China is coming, BRACE | Wenger in ‘bemoaning player prices’ shocker

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Wenger kicks off today with a bit of a warning to those who foolishly expect clubs to reduce ticket prices.

“What will happen is the prices of the players will go up and you will need this supplement of money coming in to buy new players,” he said.

“I believe that the pressure on spending the money will become bigger and you cannot necessarily distribute the money to other people.”

He also went on to talk about the Chinese League spending big money on players and how that could dent the Premier League.

“China looks to have the financial power to move the whole league of Europe to China.”

But he added: “Will they [the CSL] sustain their desire to do it? Let’s remember, Japan started to do it a few years ago but slowed down.

“I don’t know how deep the desire in China is, but if there’s a very strong political desire, we should worry.”

China has been spunking big cash on big names. Jackson Martinez at £31m, Alex Teixera at £38m and Ramires at £25m. Pretty hardcore. They clearly want to build something. Does money talk to that level?

Would Messi move to China. Or is there a heritage thing here. China isn’t really a football nation. When was the last time you saw them in a World Cup? How many Chinese players are in our league? I mean, they’re so far behind the curve, I struggle to see the appeal of China for a kid growing up watching Barcelona and Milan.

Not to mention the massive cultural differences between Asia and Europe. The language for a start bares so little resemblance to ours, the place is FUCKING huge, so the travel would be a drain. Plus, it’s just not Europe.

Hey, I’m bias. China might be a fucking riot. I mean, it’s caked in culture. But for footballers? I have my doubts. I mean, we saw what the Leicester boys got up to in Asia, that passes by over here… but in China? Not sure that’d go down well!

Anyway, Wenger loves a bit of fear mongering. I love that he bitches about the price of players and says it’ll be a problem for fans because clubs need to spend the money. But then he doesn’t actually spend any money.

Maybe Arsenal should set up some sort of season ticket mechanism. If Wenger spends less than 25% of his transfer budget, fans get a 15% discount on their tickets. Rather than the £28 price increase they’ve levelled at the fans for next season.

A small amount really, why bother?

Anyway, my day if fucked. Happy Friday. x

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  1. Dissenter

    Wenger suggesting that he wont buy a striker next summer.
    “I don’t see many strikers on the market who are better than ours.

    “I will remind you on the last day of the summer window, Manchester United bought Anthony Martial for a huge amount of money. That means they looked everywhere too.”
    Wenger couldn’t find anyone better than Giroud, Walcott or Welbeck?

    I can’t find better so I will overpay for what I already have.

  2. Dissenter

    Tunny mis the perfect Pollyanna on this blog.
    He always finds something tombs positive about.
    I give him enormous credit for that even though I, often on the other side of the debate.

  3. Dissenter

    Rosicky on his perfenr struggle with injuries:
    “You are defined by how you deal with these things and I will deal with it again and I will be back again. It’s been a hard few days for me to accept. Sometimes you always say that you can always do better or that you can always improve more and more, but I don’t know what more I could have done.
    I’ve always come back from everything and I will come back again, I will not give up. I will have the strength to make it, I will find it and I will be back again.”

    Its got to be difficult for him but he surely has to retire in the summer.

  4. tunnygriffboy


    Yeah I’m hoping Coquelin will really help our defence. We may even start winning the ball higher up the field with Coquelin rather than our DM retreating at a vast rate of Knots leaving acres between our attack and defence

    Hemay help Ramsey as well. Because Flamini retreats Ramsey has been left far to far upfield and not in synch with his partner. He also needs to find some consistency in his game

    As much as i have championed Theo he’s been gash. Am tempted tough to put him upfront, move Ramsey to the right and bring Elneny in. That’s the front fourwe had when we’ve played our best footy this season. Gives Giroud a much needed kick up the arse as well

  5. tunnygriffboy


    I try my best. I have 48 hours of hell when we mess up. Really fed up, no motd or radio phone ins. I then digest what I’ve seen and try to think positive about the next game. I just hope some of our underperforming players hit some of the form they are capable of. If they do we have a chance against anyone in the league

    Oh. And can we start taking some of our chances please

  6. qna

    Tunny. Giroud and Walcott are not even comparable any more. Giroud is miles ahead of Theo.

    Dissenter. We cant find any strikers, but if we pay Welbeck 150k/wk he will play twice as well. Easy.

  7. Spanishdave

    If our slump continues and the players give up on winning the title, we will loose Ozil for sure. Wenger fails to see that wining titles attracts players as it did over ten years ago, now we have become known for loosing it each years, what a reputation to have.

  8. Dissenter

    Jim Laney,
    Ozil,had the best chances of the nigh and missed them albeit it to bad luck since the goalie didn’t know much about the saves.

    Ozil needs to score more too.

  9. Dissenter

    Ozil had the best chances of the night and missed them albeit it to bad luck since the goalie didn’t know much about the saves.

  10. leon

    This no disrespect to Coquelin but Ithink we should going for better than him but in a few years he will be world class there is no dought in my mind about that and just think just 1 and half ago wenger was going to let him and allot of fens including would have no objections.

    But coming back this game tomorrow its so clear that both eleni and Coquelin are far more effective because they are both dynamic players

  11. Jim lahey

    @Dissenter – I agree that someone of his capability and technique should be scoring more. But so far this season he has created 97 chances of which only 16 have been put away. It really says a lot about the quality of finishing from teh players around him.

  12. Samesong

    Coq still has lot to still prove, to say in a few years he will be world class is a bit naive to be honest. When he got that quick yellow the other day it was like heart in the mouth stuff everytime he made a tackle. He needs to look at that part of his game as that certainly limits your play as a DM when your on a yellow.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    Bellerin, Mert, Kozz, Monreal
    ——–Ramsey, Elneny
    ——–Sanchez, Giroud

    Something a bit different for tomorrow, go with two up top. Our wing play is weak anyway, Campbell and Sanchez both cut in from either side so it all ends up centrally anyway.

    Make the middle compact and look to spring counters.

    These sorts of games are winnable, and we need to banking the points, I do not want to be qualifying for UCL in the summer, extra games and gives Wenger an additional excuse outside of EPL TV money inflation and the Euros, with some tough, tough fixtures coming up, we need to bank these points to make ourselves comfortable.

  14. Dissenter

    “Coq still has lot to still prove, to say in a few years he will be world class is a bit naive to be honest. When he got that quick yellow the other day it was like heart in the mouth stuff everytime he made a tackle. He needs to look at that part of his game as that certainly limits your play as a DM when your on a yellow”

    He has to change his lunging tackle style because that’s what got him injured in the first place it was a wild lunging tackle on Jacob, the Westbrom midfielder that caused his injury.

  15. Dissenter

    Ramsey wont work in the middle because his ball distribution is gash and he’s way too greedy.
    Place him back on the right, at least his forward forays wont be so costly.

  16. Cesc Appeal


    That’s why I thought that shape means Elneny and Coq are the disciplined midfielders, Ramsey can do his I Am Legend stuff and just push on the counters.

  17. L

    Take the lunging away from coq anf he’s back to being a Charlton athletic player, the good news is he gets it right most times he’s dived into tackles

  18. L

    The manner of the defeat to the chavs still hurt me
    Per need to spend more time on the bench only then he’ll realise it was better to let Costa score that goal instead of saving yourself a personal embarrassment to the team’s detriment.

  19. Dissenter

    Afobe said he “never got a chance” at Arsenal.

    We know why.
    Wenger the gambler place his bet on Yaya Sanogo.

  20. Brooklyn

    Chelshit new managers short list: Conte, Allegri, Sampaoli and Simeone..

    Personally I want Allegri at Arsenal if/when Wenga leaves??

  21. Dissenter

    If Leicester beat City today then its Sayonara to the league. They’ve played most of their difficult games and don’t have the distraction lf Europe lf the FA cup.

    Leicester winning will revolutionize football in England and beyond.
    In any other industry, that singular rebuttal of the “money wins” argument should be enough to send managers like Wenger into retirement.

    There’s nothing random about a club with a wage bill, one quarter of ours beating us over 38 games.

  22. tunnygriffboy

    Our Coq has done far less lunging this season

    I was expecting him to get far more yellow cards than he has this season. He was developing his all round game quite nicely before his injury


    Like the look of that side but you just know that the manager would never do it. I like the idea of fitting Elneny in there but again you know it’s not happening. It’ll be 4-2-3-1 as usual. My preference would be Ramsey right and Elneny alongside Coquelin but that ain’t happening.

    I think I’d give Ox a run ahead of Walnut and Campbell tomorrow.

  23. Cesc Appeal


    I was thinking a 4-2-3-1 in the week, with Walcott up top and Ramsey right, but every time I really begrudged doing it, so sick of seeing Walcott in an Arsenal shirt, just sums up everything wrong with this club.

    Also, if he plays well, great, but we know those are few and far between, he can’t dribble and he can’t hold the ball up, can’t pass either, so the ball was just keep pinging back our way.

    So it would need to be Giroud in a 4-2-3-1, and with Ramsey right, I just worry about how slow we will be, Bournemouth will press, and I’d worry about us getting stripped.

    I’d like to see us try something different, inject a bit of life into this side.

    But I agree, it wouldn’t shock me at all to see Flamini again either, do no be surprised if stubborn Wenger emerges tomorrow.

    On Oxlade, he will get more chances, but his attitude just seems all wrong, here is a player really under performing, yet his stupid dancing before warm ups against Saints just shows you what little pressure he feels. I’d be working my arse off to do the basics right, being embarrassed I’m viewed as a social media clown.

    When you think, Oxlade has what, a goal and two assists in 18 months or something, yet his rich beyond his wildest dreams and a celebrity. All wrong.

  24. S Asoa

    China is Coming

    Wenger is going to China since that is the ONLY option for this Imbecile to manage another Club and earn 8.2 million (1 billion ¶)
    as well as earn a Ghand Trofee

  25. tunnygriffboy


    I think Leicester this season has been an anomaly. It’s a one off. Invariably the clubs with the most money will revert to being at the top of the league.

    Teams will be stronger next season and those teams in Europe will have no easy games to coast through before or after their midweek games. However in the long run the teams with the most money are most likely to occupy the top slots.

  26. Alex Cutter

    “I like refer to him as Aaron “Hollywood” Ramsey”

    Certainly a more appropriate nickname than “Rambo”.

    Who the fuck came up with Rambo for such a pussy of a player? Were they being ironic?

  27. tunnygriffboy


    I just felt we looked most dangerous this season when we had a front four of Alexis, Walnut, Ramsey and Ozil. We looked dynamic. We then had an angry Giroud to come off the bench

    If Flamini plays tomorrow I seriously think about watching it which is unlike me. I’d be to angry for coherent words

  28. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Teams will be stronger next season.’


    Worrying for us. Teams like United, Chelsea and Liverpool have underperformed this year, you think Mourinho might be at United, Simeone at Chelsea and Klopp will have his first summer with Liverpool.

    Extremely worrying times for us, our rivals will be able to predict exactly what we’re going to do as well.

  29. Cesc Appeal


    That relies on either Walcott playing well, or Sanchez literally being in superhuman mode.

    If Walcott is bad, as he has been for 7-8 weeks, we will be playing without a ST.

  30. tunnygriffboy


    If we have any chance of staying with and competing with those teams curmudgeon will have to bring in 3 starters and bench those who haven’t produced their best form this season

  31. tunnygriffboy


    I’ve stuck up for Walcott a lot but he has been awful for a while

    All the media saying it’s ours to lose etc. Our players talking about winning it. We’ve taken our eye off the ball with no real right to

    Injuries have hit us badly again. While we got away with it against some ropey teams (apart from city) when we ‘ve played better sides since Christmas we’ve been found out. The disconnect between our defence and Flamini and our attacking players has been huge. On a lot of occasions its been 40 yards plus. Hopefully the return of Coquelin means we can start winning the ball much higher up the pitch

  32. bishop

    There is no way Flamini and Ramsey start in midfield tomorrow right? … right?!

    It’s possible cos we have a mad egocentric manager who loves to proof his point no matter how glaring it is.

  33. jwl

    Our strikers need to start scoring again, amazing how different Arsenal season became after we lost Coq and Santi.

    twitter –

    – Only Crystal Palace (5%) have converted a lower % of their shots into goals than Arsenal in 2016 (8%).

    – Only Norwich (29) have allowed more shots on target against them than Arsenal (27) in 2016.

  34. bishop

    Just imagine Flamini in place of Kante in the MF of Leicester city…they would be nowhere near where they are.

    Leicester look so strong. They are like 15players on the pitch and not 11.

  35. jwl

    The laws of inertia are propelling Leicester, nothing can stop them while they are on a roll. Leicester fans must feel like they dreaming every time they think about their team/season, they were in relegation territory a year ago and now they taking on all comers and doing quite well.

  36. bishop

    Mertesacker shouldn’t b seen anywhere around the stadium when w play Leicester.
    The pace of Vardy Mahrez Albrighton.

    But Wenger is the specialist of no tactics.

  37. Leedsgunner

    Leicester schooling Man City at the moment… for our title chances a draw would be best but hey if Leicester pull off a victory I won’t begrudge them that. They are playing together and for each other — wonderful to see. For all Man City’s stars Leicester is teaching them that football is a team game.

    Shame Wenger can’t get his boys to elevate their game like this.

  38. Leedsgunner

    “Leicester going to rip us a new one when we face them. Their transition from defend to attack is incredible.”

    If Jack Wilshere was fit this transition is exactly what he’s good at… but the problem is HE’S ALWAYS INJURED!

  39. tunnygriffboy


    We are conceding on average one goal per game more since Coquelin has been injured. It’s a ridiculous stat. Flamini backs off the opposition midfield when they have the ball and our back four become a back five. The opposition get a free run at our defence

    He’s frightened to engage an attacker as he lacks pace and will be beaten easily. There’s often 30 yards between our defence and attack at times. Coquelin will fill that gap, engage the opposition, make a tackle and also make interceptions

    Santi has more defensive nounce than Ramsey as well. With Santi we were playing two deep lying midfielders one purely defensive the other a play maker. Ramsey is a b2b player so when he goes forward he vacates the midfield. Coquelin is a much better bet to cover that area than Flamini

  40. Sam

    Paul Merson predicts Arsenal will lose tomorrow

    Fok him

    I say we win 2 nil n Cech will stop that beast Benik from scoring against us

  41. bishop


    Common stop that
    The only thing Jack Wheelchair does well is running into block of players and getting injured during his transition.

    Transition with no end product cos he hugs the ball too much till he gets injured in the process.

  42. TheBayingMob

    LC fans living the hope and dreams of sport and football. The kind of hope that IG, SK and AW have taken away from Arsenal with their business first approach.

  43. Jamie

    “If Jack Wilshere was fit this transition is exactly what he’s good at… but the problem is HE’S ALWAYS INJURED!”

    Wilshere hasn’t offered us anything to date, unfortunately. All the talent/potential in the world doesn’t supersede fitness. We need players who can stay fit long enough to make a difference on the pitch. I’m not convinced Wilshere will ever consistently make 30 league appearances a season.

  44. Bermy boy

    Leicester is embarrassing Wenger by showing him where we could have been in point standings.Koeman was right, “it is always the same with you” ya fuckin Asswipe.

  45. Bamford10

    Leicester City are showing what a good manager can do with a solid, balanced squad — and not all that much money. Well-organized, disciplined, motivated, clear in their tactics.

    Wenger has shown he is incapable of doing what Ranieri and Leicester are doing — both when he is flush with cash and when Arsenal were on a “shoestring budget” (and still had more money than a Leicester City).

    Wenger is a joke.

  46. qna

    Leicester is giving us a blue print of how we should play against Barca. What are the chances Wenger is taking notes.

  47. izzo

    Yea Leicester are winning the league. I’d put my wife on that. LOL… Oh and Spurs will finish above us because they will beat us. Coquelin won’t affect this team much coming back from injury a little too late. The seeds were sown by Wenger in the summer and it is plain as day to see the consequences. Out of the race by end of March and finishing 5th or 6th.

  48. qna

    So Ighalo reckons he turned down £300k/wk from China. Said it was not about the money. This is the type of squad player we should have on our books. He would do at least as well as Giroud and better than Walcott or Welbeck. What a top lad

  49. Bermy boy

    From the Emperors new clothes………sound familiar

    The Emperor realized that the people were right but could not admit to that. He though it better to continue the procession under the illusion that anyone who couldn’t see his clothes was either stupid or incompetent. And he stood stiffly on his carriage, while behind him a page held his imaginary mantle.

  50. Bamford10


    All I said of City is that they are the most talented team in the league, and they are. On their day, they’re leagues above anyone else in the EPL. But their defense has proven to be suspect, as is their commitment and defending at times.

    They remain my pick to win the league.

    And what the fuck does that have to do with the Leicester City story this season? This is one game — in which City will likely come back, btw. Leicester are doing what they’re doing because of their squad and their manager. Nothing to do with City.

  51. Spanishdave

    Leicester are showing what happens when the players have a clear understanding of tactics and teamwork. Allowing our players to express themselves worked with our wc players, but not this ragbag of a squad.
    Slow boat to China for Wenger?

  52. NiNe

    This City squad is a poor one! I doubt that Pep will have it easy there although the money is there to be spent.

    Yaya is ineffective in centre midfield again. I say, push him forward behind Aguero, have Delph play alongside Fernandinho and remove Sterling for Navas

  53. gonsterous

    8 points behind lescester… safe to say we wont be closing that down anytime soon.. thanx wenger… thanx a lot…

  54. Arsene's Nurse

    Oh what a goal. Amazing. That is exactly what we lack – the ability to drive past players and shoot.

    Man City 0-2 Leicester

  55. izzo

    Oh mahrez what a star what a player left footed and used his right foot to finish something Ozil can’t do. Something Joel Campbell can’t do. So depressing we don’t have him.

  56. Dissenter

    There’s no way Mertasacker survives 90 minutes against Vardy and Mahrez.

    I’m cheering for Leicester because it debunks everything we’ve been fed by the Wengerites.

    It’s not a random occurrence and it will give every small club the balls to go for it in the future.
    Leicester just restored romanticism to the premier league.

  57. WengerEagle

    ‘This is one game — in which City will likely come back, btw. Leicester are doing what they’re doing because of their squad and their manager. Nothing to do with City.’

    2-0 now.

    And look Bamford. I’m taking nothing away from Leicester, I said weeks ago that I believed that they were genuine title contenders, I agreed with you re their story proved that we were badly underachieving with our squad and Wenger’s mismanagement.

    However, City are being managed even worse than we are and are underachieving far worse than us, with the money they’ve invested in their squad it’s embarrassing that they’re being given the runaround by Leicester at home.

  58. Highbury4ever

    Shame on you Mr Wenger, what will be your “excuse” for your coming big failure, when a team without big money will be crowned in a few months ??

  59. Dissenter

    You keep saying City are the most talented team but Guardiola will have to clear house to compete with the Barca/Madrid/Bayern quality.
    They aren’t that good.

  60. Sam


    Wenger was just stupid about Sanogo
    He bought a 19years old with poor touch n claimed he’ll make him a £50Millions striker, how stupid is that? If your whole skillset is rubbish at 16 you should find another job
    He knew Afobe well, if he was still here Giroud too would be history so he had to go n loaning him to lower division club was deliberate to deplete his skills.
    Hopefully he won’t bite us in the a$$ tomorrow, we’ll stop him

  61. Bamford10


    No, City are not being more poorly managed than we are. That is plain silly. They are underachieving. That is all. Certain injuries haven’t helped either.

    Pellegrini is a much better manager than Wenger. They are simply underachieving.

  62. WengerEagle


    It was debatable re the penalty decision, could have went either way. I personally thought that it was a penalty as well but can see why the ref didn’t give it.

    Also, not sure what you’re on about regarding chances, barring the half chance where Silva found himself some room and had a shot deflected they haven’t really created much at all.

    Obviously City will dominate the ball, they are the best possession side in the BPL at home against the third worst possession side and they are losing.

  63. qna

    Bamford. City are pretty ordinary now. They are no more than we were a few years ago when we would score goal of the year and win 4-0 one week and then get turned over the next. Style but no substance.

    Pep will need to clean house big time.

  64. gunnergetyou

    We need to sign Mahrez in the summer. He’d fit in nicely along with a new CB who can read the game.

    8 points behind Leicester as things stand. We don’t beat them next week we’re finished.

  65. gonsterous

    well we have to take into consideration that leicester have fewer games than us or city but then the same can be said of the other teams below 6th and they are not ruuning rampant in the league.. its doing my head in… and we have players on 140k.. jesus…

  66. WengerEagle


    You’re being disingenuous now, we’ve badly missed Coquelin and Cazorla and Sanchez is only just back so it’s not like we’ve been injury-free ourselves.

    In what way is Pellegrini a top manager? He’s won the BPL sure but let’s be honest, it was more a case of Liverpool throwing it away, City crawled over the finish line.

    Won nothing last season and this season City aren’t exactly tearing up any trees despite spending over £130 million on 3 players alone in Sterling, De Bruyne and Otamendi.

  67. Dissenter

    Regarding Afobe; “Hopefully he won’t bite us in the a$$ tomorrow, we’ll stop him”

    Hope he tears us one tomorrow to shame Wenger. I hope he gets a hat trick

  68. Joe

    11 seasons we’ve heard we can’t compete.

    11 seasons of excuses.

    11 seasons of who can do better than Wenger.

    Pointed out that Dortmund and Athletico have won titles with much less resources. We’re told it was a one off and never happen here.

    Leiscester doing what they are doing shows how much of a fraud Wenger is.

    Proves is useless as a manager.

    Proves he is the one holding Arsenal back

    Fuck off Wenger

  69. qna

    Good to know that there was no positive Pep-effect. Thought maybe some of these guys might play out the season to impress. Apparently not.

  70. Dissenter

    Leicester will be 10 points clear of Arsenal by the time they trash us next week.

    We will draw Bournemouth tomorrow.

    There’s no way they don’t beat us next week. They have pace, power and are very good at set pieces.

  71. qna

    What a fucking league this is. The defending champions battling relegation not long ago and now the champions elect being hammered 3-0 at home.

  72. Bamford10


    City have plenty of very good players:

    De Bruyne
    Yaya Toure*

    That they have enough quality to win the league is obvious, though their defense and their defending is suspect. No question.

    Can they win with the EPL with their current players? Yes, but they’ll need to play better and they’ll probably need Kompany.

    Do they have the players to compete with the top three European sides? No, they’ll probably need a couple more players.

    So what, though? I never said they were that good. “Class of the EPL” doesn’t mean
    “equal to the best in Europe”. Not at all.

    And if City are a ways away from competing with the top three in Europe, how far away are Arsenal? Miles.

  73. qna

    Leicester could have scored another 2 goals this half as well. No shots on goal but good chances created for Okazaki.

  74. gonsterous

    we can end up 20th in the league and wenger still wont fock off.. you just know he will have an excuse, whether it being the players he couldnt buy or the refs going against him or just injuries to his main players..

  75. tunnygriffboy


    This is a one off. It happens once in a blue moon. In fact it hasn’t happened in the modern era. This isn’t going to be the norm. It’s not just us playing catch up with them

  76. WengerEagle

    ‘That they have enough quality to win the league is obvious, though their defense and their defending is suspect. No question.’

    See how can you not attribute any blame to Pellegrini when the defence is playing so poorly?

    He bought 3 of their 4 CB’s in Mangala, Otamendi and Demichelis, the first two for huge money too.

    You’d be reaming Wenger out of it if we were getting smashed 3-0 at home to Leicester.

  77. Bamford10

    Jesus. Leicester create a scoring chance every three minutes. What is wrong with the City players? They look out of it.

  78. Joe

    You know once we fall 10 points back, we will go on w purple patch and all will be great in Wenger land and him and wll his followers will bang on about how we won our last 7 matches and Wenger will fix it in the summer

  79. Joe


    Why hasn’t Wenger been able to pull a one off?

    Especially with all his resources
    Supposedly world class managerial skills??

    He has made 50,000 subs you know

  80. Dissenter

    One of the top four places is definitely gone to Leicester, no matter what.

    I don’t think it’s a one off. There’s going to be a team like this every season to buck the trend and take one of the top four spots.
    Every club will have previously unimaginable riches so a club that can scout and get the right management will have similar runs at the title.

    The best players still won’t come to big clubs in England and will prefer the continental giant so it’s not like the traditional top six are going to get that much better players.

  81. tunnygriffboy


    Just that they are aging and is it catching up on them

    What do you reckon to city’s defending today ? Ordinary ? If we defended like this there’d be meltdown on here or am I being disingenuous ?

  82. daz

    Leicester are playing with the wind behind their sails, everything is going their way its the perfect storm I don’t want to take anything away from them it is remarkable what they are doing, it shows what confidence and lack of expectations can do playing with complete freedom I bet they can’t wait to get out onto the pitch and play every minute

  83. qna


    Not withstanding that I agree with you that Wenger has fucked us. If we beat Bournemouth and Liecester and go to United just 2 points off Liecster and possibly 3 points clear of City – will you be giving us a chance?

    I have to beleive that we can do it. Its not in me to not dream the possible dream.

    BTW I predict a draw in both games for us. But 6 points is completely plausible.

  84. Bamford10


    Because there would be obvious failures and mistakes one could point to for which Wenger would be responsible. The same is not true of Pellegrini.

    The signings you point to aren’t akin to a Sanogo or a sticking with Flamini or Arteta. They are good players whom he was right to think highly of who just haven’t played to a high level. Very different.

    It is also not the case that City are poorly organized. Poor mentally at times, sure, but nothing akin to a Wenger side.

    The two managers aren’t comparable. Sorry. Wenger is incompetent, irrational and a detriment to his team/club; Pellegrini is competent but is proving unable to elevate his team/club past a certain point.

    Very different.

  85. Thanos

    I am embarrassed we have not pissed this league. Wenger not buying a striker and a cb looks like a terrible idea now

  86. Highbury4ever

    Next to come : tottenshit will beat watford.

    Our mission for tomorrow : DONT CRACK UNDER F*CKING PRESSURE!! lol

  87. Bamford10


    No, I agree with you. Defending has been poor. Spirit has been poor. And I agree that aging is catching up with them.

    However, we are where we are through idiocy and irrationality; City are where they are through the kinds of things that affect all clubs at all times, even a Madrid or Barca.

    Very different.

  88. tunnygriffboy


    I don’t know. I know in many of the seasons he hasn’t had the quality Leicester now have. In other seasons he’s not done well enough.

    Leicester’s scouting system appears to be excellent and better than ours though ironically we’ve just swiped their head of recruitment

    In the PL era only 4 clubs have won the PL (apart Blacburn years and years ago). You can’t tell me Leicester isn’t an anomaly?

  89. Thank you and goodnight

    We should all go on untold and ask those backwater idiots what excuse they can come up with to explain Leicester showing Arsene how it should be done

  90. qna

    City dominated what I saw of the 1st half and Liecester played them beautifly on the counter. But second half Liecester has been by far the more dangerous side. Incredible to do this at City’s ground while they are playing for the title.

  91. Dusty Kart

    Would have taken Wes Morgan the man’s fucking ginormous not the best but will scare the shit out of any striker.