Santi and Jack are running | Keown wants to protest with you!

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Haystack, Cannon Beach

Haystack, Cannon Beach


So Ivan, look, buddy… when I asked for the summer Arsenal tour to be played in America, I kind of expected that you’d at least of noted that I live on the east coast, not the west coast.

I’m upset and disheartened. But, if I have to go and see Arsenal play in the land of the pristine, I shall.

Pretty exciting that Arsenal are hitting up California this summer. There’s a massive contingent of Gooners who hang out there and have to suffer some disgusting kick off times to get their shot of Arse action. Canny wait… especially as we’re playing and MLS All-Star team. Can’t wait to see, errrrm, errrrrr, Bradley Wright-Phillips?

Anyway, it’s the taking part.

So, in other news, I read a great article on Arsene Wenger and his meddlesome ways. It’s by Jonathan Wilson and it’s a very eloquent attempt at saying that Wenger screws himself by being Wenger and not evolving his thinking to suit the modern age.

I mean, nothing we haven’t been saying on here for eternity. Wenger wins whatever. If he smashed the league this season, he’d be the hero. If he loses, he loses on his terms and there’s no consequence. How many football managers have that sort of power?

Martin Keown said if Arsenal fans protest ticket prices, he’d join the party.

The ticketing affair is getting a bit out of hand. Majorly disappointing that Arsenal protested the freeze on away ticket prices. I guess there’s no such thing as too much revenue in the game of football. I’d be fine with the opposition if we were using the money to buy players. We don’t, we just hoard it instead.

Fans in stadiums make for good TV. Fans who travel to games spend huge sums of money to do so. We should protect those fans. They are mad people. They show incredible dedication. Why not drop the price they have to pay?

Anyway, Arsenal fans aren’t very good at protesting. Pretty wealthy in general I guess? Not sure what it would take for us to make a stand.

Good news on the injury front. Danny WELBZGOOD could be back for Hull. Literally can’t wait to be really disappointed about how unworldclass he is next week. Jack Wilshere and Santi are back running. Wenger said it’s weeks rather than months until they’re playing again. Which means months. So don’t get your hopes up.

Right, not a lot of time today… back home on a plane next to a person that will be unpleasant.



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  1. tunnygriffboy


    We’re too nice. We have Gabriel, Coquelin and Alexis who will mix it and stand up to a bit of intimidation. It’s what sides do to us. On occasions in certain games and in parts of games we need to stand up to it.

    People like Verratti and Matuidi are not huge but they have dog about them and don’t shy away from any confrontation. We need a bit more of that as well.

  2. tunnygriffboy

    Gabriel for Mert for his extra pace.

    I’m sure the big Leicester CB would prefer to mark Giroud than having Walcott and Alexis buzzing around inter changing

    However no Mert or Giroud and Huth and Morgan from set piece and corners. Dilemma ?

  3. Cesc Appeal



    The most notable match for me was Spurs at home, our starting pair Coq and Caz were brutalised by Dembele, Dier and Alli to the point Caz had to come off at half time because he was ‘dizzy,’ neat excuse I think.

    I want to get to a stage where we can name our two central midfielders in our 4-2-3-1, and then for most games just forget about it, not have to compensate for its fragility by adding another CM elsewhere in the team.

    For me this summer we need a buy like Xhaka and then purchase a young, exciting, more physical CDM who is getting dome decent game time right now.

    Though I expect we will hear about Caz, Wilshere and Eleney being WC signings and we won’t find better quality than them so why bother?

  4. Sam

    Reece Oxford is an arsenal fan n his hero is Ozil
    Le weirdo doesn’t buy player who loves Arsenal before he signs
    I doubt it’ll happen

  5. BacaryisGod

    I think Arsene is going to field the same line-up that beat Bournemouth last week with the exception of Coquelin coming in for Flamini.

    Can’t see him dropping Ox after his confidence-boosting goal last week.

    Bellerin Gabriel Kozzer Monreal
    Coquelin Ramsey
    Ox Giroud Alexis

  6. Sam

    Hopefully Sanchez n Coq will overcome the rustiness n play well
    If they do, the so called Title favourite will be in trouble
    We’ll brush them aside

  7. Redtruth


    Your eye for talent is at an all time low i’d seriously consider re-evaluating your methods.
    I’m afraid, It’s back to the drawing board, my friend.

  8. Joe

    So why does everyone keep saying ‘confidence boosting goal’ for Ox.

    He could not score again for 6 months.

    Let’s see how he does in the next 5 matches before we declare he is going to light it up all of a sudden because of one goal.
    He has been shit for years

    I’d say more chance of him being shit again than him going on a Messi like tear. Based on his performances of the last few years

  9. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger’s comments on ticket pricing last week or so…someone from the PR department just needs to tell him to pass on certain questions, illustrating how out of touch he is.

    Champagne socialist without doubt.

  10. champagne charlie


    Wasn’t being condescending at all mate, very sarcastic by nature and use industrial language quite commonly. Apologies if I came across as a cunt. Merely meant times have changed and clamouring for big players in the middle is misplaced prioritisation. Yea a big mobile guy is better than a small one for obvious reasons, but technical and intelligent beats anything physically.


    Pogba vs jack? Sums it all up that you think my idea of “intelligent and technical” can be equated to Jack wilshere…. be-fucking-have. Pogba is more the type I’m suggesting.

    Not sure who commented at me suggesting I’d have midgets over monsters, but again false. I’m merely saying a midfield of lahm-thiago-alonso types is better than wanyama-coquelin-ramsey types.

  11. Wallace

    “Yea a big mobile guy is better than a small one for obvious reasons, but technical and intelligent beats anything physically.”

    yeah, pretty much.

  12. Wallace

    i’d start the Ox on Sunday. i think he’s been lacking confidence, so to drop him after scoring his first goal in 12yrs might not be the smartest move. would also give us pace both sides of Ozil which would be useful as I just can’t bring myself to put Walcott up top while he’s playing so bolloxly.

  13. tunnygriffboy


    Yeah for certain games we need a solid base infront of the bach four. You can think Southampton away brutalising us as well. I agree totally with you. If in certain games you want to give Coquelin/Xhaka a breather then thats fine but for big games and certain fixtures it would be great to have that solidity


    Perhaps I’m an unstable over sensitive Welshman 🙂

    I wasn’t thinking Obi Mikkel/Wanyama per se but someone as Cesc said in the Xhaka mould. Big physical but can play as well. It’s the combination of both that interest me. Along with a striker this sort of player should be the priority imo

  14. seg

    Ranieri was the coach when Chelsea eliminated Arsenal in Champions league 03/04. I remember Wayne Bridge scoring the winning goal.

  15. tunnygriffboy


    He wouldn’t pick the side I’d pick so leaving Ox out would hit his confidence. He won’t be a world beater overnight but he is capable of far better form than he has shown this season

    I hope Ramsey is a bit selective in his runs tomorrow. Good help us if Flamini starts. If Coquelin is a bit rusty Ramsey needs to give him help defensively. Personally I’d put him on the right and play Elneny alongside Coquelin but that ain’t happening

  16. champagne charlie


    No need to sway me on that front, technical, intelligent AND physical beats all. Been a Xhaka fan for a little while but have a feeling he’ll be Peps first buy to be City’s alonso.

  17. Sam


    Its funny most of you twats think you have eyes for talents
    While praising small club players like Mahrez, Kante, Payet
    I remind you of Fellaini, Schneiderlin, Debuchy, shaqiri n Cabaye

    Big with small club n flop at big club

  18. Dissenter

    Excellent point about Ranieri. He beat us in the game that really mattered, denying us the chance to go to the CL semis.
    That was Wenger’s best squad ever and would have most likely won the CL in 2004.
    Had Ranieri not beat Wenger, the legend of Jose Mourhino could have been stopped in its embryonic stages.

  19. tunnygriffboy

    Massively tense weekend of sport for me. Sweaty socks in egg chasing tomorrow which I’ve a bad feeling about then the big one on Sunday. I could be in the slough of despond come sunday evening all things considered.


    Interesting about Xhaka and city. Think all teams in PL will have to accept that with the pull of Pep and cities millions everyone else will be on second picks.

    Unless we get in early . Joke 🙂

    Interesting to see what happens at Chelsea. New manager, probably no CL and Hazard is off.

  20. Wallace

    “Ranieri was the coach when Chelsea eliminated Arsenal in Champions league 03/04. I remember Wayne Bridge scoring the winning goal.”

    was in Prague on holiday at the time. sulked for two days.

  21. Tipster

    FBig game coming up, how many Leicester players would make our starting eleven, well, my choice..


  22. Mick Kartun

    So, the old wanker in the press talking bollocks as always as he said high ticket price is not an issue.

    Could somebody put a duct tape to his mouth ever, I think he should just shut the fuck up and mute.

  23. Mick Kartun

    good one tipster, more to like this:


    Bellerin Huth Kos Monreal

    Coq Kante

    Mahrez Ozil Sanchez


    Damn, only to buy 4 best leiceste player and swap wenger to ranieri, you alrady have a decent squad.

    Fuck me.

  24. goonerboy

    We are a far better team when we have had a week to prepare before games. I think we can win- a fit Sanchez will make a difference in front of goal. Campbell is a far more productive player than either Walcott or the Ox- and should start.

  25. Troy McClure

    Play a speed and ground coverage unit on Sunday: Elneny and Coq in the middle, move Rambo to right side, put in Gabriel for Mert. Don’t concede free kicks in our half as Huth is a force of nature that can bully Koz and Gabriel. Rely on Alexis and Ozil to do the biz and earn their paychecks on the attack. I’d go for Giroud in the middle for hand to hand combat with Huth on the offensive end, but a case can be made for Walcott’s speed up top.

  26. kwik fit

    Guys I have just arrived in london town exited yet with cock. As a young Phil lynett would say hold her until she hits the ground.

  27. Joe

    Taken from

    The last paragraph is so spot on.

    Media nitwit Piers Morgan speaks a lot of sense in relation to Arsenal, but claiming that Stan Kroenke’s $725m acquisition of a ranch in Texas impacted Arsenal’s transfer budget was daft. I’m no big fan of Kroenke, but I’ve yet to see a shred of evidence that he has not supported Wenger fully in the transfer market.

    Let’s not forget that Arsenal made a £65m net loss on players last season. The reason Kroenke does not splash the cash is because Wenger refuses to touch his budget. And the reason Wenger refuses to touch his budget is because he knows his job is safe for as long as he keeps Arsenal in the Champions League and profitable.

    Wenger does not put Arsenal first, he puts himself first. Unlike every other manager in the world, his lifestyle means more to him than the football club he manages. Winning is more of a by-product of his job than an objective he will ever risk his job for.

  28. Dissenter

    Angers attempts at placing psychological pressure on Leicester come across as pathetic.
    He really should shut it and work on his team.
    Leicester have nothing to lose, even if we beat them they are still ahead by two points.
    They have Norwich at home, WestBrom at home, Watford away and Newcastle at home; all winnable games for them on current form till mid-March
    We have Hull city at home (FAC), Barcelona at home, United away, Swansea at home, Spuds away and Barcelona away till mid-March.
    Those are three more games than Leicester.
    They have an easier schedule left to play and will be pressure.
    They’ll have the proverbial wind in their sails after we’ve being run ragged by Barca and Spuds.
    I hope I’m not the only one that cringes watching Wenger talk nonsense in these press conferences.

  29. Joe


    It almost makes me sick to the stomach watching the cunt. I can’t even do it anymore. His voice. His smirk. All
    Of it. Lies after spin after lies.

    And now he says ticket prices are fair and we shouldn’t walk out because of a moment of happiness. The cunt hasn’t delivered happiness for 11 seasons except to the AKBs like Wallace NM Tom etc.

  30. useroz

    If we still trust Wenger after the recent 10 plus years, you believe in anything. No harm being optimistic I suppose.

    It’d takes weeks (try 20?) for Wilshere to become match fit,he’d probably pull his hammy, calf, something or other like Rosicky coming on for 10/15 min..

    I’d be more positive with Cazorla and he could be a big asset if we are still in the run when he’s back.

    Not expecting much fr Welbeck tbh. Probably less frustrating than watching Walcott but then he couldn’t score either…so it makes little difference.

    There stats reported elsewhere that we have the worse striker amongst the current top 4 teams. Again, not a surprise!

    Let’s hope we’d beatLeicester and then fingers’ crossed. Ideally, city beats the spuds too.

  31. boy dio

    technicians vs fighters is the argument today?
    just get good players ffs, whatever their game may be if they do it to a world class standard it won’t matter what sort of opposition they’re against
    and when you get to the level of champs league knockouts it’s more about the collective than the individuals, ofc some talent is just too good for this to really be observable in some cases but those are massive outliers (messi lvl)

    unreal, the game is not built around technical players or physical players, it’s about molding a collective to work as a unit
    ffs le grove :/