Arsenal hammer blow to Leicester | Ticket freeze, but for how long?

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I am in sunny Washington state / Oregon this week making nice things for the internet, so these blogs are going to intermittent. I’m writing this from a Holiday Inn in Everett listening to a couple hammering so hard they might break through the wall into my bedroom.


What do I love about the last 24 hours?

We snapped up the Leicester City scout Ben Wrigglesworth. He apparently identified Mahrez. I mean, that’s what people are assuming. He’s come in as a first team scout. We need better scouts. Ours have been pretty poor. Steve Rowley is on the home stretch of retirement and let’s be honest, he hasn’t really hit a home run in a while.

I mean, Gabriel hasn’t really done much of note. He’s been pretty unimpressive when he’s been allowed a chance. I’d say early days, but it’s been a year. We brought in Elneny, so good he can’t displace Flamini. Sure, he isn’t that bad, but the options put on the table in the last two January’s haven’t been good enough to help in the ‘now’. So bringing in some fresh blood, new ideas and with some excellent success to boot is a really smart move from Ivan and his team.

It’s also a psychological blow to Leicester for next week. Am I right?

Yeah, I’m right.

Arsenal put a ticket freeze on for at least next year after threatening to raise the price by £28 odd quid. You have to celebrate that they listened to Twitter. However, you do have to wonder what goes through their minds when they’re even considering it. More money than ever before, less expenditure than ever before, but fat cash piles and they still wanted more.

The AST has penned a letter to them asking them to freeze until 2019. They also asked that the club looked at helping 18-21 year olds get on the ticketing ladder. A smart ask. I think generation ‘live stream’ is coming through hard and they’re not fussed about the live games. Expensive, time-consuming and if you’re a global football fan you miss all the other games.

The Premier League is king at the moment. Problem with being in a position of dominance is that it’s very easy to take your eye off the ball and assume things are going to be incredible forever. Arsenal need to be careful they don’t kill the flow of new fans coming to the ground by shooting for short-term games. When you have the TV money Arsenal do, it’d be worth investing some of that into bringing young blood into the ground as well as investing in making the game experience a bit better.

Palace have a wild atmosphere. How did they do that? Different breed of fan? Don’t be daft. They’re all from London as well and that part of London is no different to any other. They just put more effort into making every game a party.

We don’t seem to care much for it. No singing sections. No flags. No party.

Anyway, I must shoot. Lake 22 today. SO MUCH INSTAGRAM.

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  1. Wengaball

    Qna – go on and finish the replay before offering conclusions.

    We had 27 shots on goal that day, 12 on target. Both are season records.

    Mahrez lost the ball 26 times I think – the most of any player.

    To say we were poor is either prejudice or a preconceived notion not supported by evidence.

  2. Louis Almeida

    Wengaball, Yes I agree. We played very well that day, both teams did from an attacking perspective.

    This time it won’t be as easy because we have nobody to initiate play from deep and all our forwards are in poor form apart from Ozil. Hope we can win.

  3. Bamford10

    Headline: “Giroud Tells Why he Chose the #12 Jersey at Arsenal”

    Me: Because he’s second-rate & knows he shouldn’t be in Arsenal’s first XI?

  4. Bamford10


    Re your Twitter question, my football account is Bamford10 (@afabulousopera6). My politics account is J.M. Bee (@j_em_bee), but note that I’m a Marxist, so my views don’t represent the views of most “ordinary” Americans. If you want those, you’re best off reading selected hashtag feeds at selected times. For example, read #scprimary the day of the South Carolina primary, or #FeeltheBern for Sanders folks, etc. Or you might read the comment sections at a Fox News, CNN, NY Times website. Prepare to be stunned by the ignorance and reaction on the right, however.

  5. Bamford10


    Not sure “social democrat” is an accurate term for my politics. I’m a Marxist — and specifically a Trotskyist — so my politics is actually to the left of much “social democracy”.

    If you’re interested in genuine Marxism, Trotskyism or international socialism, these are the guys to read:

    Fantastic publication.

  6. Alfie

    Anyone still on here wishing for Benteke?

    And before you all scream about the service he is getting at Liverpool, still couldn’t hit a barn door last night.

    Complete pony.

  7. Bamford10


    Yes, he missed some chances. But his hold-up play, his touches and his movement were all quite good. Remains a much better CF than Giroud, IMO, despite his current goal drought.

  8. Sam

    I found this whole scout issue ridiculous n demeaning that Leicester are mocking us.
    Wenger doesn’t know how to preserve Arsenal pride.
    Do we really need to hire a scout from a small team? We have the money for Isco, Carvalho, Lukaku etc….
    Why do we need someone who discovered Kante? Laughable

  9. Bamford10

    Debuchy apparently played 80 minutes last night for Bordeaux, in their 3-0 loss to Lyon.

    I guess Chambers is our back-up RB. Debuchy lost so much post-injury, though, Chambers is probably better than him now anyways.

  10. Alfie

    “Remains a much better CF than Giroud, IMO”

    Based on what though? Much better??

    His hold up play is ok but so is Girouds and he gets lambasted for not scoring enough.

    6 goals in 20 games is poor and whilst I accept his AV record was impressive, the name Michu springs to mind.

  11. Sam

    Arsenal have a global network of scout
    The only problem is they never paid the asking price.
    They’ve gone after Leicester scout coz they think He’ll find cheap players


  12. Dissenter

    I don’t believe for one minute that we got the wrong scout.
    People,in football know the innovators.
    The Wigglesmith guy is only 24 years old and has to be a progidious talent to have had that job for four years. I believe he found these players and his 50 year old boss (supposedly the real scout) got the credit.

  13. Bamford10


    Apologies, thought you wrote “might” not “must”. Yes, my politics are to the left of Sanders’s, but he is a positive sign in American politics and a refreshing change from the rest of the center-right and right-wing representatives of the US ruling elite.

  14. Dissenter

    Breaking news: Adam Johnson just pled guilty to sexual activity and grooming of a minor.

    I know your sentencing standards are lightweight over there but surely his playing career is over. He shouldn’t be allowed to come near a stadium since there are young girls around.

  15. Dissenter

    That’s explains your blustery exchanges here with Wenger apologists.
    You’re well versed with standing your ground because the average American garbed in Chinese made apparel has ZERO clue about communism.
    They view ideologies with talkshow acquired cliches not with any deep reasoning.
    That is why I believe your candidate won’t have a chance in hell to win the general election. I think he will beat Hillary in the primaries (whom I support but accept is damaged goods) He will define the race and make the country talk about the real issues that are pulverizing everyday Americans.
    There’s just too much stacked against Bernie. I have followed him for 1.5 decades and he’s the most authentic politician in America but his ideas have little chance of coming to fruition.

    Much respect to you for your political authenticity. I hate people who can’t stand away from the crowd..

  16. Sam

    Leicester might give us hard time if Le clown starts the same team
    If he omits Flamini n Ramsey we will brush them aside.
    I hope Coq if fit to start

  17. Dissenter

    You’re a bloody hypocrite 🙂
    Here you are calling Wenger “Le Clown”

    Had it been Gambon or Bamford that called him less, you’ll be rallying the Wenger cause.

  18. Dissenter

    Who are the “fuming” Arsenal fans fuming because Kroenke bought investment property in Texas.
    That’s prime land that’s only going to grow in value, once the price of oil goes back up.

    The guy’s billionaire looking to invest his money wisely. Where better than Texas where there’s zero property taxes to purchase good property that runs itself.
    That property is typical Kroenke. He won’t have to spend a penny on it because it will run itself and keep growing in value.

  19. Bobby 7

    Bamford, you must be fearing for your life over there in the US then?Considering most ppl there feel that any socialist (or communist as they like to say) should be shot on sight.

    Nice to hear a different tune from a yank for once.

  20. qna

    Bamford. On wsws are people trolling the sites posters when they type greetings comrades or is that really how you greet each other?

    Seems odd to do that? Does it make you more left to use that word instead of hi/hello?

    Anyway it seems odd that you are ultra left wing and oppose Wengers socialist wage policy and promote arsenal to spend in an ultra capitalist way.

  21. Carts

    @ Sam

    you make a good point. And Redtruth also said something similar to that. Snaring Leicester’s scouts shows two sides to an issue. On one hand, it looks as if we’re making progress from a recruitment standpoint, however on the other hand, there is a WTF element attached.

    As you said, we have money to sign top players, we really should have the resources and connections to sign a Mahrez/Kante. Bringing in the Leicester guys is actually a slap in the face of our current scouts (and what not).

  22. qna

    Carts they deserve more than a slap in the face. They should be out the door with Wenger.

    I was feeling more optimistic with the new youth acquisitions but losing 2-0 and getting booted out of UEFA U19s against anderlecht yesterday is not a good sign. Maybe we will buy their double goal scorer on the night Jan somebody.

  23. useroz

    Sometimes you ought to think if stats could be revealing. Excerpt fr ANR…

    – Change your view on the Sunday game?

    – What must wenger do differently to buck the trend?
    Data we didn’t know about is revealed by Opta and others. It was a shock to be told that in the last 11 games against league leaders, Arsenal have lost 6 and drawn 4 and won 1.

    And scored 4 goals while conceding 18???

    … tempted to dismiss that by saying, ”Every football match is different, every season is different. All of that was before Petr Cech came.”

    But are those *cultural* stats? The sign of a team that can’t handle pressure?

    Scored only 4 goals in 11 games against the league leaders?

  24. Sam

    If Elneny was £30millions player he wouldn’t be given a day off
    He would be celebrating a new baby on the pitch with Flamini warming the bench

    Just saying

  25. Sam

    Not saying Elneny is crap
    We bought him for next season just like Gabriel
    It’ll take time for him to adjust n learn to communicate with his new team mates

  26. N5

    Agreed Alfie, Benteke was absolute pony. I sit with a couple of scousers and they were discussing last night and saying it’s not just then, but that he’s missing nearly all 1 on 1s and should be in the Andy Carroll pile of wasted cash!

    It’s funny listen to them whinge though, in their whiney scouse accents!!

    Oh they do doh don’t deh doh!!!

  27. qna

    Does anyone else here think that Oxlaide was trying to pull that ball in front of the keeper hoping for a runner? Looking at his body shape that doesnt seem like a shot. I am not convinced he was shooting and I am far from convinced he is “in form” as Wenger suggests.

  28. Carts


    A deserved slap as well. I mean, it’s not like our scouts have anything to show for their efforts of late. You’d imagine that they’d be given all the resources necessary considering how little we spend and how much we’re sitting on.

    Then we rock up at Leicester and take their scout (or whatever). Very weird. At one stage Wenger was trafficking players out of Ligue 1 with no remorse.

  29. qna

    Jim. I think a full season loan at a club like that will answer the queation. He is certainly not good enough to be ourbfirst choice and playing here and there is clearly not working for him.

    I have no idea how Campbell lost his place to the Ox. Campbell is probably also in the not good enough category, but he earnt his spot ahead of Oxlade surely.

  30. Red&White4life

    “Still think Oxlade Chamberlain isn’t good enough to play for Arsenal, ”

    But L’olreal and theo are good enough ??

  31. Jim lahey

    @Qna – Yeah that would be a good idea, a season with a premier league team to see if he can cut it playing week in week out, he is 23 now, its time to shit or get off the pot.

    “But L’olreal and theo are good enough ??”

    No, Giroud is a good sub to have, Walcott should be nowhere near the club.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    To be honest in terms of our front line, we need a much better ST and a RM/LM depending on whether you want to start Sanchez at LM or RM.

    This is why all this ‘no WC ST no point’ stuff in the summer was rubbish, if that was the case we should have improved in the wide area with a more technical, playmaker style wideman.

    We’ve left ourselves with it all to do this summer, and the more stress and pressure on Wenger, the less he will do. We could easily have cured our central midfield needs and acquired a wideman last summer and given ourselves less to do this summer.

  33. MidwestGun

    Leeds –
    Yep, and it puts paid to this ridiculous notion that Kroenke needs 200 million in a cash account at Arsenal for credit worthiness. He has the credit and extra cash to by a 750 mill ranch on a whim. And is still able to build a 2 billion dollar stadium in LA. I think he has good credit. That 200 mill at Arsenal doesn’t mean crap to him. The only one holding back on tansfers is AW. End of.

  34. S Asoa

    ” Not saying Elmeny is crap , we bought him to develop and use next year ”

    Just saying Elmy is piss poor. Comes before the turd is ejected .

    Just ajoke. He “might” turn out to be good.

  35. S Asoa

    On the fairy tale of Kroenke , his ranch costing 750 million and dim thinking of not needing the 200 million marinating at the Club .
    If Wenger is the sole and arsehole culprit in not spending ,
    Why does Kroenke not fire his accomplice Arsene Wenger ?

  36. MidwestGun

    Pretty simple.. Kroenke bought the Club because of Arsene. Knows he will deliver good enough performance without having to put more money into Club. But there is now way Stan tells Arsene what to do when it comes to football decisions and transfers. Whenever Arsene wanted to spend what was there Stan has never said no to an Ozil type transfer outlay. and he has said before whatever AW wants he gets.

  37. S Asoa

    Kroenke could buy in the majority share holding in Arsenal only because AW convinced Lady Jane to sell to Kroenke rather than to the rich oligarch.
    The lady is repenting her decision .
    Explains a lot ?

  38. Cesc Appeal


    Can you post a list of banned words please…this is getting ridiculous.

    Have to hunt for banned words inside bigger words.

  39. S Asoa

    There was lot of fan pressure when Ozil was bought. Shows the salutary effects on the brain of a resounding kick on the behind.
    Ask a mule
    Ask Ardene

  40. MidwestGun

    In fairness to Pedro, not sure how binning people works but most of the banned words are names of former banned trolls. If he posted a list of all the banned word people it might be lengthy but I don’t know.

  41. MidwestGun

    h.elmet and L.e P.rof for instance are banned for the same person or whatever his alias is now. so you can assume if someone has been binned you cant use that word.

  42. azed

    “He says a lot of bullshit, a LOT.”


    Nasri and Cesc can’t leave in the same transfer window

    I have a surprise for the fans(with his annoying smile) and unveils the Man UTD spy also know as Shitvestre?

  43. MidwestGun

    hmmm Vincent Koziello link…. sounds like a potential Wenger summer signing to me. Young, relatively unknown, good stats. Not a lot of Big clubs in for him. Well unless you count AC Milan as a big Club. Wont be asking top dollar like a Carvalho release clause of 35mill.

    Need to check his injury record. He might be too healthy, maybe he has a pregnant wife, tho.

  44. Marko

    I mean, Gabriel hasn’t really done much of note. He’s been pretty unimpressive when he’s been allowed a chance. I’d say early days, but it’s been a year.

    Kind of fast tracked the post when I saw that perl of wisdom

  45. gonsterous

    Wally and Ramsey had a short spell where they played out of their skin.. but have been riding on that small purple patch for a long time now, and is expected to start every game.. they are bang average..

  46. Jeff

    “Injury prone ex-Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby is set to return to action for Marseille after 17 months on the sidelines.”

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  47. Jeff

    “But the Gunners’ largest shareholder Stan Kroenke has certainly splashed some cash – on a Texas ranch worth about £500m. The property is spread over six counties and Kroenke, who is worth about £5bn, now owns more than 865,000 acres of land in the United States – an area three times the size of Los Angeles, or four-and-a-half times the size of New York. Only eight people own more land than Kroenke in the United States.”

    And all we get is Wenger and fourth. Lousy bastard.

  48. Up 4 grabs now

    I see benedikt howdes and William carvalho have signed New long term contracts.
    Two more for Wenger to come out with in a couple of years and claim he nearly signed them!

    Throw in granit xhaka, who is flirting with city now.
    That’s another who will be added to the list.

  49. Rhys Jaggar

    ‘N5February 10, 2016 13:13:02
    Adam Johnson pleade guilty to kissing and touching a child but not to having sex with her.’

    N5 – these cases are usually more complicated than you make out. As I understand it, he met the girl in question in a place where you had to be 18 to be legal, so she was breaking the law.

    If you’re in a club for 18+s and you see a young, sexually well developed young girl, do you ask to see her birth certificate, her passport and the like before asking if she’d like a snog? Especially if’s pretty enthusiastic about the latter??

    The guy’s broken the law and he’s going to be punished, but guys like you need to demonstrate a healthy level of disdain toward girls who break the law going into places for the over 18s and then crying foul because she was assumed to be over 18 as a result.

    You can give the club owner and management bloody hell for not checking IDs properly and hence letting 15 year olds into a club for the over 18s.

    None of us know the absolute truth but it’s about time it became societally normal to ask girls for proof of age before agreeing to buy them a drink, dance with them and snog them.

    It’s embarrassing, it’s gauche and it’s square, but it’s what all men between 18 and 30 need to do right now. To save themselves from what Johnson is going to get.

    By the way, I hope you never ‘groomed’ a 15 year old when you were in the sixth form at school……

    My sister could get served at bars when she was 13 because she was fully grown and pretty well developed by that age. She didn’t abuse that ability but she had to prove she was 13 to get half fare on the tube growing up……it happens with a good many girls, I can tell you……

    So it could be pretty easy to be caught out never having had the intention of doing anything wrong……

  50. Sam

    Isn’t it sick to mock a player with injury
    Never mind the pain he goes through, It stops him from playing the game he loves.
    Hat off to Diaby, he doesn’t wanna quit. I hope he goes into coaching or anything to give back to football

  51. N5

    Oh and a 6th form 16 year old chatting up a 15 year old is a million miles from a 28 year old chatting up a 15 year old.

    I get that she may have looked older and I get that we don’t ask everyone we meet for ID, but there is much much much more to this than a man getting caught out in a night club

  52. Dusty Kart

    Two wrongs don’t make it right he knew full well what he was doing and now he faces the consequences

    He should have known better and to me he’s a nonce.

  53. somerandomperson

    The guardian report says Johnson knew she was under 16.

    “Johnson is accused of grooming the teenager between 30 December 2014 and 26 February 2015 and having met with her to carry out sexual activity knowing that she was under 16, the age of consent. Standing in the dock, Johnson answered “guilty”.”

    Dont think anyone can argue it was a misunderstanding.

  54. somerandomperson

    In the world of football financially winners are football players and agents.
    Most football clubs are in debt , they hardly make any profit most make loses.
    Fans still want shiny new players with high wages but ticket prices to stay the same. Liverpool made something like 100m or so loss in the last 3 years. It makes no sense for business men like Kroenke to put money in the football club.

    Unless the wage and agent fees are capped the ticket prices are never coming down. Wage cap is almost impossible in football where it is spread across countries , different laws different connections like UEFA etc.

    Football is doomed .

  55. nepGunner

    If things run out, Wenger will use the global warming, N Korea’s space program or the African civil unrest to vindicated himself. He is turning into the greatest shameless sore looser ever seen or heard of.

    He whines about this and that as an excuse for not performing to the level/extent that Arsenal could/should yet ignores all the resources, advices, technogies, and common sense ALREADY at his disposal that could extensively help him and the club to attain so much more..Yet AKBs here trump ANY other club take him at a heartbeat..I wish.. I can only wish..

  56. nepGunner

    Wenger NEVER buys to win.. He ONLY buys to get to the 4th or thereabout.. Such a sorry state of affairs for Arsenal fans who want the AFC to at least compete at its full potential and give it’s best to win. I don’t understand the rational of a professional sports club or a professional sports person to just go out and play for the sake of it. They shouldn’t be in pro sports then.. They should join the Olympics movement. Some craps Wenger and AKBs want to sell off is so full of…well CRAP

  57. Dissenter

    The Chinese mean business
    Loic Remy is rumored to be moving to China too.

    They must be offering crazy salaries

    Don’t we have any players who can be sold to Chinese clubs too.
    We could sell Arteta and Rosicky quickly.

  58. Alex Cutter

    “My sister could get served at bars when she was 13 because she was fully grown and pretty well developed by that age”

    So I’ve heard!

  59. N5

    Grabs my man, hows SA treating you? you settled in yet?

    @Dusty/Grabs, I was in Pentonville because Rhys said it was OK for me to snog a 10 year old that was in a night club and if anything it’s her fault not mine! but apparently that’s not how the law works!!

    Still I’m out now!!

  60. Up 4 grabs now

    I’m good mate yeah still settling in. Just bought a house 5 bed, pool all the works. 70k all in.
    Tell me why I left London again!

    Missing the family and going to arsenal of course, but all good.

  61. N5

    70k Grabs, bloody hell! I hope you are loving it mate. How’s the weather? GoonerGirl used to wind me up with the fact she’d been lying by a pool whilst I was shivering.

  62. N5

    Yeah I do feel for you guys, it makes L’Oreals missed an open net face even more frustrating I bet.

    I hope you’ve adapted to weekends in the sun and by the pool over grey skies of Ashburton Grove.

  63. gambon

    N5 has been inside for a few months for fingering a 14 year old with his old pal Rhys.

    I get what Rhys is saying….and i reckon a lot of lies are being told at that case.

    But the second he found out she was 15 why did he hang around?

    One of my best mates has been married for 4 years…now in his 30s…..he was 18 when they met, she was 15. Is he a Paedo?

    Its a

  64. N5

    gambon, I don’t think he can be considered one no, or he played the really long grooming game.

    My friends dad married a girl that as a papergirl for a shop he owned. She was 13 he was 40 when they met, they got married when she was 17, had kids and the world didn’t care!!

  65. Marc


    I’ve always thought it should be taken into account whether the guy genuinely knew how old she was. There was a case where a guy in his late teens / early twenties meet a girl at a club and slept with her – she was 15, he didn’t know and it was a one night stand, her parents found out and he was prosecuted and put on the sexual offenders list. Crazy that the guys entire life ruined for an innocent misjudgement.

  66. Dissenter

    Breaking news; Liverpool owners back down on ticket prices and apologized to fans.

    When is that last time Arsenal apologized to the fans for making errors?

  67. N5

    I don’t always agree with the methods, but watching Blackburn fans out Steve Kean, Chelsea out Benitez, Liverpool not tolerate ticket prices, Dortmund not tolerate ticket prices, Bayern not tolerate OUR ticket prices etc etc and we just sit and take it over and over.

    We charge more than any other club and I’d love for Liverpool’s action to bleed into the league and force club hands to lower prices.

  68. N5

    Marc, just working a lot mate. I’m now working in Victoria Street so I spend a huge amount of my time commuting. I still read a lot but just haven’t had the time to get as involved as I’d like. Just the odd comment here and there.

  69. London gunner

    Adam Johnson

    Is a fool. He is so rich he could fuck any 18 plus year old with a stunning face and giant double e’s. He doesn’t need some whore 15 year old who is probably just trying to black mail him for money.

    If he fucked her without knowing age fair enough, but as soon as he found out her age. He needs to stop fucking around with her call up his lawyer and maybe voluntarily tell the police. I don’t know what I would do in that situation but I’d probably shit my pants with fear/horror


  70. Marc


    That’s the crazy thing, there are loads of pretty girls who want to be a WAG, just whisper a few lines and that knickers elastic will cause shrapnel wounds they’ll come off so fast.

    Instead his career is fucked and he’ll probably be made an example of and do time.

  71. Marc


    Sort of glad – since when did so called football experts ever tell you something you didn’t know?

    Didn’t see it but by all account Michael Owen was atrocious even by his own standards last night.

  72. WengerEagle

    Ah Michael Owen, what would the insomniacs do without him?

    Here are some of my favourite Owen commentary

    pearls of wisdom:

    ‘To score goals in this league you need players who can score goals. That’s what it is all about’

    ‘The linesman has gotten that completely right but it’s the wrong decision.’

    If you can’t win the game then you have to make sure that you win the game some other way.’

    ‘Do they deserve the win? No, Liverpool do. Which is why a draw is a fair result.’

    ‘Eden Hazard showing there why he is Belgian’.

    ‘When you are on international duty you come back and then you’re home again.’

    ‘That’s a fantastic penalty but he’ll be gutted that it went wide’.

    ‘What a shot, that’s completely unstoppable. But the keeper’s got to do better for me’.

    ‘It’s impossible to stop Wayne Rooney when he’s in this kind of mood unless you tackle him like Jagielka did there.’

    ‘Footballer’s these days often have to use their feet’.

    ‘He’s given the referee no choice but to consider his options.’

    Spot the fake and the real quotes in here hahaha.

  73. Marko

    The guy’s broken the law and he’s going to be punished, but guys like you need to demonstrate a healthy level of disdain toward girls who break the law going into places for the over 18s and then crying foul because she was assumed to be over 18 as a result.

    Bet you’re one of those guys who think women who get r@ped should share responsibility or blame for I dunno being good looking or for leaving the house.

  74. Marko

    Who honestly cares what scouts we pick up. As long as we have a manager who’s afraid of spending money we’ll also be at a disadvantage

  75. Wallace

    “He is so rich he could fuck any 18 plus year old with a stunning face and giant double e’s. He doesn’t need some whore 15 year old who is probably just trying to black mail him for money.”

    oh my….

  76. Ces1ne

    WallaceFebruary 10, 2016 21:03:04
    “He is so rich he could fuck any 18 plus year old with a stunning face and giant double e’s. He doesn’t need some whore 15 year old who is probably just trying to black mail him for money.”
    oh my….

    I realize there wasn’t a way to defend wenger in the last few posts, but what was your problem with the above comment that led to another gem “oh my…..”???
    There is NO EXCUSE for what AJ did, but where in the original comment was there anything offensive or insulting when it comes to the actual situation? The man was sooooooo wrong but to say the girl wasn’t displaying “whorish” tendencies is ridiculous bc you weren’t there & there is no way a 15 year old girl hanging out at those types of establishments are the “good girl” type.

    To keep my point clear…..Johnson has NO EXCUSE for his actions & should be reprimanded but it “takes 2 to tango”

  77. Ces1ne

    No excuse for Johnsons behavior, but there is no excuse for the girl to put herself in that situation either. She wasn’t “wrong”, just naive & doing things a lot of more -mature looking teenagers do as well. He should’ve known better, not only bc of his age, but bc of the “status” he has, she isn’t mature enough mentally to know better yet so the blames gotta be on Adam.

  78. london gunner


    Wallace is a proper PC feminist wanker.

    If a young girl goes to club pretends to be older than she is and tries to sleep with football players who are most most likely displaying their welath and buying loads of champagne and sitting in VIP section she is a bit of a ditzy whore? Well yes.

    when you go to a night club they scan your passport these days so god knows how she even got in? Blew the bouncer maybe. Either way I doubt she lost her innocence to him, me thinks she was most likely the village banjo strummed by every redneck chav in town.

  79. london gunner


    I feel like he should go to prison for simply being A an idiot and B abit of a nonce if it turns out he knew her age.

    But her parents should be fined why were they letting their daughter go to a nightclub? Now because of their lack of parenting its probably costing the tax payer thousands.

  80. Ces1ne


    Completely agree on all points
    Should probably throw in the nightclub owner/bouncer for pretty much “enabling” the situation from the start. If they did their jobs (just like the parents should have), the girl wouldn’t have been in the situation.
    And the point you made about this definitely not being the first time she has either attempted something like this before or has been passed around the block a few times is 110% correct from my own personal experiences, both from when I was younger AND now.