Benik Afobe *judders | Why don’t we sign ‘now’ players in January?

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How’s it going friends?

Over here, no one gives a rats arse about Arsenal… because it’s Super Bowl Sunday. Cam Newton, an oddly large quarterback with a winning smile, against Peyton Manning, the god of insurance endorsements.

So I’m posting early, gonna get deep involved in this new sport and see what happens. You have to reserve seats in bars. What sort of fucked notion is that?


Anyway, what about Arsenal? Early kick off against ‘Benik Returns To Haunt Former Club’ FC.

Canny wait for the hattrick. Especially because we couldn’t score in 48 person orgie at the moment.

Wenger has said a few really interesting things… and people, I mean really interesting.

“Goals are not only down to the strikers – it’s down to the quality of the way you create goal chances and the quality of the chances you create.”

Fascinating stuff right there, pick that out the top corner Mr Michael Owen.

Anyway, sure, it’s about the quality of chance, but let’s be fair, we have a player whose only role in life is to provide. He provides too much. He’s one of those providers who outside providing seems to do very little.

One of the stats doing the ‘poor old Arsenal, what terrible luck’ rounds is the one that says the top three games where the most saves were made came against Arsenal. Stoke, Southampton and Newcastle. 9,10 and 10.

Now, does that say to you incredible keeping? Or does it say to you, shit, ten openings that were good enough to get a shot on target… pretty shit finishing.

For me it’s the latter. You can’t go about saying that it’s the keepers ganging up on us. If you have 10 chances at goal and you can’t score any of them, it’s the quality of your strikers.

So we have the providers, but the elephant in the room is why Wenger hasn’t added a striker in 3 years.

Jokes here are these two. Suarez is scoring like a door to door salesman in the red light district. Higuain, a player we wouldn’t pay £32m for has something like 22 in 22 in a notoriously tough league to score in. Bloody Benik Afobe is even getting goals. Not that he’s the solution, but you do wonder how we let a player like him go with zero sniffs at the first team… but we kept Yaya Sanogoal and even sent him out as a gift to Ajax.

> Sanogo couldn’t score in an Amsterdamn brothel because he’d fall over before he reached the door. You know it people. What a plank.

Anyway, someone made an interesting point in the comments yesterday about the difference between Ranieri and Wenger being about snobbery.

Now, hear me out here and call me a crazy fool. But Wenger needed to buy a Premier League bulldozer to sit in for Coquelin while he was injured. So what he did, is he went out, looked at some stats and picked up a player who might be good next season. MIGHT.

Elneny landed. He can’t get in the side. Flamini is still clogging up our midfield and making people sad.

Why didn’t we go for Jon-jo Shelvey? Sure, he has a stupid name and there are rumours about his attitude, but look, he’s very mobile, he’s strong, he has talent and he’d absolutely kill for that chance to impress at a big club. He’s played 150 odd Premier League games and he’s only 23 years old.

We’d never do it because Wenger just doesn’t do things like that.

United did back in the day. How many shithouses did we play against that you’d never put in a super star side, but they’d always do us.

O’Shea. Hated him. Rubbish. But he’d die for the cause on a shit salary. Darren bloody Fletcher. What the hell was that guy? Hard as nails and he’d always put the shits up us.

So whilst I’m not condoning this Shelvey lad being the next Busquets, I am saying that we know he can do a job and you know he’d move heaven and earth to make an impression.

We never take those chances. We always make silly moves in these windows that are either long term or too smart for life (Broken back Swede, remember?)

Anyway, today we need a bit of bite about us. Wenger says we shouldn’t obsess about scoring. Again, great soundbite, but really, what does that mean? You’re always obsessed with scoring, that’s the whole point of football.

Right, many words, too little time. SEE YOU ON MONDAY LOVE YOU BYE x

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  1. Le Mediocrity

    Wenger saying that Leicesters success meaning teams without money can still win the league,conveniently hiding his inability.The man is an egoist of the highest order

  2. Bermy boy

    Asked if the whole country was behind Leicester, Wenger added: “Of course. And it’s natural. It’s normal.

    “The advantage they have until the end of the season, apart from our fans and the [Manchester] City fans and Tottenham fans, the rest of the country is behind Leicester.

    “You reproach me about not buying big names, but you will support the team who has no big names.”

    What ah fuckin cop out from the Gutless One………pussy!!!

  3. Moray

    Ha things must be bad if you’re calling for that gyppo Shelvey, Pedders!

    I came to the conclusion I’d rather Leicester won the league than us this year. For many reasons. We have the most expensive match day tickets and serve up shit week after week, with players happy to take 100k+ per week just to sit in a medical clinic somewhere. Leicester are doing the right things for the right reasons, and their owner has committed to put into the club rather than just taking out or using it to leverage other deals. Plus they have to hold spuds at bay as we seem unable this year now they have a good manager.

    Go on Leicester!

  4. Moray

    I read that Wenger put a last minute offer in for Isco this window, but Zidane rejected it as it wouldn’t give them time to find a replacment. Anyone know if this is true?

  5. grooveydaddy

    The Isco thing may or may not be true, but to try in the last minute seems pointless.

    He’s a player who could have improved us straight away. If we were indeed interested, we should have been negotiating from the second the window opened.

  6. Moray

    Sounds like a rumour but one we’ve heard a lot. Wenger umming and ahing till the last minute or else trying to get a knock down price, or worse just looking to show he “tried”.

    Also, If he was going to keep Elneny in a suit, why not buy him in the summer?

  7. Mick Kartun

    Mirror: “Thousands of Liverpool fans staged a walkout at Anfield during the 2-2 draw with Sunderland in protest against rising ticket prices including Jamie Carragher. Fans group Spion Kop 1896 slammed the club by saying: “Liverpool think it is acceptable to make more money than ever before from supporters. Fans showed their frustrations before and during the game with a series of banners and posters, with one reading: “A season ticket holder for over 30 years and you treat us like this. Walk out on 77.”Chants could be heard during the first-half and again after the break, including: “Out the ground at 77” and “Enough is enough you greedy b******s.”

    When is our fans gonna say enough is enough with Martin Keown will lead the line?

  8. qna

    Jamie Vardy signs an £80/wk deal. This is actually on the high side of wages for a British (read inflated) striker who is effective in the EPL even if he is not world class.

    Welbeck, should be getting no more than £50k/wk (inflated), Walcott, no more than £70k/wk (inflated) and Giroud no more than £60k/wk. Even then, I dont think they are collectively good enough. But we actually pay £180k/wk worth of strikers a massive £345k/wk. That means we overpay them by around £165k/wk.

  9. Moray

    And, I was wondering about this the other day. How the hell are clubs affording these ridiculous salaries? Apart from those at the top, is there early that much money sloshing around football and is it sustainable?

  10. Moray

    Plus, why is there an expectation that a contract renewal should be met by a huge pay Rise? It’s not really like their job spec changes. And in the case of Jack and Theo, they’re definitely not improving and haven’t been for years.

  11. qna

    Moray. As from next season, the TV money alone will guarantee all EPL clubs from between £100m to £150m depending on your finishing position. EPL clubs already dominate the world’s rich list in general and they will climb again from next season.

    I would be skeptical about the Chinese money. They are spending money to try to create something that doesnt exist right now, but I don’t believe it will be self-sustaining.

    Instead we should try to make hay while the sun shines and sell off as many of our shitty players as we can to them at premium prices before they run out of money. Unfortunately for us, the Chinese seem to be obsessed with players of African heritage, of which we dont have many. Those we do have are unlikely to be willing to go to China for an inflated wage when they can get an inflated wage in England.

  12. jwl

    American football takes too long, 60 minute game that takes three hours to play and there is about three minutes of actual action with people hitting one another. I think kick off is 6:30 , the game wont finish until after 11 and you watch far more commercials than sport, it is ridiculous, bores me to tears.

    And it’s Arsenal …. Arsenal FC!

  13. Jeff

    Wouldn’t it be nice if managers’ and players’ salary were performance related? And also, wouldn’t it be more interesting if qualification to CL didn’t depend on your position (i.e. top four finish) but how far away you are from the top? It would help drive out vagina’s like Kroenke and losers like Wenger; neither of whom have any interest in actually winning anything major.

  14. Mick Kartun

    Sale package on bargain price to chinese:

    1. Walcott 20m
    2. Giroud 10m
    3. Welbeck 20m
    4. Oxlade 20m
    5. Wilshere 20m
    6.Ramsey 20m
    7. Rosicky 1m
    8. Artete 1m
    9. Flamini 1m
    10.Mert 1m
    11. wenger 1 quid.

    Almost 100m and kroenke will be happy to take the money.

  15. KoH

    Wenger trying for Isco in the last minutes of deadline day is typical Arsenal move! Something to keep you guys singing and gesticulating about what could’ve been and all that never would be. A diversion from Wenger’s and the boards ridiculous lies and games and how it correlate with our standard-decline every year! Wenger and the board are arguably the smartest criminals in the whole world! All that money they take from people without giving them nothing, all the lies and promises and fantasies sold to them instead. The fans are mugs.

  16. Mick Kartun

    Well you can’t just blame them, when we have the most ignorant fans that are settled with 4th trophy. In fact if the AKBs will ask the FA to create the real trophy for 4th to celebrate like oxlade monkey dancing, let FA just make and give the trophy every year.

  17. Follow the money

    Wenger will spend 42 million on an assist machine who will do 90% of the work of a goal and can bank goals in off a Lamppost in training but he won’t pay 20-30 million for an average striker who could do the last 10% and finish off those chances. Hes not to be taken seriously. You can just tell he’s already freaked out and making up excuses for when Spuds and Leicester finish above us

  18. Ofebs

    Wenger is the most egotistical and supremely selfish football manager out there. He has no shred of interest in winning; he protects the interest of the owner Kroenke who is focused on club revenue not club fans or trophies. Wenger protects Kroenke with all his might as this ensures he continues to earn millions while perennially under achieving. He keeps the players from rebelling against his selfish regime by bribing them with fat salaries. Arsenal is the greatest gravy train in the sports world today. Kroenke is making it seeing his investment appreciate as more money comes into the league, Wenger is smiling to the bank while licking Kroenke’s b**# and the players are milking the club to the max. Meanwhile the fans suffer inconsolaby.

  19. Honest Bill

    Afobe is almost guaranteed a goal today isn’t he. Whenever a narrative like that is hanging over an opposition player, Arsenal roll over and let it happen every fucking time.

    Most obliging team in the history of football.

  20. Wallace

    “Goals are not only down to the strikers – it’s down to the quality of the way you create goal chances and the quality of the chances you create.”

    not sure about that first bit, but the last part he’s probably talking about our conversion rate of ‘golden opportunities'(the stats people have a term for it but can’t remember what it’s called). the chances where you’ll score more often than not. our conversion rate over the last 3/4yrs of these ‘golden opps’ is somewhere around the 40% mark. if we’re operating at significantly below that level at the minute the chances are we’ll go on a scoring spree fairly soon.

  21. daz


    I hope so, we can’t afford not to win today also papers are claiming we are looking at koeman to replace Wenger when he steps down.

  22. Sam

    Koscielny will have Adobe in his pocket n photoshop him
    Cech to keep clean sheet
    Sanchez to get us out of jail with 2 goals
    Another painful game but we will finally get 3 points Wenger’s babies still immature
    Title race starts tonight

  23. Wallace

    ‘We used to have Fabregas and I couldn’t imagine anyone playing any better than him in the middle of the park, but then Ozil came and it turned out that you can,’

    ‘In the beginning, moreover, he was heavily criticised because (he was) bought for the big money, and was expected to become the biggest star of the league.’

    ‘In training from the beginning it was evident that he was an exceptional player.’

    – Szczesny(still talking a good game)

  24. Wallace

    hoping for –

    Bellerin – Mertesacker – Kos/Gabriel – Monreal
    Coquelin – Elneny
    Ramsey – Ozil – Alexis

  25. Jeff


    I don’t believe the Chinese are that stupid to want to fill up their roster with dross like the list you put up. They’d want to get the crème de la crème. If they were after a large collection of dross all they’d have to do is hire one person – Wenger. He’d have the place heaving with mediocrity in no time at all.

  26. tenerife gooner

    Koeman is a good idea in my opinion.Sure many would have read Perry Groves on the Arsenal official page .When he was signing .He was on 150 a week at Colchester,George told him he would be on 350 a week .He would get 150 appearance money in the first team ,plus 350 win bonus.George told him to forget the last 2,he not ready yet.

  27. Samesong

    Wenger and the players must bricking it today. Not confident at all.
    If we win I’ll be happy, but I can’t see it.

  28. Derek Papworth

    Yeah !?!?????. ASK WENGER? I’m sure hr’ll have a phylosophical and penatrating answer. Wonder what he’s gonna say after this PM. Any bet’s?

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Must win today, no if’s or but’s about it, our crap run in the last month means we have to win this game now.

    Bellerin, Mert, Kozz, Monreal
    Ramsey, Elneny
    Sanchez, Giroud

    Control the centre, two up top, counter hard.

    Something a bit different as well, so sick of seeing the same crap wheeled out every week and then for everyone to sit around looking dumbstruck when the team that played like shit last week, and weeks before that, does it again this week.

    Problem right now is there is zero confidence in any area of the field, it isn’t like our strikers are misfiring but our defence is playing like a solid wall, or that our central midfield is dominant etc

    Need a win, and also need at worst a controlling performance, at best we need a real five star display.

  30. Dissenter

    It’s not crazy to assert that Jon-Jo Shelley is better than Elneny.

    If Elneny cannot displace Flamini then he’s no better than signing a crocked Kallstrom. We needed someone to jump into the fray immediately not in 2018.

  31. Dissenter

    Its going to be a very physical game.
    Left to me, I’ll leave out the people’s favorite Theo Walcott.

    We need a stout defensive performance right from the front cos we wont be scoring that many goals.

  32. Vince

    Bellerin -Gab – Kos – Monreal Ramsey – Coquelin
    Ozil Ox – Giroud – Alexis

    The only change I’ll make to that is ElNenny for Ramsey. That boy needs some time on the bench to get his head in place. And I actually laugh when I see people put Mert in their first 11, that guy is like an epileptic in space as someone aptly said.

  33. El Tel 1

    Just seen on Newsnow an advert by some Lawyer from St Lois giving Kroenke a double barrel shot.

    The advert will be shown at the Super Bowl.

    Now that’s how to let Him know what a greedy slag He is.

    Liverfool fans show how to demonstrate by walking out en mass yesterday.

    Why can’t we do something creative to oust Him and Wenger from our great Club instead of talking bollocks about them on this site.

  34. El Tel 1

    The Mancscum fly a plane across the stadium with a banner to complain.

    There are probably many other instances where noticeable action was taken.

    Not at the Arsenal though well not since we moved to the Tourist attraction that is the Emirates.

  35. Sam

    If Benik was Le grove poster he would be extreme WOB
    I don’t think he has problem against Arsenal, It’s Wenger that tried to ruin his career n he’ll try to prove him wrong.
    We badly need 3points tonight maybe he can prove his point another time

  36. qna

    Dissenter. Yes, surprising that so many still give Walcott a spot in our starting eleven, despite only 3 league goals in 14 appearances. It would seem that Theo has already done enough in those 3 games of the season for many of the fans to feel that he is still the man for Arsenal for next season as well.

    I would have liked to hear more people realizing that he is not up to standard and be sold in the summer. Unlikely, with even many fans seeing him as our starting CF. I can only imagine that the inner sanctum is even more supportive of Theo than the fan base.

    I would like to see Elneny-Coq today with Ramsey on the right and Giroud up top. If not Ramsey on the right, then Campbell.

  37. Sam

    I didn’t see flamini in training, is he fit?
    I hope he’s not starting today if he’s fit
    Its time to experiment Coq n Elneny combo
    Even Ramsey should be benched today please

  38. kwik fit

    No Campbell or Walcot today please. Both are out of form . I’d give the Ox a go on the right. He’s taken a far bit of stick recently and perhaps there may be a bit of fire in his belly as a consequence.

  39. qna

    Hahaha. Are you doing a bit Kwik?

    “No Campbell or Walcot today please. Both are out of form .”


    I’d give the Ox a go on the right.


  40. kwik fit


    Why not give him a go. Needs to play regularly to regain his form . Its not as if he’d be replacing anyone who is playing well.

  41. L

    I actually love Ramsey’s style of strike that I haven’t found someone who likes as much as I do, though with the exception of Steven Gerrard.

  42. Tomtom

    I’d love to see Mourinho take over at Arsenal.
    Things have gone so stale under Wenger and I can only see the decline continuing for many years ahead

  43. qna

    Kwik. By the same logic dont Walcott and Campbell need a go?

    We have 14 games to play and if we win our next two games we will be in an excellent position to actually win this crazy league. We have no time to worry about playing people into form and no time to rest anybody. We have to play our best eleven every match until we are mathematically out of the league.

  44. underrated Coq

    Wenger’s got to be shitting his pants every-time he thinks of Leicester. Can if imagine if they win the title? Wenger will be left completely exposed as a fraud for the world to see.

    Even though he’s won fuck all of note in the last decade, he’s somehow managed to build himself a ‘legacy’ based solely on ‘ That’s the best he could do with the financial restrictions. No other manager could achieve that’ bullshit.

    Dortmund and Athletico achieving success in Germany and Spain is one thing but Leicester doing it England will really leave Wenger with nowhere to hide. Chelsea and United with the Mourinho and van Gaal stories, City with the whole ‘Pep is arriving’ drama will get off lightly. It’ll be Arsenal and Wenger who’ll bear the brunt of the media spotlight.

  45. Dissenter

    “No Campbell or Walcot today please. Both are out of form . I’d give the Ox a go on the right. He’s taken a far bit of stick recently and perhaps there may be a bit of fire in his belly as a consequence”

    Starting Oxlade in the vain hope that “he’ll have a bit of fire in his belly” is to like loading your plate with dog food and hoping it sill taste like truffles when you start eating it.

    Oxlade has no fire in his belly
    Just a lot of dancing

  46. Jeff

    The way I see it is that we probably will win today and quite possibly even the next against Leicester. But we are sure to f*** it up just when we least expect it and blame it on the referee or some such. The script has already been written.

  47. kwik fit


    They have both played regularly and have been regressing with each game. Hence we need something different a spark to bring us back to life.

  48. Jeff

    Lost respect for Oxlade after seeing that stupid dance in the tunnel. He gives the impression that he doesn’t give a shit – which is probably true of most of the players. After all, the money is already in the bank.

  49. Mark

    Well said Vince your lineup is spot on. Only I’d put Campbell in for the ox then bring Ox on as a sub. Campbell works a lot harder and deserves his place. Besides I think we’ll get more out of him and he’s looking more & more likely to score or assist.
    Ramsey needs the bench for sure. But it won’t happen.

  50. Dissenter


    You don’t play players in February to “regain their form”
    Its squeaky bum time with 14 games to go.

    Respectfully, when has Oxlade ever had form?

  51. Sam

    if Elneny is starting then Ramsey should be benched
    Ramsey never played well on the right he shouldn’t be picked ahead of Campbell n Walcott

  52. kwik fit


    The stick the Ox got for the dance may serve as a wake up call. Play him from the start and see can he fight for the cause. If he hasn’t well then we’ll know. Has it stands playing and out of form Joel/Theo make’s no sense.

  53. Dissenter

    “The way I see it is that we probably will win today and quite possibly even the next against Leicester. But we are sure to f*** it up just when we least expect it and blame it on the referee or some such. The script has already been written”

    I disagree.

    We will only star winning when the pressure is off, well after we’ve dropped out of the premier league race. That’s when our “mental strength” kicks in.

  54. kwik fit

    He needs game time dissenter to regain confidence. Its in the run in that players who have been out of sorts can bring something unexpected to the table .

  55. Jeff


    There are many ways to skin a cat. The point is, our cat will be skinned one way or the other – because it always does.

  56. Dissenter

    Can you imagine Guardiola condoning a squad player dancing in the tunnel 90 minutes from the start of the game?

    Quality players prepare mentally for hours and already have their game faces on 3 hours to game time.
    You would think Oxlade was fully focused on getting that starting job but he’s not.
    He’s having “fun” in a pressure-less chamber that Wenger has created form his pets.
    He knows he’s on his way to a £140k weekly contract when he’s 26 y/o because risk averse Arsenal want to “keep him through his productive years”

  57. WrightIsGod

    It’s clear that Elneny might be an okay player but most definitely not the type of player drag us over the line or instill any confidence. Wenger only buys a certain type of player with the obvious signings of Ozil, Sanchez and Cech being the exception.

    The Kim Kallstrom signing should have been the last straw but our placid tourist-driven fanbase just allows Wenger to get away with it. The guy had a broken back for Gods sake.

  58. Dissenter


    I agree
    Iwobi has done enough to displace Walcott.
    Maybe that’s the rocket-in-arse moment for Walcott but Wenger wont do it because Theo is too fragile for a kick-in-the-buttocks.

  59. steve

    “Wenger is even using Leicester to back his not spending. Thought this was the same man who blamed financial doping? What Leicester runs proved is: Wenger was never a necessary a brilliant manager, never has been and never will be. Sad but true.”

    Lol that cunt has no integrity at all.

  60. Johnty79

    Wanyama and van dijk two players that I said on here numerous times and yet was told they are not ‘arsenal type players’ . Wenger fails to sign the most obvious players. Just look at spurs

    Erickson( no way is Ozil eight times the player)
    The goalie

    All players wenger has missed out on.

  61. Dissenter

    Wenger, talking about Leicester
    “You reproach me about not buying big names, but you will support the team who has no big names.”

    What an odious character the man is
    Leicester are cutting their coat according to their size.
    They don’t have £200 million unspent… and still growing as we speak.

  62. Paulinho

    “You reproach me about not buying big names, but you will support the team who has no big names.”

    The difference is Arsene, you’re not good enough manager to do it the way Leicester are. Also, unlike us, Leicester have a bunch of motivated, hard working, humble types that work from first minute to last. Nothing like you’re overpaid bunch of wasters that meandered through games not giving a toss. Ranieri can actually motivate.

    Also turns out you’re not good enough to challenge for titles spending money as well.

  63. qna

    Dissenter. While I agree with your logic and believe that ultimately we will fall short.

    However, just as when I buy myself a lotto ticket, I dont go around thinking about the logic of it all. I hold firm in the hope that I hold the winning ticket.

    This season’s league is probably going to be won with the lowest points tally we have seen for a long time. The record lowest by a champion is 75 points and I think it will be similar this season as well. This is within our comfort zone.

  64. Johnty79

    Wenger has described elneny as not physical type players why the hell did we sign him the.

    With each passing year of wenger it does make you wonder how he ever won the league. 1998 ,2002,2004.

    Wengers whole career was based on signing Henry and vieira. With out them he would of been managing in the second devision of japan for rest of his career.

  65. Dissenter

    I agree with you.
    Wenger doesn’t do the easy signings.
    He has to reinvent the wheel every single time.

    Remember he’s only looking for ‘exceptional quality’
    If you have trouble describing ‘exceptional qualidee’ , then look at the epitome of that description -Elneny who can’t get a game ahead of Flamini.

  66. Cesc Appeal

    Have to admit when I saw Wenger say ‘Elneny isn’t physically ready for the EPL’ it was a head in hands moment.

    Wonder if he will play him today though. Running out of options surely.

  67. Samesong

    Wanyama and van dijk two players that I said on here numerous times and yet was told they are not ‘arsenal type players’ . Wenger fails to sign the most obvious players. Just look at spurs

    You are not the only one to say this. Going on like we don’t know.
    I also remember you saying Chris Samba to.

  68. Jeff

    The other thing that baffles me about us is that you never know which Arsenal is going to turn up. It’s all very inconsistent – hit and miss.

    For example, we go out there and for the first half, we spend a lot of time passing the ball around and losing it in the last third. They boot it up, we get it and do the same. Once or twice they actually catch us out because our centre backs are near the half way line.

    If you are the manager and you can see it’s not working, what do you do? Wenger has no answer to this question other than waiting till we score and sometimes we do. But other times we don’t. But the response is still the same. Wait till the 67th minute, then make a scripted substitution that does nothing for the game, constantly have a go at the fourth official and then thrash around like blue-arse flies in he last 10 minutes where we exert quite a lot of pressure and still fail to score. The game ends in a draw.

    “Well, err, we had a lot of chances but we did not take them…..mental strength….accident…..bad luck…..referee had a poor game…..blah blah blah” and on it goes. Haven’t you AKBs had enough of this. It’s been going on for 12 bloody years. Aren’t you sick of it? How can you stand it?

  69. uk

    Did you guys see wengers embarrassing interview where he says afobe had strikers like rvp ahead of him? I thought rvp left for United more than 2 years b4 he grabbed the money and sold afobe to wolves. And if elneny can’t displace flamini from that team then what’s the point? Or is he here to battle the austrian kid for the role of future DM?

  70. Paulinho

    “The other thing that baffles me about us is that you never know which Arsenal is going to turn up. It’s all very inconsistent – hit and miss.”

    I disagree.

    You knew before the Chelsea match we would freeze. We always freeze in certain games after Xmas if we’re near the top of the table, or when Wenger says ‘the next few weeks will be decisive”. Cue massive flop.

    Just like we always play with energy and movement when all is lost or looks on the verge of being lost. I fully expect us today to tear Bournemouth apart in the first today, creating chance after chance. Of course the demons could well strike again late in the 2nd half. We haven’t quite fucked things up yet to the extent we usually do when we collapse, so we are due to drop more points before we start ‘title-winning’ form again.

  71. Samesong

    This game has bottle job all over it when do we perform when the pressure is on?

    What’s our goal scoring like recently? Bournemouth are no mugs either.

  72. Goonergirl

    Big game today, we’ve got to win. Can’t afford another draw. Hope Wenger changes it up a bit today. So tired of seeing the same thing every game. And please no Flamini in the team.

  73. leon

    I watched Leicetser play Man City and I saw a team thats hungry and the big problem is I just dont see that in this team at all. I think this team has grown so accustomed to settle for 4th play dont know how thrive for than that. I have know dought that we will win some games but when it comes to crunch I dont think this team has the drive or desire to do what ever it takes to win I just see it. As far this game is concerned I would like to see couqulin and eleini play together but I dought that will happen

  74. shad

    Can see us getting an early lead then bottling it and getting scored a sucker punch like in the 89th min courtesy of Afobe..

    Wenger has made me bitter.

  75. bishop

    Don’t curse if you don’t see ELNENY in today’s Team anyway.

    Seems his wife just gave birth to a boy hours ago.

  76. shad

    “Wenger, talking about Leicester
    “You reproach me about not buying big names, but you will support the team who has no big names.”What an odious character the man is
    Leicester are cutting their coat according to their size.
    They don’t have £200 million unspent… and still growing as we speak.”

    Too true. I mean, Vardy just signed a contract extension that’s rumoured to be £80k/week while Wenger rewards 4 game performances with silly wages. Think Wilshere (£90k/week), Rosa (£70k/week), Arteta (80k/week), Ox (£65k/week), Wally (£140k/week). This on top of the rumoured £200m in the bank (realistically £70m to 200m).
    Wenger is the most charmless, obnoxious, irrelevant, conniving cunt to manage this club. He is gangrene and we need to chop him off lest he ruins players like Sanchez and Ozil with his infectious dithering and double-speak.

  77. Jeff

    Given all we know, this is the most probable line up today.

    Petr Cech
    Héctor Bellerín
    Laurent Koscielny
    Per Mertesacker
    Nacho Monreal
    Francis Coquelin
    Aaron Ramsey
    Mesut Özil
    Joel Campbell
    Olivier Giroud
    Alexis Sánchez

  78. Jeff

    Actual line up



  79. Goonergirl

    Can’t believe Flamini starts again. Agree with Eagle don’t see the point in buying Elneny if he can’t be used.

  80. Jamie

    Seriously, how many times is Wenger going to play those two in midfield? They might have a good game today (wishful thinking), but 1 good game together in 5 is ridiculous.

  81. Jeff

    Only two possibilities are on the table. Either Wenger cannot see how utterly ineffective and detrimental the Ramsey and Flamini partnership is, which makes him a shit manager, or he’s taking the piss and saying up yours to everyone, I’m the boss not you. Either way, he’s a shit manager.

  82. WengerEagle

    Compassion is a huge weakness of Wenger so would make sense.

    It’s why FEO earns £140,000 a week, why Flamini even still plays for us, why Chamberlain still gets into the side, why Wilshere got an improved contract, why he flogged Diaby 5 years too late, I could go on.

  83. Tomtom

    Who cares if Elneny is not in the squad.
    The kid would be just as bad as Flamini and is nothing to get excited about

  84. Jim lahey

    @Shad – I really don’t understand what he is trying to do. Is he intentionally jeopardising our chances of wining to prove some point?

    Is Wenger purposely trying to stop us from challenging for the league? Questions need to be asked!

  85. Jim lahey

    @WE – “Compassion is a huge weakness of Wenger so would make sense.It’s why FEO earns £140,000 a week, why Flamini even still plays for us, why Chamberlain still gets into the side, why Wilshere got an improved contract, why he flogged Diaby 5 years too late, I could go on.”

    Spot on!

  86. Cesc Appeal

    I said after the game against Saints were Wenger took a hammering, don’t be surprised if his stubborn streak comes out and he plays Flamini.

  87. Jamie

    WE –

    Look, has Einstein made 50,000 substitutions and managed at the top level for 20 years?

    Also, cohesion and mental strength is worth a thousand trophies, right?

  88. Tomtom

    Transfer window closes and Wenger starts his most pathetic lineup yet.
    It’s like he wants to get sacked or is seeing how far he can push the fans

  89. bishop

    OH MY God…so I will entire seeing Flamini again..OMG

    Wish I didn’t love this club this much that I can ignore watching a game.

  90. Jim lahey

    Can put on my tinfoil hat for a moment and suggest that Wenger is putting out these poor teams (and has done so for the past decade) so he doesn’t win the league?

  91. Vince

    Before 1 idiot abuses me for being Anti-Arsenal, can I beg the injury gods to let flamini do his hamstring 10 minutes into the game? think that’s the only way we’ll do without him.

  92. shad

    Ok, ElNeny confirmed he got blessed with a baby. Kudos to the lad. But why is Ox starting ahead of Campbell? I swear Wenger gets a bonus to sabotage the team from winning major trophies.

    @Jim Lahey,

    Wenger is simply incompetent and thankfully for him, he a has a board that is so far up his arse that they have given him cart blanche powers to ru(i)n the club.

  93. Jamie

    Too many out-of-form players on the pitch today.

    Wenger operates with the old adage in mind of throwing enough shit at the wall and eventually some of it will stick.

    Play Ox, Ramsey, Flamini, Giroud enough times, the law of averages dictates that they’re due a performance at some stage. Such poor management.

  94. Samesong

    1 of 5
    WestStandTone (@WestStandTone)
    5 mins ago – View on Twitter
    I see that Elneny’s wife had a baby this morning. I wasn’t expecting her to play, in fairness.