Benik Afobe *judders | Why don’t we sign ‘now’ players in January?

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How’s it going friends?

Over here, no one gives a rats arse about Arsenal… because it’s Super Bowl Sunday. Cam Newton, an oddly large quarterback with a winning smile, against Peyton Manning, the god of insurance endorsements.

So I’m posting early, gonna get deep involved in this new sport and see what happens. You have to reserve seats in bars. What sort of fucked notion is that?


Anyway, what about Arsenal? Early kick off against ‘Benik Returns To Haunt Former Club’ FC.

Canny wait for the hattrick. Especially because we couldn’t score in 48 person orgie at the moment.

Wenger has said a few really interesting things… and people, I mean really interesting.

“Goals are not only down to the strikers – it’s down to the quality of the way you create goal chances and the quality of the chances you create.”

Fascinating stuff right there, pick that out the top corner Mr Michael Owen.

Anyway, sure, it’s about the quality of chance, but let’s be fair, we have a player whose only role in life is to provide. He provides too much. He’s one of those providers who outside providing seems to do very little.

One of the stats doing the ‘poor old Arsenal, what terrible luck’ rounds is the one that says the top three games where the most saves were made came against Arsenal. Stoke, Southampton and Newcastle. 9,10 and 10.

Now, does that say to you incredible keeping? Or does it say to you, shit, ten openings that were good enough to get a shot on target… pretty shit finishing.

For me it’s the latter. You can’t go about saying that it’s the keepers ganging up on us. If you have 10 chances at goal and you can’t score any of them, it’s the quality of your strikers.

So we have the providers, but the elephant in the room is why Wenger hasn’t added a striker in 3 years.

Jokes here are these two. Suarez is scoring like a door to door salesman in the red light district. Higuain, a player we wouldn’t pay £32m for has something like 22 in 22 in a notoriously tough league to score in. Bloody Benik Afobe is even getting goals. Not that he’s the solution, but you do wonder how we let a player like him go with zero sniffs at the first team… but we kept Yaya Sanogoal and even sent him out as a gift to Ajax.

> Sanogo couldn’t score in an Amsterdamn brothel because he’d fall over before he reached the door. You know it people. What a plank.

Anyway, someone made an interesting point in the comments yesterday about the difference between Ranieri and Wenger being about snobbery.

Now, hear me out here and call me a crazy fool. But Wenger needed to buy a Premier League bulldozer to sit in for Coquelin while he was injured. So what he did, is he went out, looked at some stats and picked up a player who might be good next season. MIGHT.

Elneny landed. He can’t get in the side. Flamini is still clogging up our midfield and making people sad.

Why didn’t we go for Jon-jo Shelvey? Sure, he has a stupid name and there are rumours about his attitude, but look, he’s very mobile, he’s strong, he has talent and he’d absolutely kill for that chance to impress at a big club. He’s played 150 odd Premier League games and he’s only 23 years old.

We’d never do it because Wenger just doesn’t do things like that.

United did back in the day. How many shithouses did we play against that you’d never put in a super star side, but they’d always do us.

O’Shea. Hated him. Rubbish. But he’d die for the cause on a shit salary. Darren bloody Fletcher. What the hell was that guy? Hard as nails and he’d always put the shits up us.

So whilst I’m not condoning this Shelvey lad being the next Busquets, I am saying that we know he can do a job and you know he’d move heaven and earth to make an impression.

We never take those chances. We always make silly moves in these windows that are either long term or too smart for life (Broken back Swede, remember?)

Anyway, today we need a bit of bite about us. Wenger says we shouldn’t obsess about scoring. Again, great soundbite, but really, what does that mean? You’re always obsessed with scoring, that’s the whole point of football.

Right, many words, too little time. SEE YOU ON MONDAY LOVE YOU BYE x

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  1. Mysticleaves

    ” Don’t see us beating Leicester, don’t
    see us winning the title.”

    I actually see us beating Leicester. yes our performance today wasn’t good but no two games are the same.

    and we were not actually superb, form wise, when we spanked Leicester 5 – 2

    but beating Leicester won’t be enough for us to win this league. consistency is the key.

  2. Dissenter

    That’s a pathetic deflection.

    Calling someone a spuds fan is as low as it gets.

    Flamini should have been sent off. He’s always making these two footed lunges that are studs up.

    Does that make me a spuds supporter too?

  3. Cesc Appeal


    Not sure about Campbell back.

    Leicester transition through the middle really well, so we need to stop that, I think it should be a Ramsey at RM and then Coq and Elneny in the middle job.

  4. MidwestGun

    Gabs played ok, but caught out for position several times and isn’t as confident on the ball as Mert. He botched a tackle and was beaten for pace but Bellerin saved him. otherwise it would have been a bad mistake and goal.

  5. DaleDaGooner

    Wallace… Gabriel, I thought he played well. People will moan. He and Kos kept us respectable. If we had a better DM and CM they wouldn’t have to scamper around putting out fires. Gabriel was fine

  6. Rambo Ramsey

    *Calling someone a spuds fan is as low as it gets.”

    oh please do stop the over dramatisation. it wasn’t even you who I called that, why you getting your knickers in a twist? calm down

  7. useroz

    3 points @Bournemouth is a routine. Happy we won but not something to celebrate when you remember what we did (and not do) in the last 4 games. It’s criminal for a team supposedly with title ambition.

    On Pedro’s post re buying now, Wenger is a development manager at heart and gets high watching ‘talented’ kids improve under him… knowing he wouldn’t get fired. Other managers, good or bad, know what’s coming if they don’t manage to deliver.

    It’s an ‘up you’ attitude Wenger portrays … I do it because I can?

  8. Rambo Ramsey

    if people actually look at that Flam challenge again, red would of been very harsh. on first sight it did look bad but replays show ref got it more right than wrong. doesn’t mean it wasn’t stupid and reckless but not a red

  9. Joe


    If some one had done that to Ramsey or Ozil or Sanchez you would be spitting blood that he only got a yellow.

    Quit being such a hypocrite

  10. gambon


    Good result today, no idea about the performance.

    We are absolute flat track bullies though, no doubt at all.

    Considering we have to go to Utd, City, Spurs, Everton and West Ham still, i think 4th is where we’ll finish.

    Surprised people are slagging off Ramsey, looks like he did ok today.

    Problem is, a performance like today usually is enough to convince Wenger that we are the best team in the history of the game.

  11. Joe


    You can add this cech performance to points added.

    He saved us at least 2 points today with his saves

    Their shooters were crap mind.

  12. Bamford10


    Rambo is new-ish to the blog — and a twat to boot.

    Thus calling Samesong a “Spud”.

    Guy is from Nepal as well; I’ve always sort of thought that kind of talk was only for Londoners.

    Rambo – Out of curiosity, are you a Londoner?

  13. Phd007

    DissenterFebruary 7, 2016 16:25:30
    There used to be a time on this blog when it was widely agreed you don’t call a gooner a spud/Chav just because you disagree with a view point.
    How about I call you a fox lover??

  14. Rambo Ramsey

    “There used to be a time on this blog when it was widely agreed you don’t call a gooner a spud/Chav just because you disagree with a view point.”

    such a shame it didn’t extend to words like ‘braindead AKB’

  15. Dream10

    Wenger Eagle

    Gary Neville’s Valencia. Love how they mention his name before the club at all times lol. Sensational stuff

  16. Bamford10


    See the “AKB Guide” tab at the top of the webpage? The term “AKB” is an innate aspect of Le Grove, you fucking nimrod.

    What a moron.

  17. Bamford10

    Flamini’s tackle was studs up, and he kept his studs up as he went under the opposing player’s legs.

    It was reckless and stupid, and he could easily have received a red card. This is how Flamini plays the “tough guy,” instead of just putting in a proper tackle.

    Flamini is fucking gash.

  18. Dissenter

    The Martin Taylor tackle that broke Eduardo’s leg wasn’t as bad as the Flamini tackle today.

    Flamini never learned how to tackle and has been doing this kungfu tackles all through his career. I recall one particular bad tackle on Spurs Corluka in the CL when he played for Milan.

    The tackle today was shocking and he’s lucky to stay on the field. Had Bournemouth been in bigger team he would be off. Referees treat smaller clubs less in my opinion.

  19. kwik fit

    The Flamini tackle wasn’t that bad. He won the ball cleanly and only one foot was of the ground. Ref , for once, called it right IMO

  20. Up 4 grabs now


    I’d rather see Campbell than the ox for Leicester. Wasn’t great bar the goal. His regression is quite frightening.
    At least Campbell tracks back.

    Leicester will hit us on the break, would rather see Ramsey and le coq back in the centre for me.
    Then again I’d rather see us play two up top mate!

  21. Bamford10


    “you ve mastery on the swearwords of English I see”

    And as we can all see, you clearly haven’t mastered the basics of English.

    And, btw, I’m not playing the “tough guy”; I’m playing the annoyed guy, because your twattish behavior is annoying.

    Calling Samesong a “Spud” because he thinks they’ll beat us? I believe they beat us at WHL last season, yes? And they’re even better this season. So he’s really just being reasonable, objective.

    And you didn’t answer my question: are you a Londoner?

  22. NYCgooner

    3 important points but other than a few good moments, it was a very disjointed performance with no real flow or rhythm to our play.

    Ox is finding his confidence which is a good sign but he lacked effort defensively.

    Ramsey had a good game except for a couple bad decisions.

    Flamini is constantly out of position, and too often gets caught up the feel on counterattacks.

    Big Giroud supporter but Theo needs to start to stretch the field and create some space in the middle of the pitch. Bournemouth played a high line and we couldn’t punish them for doing that.

    We are still having trouble building our attack from deep. Seriously miss Cazorla in that position.

    All that said, I expect us to beat Leicester next week rather comfortably.

  23. Rambo Ramsey

    Bamford you can take your question and stick it up where the Sun don’t shine you absolute cock. who the fuck are you to play the victim here, feigning huge offense at me using the Spud word, when you ve been throwing all your English ugly words left, right and centre at me? learn to be civil first then maybe start asking questions

  24. Bamford10


    So I’ll assume you’re not a Londoner. Thanks.

    Your comments were twattish and deserved the response they received.

    If you don’t want to be insulted, don’t say moronic, twattish things.


  25. Up 4 grabs now

    Flamini tackle was over the top, and also unnecessary.
    Yes he won the ball yes he was off the ground. But these days you can’t do that.
    I remember Vieira getting sent off for the same thing. (Possibly against Sunderland) and he won the ball and didn’t even touch the player.
    We got lucky today.

  26. Bamford10


    Was thinking the same. Martial beats his defender every time he goes at him.

    Great goal from United. They look better than I expected them to.

  27. Troy McClure

    The Man Utd – Chelsea match – how is it that Arsenal are the only ones who can’t figure out how to beat Chelsea? Dropping 6 points to Chelsea this season is totally criminal. Dropping 5 to Southampton is a close second. There’s the margin between 3rd and 1st right there.

  28. Bobby 7

    Where was Elnan(n)y today?

    Not a super qualidee signing then?
    Not better than what we have?

    Compulsive liar Wenger has done it again…

  29. Bamford10

    United will be a harder match than we might otherwise have thought. They look improved — and they are performing better against Chelsea than we did.

  30. Wallace


    and one more time for those hard of hearing…


  31. London gunner


    Every post/comment you make is about defending your lord and master wenger.

    How about you man up and start thinking of yourself instead of being a sheep of a man.

  32. TheBayingMob

    I wiifm have RC’d Flamini for that two footed shocker. It was a terrible challenge from a terrible player.

  33. Bamford10


    I rarely agree with Wallace, but we established hours ago — and via several different posts — that Elneny was absent on account of his newborn baby.

    That people keep posting cluelessly about this is a bit daft.

  34. Dissenter

    Valencia 0 – Betis 1

    It’s time Gary Neville got relieved of his misery.
    His arrogant manager critiquing ways are over.

    I really think every TV pundit should have a stint as manager for screening before they put them on live TV.

  35. Wallace

    london gunner(muscular cunt)

    “How about you man up and start thinking of yourself instead of being a sheep of a man.”

    mate, you’re a 24/7 walking neon advert for the dangers of thinking for yourself.

  36. Arsene's Nurse

    I’d rather Man U drop points than Chelsea. Love to see the scum fail. They are 6 points of the CL places as it stands.

  37. bishop

    Don’t forget that we meet Man it’d away after Leicester beat us next week…I can’t stand seeing myself behimd them..Chelsea beating like Aston Villa beating them.

  38. Troy McClure

    Ok Utd, hold on for the draw. Everybody drops points. The best possible outcome. Cunsta doing his thing, scoring a goal after an afternoon of exaggerating contact and trying to bully referees.

  39. Majestic gooner

    Arsene please watch Diego costa ‘s goal and around movement and tell me which of our strikers play like that. That’s what you pay over £30 million for.

  40. Dissenter

    LVG will most likely be fired at the end of the season.

    United will take their chances with Mourhino.

    Next summer’s window will be bloody. The managerial changes along with the new TV money will spur a spending frenzy never seen before.

  41. London gunner


    I’m just sick and tired of this guy spending so much time devoted to defending the fraud wenger, the very figure who is damaging the club by holding us back.

    It’s the clueless wallace’s of the world that make wengers position at the club tenable.

    Without such moronic, naive and unquestionable support. Wenger would have left couple of years ago.

  42. London gunner

    Oh Diego Costa is now only 3 goals behind giroud despite having the worst season of his career whilst giroud has had his best in an arsenal shirt.

    Diego Costa shits all over giroud

  43. kwik fit

    Agree Red , in fact I think it was a free the other way. Diabolical decision by the ref. Then again what do we expect.

  44. Leedsgunner

    If Elneny is on paternity leave fair enough — I stand corrected. I hope he shows on the field what he’s about

    What’s wrong with Coquelin? Is he injured? Anyone know?

  45. Rambo Ramsey

    London Gunner, but the odds of classy London fans causing a massive revolt against classy Wenger of classy football club Arsenal must be very low? maybe if they directly take their appeal to Kroekne and the board. even then do you trust any them to yield?

  46. Dissenter

    I hardly ever agree with Wallace but he has my respect for not running off when we lose like most pro-Wenger posters.

    He’s here come rain or shine.
    Legrove will be boring if it were filled with only one side of the story, don’t you think.

  47. Arsene's Nurse

    February 7, 2016 17:56:45

    Flamini tackle wasn’t even a foul let alone a eed card.
    Drivel, you have no understanding of the laws of the game.

  48. Phd007

    DissenterFebruary 7, 2016 18:05:08
    I hardly ever agree with Wallace but he has my respect for not running off when we lose like most pro-Wenger posters.He’s here come rain or shine.

    What about posters like Daz,NM,Ugheller…Do they have your respect?

  49. Confidentgoner

    Wenger is introducing Coq slowly. Working his way to match sharpness. That’s how it’s done. Same with Elneny. He feels players shouldn’t be rushed like he used to. Wish he will learn rotation and buy smarter .

  50. Gary

    Giroud with the assist on the winning goal to Ozil for Arsenal who win their first game in the league since the start of January, taking down the mighty Bournemouth Cherries (who were undefeated in their previous four heading into today having won 3 of the last 4 matches)….lol yep everything in that sentence is correct

  51. daz


    I was here throughout the Chelsea debacle and many others, I don’t comment on a daily basis anyway I come on after defeats more as its like a ghost town on here after a good performance 😉

  52. Phd007


    Wenger would have a mental breakdown of epic proportions,if he was fired a few times.He would disappear altogether..

    It would be a case of,where are they now moments?

  53. Arsene's Nurse

    February 7, 2016 18:14:19

    Flamini tackle may have looked crude but in this instance no foul.
    You’re a gobby know nothing twat. Look up Law 12. Pay attention to “reckless” and “using excessive force” under “Serious Foul Play”.

  54. Ces1ne

    Oh Ramsey, full of gems today……you also left something out,

    Lets take a bit of perspective when talking about “The Miserable One” Jose getting the sack “within 36 months”
    The problem is that in that time he will probably win a title, while he takes his customary 4-6 points off our club in each of those seasons thanks to wengers inferiority complex when it comes to that miserable Portugeuse clown.

  55. daz


    I’m of the opinion its time for him to step down but I still think he has done alot of good in between his baffling decisions, I do defend him alot as people can’t help themselves making shit up about him or exaggerating the mistakes.

  56. Dissenter

    “DissenterFebruary 7, 2016 18:05:08
    I hardly ever agree with Wallace but he has my respect for not running off when we lose like most pro-Wenger posters.He’s here come rain or shine.
    —————————————What about posters like Daz,NM,Ugheller…Do they have your respect?”

    My reply is simple
    I’m respectful of opinions though I may disagree with them 100%.

  57. Mysticleaves

    since Costa scored his. 4th goal of the season, all his goals, bar 1 have been tap ins.

    now I am not saying it’s bad but that’s what people flog Giroud with. he was pretty useless against us, man utd and few other matches, yet he scored. if it were Giroud, arsenals fans will kill him.

    a player for Arsenal is worse than he is and a player of another club is better than he is in the eyes of Le grove posters.

    had Martial being an Arsenal player they would go on and on about how he’s a headless chicken and has no end product or decision making.

  58. Ughelligunner

    phd, leave Nm alone, everybody has his own way of grieving the arsenal. Its always outpouring of insults anytime arsenal drops point, and not everybody can keep up with trying to repeat themselves to repeated moans and groans of negativity.
    Then again, if arsenal lose, it always difficult to be hear trying to be positive since this whole house is usually upwardly high on pipe.

    P.S, didn’t you say you would’nt come anytime during the season, only at the end? What happening now, and why changing your name to phd, and when you were asked if you were sde you didn’t answer.
    I would say, NM is more of a man than you. Men don’t gossip or backbite behind their fellow men.

  59. izzo

    I laugh at at most of you saying we’re going to beat Leicester just because we were the first to beat them this season. You really think that matters….? The way they’re playing we will be lucky to eek out a draw thats if they have an off day. we are not beating them. Just focus on trying to finish close to 4th which we won’t get. Leicester have to easiest run in. I don’t see them slipping. They are that good.

  60. kwik fit

    Wenger following today’s game ‘ We’re third but I don’t deny that my favourite position is on top. Although I’m partial to a bit of doggy ‘

  61. Ughelligunner

    Red, most people you call Akb want wenger retired so that we would really know the nature of the club concerning recruitment of players. And maybe we would know who was really at fault. We truly support the team, you behave like majority of other fans who are never satisfied with their managers.

  62. Aa23

    I’m loving Leicester. Really well balanced side playing their hearts out for each other and their club.
    It’s like a film.
    It’s rare that you go into a game genuinely not too worried if you lose…
    but I genuinely don’t mind.
    I know they will come to play lovely football and to express themselves, they do not play for draws and they don’t park the bus.
    They want all three points and they are more than up for taking them.
    And that’s why I’m so excited about this game.
    It’s a fairytale with no losers
    I hope they smash us 6-0 and I hope we win
    I haven’t been this fired up since 2008.