Benik Afobe *judders | Why don’t we sign ‘now’ players in January?

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How’s it going friends?

Over here, no one gives a rats arse about Arsenal… because it’s Super Bowl Sunday. Cam Newton, an oddly large quarterback with a winning smile, against Peyton Manning, the god of insurance endorsements.

So I’m posting early, gonna get deep involved in this new sport and see what happens. You have to reserve seats in bars. What sort of fucked notion is that?


Anyway, what about Arsenal? Early kick off against ‘Benik Returns To Haunt Former Club’ FC.

Canny wait for the hattrick. Especially because we couldn’t score in 48 person orgie at the moment.

Wenger has said a few really interesting things… and people, I mean really interesting.

“Goals are not only down to the strikers – it’s down to the quality of the way you create goal chances and the quality of the chances you create.”

Fascinating stuff right there, pick that out the top corner Mr Michael Owen.

Anyway, sure, it’s about the quality of chance, but let’s be fair, we have a player whose only role in life is to provide. He provides too much. He’s one of those providers who outside providing seems to do very little.

One of the stats doing the ‘poor old Arsenal, what terrible luck’ rounds is the one that says the top three games where the most saves were made came against Arsenal. Stoke, Southampton and Newcastle. 9,10 and 10.

Now, does that say to you incredible keeping? Or does it say to you, shit, ten openings that were good enough to get a shot on target… pretty shit finishing.

For me it’s the latter. You can’t go about saying that it’s the keepers ganging up on us. If you have 10 chances at goal and you can’t score any of them, it’s the quality of your strikers.

So we have the providers, but the elephant in the room is why Wenger hasn’t added a striker in 3 years.

Jokes here are these two. Suarez is scoring like a door to door salesman in the red light district. Higuain, a player we wouldn’t pay £32m for has something like 22 in 22 in a notoriously tough league to score in. Bloody Benik Afobe is even getting goals. Not that he’s the solution, but you do wonder how we let a player like him go with zero sniffs at the first team… but we kept Yaya Sanogoal and even sent him out as a gift to Ajax.

> Sanogo couldn’t score in an Amsterdamn brothel because he’d fall over before he reached the door. You know it people. What a plank.

Anyway, someone made an interesting point in the comments yesterday about the difference between Ranieri and Wenger being about snobbery.

Now, hear me out here and call me a crazy fool. But Wenger needed to buy a Premier League bulldozer to sit in for Coquelin while he was injured. So what he did, is he went out, looked at some stats and picked up a player who might be good next season. MIGHT.

Elneny landed. He can’t get in the side. Flamini is still clogging up our midfield and making people sad.

Why didn’t we go for Jon-jo Shelvey? Sure, he has a stupid name and there are rumours about his attitude, but look, he’s very mobile, he’s strong, he has talent and he’d absolutely kill for that chance to impress at a big club. He’s played 150 odd Premier League games and he’s only 23 years old.

We’d never do it because Wenger just doesn’t do things like that.

United did back in the day. How many shithouses did we play against that you’d never put in a super star side, but they’d always do us.

O’Shea. Hated him. Rubbish. But he’d die for the cause on a shit salary. Darren bloody Fletcher. What the hell was that guy? Hard as nails and he’d always put the shits up us.

So whilst I’m not condoning this Shelvey lad being the next Busquets, I am saying that we know he can do a job and you know he’d move heaven and earth to make an impression.

We never take those chances. We always make silly moves in these windows that are either long term or too smart for life (Broken back Swede, remember?)

Anyway, today we need a bit of bite about us. Wenger says we shouldn’t obsess about scoring. Again, great soundbite, but really, what does that mean? You’re always obsessed with scoring, that’s the whole point of football.

Right, many words, too little time. SEE YOU ON MONDAY LOVE YOU BYE x

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  1. Jamal

    Now we should aim to get our goal difference up but we won’t, we’ll rest on a 2-0 lead and have a big scare later on.

  2. Bamford10

    Same song

    Must have. But I saw his poor giveaway and his stupid, wayward shot from 30 yards out.

    And re the goal, he was probably playing it far post, hoping for either. Correct and smart play, but I’m not convinced he had scoring alone in mind.

  3. izzo

    Flat track bullies. Beat the shite teams start spouting rubbish about winning the league then come up against a decent team then fold like a pack of cards. This team doesn’t deceive me. Watch us drop points in the next couple of games against better opposition.

  4. London gunner

    That was poor from Gabriel but where the hell was flamini.

    He is supposedly a DM but he is never anywhere near the action and just lets opposition teams run riot down our middle.

    Now do people appreciate coquelins judgment and reading of the game? It’s not just about mobility or flamini would be fine

    Coq is a lot more intelligent abs had a lot more to his game than many will admit

  5. Loyika

    Just getting in. 2 nil up. Nice going lads. Just make sure you control the game and try nothing to fancy to get caught on the break.

    Like i once said, i am sure we will beat the Cherries and The Foxes next week the only issue with this team is coping with the tag as favourites.

    PS: Could AW pls stop playing Flamini!? FFS PLEASE!!

  6. DaleDaGooner

    “Fair enough. I actually like Ox; I’m just very disappointed in his non-progress, immaturity, arrogance and poor play.”
    Agree with this, he’s so assured he is wonderful player that he doesn’t need to progress….until he saw Campbell

  7. Bamford10

    Flamini is so slow and useless. Player dribbles right by him – no chance of recovery. Flamini does three things: flaps his arms, kicks people idiotically, gets dribbled around.

  8. Samesong

    That finish from Ozil shows a man that’s very confident at the moment.
    Loved the interview with him and Flamini.

  9. Samesong

    People complain about Flamini and forget Ramsey is also a liability in that midfield

    Spot on Dale

    Ramsey is clueless

  10. Rambo Ramsey

    Samesong, your obsession with Ramsey is a bit concerning. pipe down now, he’s playing well. assist for Chambo’s goal, key pass in the Ozil goal. its his midfield partner thats the ultimate embarrassment

  11. London gunner

    Is coq on bench?

    If so he will be brought in to gain match fitness and sure up the match around 75 minutes

    What is happening with this elneny chap?

    Should have bought quality….

  12. Jamie

    Mid –

    Sorry, I was trying to be funny. It’s “six of one, half a dozen of the other,” both being of the same value.

    “Six dozen of one, half a dozen of the other” translates numerically as “72 of one, 6 of the other.”

    I’m a few bottles deep.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    Strange, I don’t think we’ve played particularly well, but two chances, two goals, can’t really argue with that.

    The central midfield is still a massive problem, but thankfully, Bournemouth don’t have much for us to worry about, they can’t get Afobe in the game as their passing is too weak, the only way they will hurt us is a long range effort, or that cross field switch to Smith on our left flank that Monreal just isn’t clearing up.

    Need to make sure we come out focused in the second half.

    Just hope we get the three points, that way Wenger can be right and we can stop seeing Flamini in the middle starting with Leicester.

  14. Goonergirl


    A good 5 mins with two goals is better than nothing. Really hope he takes off Flamini though. We don’t need him getting sent off.

  15. Al

    Giroud. …..what is he about?

    Ruins every counter attack chance because he is so slow to release the ball and for some reason thinks he can dribble

  16. London gunner


    He is playing ok, but not top champion level quality

    For a good comparison watch gundogan play who is far better and at tenable

  17. Bamford10

    “Ramsey is clueless”

    I’m no fan of Ramsey’s, but his ball into the box set up the first goal, and he played the ball to Ox on the second.

    Flamini is completely useless, both sides of the ball.

    No comparison b/t the two, IMO.

  18. Shaun Wilson

    @Rambo – If you read the comments fully you’ll see that it’s not merely @samesong who is a little unsure about Ramsey’s ability. He seems like a nice lad, mind.

  19. Bermy boy

    Ramsey is thirsty he wants a goal AND the ox scored too ,heh heh you better believe Ramsey wants a goal.The billionaire will be left alone to do something desperate.I guess that’s a good thing if it keeps his dumb ass off the pitch for three games at least.We need to score two more goals before he fucks up AGAIN though.

  20. gary

    Is it m or does the only thing flamini does is hype others players to hide his eniptness and get dribbled around like a chicken.. Teamdourhammy.. Waste of space

  21. London gunner

    Flamini is robbing a living.

    What is wengers deal with this guy?

    Only player we have brought back in wengers reign and he is dog shit.

  22. Dream10

    Ramsey good game so far. Conservative passing. No risks with Flamini beside him.

    Monreal one of a few who look shaky. For him it’s a surprise. Our most consistent performer. He took some tablets in the second half vs Southampton.
    Hope he’s not carrying a knock.

  23. Leedsgunner

    So Wenger says he only signs players who will add to his squad and are exceptional quality — he signs Elneny (the first outfield player to be signed in a year) who can’t even displace Flamini) — is it just me or is there an inconsistency here?

    With Ox scoring in this game versus mighty mighty Bournemouth, no doubt he’s be hailed as world class now. What about in all the other games in which he was anonymous?

    No doubt the team will be hailed for their mental strength. Funny he only talks about their mental strength when they win — but what about when our boys lose World class players turn up no matter the opposition, not only when the opposition is a class below them. True mental strength finds a way to win when it is difficult.

    I’m the glow of this win will bring out the usual suspects to jump up and down and look down their noses at everybody, but if we learnt anything in January — this team is terribly brittle– full of people who disappear when the pressure is really on. When ew needed them to turn up. Had they turned up we would have been on top not Leicester.

    Yes three points is welcome but where was this team versus Chelsea, Southampton and Stoke? Where is the big picture strategy for this club rather than reacting from game to game.

    We win = Wenger talks them up as world class.
    We draw or tie = Wenger blames bad luck, referees and accidents.

    So reactive it’s untrue.

  24. Danish Gooner

    There are the zeeee big inflation in zeee transfer market.All of zeeee europe are bankrupt,I cant find zee player better then zeee Flamini.China are zeeeeee new power house.I worked all night to get zeee transfer done,we came so close.

  25. Danish Gooner

    London Gunner,he came on a free transfer from Milan,dirt cheap compared to him actually paying a real transfer fee.

  26. DaleDaGooner

    I hate when people use Wenger’s lack of using players he himself bought as a measure of how crap they might be. Elneny isn’t used cause Wenger has trust issues . I still think Park was not as bad as people think. We’ve seen Campbell and Coq. Elneny is not playing because he might just displace Ramsey

  27. Danish Gooner

    They need to get their act together for the remaining 13 games where 6 of them are extremely difficult games.

  28. Bermy boy

    Arsenal v Leicester ; Spuds and Man City. Next week will be interesting

    The football gods are AGAIN attempting to give us breathing space.They too will soon tire and adopt the “fuck this stupid team attitude.”

  29. davedale

    Terrible second half so far. What do they talk about at half time? Bar the goal ox has done nothing. Bar the pass for the first Ramsey the same

  30. Joe

    No offense to his cheerleaders here, but he looks pretty ordinary to me. N

    It’s the fact he was sold to accommodate Sanago that has people pissed off

    And then Wenger coming out lying and saying he had to sell him because of RVP even though RVP left two years before

  31. Al

    We’re getting played of the park here. Only a matter of time before they score I reckon.

    Did you see Giroud movement from that Sanchez play. Non existent

  32. Samesong

    Samesong, your obsession with Ramsey is a bit concerning.

    Coming from someone that names himself twice after Ramsey….ok pal….

  33. Jim Lahey

    @Danish Gooner – “Here comes the biggest bottlers of them all.”

    I fancy him to score when he comes on actually, he is the ultimate “kick a team when they’re down” player.

  34. Dissenter

    Regarding Afobe
    “To be fair to Wenger I can see why the cunt got rid of him. He’s useless. Championship looks to be his level.”

    He kept Sanogo and sold Afobe
    That’s the crux of the matter besides he’s scored three goals already, same as Theo.

  35. London gunner

    I just compared Ramsey, gundogan, pjanic, pastors and xhaka’s stats on comparison matrix.

    Was shocked by how good gundogans stats are. He is head and heels above the others in terms of his all round game.

    He he had much much better passing stats and dribbling stats than the rest. Much higher output and consistently was only slightly less creative than pjanic with an round better game than him and he had only slightly worse defensive stats than xhaka but has better skill than xhaka with higher level in attacking play and better passing.

    Pastors was awful

    Ramsey was a good all rounder but gundogan is better than him in every factor of play with much more passes a game something like 87 to Ramsey’s 57 and the Turk is a much better dribbler and slightly better in defensive play.

  36. DaleDaGooner

    Afobe, Akpom both better than trying to help Sanogo be a professional footballer, which is what Wenger is doing at the expense of others. Every time I remember Sanogo started vs Bayern I shake my head.

  37. Danish Gooner

    Can anyone please tell my why Pool,stoke Bournemouth etc are allowed to run right through our midfield without being stopped ?????