China is coming, BRACE | Wenger in ‘bemoaning player prices’ shocker

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Wenger kicks off today with a bit of a warning to those who foolishly expect clubs to reduce ticket prices.

“What will happen is the prices of the players will go up and you will need this supplement of money coming in to buy new players,” he said.

“I believe that the pressure on spending the money will become bigger and you cannot necessarily distribute the money to other people.”

He also went on to talk about the Chinese League spending big money on players and how that could dent the Premier League.

“China looks to have the financial power to move the whole league of Europe to China.”

But he added: “Will they [the CSL] sustain their desire to do it? Let’s remember, Japan started to do it a few years ago but slowed down.

“I don’t know how deep the desire in China is, but if there’s a very strong political desire, we should worry.”

China has been spunking big cash on big names. Jackson Martinez at £31m, Alex Teixera at £38m and Ramires at £25m. Pretty hardcore. They clearly want to build something. Does money talk to that level?

Would Messi move to China. Or is there a heritage thing here. China isn’t really a football nation. When was the last time you saw them in a World Cup? How many Chinese players are in our league? I mean, they’re so far behind the curve, I struggle to see the appeal of China for a kid growing up watching Barcelona and Milan.

Not to mention the massive cultural differences between Asia and Europe. The language for a start bares so little resemblance to ours, the place is FUCKING huge, so the travel would be a drain. Plus, it’s just not Europe.

Hey, I’m bias. China might be a fucking riot. I mean, it’s caked in culture. But for footballers? I have my doubts. I mean, we saw what the Leicester boys got up to in Asia, that passes by over here… but in China? Not sure that’d go down well!

Anyway, Wenger loves a bit of fear mongering. I love that he bitches about the price of players and says it’ll be a problem for fans because clubs need to spend the money. But then he doesn’t actually spend any money.

Maybe Arsenal should set up some sort of season ticket mechanism. If Wenger spends less than 25% of his transfer budget, fans get a 15% discount on their tickets. Rather than the £28 price increase they’ve levelled at the fans for next season.

A small amount really, why bother?

Anyway, my day if fucked. Happy Friday. x

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  1. Rabbitsfoot

    Either Wenger is planning on splashing loads of cash in the summer or he has gone hysterical. He has no base to justify why the fans should shell out more money. Emirates already boasts one of the highest ticket prices and we fans are bearing the burden without actually seeing major strengthening of the squad.

  2. TheBayingMob


    “Suarez was always going to Barcelona”

    No, this is bollocks. He was very vocal about his desire to join Arsenal. We absolutely fucked it up.”

    Actually on this one I don’t agree at all.

    It has come to light now that Arsenal were completely in the right. There WAS a buy out clause.

    Suarez COULD have threatened legal action on Liverpool if he really wanted to join Arsenal but he didn’t. Why!? His desire might have been vocal, turns out it wasn’t all that genuine. He used the situation to screw a massive pay rise out of Liverpool and then they let him go to Barca (preferable to Arsenal anyway). He got the best of both worlds and Liverpool saved the utter embarrassment of having to sell to us which they would have had to have done had he gone to the courts.

    He screwed everyone over. As we can tell from his biting antics, he’s just an utter cunt of a person. And he looks a bit too much like Freddie Mercury for my liking, wouldn’t be surprised if Brendan was letting him bugger him in the showers after games.

  3. Tipster

    EWenger should fuck off to China. Heard his comments about the extra TV money, disgraceful, needed to buy players and not reduce ticket prices, buy players, lol, pay rise for Theo and his other pets.
    Supporters getting ripped off as usual, thought he was a socialist, yea right. Muppet

  4. WengerEagle

    Suarez didn’t screw anyone over, Liverpool refused to sell him to us and in return he stayed for one more season giving them the best goalscoring return they’ve ever had by a striker in the BPL before getting his big-money move to Barcelona.

    He almost won them the league in spite of their relegation standard defence and made Sturridge and Sterling look like world beaters.

    His biting habit is pretty weird and repulsive but he’s not even playing the same sport in the cunt stakes compared with Ryan Giggs or John Terry.

  5. Mickey G

    Listening to Wenger, justifying ticket prices because of rising transfer fees (which he doesn’t spend), I’m reminded me of Alex Ferguson’s remarks to an irate fan when they were being bought out by the Glazers. When asked “So don’t the fans come first?” Ferguson replied “Well I suppose they do come somewhere.”

    Ya they are the bread and butter, i.e. the basic income. Nobody voluntarily reduces their basic income.…-a0135399239

  6. Arsene's Nurse

    Can we sell Walnutt, Jackie Wheelchair, Flamini, Arteta, Thomas So sickly, Sanogo, Oxlaid-Chamberpot, etc to China for megabucks?

  7. grooveydaddy

    Feb 6, 2016

    We have listened to our fans and recognise that there is confusion about the basis of our long-standing policy on charges for the seven cup games in our season ticket package.

    We believe that this policy, which last year resulted in a refund to fans and this year would result in a surcharge, is the fairest of the possible alternatives but we accept, on the basis of the reaction to our recent announcement, that we need to improve our supporters’ understanding of how the system works.

    It was never our intention that we would upset those fans who are amongst our most loyal supporters. Having listened to their feedback, we are announcing on this occasion that we will not ask fans to pay the additional amount due under our season ticket conditions for the game on February 23rd.

    We remain of the view that our approach to our season ticket package of 26 games is the fairest it can be and is designed so that our season ticket holders pay the correct price each season for the matches they watch. However, it is clear that our fans have not been fully aware of the fact that even if we do play 26 games in some years they will get a refund, which happened in 2014/15, whilst in other years they will need to pay extra. This is linked to the teams we draw in the cup competitions.

    The feedback since our communication last night has demonstrated that we need to find a way to create a better understanding for season ticket holders on how their season ticket is structured. We will commit ourselves to communicating this, and the rationale, very clearly to our fans going forward so that there is no such confusion in the future. Work has already started to address this.

  8. vicky

    Not much going in Arsenal world….

    Would love to see who are your 10 most favorite players of all time (the players you have seen play). For me it goes as

    1. Messi 2. Zidane 3. Iniesta 4. Rosicky 5. Fabregas 6. Bergkamp 7. Pirlo 8. Suarez 9. Buffon 10. Reus

  9. Follow the money

    How can team that is so often the best over the calendar year as Wenger likes to brag about not win the league once in awhile? It’s because they sh** the bed when the pressure is on. That comes from the manager. What a disgusting setup we have at Arsenal under Wenger. All vegetables and no meat. I simply do not understand fans who are happy with elite purgatory*

  10. Alex Cutter

    I don’t know how shit works over there, but in the U.S. there hasn’t been/will never be a decrease in ticket prices because the team has had a financial windfall.

  11. TheBayingMob

    Suarez certainly fucked Wenger and Gazidis over

    How did they know about the clause!? it existed …

    They must have been given the green light to bid the 40 + 1 by Suarez’s agents, then he fucked them off to get a pay rise. He never intended to move to Arsenal. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s funny that he left the two fucking clowns Gazidis and Wenger looking like the cunts they are, but I still think they got fucked over on that one. Again, the clause was there, he could have forced Liverpool to sell him. He didn’t and they sweetened the deal with a bumper pay rise.

    Accepted on the Terry and Giggs cunt-o-meter. They’re all cunts if you ask me.

    I’d like to see Terry involved in a nasty car wreck, it would be good to see his wrecked face as the life limped out of it. I would then smear dog shit all over him and leave the scene feeling very pleased with my days work …

  12. GoonerGaunty73

    Wish he’d concentrate on the team and sharpening them up not ticket prices and economics.

    Pep won’t give a shit what he pays players or what fans pay. He will just make sure he has a winning team and fans don’t mind paying to see that. There, that’s my economics!!!!

  13. vicky


    I humbly admit I haven’t seen the oldies as much as you guys have. I listed out the ones I have seen play and loved their style. They are not necessarily the best 10 players but merely the ones whom I loved as a player. I would love to see your best 10 list.

  14. WengerEagle

    As for favourites, outside of the obvious choices i.e the Messi’s and Ronaldo’s of this world:

    Anelka (probably should have kept this one quiet)
    Di Natale
    Rui Costa
    Del Piero
    David Villa
    David Silva
    Yaya Toure
    James Rodriguez

    List goes on and on.

  15. WengerEagle


    It’s hard to beat South America for producing football’s most entertaining players.

    Brazilian’s are normally the skill kings but when it comes to the all-round package it’s hard to look past Argentina.

    Seem to have more longevity than most of the great Brazilians that typically burned out by their late 20’s.

    I hope that Neymar proves to be an exception to this trend.

  16. vicky

    WE True !!!

    Talking of longevity, do you reckon Messi will be able to stamp his class in the next Fifa World cup and finally win it or has that boat sailed in your opinion?

  17. WengerEagle

    Come on Marble, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and Rivaldo weren’t world class?

    I know that you despise modern football but even you must be finding this shite hard to type?

  18. vicky

    Red forget Cech. Nobody is talking about him. Will you give us your favorite 10 list or just slate others’ choices ?

    Tipster yes Clough would be great.

  19. WengerEagle


    Not sure tbh, it’s an interesting question as it’s hard to imagine Messi being as good as he was at 27 when he’s 31.

    It’s certainly the current crop’s last chance saloon at winning the big prize (Di Maria and Aguero will be 30, Messi and Higuain will be 31, Mascherano will be 34, Zabaleta will be in a nursing home).

    Would be nice if they could go out with a bang but as it would be the perfect culmination to Messi’s career I think that it probably won’t happen. Would be the one blight on his otherwise insane football winners medals CV.

    Who knows though, the Ivory Coast bottled the ACN for years until they finally got it right in 2015 when all of their best players were hovering around or above 30.

    For me it’s more reliant on who’s managing them. They’ve had utter clowns in charge since Pekerman was sacked.

    Simeone could IMO get the absolute best out of them.

  20. Redtruth


    Insane football medals CV…….lol yeah playing for the majority the best club side in Europe in the last 10 years with 9 Barcelona players starting for Spain who won the World Cup….lol

  21. Vince

    Vicky, here’s mine.
    Dino Zoff
    Tony Adams
    Franco Baresi
    Roberto Carlos
    Van Basten.
    4-3-3 right there.

  22. Phd007

    My favourite players from the 90’s onwards are in no specific order:

    Yaya Toure

    Probably more than 10..Apologies…

  23. vicky

    Vince a very good team.

    Phd interesting that you have Anelka in your list and not Henry. One more question – Brazilian Ronaldo or Ronaldinho ? Who’s your pick ?

  24. Paulinho

    WE – Brazil have always had the edge over Argentina in terms of athleticism. Bar Messi, Argentinian playmaker/forward types have had the technique but lacked power/pace to go along with it. Aimar, Ortega, Riquelme, Veron, Gallardo all seemed to lack presence in the big tournaments in terms of penetration. Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka all could carry the ball and were all 6ft or over.

    Maybe not so much anymore, but mid 90s to mid 2000s Brazil always seemed to overpower the Argentinians in head to heads and do better in major tournaments.

  25. Keef Petrovic

    Wenger of course says cut in fan prices won’t work because he is gorging in the rich piggy trough with the worst of them. He loves the money. Already being paid £8M a year right now (why ffs???) – he will be looking for his big extra cut of this crazy new TV money which means disastrously he will try to hang around even longer.

    In the real world a lot of normal fans’ disposable income shrinks annually but expected to keep paying highest prices in the world for 2-3 world class players surrounded by mediocrity…

    Please tell me why I’m wrong. I want to be wrong. I want our club back.

  26. WengerEagle


    Completely agree, head to head Brazil always had the edge in the 90’s and 2000’s and the Argies lack of explosive dribbler types were a big reason. When it rains it pours and in the next generation you had Messi, Aguero, Tevez, Dybala looks to be in that mould too but they now lack a genuine inventive midfielder like a Riquelme, Aimar or a Veron to link it all together.

    Messi practically has to play in a deep midfield role to compensate and Argentina suffer for it.

    RE Brazil I meant more that they don’t have the Argentine’s adaptability or longevity.

    A lot of Brazilians have struggled in the BPL whereas Argentinians have seemed to thrive.

    And Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Robinho, Kaka, Adriano and Rivaldo all peaked by the their late 20’s/30.

  27. Phd007


    Well the issue(s) that grated me about Henry,was his propensity to try to walk the ball into the net..I’ve said many a time,that I think he cost us the chance to progress through to the CL on some occasions..Most notably,when we played Valencia at home,& he had a one-on-one opportunity with the goalkeeper..And tried to walk the ball into the net.
    I knew that miss,would cost us…

    & so it did,in the return leg,when we went to Mestalla stadium& John Carew scored a header I think from a corner..& eventually went out..

    They’ve been other instances…The party piece trick with Pires,that back fired..And in the latter years,the way he remonstrated with the young kids coming through.Didn’t like that..

    All that said,he was a fantastic player,an immense talent.Unbelievable talent..But for me I preferred Anelka..No frills,no spills..

    He was direct,to the point..Had pace,good touch and wasn’t about the showmanship…I’ve enjoyed following Anelka from Arsenal,to Real Madrid,to PSG,to Turkey,to Bolton,to Chelsea..

    As for Ronaldo/Ronaldinho?

    You got me there…

    Can’t I have both..??

    Can’t call it ..I’d have both ..

  28. Paulinho

    “but they now lack a genuine inventive midfielder like a Riquelme, Aimar or a Veron to link it all together.”

    Yeah it’s funny how that’s worked out. There’s been a disconnect between their midfield workhorses and the likes of Messi for around a decade now. Imagine a midfield of Mascherano anchoring behind a two of Veron and Redondo with all their talented forwards. Always been Argentina’s problem; too much of the same player in certain eras.

    Agree that alot of the Brazilians burned bright but then blew out. They seemed more free spirit types whereas Argentinians always seemed tortured souls in major tournaments. They almost seemed too studious for their own good, although as you said, they took care of themselves better than the Brazilians it seems.

  29. Redtruth

    Van Basten

    These off the top.of my head players would wipe the floor with the rag tag mob mentioned already and they wouldn’t need a keeper

  30. Vince

    Hagi was some player. they called him “Maradona of the Carpathians” or something. I loved Valderama, Tomas Brolin, Nedved and Rene Higuita too. I can never forget his scorpion kick.

  31. Mick Kartun

    Mirror: “Stuart Pearce declared fit to play for ‘the worst team in England’ tomorrow. The former England legend, 53, is pulling on his boots again 14 years after he retired to help plug Longford AFC’s leaky defence. The club has conceded more goals than any team in the country, letting in an average 10 goals a match, and has lost 20 games in a row. Its worst defeat was 17-0.”

    Wish wenger will play too to cover mert’s leaky defence.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    What’s Sturridge’s contract situation? With him wanting out as well, I could completely see that as a Wenger signing.

  33. Ces1ne


    Nice to see Lucio get some love……dude was a consistent beast that went a ridiculous amount of time (can’t be bothered to look it up atm) without a yellow card as a world-class center back for some of the best squads in Europe. People talk about Mert being intelligent in his position, HA…..Lucio was on another level for quite a while.

  34. DaveB666

    So Mourinho is in talks with Manure – that guarantees we will get no points from either Manc club next year.

    Best players I have seen in real life :-


  35. Ces1ne

    Their flames might’ve not burned as bright for as long as some would like, but those Brazilians peaks were so damn high!!!! Ronaldinho was literally unplayable for Barca, watch some of the full matches against top opposition & he was actually toying with top players with skills that made your jaw drop. These are skills we see in highlight videos from players who do them occasionally but ‘Dinho had them as a natural part of his game while making them effective. I have no problem saying his best level was better than Messi, but Messi has maintain his highest level for a longer period.

  36. Mick Kartun

    Dinho got screwed by too many orgies, while messi been a good boy.

    i was playing in college football in the 90ish, once i had sex before the match, my knee was jerkin’ me. So slow as the snail mert.

  37. Phd007

    Right off to watch some vintage Ronaldinho(Barca matches),especially the ones against Real Madrid..

    Feel like taking a trip down memory lane.Bring some joy back into football..

    Unlike Arsewipe,who has been stinking the place out for almost a decade..

  38. Mick Kartun

    “Arsene Wenger believes China Super League spending will help “easily” create world’s first £100m player.”

    Does he mean his “world class” walcott and giroud?

  39. Ces1ne


    I’ll take Ronaldinhos shorter peak on the field along with the ALL fun he had off the field over Messis constant greatness every damn day

  40. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal have backed down over the ticker price increase, whilst trying to make out that it was the fans misunderstanding that had led to the outrage.

    Fan power people.

  41. Follow the money

    Zidane, Makelele, or Vieira, the real Ronaldo up front, Buffon in goal, and the other six take your pick. Zidane on his last legs carried that France 2006 team with the incompetent Domenech as manager to the final of the WC. And almost won it.

  42. Follow the money

    The fan price thing illustrates once again how out of touch Arsenal are regarding the fans. This has happened a few times now, you think they’d get a clue. But Noooooo they think all fans are wealthy foreigners in London who won’t care what they have to pay. A##holes

  43. MidwestGun

    According to Midwest it would be futile to demonstrate against change, well not if the board are ‘listening’ it’s not.
    Probably because. it is. A demonstration has to be organized, a majority and carried out in an effective. manner. Ten guys holding up a bed sheet that’s misspelled a block away from the stadium is not gonna work,
    Additionally , currently there is not a majority who are willing to demonstrate against a manager who consistently does well enough for them to not complain.

    So Red, you coming on Le Grove everyday and railing against fans and trolling commenters is basically doing fuck all. In short , instead of being a little Douche bag, why don’t you organize something.

  44. MidwestGun

    Of course , I know its pointless communicating with someone who thinks they are leading a crusade by trolling, but is too stupid to realize Cech is a better keeper then Ospina and Messi is one of the greatest players of his generation and Aguero is the best striker in the PL.

  45. ADKB

    I’ve only heard Dr Socrates mentioned a couple of times!

    That was a football player! Can never forget his goal against Italy in 1982, how he squeezed the ball past Zoff at the near post.

  46. SUGA3

    Surcharge for Barca game, they are having a fucking laugh, For what, watching this bunch of pussies and the chief bozo having their arses handed to the on a plate?

    Yep, epitome of ‘out of touch’, if you ever see one,,,

  47. khalid

    Wenger has taken it upon himself to brand all Arsenal fans as fools. That is why he talks silly things and gets away with them. Talks about big spending when all he thinks about is big selling. Buys cheap, give huge salaries to underperforming players and renews his contract periodically without considering the fans who pay his huge salary. As for great players, mine were Alexander, Marafona, Stoickchov Baggio (Roberto),Kempes, Garincha, Jazinho, Titans, Socrates, Ardilles (osvsldo), Keegan, Crooks (Garth), Ronaldo (both), Xavier, Iniests, Cruyff, Gullit, Rijkard, Mackmanaman, Barnes, Hoddle, Higuita, Valderamma, Aspirila etc. Forgive the sprling mistakes and long list

  48. Spanishdave

    This is the way in USA, it’s about the money, franchise, brand etc,
    The club ha s lost its way, it’s become a soulless,mediocre, run of the mill club with poor management, and an owner who will never understand what it is to be a gooner.
    Wenger knows but he is now just taking the money hoping that he will get lucky one more time.

  49. Dusty Kart

    Great post Spanishdave been saying that for years Wenger is taking the piss and he knows it, he’s as guilty as the rest of the parasites there?
    Says he loves the club? does he fuck its all about money for the French ponce can’t wait for the day the cunt leaves.
    AFC Forever.

  50. tunnygriffboy


    There’s no doubt Wenger loves the club. It’s irrefutable. Thing is he loves it in his own way and is so so stubborn about it. It’s incredibly frustrating for some, brings anger and vitriol from some while others still love him

    Whatever people think of him the club is in a good state financially and squad wise for whoever takes over. It is a plum job, in London with a great salary.

  51. Wallace

    “Amazing how so many of you guys havent named Michael Ballack in there , easily one of modern greats.”

    surely Lothar Matthaus has to go in ahead of Ballack?

    Franco Baresi’s the best defender I’ve seen, with an honourable mention to Des Walker. Original Ronaldo just pips van Basten up top. Usual suspects in attacking midfield, although I did love Robert Prosinecki and Jay Jay Okocha.

  52. leon

    I think its such a shame to see a team with so much recourses and you look at the amount revenue they generate every season if the manager had just the small amount of ambition would really be up there with the best teams in the world. In 10 years this team has not progressed they still have the same problems no world class cb dm or striker in 10 years yet the board are getting there champions league money every season. I was really hoping that finally that wenger would prove wrong after they won the fa cup and they bought petre chekk wenger was going show some ambition some hunger but no nothing changed and I have com eto conclusion that never will ever change with him and the best thing would happen if this team won nothing and finished out side the top 4

  53. tunnygriffboy


    So we win nothing and finish outside the top four ? Will that definitely see the end of Wenger ? I think not.

    What it will do is justify not spending money due to less funds, will discourage the players we really need to go up a level and see some of our best players leave to play in CL

    I think it would be a nightmare.

  54. qna

    Really hoping that Leicester win today. I know they will open up a massive lead, but I still fancy us trying to chase them down than City.

    Massive massive game.

    If I am honest, I give us next to no chance to win the league. So I would love it if Leicester could do it in our stead. It really opens up this league in the years to come. Every team in the EPL will start to believe that they can do actually do it – whereas right now, its just unthinkable.

  55. leon


    Wenger is a very proud man I think if we didnt win the fa cup the 1st time wenger would have been gone and I have no dought if this team ends up winning nothing he has any were to turn and has no excuses. Wenger is not intersted in the very best players out there he is only interested in saving the board money. I dont understand why you would say it would be nightmare its as if this team has a chance in hell of winning CL. You will see what I am talking about we go up against barc

  56. leon


    I have disagree with you about wenger its so clear that as years of gone by not only has tactical awearness completely gone and as for his tranfer dealings have you forgotten the luis suarez mess 45million and 1 pennie we had a chance to get one of the best strikers on the planet he comes with stupidness I mean every time I think about I get vex soafter flapping gums about getting best players out there he buys sonogo I mean seriously really.

  57. GuNZ

    I have communed with the gods through the medium of nearly a bottle of rum and they have informed me that we shall beat Bournemouth by two goals to zero. However, they also said and (I think it was Papa Legba, one of the Voodoo pantheon, who mentioned it) that it won’t matter a fuck because Wenger is a total cunt who likes dressing Giroud up as Marie Antoinette and asking him to ‘lick his gateaux chocolat’. They also told me that Wenger’s fixation with all things Chinese is because his cock is as thin as a chopstick.

  58. tunnygriffboy


    I’m not disagreeing with you about Wenger

    I’m not sure he’d resign if we dropped out of the top four. He may feel he owes the club, and himself the chance to get back in. The board won’t sack him

    We could be left with Wenger in charge, out of the top four, no CL money to buy the 2/3 top class players we need to kick on, unable to attract those players because we’re not in the CL and at the same time some of our top players could b.gger off to other CL clubs


    City Leicester draw today, we beat Bournemouth and Leicester next week and it’s a 3 way tie again.

  59. leon


    I get what your saying I really do but if wenger has refused address the major in this team in 10 years what makes you think all of a sudden he will change now.

  60. leon


    Another thing I think there would a huge up roar agaist him if this team finished in 5th and won nothing he would have no choice but to. But in reality I think they will finish top 4 and even when wenger does eventually I think they bring in yes man as the manager I dont see a light at end of the tunnel until things change at board level which I cant see happening any time soon

  61. qna

    Tunny. Nope. Not for me. I prefer to give Leicester the 8 point lead tonight. I dont actually think we will get more than a point tomorrow, but the hope is that by end of tomorrow we will be a point ahead of City and 5 points behind Leicester. If we win against them the following weekend we will be 2 points off the lead and at least a point ahead of City.

    I would take that scenario.

  62. tunnygriffboy


    Agree there is no guarantee that he would spend big but he’ll have to replace Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky in the summer

    Wenger may walk away but I’m not convinced he would

    Agree about the owner and the board


    That’s a fair enough scenario. Worse result for us is a City win (notice Navas got a hamstring. Matches and injuries appear to be building up for them). Bottom line is no matter what the result in that game because of our woeful form we have to win away from home against an in form side

  63. kwik fit

    replace Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky in the summer

    Belik Elnenny and Iwobi sorted

  64. qna

    Tunny. Yeah. As doom and gloom as things might seem. We are in a pretty exciting position. A mathematical possibility coming into February – I feel a nose bleed coming.

    Its just so frustrating that we have to do what is required by relying on Walcott and Welbeck. I know you rate both of them, but I have just completely lost my patience with Walcott and Arsenal for that matter after they signed him on this ridiculous new 140k/wk wage. What a waste. I am so fuming at it, I just cant see past it.

    But with Coquelin back to fitness and if he finds a bit of form then this defence will actually look quite different – we let in twice the number of goals per minutes played while he was out. We miss Santi ridiculously and your Welsh boy is not doing the job. But again, maybe with a proper defensive shield behind him we can see the best of him.

    Wack theo on the bench and give Campbell the chance he deserves and we are not as bad as we have been playing. We are no match for Barca of course. But when you look at who we have to actually play – City, Spurs and United – they are actually not that great teams. Its just that the bar has been lowered so much that they are better than we are.

    A NLD is always winnable (and lose-able). And as Liecester and plenty of other teams in the league this season – all teams are beatable.

    I have us finishing on less than 70 points and struggling for top 4. But that doesnt mean I wont be chewing my fingers off in hope for each of the 14 games we have left. And unlike this season – we do actually have a chance to win the league – as unbelievable as that may seem after the past month.