Arsenal drop points on Groundhog Day. No joke.

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Micro disappointments. I said it a few weeks and warned that if they kept piling up, we’d have a MASSIVE disappointment.

Sure enough, Arsenal dropped the ball again last night at home to Southampton.

The keeper having a great game is another tepid excuse that masks the reality. We’re flunking and it’s for reasons that have been brewing since the summer when we signed one player.

We didn’t win the league last year. I don’t think anyone thought we’d win it last year. We finished third position. We were 12 points behind. A keeper wasn’t going to solve that on his own.

We didn’t have a world-class striker in our ranks. We didn’t address a back up for Coquelin. We didn’t invest in additional quality in areas we needed it.

Wenger thought a £17m expenditure over two windows was enough to conquer Europe and the domestic league. If he didn’t think that he should be fired. That he did think that, you need to seriously question him because now we’re likely paying the price for the same ineptitude we’ve seen for years.

Arsene Wenger brought in a defensive midfielder to cover Coquelin 4 months too late and instead of signing someone who could just slip right in and do a job. What was the point in Elneny if he can’t displace the disaster centre that is Flamini in the middle of the park?

A great player for the future? Get away from me with that. Where’s the great player for now who can push us onto the league?

We can all salute Giroud, but this is a 29 year old who has never been more than just a good back up striker for an elite club. Then you have Theo Walcott, another player who has been made a marquee contract signing twice despite only showing the necessary goods in the odd spat between major injury.

Our squad doesn’t feel balanced with quality. We have players like Arteta who can barely run. We dish out mega contracts to hopeful crocks (Wilshere) and actual crocks (Rosicky). We’re a team that bats above our average for a few months, but we don’t have the power of individual skill, nor the stamina and mentality you need to truly succeed.

We’re not out of the race. We’re still very much in it. But I think most of my match reports this year have said that.

‘It’s ok because…’

Shouldn’t I be writing about the home run? Shouldn’t we be saying, ‘jeez, this team looks mean this year.’ Shouldn’t we be having a different conversation for once?

Arsene Wenger has no excuse for this. He’s had all the money. He’s had 5 years to build this squad. But he still doesn’t get it, does he?

The most worrying thing about this season isn’t the players, it’s the Arsene can’t fire them up. Because I don’t know about you, but I think there are other managers that could do a better job with the players we have.

Yesterday was actually Groundhog day in the US. The story goes that the Arsenal supporting rodent comes out of his hole and if he sees his shadow, he goes back in his hole for another 6 weeks and summer starts late. He saw the shadow yesterday and he knows what’s coming. Back in that hole, because the thought of the annual collapse is too disappointing.

I’m with the groundhog. Someone get me a hole.

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  1. WengerEagle


    Very true but a comparable situation would be Sterling at City.

    He’s on crazy money for a 21 year old in experience terms. Even at Liverpool was he not on well over £100,000 a week?

    If you’re good enough you’ll earn a bucket-load regardless of your age and what you’ve previously done in the game, let’s be honest.

    When Bayern signed Gotze from Dortmund at 21 he was arguably the best young player in Europe.

  2. Cesc Appeal

    See this is what happens, one pro-Wenger poster can get everyone going into a massive debate over 1-2 players wages at another club, another club that has its wages for the most part under control (at least in comparison to our socialist crap) and is winning things at the top level.

    Deflect, deflect, deflect.

  3. Carts


    that’s a fair point, and it’s widely accepted that once that figure started creeping due to sell on fees etc City were given a clear lane to do their thing. He’s on close to £200k pw now and that is madness. But my point to Ughel was that if we were to look for a comparable mistake to our exuberant wages then Gotze, imo, is the only one I can think of. Where as we have a track record of overpaying player who no one even wants lol

    However, I’m almost certain that Sterling rejected the £100k pw offer purely cos he didn’t want to play for Liverpool/under Rodgers anymore.

    Carragher or Rodgers even come out and revealed what he’d been offered? Literally tried to bully the shit out of Sterling. Deplorable behaviour, to say the least.

  4. Chika

    LoL I’m surprised to see a number of posters claiming Pep wouldn’t work with Kroenke. I thought you moaners claim Wenger is Arsenal’s PROBLEM.

    Really, how difficult is it for you guys to understand?! Kroenke owns Arsenal, he sets the target. The only reason Wenger is still here is because he’s meeting Kroenke’s target. Moan all you want. Kroenke is the virus!

  5. Cesc Appeal


    Whilst that has a degree of truth to it, the problem is Wenger still isn’t getting the most out of this team or giving us the best chance of winning the league.

    Yeah Kroenke is rubbish, but he pretty much lets the manager get on with it, £42 Million for Ozil, £32 Million for Sanchez, £18 Million for Welbeck, £16 Million on a rookie like Chambers just examples, when Wenger wants money he gets it, we have an enormous wage bill of £192 Million per year, Kroenke says nothing, Wenger gets to give contracts to who he likes.

    All that said, do you think there isn’t another manager out there who could do better? Do more? Tactically on the field, in terms of back room set up, in terms of squad composition and in terms of utilising the generous finances available?

    Wenger makes these exact same mistakes annually, and whilst I agree the board should then do something, the whole composition of the club is tailored around Wenger’s safe, unambitious, uninspired hands.

    A younger, more modern, more ambitious manager would do better at Arsenal.

  6. Champagne charlie


    Think you’re going a bit overboard to suggest Giroud needs to fuck off and that he’s not good enough. He absolutely is good enough, just not to be the leading striker which is what WENGER has set him up to be since RVP left. That’s not the big mans fault, he’s a quality #2 striker whatever way you cut it. Its Wenger that needs going as its him who’s been the person to limit us by overstating several players ability just to create a false narrative.

    Giroud isn’t a top ST to lead the line
    Theo/Campbell isn’t a starter
    Ramsey isn’t a starter
    Jack isn’t a starter
    Coquelin isn’t a starter
    Per isn’t a starter

    That’s a lot of players who really should be squad players of varied importance and ability. Instead we get peddled the idea all are fundamental players – with which there’s MANY fans who lap it up and spew such thoughts re: all.

    I said in the summer we should buy Higuain, swap Theo for Sterling, and buy Vidal. I got refuted by so many people who said Higuain wasn’t good enough, Sterling isn’t better than Theo, and Vidal isn’t as defensively solid as Coquelin.

    The mentality and perception at this club at management level, and even fan level, is palpably delusional.

  7. WengerEagle


    Yeah agree, if you were to pick a bone with Bayern’s wage list it would be Gotze’s given he’s one of their best paid players and he’s not playing at the level Robben and Ribery were when they were both fit and playing matches.

    Haha yeah off the top of my head, we paid Chamakh £60,000 a week, Bendtner £52,000 a week, Park £50,000 a week, etc. Insane to think we wasted so much money on dross and that it took us so long to flog them.

    Carragher was a complete disgrace in how he handled the Sterling situation. As you say he essentially was bullying Sterling into signing a new deal given no regard to the ambition and personal desire of a 20 year old kid.

    Football is such an uncertain career journey, you’re on top of the world one minute and an ACL or broken leg later it could all be over. Look at Torres, Strootman and Falcao for how quickly your career can take a sharp 180.

    He didn’t want to end up like Carragher and end his career with no BPL, haha. Fair fucks to the lad, he possessed the balls to make the move happen and do you think that he gives a flying one that he is now (rather bizarrely) booed in every BPL ground he travels too earning £150,000 a week or whatever it is, playing with some of the world’s best players week in week out in Aguero, Silva, Toure and De Bruyne and challenging for the league title?

    Carragher’s spoof was something along the lines of he should develop at Liverpool, he was carrying their attack ffs, it’s not like he had Suarez and Sturridge to play off of.

    He was signed by Liverpool as a 16 year old from QPR, Carra was carrying on as if he was Liverpool born and bred.

  8. Leedsgunner

    Just in case someone is feeling positive about Barcelona — that same team that destroyed Valencia is coming for us:

    From the BBC

    Barcelona’s ninth win in a row took the team’s unbeaten streak in all competitions to 27 games.

    Barca have not lost since a 2-1 defeat at Sevilla in October in La Liga.

    They have more than 100 goals this season.

    Am I saying it is impossible for us to win the first leg? No, not impossible — but in the form they are in right now realistic and reasonable fans have to concede that it is highly unlikely.

    We’ve long observed the pattern haven’t we?

    Completely get blown up in the first leg…

    In the second leg heroically come up short… hailed by Wenger for their bravery despite LOSING.

    Here’s what twists my tits. This pattern replays itself over and over again. Why aren’t we learning? Why aren’t we preparing better?

    The truth is if we take our European campaign as a whole so far, we have been poor. We should have completely dominated this group and qualified with games to spare but Wenger prepared badly… again.

    Sure Olivier’s hat trick against Olympiakos was heroic and well deserved but the truth is, with the quality we supposedly have on our books our Champion’s League survival shouldn’t have gone to the last game, must win situation.

    We’re just here to make up the numbers in this competition. We don’t have the requisite quality all through the team to win it.

  9. Leedsgunner

    “I don’t believe for one minute Wenger doesn’t want to win the league. He’s desperate to do itThing is he wants to do it his way with his squad. He is happy with this squad. Let him get on with it.”


    I love your optimism but this is what the Board allows him to do. In your words, they allow him to get on with it… but he f*** it up.

    Why is there no accountability when Wenger’s doesn’t deliver?

    Anyone have an answer?

  10. VP


    ‘’Haha holy shit, this is an incredibly sad, pathetic and naive post. Actively wanting Arsenal to lose for the clubs sake is beyond low as a Gooner’’

    Well its either that or wait for the penny to drop for fans like yourself.

  11. Chika

    Whilst that has a degree of truth to it, the problem is Wenger still isn’t getting the most out of this team or giving us the best chance of winning the league.

    I totally agree with you that Wenger has glaring lapses but the ultimate question is, what is the consequence? His boss should take action just like a every other would/should do.

  12. azed

    “Arsenal had to compete with Liverpool in the league for Sanchez, chelsea with totenham for Willian, hazard with Man utd and city. Sterling with city and utd. This is just competition within the Epl alone, i don’t know of the clubs outside of it.”

    Is that why we paid Almunia, Denilson, Nicky B and all those kids insane wages?

    Is that why we renewed the contract of a player we don’t even know his best position, a player who if everyone was fit would make the 1st 11?

    Truth is Bayern don’t f**k around and can’t be held to ransom by any player. They also let the players know it an honour for them (players) to wear the Bayern jersey hence no need to buy players loyalty.

    Wenger on the hand tries to buy players loyalty, hence the reason why Theo, Ox and Jack are on wages they don’t deserve. It has nothing to do with competition in the EPL.

  13. Carts


    I’m not Gotze’s massive fan, but I can recognise a good player from an overpaid average one. He’s had a torrid with injuries and if I’m not mistaken he’s still getting a greasy rub down from Dr Heinz Vaselinegroinrubber (tongue twister, that). Robben and Ribery have pedigree and have shown that game after games but it looks like the mileage is catching up with them, sadly.

    We had Denilson on money that no team in Brazil could afford to pay. He had to leave on a free cos it was that hard to get him off the books. Bendtner was on more than every single Spurs player bar Defoe. He was basic.

    But yeah Carragher was acting like Toxteth gang messenger. Sterling owed them fuck all and they received £50m to fritter away lol

  14. Carts

    “Sterling struggles under Guardiola IMO. Not the most technical, is he? Would’ve flourished and developed well under Klopp had he stayed at Pool.”

    If you see how Kingsley Coman was played by Pep then you’ll realise that Coman has an almost identical style of play to Sterling. I think Sterling is exactly who Pep would like as a wide player.

  15. OleGunner


    “Well its either that or wait for the penny to drop for fans like yourself.”

    Nice editing leaving out the remainder of my post where I say wanting us to lose combined with us losing won’t get Wenger out.

    He is the alpha and the omega at Arsenal whether we win the league or finish outside the top 10. FWIW I want Wenger gone as much as the next Gunners fan because the old man clearly isn’t up to it in the modern game for any sustainable period.

    But why root for us to lose the last 4 years?
    Stuff like that wont change anything and just brews an extra sense of hatred in yourself.

    To be fair if that’s how you support the team more power to you, but I find it pathetic.

  16. Follow the money

    Simeone and Atletico’s director of football could do way better than Wenger without spending crazy money

  17. Leedsgunner

    “Wenger on the hand tries to buy players loyalty, hence the reason why Theo, Ox and Jack are on wages they don’t deserve. It has nothing to do with competition in the EPL.”

    100%.. indeed the presence of these players and the manager’s loyalty to them is what is preventing us from competing in the EPL.

    It only works one way too. As long as they are injured and delivering average performances and they need the club, these same players are happy to take the wages and hobble. Whenever their performances are questioned — they fall back on excuses.

    Wilshere is especially prone to this. Whenever his record is questioned, he always points to how young he is or how he has much to learn still.

    Funny, he didn’t bring these factors into play when AFC offered him a new contract…

    Annoying if they become good, do these players repay the club with the same loyalty? Do the remember the club that stood by them and developed them and made them in the players they have become?

    As fast as the can say RvP they say, “See ya… wouldn’t want to be here…”

    As soon as the club needs them, they are nowhere to be seen.

    By giving these silly contracts to buy loyalty, Wenger shows himself to be incredibly naive.

  18. alexanderhenry


    The wenger in/out debate misses the point. The real problem at arsenal is its ownership. If you are unconvinced of just how bad an owner stan kroenke is, have a look at his record and check on how well his other teams are doing.
    Forget wenger, I believe arsenal fc will never fulfil its potential unless we get a new owner. This rather crushing fact is something we as fans can do nothing about. If fans make enough fuss they can influence chairmen and BOD members where managers are concerned, but ousting an owner is a different proposition. We are stuck with kroenke I’m afraid. The only thing that might persuade him sell up is if the team started doing really badly and fans stopped renewing their season tickets.

  19. underrated Coq

    Silent Stan is a cancer to AFC, no doubt BUT I find it hard to blame on him what increasingly looks to be another failed attempt at winning the PL.

    I mean, its difficult to imagine Kroenke saying- ” Arsene, I demand you to keep the transfer money outlay less than 10 million ” or ” Arsene, I insist you give a place in your squad to Mathieu, Mikel and Tomas, they are my homies “. Nope, all of these decisions are clearly Wenger’s own, consequential ones at that.

    Its not as if our squad needed major surgeries to win this poorest of PL seasons. Wenger though, being the emotionally stunted fool that he is, decided once again for the umpteenth time to do the bare minimum and the rest let it in the hands of luck/ fate/happenstance etc. Then there are his ridiculous philosophies, ideals not at all suited for the modern world to navigate. Seriously, he’s in the wrong profession in his old age.

  20. Carts


    “If say Bayern were to sign Dybala off of Juventus in the summer, you can bet that he would be at least tripling his wages from what he’s earning at Juventus.”

    What’s he on now, £50k pw?

  21. alexanderhenry


    ” Arsene, I demand you to keep the transfer money outlay less than 10 million ‘…that’s exactly what he said, or words to that effect.

  22. VP

    ‘’To be fair if that’s how you support the team more power to you, but I find it pathetic.’’

    No what’s pathetic is the fans that accept that Wenger’s going nowhere and handover their hard earned cash in the process and then moan about how they’re being knocked, about this time every season.

    I’m resigned to the fact that this club will not win anything this year and many a year to come with or without Wenger. It’s not going to be one big shock to myself when this materialises. I suggest that you direct your empathy to the mugs referred to above, and perhaps more importantly for yourself , gather your strengths for this inevitable realisation when it eventually manifests.

  23. Alex Cutter

    “” Arsene, I demand you to keep the transfer money outlay less than 10 million ‘…that’s exactly what he said, or words to that effect.”

    Bullshit. Source?

  24. VP

    Even from a business perspective we are not performing to our potential.
    All we are is one subsidiary of many that belong to a group. Kroenke does not view Arsenal as an independent entity. We are there to serve the portfolio (risk diversification) and group (tax and brand -particularly intangibles). We are safely positioned as the cash cow, where he has no reason to invite risk and change things. So while we may be performing well in respect to the portfolio, we are significantly underachieving as a single entity

  25. Alex Cutter

    “Add to the fact that, for example a ten game losing streak wouldn’t oust Wenger”

    I love how AKBs love throwing around the word “fact”, as if their whole mindset wasn’t based on faith.

  26. underrated Coq

    “We’ve had a strong season and we’re in a position this year where we can really go for it,” Jack Wilshere told Arsenal Player.

    “In the past we’ve struggled around Christmas and before we’ve given ourselves no chance really, but this year we’re [close to the top] with important players coming back. Hopefully they can help us.

    “We’ve added a world-class goalkeeper and he’s been massive for us with his experience. Apart from that, the team’s the same and I think a big part of [us challenging] is because we’ve been together for a few years and the younger British players have started to mature a bit and that’s really helped.”

    Do you reckon Jack was on some heavy fag when he gave this interview?

  27. Sam

    Elneny is ready to play
    It’s just that Wenger cannot pick him ahead of his favourites
    Not starting Coq was the right decision though
    Hopefully soon Coq n Elneny will start ahead of talentless Flamini n Ramsey.
    Rosicky still in our first team it’s a farce

  28. Sam

    We are 5points behind Leicester with 14 games left we can still win it but need motivation.
    Our weak shots made Southampton keeper man of the match. Ozil n Theo are the guilty ones. Giroud headers were weak too, Bellerin crosses were awful.

  29. Chika

    Underrated Coq
    Nope, all of these decisions are clearly Wenger’s own, consequential ones at that.

    Fine! Only we fans see Wenger’s perceived failures, Kroenke doesn’t see it that way, therein lies the issue.

    If you repeatedly failed at your job even after been well equipped with all the necessary tools, what do you think would be your fate?

  30. alexanderhenry

    Alex cutter

    What’s the alternative scenario?

    Kroenke : ‘Here Arsene spend what you like. we’ve got £200 million in the bank’

    Wenger: ‘Mais non Stanley. I would rather not spend it because I disapprove of spending. I’d rather try and win the league with lesser players’.

    Which is more plausible?

  31. Cesc Appeal

    F**k, are there still people peddling the ‘Kroenke doesn’t give Wenger any money’ tripe?

    What happened with Ozil then, Sanchez, a £64 Million net spend in the summer of 2014, huge contracts for players like Walcott, extensions for people like Arteta and Rosicky on £80 000 and £75 000 a week with minimal contribution.

    Hmmmm. For a man who is a penny pincher stifling Wenger, he doesn’t half let a lot of financial waste occur.

    Literally, some people will make themselves look like total tits if it deflects blame from Wenger.

  32. Joe


    I’m sick of listening to your crap. Do you not get tired of spouting off to defend the indefensible Wenger.

    I could give a fuck what Bayern pay for players or thier salaries.

    1) they are winning the league. Competing right to the end in the CL every year. Their supporters are happy.

    2) we have 200m in the bank. Wenger bought no one. No one. We are over paying more than half the squad most of which is wasted on hype and expectation.

    3) you lot, meaning the Wenger defenders, say we can’t afford the transfer price or wages.


    Our cunt manager makes 8,5 m a year and as o said before we waste so many money on crao players.

    Arteta flam. Ox. Walcott. Jack. Wellbeck. Chambers. Gibbs

    How much money was wasted on Diabys? Chamack. Park????

    The list goes on and on.

    Good for Bayern for paying what they do.

    At least they get results.

  33. Joe

    Kronke has nothing to do with wengers failure.

    Give pep. Jose. Fergie. Ancelotti. Poncho. Simone wengers resources and they would a million times better than Wenger has in the last 11

    Fuck look what ranieri is doing on 1:4 of the budget.

    Wenger is useless end of. Can’t build a squad. Wastes money. Useless tactically.

    Blaming kronke is another defence mechanism like saying we can’t afford to pay transfer fees and salaries

    When will the delusion end??

  34. GoonerSam

    I fully agree with all your comments and wish to add my criticism not just of Wenger, but of the Arsenal Board and tge Club’s senior Executives. Wenger is ok when it comes to deciding the decor in the changing rooms and toilets – in fact one would salute his creativity – but his ineptitude as a football Manager is second to none. He lacks any degree of creativity and innovation or flare as a tactician. And this is reflected in the Team and the way they play on the pitch. He will not purchase a top; world class striker or defender because neither he nor the Board actually wish to win any major trophies. Wenger is a cheap, bargain basement fourth rate head coach. He inherited a terrific team who knew how to play top flight football. His woeful and several weakness as a head coach didn’t get found out until Sir Ferguson retired. Until then he got away with it. Wenger is well past his sell by date and it’s only a the Club’s Board that’s keeping him on. More fool them and the majority of the fans. Arsenal are a shoddy, unenterprising, unimaginative footballing squad. If top players such as Ronaldo or Messi came to Arsenal they would regress under Wenger and would be fortunate to end their careers playing for a licsl pub team.

  35. no1powerdaddy

    Only the goons could HATE their most successful manager OF ALL TIME.
    Priceless behaviour from worthless fans.
    Here’s to hoping arsenal do a ‘chelsea’ next season, (without being current champions, obviously).