Three points good | Very big concerns about Arsenal health

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Arsenal took three points in what many would call a game you should be taking 3 points in.

No real drama today.

Two early goals from Ozil and Chamberlain kept the afternoon drama free. The opener came when Ramsey floated a long ball into the box, he found Giroud who nodded back to an oncoming Ozil, he timed his run perfectly and smashed his shot high to the right of the keeper.

The second came from Chamberlain, he broke out wide picking up an Ozil pass, he lashed what was clearly a cross at the back post and it went in. Great for his confidence. Great for the team.

This match wasn’t really ‘wow, we’re back’… it was kind of a bit disappointing how many chances we let Bournemouth have. The Flamsey combination (our whatsapp group decided ‘Ramini’ sounded too sophisticated) just isn’t working. What make that problem worse is it looks like it’s being left to fester. Because nothing changes game after game.

When Rambo eventually gets shifted out wide again, he can’t complain. We badly miss Coquelin and we desperately miss the distribution skills of Cazorla. Again, that was another miss from Wenger in the summer. A fit and able deputy to a 31 year old maestro.

Can I mention, again, what a shambles the signing of Elneny has been. He didn’t even make the bench today (*I know he had a kid, but point is, he wouldn’t have started). What was the point in that signing? Someone needs to ask Wenger why he doesn’t sign readymade players when he has a real-time problem. Utterly mental how he goes about winning trophies.

Also, another fabulous game from Petr Cech. He made 3 world class saves, and kept the scoreline respectable, AGAIN. I can’t work out whether I’m over the moon we have someone who can do that, or whether I’m upset about how often he has to save the day? I mean, it doesn’t have to be one of the other, I just do that for effect.

We need to stop leaking chances. If we don’t we’re going to get ripped apart by, errrr, Leicester.

Anyway, important things today.

No injuries.

A win.

A clean sheet.

A MEGA weekend next week when the top four teams all play each other. It’s going to be great. How good are Spurs? How good are we? Can City recover? Who is going to take the run in by the scruff of the neck?

Alan Smith said if Leicester win the league, it’s a sad indictment on Arsenal. People get offended by that because it’s a sad indictment on everyone.

NO. Other teams have won the league in recent memory. Chelsea and United won’t be this bad for long. City are sacking their manager at the end of the season (so dim announcing that early). Leicester changed managers in the summer. We are a club that loves to chat stability. We have bitched about having no money for years and how you can’t compete if you’re skint. Now we have a club that has neither of those two competing for real.

This is our time and we’re not taking the bull by the horns. If Leicester win the league, I think it pretty much kills Wenger’s spin for the last decade. It kills his stadium spin. It kills the notion that stability is worth anything in the modern game. It kills his defeatist attitude to winning.

Anyway, it’s all exciting.

BIG weekend for Wenger. BRING IT.

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  1. gambon


    Dont believe that bollocks about Wenger scouting players for 540 years….its not true.

    He doesnt know what hes doing from day to day.

    ” i want Higuain….hes the man for me”

    “Actually i want Suarez…do anything to get him”

    “Actually i dont think hes worth more than 40,000,001 so cancel that”

    “I want Ozil…..i know ive been looking at strikers but now ive decided its another number 10 that i want”

  2. Follow the money

    I’d like to have Opta. I’d like to see how many times Arsenal have been the best team over the calendar year like last year. I’m guessing it’s happened alot, and yet we still failed to win the league. Proof we’re bottlers when the pressure is on. Mental strength my ass

  3. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger is a massive ditherer, it has nothing to do with prudence, he admitted dithering over Cech…literally the most obvious signing you could ever imagine at £10 million, but obviously he had to worry about world class Ospina and world class Schez.

    If that doesn’t scare the shit out of you and make you realise transfers should probably be taken out of his hands, nothing will.

  4. London gunner

    Julian weigl

    Of Dortmund fame is the cm to look out for.

    He is 20 years old with better passing stats than pjanic, gundogan, Ramsey and xhaka. With better defensive stats than all those players than xhaka. He is a regular starter in BVB and described as Germans next greatest cm. He is also 6 foot 2

  5. fabregas bald head

    arsenals main problem is more mental than technical
    we broke up the invincibles to quickly…no one carrying the torch.
    selling Gilberto IMO was very wrong and unnecessary.
    no one in this team has won the league except Cëch
    take for example arsenal vs hull city fa cup final: the pressure got to the lads..almost bottled it cus they don’t know what is to win a trophy
    then take Aston villa fa cup final the next year. villa who are a far better team than hull city we dispatched them with ease cus the confidence is there that they’ve won it b4
    this EPL would be more difficult for arsenal to win than say Leicester cus they have nothing to lose..anywhere they finish this season its a wonderful season..but if the bookies make them favourites now…they’ll bottle it…no matter the outcome of arsenal Leicester
    coping under pressure is what makes champions…if arsenal win the league it would have a soap opera ,heart attacky ending

  6. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I understand Wenger is a big believer in stats an data ?

    Not seen them but surely flamini can’t have great stats from recent performance ?
    Or is it the brace against Spurs still plays in wengers head ?

    Never been a big fan of flamini , when he did thevbosnan thing I thought was poor taste…

    So let’s get this right DM was a problem last couple of years , then he struck lucky with injuries an got coq….
    So what does he do since then that an injury could ruin the season in that postition

    He signs an unknown pole who may or may not be good ? (Didn’t look good against Sheff ?

    Then signs elenary who he has gone cold on!

    So all in all its poor management

  7. Redtruth

    Arsenal were not competitive in 2008 and haven’t been since they last won the title in 2004.

    Wenger’s Managerial weakness has been exposed countless times and is not a new phenomena as some like to imagine.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    ‘But Monaco’s statement was always that two players, Martial and Kurzawa, would not move. I thought they would maintain that, but in the end both of them moved.’

    That statement from Wenger tells you everything you need to know.

    ‘Hi Monaco, are Martial or Kurzawa available?’

    ‘No, f**k off.’

    ‘Okay…Hi Madrid, is Benzema available.’

    ‘No, f**k off.’

    ‘Okay…jeez no one is available out there.’

  9. fabregas bald head

    there’s no need to lie rscp….
    Czech wasnt part of EU at that time
    and work permit was an issue
    we scoured him a year b4 Chelsea …Chelsea scouted him and got him the following year…u can’t buy everybody based on potential…and in Cëch’s case we tried

  10. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Do you think Wenger is liked by his peers ?
    Or do they just tolerate him?

    When he signs these unknowns the sellers must be think thank god what’s that cunt think he can do with him?

  11. gambon

    Yeah Agueros just shocking with his best goalscoring record in the PL over the last 5 seasons.

    Awful player.

    Nearly as bad as 5 x Ballon Dor Lionel Messi.

  12. Bob

    Demichelles was the villain for man city against Leicester, Huth mugged him off for the 1st & 3rd & mahrez destroyed him with a step over for the second, he had an absolute mare! Otamendi has been poor but demi is woeful

  13. Bob

    atleast he can find the back of the net more often than not, not like what we currently have as striker options, I’d sell giroud,Theo & ox just to have augero in our side, keep welbeck as a back up

  14. London gunner


    Saul vs Julian


    Forward passes

    31 vs 57

    Total passes

    45 vs 87

    Successful passes

    35 vs 80

    Successful passes%

    78 vs 92

    Saul chance creation and key passes is 0.14 better

    Saul averages an extra tackle a game at

    2.54 vs 1.54

    Interceptions Julian averages 0.15 more

    Saul averages just under an extra aerial duel per game to Julian

    Saul also has a slightly better take on rate.

  15. Bob

    Takes Theo 70mins to realise he’s on the pitch taking part in a game sometimes & that’s only because he’s numbers on the board & sombodies told him he’s being subbed

  16. jwl

    Why wont Wenger buy world class striker, someone who score 30 league goals per season? Wally and L’Oreal are not consistent enough, too streaky.

    Theo is only being played as striker now because Bellerin better wide player, Theo should have been sold because now we seeing why Theo was played wide for years.

    Have you’s talked about Clement fired at fifth placed Derby already?

    seems weird to fire your manager for not enhancing a squad’s style of play after thirty games and then replace him with temporary manager until end of season. Derby style of play likely to get worse, not better, now.

  17. gambon

    London Gunner

    Not sure where you got them stats from.

    In terms of their league performances, Weigl averages 5.95 defensive actions per 90, Saul 8.6 per 90.

    Its too early to say, but i think Saul has a better all round game by some distance.

    He will be a worldy.

  18. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You are either

    A . In an office job bored as fuck
    B. A security guard Who had plenty of time for browsing strems of all the sporting events arounfpd him ?
    C. Banged up in an open prison doing the last few years of a tax embezzlement from the bank scandal ..

    What is it old bean

  19. Johnty79

    It looks like we’ve taken the Leicester video scout….not sure it can help with Steve Rowley still chief scout at the club. To be honest I’m not why wenger has scouts as he tends to need a player watched 50 times before signing him.

    You don’t need a scouting network to sign Sanchez,Ozil or Cech just watch telly.

  20. London gunner


    Have to disagree

    I think Saul is better defensively and is seen as the future of Spain’s cm role.

    Julian is the far better passer as evidenced by the stats. Check who scored or squawka if you don’t believe.

    Julian consequently is seen as the future of Germany’s holding mid role. He is known as Dortmund organiser and is lauded for his ability on the transitional passing from a defensive zone to offence. At 20 years he has replaced Sven vender and is only second to gundogan at passing.

    Both players are special both despite playing similar roles bring quite different qualities/styles to the table.

  21. WengerEagle

    Weigl has been excellent this season, been very impressed by him in that Dortmund CM.

    Like Saul Niguez too, and Ruben Neves.

    All 3 have blindingly bright futures in the game providing that they keep their heads down and avoid a leg breaker/ACL injury, just ask poor old Fekir or Zouma.

  22. WengerEagle

    Will be interesting to see what Simeone decides to do in the summer if Atletico Madrid finish trophyless again.

    As magnificent as he has been for them you kind of feel that they peaked in 2014 and that they won’t again reach such heights in the near future.

    I know that they are still in the title race and the UCL knockouts but I can’t see them advancing past Barcelona or Bayern Munich over two legs and I seriously doubt that they will catch Barcelona in the league now that they’ve lost twice to them which effectively hands Barcelona a 7 point lead providing that they win the match in hand.

    To take them from the relegation zone when he took over them to League and Cup Champions and Champions League Finalists in the space of just 2-3 years has to rank as one of the greatest achievements of all time in the sport, no?

    And he would be leaving them in a very healthy position competing in the league and the UCL with top young talent in the squad such as Griezmann, Oblak, Gimenez, Saul Niguez, Koke, Vietto, Carassco and more I’ve probably forgotten about.

    The two most likely destinations for me if he leaves are either Chelsea or Lazio/Inter Milan over in Italy. (Simeone has strong ties to both as he played for both clubs)

    Mancini is having a terrible time of it lately for Inter after a bright start to the season, the wheels have well and truly come off and they are now fighting just for the top 3 and not the title.

  23. salparadisenyc

    Kind of a weird sacking Clements.

    Derby sitting 5th in the Championship, they’ve won 14, lost 7 and drawn 12 since he took over.

    On a pretty shit run without winning in 7, but harsh not to give him the full season.

  24. WengerEagle

    London Gunner

    It’s a shame that we opted for Elneny tbh as it basically rules out us moving for one of these better players in the summer. (May sound harsh on Elneny but he’s 23/24 and is completely unproven at this level whereas these players are starting for two huge clubs at 20/21 years old.)

    Neves is Porto’s captain isn’t he? And he’s 18!

    If I had to pick one of the three I would probably opt for Neves tbh as he looks a little bit more gifted on the ball than the other two IMO.

    Would take any of the three of them though, they would all suit our style of play.

    Btw may sound a bit silly, but what is our style of play right now?

    The yesteryears of playing sexy football under Wenger are long over IMO.

  25. reality check

    BobFebruary 8, 2016 19:43:54

    Demichelles was the villain for man city against Leicester, Huth mugged him off for the 1st & 3rd & mahrez destroyed him with a step over for the second, he had an absolute mare! Otamendi has been poor but demi is woeful
    This is part of the breakdown. Man for man they are not better than us.

    Millions written before a players name doesn’t mean that player is worth that amount.

    Demicelles? Otamendi? Mangala!!!

    Don’t make me laugh. Average to good at best.
    Just like our CBs are average to good.

    Personally i think koz is a great player but i do realize his recent form is poor.

    But city… please! Flippin delph. DELPH!!!

    Only Kun and Yaya are twice as good as our corresponding players.

    Giroud and Coquelin.

    All the millions and the numbers give the mirage of a great team, a power house Bayern Munich juggernaut.. na, not for me.

    We have more than enough to win the league this season.

    No Excuses.

  26. gambon


    I think it can be a bit basic to look at a players headline stats then make a decision on their ability.

    Pass completion is all about the style and system employed by the team as well as the type of players that are around you.

    For example Arteta went from 86% at Everton to 93% at his peak for Arsenal.

    Cabaye went from 79% at Newcastle to 90% at PSG.

    You only have to look at how Aaron Ramsey completes 86% vs Kokes 80% to see that an Arsenal player will have higer passing stats than an Atletico player.

    I think Saul has a higher ceiling. Much more all round action man type player a la Javi Martinez.

  27. WengerEagle

    Agree Sal, was a bizarre sacking.

    Could maybe understand if they were 5 points off the play-offs but they’re 5 points off the top and comfortably in the play-off spots.

    The poor lad can’t seem to shake off the Real Madrid working environment where anything but instant success gets you the sack.

  28. salparadisenyc

    And then you’ve got the Neville situation.
    Bleeding goals and killing his managerial career.

    His mistake was taking that job, Spanish don’t respect English players or coaches.

    Secret footballer has a great right up on.

  29. Cesc Appeal


    I agree with that.

    We look a bit devoid of identity right now, look like a group of individuals relying on one or two moments in a game to win us three points.

  30. gambon


    We really dont have a style of play right now.

    Much like everything else at the club, there seems to be no coherent plan at all.

    We have a slow CF and a slow CB….which means we are neither suited to a possession or a counter attacking style.

    We are unbalanced throughout the team….and we have absolutely awful goalscorers.

    Not that any of this worries Wenger.

  31. WengerEagle

    For the obscene money that they have spent, Man City really do have a substandard squad.

    They’re struggling to compete for the league again this year and crawled across the line twice in the four previous seasons.

    They have been routinely embarrassed in Europe season after season when they should at this stage have a squad that rivals Bayern/Barcelona/Real Madrid.

    The fact that only Sergio Aguero and possibly David Silva would get into Bayern or the top Spanish sides’ teams says it all IMO.

    And that’s being kind, based on this season Aguero wouldn’t start ahead of Benzema, Lewandowski or Suarez.

    Does David Silva get into these sides?

    It’s up for debate.

  32. WengerEagle


    That’s basically it, summed up very well.

    One week it’s Ozil, then Sanchez, then Giroud, maybe Ramsey.

    Very rare that they all click and play well as a cohesive unit.

    Happens maybe 4-5 times a season.

  33. Cesc Appeal


    Completely agree.

    Plus, we rely on Cech most games to keep us in it, I mean he pulled off 3-4 absolutely world class saves against Bournemouth.

    I don’t get this team, I don’t see where this is suppose to be headed, we have a near 30 year old ST who isn’t really top rate, then nothing else there, our central midfield is occupied by a guy that burst onto the scene last January and then a 31 year old CAM converted into a CM, the actual B2B CM can’t be trusted there so is shunted out to RM. No CAM outside of Ozil and severely lacking quality in the wide areas outside of Sanchez.

  34. WengerEagle


    Yeah agree.

    Our defensive line is probably our most balanced area of the pitch and even in that we have Mert who limits us to playing a deeper defensive line. (Having said that he has to start for me, Kos and Gabriel are a disaster waiting to happen as a CB partnership, way too similar and rash)

    Our midfield is a complete mess, we have nobody that can play as a CDM except Coquelin who while I really like pales in comparison to the likes of Veratti, Busquets, Alonso/Javi Martinez, Marchisio, etc which is what you’re up against if you even want to be bothered competing for the UCL.

    Besides Coquelin we have two complete chancers in Flamini and Arteta, one who should be embarrassed that he’s our captain. Flamini is a total liability.

    Then we have two very decent CAM’s in Ozil and Cazorla but even they have limitations, both are terrible finishers and cannot really dribble their way out of trouble or beat their marker. Don’t really rate Santi defensively either if truth be told and Ozil is hopeless defensively which is a problem if they are playing in the midfield 3 away from home or in Europe.

    Jack is a good player but is never fit so is pointless to discuss, Rosicky was a gifted player in his prime but he’s long over the hill now and has to be moved on.

    I actually have a lot of time for Ramsey, does have a tendency to frustrate the shit out of us but he’s good for 10 goals a season and he has a good eye for a pass, a terrific engine, he’s not the slowest and contributes defensively although he needs to improve in this respect and get back to his 2013-14 style of playing. Needs to keep it simple more often but he’s probably our least predictable player.

    Giroud is what he is, he’ll never be a 30 goal a season striker which is sadly what’s required but he’s more than good enough to be a back-up and deserves more credit than he gets.

    None of Oxlade Chamberlain, Walcott, Welbeck or Campbell are Arsenal quality and at least 3 of them should be sold IMO.

    Sanchez needs to improve his consistency and score more regularly, think that he should be moved over to the right with a top quality playmaker brought in to play with Monreal on the left.

    We need at least 3-4 news players, all players that would go straight into the first team.

    CF, LW, CM, CB.

  35. bennydevito

    RedtruthFebruary 7, 2016 20:31:54

    El TelHang your head in shame listing Seaman who got beaten by all people Nayim.I could name a hundred bad mistakes Seaman has made

    Still waiting for the other 91 mistakes Red…

  36. jwl

    R.S.P.C.Arsenal – Bit of a poison chalice Derby job I reckon ?

    Yes, I agree. Hard for Derby to find good managers if they are going to be fired when in fifth and only 2/3s through season. I wonder if Clement did or said something that angered the ownership and they don’t want to say real reason.

  37. Carts


    Yeah – my biggest criticism is the amount of games Derby have drawn – 12 is an insane amount of games at this stage of the season.

    I know it took them a while to get going but any way you look at it, the sacking is harsh and over reactive. They could well live to rue that decision as a new manager could see them sink to mid-table come what may.

  38. BacaryisGod

    There’s no reason why buying Elneny would prevent us from bringing in a top-class midfielder in the summer.

    Of the three players leaving us in the summer (we hope), Elneny seems to fit the Rosicky role the best. He’s a n all-purpose midfielder that buzzes about and likes to shoot from distance. He can’t hold a candle to Rosicky right now but once he strengthens like Ozil has done, I can see him being effective for us.

    That will leave us needing a player to replace the combined abilities of Flamini and Arteta. Not sure whether Arsene wants someone more creative and nimble, but I would take Wanyama in a second. I’ve mentioned Everton’s McCarthy before and he seems to have stuttered a little in recent months.

    I think we’ve all seen enough of Wanyama to know that he would be an effective destructive force for us.

  39. Redtruth


    You’ve access to a computer so why not check it out for yourself or if you are a fan as you claim why not play Arsenal’s Season Review Dvd and count all the mistakez Seaman made.

  40. BacaryisGod

    It will be very interesting if Wanyama goes with Spurs (and his old manager) this summer or if we can grab him. He’s in a great negotiating position though. His contract only goes through 2017 so with one year left on the deal after this season he will be a discounted player for interested clubs although how much of a discount Soton will offer remains to be seen.

    This summer will be interesting. I see the only defensive change being the return of Chezzer and Jenks (even if neither are quite at the level we need) to replace Ospina and Debuchy.

    If we release Rosicky, Flamini and Arteta, I’m pretty sure Arsene would want to add one solid central midfielder (Wanyama, Bender, Carvlho etc) to add strength to the current options of Coquelin, Ramsey, Cazorla, Wilshere and Elneny. That gives us six varied options for those two positions.

    Iwobi can continue with his apprenticeship under Ozil in the 10 role but we’ll have guys like Ramsey available for cover too.

    Alexis has the left side locked down and there appears to be a three-way battle for a starting right wide position between Campbell, Ox and Theo. At CF, Giroud has the spot if he keeps scoring and it will be up to Theo to show more fight than he’s done so far this season if he wants that position back.

    However, in our hearts, we all know that a mobile, brave and clinical CF would probably take us to the next level above any other position. In this situation I can actually see Theo being the odd one out with Campbell and Ox being preferred on the right, us bringing in a top-class CF to compete with Giroud and Theo being sold on to a second-tier club where he can be assured of a CF start.

    Who knows? Maybe Arsene moves Ox to central midfield and bring in Mahrez. No complaints from me on that one either!

  41. Sam

    Ryan Giggs looks 60
    Maybe he had surgery to look older n be considered for the job

    still looks younger than Diego Costa

  42. bennydevito


    Haha LOL! Good one. I could do that but

    A: Why would I do your work for you?
    B: I wouldn’t find another 91 mistakes because there aren’t any.

    Still, all good fun exposing you for the windup merchant troll you really are.

    LOL! LOL!

  43. somerandomperson

    Klopp’s EPL record at liverpool looks pretty bad.
    Played 17
    Won 6
    Drawn 5
    Lost 6

    That is 35% of wins at 1.35 points per game that is about 51 points well short 67-75 points required for the top 4.

  44. Bamford10


    “I admire Wenger for what he has done for us … and I won’t say a bad word about him.”

    Actually, you said plenty of bad things about him in that very same post, including:

    – “Wenger is outdated … everybody knows [this] … even the so called AKBs”
    – “[Wenger] has reached his sell by date.”
    – “Another manager would have won us the league at least once [b/t 2009 & now].”

    That’s a pretty damning assessment You apparently just don’t like saying these things aloud — i.e., telling the truth — as it violates some principle of yours (loyalty? respect?).

    Good to know, though, that you think Wenger is past-it, and that another manager would’ve won us at least one title b/t 2009 and now.

    Means you can see what is right before your eyes. Now if you’ll just admit openly that some of our players are also inadequate to the cause, we’ll really be getting somewhere.

  45. Redtruth

    Liverpool fans receiving news coverage and publicity for their staged walkout while cretins like Midwest lambasts and laughs at the very idea of a staged protest….
    His protestations should be discarded and not taken seriously.

  46. Wallace

    bunch of posters going hell for leather discussing two German midfielders there’s a excellent chance none of them have actually seen play before.

    stats sites must be an absolute godsend for those who don’t know their pecker from their elbow.

  47. bennydevito

    In all fairness redtruth, I think anybody would struggle going over Seaman’s entire career to catalogue his mistakes from the archives and even then any mistakes would be arguable from one person’s perspective to another.

    I think I’ve made my point.

  48. Sam

    I see

    Chamberlain is off the menu
    I can only see Wenger n David seaman being bashed here tonight
    You guys need nice pair of Tits to calm you down, seriously!

  49. WengerEagle


    One is a German (Weigl) and the other is Spanish (Saul).

    Also, do you find it that hard to believe that posters watch Atletico Madrid and Borussia Dortmund play?

    We’re not exactly talking about Espanyol and Hannover here, these are two huge clubs that people regularly watch.

  50. MidwestGun

    Liverpool fans receiving news coverage and publicity for their staged walkout while cretins like Midwest lambasts and laughs at the very idea of a staged protest….
    His protestations should be discarded and not taken seriously
    Red you really are tedious. Ive never said protest don’t work. However protests that aren’t organized, well attended, and don’t represent the majority opinion wont do anything. Even then, Thousands of people including the Governor of Missouri protested Kroenkes move to LA. it was covered by the media, did Fuck all in the end.
    Additionally, good luck protesting and demanding a manager sacking whilst we are in the top 3 in the middle of the season.
    Also, your persistence with the Cech thing is beyond comical now. didn’t think your views on Messi could make you look any dumber, turns out I was wrong.

    Bottom line Cech is better than Ospina and we should be upgrading every position. That you don’t get this, just makes you a dumbass.

  51. WengerEagle


    Not a problem, glad someone is taking advantage of the potential of this fresh Monday night on offer.

    For what it’s worth even if I don’t agree with some of what you have to say, I do rate you as one of the best posters on here.

  52. Redtruth


    Top 3 should not deflect attention away from the garbage dished up season upon season by Wenger.

    Your true colours are starting to show …….come out the closet and declare yourself..

  53. MidwestGun

    Ya… explain that to the millions of people who don’t see it your way at your protest.
    Just because I see it one way doesn’t change the reality that until Wenger does bad enough for the majority of season ticket holders to stage a protest then its futile and no amount of you ragging on Le Grove posters is going to change that.
    My guess is the only one familiar with living in a closet is you.

  54. Mick Kartun

    Some: “Red is always on at le grove in pretty much all the time. My theory he is being employed by Pedro and his full time job is to wind up people on here.”

    Whatever it takes to make Le Grove merrier and fun.

  55. Redtruth


    You’d be whingiing against protests even if we were lying 10th and knocked out of all Cup Competitions
    Your ‘lets wait and see’ policy is wearing a bit thin and run it’s course.

  56. Redtruth

    Liverpool fans demonstrating over ticket prices with a large portion of the crowd staging walkouts while Arsenal fans happy to be fleeced and content with top 4 finishes and early Champions league exits.. lol lol…

  57. Mick Kartun

    Brian Reade from Mirror: “I walked out of Anfield in protest because the big clubs hold fans in contempt.”

    Brian Reade joined 10,000 angry fans, who are sick of being bled dry with soaring ticket prices, when they marched out of the Liverpool ground.

    Plenty cannot afford to pay that, plenty more will refuse to on principle. And many who’ve spent years on a season ticket waiting list will find it was in vain because they don’t earn enough to buy one.

    Meanwhile the club will be happy to pass it on, hopefully to the type of fan they can milk even further in the souvenir shop.

    Last week Premier League CEOs (who will share £8.3 billion over the next three years in TV money) voted against cutting the maximum away ticket to £30.

    Meaning they can afford to give £130 million every year to parasitic agents, £2 million a year to even the most average of players and millions more to themselves, but they can’t give a helping hand to the hardcore fans.

    Hmmm, at least they took action not just talk.

  58. MidwestGun

    By the way staging a protest against ticket prices and overthrowing a manager and owner are two separate issues. Much easier to get people to protest against something that hits your wallet. Protesting elite mediocrity is an entirely different thing.

  59. MidwestGun

    That’s my point exactly. People in general to get motivated to do anything in a group to protest anything is difficult. it usually requires extreme results.

  60. Follow the money

    Problem with doing what pool are doing here is in London there will always be thousands of wealthy tourists and foreigners to replace any fans that protest by walking out or giving up their season tix

  61. qna

    I know its harsh but there isnt really a problem with ticket prices. The market decides and Arsenal can still hike up their prices considerably with a long wait list still there. Same goes for Liverpool, unless they are prepared to give up their season ticket and let a waiting vulture take it, the walk out is meaningless.

    The biggest problem is by letting the market set the price, you lose fan’s that give you the best atmosphere. Bayern keep their ticket prices low – so that everyday men and women come to the games and these end up provide a better atmosphere.

    You get this everywhere – its the “members are wankers” phenomenon.

    As Midwest says, protesting against the club’s lack of ambition is a completely different issue. Unless and until it becomes a popular view among the majority of Arsenal fans I cant see the club changing it’s policy. More Walcotts and Gabriels in our future.

    I dont agree that this type of popular unrest will not have an impact though. The way I see it, the Ozil buy was directly after the fans lost the plot after an Aston Villa loss if my memory serves. I wonder if we had won that game if we would have paid the 50m euros it took to sign him.

  62. Bob

    According to Sky kosceilnys tackle success rate is 55.56% but mertesackers is an immense 90.48% that’s unbelievable! Kosceilny has a lot more blocks & clearances though