Stan dropping galactico bids on the wrong thing!

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The money shot. Lake 22. Breathtaking.

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How’s it going!

Went to Lake 22 yesterday, what a scene. Furious about the lack of wifi, but wow. This country can be spectacular!

So, Stan drops a pittance on our title bid, but goes for broke on a ranch that cost him £500m. Is that not insane?

Does he not know about our world class striker issue?

What a joke.

Henry said what many of us are thinking about Arsenal.

“For me at the moment, Leicester are the team to win it. They’re not only showing they can win it, they’re showing they can cope with the pressure.”

Yah, agree. They have that look about them. Total belief. Total focus.

We show it in spurts. We haven’t showed it in 2016. It’s like we know what’s coming.

That can change though. Starts with the manager. His job is to instil the fight. He hasn’t been able to inject that into a team since the invincibles. Some would say that he’s not capable. Adams and co used to manage that. They passed it on. Then when they left, Wenger couldn’t bring it back. That perfect blend of thuggery and intellect lost… now we have a nice group of boys who could be trusted to behave at an all you can drink.

This game is mega. I think we’ll win. I’m not sure that we’ll kick on from it. But I think this is winnable. We have the best record against the top teams this year. Let’s hope it continues!

Right, more tomorrow.

Good night!

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  1. #WAHT

    Think it’s winnable too … and I totally agree, we won’t kick on from it.

    Alternatively we’ll lose, perhaps lose or draw a couple more then go on a hot streak just missing out because we had just too much to do.

  2. N5

    Don’t know if you’ll see this but Hi Leeds.

    RSPCA it’s not too bad at all mate. I do like the new job and area, but Victoria is a bitch to travel to each morning, plus there always seems to be some protest or another going on to get in the way.

  3. Leedsgunner

    What about Paul Clement as our Assistant?

    He’s been a no.1 under Ancelotti and Maureen as well as others and he is still regarded as a great coach. I’m not saying Bouldy has done anything wrong in particular but in my opinion he hasn’t done anything spectacular either. Can I see Bouldy in the top job? No. Can I see Clement? Yes. It’s bizarre to say the very least in the manner Derby let him go. I know it’s a bit of an under the radar appointment but I seriously can’t see this Board going for someone like Simeone… I rather have some that knew what they were doing.

    Bouldy nice chap, but doesn’t inspire confidence for me — and he is a complete Yes Man to Wenger. Just a thought.

    Although it won’t happen if Wenger is allowed to appoint his successor… he won’t want anybody who will immediately do better than him.

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Your be talking bout the black cabs today , protesting about uber !

    Some lobpvelynlittle pubs

    One expected to reopen soon the bpduke of York by the Victoria palace .

    Used to be a football pub meeting place in the old days…

  5. N5

    Ha ha, like a dog Leeds. I’ve got a few days off though so thought I’d pop by and stink out the place for a little while, get on some nerves and then head back to work.

  6. N5

    Samesong, add to that there is always a protest about Syria or whatnot each day to slow it down even more. It’s a real mess about.

    Soutwark is my home borough. I was born in SE1. Are you living down there now too or traveling?

  7. N5

    RSPCA, Pedro said that whole area is becoming a hipsters paradise. Apparently they have or are in the process of replacing the Elephant and Castle shopping center with Gastro Bars.

  8. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The locals will hate it…
    No bingo hall two have gone..,
    Big housing estate knocked down for new class …
    It’s class cleansing in that part of town.
    Shame you to have dipole good pubs down that part of town years ago…

  9. Troy McClure

    Sorry but Arsenal is not Stan Kroenke’s first priority right now. He’ll be busy putting Wal Mart’s into that nice $550M ranch in Texas that he just bought. Also, he’s on the hook for the portion of the $2.5B US for the NFL stadium in Los Angeles that he can’t extort from the local government.

  10. Sandy

    I say it again ( and again and again) no premiership club has progressed under American ownership, they are parasites, using the EPL to underwrite their other interests whilst taking out large management fees for ” technical assistance”.
    Kronke sneers at us because we care, Gazidis thinks we are all stupid and Wenger – I don’t know what he thinks of us,
    It grieves me but its true – the people who run our club don’t care about us winning the EPL they care about bank balances, their salaries and saying yes sir to the cunt Kronke.

  11. Mick Kartun

    Business is more important than football and that’s a shame.

    Problem is until the supporters stop going to matches, nothing will change.

    A cap on away ticket prices will only lead to the ratcheting up of some other price. The business and BOD and the supporters are no longer even in the same park, now it seems that at most big clubs, the gap grows wider and wider by the hour.

    In arsenal case, only out from 4th place that could shake things up, cause the 4th deluded trophy is the new 1st trophy lowered by delusional ignorant fans.

  12. Mick Kartun

    Taken from other blog to describe our stupid “roller coaster going nowhere hamster wheeling”:

    “We always get really excited when we go thru a good streak and the media crowns us as the title favorites. It gets negative and we start to see articles in the press that say we are never going to win when we go thru a bad streak. When we are struggling we start to dream about Wenger replacements. If we win this weekend everything will turn around and we will be back on the title challenge bus.

    The ups and downs give us a lot to talk about and fills the comments section but in reality the roller coaster ride is like white noise since we always seem to end up in the same place no matter how we get there.”

  13. Giroud's Toblerone Boots

    To me it is obvious what is coming next, ever since Pep’s plans were unveiled, Arsenal plc are waiting for the next 3-win streak (or say, 5 unbeaten) to announce Wenger’s 2 year extension. It is always announced when we’re overachieving (in Wenger’s standards)

    2 massive games therefore coming up for Wenger and the board! This announcement could be as soon as after the Hull game, just before Barca bring us back down to earth!

    Seriously – if the opportunity doesn’t come in the next month to announce this, then it will be because results have us out of the title race – so when are the board ever likely to have a better time to announce?

    The FA Cup saved him last time – If we don’t win the title, the board would have to wait until xmas and hope we’re challenging then – I don’t think they can risk Wenger will fare well against Pep, Jose, Jurgen & Potch, plus I expect Rodgers, Moyes and DeBoer/DB10 in the Prem next year with ambitious clubs!

    I could see Pep replacing Wenger when their respective contracts end, when Pep has 15 trophies in the bag with Citeh, and Wenger is still insistent that Jack Wheelchair is coming back from injury better than ever…

    3 years of pain for Pep, then come and do 15 years at Arsenal absolutely pressure free!!

  14. Mick Kartun

    “3 years of pain for Pep, then come and do 15 years at Arsenal absolutely pressure free!!”

    If only than can come true. But we live in a real world, so keep on dreaming.

  15. Mick Kartun

    Pep with City
    Mou with manure
    Probably Simeone with chelshit
    Klopp with his new liverpool
    Poch with spuds
    Ranieri with his new look Leicester

    …..and we still end up with our master wenker.

    Dear God.

  16. Giroud's Toblerone Boots

    A lot of pundits have said the honourable thing for Wenger to do would have been to step aside (or upstairs) and convince Pep to take over now, to leave a true legacy. All bad words said against Wenger would have been taken back. Now, he will be manager for another 3 seasons delivering the same old tripe, and his departure will be warmly greeted by all.

    Passing over to Pep now really was his last chance to convince me and many fellow season ticket holders that he really does love and care for the club above anything else, as we’re constantly told.

  17. Rhys Jaggar


    It may be the case that Wenger was happy to hand over to Pep. It’s not a given that Pep would have had Arsenal as his No. 1 choice of destination.

    If he did, then yes, Wenger has shown he’s only interested in himself.

    But Man City has Pep’s ex Barca colleagues in management there, so it was always going to be a strong candidate for him.

    Remember, he spent his life in Spain’s second city, not in Madrid.

    So he won’t have a problem with being in Britain’s second-ish city (you can argue whether it’s Brum, Manchester or Liverpool and all that). Unless of course he can’t stand the interminable rain you get there…….