The second half started pretty well. Mahrez was busted for trying to gain another penalty from Monreal. Real embarrassing. Then a bit of karma dropped on Leicester, Danny Simpson picked up his second yellow card for a dopey challenge and saw the showers early. I thought it was a bit hard personally, but who cares, right?

The game shifted dramatically. They lost a man which made counter attacking more dangerous and they also had to lose Mahrez for Wasilewski, who is a bit, erm, not great.

Arsenal didn’t fuck about and wait for the 70th minute to make changes, we replaced Coquelin for Theo and went for it. The substitution paid off pretty sharply. A 17 pass move that meandered from one side of the pitch to the other 3 times culminated in Bellerin whipping a cross into Giroud who cushioned his header to Theo who was there for the first time shot into the back of the net. He’s much better when he doesn’t have time to think.


We were back in the game now. A draw would be nice, but for me, it would have represented another micro disappointment and we’ve had far too many of them. We needed a fire result. We needed a momentum moment. Well, it didn’t look like it was coming. Wenger had everyone on, Danny WELBZ even made an appearance.

We huffed and puffed and Aaron Ramsey duffed. It didn’t feel like it was going to be our day. Then Wasilewski made a fatal mistake in a bid to kill the game. He aggressively flew at Monreal and took him out, about 15 yards from their area. 

Ozil steps up, whips in a perfect cross, WELBZ connects and sends it past Kasper.



Character: My big issue this season. Do we have title-winning character? Well, on that performance, sure. We kept on fighting. We didn’t feel sorry for ourselves. We battled until the death. We were rewarded. The thing now is how do we react after that game? Remember beating City, then getting spanked by Southampton by 4 goals the week after? This result means nothing if we don’t build on it.

Monreal: Such a big game from the Spaniard. He is an absolute battler.He conceded a penalty that some thought was unfair, but he didn’t let it affect his performance. Going into a 50/50 with Stone Cold Steve Austin at the death said a lot about him. That foul could be the most important of the season. What a hero.

Chambers: Came on for Koscielny in a tight as game and showed some serious composure There was one moment where he played himself out of some danger like he was Canaldo himself. Great to see that he didn’t fade.

Giroud: Another battling performance from the Frenchman. That cushioned header for Theo was world class. He might not have the pace or the finishing all the time, but he fights hard and he made it happen yesterday.

Ozil and Sanchez: It’s not often we win when those two are off key. Sanchez worked hard but his form really isn’t there at the moment. We need to get him firing as soon as. Ozil was a bit pedestrian at time. I felt like he was a bit mopey at times, drifting quite badly. But, he stepped up when it counted and delivered a world class cross under pressure. That’s why he’s paid the big cash money.

Kante: The guy is a seriously powerful DM. He was great yesterday. Interesting that Wenger knew about him a while back and never made a move, he’d have been a nice asset in our team. I imagine Deschamps will be interested in him this summer as will plenty of Premier League clubs, namely United when Mourinho is there.

The fight: We have some troublesome games coming up. Barca, who could maul us. Man United, who are a little bit bogey away from home. Spurs, in a top of the table crunch match. These three are really important. When you’re pushing for the title, you can’t disgrace yourself at this stage of the season.

BIG MOMENTS ahead for the boys.

What a game though. What a fantastic moment for a stadium that lacks any sort of history. Let’s hope that continues!

Right, see you on the other side.


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  1. Sam

    You don’t give up

    bournemouth gonna beat us with Afobe’s hatrick
    Leicester will end our title hope

    now Barca gonna chew us n spit us out
    dudes, are you always this negative in real life?

    chill out, go have a blow job or something

    Fok Barca

  2. MidwestGun

    Neymar is easy to man mark
    Hahaha honestly some of the dumb crap that gets said on here. Is that why he has 17 goals and 9 assists because he is so easy to mark?

    Y’all need to lay off E-stroller he is a Le Grove institution, always organized, well thought out and literate. I enjoy the views of people who can see the games live, so I have no problem at all with his view. He has been here for years and is not a mindless Arsene supporter, usually pretty balanced. Some of y’all should think about what you type before you tell others to Fuck off, because sometimes its childish. Id rather have 25 E-Strollers than 1 of some of the mindless jibberish that gets submitted in here at times, above quote for reference.

  3. WengerEagle

    ‘Aurier in….debuchy out’

    What, the same Aurier that called his manager in Blanc a cocksucker and slagged off half of his team mates? After all Blanc has done for him, he’s an ungrateful bellend and a bit of a nasty fucker too.

    Complete loose cannon that should be avoided like the plague, don’t care how good he is.

  4. Sam


    you only know Neymar at Barca
    he can be frustrated for one night, it happened many times
    no need to convince you, another doomer

  5. Joe


    Doesn’t give him the right to come on here and saying his opinion is more right and important because he goes to matches.

    Pompous and arrogant

  6. WengerEagle

    Neymar has been hands down the best player on the planet this season, anyone that thinks he’ll be easy to mark has lost their mind.

    I kind of can’t believe that he’s the player out of MSN that people are least concerned about.

    He’s their most dangerous player and totally unstoppable.

  7. Joe

    Neymar is THE player at the moment. 6-7 years younger than Messi. The mantle of worlds greatest player is just waiting For him.

    Man U supposedly offered 150m pounds for him. Worth every penny. Will city with pep offer similar??

  8. WengerEagle


    Actually surprisingly he’s only 4.5 years younger than Messi who’s been around for over a decade.

    Agree with you though that he’s been the best player in the world this season, even better than Messi IMO who hasn’t quite reached last season’s heights.

    Unlike Messi, I can see him leaving Barcelona one day.

    They’d be nuts to sell him under the age of 30 minimum though.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah Barcelona is going to be nasty, really nasty. Just have to hope we in some way give some sort of account of ourselves that means we can carry some momentum into United away.

    If I was Bellerin I would be pissing my pants…

    Ramsey must be delighted though, big audition 🙂

    FA Cup game at the weekend would be a really nice time for Elneny to suddenly become WC.

  10. MidwestGun

    Also. Ive…… watched probably 20 or more matches of Neymar’s Brazil career over the years. And you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Nothing to do with only Barca… he may end up being the next great player of this generation.

    As Joe and Eagle stated above. If he remains healthy.

  11. Mick Kartun

    Pedro: “Sam, you can just write ‘fuck’, reads like you have a weird typing impediment when you say ‘fok’”

    Hahahaa, That’s why I love Pedro’s blog.
    He is a fokin’ free man.

    Great win anyway, and avoid to post since our win because you know what’s comin’?

    AKB’s will all over the place.

    Good to know the friendly banters are all back.

  12. Phd007

    JoeFebruary 15, 2016 22:03:24
    It’s funny he comes back after 2 weeks after we barely beat a 10 man Leicester and starts popping off about posters who critique Arsenal. He’ll be gone again after a couple bad results. Then be back again after we beat villa

    Surprised NM hasn’t popped up yet…Just a matter of time..
    Another Arsenal win,& he’ll be on here ,faster than Arsenal announce Arsene is signing a new contract..

  13. MidwestGun

    I don’t think Barca is unbeatable, many thought the same against Bayern at the Emirates. However, on present form and over 2 legs…. it could get real ugly.

    Sanchez and Ozil will have to use their experience to great effect.
    The problem is to mark Suarez and Neymar you need physical players, sort of the Atletico method. and we may be down to Mert and Chambers.

  14. Sam

    I don’t deny Neymar’s good player
    All I am saying is we can give him an off day, We can assign a man to frustrate him

    You are all going crazy coz its against your wish

  15. Cesc Appeal

    There are teams in Europe equipped to beat Barcelona, their front three are disgusting, but behind that, they aren’t as good as they use to be.

    Sadly, we aren’t equipped to take them on, would need a solid back line and an incredible display from the CDM and CM.

  16. Phd007

    WengerEagleFebruary 16, 2016 00:28:57
    Neymar has been hands down the best player on the planet this season, anyone that thinks he’ll be easy to mark has lost their mind.I kind of can’t believe that he’s the player out of MSN that people are least concerned about.He’s their most dangerous player and totally unstoppable.

    I love this guy Neymar…

    Hard to put into words,the excitement he generates in me,when I see him play..

    He seems to be an amalgamation of players,of yesteryear & today..

    A hybrid of Ronaldinho,Messi,Romario,Zidane rolled into one..

    Okay,okay…Maybe I’m over exaggerating..But you get the point..

    By far the most exciting young player on the planet..

  17. Phd007

    Cesc AppealFebruary 16, 2016 00:46:03
    There are teams in Europe equipped to beat Barcelona, their front three are disgusting, but behind that, they aren’t as good as they use to be.
    I disagree..

    This season..They are more lethal..more direct..more clinical..

  18. Sam

    First you have to know what Man marking is

    yes and it frustrates him big time
    Neymar acts like a spoiled brat when things are not working for him

  19. WengerEagle

    Kind of disagree Cesc, while there midfield isn’t as good as yesteryear they still have Iniesta and Busquets and the likes of Rakitic and Turan are top quality players.

    Pique is rolling back the years at CB, he’s playing as well as he ever did at his best and Alba is absolutely outstanding at LB.

    Also, their front 3 is so good that it makes up for their other deficiencies, last season they smashed their way to the UCL Final beating City, PSG and Bayern to a pulp in the 1st legs.

    Suarez and Neymar have improved since then and I reckon that Messi still has a couple of gears that he can go up when needed.

  20. MidwestGun

    Sam- haha
    You think nobody has thought of man marking Neymar? Yes please explain it to me…. oh tactical genius. The only team that was able to get Neymar off his game in recent memory was Colombia by fouling the shit out of him, and taunting him. Somehow I doubt that’s our strategy.

    Who are you gonna man mark him with?

  21. MidwestGun

    Longing for the return of Keyser right now….. haha

    Anyhow, take it easy y’all. I got to get my grammy on and try to figure out who the hell some of these people are.

  22. Sam

    MidwestGun and the rest of the doom merchants

    Hatrick Afobe didn’t have a shot on goal
    Dirty Vardy failed to beat us
    Now you are scaring us with Neymar

    Fok Neymar, Fok Barca

  23. MidwestGun

    Sam… Difference between reality and the fantasy world in your head isn’t doom.

    However since you perhaps seem to have a bit of a mental disability , I’ll layoff.

  24. Sam

    If you are scared of Barca please keep it to yourself
    We are tired of your scaremongering tactics
    Did you know Arsenal have world cup n copa america winners
    Barca front 3 clowns all have 0 medals with their national teams

    My time is really up
    good night now

  25. WengerEagle


    So because we keep Championship Afobe quiet and former non-league Vardy (who scored against us by the way) that means that we’ll keep the form player in Europe quiet?

    Oh Sam…

  26. Sam

    Where I come from We don’t mock people with illness
    You didn’t have to say that, maybe some of our posters have it or are related to someone with mental illness.

  27. MidwestGun

    Oh dear… Hardly think Im the only one who thinks Barca are heavy favorites to win the CL.
    Haha scaremongering.

    Think Sam might be a little … touched.. as we say here.

  28. Bob

    containing msn over to legs will be nigh on impossible, but if we can stifle there centre midfielders, and stop the link up play & keep msn as isolated as possible we might get away with only losing by 1-2 goals over 2 legs, we can’t have Ramsey as centre mid in that game otherwise the flood gates will be well & truly open, I don’t even like the idea of playing ox or Theo, I’d rather Campbell, maybe Theo upfront, but I like the idea of giroud only for set pieces as it maybe our only oppurtunities to get something from the game, not sure if sanch or ozil can handle spending 90% of the game defending either, then expect to switch on for the perfect pass/shot within the last 10% i don’t think there’s any variables were we come out as winners, they are just to good I think any team would struggle to contain them over 2 legs

  29. JJ

    Champions don’t miss that many good chances to score. We were woeful in front of goal. The highlight reel was shocking miss after miss. Top teams are clinical. We are the opposite.

    Good result but let’s not kid ourselves.

    Also, Sanchez is a great player but teams have worked out that he ALWAYS wants to cut back onto his right foot. That is a big reason for his form slump. Not just the injury.

  30. JJ

    Btw – I think we need to check the definition of stonewall penalty. If it was stonewall there wouldn’t be this much controversy over it. Personally I think it was s dive. Albeit a “clever” dive.

  31. BacaryisGod

    No doubt that Barca have a terrifying front three and will cause us all kinds of pressure. However, their keeper and back 4 are far from world class. Bravo, Alves, Mascherano, Pique and Alba are decent but can definitely be pressured. Mascherano lacks height and Pique pace.

    It would be really tempting to use Welbeck at the start on the left with Giroud in the middle. Giroud’s movement is better than his speed and he might just be able to pull the Barca defenders around to create openings for Welbeck, Alexis and Ozil. In truth, we desperately need Ramsey to play a disciplined role alongside Coquelin if we’re to have a chance of beating them.

    Gabriel and Kozzer should partner in central defence and they will also form a scary foursome with Giroud and Welbeck at attacking set pieces.

    I doubt whether Barca will be looking to run up the score at Emirates. They’ll be looking for one or two away goals but to lock Arsenal out of scoring. They’re assuming a 3-0 or 4-0 win at the Nou Camp so a one goal victory at the Emirates will be more than enough for them.

  32. JJ

    Barca looks to run up the score against everyone and everywhere. The issue is not how average their back 4 is, it is getting through press which most teams fail at.

  33. JJ

    Of course we have a chance. However, it is a very small chance. We have beaten the best before but usually when it is effectively a dead rubber.

  34. Flele

    I beg to differ and ask you to look at Vardy’s dive. He had prepared to dive at the merest touch, when Nacho didnt touch him, he literally flung himself at Nacho. Look again.

  35. Southernpeople

    Some people here say neymar is easy to mark. I honestly hope arsenal players don’t hear that. Don’t listen. We’ll need more than one player to mark him tight coz he such speed, dribbling abilities and extremely good first touch.