China is coming, BRACE | Wenger in ‘bemoaning player prices’ shocker

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Wenger kicks off today with a bit of a warning to those who foolishly expect clubs to reduce ticket prices.

“What will happen is the prices of the players will go up and you will need this supplement of money coming in to buy new players,” he said.

“I believe that the pressure on spending the money will become bigger and you cannot necessarily distribute the money to other people.”

He also went on to talk about the Chinese League spending big money on players and how that could dent the Premier League.

“China looks to have the financial power to move the whole league of Europe to China.”

But he added: “Will they [the CSL] sustain their desire to do it? Let’s remember, Japan started to do it a few years ago but slowed down.

“I don’t know how deep the desire in China is, but if there’s a very strong political desire, we should worry.”

China has been spunking big cash on big names. Jackson Martinez at £31m, Alex Teixera at £38m and Ramires at £25m. Pretty hardcore. They clearly want to build something. Does money talk to that level?

Would Messi move to China. Or is there a heritage thing here. China isn’t really a football nation. When was the last time you saw them in a World Cup? How many Chinese players are in our league? I mean, they’re so far behind the curve, I struggle to see the appeal of China for a kid growing up watching Barcelona and Milan.

Not to mention the massive cultural differences between Asia and Europe. The language for a start bares so little resemblance to ours, the place is FUCKING huge, so the travel would be a drain. Plus, it’s just not Europe.

Hey, I’m bias. China might be a fucking riot. I mean, it’s caked in culture. But for footballers? I have my doubts. I mean, we saw what the Leicester boys got up to in Asia, that passes by over here… but in China? Not sure that’d go down well!

Anyway, Wenger loves a bit of fear mongering. I love that he bitches about the price of players and says it’ll be a problem for fans because clubs need to spend the money. But then he doesn’t actually spend any money.

Maybe Arsenal should set up some sort of season ticket mechanism. If Wenger spends less than 25% of his transfer budget, fans get a 15% discount on their tickets. Rather than the £28 price increase they’ve levelled at the fans for next season.

A small amount really, why bother?

Anyway, my day if fucked. Happy Friday. x

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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    You have to say
    Spurs will be deserved winners …

    Their board have tried everything to get the winning formula .

    The English approach with youngsters

    Foreign kids…

    Fair play
    Their chairman is as tough as nails …

    We should learn from them

  2. WengerEagle


    What are you talking about?

    You can’t have it one way for Pellegrini and City and another for Wenger and us.

    Mangala cost City over £30 million as did Otamendi, the former had only ever played for Porto by far the best team in the Portuguese League which is awful by the way. He hadn’t proved himself at any noteworthy level so Pellegrini was foolish to shell out so much money for him.

    Otamendi was decent for Valencia last season, I quite liked him but some reason he hasn’t harnessed that form and management to transfer it over to England.

    The fact that he is under performing so badly suggests that Pellegrini is not getting the best out of him, doesn’t it?

    Why even bring Sanogo and Flamini into the conversation? Don’t see the relevance.

    I’m not defending Wenger, I’m just rightly criticizing a very average manager in Pellegrini.

  3. WengerEagle


    What are you talking about?

    You can’t have it one way for Pellegrini and City and another for Wenger and us.

    Mangala cost City over £30 million as did Otamendi, the former had only ever played for Porto by far the best team in the Portuguese League which is awful by the way. He hadn’t proved himself at any noteworthy level so Pellegrini was foolish to shell out so much money for him.

    Otamendi was decent for Valencia last season, I quite liked him but some reason he hasn’t harnessed that form and managed to transfer it over to England.

    The fact that he is under performing so badly suggests that Pellegrini is not getting the best out of him, doesn’t it?

    Why even bring Sanogo and Flamini into the conversation? Don’t see the relevance.

    I’m not defending Wenger, I’m just rightly criticising a very average manager in Pellegrini.

  4. Bamford10

    Leicester beginning to look like favorites. Hard not to say that. If they keep this form up, even a better City will find it hard to catch them.

    Our fullbacks both have more pace than City’s, which will help next week against Leicester, as Leicester often attack from wide positions.

    But if they beat us? They will be the favorites, clearly.

  5. vicky

    City may have a great team on paper but they have never played like a potential champion. I am yet to see them play good football week in week out at any stage of the season. Also, I thought the announcement of Pep may act as a demotivating factor for Pelliagrini and some of his team mates , to which some of the posters suggested it could actually galvanize them. Doesn’t seem to be the case really. Yaya knows he is off next season and so do some of the other players in the squad. Why would they be galvanized ? If they win the league it will be totally down to Aguero’s brilliance.

  6. Highbury4ever

    “All setting up nicely for Spurs to win the league…”

    RSPC : do you think that wenger will go if this happens ?? lol

  7. Corona X

    Here we are, lamenting our options on the bench, while envying City’s strength in depth… City, who just took off Silva for Norwegian, unknown 19-year old Bersant Celina..!

  8. WengerEagle

    And the fact that Pellegrini has bought so badly at City (Navas, Negredo, Jovetic, Bony, Delph, Otamendi, Mangala, Fernando) doesn’t reflect well on him either.

    Sterling and De Bruyne have both been very impressive but for over £100 million they’d want to be.

  9. tunnygriffboy


    Disagree with you saying Pellegrini is much better than Wenger. He has had untold riches with which to build his team.

    He has the best squad in the league by a fair bit

    He’s spent £80 millon on two central defenders. You can’t say that their defence has been organised this season. It’s been embarrasing today.

    He’s very similar to Wenger. Both think football should be entertaining. Both are stubborn in that they play the same way every week.

    They are both managers who seem a little bit out of date. Not awful but not at the cutting edge anymore

  10. Bamford10


    One (possibly) bad signing does not equal all of Wenger’s idiocies, failings, mistakes and failures. Sorry. Not even close.

    Pellegrini may be “average” — I don’t even agree with this — but he is nowhere near Wenger’s incompetence. Nowhere near.

    And I believe above you suggested that Pellegrini is just as bad as Wenger, if not worse. That is absurd.

    I’ll look above again, though, to review your claim.

    Pellegrini is underachieving; Wenger is a fucking disaster. Totally and completely different.

  11. Jamal

    Where are all the Wenger apologists now? Leicester smashing City at the Etihad while we celebrate a 0-0 with fucking Stoke.

  12. vicky

    Peliagrini’s signings have been far far worse than that of Wenger. They don’t even compare. And Pelliagrini has spent far more. Even Wenger would have won with City’s squad. You are talking like a blind hater. No rationality.

  13. Joe


    Not with the bottle job manager we have. He gives me no faith in believing we can win it

    I think we will draw tomorrow. And probably draw v Leicester.

  14. Bermy boy

    Vardy has the record all pressure is off him now watch him continue to rack them up at will.He is truely enjoying himself out there I hope he sticks with the team next season.

  15. Mysticleaves

    if Leicester don’t go on and win this league from here I will be surprised. really showing up the big boys.

    and they didn’t plan for this atall, these kind of teams are the most unpredictable in times like this.

    hats off lads

  16. Joe


    On paper. At the beginning of the season no way did you think that this Leicester team was better than any team Wenger has had over the last 11.

    And he built the squads. He takes the blame. And lack of money can no longer be used esp if leiscester win the league

  17. Bamford10


    “However, City are being managed even worse than we are …”

    Yep, I was right: this is the claim I was responding to.

    Sorry, but no: City may be under-performing, but they are not being more poorly managed than Arsenal. Not even close.

    Another thing: sure, some of City’s signings have disappointed, but:
    1. are any of them the kind of idiotic head-scratchers that Wenger gives us?
    2. is Pellegrini solely responsible for signings at City in the manner that Wenger is? I don’t know.

  18. ADKB

    Leicester!!!! What a breath of fresh air!

    You top the league not by talking about cohesion, or mental strength. Neither do you pay average players outrageous wages.

  19. Mysticleaves

    “Even Wenger
    would have won with City’s squad.
    You are talking like a blind hater. No

    this x100

    when Wenger had the best squad in the prem, he walled the league.

  20. daz

    Didn’t really consider it but it would be really interesting if city drop out the top 4, pep with no CL but then I’m sure he will still be capable of attracting the players he wants

  21. vicky

    Mangala for £30M is not an idiotic head-scratcher ? Mangala is turd,absolute turd.

    Dermichelis is exposed by any half decent striker. How much did he cost ?

    I am not even talking about many others who are bought for millions and don’t even make the bench.

  22. MidwestGun

    Just saw the scoreline, really drives home how much of an opportunity this season is…. great summer last summer to take a transfer window off. .. eh?

    You can see why Manc. City are going to change managers now. Relying on aging and crumbling defense.
    And poor utilization of resources.

  23. Bamford10


    No, you are the “blind hater” here — of me.

    No way City’s signings are as bad as Wenger’s signings and non-signings.

    And no way Wenger wins the league with City squad — first and foremost because he never would have spent the money to build such a squad.

  24. daz

    If Leicester go on and win it don’t expect Wenger to feel embarrassed by it, he will no doubt see it as reason to stick to his guns, he has already taken their scouts who are no doubt on the search for some bargains

  25. WengerEagle


    It’s not just one signing though.

    Navas (£15 million)
    Negredo (£20 million)
    Otamendi (£32 million)
    Mangala (£42 million)
    Fernando (£12 million)
    Fernandinho (£30 million)
    Jovetic (£22 million)
    Delph (£8 million)
    Sterling (£50 million)
    De Bruyne (£55 million)
    Demichelis (£4 million)
    Caballero (£4.5 million)
    Sagna (Free)
    Zuculini (£1.5 million)
    Lampard (loan)
    Bony (£25 million)
    Roberts (£12 million)

    Pellegrini has spent over £320 million on players since he took over City in 2013, a third of a billion pounds!

    The only roaring successes IMO have been Sterling and De Bruyne, and it’s still early days.

    Otamendi, Navas, Fernando, Bony, Mangala, Delph, Sagna, Caballero and Demichelis have all have ranged from average to poor, Roberts and Zuculini haven’t even played and even Fernandinho while decent hasn’t exactly justified his £30 million price tag.

    Serious questions have to be asked as to how they are still so heavily reliant on the spine that Mancini created in Aguero, Silva, Toure and Kompany despite spending over £320 million.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    Again highlights the complete idiocy of Wenger sitting on his hands all summer, the league was absolutely there for the taking, Leicester City are 6 points clear at the top.

    And the Wenger v Pellgrini arguments are silly, both are out of date managers, but only one is being removed.

    Arguing who is the less out of date, or less crap, is pointless. You wouldn’t want either managing Arsenal.

  27. Highbury4ever

    EPL 2015-2016 final ranking : 1 Leicester; 2 tottenshit; 3 City…
    And I let you guess for the 4th place lolololol

  28. Bamford10

    My basic contentions are two:
    1. Pellegrini, whatever his faults, is a better manager than Wenger.
    2. City’s under-performing signings still form a better signing record than Wenger’s signings and non-signings.

  29. kc

    What will be Wenger’s next pathetic excuse when Leicester City win the league? Because they’re doing it without spending big on transfer fees or wages. That senile lying old twat has been leaning on that crutch for a very long time.

  30. Cesc Appeal

    Be nice to see Leicester win the league in all honesty.

    Most other top clubs are all about money, City and Chelsea spending it, Arsenal making it, good for football if it happened.

  31. vicky

    Hahaha , Bamford I don’t hate you. Why will I ? I just think you feel obligated to demean Wenger and Arsenal and that’s why your opinions come across as heavily biased. But I repeat I don’t hate you,far from it. I tend to disagree with you most of the times but that’s okay.

  32. Bamford10

    And a third contention:

    3. I’m not sure that Pellegrini has absolute control over signings in the same way that Wenger does.

    Anyone know the above?

  33. tunnygriffboy


    Sorry mate. Pellegrini signings have as a rule been really poor. Some very average players for big money

    I get it you hate Wenger but Pelligrini has had untold riches and by far the best squad in the league since he’s been here. It’s unfair to say otherwise

    If anything they’re very similar in their principles and approach


    A proper DM in the summer would have given us a huge chance

  34. gunnergetyou

    “Peliagrini’s signings have been far far worse than that of Wenger. They don’t even compare”

    The problem with that is one manager is about to lose his job at the end of the season despite winning the league in recent memory. And the other one basically has a lifetime contract.

  35. MidwestGun

    Leicester City…website crashing apparently selling out of shirts. Or at least that’s what Nbc sports is saying. Wonder if they will just sit on any new found funds? Somehow I doubt it.

  36. qna

    Pellegrini has one two league titles hasnt he? He has wasted more money than our stadium cost to do it, but hey thats what City wanted at the end of the day.

    But as someone said. Both managers are out of date. But only one is being given the boot.

  37. reality check

    Ah that trusted old 4-4-2

    So right now Joint Title Favourites Arsenal are 8 points behind Premer League minnows Leicester City.

    If you read the above and felt a sence of

    ‘WTF is he talking about?’
    .Thats how far we’ve fallen.


  38. WengerEagle


    Nope, one title.

    Mancini won the other one.

    Worth noting as well that Pellegrini won the title with the help of Mancini’s spine in Aguero, Toure, Silva, Kompany and Hart.

  39. Bamford10


    Cheers, then. A couple of your responses, as I remember them, have been quite hostile, but perhaps I’m mis-remembering or over-reacting.

    I disagree that City’s signings have been worse than Wenger’s signings and non-signings — though I agree their signings have not all worked out — and I’m still not sure that Pellegrini is solely responsible for those signings.

    Cheers to you, though.

  40. vicky

    WE £42M ? Fucking hell, we bought Ozil for that money.

    Bamford here you are suggesting Pelliagrini haven’t got full control over the signings when you yourself don’t know anything about it. You are literally manufacturing innovative excuses.

  41. Joe

    So in our difficult 3 game spell of Liverpool stoke and Chelsea we got 2 points.

    LC have 6 out of 6 already from pool and city.

    The difference between champions and well, Wenger

  42. MidwestGun

    Question is could Ranieri win with our squad ? My guess is hell no,… because they would all be crocked and can you see Giroud working in his counter attacking system? Ha!

  43. Spanishdave

    While Wengers been pissing about Leicester have taken the anichitive . Their manager is not young but he knows how to motivate players and play at pace.
    Our midfield is like Wenger slow and half asleep.
    Wengers blown our best chance, but it’s no surprise.
    We have to win the next two games

  44. Olumide

    If an Arsenal fan watches our matches properly, you see that many times, the problem is not quality of players but naivety and lack of hunger.

  45. Bamford10


    You need to relax. Your claim is that as bad a manager as Wenger is — and this subject has been well-covered here on Le Grove — Manuel Pellegrini is somehow worse.

    I find this claim laughable.

    Much of your argument is that City’s signings have been laughably bad, and that all of this can be laid at Pellegrini’s feet.

    One, I don’t agree that their signings have been all that terrible — though I’d concede they haven’t all worked out well — but two, every club does signings differently, and not every club gives its manager complete control over signings. It is perfectly reasonable for me to ask whether Pellgerini is responsible for City’s signings in the same manner that Wenger is responsible for Arsenal’s.

    I haven’t even had a cup of coffee yet, though, so I’m going to go do that.

    Cheers, all.

  46. qna

    Joe. You didnt answer my question. I tip 2 draws as well. BUT IF… we win our next 2 games we will be 2 points off the top and betwee 1 and 4 points ahead of City.

    Would we not have a similar chance of winning as anybody? Two wins in a row and thats the start of a run. Point is anything is possible.

  47. Cesc Appeal


    Not just a CDM, our forward line outside of Sanchez is pretty unspectacular, no reason Wenger couldn’t have found a ST/RW/LW/RM/LM better than the players we already have.

    I think everyone and their dog could have told him, and was saying Flamteta would be useless, Rosicky would be injured, as would Wilshere and that Walcott would be injured and totally inconsistent.

  48. vicky

    Olumide I agree Wenger does not optimize what we have even though I believe we don’t have a title winning first 11 anyway. Wenger exacerbates our injury woes, makes stupid substitutions and plays his favorites at any cost, the kind of things SAF wouldn’t do. He didn’t care about players’ reputation, rotated them brilliantly and made timely substitutions. Yes, we may have won with SAF even with this squad.

  49. Marko

    Red does love to point out how much we’re flat track bullies but:
    Manchester City have not beaten any side currently in the top six of Premier League table this season (W0 D3 L4).

  50. NYCgooner

    So we’re sure Wenger is in total control of Arsenal’s transfer policy but now we’re not sure if Peligrini is……. hmmmm. Reaching perhaps?

  51. Paddy got bored

    Well done Leicester a proper team built on proper values. Defenders who can organise and YES head the fucking ball clear, a top keeper, a player in midfield Kante who looks superb and Mahrez and Vardy.. Enough said..
    Just think last January whilst we were buying that Gabriel a bloke that looks like he’s playing with someone else’s limbs!! We could of got Huth and saved £10 m
    Oops forgot silly me he’s not “super Qualidee”

  52. gunnergetyou

    This season we could quite easily finish above City, Man Utd, and Chelsea but end up 3rd behind Leicester and Spurs. How ironic is that?

    It’s proof that we haven’t improved as our rivals have fallen off, but others have caught us up. Best believe our rivals will be back at the top next season to push us further down the pecking order if we continue to stand still.

  53. qna

    For me this is the perfect result guys. It might have taken the failure of others to do it but GAME ON.

    I gotta feel that we are in the hunt now. Can you see that City side winning all of their matches?

    We have to match Spurs wait and see if Leicester slip up. Can they hold us off with a 2 point lead?

    Our season can really open up with 6 points in the next 2 weeks and if we go to OT full of confidence and get something there then you have to like our chances.

  54. WengerEagle


    Sorry mate but it’s hard to take you seriously at times. I’m exceptionally calm btw.

    Pellegrini has spent over £320 million on players, just think about that for a minute. That’s probably more money than we’ve spent in the last 10 years combined.

    The only players that he’s bought in that have improved the side have been Sterling, De Bruyne and maybe Fernandinho.

    Every other player he has bought haven’t even been ever present in his teams.

    That’s a spectacular waste of money.

    Despite spending that enormous sum of money he is still relying on Mancini’s spine (are you going to deny this?) and they sit behind us in the league presuming we don’t cock up to Bournemouth (which admittedly is ropey), he went trophyless last season and is likely to get cleaned out once again in Europe when they meet one of the big boys in Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico, Juventus, etc.

    For me they are performing no better than we are in Europe or domestically, if it weren’t for that title that they limped to in 2014 he would have been a bigger failure in those seasons that Wenger despite spending much more money.

    And now you’re just pretending that Pellegrini doesn’t have the final say on the transfers, that’s strawman stuff.

  55. tunnygriffboy


    I’m with you. Why not

    City were a shambles today. Their defending was horrendous.

    City also have a ridiculous number of fixtures coming up as well

    Bottom line. We have to win the next two games. Not saying we will but we are capable of it. If we do we’re right back into it.

    Guys it’s not just Wenger Leicester are making chumps of. It’s the whole PL pundits, press and us as supporters

  56. Redtruth


    Relying on a weak league for Arsenal to get their act together……..Arsenal are part of this poor Premier league and will squander any chance of winning the league.

  57. Sam

    That arrogant twat Guardiola destroyed City’s chance to win anything this season.
    The manager n some players know they’ll be shown the door in the summer why should they make any efforts.
    I hope the cunt performs worse than Pellegrini next season

  58. Jim lahey

    “Our season can really open up with 6 points in the next 2 weeks and if we go to OT full of confidence and get something there then you have to like our chances.”

    Once again, I’m sorry to be a downer, this isn’t the Arsenal of 98, it isn’t the Arsenal of 04. We have become a team built on bottling. No matter what happens with other teams I have zero confidence of us being able to capitalise on any possible slip ups.

  59. MidwestGun

    Qna –
    I don’t know, we will need Sanchez to catch fire. Really struggling to score goals at the moment.
    Leicester -Vardy
    City -Aguero
    Spuds -Kane
    Arsenal -Giroud.

    Which one doesn’t fit in list of mobile forwards who score on the regular.

  60. qna

    RT I already acknowleded that it has taken the failure of others. My position remains the same. We need to put a broom through the whole squad and rebuild – bar Ozil, Sanchez, Bellerin, Monreal and your best mate Cech. But as long as the league is being won by a team where Huth is your CB and goal scorer, I want my team to get in on that action too.

  61. Sam


    Pellegrini is the one providing Wenger an excuse not to spend
    Mangala alone cost more than our whole back four
    Because of him, Wenger can’t tell the difference btw £5m n £50millions player

  62. qna

    Jim. And we arent up against opposition like we had then either. This year all teams have dropped and its a free for all. I dont tip us to win it. But I can actually see it happening now. Like I said – we are two wins away from game on in a major way. I predict 2 draws but its perfectly concievable that we get 2 wins and I am pretty excited to watch and find out.

  63. MidwestGun

    Red –
    Ya because getting a bunch of fans to complain and protest a ticket price increase is the same as getting an organized protest to overthrow a manager, Don’t be an idiotic troll your whole life please,

  64. qna

    Midwest. Yes true. But he is capable isnt he. Ozil is more of a winner than people give him credit for. But he only works when his team mates give him something to work with. We’ve got the talent to match Leicester and Spurs and this shitty City side we saw tonight. Its mentality that we all rightly question. All I am saying is I think we are in the mix again – through circumstances out of our control.

    I did not see tonights result coming. Its blown me away. You fucking beauty.

  65. Dissenter

    It doesn’t matter if we nick,the heads of recruitments of Atletico Madrid and Leicester combined because Wenger will overrule them

    The Leicesterhead scout recommended Chilwell and Wenger stil didn’t take advantage because we were fooling around with a £4 million bid when a tribunal will easily award at least 6 million even if he let on a free transfer.

    Wenger wil undermine anything that he doesn’t fancy.
    He’s the chief scout, chief financial officer and manager extra-ordinarie rolled into one.

  66. jwl

    pellegrini has been placeholder for his few seasons at mancity, they clearly have been waiting for pep, pellegrini has underperformed big time for the amount of money the club have spent.

    Supporters of two manc teams, chelsea, they must be even more frustrated than we are right now because they have spent hundreds of million and they losing to leicester and spuds as well.

    What worse, wenger underperforming on cheap or lvg and pellegrini underperforming while spending large?

  67. Dissenter

    OlumideFebruary 6, 2016 14:52:22
    Ferguson will win the league with our squad”

    Not so sure because then it wouldn’t be our squad.

    Ferguson wouldn’t start a season with three midfielders crocked with long term injuries. He would have reinforced his midfield.
    Wenger was asking for a lot by hoping Rosicky, Arteta and Wilshere will make any meaningful contributions.

  68. Goonergirl

    Wow what a great result for Leicester. City with a terrible performance though. Big game for us tomorrow. We’ve got to win although I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we end up with a draw.

  69. qna

    Sauce: You were predicting a point at best v Bournemouth this morning.

    I still am. A point vs Leicester as well. But I was predicting a comfortable win for City tonight as well. Hopefully I get it completely wrong and we get 6 points instead of the 2 that my gut tells me we will get.

  70. Bamford10


    Agreed. Ranieri couldn’t win with our squad. Not enough pace, not enough athleticism. Nor do we have the personnel for a high-tempo 4-4-2.


    Pellegrini may be responsible for a signing or two that hasn’t worked out, but he has nothing like Wenger’s incompetence when it comes to organizing a team, selecting players, giving instruction to players, preparing for the opposition, etc. On these fronts Wenger is largely incompetent. While Pellegrini has underachieved, the same cannot be said of him. The worst that can be said is that they have spent a little too carelessly perhaps, but this sometimes comes from being flush with cash and being ambitious.

    Wenger is far more incompetent, however.

  71. Marc


    Leicester beating City 3 – 1 are they really the real deal? They’ve had a magnificent run and fully deserve a top 4 spot, I just wonder if City will start to switch off knowing the manager’s on his way out.

    Should give us a great chance a the league but we really need to get our head out of our arses. Any more listless, gutless performances like midweek and we’ll finish 4th or worse.

  72. MidwestGun

    Marc –
    Ha. .. don’t you remember when everyone new who came on here would ask if Marble was a Bot Troll program invented by Pedro to stimulate conversation? Will say this much, at least now he is a bit more human, all be it a highly annoying one.

  73. jwl

    I am interested to see if this season has much effect on how english football is done. Analytics and good manager combined with clubs having more money to spend on players, I wonder if this will change how clubs do their business. Owners must be looking at their budgets, comparing it to lei, spuds and westham and wondering wtf going on?!

    I have also long believed that clubs in division one should buy more players aged between 22-25 from league two, three or four. Here in North America, most pro athletes are not considered ready until they 22-25 years old, I would look much more at division two players who have played 75-100 games for their team. Match experience in division two trumps training with world class players for a few years and hoping they come good.

  74. Bamford10

    Midwest & Marble

    Actually, Marble’s comments re the best players ever have shed new light on Marble’s point of view — for me at least.

    Marble is of the view that modern footballers are not as good as their counterparts of the past, thus when he rails against an Aguero or a Di Maria, it’s not because he rates current Arsenal players over these players, it’s because he rates players of 20-40 years ago over these players.

    A curious pov, but one that makes more sense to me now that I better see where he is coming from.

    Even given this perspective, however, Marble is still full of absurdities, e.g., saying that he doesn’t rate Ronaldo, Ronaldinho or Rivaldo, all of whom were absolutely fantastic footballers.

  75. qna

    Midwest. But something went wrong in the programming. Troll bot spits out crazy things like “Messi is shit. Lol.” It has no credibility.

  76. Carts

    Fully see Eagles points about Pellegrini essentially wasting the majority off over £300m, and for the most part no one can argue that.

    However, I refuse to add Otamendi to that list. Yes he’s been exposed but the guy has had Mangala and Demi next to him for 90% of the season. Virtually doing another players job by himself

  77. Bamford10

    Just out of curiosity, if we had everyone available and you were to put us into a 4-4-2, whom would you select and where would you play them?

  78. MidwestGun

    Red –
    Try again. I’ve always thought Arsene is past his experation date, but I also know from reading other sites and following the team for decades the difficulties in getting rid of AW with over half the millions of fans who will never want to see Wenger leave. . You seem to think there is suddenly gonna be an uprising after 2 decades. As I said last night it ain’t happening unless results change.

  79. Marc


    I would have liked Wenger to move on after the 1st FA cup win, I just don’t think going on and on and on and on and on and thinking that calling him a cunt 53,406 times will change anything.

    I do think Wenger deserves credit for what he has done for Arsenal though and people easily forget our position the season before he took over.

  80. Bamford10


    “What worse, Wenger underperforming on the cheap or LVG and Pellegrini underperforming while spending large?”

    For me, Wenger is worse, for at least these other clubs are TRYING to build great squads, trying to win titles, trying to compete for the CL.

    The same cannot be said of Wenger. He clearly has other priorities.

    Secondly, I’d say that LVG is just as bad as Wenger. I didn’t think this was possible, but watching United this year and last, watching his selections, formation, etc., I now think he too is a bit of a disaster.

    I don’t think the same is true of Pellegrini, however — though I concede he is under-achieving.

  81. underrated Coq

    See this is what I told a few weeks back to all the ‘City have a easier fixture list’ bandwagon merchants. Every half decent team that has played at the Etihad have shown City up. Liverpool smashed them, West Ham beat them, Everton held them and now Leicester have smashed them too. They still got United, Spuds and Arsenal to host.

    If we are in with a shot of the title come the penultimate game of the season, I’m not gonna be confident know. BUT if we are already out of contention, I predict we’ll go there and smash them.

  82. Relieable Sauce


    Can you quantify the amount of “credit” he deserves?
    In monetary terms perhaps, if it makes it easier.

  83. MidwestGun

    4 -4 -2
    Bellerin,Mert, Kos, Monreal
    Ramsey,Coq, Ozil,Elneny
    _____Theo, Sanchez

    If I had to do a 442, Altho I don’t think we have the correct personelle for it.

  84. Phd007

    Aarghhhh Leicester,Leicester,Leicester..My dearest Leicester…

    Could this be the season,that the chickens finally come home to roost for Monsieur Arsewipe??!!

    In time,all will be revealed…How Monsieur Arsewipe,must be fidgeting nervously right now,watching Leicester steal a march on their rivals..

    Should Leicester do the unthinkable,will Roman Abramovich come knocking a second time at Tinkermans door,bearing untold riches and charming ‘ole Tinkerman to sit alongside him in his Golden”Tortured” Palace?

    Th irony,should that scenario unfold..Given the Tinkerman was fired first time around to make way for Mourinho..Now Mourinho has faced the firing squad,will it be Tinkerman’s turn to replace The Special One & be the chosen one..?

    An interesting season beckons..

    Then we turn to Monsieur Arsene”Economical with the truth-I shit my pants in the face of a real battle”Wenger..

    Is this the season,where all his fabled stories,start to unravel before his very eyes..What a cunning web of deceit we weave…We weave and weave,until we are trapped by our own deceit..Only thing left,is to do the honourable thing & walk the plank of shame…

    Should Leicester win the league this season,surely all the pronouncements foretold from the ivory towers of the Emirates,will be proven to be a fallacy..In short a great big stupendous lie…
    Shame on you Arsenal..Shame on you…

    Such pronouncements as:

    Fallacy 1
    Chelski & Mancs are involved in financial doping-we can’t compete

    Fallacy 2:
    The Mancs& the Oligarchs skew the market

    Fallacy 3:
    This squad is the best squad.It has mental strength.Team cohesion.I believe we can win the league..(Every season since 2009)

    Fallacy 4:
    I believe if the game was a level playing field and we were all given the same resources.I believe we would have a better chance of winning.
    (Leicester have vastly inferior resources& look what’s happening).

    Fallacy 5
    We believe with FFP,it will level the playing field.So we should be able to compete..
    (FFP or No FFP,Leicester are operating with a vastly inferior budget,compared to Arsenal)

    Fallacy 6
    I will only buy if theRE is exceptional quality,better than what we already have..
    Leicester proving you don’t need exceptional quality to compete..

    Fallacy 7
    We were hampered by injuries,referee decisions,pitch conditions,fatigue..

    Leicester have a far smaller squad,operating on a far smaller budget and facing the same problems as most clubs.Probably decisions would not favour them so much,given they are a small club in comparison to say an Arsenal,Chelsea,Manure/ManC..

    Fallacy 8
    We were top of the league in Jan

    Leicester are top of the league in Feb..

    Fallacy 9
    We moved to the Emirates to compete with the Barca’s,ManC,Chelski’s of this world..

    Leicester built the Walker stadium many years ago..Were in the championship a few seasons ago..& guess what..Almost 10 years on…
    We are now competing with Leicester..A small club,with a vastly inferior budget,small squad,bucking the trend..
    We were never competing with the Mancs,or the chelskis,or the Barca’s realistically..So wtf,have you been doing for 11 years Arsene?

    Fallacy 10

    If we sell Nasri and Cesc,then we can’t call ourselves a big club.

    If Leicester win the league this season.They would have highlighted Arsene,that your words,certainly don’t match your deeds…

  85. izzo

    Honestly, Midwest I 100% agree with RT. You might not believe protest and riots will be a faster way to get rid of Wenger but it is the best way given his power and control over the club. We will always get shit results and 4th but that has not resulted in ousting him because the fans in England just sit in their chairs and do nothing and keep on showing up to support the man. Hence why its been 11 seasons of the same shit. The so called angry fed up fans do nothing but complain. They don’t fucking take action.

  86. Micheal

    If we play Per Mertesacker against Leicester we will get slaughtered. Their pace on the break is amazing and they will obviously target our slowest centre back.

  87. Bamford10


    So if you were to run a 4-4-2, you’d go with something like:


    I like that, but like you, I don’t think we have the right personnel for it.

  88. Marc


    Money’s part of it but not the way you think it is. I’m talking about some of the football he’s given us, some of the players, the fact that the season before he took over we finished 12th way behind the Spud’s. If you broke it down the difference between Arsenal and the Spud’s back then was negligible. We’ve won titles, cups and had regular CL football. We’ve built an amazing new stadium and our turnover is now over 50% higher than the Spud’s.

    What I don’t understand is why having gone through all of the hard work in getting the new stadium built and the mo9ney coming in he still won’t spend.

  89. MidwestGun

    Izzo –
    I’ve never said they don’t work. They have to be organized, well planned and a majority opinion. Good luck with a minority overthrowing a manager who can do no wrong with a majority of supporters and the owner. But my main problem with Red is him calling people out on here daily whilst he does fuck all himself.

  90. Bamford10


    Because I’m a fan of Jack’s, though, I’d select him over Elneny. And because I rate Theo so little, I’d probably play Welbeck over Theo. Like so:


    Not ideal, though.

  91. jwl


    I agree that Wenger is worse than he nearest rivals because those clubs are actually trying to win things while we aim for fourth season after season after season. It what bothers me most about Wenger, doesn’t spend money we accumulate every season so he not even trying to win trophies, not trying your best every season is anti-sport.