Benik Afobe *judders | Why don’t we sign ‘now’ players in January?

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How’s it going friends?

Over here, no one gives a rats arse about Arsenal… because it’s Super Bowl Sunday. Cam Newton, an oddly large quarterback with a winning smile, against Peyton Manning, the god of insurance endorsements.

So I’m posting early, gonna get deep involved in this new sport and see what happens. You have to reserve seats in bars. What sort of fucked notion is that?


Anyway, what about Arsenal? Early kick off against ‘Benik Returns To Haunt Former Club’ FC.

Canny wait for the hattrick. Especially because we couldn’t score in 48 person orgie at the moment.

Wenger has said a few really interesting things… and people, I mean really interesting.

“Goals are not only down to the strikers – it’s down to the quality of the way you create goal chances and the quality of the chances you create.”

Fascinating stuff right there, pick that out the top corner Mr Michael Owen.

Anyway, sure, it’s about the quality of chance, but let’s be fair, we have a player whose only role in life is to provide. He provides too much. He’s one of those providers who outside providing seems to do very little.

One of the stats doing the ‘poor old Arsenal, what terrible luck’ rounds is the one that says the top three games where the most saves were made came against Arsenal. Stoke, Southampton and Newcastle. 9,10 and 10.

Now, does that say to you incredible keeping? Or does it say to you, shit, ten openings that were good enough to get a shot on target… pretty shit finishing.

For me it’s the latter. You can’t go about saying that it’s the keepers ganging up on us. If you have 10 chances at goal and you can’t score any of them, it’s the quality of your strikers.

So we have the providers, but the elephant in the room is why Wenger hasn’t added a striker in 3 years.

Jokes here are these two. Suarez is scoring like a door to door salesman in the red light district. Higuain, a player we wouldn’t pay £32m for has something like 22 in 22 in a notoriously tough league to score in. Bloody Benik Afobe is even getting goals. Not that he’s the solution, but you do wonder how we let a player like him go with zero sniffs at the first team… but we kept Yaya Sanogoal and even sent him out as a gift to Ajax.

> Sanogo couldn’t score in an Amsterdamn brothel because he’d fall over before he reached the door. You know it people. What a plank.

Anyway, someone made an interesting point in the comments yesterday about the difference between Ranieri and Wenger being about snobbery.

Now, hear me out here and call me a crazy fool. But Wenger needed to buy a Premier League bulldozer to sit in for Coquelin while he was injured. So what he did, is he went out, looked at some stats and picked up a player who might be good next season. MIGHT.

Elneny landed. He can’t get in the side. Flamini is still clogging up our midfield and making people sad.

Why didn’t we go for Jon-jo Shelvey? Sure, he has a stupid name and there are rumours about his attitude, but look, he’s very mobile, he’s strong, he has talent and he’d absolutely kill for that chance to impress at a big club. He’s played 150 odd Premier League games and he’s only 23 years old.

We’d never do it because Wenger just doesn’t do things like that.

United did back in the day. How many shithouses did we play against that you’d never put in a super star side, but they’d always do us.

O’Shea. Hated him. Rubbish. But he’d die for the cause on a shit salary. Darren bloody Fletcher. What the hell was that guy? Hard as nails and he’d always put the shits up us.

So whilst I’m not condoning this Shelvey lad being the next Busquets, I am saying that we know he can do a job and you know he’d move heaven and earth to make an impression.

We never take those chances. We always make silly moves in these windows that are either long term or too smart for life (Broken back Swede, remember?)

Anyway, today we need a bit of bite about us. Wenger says we shouldn’t obsess about scoring. Again, great soundbite, but really, what does that mean? You’re always obsessed with scoring, that’s the whole point of football.

Right, many words, too little time. SEE YOU ON MONDAY LOVE YOU BYE x

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  1. Al

    If we acted like a real side not some charity for players Wenger is trying to develop.

    We would go to Roma and hand them £40m for Pjanic and have him play alongside Coquelin.

  2. Dissenter

    Lucky Oxlade
    He won’t admit he was trying to cross the ball and was lucky it kissed the post to make a good TV goal

    At least he got the benefit of the post for once.
    Let’s see him take off now with the so called “confidence” he was lacking.

  3. Danish Gooner

    Watched Leicester and they were smashing it up and no one runs through their midfield without getting stopped,looked a class above this Arsenal side.

  4. Bamford10


    I could’ve told you that without looking at a single stat. Gundogan is excellent — one of my favorites for sometime now.


    So true. Ramsey never lets an opportunity for a back-heel or flick or trick pass him by. Annoying player.

  5. Goona

    The whole work ethic of this team is awfull. When we have the ball our running off it is crap…when we try and win the ball back we dont do it as a unit. We sit so fucking deep in games, even against bournmouth, its embarasing

  6. Bamford10

    Afobe off. Did nothing. We were right to sell him, which isn’t to say anything positive about Sanogo. He too is/was garbage, yet Wenger claimed he deserved as much talk as any 50m player.

    Please fuck off, Mr. Wenger.

  7. DaleDaGooner

    Why is Gibbs coming on? What does Wenger owe these boys? Other teams have come here and scored more, he baffles me with some of the players he so loves to give a helping hand to

  8. Dissenter

    ” Afobe off. Did nothing. We were right to sell him, which isn’t to say anything positive about Sanogo. He too is/was garbage, yet Wenger claimed he deserved as much talk as any 50m player.”

    Nice of you to rule him out after one game against both us.

  9. Goonergirl

    Can’t see us beating Leicester next week if we play like this. Such an unconvincing performance. We really need to wake the hell up

  10. Dissenter

    It’s not a convincing performance
    People will say a win is a win but this doesn’t prepare us for Leicester next week.
    Leicester will make us work for everything

  11. DaleDaGooner

    Gibbs, Walcott, Wilshere, Ox and to a little extent, Ramsey. These boys haven’t learnt anything in their time playing in quality competitions and alongside quality players. Makes you wonder. Very average players on huge amounts of wage

  12. Mysticleaves

    “Nothing Ramsey has done today has
    come off.”

    even with the key pass that set up the first goal and the assist for the 2nd? yeah right…nothing has come off

  13. davedale

    Typical Ramsey. Trap the ball and square it to giroud and its a tap in. 5% of what Ramsey tries to do comes off. 2 great stops from cech!!

  14. Dissenter

    Not the first time Ramsey will deny a pass to a better placed player.
    I can excuse a striker eager to score goals but it’s unforgivable for a midfielder.
    He’s always going for glory

  15. Paolo

    Ramsey actually makes me laugh out loud!!!

    My 1 year old son would be more productive in midfield than Ramsey…

    Wenger is a joke…

  16. MidwestGun

    na na na Geeeee roooo. bit embarrassing chanting him off.

    Anyhow, must win, we won. not much else to say. Except good to see Ozil bounce back from misses last week.

  17. DaleDaGooner

    People can talk about key passes and assist in today’s game, but more often Ramsey does not help us at all! Too selfish and tries shit that doesn’t work poor judgement by a midfielder not to assist or play key passes more often. 49% possession against Bournemouth !!???

  18. boy dio

    good result, happy for the ox, but ffs all i can take away here is ramsey not slotting giroud into goal
    decisions like that will cost us in key moments

  19. Bamford10

    Not a great performance, but a good result. Cech, Ozil, Bellerin and Monreal played well, and Ramsey, despite some poor moments, had two key passes that led to goals.

    Gabriel looked a little suspect defensively, and Flamini showed why he was third-string at Milan. Important that Coquelin return to form, but he still looks a step off. Sanchez, also, is not yet his energetic, productive self.

    Don’t see us beating Leicester, don’t see us winning the title.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Really poor display again, we just don’t look like a team, yeah we won 2-0, good result, but it was the same sort of stuff we were seeing pre-Liverpool, actually against Bournemouth at home, Newcastle at home etc…winning, but f**k me making a job of it.

    Have to thank Cech again today.

    The reason Leicester and Spurs extraordinarily look like the best teams in the league is because they actually look like teams when the play, there’s a system, there’s instruction, there’s belief.

    You look at us and City, strangers on the field, no system, injuries galore, disjointed, no belief.

    We need to get Coq back in the team and find a middle that works for us.

  21. Cesc Appeal


    I thought he was garbage today, and I don’t say that lightly because I truly believe he’s been our most consistent performer this season.

  22. Highbury4ever

    Pretty simple : a win against Leicester next game, or it’s over for good.

    Considering what they have done to city away, I fear the worst lol

  23. davedale

    How the fuck does Aaron Ramsey get man of the match???? He was pony but now in his own head thinks he was great!

  24. Al

    Seriously have to drop Giroud next week. He is not doing anything against their two CB.

    As much as I think he is useless the only time we have resembled a decent looking side is when Theo has played up front for us.

    We’re better defensively because he has the speed to press and defenders won’t push up.

    It also gives are better players more time and space on the pitch.

  25. Loyika

    @ Bam? Why can’t we beat Leicester!? We beat them at their place and can beat them at the Emirates.

    Our issues are in the MF. If we keep Rihanna M quiet and don’t allow Kante or Drinkwater the space they need then we can pick them off. We also need Kasper to not pull off a worldie.

    We can (and should) beat Leicester, its not being able to consilidate on good results that has been our problem.

    Leicester will be in Poll position no matter the result at the Em as they will still be 2 pounts clear.

    13 games to go.

  26. Al

    Also people need to get if Leicestershire nuts. ….don’t get how some don’t think we have a chance against them.

    It’s Leicester….a team of Huths, vardy , osaki etc

    Stop acting like they are a Barca or Bayern etc. We’ve beaten legit best teams in the world when we have been on horrible runs so to think we have no chance against Leicester is a joke

  27. Danish Gooner

    We wont beat Leicester because the way we play at home suits them to a tee,strong,strong defensive work and running and then picking of teams with lightning fast counters.

  28. MidwestGun

    Cech should have been motm, imo. but really lackluster performance overall. Except for 2 minutes we put them to the sword. and that was probably due to Ramsey.

    Our strike force looks spent. Really hoping Sanchez would get going. looked tired as well near the end.

  29. Dream10

    Cesc Appeal

    Felt same thing about Monreal. He was ball chasing and vacating his space.
    He took tablets in the tunnel during the second half of the Southampton match.
    Hope he is not carrying a knock.

  30. Danish Gooner

    Because they have fire in their belly and are vastly improved from last time we meet them but i do recall Cech pulling of a string of fine saves.Furthermore it suits Leicester to a tee that they can run unopposed through our entire midfield like all the other teams.

  31. Galaxygooner

    How giroud lasted 90 minutes , I do not know. He was the worst player on that pitch. Another game without Sanchez scoring with giroud on the pitch
    Thank goodness for ozil and the fluke goal from Ox . It would have been another game without a goal from a striker who only excels from tap-in.
    We sure are not going to be able to walk the ball into the net for a tap-in as most teams are not committing anymore.

  32. Dissenter

    Ramsey never stopped running and put in a shift.
    If that’s the standard then he’s man of the match

    He’s decision making was poor at critical times
    I counted two times a casual flicked pass went wrong , it could have caused is against a better team .
    He need to square the ball to a better placed player to tap in
    His problem is he thinks he’s better than he really is.

    Barca should please take him off us.

  33. Danish Gooner

    That 5-2 victory was one of our finest games of the season but the way we play now is dog shit and they are the form team not having to contemplate fa cup or cl.

  34. Rambo Ramsey

    *Ramsey never stopped running and put in a shift.
    If that’s the standard then he’s man of the match”

    also played a part in both goals. put in some important tackles and interceptions

  35. Danish Gooner

    How can Wenger, a coach of 25000 substitutions and tactical blue prints sit there and watch the weakest defensive midfield in pl history.

  36. Dissenter

    Rambo Ramsey

    You’re a clown for calling samsong a spuds fan.

    More so when he’s right
    Flamini should have been sent off. That studs up-two feet tackle that lunged into like a karate technique was red card.
    The referee bottled it.

  37. DaleDaGooner

    Ramsey MOTM cause of the key pass and assist. But let’s be honest, Cech and Ozil excited most more in this lackluster win. If Ramsey was consistent with plays like that (see the play where he could have just slotted Giroud in for a tap in) he’d have earned it. We should be beating them more than the 2 goals this is what kills us and we either lose or draw winnable games. He needs to play well in that midfield, let’s be real.

  38. Bamford10


    First you complain that there’s too much player criticism here. Then you complain that people don’t rate your favorite player highly enough. Then you call Samesong a Spurs supporter.

    I have an idea, mate: why don’t you fuck off to some other blog? You’re an annoying fucking twat.

  39. Cesc Appeal


    Maybe something is wrong with him then because it was a very careless performance from him I thought, maybe being harsh, maybe Smith had a great game and so Monreal looked bad, but I think it was more that Monreal was having a bad game which made Smith look even better. He was Bournemouth’s biggest threat.

    Leicester will tear us to shreds if we play like that, need to liven up.

    Problem I think is Wenger took his eye off the ball with the squad over the last 12 months, so we sort of seem to disjointed, we don’t have a lot of options to change things around.

    Our attack looks jaded, our central midfield is AWOL, our defence has gone back to looking a shambles.

    I guess if you were going to be positive you’d say, well, we’re still doing sort of okay-ish, so if we can pull it together…

    But, just don’t see it. There’s too much missing from this side, we need Coq to come back firing, we need Elneny to be starting quality and we need Welbeck to come back with energy and composure, something he’s lacked.

  40. DaleDaGooner

    Pundits have even called Ramsey out for some of his play. Ozil is the number 10, Ramsey should help the team by making better decisions consistently. Cazorla worked well in that position much more than Ramsey is now. And we shouldn’t even talk about Flamini. Those 2 have held us back. Flamini would be alright if Ramsey just sits behind him and play make from deep.

  41. Samesong

    Samesong, spoken like a true Spud fan

    Spoken like a true 12 year old. So if I say Leciester beat us next week I’m a Leceister fan? Really?? I honestly don’t see us beating Spurs as much as I hate the pr***ks.

  42. Wallace

    can one of the more balanced posters…, maybe tunny?….tell me how Gabriel played? a few negative comments on here, but Phil Brown working for the bbc said nothing got past him..which was it?

  43. Loyika

    We don’t have any midweek fixture so everyone gets 1 week to prepare.

    WE CAN (and we should) be able to beat Leicester. Just because they beat Citeh doesn’t now make the Barca?

    Football is not practical. Leicester has nothing to lose and will still be 2 points clear, but all this “We won’t beat Leicester” crap!?

    The issue is not us beating Leicester the issue is being able to consolidate when we play teams like Spurs, United and Citeh away.

  44. Up 4 grabs now

    Good result, average performance bar the mad 90 seconds when we scored twice.
    Cech was man of the match for me. (Ha Ha sorry red!)
    Ox got lucky with the goal wasn’t that great otherwise.
    Campbell back for Leicester please!