Leicester pulling away. Yeah, you read correctly.

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Man, so many first world problems in my life. I now FULLY understand why American landlords were so reticent to let me live in their properties. BECAUSE IF A FOREIGNER LEAVES YOU HAVE NO RECOURSE.

Mine left used sanitary towels, oversized teddy bears and a massive sh*t in the bowl.

So basically, my oh so pained life right now, is about fearing a default on a mortgage because I have NO tenants.

All this bullshit about the London rental market being so brutal. I don’t get how people are creaming money from it. VAT, service charges, c*nt tenants. It’s a massive bullshit.

You know what else is bullshit? This fucking Leicester thing. My oh my. What is going on there?

I watched the game. They were absolutely brilliant. First to everything. Powerful, fast, stylish… WHAT IS THIS!

They are actually contenders. Smashing 3 past City at their place is unreal for a team put together for about £16. Imagine if they actually win it?

That’ll have the Wenger apologists wondering. They moved stadium, had less money than us, they have zero prestige and they had zero stability after losing a manager last season.

How can Wenger not have made something happen in the last 10 years?

Someone said to me earlier…

‘Sure, it makes the apologists wrong, but it also makes the spend, spend, spend people wrong’

YES, IT DOES. But anyone who has followed Arsenal closely knows that the problems haven’t been about being skint. Only Wenger plays that card until he’s not poor, then it’s something else, like god or hair pills.

The problem has been all the smarts you don’t billions to hire in.

The problem this season, watching Leicester play, is the fight. The guts. The mental bit.

We need to channel some of that tomorrow. We need to keep touch with Leicester and we need to keep level with Spurs. It’s another no excuses moment. But we’re not scoring and we don’t look like scoring.

Again, this is a problem we’ve known about for 3 years! It’s not new. How have we STILL not addressed it.

It’s not good enough. But, there’s no reason we can’t turn it around. Better mental focus and we should be laughing. Actually, more people trying to lead would be great.

More accountability from the players. More balls. All of those things!

Right, that’s my rant done. I’m off to crying into a bowl of financial fear.

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  1. Jonraid


    It’s not really monopoly, i stole the 4th from DM under his nose a few times. Just like what Leicester did tonight.

    Football is a cut throat business and Wenger is a dinosaur.

  2. gonsterous

    pedro, i love you, you little bugger… there i said it… keep up the good work. dont ban me, dont be homophobic man…

  3. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Joe ?


    Was a good boxer then he lost his bottle after a defeat didn’t he ?

    Then went to make a name fotprce himself in Hollywood?

    Myself I like the energy Benin brought to boxing ,
    An the fights with Eubanks were good.

  4. Leedsgunner

    It’s no use trying to find reason in Arsene’s thinking. He will say whatever is necessary to make sure people are blaming him. If Leicester wins he will made to look a fool because they’ve been able to do in one season what he has been trying to do in the past 12… that is to win the League Title on the cheap.

    The truth is Wenger isn’t a very good manager.. and Raineri has shown him up. Whereas WEnger has bottled key game after key game, Leicester has quietly gone about their business — no pontificating about rubbish here — but they’ve spoken on the field and produced results. This even though everyone expecting them to fail. I for one am very pleased for them.

    When the pressure has been on, what have we done? THe league table does not lie… we’ve bottled it. The truth is Wenger bottled it in the summer really when he refused to sign anyone… even though we badly needed another DM and a first rate striker.

    The players might have different names on their backs but the mere fact that we collapse in our title challenge demonstrates to everyone Wenger is a person who uses his mistakes to make excuses rather than learning from them.

  5. Jeff

    Looks like Leicester are going to win league. In what universe was that sentence ever envisaged? Tottenham won again and go second. Unbelievable. I just don’t know what to make of it. This was supposed to be our year but 3 points from four games put paid to that idea.

  6. Bob

    If it wasn’t already important it is now vital we beat Spurs,man city & Leicester draws will not be good enough as we can drop points anywhere if our heads aren’t right, Leicester only have us,Chelsea & man Utd to play in there run in which could cause them problems the rest of there games are definitley winnable, Spurs have all the so called big boys left, so do we apart from Chelsea, we have united,Spurs,Leicester & city & city have all the ‘big boys’ to Leicester are definitley favourites, it’s there’s to throw away now

  7. Phd007

    Aarghhhh Leicester,Leicester,Leicester..My dearest Leicester…

    Could this be the season,that the chickens finally come home to roost for Monsieur Arsewipe??!!

    In time,all will be revealed…How Monsieur Arsewipe,must be fidgeting nervously right now,watching Leicester steal a march on their rivals..

    Should Leicester do the unthinkable,will Roman Abramovich come knocking a second time at Tinkermans door,bearing untold riches and charming ‘ole Tinkerman to sit alongside him in his Golden”Tortured” Palace?

    The irony,should that scenario unfold..Given the Tinkerman was fired first time around to make way for Mourinho..Now Mourinho has faced the firing squad,will it be Tinkerman’s turn to replace The Special One & be the chosen one..?

    An interesting season beckons..

    Then we turn to Monsieur Arsene”Economical with the truth-I shit my pants in the face of a real battle”Wenger..

    Is this the season,where all his fabled stories,start to unravel before his very eyes..What a cunning web of deceit we weave…We weave and weave,until we are trapped by our own deceit..Only thing left,is to do the honourable thing & walk the plank of shame…

    Should Leicester win the league this season,surely all the pronouncements foretold from the ivory towers of the Emirates,will be proven to be a fallacy..In short a great big stupendous lie…

    Shame on you Arsenal..Shame on you…

    Such pronouncements as:

    Fallacy 1
    Chelski & Mancs are involved in financial doping-we can’t compete

    Fallacy 2:
    The Mancs& the Oligarchs skew the market

    Fallacy 3:
    This squad is the best squad.It has mental strength.Team cohesion.I believe we can win the league..(Every season since 2009)

    Fallacy 4:
    I believe if the game was a level playing field and we were all given the same resources.I believe we would have a better chance of winning.
    (Leicester have vastly inferior resources& look what’s happening).

    Fallacy 5
    We believe with FFP,it will level the playing field.So we should be able to compete..
    (FFP or No FFP,Leicester are operating with a vastly inferior budget,compared to Arsenal)

    Fallacy 6
    I will only buy if theRE is exceptional quality,better than what we already have..

    Leicester proving you don’t need exceptional quality to compete..

    Fallacy 7
    We were hampered by injuries,referee decisions,pitch conditions,fatigue..

    Leicester have a far smaller squad,operating on a far smaller budget and facing the same problems as most clubs.Probably decisions would not favour them so much,given they are a small club in comparison to say an Arsenal,Chelsea,Manure/ManC..

    Fallacy 8
    We were top of the league in Jan

    Leicester are top of the league in Feb..

    Fallacy 9
    We moved to the Emirates to compete with the Barca’s,ManC,Chelski’s of this world..Leicester built the Walker stadium many years ago..Were in the championship a few seasons ago..& guess what..Almost 10 years on…
    We are now competing with Leicester..A small club,with a vastly inferior budget,small squad,bucking the trend..
    We were never competing with the Mancs,or the chelskis,or the Barca’s realistically..So wtf,have you been doing for 11 years Arsene?

    Fallacy 10

    If we sell Nasri and Cesc,then we can’t call ourselves a big club.

    If Leicester win the league this season.They would have highlighted Arsene,that your words,certainly don’t match your deeds…

  8. DivineSherlock

    Leicester City’s example is a slap In the face of eveyone , akbs , wobs , oil monarchs , russian mafia , fifa , overearning shit english players etc etc.

  9. Zoran

    “The truth is Wenger isn’t a very good Manager”
    Yes, he is, but for the AFC financial departement.
    To lead the first Team he is clueless.

  10. Bob

    I think Wengers excuse will be that Leicester only had to worry about 1 competition since the end of January, but will completely avoid the fact that we could of and probably should have pulled away from the rest between Dec & Feb & with abit of the special ‘mental strength’ and a few improvements in certain positions we should be the team winning it this year,

  11. Redtruth

    Wenger is the handbrake that is holding Arsenal back.
    Season after season he’s hid behind excuses with fans of all persuasion giving him the benfit of the doubt….Well enough is enough amd i say rise up Midwest rise up ..gird your loins and i hear the fat lady clearing her throat.

  12. Steve

    Why torture yourselves.

    Come the end of the season we will be told ” Fourth is a trophy”.

    The last two transfer windows define Wenger’s lack of ambition.

  13. Spanishdave

    Wenger will be shitting himself tomorrow., other than a good win the media will start on him big time. He’s got the mighty Leicester and run of the mill Barca coming up.

  14. Shubham

    Leicester well done. Now its on us to do the business starting tomorrow. Push them till the final 5 games and we will do it.. COYG!

  15. Bob

    Walcott is what happened to Walcott! I think if we don’t score in the 1st half tomorrow it’s going to be a very nervy 2nd half , we have to win no questions. Not only do we have to we should win, we should be beating Bournemouth, just shows when I’m actually slightly worried about how we’re going to perform tomorrow & if we have it in us to get the result required

  16. DM


    Well done, but seriously, how many times do I have to tell people that I don’t compete on Saturdays?! Must’ve said it 100 times yet still every Saturday people say they beat me lol. Enjoy it and all, but it’s my day of rest, online and offline!

  17. somerandomperson

    Leicester are firm title favorites. I told this last week before our draw . They have only one competition to concentrate on and they have not really had major dips they seem to be better than most teams.

  18. Bob

    Leicester play some tidy football aswell, great on the counter attack, they have a good mix of flare & steel, even if they don’t win it this year massive achievement especially with some championship grade players!

  19. B.T

    Our worst goalscoring season for 15 years, oh my, it was so predictable with Giroud our only striker, how many times has Wenger been caught out in his ridicoulous excuses, honestly dont know if he thinks everyone is really pathetically stupid or if he really has lost it a bit upstairs.

  20. MidwestGun


    A few hundred protesting would suffice and not the mass demonstrations you ridiculously claim would be needed…lol
    Ok then Red get 100 of your friends together and start one and see how that works for you. ………. Oh I forgot …. first you would have to have 100 friends.

  21. MidwestGun

    Would somebody, contact Pedro to rent his apartment for Christ’s sake. Use the power of your media Pedro.

    Buck up, show some mental strength…. you could have it worse, like stocks in today’s marketplace…. now that’s financial angst.

  22. Goona

    There is no way we deserve to finish, or are likely to, finish above leicester….they play exciting football…..and play as a team…..whats their wage bill v ours? Arsenal are shote! We have been for years, under different ownership we could be pissing this league.

    A different owner, a owner that understands that the fundamental reason for sport is to compete and WIN, would of sacked wenger years ago. The club would of moved on and improved.

    The squad wenger has “built” bar a handfull of players, are grossly overpaid for what they deliver on the field, most would struggle to get first XI in other prem teams, some on the books should be in the division below….most players under wenger go backwards….

    Until wenger goes the clubs fucked…..

    I want the old arsenal back…a team that goes out with the right balance of skill, strength, ability, mettle….no this showe of shit

  23. John T.

    Same shit different year. What Leicester’s success points out is coaching makes a difference. Our players don’t play to win championships because the “coach” doesn’t make it a priority nor are there consequences for his record. Wenger has his job no matter where they finish. Said it for the last 8 years, until this guy is gone, Arsenal wins nothing. Maybe if they finish 6th, lose in the FA Cup and the CL the Board (where the problem) lies will wise up.

  24. Goona

    @john t….completely agree…..how far do arsenal fall before the idiot owners act? Do they not realise a silverware wining team atract more money…fans….sponsorship? They are bloody idiots.

    Arsenal fc are in the financial position to dominate this league….

  25. Follow the money

    It’d be perfect if Afobe puts us to the sword tomorrow. You know he’s going to be motivated, having never been given a chance by wanker

  26. Follow the money

    Goona Stan doesn’t care about winning. A London based team could battle relegation every year and still make money. That’s why he bought us, he doesn’t have to invest or win

  27. Mike

    Spurs winning again just twists the knife .
    They barely concede , they’ve got a much better Goal difference than us too.
    Makes me feel ill.

    If we don’t do it I’d be happy for Leicester to do it.

    Wenger = cheeky bid for mahrez please.

  28. Jeff


    That was the point I was trying to make. It was “supposed” to be our year but most of us on here predicted before even the season got going that we would not win it purely on the basis that Wenger is basically a perennial choker. Even if we were in the Championship, he would probably still somehow conspire to ensure we finished 3rd or 4th such is the regularity and the predictability with which he fails.

  29. Goona

    @follow…but even that twat can surely see the potential!……its embarasing that a billionaire own a pro club in any sport and doesnt want to win…..what an attitude to filter down from top to bottom of the club…no wonder the players apathy

  30. Rhys Jaggar


    Actually, if Ranieri et al do it, they won’t have done what ‘Arsene Wenger has been trying to do for 10 years, namely win the League on the cheap’, since Wenger has been trying to win the League whilst competing in the Champions League.

    That’s makes a huge, huge difference. Leicester, even if they went deep in both cups (they didn’t) wouldn’t play more than 50 games. Arsenal have had 55 – 60 a season (maximum possible was often 65). Particularly in the second half of the season, just playing one game a week allows players adequate recuperation time. You see a number of teams struggle with European fixtures (Everton, Liverpool in recent times) where their league performance has been concerned. Leicester will probably find out about that next year.

    The difference between Ranieri and Wenger is that Ranieri isn’t snobbish about where players came from. Robert Huth came from Stoke. He’s a cornerstone of Leicester’s defence. Albrighton was failing at Villa. He’s thriving on Leicester’s wide midfield. Vardy came up with Leicester from the Championship, who bought him from Fleetwood. Wenger might buy someone from the back of beyond abroad, but he’d never deign to buy someone from the Championship unless they are under 20.

    Now most here would call Huth an uncultured lump. He’s not exactly Bobby Moore, is he? Albrighton would be hounded out of Arsenal within the calendar year, as he’s hardly Mesut Ozil, Santi Cazorla or Alexis Sanchez. And if you wanted Vardy at Arsenal, you’d have to play Welbeck as the tireless hassler and presser, as Giroud certainly wouldn’t want that role, would he? But those three are having the season of their lives. Not to mention Danny Drinkwater who will be politiely enquiring to Roy Hodgson whether he is currently ahead of James Milner, Jordan Henderson and Fabian Delph in terms of reliability, consistency and quality as a defensive midfielder for the Euros.

    Ranieri is Italian so he knows how to defend. Pocchetino was a defender himself and it shows in Spurs’ defensive record, the best at this stage since 1975 for sure and maybe further back.

    Thing is though: if Arsenal win the next two games, they will almost certainly be second and only 2 pts off the lead. Spurs must have genuine belief of going to the Etihad and getting a result after today’s action too. So City could be 3 or 4 pts behind Arsenal with 12 games to go. There’s a nice thought, eh?

    Leicester have been playing without fear and without pressure to date.

    For the first time next weekend, they will have something to lose. A 5 pt lead in the EPL.

    It’s time all Arsenal fans accepted: Leicester are in pole position for the EPL, but they have plenty of time to throw it away yet. Spurs have the form to win the title if they can deliver in the big games ahead and stay defensively solid.

    That doesn’t mean Arsenal can’t still win the title this season: they certainly can.

    But trying to say that Spurs and Leicester aren’t worthy opponents is the attitude of losers.

    The way to win the title is to respect the claims of all worthy opponents for that title and then simply beat them all come the end of match day 38. Be it by a goal, a point or a comfortable margin.

    The next three games will tell Arsenal whether they have the belief, application and bottle to do it. Application against Bournemouth, bottle against Leicester and belief against Man Utd.

    No place for shirkers, no place for drifters, no place for hair-cut specialists. No place for favourites, no place for manager’s pets, no place for individual egos.

    A place for 18 players and all the coaching staff to know exactly what is required and to be ruthless in stamping on performances which are not of the necessary standard.

    A place for fearless belief, joy for each other and happiness for fans’ happiness.

    If Leicester’s bunch of ragtag heroes can do it, so can the highly paid artisans at Arsenal.

    So they won’t have any excuses for not doing it, will they?!

  31. Mike

    Jeff ,
    Yeah , agreed .
    I was one of the mugs who thought we could go on and ” do it ” after we beat Man city at home.

    We have been crap since. Just crap.
    Leicester will have no fear turning up and sorting us out at the Emirates. That result today will give them so much confidence

  32. Jeff


    I agree with that about Kroenke. On his own, he has been the single worst thing to happen to Arsenal (probably since the club started out). But together with Wenger, it has been an absolute and unmitigated disaster.

  33. Goona

    @rhys agreed….but where the fuck are the leaders/ men in our team? The ones where we go one behind and roll their sleaves up and motivate?….without those qualities you win fuck all….how many times do we drop points against crap, drop points against teams that rough us up…without a balanced team that includes agression we will win fuck all…..wengers a fucking wimp

  34. Hitman

    Leicester appear to have a slicker more professional set up given their resources. AFC has been run by jokers & losers for years.
    Gazidis, Kronke and Wenger need to leave for the club to compete. All three are cancers killing this club. No other way to describe it.

    Same mistakes, inertia, complacency, self serving, greed year after year. Football is a long way down list of priorities at this dishonest club.

  35. Jeff

    Leicester’s story is quite easy to read and if you think about it. It isn’t at all the huge surprise that we all think it is. Why? Because once in a while, everything just clicks. You have the right sort of player in the right position, you have the right sort of attitude, the right sort of manager, the right sort of leadership in the team and the absolute determination to succeed. It’s not the first time it happened. Remember Greece winning the Euros in 2004?

    I have no doubt that this sort of form cannot be kept up and eventually the brute force of class players and class managers in other teams will prevail and normal service will resume. But it is nice to see that once in a while, a miracle of sorts will happen. Good on them.

  36. Hitman

    Yes a Forest, Villa, Blackburn always come along once in a while. But they took the opportunity. Newcastle didn’t.
    Arsenal have consistently choked under Wenger when the opportunity to out do bigger spending clubs even though we were better resourced than any of the above clubs.

  37. Redtruth

    “The next three games will tell Arsenal whether they have the belief, application and bottle to do it. Application against Bournemouth, bottle against Leicester and belief against Man Utd.”

    We’ve been down this path before.
    ..some just do not learn..lol lol

  38. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Do you reckon it’s possible that wenger is bored ?

    I mean doing same job for 20 years his mind must all the time ?
    Thinking wtf am I still doing this ?

    There must be Times he has lost interest ?

  39. no1powerdaddy

    Pedro, this is what happens when you expect others to pay for your shit.
    Expecting foreigners to buy you a house….
    The cheek of it.

  40. Redtruth

    If lemons are still not sure whether at this stage of the season Arsenal have the bottle then all i can say is Wenger and yourselves deserve each other.

  41. Jeff

    Where does the “acceptance” of failure come from among the fan-base?

    Case in point. Four weeks ago we went to Stoke and came away with a draw. Still top of the league on goal difference. The faithful on here were quick to point out that a point away at Stoke is nothing to be ashamed of. And yet Everton went over there today and beat them 3:0. Point away at Stoke WAS a disaster – just like all the other points we dropped against other sides. The fans of a title contending club just do not accept things like that especially if they happen so frequently as they do to us. They do not make excuses and accept things like a submissive wife. This is one of the things that stinks in the fan-base who still hold a massive soft spot for their great leader. There isn’t enough “hurt”, there isn’t enough passion, there isn’t enough will to change. They just want to carry on finishing fourth and collecting the CL money. I really don’t know how it has come to this.

  42. Hitman

    The same sort of freaky mind control as a result of brainwashing happens in North Korea for example. Except you sympathise with the NKs.

    There must be some real psychological problems with majority Arsenal fans who accept nay treasure such extended failure.

  43. Leedsgunner


    Fair enough, the point about Champion’s League is a relevant one… although it is a bit of a smokescreen because we haven’t really maximised the potential of being in that competition. Before the transfer window opens Wenger says we need to be in the said competition to sign the best players but more often then not either he signs no one or relative unknowns (if anyone). Apart from Sanchez, Cech and Özil we really haven’t exploited the competition to sign the world’s best.

    Our recent showings in the competition demonstrate that we’re not really interested in winning it. We make the same mistakes every year. 1 final appearance in 18 attempts isn’t anything to be proud of. All I want to know is where has all this continual UCL money gone — why hasn’t been invested in the team?

  44. tunnygriffboy


    Further to our convo earlier

    Flamini probably took off in this wind waving his arms about. I’m not saying Wanyama is the answer but we need another strong midfielder and defender pronto. Leaders with a bit of dog who can dish it out if needed. We’re to nice.

    Imagine having Xhaka (sp) available with Coquelin for the big games allowing our front four to have freedom to break forward and offering cover to our fullbacks when they overlap

    I was watching Drinkwater and Kante do the job for Leicester today. Yes the widemen tucked in when they didn’t have the ball but when they did break those two gave their defence decent cover should their attackers lose the ball and City countered

    In all honesty both Drinkwater and Kante are better than Flamini. In fact I think every club in the PL has a better DM than him. Most have two. It really isn’t good enough and has cost us dear.

  45. tunnygriffboy


    Are we bottling it or are we not good enough to win at Stoke ( the team we had out wasn’t good enough to win)

    Poor v Liverpool for long parts but managed to fight our way into a lead. Did we bottle that goal or weren’t we good enough ?

    Chelsea. Flamini gives Willian acres of space and hours of time to pick a pass to Costa which leaves Valeri Borzov the floundering chopping Costa down. Flamini then proceeds to run back and forth across the area like a sprinter with no senseof direction getting in

  46. tunnygriffboy

    Cont ………..

    getting in the way of Gabriel and Kos for the goal. We gave it a real go in the second half . Did we bottle it or were we not good enough ?

    Against Southampton we created enough but didn’t take our chances. Did we bottle it ? Were we poor in our finishing or were we unlucky ?

    I’m just throwing out there.

    Anyway tomorrow is Wengers most important game since the Hull cup final.

  47. Pedro

    Rhys, quite a good point.

    Jon Jo Shelvey could have done a job for us right now. He’d have gone to war for us. Wenger opted for someone who will need bedding in for 3 months. He can’t break in ahead of Flamini.

  48. Jeff


    The difference between bottling it and not being good enough when it matters is just semantics. The point is that it happens all too frequently and it happens just when we can least afford it. That to me is more a case of not being able to hold our nerve. We have no mental strength, the thing that Wenger goes on about all the time. We have no resolve, we find it very difficult to come back if we go behind. We find it difficult to hold on to games even if we’re ahead. We find it difficult to kill teams off.

    In order to put the above right, we have to have a manager that says the right words, does the right substitutions at the right time, reads the game, plays the opposition and has a firm plan for each game. None of this is true when it comes to Wenger. He just does the same thing over and over again and other sides are well accustomed to playing us. You must see all this – it is as plain as the nose on your face.

  49. Tomtom

    Since Liverpool last won the League Peter Schmeichel signed for Manchester Utd, won it 5 times, retired, had a son, and he’s about to win it with Leicester

  50. tunnygriffboy


    Money gone

    Ozil, Alexis, Gabriel, Welbeck, Chamber, Cech, Elneny. Before that Giroud, Santi, Monreal, Podolski

    Increases in the wages we pay out

    That’s not all the money just some of it. There has to be more about. I don’t want us to throw silly money around like man u , city and Liverpool but I would expect targetted expenditure on the quality we need.

  51. tunnygriffboy


    Fair enough. Just asking the question. See my posts earlier. I’m desperate for a quality CB and CM, hard nosed but with good footballing ability and natural leaders unafraid to bawl someone out if they’re not doing their job


    Jon joShelvey on a 4 year deal ? Not for me. There’s a reason Swansea let him go. As I said above we certainly need a dogged midfielder but he is not the answer

  52. wenker-wanger

    Leicester city just fantastic. Such a heartwarming performance from budget squad managed by a nice genuine guy that most felt was a tinkerman joke of a manager. Winning the prem with arsenal trailing spurs will show wankger up for the tosser he is. When wankger gets 4th behind city and chelsea, he claimed foul play with Money-doping.. Leicester winning it will destroy wankgers in-built cop-out excuse. Like many on here: whatever it takes to rid us of the disease is acceptable to me.

  53. tunnygriffboy

    Coquelin has leadership potential. Once he’s secure and had a bit more experience I can see him giving anyone a rollicking. Pity he got that bloody injury. You don’t have to be the greatest footballer to be a proper leader.

  54. Cesc Appeal

    Our central midfield needs a total rework, when you think that has to be your engine room in the most physically demanding league in the world, a shield for your defence, a platform for your attack, the tempo setting area, the area of transition play, the area where your stifle the oppositions flow…you realise what a crap job Wenger has done.

    For me next season, Coq is literally the only one I’d be really happy to see in the mix, but even then, I wouldn’t be bringing in players to back him up, I’d be bringing them in to compete with him.

  55. Keef Petrovic

    Bournemouth will beat us tomorrow then we can all relax and support Leicester against us next week to stop the Spuds winning the league..

    That’s how low the old fraud has taken us.

  56. Wallace


    “The faithful on here were quick to point out that a point away at Stoke is nothing to be ashamed of. And yet Everton went over there today and beat them 3:0. Point away at Stoke WAS a disaster – just like all the other points we dropped against other sides.”

    check out Stoke’s record with Shawcross in the side, and then when he’s out injured like he was today.

  57. Jeff


    It doesn’t matter. We should be beating Stoke with or without Shawcross. Excuses like this are exactly the sort of thing I’m talking about. We have dropped so many points against the lower sides – are you going to find an excuse for each and every one of them? One day it may well dawn on you that it’s not all an aberration and that there is an underlying pattern to every season.

  58. Sam

    According to these people Arsenal are out of the title race after drawing with Southampton then Bournmouth (who? ) will beat us tomorrow so we can settle for 4th place.

    and We still in February with 14 games to play

    I say it again

    FOK OFF!!

  59. Phd007

    “We have dropped so many points against the lower sides – are you going to find an excuse for each and every one of them? ”

    Old Wallace always finds an excuse…

    The classic one,is the 14 min flight to Norwich..

    He backed Arsene on that occasion 1000%..

    Wallace said,” The trains were unreliable when travelling to Norwich..& “If you have a private plane-why not use it..”….I kid you not..

    Pure comedy gold…

  60. Jeff

    “Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says Leicester City’s success is proof that spending big money does not guarantee success.”

    Is there no end to this bloke’s bullshit? So he wants to use Leicester as an example to prove that spending big doesn’t guarantee success. So what about the accusations of financial doping then? What about the idea that we couldn’t compete with Chelsea and Man City? Honestly I sometimes think Wenger is just very stupid. Doesn’t he realise that he is putting his foot in it with nearly everything that comes out of his mouth?

  61. Sam

    Anything can happen still a long way to go
    that cunt Kante might get injured n they’re foked
    who’s dumb enough to bet on spurs finishing above Arsenal? Well many here on Le grove even wish so
    Man city players dont wanna play anymore, they lost hearts becoz of Guardiola

  62. Cesc Appeal

    The best thing I ever read, and I can’t remember where, concerning pro-Wenger fans was this:

    ‘Arsene Wenger could blow up a bus full of children and the AKB’s would talk about the dangers of travelling in large groups.’


  63. Phd007

    JeffFebruary 6, 2016 22:40:00
    “Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says Leicester City’s success is proof that spending big money does not guarantee success.”Is there no end to this bloke’s bullshit? So he wants to use Leicester as an example to prove that spending big doesn’t guarantee success. So what about the accusations of financial doping then? What about the idea that we couldn’t compete with Chelsea and Man City? Honestly I sometimes think Wenger is just very stupid. Doesn’t he realise that he is putting his foot in it with nearly everything that comes out of his mouth?

    Since he spent a total of £17 million over two transfer windows.Maybe he,Arsene can show us,how’s it’s done.Given,he’s been managing in the Premiership for 20 years…

  64. Cesc Appeal


    Going to be interesting to see if they have their classic bottle it moment and slip down the table.

    I do rate Pochettino though, but a tidy little squad together there, well balanced, solid defence, solid central midfield.

    Very light in the ST department, Kane is good, but they have nothing else there short of playing Son or Njie.

  65. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I like you hope they have a blip an slip,

    But don’t look like it at the moment , really hope I’m wrong.

    As I said earlier I won’t be suprised if he starts with Arteta tomorrow an plays a Kos an gab defence .

  66. Sam

    There were seasons Arsenal totally Sh!t but we still made it to Top 4.
    we had Arshavin, Eboue, Djourou, Bendtner Wow!!!!!!!!!

    Just don’t bet against Arsenal beating these wannabees n taking the title in Mai

  67. Wallace


    “The classic one,is the 14 min flight to Norwich..He backed Arsene on that occasion 1000%..”

    what is your obsession with that fuckin’ flight?

    are you a hardcore environmentalist or something?

  68. pliget

    And now I read today’s blog, I can recommend a letting agent who has been very good for me; works hard and charges less than any other agent I have found. He can do long lets or airbnb.

  69. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Hand on heart

    I thought it was cool yo get the 14 min flight ?

    Why not in an ideal world players have more time to relax an talk tatics.

    Oh wait it’s arsene, more time to ignore the junior players …

  70. Dusty Kart

    Why don’t Wenger keep his opinions to himself? always quick to comment about other clubs? worry about your own first and do the fucking job you are getting paid handsomely for.

  71. boy dio

    there’ll be riots if the team don’t perform well and win tomorrow.
    there’ll be a mob if afobe makes our back line look like a championship back line.

    the scenes if afobe scores the winner for bournemouth…
    really just hoping for a good performance tbh, too many draws lately and that funk needs to be broken.
    that or the team needs to lose outright to force a change somewhere.

    there’s a habit at arsenal of players having poor seasons and the fans demanding or believing they’ll be sold in the summer, just for them to be kept on and become a key piece of the next season
    ramsey, campbell, cazorla, coquelin, koscielny, giroud
    seeing as walcott and chambo are having a mare how likely are they to become key players next season?
    worrying trend really, gives arsene every reason not to sell and look for better options in certain positions

    all that aside, well done to leicester, at least someone wants to win the league, not sure if it’s our players (barring cech, koscielny, özil and sanchez) who don’t want it bad enough or the manager.
    all the while some other players put in the yards fighting to have careers in the mould of le coq and jc.

    strange situation at the emirates, might actually want to sit down and analyse what’s going on with this team, aside from fatigue and key positions either lacking in quality/depth or aging (or both).
    there’s been too many games that should have been won on paper that haven’t been recently, it’s not a case of players missing cause even with the exclusions due to injury the side we were putting out should have been winning these games.
    a long list of draws, chances created by özil and clean sheets kept by cech should make that clear enough

  72. Relieable Sauce

    Quite shocking when you look at the careers of some of Wengers babies.
    Watching Song in the West Ham highlights…I mean wtf is his actual position in a starting 11? He aint no CM or DM it seems. Game was just happening around him and he looked to be a hindrance in attack and a liability in defence.

    Whats Walcotts best position? AOC…JW…Ramsey…Chambers…

    All too hopeful with Wenger, no wonder they struggle. I think media/public/FA might be finally noticing the trend. You can sense a little collective embarassment with the lack of improvement from Walcott after 10 years of Wengers management.

  73. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Leicester have proven Wenger is an absolute Charlatan of the first order. AKB’s have nowhere to hide now. A team of incredibly less has achieved incredibly more. Nothing Wenger says between now and end of season saves face, nothing!

    Loving every minute Of Wengers humiliation! Stupid old goat!!!

  74. Follow the money

    Red, protests won’t do anything. The only thing that could force Wenger out would be the media. If they gang up on him and he becomes known publicly as the clown we know he is he will either quit and run away to another country or have a mental and emotional breakdown. Either way, we move forward

  75. tunnygriffboy

    I’ve had a look at Leicester’s run in. It’s better than ours. If we have any chance of the title we have to pretty much win our next two games.

    We have good home fixtures left but some very difficult away ones

    We have to treat every game like a cup final and play smart counter attack in our away games

    I hope when Leicester play the lesser sides they park the bus to somewhat nullify Vardy’s pace. Mahrez is a tricky little b.gger though. In losing that early goal city played right into their hands leaving loads of space and an appallingly organised defence.

  76. PieAFC

    Leicester City being top, shows you one thing – have all the money but without the hunger at any level you aint doing shit.

    They’ve been given a chance, they’ve fought tooth and nail for it, they are there on merit. For months now people saying “this run of fixtures they will drop off” fuck no – still there.

    If Leicester do win it, Wenger, Pellegrini (i know pep) all should resign, be embarrassed they cannot get a team full of internationals up for it.

    LVG, fucking LVG some blaming him. There is top class players playing for united if they can’t sort themselves out on the pitch what the fuck are they doing.

    Too many players wrapped up in cotton wall these days, or over hyped earning mega pounds doing fuck all.

    We will bottle it like always, them cunts wont win it. So hopefully Leicester will.

  77. Joe

    There will be nothing left for weneger to do but walk away with his tail between his legs of Leicester or spuddies win the title. Proven to be the fraud of manager that he is.

  78. seg

    Wenger is even using Leicester to back his not spending. Thought this was the same man who blamed financial doping? What Leicester runs proved is: Wenger was never a necessary a brilliant manager, never has been and never will be. Sad but true.