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Welcome to Saturday!

Valentine’s weekend eh? That’s me romancing myself with a Dominoes and a half litre of sadness.

Just jokes, my pal John is coming over.

No! Just joking. That reads wrong! Just jokes.

Those with serious partners though, tough gig right? I know many of you have had to seek a ‘pass’ this Sunday. Or alternatively, involve your partner in the super-ist of Super Sunday line-ups.

My tip?

Treat it like marketing brief.

You need to raise interest in football amongst an audience who generally don’t give a shit… for a day.

Play it like a taste test of a bad product. You don’t want them coming back for more, but you need them to come to the table. This is a once every 7 years thing. Reimagine what quality time constitutes.

‘Just do this one thing for me babe, I promise you’ll like it.’

Once they’re at the game or TV, make sure it is NOT a good experience. Bad language, aggressive behaviour, too much booze. Think of something.

So the execution in a nutshell —> Lead that horse to water, just make sure the water trough has a fox turd in it.

It’s actually not bad for the US crowd. The game is mad early, so we’re done by 1300 for both. In the UK, you’re killing Valentines lunch with your selfishness. Anyway, always point your partner in the direction of Adam Johnson lady friend… life could always be worse.

Anyway, let’s talk about the early game. Arsenal vs Leicester. Hopefully I’m going to get someone to write an early AM tactics blog for you tomorrow, so this will be amateur right now… but I kind of feel like Leicester are still in that place where teams are all like…

‘We don’t plan for these fuckers’

… we should. We will. They play explosive counter attacking football and they press. Neat quick passing beat them last time along with excellent finishing. But how are we going to play it this time?

Do we play deep? Do we load the front line with scary pace to put pressure on their counter? Do we drop two mobile deep-lying midfielders to break the play? Do we choke their creative talent? Or do we just play our game and out fox (PUN) them?

Many options. But I feel pace with pace is smart. We’re pretty good at counter attacking too… Well, we are when we have a Santi and some in form forward players. I guess that’s the issue here. What is going to happen with that midfield. Surely it’s time for Coq and Ramsey?

Up top, I’d do this… Theo left, Chambo or Joel right and I’d play Alexis central. Theo is no good at the moment and doesn’t deserve the middle. Giroud invites them to counter and press and Welbz is out.

Alexis was bought with a view to playing through the middle, why not try it? Can’t be any less effective than how we’re playing now. Ozil feeding in those three… Could be exciting scenes!

It’s a massive one though, I didn’t realise we’re nearly into the ’10 games to go’ phase. Drop 3 points at this point of the season and you’re in trouble. Catching 8 points isn’t impossible, but it is unlikely considering how mentally weakened we’d be from a home pasting from Leicester… a team whose most famous transfer window moment last season was a racist hotel orgie in Thailand.

Arsene Wenger piped up about the potential of a ticket protest.

“You can protest before and after but during the game you want everybody to be there”

I am split on this. I’m selfish because I kind of think our title push is more important than ticket prices right now. I get that TV shunting around the game is a tough ask for away fans, and I feel for them. But Sunday is about the title. It’s Arsenal kicking on. It’s not about making a point that will likely get ignored anyway.

I mean, can you see a situation where the Premier League is going to impose a sanction where independent clubs can’t make self-sustaining revenue from their tickets?

Also, for Arsenal, though we do have some outrageously priced tickets, we also have some damn cheap ones. Mine was about a grand all in? The people who buy the expensive ones sit in the best seats. It’s a really tough issue, but I kind of feel like it’s one that will never get resolved. My ticket is / was a grand. If they drop it to £500, that just makes my life a bit easier, it doesn’t mean I give it up to someone on low income. All it’ll do is add to the waiting list, right?

Anyway, I’m game for the away fans getting a discount on tickets, but business hat on says there’s no fucking way.

Stan has dropped £500m on a new house and he’s moving his NFL team to LA. He needs all the pennies he can get.

Thing football clubs need to be careful of is not the killing of the Goose that laid the golden egg… they need to be careful of killing the egg. Because it’s the geese coming through that can’t be bothered with it. You’ve a generation of young adults coming through now who’ve been brutalised by the system. They have average to poor jobs if they have jobs at all. They’ll have totally different attitudes to money and what it should be spent on.

If they’re not going to games now, I don’t think it’s outlandish to suggest that when they start earning better cash, they might not see live games as a priority. Especially as tech makes it so easy and so cheap to pick up the game on the web.

Anyway, I’m on the digress.


See you tomorrow. x

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  1. Wallace


    “Wallace. If the decision came down to Ozil and Sanchez leaving or Wenger leaving, which would you take.”

    Wenger forever, Joe, buddy. f*ck these ten stone fly by nights.

  2. Marc


    I’m not sure Ozil would go back to Spain but Bayern would certainly be a possibility. My point was people blaming Flamini – Ozil and Flamini are best mates, it’s a major joke at the club.

    Problem with most on here is they have an agenda that takes over rather than looking at a situation from a reasonable perspective. If I was Ozil’s agent I would tell him not to sign a new contract, the new TV deal will kick in in 4-5 months and wages will go crazy. We’ve already had Stoke spend £18 million on someone in Jan. Ozil will play the long game and push for £200 – £250k per week which will be in line with what other players will be earning in the PL.

  3. Redtruth

    Joe it was dumb of you to ask an AKB’s such a question.


    It’s not theory, it’s a fact. Mahrez was picked up for £400.000 for a reason and in the big leagues of Europe he’d be lost.

  4. Sam

    Joe is a gloryhunter n believes all footballers are the same.
    Ozil will retire in an arsenal shirt unless we decide to sell him n I doubt that.
    Van Persie is the last rebel out of our club
    We won’t have any more cunt slagging us off.

  5. Thank you and goodnight


    I think Ozil is driven by more than money. At international level he’s almost won it all but at club level he has very little to show for his talent. He’s 27 now coming into his peak years and I’m sure he’d like more trophies on his CV and let’s be frank, he has as much chance of winning EPL and CL under wenger as I have of waking up to Rita Ora sitting on my face with J lo sucking me off…….never going to happen :D. ….damn

  6. karim


    Nah man, Mahrez ain’t no joke !

    Reason was he was 20 or stg, playing in the French 2nd tier, and was playing for Algeria, not France, that’s all.
    Never did in France what he’s doing now, what’s more.

    Here to stay

  7. Loyika

    And you guys know this how!? Is Ozil playing like someone that doesn’t want to be here and win things with us!?

    Or just more rubbish talk that fit into the general narrative? If the papera came up with a story that he was very happy at Arsenal (which from indicarion he is) would you all still give it attention or twist the story to forn another narrative?

  8. MidwestGun

    Meh, I completely think the Ozil story is made up agent negotiating story. However, should he leave there will be no point in watching us play as he is the only spark of creativity we have at the moment, what would Wenger do , play Jack at #10 for the 2 games a year he is healthy? puuuuh leeaze. Bottom line is Ozil will get a huge pay bump.
    Sorry to sound like Sam, but Kind of ironic some on here using Ozil story as a whipping device tho, when y’all were calling him a pussy and useless from the jump. Now he is indespensible? get it together people.

    In other news, I see the LVG farewell tour continues.

  9. Ish

    I feel Leicester is the kind of team we love playing against, yes they may have the in form players but we can pick them off with our quality because remember.

    Form is temporary, Class is permanent

  10. karim

    Ozil does look like he’s happy here, no doubt, just like Sanchez by the way.

    Thing is they won’t be happy with 4 th and an early European exit eternally imho.

    We/Arsene need to SHOW some ambition one of these days or they will move on, at least Alexis who’s a natural born competitor.

  11. Joe


    Hew many players at Arsenal was ‘it’s just the agent’ excuse used.

    Only at Arsenal is the case where the players actually want to leave after realizing the fraud Wenger is

    The list is endless of our top players fucking off

  12. MidwestGun

    True, I’m sure when Wenger recruited Sanchez… he didn’t do it by saying we are gonna got out and sign Elneny some day. No offense to him. Last summer transfer window continues to be utterly stupid if you ask me.

  13. MidwestGun

    I didn’t say it wasn’t possible. just ironic that some are calling him top player now. not really including you in that by the way. I think you have always backed him.

  14. BacaryisGod

    Of course, the Marca story on Ozil is also conveniently timed before our Champions League game. You wouldn’t think Barca would need an assist from Marca, but it’s never stopped the Spanish press before.

  15. karim

    Not the first one on that list, starting with Cantona.

    Yep. ” Funniest ” thing is that Flamini keeps on playing in the meantime.

  16. jwl

    MidwestGun – Last summer’s non transfer window was brutal, I honestly don’t understand how club allowed Wenger to buy no outfield players when we finished third, thirteen points off top. I wonder if management didn’t want to bother Wenger too much due to his divorce because last summer was inexplicable.

    Ten year austerity to pay off stadium was supposed to end last summer, we signed new Puma deal and Wenger buys no one of consequence and banks money. Wenger is semi-retired old man who doesn’t like change and is too philosophical about competition and is it really worth bother.

  17. BacaryisGod

    Let’s not take that Marca story on Ozil too seriously.

    They’ll do anything to increase circulation. I’ve even heard they printed stories in the past claiming Henry, Fabregas, Hleb and Suarez wanted to leave their teams also.

  18. Loyika

    Ozil came because Madrid didn’t want him anymore and Arsene stepped in to give him a chance to move to the EPL. If he were to go back to Madrid who would he replace!? Or at Barca!?

    I can bet my bottom dollar that Ozil and Sanchez will still be here next season regardless.

  19. Danish Gooner

    west Ham are atrociously poor today,if we hit them on a day they play like they do todday,we will hammer them,get it,hammer and at the moment i think we should have no worries about going to Manure and get three points apart from matial and Rooney they are poor.

  20. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Sunday is not about the title
    Sunday is about joining our football brothers in supporting the hijacking of the game to a business only.

    We need to support this.

    That tart Wenger trying mind games he really is an inept prat.

    We all know the gutless set of players he had assembled will choke yet again …

  21. Loyika

    Did Mert not play in the first game!?

    One mistake doesn’t now make Per a bad defender. All that means is that we can’t afford to play a highline.

  22. Loyika

    The issue against The Foxes will be if Bellerin or Monreal get caught out on the counter. I believe we will match them in the midfield (and better them) What will be key is to take our chances and not let Kasper get into any kind of groove whatsoever.

    We need to also score first. If we do then we win the game. Simple as.

  23. Joe

    Payet has a goal
    And an assist but idiots like same would rather have iWobi and Ramsey and elneny and ?????

    Tells you all you need to know about sam’s opinion.

    Like Wenger, it’s useless

  24. jwl


    Do you think manure will fire lvg soon, not wait until summer?

    I think lvg will be fired in summer for certain but maybe club will have to act before end of season if worried they going to miss out on Champ League again. Apparently manure contracts with advertisers contain clause where they pay less money if club not in CL and it will be extra hard to attract talent to club if they not playing in Europe. Maybe manure execs cant wait until season over.

  25. Joe


    I’m surprised he wasn’t fired weeks ago. I see no reason for them keeping him. I would of brought in Jose ages ago.

    Maybe Jose doesn’t want to come in mid season?

  26. Joe

    Adidas and Chevy won’t be happy if they miss the CL again and especially after going out in the group stages this year.

    Why wouldn’t you bring Jose in now , if he is your guy in the summer anyway

  27. Loyika

    If they brought Jose now and they still don’t get the results then what then.

    Bringing Jose midseason would effect some changes that could either work or not. Would Giggsy want to coach under Jose? How would Jose handle egos like Rooney and Depay mid season? The Mata situation will be interesting to say the least.

    Jose midseason doesn’t mean instant success.

  28. jwl

    Joe – certainly is a situation that doesn’t really make sense, manure execs must be making themselves dizzy with whether to stick with lvg to end or replace him now to try and salvage their season. I thought lvg certain to be fired about month ago when he was talking about quitting before he fired during his press conferences, manure players are obviously not playing for their manager.

  29. Bamford10


    Sam is a joke, but some other clown here actually claimed that Payet and Joel Campbell are the same level and that we’d be no better off with a Payet than a Campbell.


    Ozil is winning what kind of things at Arsenal? The FAC? Please. Small potatoes relative to playing at a Madrid or Barca.

  30. Joe


    Today could of been the final
    Straw with LvG

    I see no reason to keep him. It’s been terrible. He has a worse record than Moyes did when they fired him

    If Jose is coming in during the summer. Why not just bring him in now and let him settle.
    Can’t do any worse

  31. Marc


    There’s one very good reason not to sack LVG now – I and every other Gooner is enjoying what’s going on far to much. Long may it continue in fact give him a new mega money contract.

  32. Loyika

    Yeah he managed egos at Chelsea quite well thus season innit!? And i doubt he is much loved in Madrid by the players.

    The point is Jose now does not mean United will play any better now and that he would surely get them CL footie.

    @ Bam

    The same Madrid that threw him under the bus to get Bale!? Besides he only won 1 league title at Madrid so what gives!? Granted we might not have the “umph” to win the league but if we do what difference will that make!? Madrid is a bigger club than Arsenal (always have been and always will be(

  33. MidwestGun

    Damn… Everton playing like Arsenal recently, 34 shots….. no goals.

    Honestly, We should be winning the Title/ If you told me a year ago all we had to do is finish ahead of Leicester City and Spuds to win… Id have laughed, hard.
    Not discounting City by the way.. just not sure how hard they will fight for Pellegrini on the way out.

  34. Joe

    Yeah he managed egos at Chelsea quite well thus season innit!? And i doubt he is much loved in Madrid by the players.

    How many trophies has he won at those places??

    ‘This season ‘ he says. Hahah

    Fuck me

  35. Loyika

    Yes Joe

    This season. That’s one of the reasons the United BOD were reluctant to consider him in the first place. You honestly think between a choice of Pep or Jose United would stump for Jose!?

    Jose’s issues are not his trophies or medals his issue is his brand of footie and general character flaws and United will only go for him because Klopp and Pep are not on the radar and not because they want him.

  36. Marc


    You have to admit Mourinho’s always a short term manager. He may be successful but he always takes over at clubs who need a tweak rather than a major overhaul.

    To my mind sacking a manager who plays shit football and has lost the dressing room to replace him with someone who plays shit football and gets the sack after 2 1/2 years from every job for losing the dressing room and pissing off everyone else from the press to the owners might be considered an own goal.

    Maybe you’re right get him in there now.

  37. Loyika

    Sometimes it would help to be objective and not be overtaken by emotions. United don’t really like Maureen’s style and if you think otherwise then i guess we will agree to disagree. And like i mentioned, please do a poll of how many Madrid players would want Jose back at Madrid. Fcuk it you could even do a poll on Chelsea players while you are at it.

    Do you think those players give a horseshyte about how many trophies Maureen has won!? Does he have a relative better trophy haul than LVG

  38. Cesc Appeal

    Makes little sense to get rid of Van Gaal now, but he will be gone in the summer, sort of makes sense to give it to Mourinho, he’s always wanted the United job and he now has months to thoroughly plan what he’s going to change there.

    Very interested to see who Chelsea appoint, could end up with Guardiola, Mourinho and Simeone all in the EPL next season.

  39. Marc


    Agree with most of what you say about ManU and Mourinho but it’s beginning to look as if Joel Glazer and the CEO are over riding the rest of the boards input.

    Wonder what the sponsors will say about his conduct when he gets the job?

  40. Marc


    I get it you don’t like Wenger but try to make a post that isn’t all about slagging him off. It just gets boring, your choice between 4th / Wenger and winning stuff and Mourinho – err haven’t the Chelsea players just got him the boot after winning the league?

  41. Loyika

    The same way people were spunking over themselves tgat Pool would suddenly win the title just by Klopp’s shadow appearing over Anfield!?

    Jose will soon learn (if he does become coach) that United is a different kettle of fish and believe me trophies or not if he plays defensive footie at United he will not last more than 2 seasons himself (esp if Pep’s Citeh play an attractive brand in opposite)

  42. Joe


    Pep is a 3 year manager. They both won in those 2.5 / 3 years. It’s the way the game is going. Wenger should never of last 20. 10 at. Most.

    Fergie is an abberation. He actually deserves his tenure.

  43. Marc


    He never lasts more than 3 years anywhere and doesn’t know how to play attractive football so your last post is a bit like saying waters wet.

  44. Joe

    Marc and Loy

    We haven’t played beautiful football under Wenger for years and years.

    And Chelsea played great football from August to Jan last year where they walked yeh title.

  45. Marc


    Agree we’re seeing the end of the dynasty manager.

    As for how are Chelsea players doing now – well there are much happier and have just scored.

  46. Loyika

    Fergie deserves his tenure because the BOD stood by him in his early part of his tenure. He was almost gone at the beginning (or are you suddenly forgetting that part)

    Frankly United deserve Jose. Lets see how he handles hinself up there esp against the “Golden Child” Pep. I give Jose 2 seasons tops

  47. MidwestGun

    Sheesh didn’t think Diego Costa could look any uglier, till I saw him with the Hannibal Lecter mask. …. ugly bastard scored again tho. Damn was really hoping they would stay down with the relegation fodder.

  48. Loyika

    @ Mid

    Ha ha that’s cruel mate!!

    @ Marc

    I feel you.

    If folks really loved the “Toxic One” why didn’t Bayern and PSG sound him out!? United moving for him as they really have no other choice than giving Giggs the job (or Benitez lol!!)

  49. Joe


    Fergie got. Better as he went along. Wenger has got considerably worse and more arrogant. Funny that. The worse he gets the better he thinks he is

  50. Loyika

    Noone is comparing Fergie with Arsene!? Was only comparing the nature of footie then to the instant nature of footie now. If Fergie was in our present day need for instant success i doubt he would be what he became.

  51. Bamford10


    Right, but they’re still a better team than we are. Pretty sad.

    Any rational manager of Arsenal would’ve signed additional quality this summer and/or January so as to compete with a team like this.

    Only reason we’re ahead of Chelsea is because of their on internal political-interpersonal issues.

    Wenger is a fucking joke and needs to go, ASAP.

  52. Bamford10

    People mock the Pedro signing on here, but he’s a much better footballer than Theo fucking Walcott, and he’s on a lower salary.

    Two goals for Pedro today, btw.

    Fuck off, Walcott; fuck off, Wenger.

  53. Bamford10


    They certainly looked like they had the mettle when they beat City earlier in the season. Perhaps they don’t, though. Remains to be seen, though I am now skeptical, obviously.

    The issue of mettle, however, has nothing to do with the manager, so your point is a bit of a non sequitur. Not that you can ever be counted on for logic, though.


  54. Loyika

    No Bam

    The reason we are ahead of Chelsea is becuaae we have won more games than they have (their internal issues have no business in the equation. Sunderland had an internal issue thenselves, didn’t stop them from getting a result against United did it(

    Granted that Chelsea have better players than we do, (evident in our losses to them in the league) hence thier bad form was always going to be temporary but they only have themselves to blame for looking like the “Mugs” of the season.

    I feel no pity for them. They are a Cesspol of a club (successful yes but Cesspol nonetheless) and their supporters are just a reflection of the club as a whole (both trashy)

    So forgive me if i don’t join this train of thought to the end.

  55. Redtruth

    Excluding today’s result against ferble Newcastle, since December 26th Chelsea have played 8 Premier league games drawing six and winning two against Palace and you’ve guessed it Arsenal.
    Results suggest a mediocre team

  56. Bamford10


    Newcastle may not be all that great, but if this 5-0 rout is down to Newcastle being poor, not Chelsea being improved, how shit does that mean Arsenal are? We only beat this Newcastle team 1-0.

    Also, Chelsea haven’t lost in two months — though, granted, they’ve drawn a bunch of games — and they beat us, so surely their form has improved a little, yes?

    Yes it has.


    Who said anything about “pitying” Chelsea? Not me. You’ve just invented this. Fact is despite their having a poor season, they’re still a better team than we are, which for me is kind of depressing.

    You console yourself with shit about how much “class” Arsenal have; we’re no longer a top club and we’re a bit of a fucking laughing-stock frankly. It’s sad.

  57. Redtruth

    Bamford don’t forget the Terry offside goal and the comical defending by Utd to allow Chelsea an injury time leveller.

    Chelsea no upturn in form just the same old and should have at least lost 3 games.

  58. Dissenter

    We gave Chlseas their mojo back.
    They rediscovered their form they beat us two weeks ago.

    It’s might still serve us week because they’ll take points off the other teams in the top four.

  59. Dissenter

    I’m sure Wenger thinks Dybala is too small for the premier league.
    Just like he thought Modric wouldn’t survive in England.
    Our genius was offered Modric first and declined to sign him.

    The same hypocrite kept Walcott for 10 years.

  60. Loyika

    @ Bam

    The point is stating Chelsea are better than Arsenal yet as at today are 15 ponts behind makes no sense whatsoever!? Whats your point!? How does that observation change the weather!? Will it make them achieve getting into the top four? Do you make the favs for tge CL? If your answers to these are in the negative then like Red is trying in a nice way to tell you; you are makinh no point whatsoever.

    Cause in no context is that statement relevant to anything beyond sucking up to the Chavs!!

    Who gives a diddly squat if Chrlsea beat Newcastle? Now if they beat Citeh or Spur then i would see the point of their team sudden resurgence (as it relates to Arsenal) but we have played them twice and lost on both occasions so unless we have to play them again in another comp or they are playing against any of our title rivals at the moment i couldn’t give a rat’s behind how well Chelscum are playing.

  61. izzo

    Give it a rest folks we are not beating Leicester tomorrow. The sooner you come to grips with this fact the better you will feel after the game. If Sanchez doesn’t start scoring loads of goals watch us slip out of 4th. Doesn’t matter if Ozil is on form because he doesn’t really score goals does he? Plus we all know what Giroud and Walcott are about. No use beating a dead horse. Barca? LOL watch both games if you want a good laugh. The sooner this season is over the better. See ya’ll tomorrow.

  62. Danny

    Imagine the players talking to each other about the match tomorrow:
    Theo, Chambers, Ox and Gibbs are saying how we have to beat the Mighty Leicester etc
    Alexis and Ozil our 2 best players aren’t even talking about Leicester, to them it’s the same as Stoke, Sunderland, Newcastle etc, they are talking about the Barca matches, that is what is importance to them…….