Chambo banter problem | Game at weekend the Arsenal tipping point?

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The size of golf balls... served in plastic pots. Do not tell Europe about this...

Oysters the size of golf balls… served in plastic pots. Do not tell Europe about this…

Happy whatever day it is!

I’m struggling with the concept of abundance right now. Yesterday, I went into a bar Southbend. It’s on the coast of Washington State. The area is big on seafood, because they have loads of it and they are by the sea. They also like oysters. They are too freely available to charge premium dollar.

So do you know what they do with them? They batter them, then deep fat fry them. Worse, they also make burger patties out of them.

Can you imagine?

I mean, they taste great, but that’s beyond the point.

You know what else would taste great? A victory against Leicester this weekend. I’ve been catching up Graeme Souness comments about The Ox.

“There is a player in there but it is ‘stand up and be counted’ time. At 22 and with the quality he has, he should not be accepting sitting on the bench and being a bit player.

“You’ve got to go in, bang down the manager’s door and say, ‘I’m ready for this’. Is he prepared to do that?”

Now, it’s easy to sit there and call him a ‘knob jockey’, but this is one of the greats talking here. I mean, not a great manager, but he’s one of the all time legends of the game. That fight we lack, he had it by the bucket load. He knows what it takes to make it because he was around greatness his whole career. I think his point has at least some merit…

Chambo is a sweet heart. He has a big smile. He LOVES attention. He likes being a footballer. His approach to life is banterous.

But is it too much? At what point does it become unprofessional?

Messi doesn’t banter, Ronaldo doesn’t banter, Ozil doesn’t either.

Who banters? Carl Jenkinson, Jimmy Bullard and Robbie Savage.

Ian Wright used to banter, but he wouldn’t do it on the pitch. He was a fighter. A focused one. I don’t see a lot of fight from Chambo. I don’t see a lot of focus.

So whilst I don’t like getting into an argument about the impact of body language and general demeanour on performance, I do think that perception is important. If you’re not doing well in an office and you’re larking around all the time, people don’t take kindly.

You earn banter privileges. People who earn them generally know when you use them. I’m not sure if Chambo has earned anything so far.

Also, Souness is right about banging on the manager’s door. He’s right about The Ox looking like he’s at Alton Towers when he’s just shanked a 12 yard pass out for a throw. Pissing around showing a lack of focus after and before the game is a thing of his. Maybe if he cut it out, he’d become a better player? Because look, I love to piss around and to do it well requires energy and it generally, it means you’re not concentrating.

Anyway, worth thinking about.

What about thinking about this weekend?

Ok, let’s do it.

Last time we played Leicester, we spanked them. Sanchez bagged a hattrick. Theo played through the middle and done a good. We blasted them with counter attacking football. We thought we’d killed off this crazy joke of a team.


Leicester have grown into a force. The players we doubted have proved us wrong. The manager we thought a joke has proven to be a revelation. The team that leaked 5 goals against us have conceded just three in 8.

Arsenal? Well, Theo is playing like a total plonker. He hasn’t scored in the league since before Christmas. He’s looked garbage. Then we have Giroud, who hasn’t been fantastic, but he at least managed an assist at the weekend. Chambo could well get the nod again if he can put the banter down for 5minutes. Then we have an Alexis who hasn’t peaked yet.

We are in a rut… micro disappointments pushing us further away from the summit. The pile so high now, it’s threatening to derail our spirit as well as our title ambitions.

This game is massive. Win, and it’s on. Lose and I’d say that despite Arsenal being in the race mathematically, you’d have to say the wind would be well and truly not in the sails.

Feels real negative to say. But I think this is a major tipping point. Especially with Spurs and City fighting it out in the other game.

Right, that’s your lot. I’m in Oregon today at the place the shot One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest and The Goonies.



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  1. MidwestGun

    Same problem last time they played Red Bulls could have sold it out 2 or 3 times over.
    Think they are underestimating popularity of Arsenal and fan base here. and the PL league in general, since going to NBC sports and playing on national NBC at times has been huge. Anyhow, like I said earlier anything at this point is good, no offense to the Far East but should have started it ten years ago.

  2. kwik fit

    Scientist have detected gravitational waves, the ripples in the fabric of space-time that Einstein predicted a century ago. Just has I had expected. That Einstein Guesser wasn’t a slow doser!

  3. Marko

    Hate to break it to our American chums but a pre season tour of the states isn’t a true indicator of how big a club is. I’m sorry but if we were legitimately the last club to tour the US it means absolutely nothing. The Asian market is really where it’s at.

    Anyway this weekend I’d like to see the same back 5 as usual recently (must keep Gab in there, Merte against Vardy’s pace means game over). Coq and Ramsey with Campbell, Ozil and Sanchez behind Theo for me. Basically cause for me we need to allow Leicester the ball and hit them on the counter attack like how we beat them in September. If we allow them to sit back and hit us on the counter that’s playing to their utmost strengths and they stand a great chance of winning. Therefore Giroud on the bench he’s wank on the counter

  4. Jeff


    Yeah. Once we understand gravity all world problems will be solved. Does anyone else have a big “so what” feeling when these things are announced. Billions upon billions are spent in the name of theoretical physics but there isn’t always the concomitant benefit that one would want in return for the money spent. We haven’t even got a cure for the common cold – that to me would be worth a great deal more than gravitational waves.

  5. Jeff

    “Wenger confirms Wilshere & Cazorla are back in light training. “It’s a question of weeks, not months any more.”

    As ever, injured players returning just when it no longer matters.

  6. Joe


    Do you not think Leicester looked at the tapes and saw how we beat them and probably worked on a game plan to make sure it happens again?

    Or do you think they will go in blind like Wenger will.

    “Just go out and ze exprezz yourselvezzz”

  7. Phd007

    Romford Ozil PeleFebruary 11, 2016 15:00:51
    But yeah, for what Theo earns his return is horrendous and he’s a pretty pointless player tbh.

    Nasri’s Mouth seems to think he’s a pretty good finisher…So according to him,you are wrong..!!

  8. Phd007

    CartsFebruary 11, 2016 20:26:40
    18,000 seated? Small club syndrome has well and truly consumed the the club.Like I said last summer : we spent how many years cycling around the Austrian country side while our rival were building their profile. I’ll never forget Nasri’s Mouth when he said some like “yeah but how do you know going to the states would’ve actually been worth while financially?” I mean, come on, you’ve got to be dense not to see the benefits of going to the biggest market place in the world when trying to raise your brand.
    NM is what you would call a 1st class c**t..

  9. Sancho Monzorla

    Great news that the Arsenal are stopping by Los Angeles on their tour! The stadium they will play at is only 10 minutes from my home, very excited for a chance to see them play stateside :)))

  10. boy dio

    the thing about investing in young players is that one needs to give them time to fulfil their potential

    of course this time can be made longer or shorter pending performances, injury, the size of the initial investment and how much faith the man in charge has in that talent delivering on its promise

    this can also be affected by the players value on the market

    all in all i would rather see walcott go long before the ox does, don’t think any team that has title aspirations can have a walcott in it
    and i still remember rvp gesticulating when arsene took off chambo for arshavin

  11. Mick Kartun

    Gravity wave,

    can this gravity wave kick wenger arse to the planet where he belongs, planet ur-anus?

    i believe in conspiracy theory that he was abducted by aliens after our invincibles year and the stupid old bugger is actually an alien in disguise in a mission to “gravity wavely” delusion the fans to believe that “4th place is actual trophy.”

  12. Mick Kartun

    It’s amazing how arsenal’s office has instilled so many staffs on purpose to counter “wenger haters commenters” on so many internet media nowadays:

    Like the latest article on j.wilson of guardian regarding wenger’s critics, most of the comments below from the arsene’s critical commenters all countered so many by the many false e mail accounts usually by numbers (it shows you mostly from the anus wenger’s office camps):

    This sample of 1 comment from the arsene critic just been countered viciously by cowards paid useless apprentice cunts of wenger boys:

    Anti: ”

    Not only is Wenger an ideolog but a hubristic dictator. His success was largely predicated on the defence left to him by George Graham. A tactical buffoon, his record in Europe is beyond an embarrassment.

    A normal club would have got rid 5 or 6 years ago, but Arsenal is anything but normal. They have an owner that apparently has no interest in the club whatsoever other than feeding off the profits it makes, sustained by Wenger’s lack of transfer market activity – a deliberate ploy to ensure he keeps his job.

    The CEO Gazidis, appointed by Wenger, is a spineless coward afraid to make big decisions or take responsibility and seems to have zero knowledge about the game.

    The club is completely dysfunctional and so are the majority of its supporters, who sit around like lemmings lapping up the drivel they’re served by a team full of dysfunctional, mentally weak losers. The 12-years stasis will continue for as long as Wenger is employed.”

    Pro 1: “Your prejudice obscures your views… “His success was largely predicated on the defence left to him by George Graham”… nope, his best season is 2003/2004 (the “invincible”) with no Graham players in sight…”
    Pro 2: ”

    Thank you, so sick of hearing the same tired old arguments about how Wenger was just “lucky” or “in the right place at the right time”, what a pathetic attempt to nullify what is clearly one man’s dedication to Arsenal football club.

    It just goes to show, you can dedicated most of your life to something, turn it from copper to gold, and people will still criticise you as if they could have done any better. It just shows what a bunch of c*unts the usual Arsenal supporters are, makes me ashamed to support one of the only top teams to have any kind of ethical/sustainable approach to building and maintaining a football club.”

    There’s different level of nastiness from the wenger’s office army.