China is coming, BRACE | Wenger in ‘bemoaning player prices’ shocker

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Wenger kicks off today with a bit of a warning to those who foolishly expect clubs to reduce ticket prices.

“What will happen is the prices of the players will go up and you will need this supplement of money coming in to buy new players,” he said.

“I believe that the pressure on spending the money will become bigger and you cannot necessarily distribute the money to other people.”

He also went on to talk about the Chinese League spending big money on players and how that could dent the Premier League.

“China looks to have the financial power to move the whole league of Europe to China.”

But he added: “Will they [the CSL] sustain their desire to do it? Let’s remember, Japan started to do it a few years ago but slowed down.

“I don’t know how deep the desire in China is, but if there’s a very strong political desire, we should worry.”

China has been spunking big cash on big names. Jackson Martinez at £31m, Alex Teixera at £38m and Ramires at £25m. Pretty hardcore. They clearly want to build something. Does money talk to that level?

Would Messi move to China. Or is there a heritage thing here. China isn’t really a football nation. When was the last time you saw them in a World Cup? How many Chinese players are in our league? I mean, they’re so far behind the curve, I struggle to see the appeal of China for a kid growing up watching Barcelona and Milan.

Not to mention the massive cultural differences between Asia and Europe. The language for a start bares so little resemblance to ours, the place is FUCKING huge, so the travel would be a drain. Plus, it’s just not Europe.

Hey, I’m bias. China might be a fucking riot. I mean, it’s caked in culture. But for footballers? I have my doubts. I mean, we saw what the Leicester boys got up to in Asia, that passes by over here… but in China? Not sure that’d go down well!

Anyway, Wenger loves a bit of fear mongering. I love that he bitches about the price of players and says it’ll be a problem for fans because clubs need to spend the money. But then he doesn’t actually spend any money.

Maybe Arsenal should set up some sort of season ticket mechanism. If Wenger spends less than 25% of his transfer budget, fans get a 15% discount on their tickets. Rather than the £28 price increase they’ve levelled at the fans for next season.

A small amount really, why bother?

Anyway, my day if fucked. Happy Friday. x

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  1. izzo

    @ Marc
    Based in the States in the south from Georgia but live in Arkansas not that it means anything but I’ve been a supporter since the mid 90s in case you think i’m an outside fan LOL…

    @ Midwest- fair enough I get your point but are you not sure that its actually closer to 50% of fans who want him gone.

  2. Redtruth

    Leicester beat Man City comfortably looking accomplished in the process while we beat the same struggling Man City last season with a second best unconvincong performance.

  3. MidwestGun

    Bam –
    Ya.., perhaps, I guess it depends on if all players are healthy and in form. In theory Ramsey and Theo are perfect 4 -4-2 type players. Even Ox… but reality seems a different thing. To be honest it would be such a breath of fresh air to see Arsenal under a different philosophy, my guess is some written off players would emerge under different management.

  4. Marc


    No it’s not it’s effectively worth a point if we are level on points. Their better form is worth something but the goal difference doesn’t mean a toss unless we finish level on points.

  5. daz

    “There won’t be any St Totteringham day this year.
    The +11 GD they have on us is worth at least 3-6 points.
    The season keeps getting worse for us.”

    How can GD be worth up to 6 points?

  6. MidwestGun

    Izzo –
    Ya… I’m sure, just take a stroll around the internet to other sites and look at recent polls in that regard. Things can change obviously with results. But AW if one thing is true is consistent.

  7. Marc


    So at max you’ve only ever known a season or two without Wenger and 95 – 96 was pretty dreadful.

    What attracted you to Arsenal out of interest?

  8. reality check

    Those draws against Liverpool and Stoke are looking more and more pathetic every week.

    We should be points clear with Leicester, Man City and spurs under pressure to keep up with us.

  9. izzo

    Fans in England are scared of change otherwise Wenger wouldn’t still be here. Thats the scary truth. Rumours of Wenger getting another contract is proof. Can anyone believe he will be done after next season? LOL…

  10. izzo

    @ Marc I had a couple of Nigerian friends in elementary school(primary school) who got me interested in football. Arsenal supporters to the max! I saw Wrighty scoring for fun at that time and I was hooked.

  11. daz

    “Fans in England are scared of change otherwise Wenger wouldn’t still be here. Thats the scary truth. Rumours of Wenger getting another contract is proof. Can anyone believe he will be done after next season? LOL…”

    It’s nothing to do with fans in England, so many English fans are actually priced out of even going to the games now, the working class that grew up in the area can’t afford to go, yet plenty of rich business men who don’t actually care about the club turn up just because its a status symbol to be there and they aren’t going to protest shit

  12. Dissenter

    “How can GD be worth up to 6 points?”

    Because it’s almost impossible to make up given out attacking circumstances.
    We haven’t scored a goal in over 200 minutes.

    Isn’t the answer so obvious?

  13. Bamford10


    Perhaps you should cite specific comments you regard as “daft”. That way posters can defend their remarks. Or do you prefer being unspecific, so that you don’t actually have to make an argument?

  14. Relieable Sauce

    Alli took 3 minutes to get the assist.

    Havent seen a substitute have such an impact on a game since Arteta’s comeback.

  15. Follow the money

    Media ganging up on the bottler in charge that’s the only way he’ll leave. With today’s results you know he’s shi**ing his pants lol

  16. Bamford10


    I think only genuine disaster will drive him out. Finishing out of the top four this year might do it, but that seems unlikely.

  17. tunnygriffboy

    Guys. Wenger is trying desperately to win the league. No doubt about it. It’s on his terms however.

    City, manu, Chelsea trying to win it by spending money and building squads. Sticking up for Wenger in those circumstances isn’t he doing better than them this season ?

    On the one hand people are saying that by spending money and building squads is the way to go. In the same way they praise Leicester for being smart in the market and that you don’t need to spend money.

    Am I wrong or missing something ?

  18. Highbury4ever

    “With today’s results you know he’s shi**ing his pants”

    This quote means nothing, as we know he’s targeting the 4th place.

  19. Marc


    I was referring to the GD worth 3-6 points by Daz.


    That’s nothing to do with GD if we don’t score another goal all season we won’t finish behind the Spud’s on GD but points – thought that was pretty obvious.

    Also Daz cut the working class shit, a lot of youngsters are being priced out of going but the people I sit round all work for a living and save up hard for the season ticket. You could always go and sit with Jeremy Corbyn I’m sure he’d give you one through benefits and tax me so I can’t afford to go,

  20. izzo

    for those saying Spurs will win the league look no further than the fact that Leicester have only lost 2 games all season that they won’t. The might at least get 2nd. And to those who still have blind hope we”ll somehow win the league or even still come 4th good luck with that shit. I’m out see you all tommorow!

  21. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Guys. Wenger is trying desperately to win the league. No doubt about it. It’s on his terms however.’

    That is an oxymoron.

  22. daz


    We only need to finish 1 point ahead of them and the GD wouldn’t be worth anything so how could it be worth 6 points, its worth a point no more

  23. Dissenter

    Media gang up on Wenger?
    For what?

    Our collapse over the last four matches barely got a whimper from the media. It’s the norm to be honest.
    They only ones who write critical peices about Wenger do so because they want clicks from angry gooners.

    Fourth place is Wenger’s target. Kroenke is happy, Gazidis gets his bonus and everyone goes off for the summer to start th same again next year.

  24. Spanishdave

    Wenger isn’t desperate to win the league, if he was he would have plugged the gaps last summer and not be giving crocks new contracts.
    Stan doesn’t give a shit so there’s no pressure on him, just get 4th for champs league money.

  25. Marc


    We don’t need to make up 11 goals – if we won all of our remaining games 1 – nil chances are our goal difference would still be worse but we’d win the league.

  26. MidwestGun

    Protests will Resolve nothing’ site.
    Againl Red for the millionth time, it’s going to take a majority, organized, and thought out. A few Angry guys shouting with a handwritten banner or starting a protest blog site hasn’t worked,now, has it.
    Maybe you could start another useless Internet petition.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    If Wenger was ‘desperately’ trying to win the league, that would override his own principles and he would have spent big and been ruthless with his squad in the summer.

    Wenger is trying to win with his principles, that isn’t ‘desperation to win the league,’ that is ‘desperation to be proved right.’

    As I said in the summer, the most basic question to ask is, is Wenger, with the resources he has available to him giving Arsenal the best probabilistic chance of success?

    If the answer to this question is anything but a straight forward ‘yes,’ he’s failing.

    Not ‘yes he is…in his mind,’ that isn’t a yes.

  28. Marc

    The best and most effective protest to get rid of Wenger would be an empty stadium, unfortunately all of those who are calling for protests don’t ever attend matches.

  29. Bamford10


    You are both wrong and missing something.

    One, there are one of two things going on with Wenger: either he is delusional and believes this squad is good enough to win the title (it’s not); or he places more priority on certain things, e.g., frugality, loyalty, stability, than he does on winning the title.

    If the former, he may want to win the title more than anything in the world, but he will not do so because he is delusional and past-it. If the latter, then there are things that matter to him more than winning the title.

    For a variety of reasons, I believe it is the latter. (Though I do believe a fair amount of self-deception, self-delusion is involved on Wenger’s part).

    Two, Leicester are showing that one can contend for and perhaps win the title without spending massively if:
    (i) one scouts well and finds quality players on a modest budget
    (ii) one has superior tactics, work-rate and discipline

    Wenger does neither of the above and has shown himself incapable of doing either of the above.

    Can one contend for the title without massive spending? Apparently you can. But you need the things above, and Wenger hasn’t been able to provide the above.

    This disproves the AKB claim that he has only failed on account of a lack of money.

    At the same time, it never hurts to spend money on top quality players, even if one is also doing the above.

    Yet Wenger hasn’t done this either.

  30. daz


    Don’t talk shit get your posters right it was dissenter who made the GD comment, and as for the prices there are plenty of hard working people who can’t afford to get a season ticket or more to the point have bigger priorities, its really silly to make the assumption I was referring to myself, I don’t have a season ticket because I live up north and work almost every weekend not because I couldn’t afford one.

  31. Marc


    I think Wenger got a little of the zealot in him and refuses to see the world as it is. Major problem is that his view wasn’t that off course when he joined us but it’s becoming more and more divergent from the world we (football) live in.

  32. MidwestGun

    Red –
    Because you are trolling perhaps one of the few Arsenal sites where there is actually discussion about it and people with that sentiment, so what exactly are you accomplishing by that?
    Clue….. answer is nothing.

    Agreed it would take a major protest amongst season ticket holders.

  33. Cesc Appeal



    When he arrived he had to prove something, he was ambitious, saw deficiencies and remedied them.

    Now he’s aspiring to his own idea of football utopia…that is never going to happen. He idealises, he dithers, he’s changeable, stubborn.

    Time for the old people’s home without a doubt.

  34. reality check

    You can’t even prove objectively that Wenger is ‘desperately’ trying to win the league.

    Go on. Prove it. Using logic reason and even the process of elimination.

    Ill wait..

  35. Marc


    Apologies for the mix up on the GD post – if you ever make it down for a match I’ll buy you a beer.

    On the other point of you weren’t referring to yourself then talking about imaginary fans who would suddenly turn up and make a big difference to results or Wenger remaining in charge you are delusional. I’m on my 3rd season with a season ticket and was on the waiting list for 8 years. Most of the ST holders go back to Highbury.

  36. peanuts&monkeys

    rich business men who don’t actually care about the club turn up just because its a status symbol to be there and they aren’t going to protest shit

    Thats so right: purposely, with high ticket prices, Arsenal doesn’t allow the passionate working class, but the rich and flossy who cant ever imagine being a part of a protest. This is Wengermotherfucker’s exit route.

  37. Marc


    The old people’s home comment is closer to the truth than you may have meant. Old people are dithery, indecisive but stubborn that they are right and back in the day etc etc

  38. Dissenter

    Neurologist have finally diagnosed Dele Ali’s recurring bouts of dizziness.

    It’s from a fear of heights; spuds have never been this high in the table before.
    Expect more of these acrophobia related dizziness in the games to come.

  39. Cesc Appeal


    I think that is true to a certain extent, he’s resisting change, because his world is now gone, the world that exists now is one of impatience and money.

    His goals are totally out of sync with the normal fan, just look at his top for the last 20 years comment. Wenger regards being around the top as top.

    Plays to a different set of objectives compared to any other manager of a top flight team.

    What worse, is I can completely see a contract renewal.

  40. naijagunner

    And what exactly will this protest be about?

    That Arsenal haven’t fulfilled their God given right and won the league?

    That you want the manager Sacked?

    You want the owner to sell up his own property and leave?

    Please talk sense.

    The only reasonable protest is an empty stadium and even when that happens fans of about 17 clubs in the league will not make any sense of your protests nor sympathize with it.

    Arsenal fans will just be justifying their reputation as the most fickle fans in England

  41. Dissenter

    These Chinese clubs have run amok.
    Ighalo revealed that he turned down a £300,000 weekly deal to go play in China this transfer window.

    If they are offering a half season sensation that much then God knows how much they are paying players like Ramirez. They could be paying as much as 500k weekly.

    For that price, most players will play anywhere.
    Hope Ighalo doesn’t regret not going.

  42. peanuts&monkeys

    Someday Arsene the chief damager of Arsenal will admit he has a pathological allergy towards strikers. H shd admit he could not stand a player being the icon of Arsenal’s success; it has to be him. He knows a striker is a most likely candidate to rob him of this false-pride. This is the only reason RvP was sold and was never replaced.

    If Defoe could do it for Sunderland today, could he not do a few more with the wizard Ozil around. Charlie Austin, Hernandez, Suarez and even Higuiain…are all same stories.

  43. Marc


    Not so sure about the contract renewal. I think Gazidis was desperate for Wenger to spend and more or less forced him in the Ozil and Sanchez signings, the changes that seem to be going on behind the scenes also seem to have Gazidis finger prints on them. I think Gazidis has been working quietly to make changes that Wenger resists with a view of succession, Wenger is what 68 now? He can’t go on forever.

  44. Marc


    “Someday Arsene the chief damager of Arsenal will admit he has a pathological allergy towards strikers. H shd admit he could not stand a player being the icon of Arsenal’s success; it has to be him. He knows a striker is a most likely candidate to rob him of this false-pride. ”

    Er Henry, Bergkamp. You are a fucking moron.

  45. peanuts&monkeys

    @ naijagunnerFebruary 6, 2016 17:11:44

    No one comes witha right to succeed. But the fans do have a right to see their club COMPETE. The protest has to be against the club’s lack of ambition. the protest will help drill the discontent of the fans in the dickhead mngt’s head.

    The protest could bring in a Sheikh or even a Chinese abd buy the club and make it go for glore. Enough of failures. let us enjoy some glory before we die.

  46. peanuts&monkeys

    Marc. you are a fucking morton. The arsene dickhead you stilll adore, you imbecile AKB, is not the same man he was. He is crippled from his brain, you asshole.

    and moreover, DB10 waas not a player Arsene bought.

  47. Cesc Appeal


    I have no faith in Arsenal whatsoever, Kroenke is a silent owner, hasn’t a clue about ‘soccer,’ Gazidis is a money man.

    I’m really worried about our future, more angry I suppose, because you can see the great potential in this club, but we don’t have the men there to bring it to fruition.

  48. Marc


    Wow you amaze me. Why would a protest attract a Sheik or rich Chinese investor? It’s more likely to do the opposite, unless of course you mean making the club drop down the league and fight relegation battles for a few seasons and then someone buying Arsenal as a “sleeping giant”.

  49. peanuts&monkeys

    Fine, Marc. So, if your beloved chief damager is so fond of strikers, why did he stop buying any at 1998 (TH14). Did the world stop producing strikers after him????

    answer me here, you AKB asshole.

  50. Wallace

    Bielik training with the first team. haven’t seen that for a while.

    anyone seen this Reiss Nelson kid play? bit of a buzz developing…

  51. peanuts&monkeys

    “Wow you amaze me. Why would a protest attract a Sheik or rich Chinese investor?”

    Thats coz, takeovers are also pressure games. Investors look for opportunities for a hostile takeovers from distressed owners. Do you follow that MarcAKB????

  52. Marc


    It’s strange how we look at the same thing differently. I look at it as Kroenke being a silent owner lets the people at the club do their jobs. Gazidis being a money man means he wants to increase the clubs financial power through sponsorship deals etc, best way of doing this is success. Problem is the incumbent Wenger who Gazidis has to tip tow round.

  53. Marc


    Hostile takeover? How is Kroenke distressed? The club is about to receive a huge financial boost through the new TV deal. You make it sound as if Arsenal would suddenly go under or it’s value would plummet.

    Clutching at imaginary straws.

  54. Marc


    Henry left in 2007 so if Wenger was so scared of him why did he not get rid of him sooner. As for since then we bought Adebayor (had talent but a complete twat) had RVP who suddenly got fit when he decided he wanted to leave at the end of the season and then bought Giroud.

    You see if you had said we need better than Giroud I’d agree with you, I’d ask who you suggest because there is a huge shortage of top level strikers out there. Saying Wenger’s intimidated by strikers is moronic, he’s certainly seemed to have moved out the bigger personalities in the squad but again nothing to do with strikers.

    Answer that you fucking moron.

  55. tunnygriffboy


    I’m not saying his is the right way. Just the fact he wants to do it on his own termswith his own players most of which are mid level purchases or youngsters who have grown up around the club bar Alexis and Ozil

    The premise of this is not without its merits however he needs much more than Alexis and Ozil to do it. He messes up by not bringing enough top qualidee to add to the mix. He should have done it this summer

  56. Mysticleaves

    ” For me this is the perfect result guys.
    It might have taken the failure of
    others to do it but GAME ON.
    I gotta feel that we are in the hunt
    now. Can you see that City side
    winning all of their matches?
    We have to match Spurs wait and see
    if Leicester slip up. Can they hold us
    off with a 2 point lead?
    Our season can really open up with 6
    points in the next 2 weeks and if we
    go to OT full of confidence and get
    something there then you have to like
    our chances.”

    this! I wish all grovers can be like this. qna is pro Wenger but atleast he’s showing support for the team.


  57. MidwestGun

    Marc. you are a fucking morton. The arsene dickhead you stilll adore, you imbecile AKB, is not the same man he was. He is crippled from his brain, you asshole.
    Fixed it for you. Altho, is someone who is a morton really salty?

  58. Marc


    Not sure why.

    He seems to be very angry at everything. I suppose at least if he’s angry at Wenger he’s not doing something more dangerous.

  59. peanuts&monkeys

    Shortage of strikers better than Giroud??? Donkey is a donkey of a striker. Most unatheltic one at that i have ever see in PL ever.

    Adebayor had talent??? By your standards if Ade had talent, lets stop discussing football.
    You make me laugh..that you cant figure out who were the strikers Arsenal shd have gone for:
    Hernandez went to Germany beneath Arsenal’s nose. Higuiain wasn’t pricey at all. Why not Defoe? Why not Lacazzette? Why not Greizzmann?Charlie Austin? Can you deny everyone in this list is miles ahead of Giroud in striking quality???

  60. Marc


    Ade was a prick but he had talent otherwise why did Madrid take him on loan?

    Highly unlikely ManU would have sold to us, Defoe washed up, Austin really good grief, the other guy’s are not proven in the PL.

    You really don’t get it – I want a new striker, a top level one but so does ManU, Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool. If they were really WC Madrid would be in for them as well.

  61. MidwestGun

    Hahaha y’all are entertaining. Anyhow,who would have thought the pivotal match of the season might be freaking Bournemouth. A loss would make our Matchup with Leicester pretty much pointless. 8 points back.

    Marc –
    I’m sure Kwik is good for a licking or 2.

  62. Cesc Appeal


    I really, really hope you’re right.


    Again though, that isn’t desperation to win the league, that is desperation to prove everyone wrong and claim you were right.

    So in my view, he’s totally failed as a manager, its become about him completely. That is why I worry he will hang on until the very end.

  63. ADKB

    I don’t think anyone should be defending Arsene’s claim of no strikers of enough quality. We don’t need 5 top quality strikers. Even when one could have been bought a couple of seasons ago, he offered £40m+1. £50m would have made L’pool think twice.

    With Ozil feeding Suarez, firing blanks in 200mins or so won’t happen.

  64. Marc


    Have you read my comments to other posters about Wenger?

    I’ve no problem with other opinions, it’s what footballs about the banter etc but you are so angry about a team you’d never heard of before Wenger. I was Arsenal before Wenger and will be long after he’s gone. You’ll probably be dead from an aneurysm.

    Anyway I’m outer here – my house seems to be refusing to clean it’s self.

  65. Dissenter

    “Hahaha y’all are entertaining. Anyhow,who would have thought the pivotal match of the season might be freaking Bournemouth. A loss would make our Matchup with Leicester pretty much pointless. 8 points back”

    We’ll go on a run as soon as we are out of running for the league. That’s how we do it so that Wenger will grate us with his “mental strength” speeches.

  66. Dissenter

    All these players – Frazer Foster, Virgil and Wanyama were bought on the cheap (relatively) from Celtic. Wenger chose to dawdle and wait for “exceptional quality”

  67. MidwestGun

    Diss –
    Ya… so many ridiculous catch phrases over the years. Mental Strength, cohesion, like a new signing. At what point after endlessly repeating yourself does Wenger realize, nothing ever changes.

  68. MidwestGun

    Top top quality. Then he buys Elneny. Not knocking Elneny because I don’t know. But the contradiction in terms make you wonder what exactly top top quality, is in Wenger’s mind.

  69. Cesc Appeal

    Such an important game tomorrow, draw or a loss and Leicester will look at us next week and think they can easily turn us over.

    A draw and a loss, or worse and it really is all over.

  70. Cesc Appeal


    It’s because no one calls him on it, look over the last few weeks:

    ‘Prices go up for larger spends on players,’ Arsenal have spent hardly anything and boast cash reserves Apple would be proud of, no one said anything.

    ‘I had to sell Afobe because of RVP,’ despite their sales being 3 years apart, no one says anything.

    ‘I’ve always stressed the need for a WC GK,’ our GK situation has been calamitous over the last decade, no one says anything.

    Wenger gets to say and do whatever he wants and never gets called on it.

  71. MidwestGun

    I just truly want to know. Because there were 5 or 6 midfielders or more that changed teams over the summer who most reasonable people who know football would have considered top top quality but then we don’t get any of them prefering Arteta and Flamini and a crocked Rosicky and JW and then we finally get Elneny. So…I’m all for top quality but I just have no idea what Wenger is talking about.

  72. Cesc Appeal


    Wenger is full of shit, I think this is a truth that is slowly being accepted by a lot of people, what he says makes no sense, and he regular contradicts himself either in words or conduct.

    If you had said that to him, he would have given you a long, convoluted argument about it not being worth spending for a new CDM/CM because of those players you mentioned being ‘quality back ups’ and that Coq would be the starter anyway.

    Waste of money he would say…you know, whilst paying £80 000 a week to Arteta, £90 000 a week to Wilshere, £65 000 a week to Flamini and £75 000 a week to Rosicky.

    You could have sold all of them or released some, then bought Schniederlin, or Vidal, or Wanyama, or Krychowiak, whoever and probably broke even and saved massively on wages without actually losing any input from going from 4 players to 1.

  73. Cesc Appeal


    Wenger does what he wants, when he wants, says what he wants, as does the club, because its the same thing every single year, so they know the fan reaction will come, but that nothing will actually come of it…they don’t have to fear and neither does Wenger.

    That’s why I don’t buy this ‘Wenger is desperate to win the league,’ no he isn’t, I think he’d like to, but what is more important is achieving his definition of success his way, if in doing that we win the league, great, if not, no big deal.

    That is the attitude, and that is why we will not win the league with Wenger. He does not see it as the be-all and end-all.

    H’e just become so consumed by his own self importance, ego and delusions he’s beyond help.

  74. MidwestGun

    He doesn’t act like a desperate man, for sure. Acts like he is building for the future that never arrives, saving money and talking about things 2, 3 years down the road in regards to transfer inflation. I’m sure he doesn’t want to lose but that’s not the same as being desperate to win.

  75. Cesc Appeal


    Absolutely, he wants to win, but he wants to win in a way that vindicates his beliefs, that’s why I always chuckle to myself when I see pro-Wenger poster bashing the anti-Wenger’s by saying how pathetic it is that they say ‘I told you so,’ well, that is exactly what ‘your guy’ does annually. Or worse, he tries to, and fails.

    He keeps running at the wall, adamant that he can run through it, not wanting to use the door everyone else is two feet away, and the more people say ‘for f**k sake just use the door you stupid c**t,’ the harder and faster he runs at the wall, no amount of concussions, trips to hospitals, warnings of imminent death can sway him. He will run at that wall, adamant with each sprint that he can run through it without the door.

  76. Ustyno baba

    Read somewhere that Manutd are talking with Mourinho and Chelsea are going after Conte and someone just mention that we might see Wenger’s contract renewed….seriously we are coming to the end if the road and believe me even AKB will know that we are finished as a top flight team….Wenger can’t do it again

    Sad times,can’t even laugh cos its not funny at all

  77. Thank you and goodnight


    That running through walls post had me laughing. …..ha ha ha ha ha, because it’s absolutely spot on.

  78. tunnygriffboy

    First thing a new manager would do for us is buy a WC centre half to replace Per. He’d also buy a top class DM to work with Coquelin.

    After doing that he’d get enough out of our attacking players though he’d look to bring a top forward in as well

    That’s why Wenger p.sses me off tbh. It seems so simple. Even a DM in the summer would have improved our results I’m sure. Having that buffoon waving his arms like a bloody windmill has cost us dear

    Pity none of us saw it in the summer.

  79. tunnygriffboy

    Judging by the photos from training today and the bibs looks like Gabriel starting tomorrow and Coquelin at a hunch

    Anyone think we need a couple of nasty basta.ds in our team to protect our footballers ? I do.

  80. Wallace


    “Judging by the photos from training today and the bibs looks like Gabriel starting tomorrow and Coquelin at a hunch”

    in the past i’ve tried to predict the team based on the bibs. worked once, but it’s not a reliable guide. and would be pretty dumb of Wenger to let the photographer give the side away. didn’t see Flamini today, which was nice.

  81. Wallace

    Saints win despite Wanyama being sent off early in the 2nd half. his third dismissal this season, and after watching him the other night I reckon he’s probably walked the line a few other times as well. not saying it’s entirely a bad thing, you expect a fair few bookings for your main enforcer. Coquelin thus far has been very good in this regard.

  82. tunnygriffboy


    Flamini probably took off after waving his arms about too much. Know what you saying about Wanyama and I’m not saying he’s the answer but I’d like a couple of hard noses and leaders brought into the team although they need to be footballers as well.

  83. tunnygriffboy


    Wouldn’t it be great if we had a player like Xhaka (sp) in the squad so against the big teams we could play both him and Coquelin in midfield and allow our front four to fly at the opposition. They could also cover our fullbacks when they overlap

    Been thinking about this after watching Drinkwater and Kante for Leicester today. Both are better than our Flamini. In all honesty I think every club in the PL has a better DM than him, often two.

  84. Wallace


    I’d definitely like more agression in our play. we don’t get bullied so much anymore, but I miss the days when Vieira & Petit used to intimidate and then outplay the opposition. I think when Vieira early on was getting sent off quite a lot someone at board level told Wenger he had to sort out the discipline issues. we’ve been pussies ever since.

  85. Wallace

    once Gabriel’s established in the first eleven I think we’ll be a lot tougher. I like Mertesacker & Koscielny, but they’re both pretty nice for CBs. you want at least one of them to be pretty unpleasant to play against.