BIG NIGHT FOR ARSENAL: 5 Things that must happen

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Ok, so this is a quick one as I have many exciting things happening today, namely, hanging out with someone English later.

Can’t wait to shoot this shit about the weather, flaccid tea and how they say my name over here.

RIGHT. Things we need to see today.

A REACTION: Yeah, that’s right, we need to see a first team reaction to the loss at Chelsea. Sure, we feel hard done by, but that’s life. The team need to find their balls, have a serious word with them and make this evening work for them. We took an absolute spanking last time after beating City. Hopefully we get some click going today and we can show them that we are kings.

SANCHEZ: Ok Alexis, you’ve been back for two games. Today, I want to see you unleash fury. You’ve got energy in your legs, you’ve a goal under your belt. Go out and destroy Southampton and lead this team. We’re heading into the business end of the season, our most fearsome warrior needs to be at his most aggressive and dogged. Big game for YOU.

OZIL: I kind of feel he’s still shaking that ‘luxury player’ tag. He drifts in and out of games. He’s always deadly. But what we need from him is a bit of that leadership grit we’ve seen in spits and spats. He’s our best player, perhaps the best player in the country at the moment. It’ll count for nothing if he doesn’t win something. He’s 27 years old now, time to show you’ve got that fight gear in the locker.

THE BRITISH CORE: Come on boys, where you at? Namely, Theo and Chamberlain. Those two need to pull themselves out of their middle class malaise.

‘Oh, things aren’t going right for me and I’m not functioning right. Feel sorry for me, please fetch my blanket.’

NO. These two have a lot of talent. But they also have a talent for going missing and playing in an insular way. We need these two to find some form. We’ll not have Jack or Rosicky back for the run in, so we need some of our flops to step up and show they’re worth the money.

FANS: Come on fans. Come on. I know some games are boring, but the team needs you on their side tonight. Big noise. Leave work at 0530 on the dot. Get tanked up before you get in. GET ROWDY. They need you out there!

RIGHT. That’s me done. HAVE FUN. I actually might not even get to watch it. But know this, I’m checking my tweets under the desk during my meeting.



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  1. Paulinho

    “Ten minutes into the game, Captain Wenger notices smoke coming from the rear of the team, and he thinks about investigating, before deciding to sit back down and fiddle with his instruments instead………”

  2. Honest Bill

    Even if ElNeny is bang average that would still put him above Flamini in the eyes of any reasonable manager

    As for Theo. He simply isn’t good enough be it on the wing or at CF. After 10 years you would think any reasonable manager would have taken him aside and said ‘Listen son, you are no good at dribbling so stop trying to take people on’

    All Arsenal players seem to lack this ability of critical self-evaluation. Perhaps it’s because Wenger spends so long telling them how great they are.

    Skill is irrelevant as long as you just believe.

  3. Carts

    Re: Elneny

    One minute I’m reading he’s lightweight and got weights’d; then I read he looks like Ramsey with crisper passing;

    Can someone just summarise his performance for me cos I still ain’t see shit.

  4. Honest Bill


    Haha. Well hopefully it won’t be long before we’re watching these kind of Arsenal performances on the History channel.

    “And right here, in the Yukatan peninsula, we have found evidence of the asteroid that made Wenger’s footballing ideas extinct”

  5. Bamford10


    Physically and athletically, Elneny is a bit underwhelming. Not all that quick, not all that physical, not much of a presence in the air or in the tackle. At moment at least.

    On the ball, he is fairly tidy, sprays the ball around well, plays quickly, sees the field fairly well. But he doesn’t have game-changing talent or ability, at least not at the moment.

    If you played him where we currently play Ramsey, you’d get more reliable distribution and possession, but you’d lose a bit of athleticism and attacking flair.

    I think he is fairly solid, but I was hoping for more athleticism.

  6. Honest Bill

    I reckon it’s more sensible to give a player at least a handful off games before proclaiming what he is or what he isn’t.

  7. DUIFG

    lets face it we bought elneny for 5 million, at best we peobably have a tody player who in 2 yeards you could sell for 20-25 mil, its hugely unlikely a guy like that was going to kick us on levels, he was bought as back up . not to improve the core first xi

  8. Honest Bill

    Theo>Bergkamp confirmed SHOCKING revelation!!!!
    (Please visit my legitimate website for more Arsenal news and stats)

  9. Red&White4life

    “There is a long way to go and there is always a twist in the tale,” Cech said…

    Petr, you are a great goalkeeper, but you’re not a magician lol

  10. WengerEagle

    Speaking of Yaya, has he managed to start a match in Holland?

    Still get into hysterical fits of laughter to this day remembering him staggering around like a blinded antelope up front against the European champions in Peps Bayern Munich.

  11. Carts


    Appreciate that and I can envisage what you wrote. I suppose when you pay £5m for a player from Switzerland it’ll be a culture shock when he play English football.

    I’m not ruling him out obviously, as it’s only one game in. But if for one moment Wenger think that type of signing will get us closer to the title then he’s just compounding what the notion is – he’s dilluded.

    Probably better of leaving Elneny in Switzerland or loaning him out to Germany or Championship.

  12. Honest Bill

    And the only species to proliferate were those who were tall enough to feed on the leaves of tall trees like the one we see here that paelentologists have dubbed the Sanogosaurus.

    And those who could forage for scraps like the Theodon.

  13. gambon

    Whoscored says Theo completed 2 passes out of 3 attempted passes in 36 minutes.

    Shocking stuff.

    In fact he is 262 out of 278 PL players that have made more than 13 appearances, in terms of passes per game.

    He is a shocking footballer, that only ever had one quality.

    That quality has now disappeared, and we are stuck paying him £140k per week.

    Ive been saying for years that Arsene Wenger WITH money is a useless manager, and hes doing a lot to prove that point.

  14. Carts


    I thought the Chinese were shrewd especially what you see what they’re doing across all sector, over the entire world.

    From banking, agriculture to entertainment and e-commerce. But who ever plucked that figure out of the air for Martinez needs to be banished to N.Korea. Wild money for the lad.

  15. Honest Bill


    Is it racist that i immediately assume that cocaine distribution must have something to do with the deal?

  16. Carts

    “Speaking to talkSPORT, XXXXXXX said: ‘I am not expecting any marquee signings at Arsenal. There is a lot of talk about it, but I don’t know if I would trust Arsene Wenger with that money.

    ‘Over the last few years some of the players that he has said were going to be world class haven’t ended up like that – people like Philippe Senderos, Denilson, Marouane Chamakh, Armand Traore, Sebastien Squillaci, Nicklas Bendtner, Carlos Vela, Emmanuel Eboue, Park Chu-young, Lukasz Fabianski, Gervinho and Andre Santos.

    ‘Over the last two seasons they have spent some money on Olivier Giroud, Lukas Podolski, Mikel Arteta, Nacho Monreal, Per Mertesacker and Andre Santos. They haven’t been top-class players”

    Can you guess who said that?

  17. underrated Coq

    The more I think about it, the more I am beginning to realize that Wenger used the so called fiscal financial period to his biggest advantage. A full reign to all footballing matters along with little or no pressure to deliver success. 10 years of ready-made excuse for any failure on the pitch thus allowing him to maintain status among the great managers. All so perfect. I mean, I can’t think of many managers who would get recognition of this sort after winning only 3 domestic titles in 20 years and 0 European titles after 19 attempts.

  18. Moray

    Red, it’s not really fair to have a go at Cech. He’s really the least of our problems. As it is, he lost his edge a while back, but he is still a vast improvement on our previous options. Plus he had the opportunity to play under proper managers and so hopefully has brought into the team at least some professionalism that was lacking. Players like Theo have only every really known Wenger and the Crèche, so it is small wonder he has little discipline or self-motivation.

  19. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 10

    You call me disingenuous, because I refer to the loss of Coquelin and Cazorla
    and their influence on team.

    Well let us look at facts. Last season Coquelin and Cazorla were introduced as CMF combination after 2-0 defeat against Southampton.

    In the remaining 18 EPL fixtures we lost 2 against Spurs [2-1] and Swansea [1-0]
    and our goals difference in those games was F37-A11. Had we replicated that form in first half of season we would have been challenging Chelsea.

    Then again you along with far too many other posters keep on criticising Giroud. Yes on occasions he can be infuriating as he was in FA Cup Tie against
    Burnley and I agree he is not the quickest striker on the planet.

    However, he is not half as bad as some posters suggest. Last season he still
    managed scoring 25 goals despite missing a large chunk of the season.

    This season he has scored 18 goals [12 EPL 5CL 1FAC] in 34 games. That is 1
    goal in less than 2 games played and includes those games where he came on
    as sub for Walcott who shared the strike position early in season.

    The real problem there is that in absence of Sanchez we are overdependent on
    Giroud to play and score goals. There is absolutely noone else who we can rely
    to score double digit goals.

    People forget that when Henry scored 30 goals we had also players like Ljungberg, Bergkamp, Wiltord, Kanu and Pires capable of scoring double digit goals.

    That makes a huge difference to a striker and the goalscoring options in the team.

  20. Moray

    Because he’s a cheaper option than buying a proper young gk with promise. Plus Wender hasn’t got the balls for it.

    Cech isn’t a bad option, especially compared to what we have had for a decade.

    The problems lie elsewhere, red.

  21. Moray

    Stroller, it’s not good enough to point to missing players. Every year we have missing players, so do the other clubs. One of the reasons top managers are paid so much is to build a squad and a team mentality that means you are not reliant on one or two key players (and to muddle through when you have them out).

    Also you talk about form and what if we had replicated it over the full season. Again, every year we have a good half season. Never a full one. We pay Wenger to give us a full season and he never does.

    Have a look at the patterns over the last twenty years and you will see it is more than bad luck, refereeing decisions, injuries etc. We are not set up for a full season and, though one of the richest teams in the world, have les ambition that spuds.

  22. Up 4 grabs now

    Red we get it. Cech is your long lost father from when your mum went on that hen party to the cech republic all those years ago.
    You have daddy issues, get over it.
    “Alumina could be in goal and I doubt we would have less points”

    you crack me up!

  23. Leedsgunner

    Wenger is quick to call people in his squad WORLD CLASS after a good performance (eg. Giroud after his hat trick).

    However it occurs to me WORLD CLASS players are the ones that perform when the title is completely against you. The ones who stick their heads above the trenches and lead the charge over the top to change the momentum of the game.

    Who is like that in our squad?

  24. Dissenter

    “Only disaster of some kind will change things. Chance we finish outside the top four this season?”

    I say YES
    This is the season we finish outside the top four.
    I’ve been saying that we’ll struggle when the crocks start to return because this is not the time for experimentation. It’s the time you play your most productive players.
    Wenger is going to feel pressured to play Welbeck, Wilshere [your favorite] and Carzola to give them opportunities to kae their national team’s Euro squads which is going to affect team play even further because these players are all rusty.

    There are far too many difficult games now with Leicester, City, United, Westham, Spurs, Sunderland away [fighting relegation], Everton, Crystal Palace and even Bournemouth.
    We are going to drop points every other week at a time when the competitors are beginning to find their better performances.

    I really don’t see areas of improvement this season because the entire squad is lacks balance and real quality.
    I predict 6 wins, 6 draws and four losses which wont be enough to get the fourth place.
    United are going to kick on and get fourth place.

    Hopefully the unraveling of Wenger will start then.

  25. Emiratesstroller


    I am not disagreeing with anyone who blames Wenger for what is happening.
    I have said consistently that he is well past his sell by date.

    However, the real point is that our 1st X1 if fully fit is not as bad as some people
    suggest. We have currently probably 8 players good enough to play in title winning team at present time.

    Most of the other teams challenging for title don’t have more.

  26. Dissenter

    Before you defend Ospina, tou might want to teach him how to kick the bloody ball.

    Ospina [and Sczezny] have the worst kicking ability I’ve ever seen. They can’t kick the ball past the halfway line. It may be due to the coaching at Arsenal.

  27. Leedsgunner


    Will Wenger be gone if we finish out of top 4?

    I doubt it.

    This spineless Board will close ranks around Wenger and give him a new contract as a reward for his failure. They will state that they have faith in Wenger and that we deserve to give him the chance to make it right. So much for accountability…

  28. Emiratesstroller


    Actually titles are won in EPL by teams with solid defence. You win key matches with goalscorers as Aguero demonstrated yesterday in Man City’s win against Sunderland.

    I have seen over many years teams scoring a hatful of goals but with a defence
    which leaked like a sieve. A prime example was Liverpool two seasons ago.

  29. salparadisenyc

    Theo is a very limited player, nothing we haven’t known for years, for that matter as is Giroud.

    The venom needs to be pointed at Wenger whose spent £17m in two transfers windows and seems somewhat baffled why on our field performances haven’t elevated.

    Buy’s Elneny and has Coq back to fitness but still starts Flamini.

    Ops out of signing another CF option and sanctions Walcott new deal of £140k per week yet doesn’t have the confidence to start him at home whilst fully fit in a game that demands another option to Giroud.

    Shameful stuff.

  30. Carts

    I can’t see us finishing outside the top 4, we are 4th spot specialists.

    However, if we fail top achieve top 4, with the players we have (will expect AKB’s blaming our failure on not having access to Wilshere and Welbeck and Sanchez, Coq and Cazolrla’s injury) then Wenger must be served his papers. Can’t see any way keeping Wenger on board could be justified.

  31. Leedsgunner

    The only way Arsenal will change its culture from a business led club to a footballing led club is if Kronke goes..

    Wenger is a symptom of the malaise at Arsenal. Due to his tremendous influence he might masqurade as the cause but he is still the symptom.

    It would not surprise me in the least if Wenger was consulted when the Board was deciding who to side with when the controlling share was up for grabs either. Kronke and Wenger are made for each other… in that Kronke will never put pressure on Wenger to deliver trophies as long as the club is in the black. Kronke doesn’t give two hoots about success — all his other teams are model examples of mid table idiocy.

  32. qna

    Gambon. Great post to Radio. Options 1 and 2. The thing most of us know that if we had a different manager and a normal owner we could make a real go of Option 1.

    It really is frustrating seeing us squandering our opportunities with so many of these dud players. Also, instead of fixing problems when we identify these duds we double down and give them massive new contracts.

    Pound for pound (£ for £) the worst run football club on the planet.

  33. Whitty

    They won’t care even if we come 7th. The new TV money will be there next season so its like treble the CL money so it’s all good

    Plus I guess were spend fuck all in the summer as wenger seems to get a hard on over that

  34. underrated Coq

    The biggest indictment of Wenger’s Arsenal comes in the form of oppsition fans starting to feel sorry for us.

    You’d think with a sure fire loser like Wenger managing one of their rivals, they’ll revel in it and support him getting another contract extension. But nope, they’ve seen the same for so many years that the feeling of satisfaction from seeing us struggle has turned to pity.

    This comment on the Guardian from a Chelsea fan sums it up

    ‘ Wenger brings consistency. Arsenal are always thereabouts and while never truly in the title shake-up there are plenty of clubs who would give their eye-teeth to be top half of the table every season, let alone top four. That said, Arsenal will never win another title under Wenger for the simple reason that his project is more interesting to him than its outcome – indeed I would go so far as to say that if by some miracle Arsenal won the league he would feel compelled to retire on the basis that his project was complete and he wouldn’t have time for another.

    Just as policemen need criminals to justify their existence, so Wenger needs to keep trying to create a title winning team on a completely artificial budget. His way is to tinker, adjust, fine tune and tweak because he is essentially an aesthetic character who would regard spunking £150m on three players to win the title as vulgar and a negation of his belief that he can mould a team to his will and his vision. In his mind’s eye, he wins every game.

    Wenger’s principles are admirable in some respects but in others he is a fool who has been indulged for far too long by a board that places a return on their investment above the delivery of trophies.’

  35. qna

    Carts: I can’t see us finishing outside the top 4, we are 4th spot specialists.

    We will finish on 67 or 68 points. That may be enough to fail at our own specialty.

  36. Emiratesstroller


    Actually you are talking garbage.

    In season 2013/14 Liverpool finished second scoring 101 goals but what cost them the League Title was the goals conceded which was 50.

    Last season Chelsea won league with one of the lowest goalscoring tallies since EPL was formed, but they won title because they conceded the fewest
    last season.

  37. Leedsgunner

    Irony of ironies

    Wenger apparently squared up to referee Lee Mason and said to him, “It’s always the same with you.”

    …and yet we watch another mid season collapse from Arsenal… as they tumble from the top to 4th.

    No Arsene, it’s always the same with you!!!


  38. Dissenter

    I don’t think Wenger’s ego will allow him to stay if he drops out of the top four because he knows the road back will be difficult. He would most likely had walked had we not won the FA cup in 2014.

    On the other the amateurs and football-novices on the board will be more desperate to keep their only hope i.e Wenger who makes them all look respectable despite his failings.

    I do think the tide of fan opinion will turn against Wenger to the point of contemptuous ridicule if we drop out and are deemed by most to be below spuds.

    I actually think Spuds have inched past us in terms of risk taking, long term planning and actual football management. I know I’ll get slated for this but it’s just an opinion.

  39. Dissenter

    “Theo is a very limited player, nothing we haven’t known for years, for that matter as is Giroud.”

    Agreed 100%
    …but if I had to choose one of the two pay my mortgage for one month to avoid losing my home to bankruptcy then my money will be on Giroud.

    Odds are that I will probably be living in grand central station in a matter or months but Giroud can still score routine striker’s goal that are gifted to him while Theo can’t score to save his life.

  40. Leedsgunner


    I don’t know about you but if Tottenham finish the season ahead of us — that in itself should be a sacking offence… no ifs and or buts… and I’m not talking about Wenger going upstairs to the Board either… especially if the win the league (Chapman forbid!) 🙁

    We need a clear break from him.

    Otherwise, the new manager will never be free from being second guessed. You know Arsene wouldn’t be able to contain himself with pearls of sage wisdom if results started going badly for the new manager… and how he would do things differently.

    No doubt it would begin with, “If I was in his position I would have signed….”

  41. Emiratesstroller


    If you want to go back in history you should perhaps look at the two titles won
    under George Graham when we used to sing 1-0 to the Arsenal.

    In 1990-1 season we scored 74 goals and conceded just 18. That season most
    of the goals [50] were scored in home games.

  42. Redtruth


    Chelsea conceded 32 goals last season which is terrible and just shows how poor the Premier league is that they can go on and win it.
    They also scored a respectible 73 goals so you are talking bollocks.

  43. Leedsgunner

    “Giroud can still score routine striker’s goal that are gifted to him while Theo can’t score to save his life…”

    especially if Theo had time and space to think about it… and this from a 26/27 year old player on £140k a week!!!

  44. TheBayingMob

    We could run Wenger out of the club tomorrow; unfortunately it’s the spineless cunts on the board that are 66% of the problem; the only thing we could hope for is that a new manager exposes the corporate c0,ck suckers for what they really are. Wenger’s is in bed with them to the tune of 8.5m a year; he won’t shit where he eats which is why he will likely be offered and will sign a new contract; they will all want to keep the cash cow running for as long as possible. There are still enough Wallace’s out there to keep pinging money into their pockets while lapping up all the bullshit like gullible cunts.

  45. Moray

    Stroller, the issue is that we always start the season with insufficient strength in depth. Hence we pick up tonnes of injuries. as well as that we seem to have no plan b on the pitch or off it. Half of our team are injury prone at the best of times.

  46. Dissenter

    In a sense, one can argue that Wenger is really the cash cow of Kroenke’s approach. He is the sole plan the board have.
    They know know other way.
    If they did then Wenger would have been challenged when he’s giving crocked geriatrics one-year extensions and not investing properly in the squad.

    I think we have the same problem United had at the end of SAF’s tenure- chronic under-investment. Ours is compounded by exceedingly high wages which makes it worse.

  47. salparadisenyc


    Like I said last night its the lesser of two evils. For me we/ Sanchez and Ozil seem to perform better with Walcotts ineptitude up front to Giroud lumbering about. And I like Giroud subbing in, far better than Walcott coming in as sub.

    Wengers chosen these players to battle for the title, incredible with our resource. If I came off harsh last night, apologies.

    Were sitting at the same station stop annually. The predictability of it all kills me about as much as watching Walcott in the #14.

  48. WengerEagle

    Hahaha Honest Bill, the amount of Coke that must have been shipped in conjunction with Jackson Martinez would have Mr. Escobar’s head spinning.

    Jackson Martinez was just a decoy in all of this.

  49. Carts


    We have 14 games left with a maximum of 42 point to play for while sitting on 45 points = 87 points max at this rate

    We’ve got difficult trips coming up too. My prediction look like so:

    (A) Bournemouth – draw
    (H) Leicester – draw
    (A) Utd – draw
    (H) Swansea – win
    (A) Spurs – draw
    (H) West Brom – win
    (A) Everton – win
    (H) Watford – win
    (A) West Ham – lose
    (H) Crystal Palace – win
    (A)Sunderland – win
    (H) Norwich – win
    (A) City – lose
    (H)Villa – win

    I think we’ll finish on 73 points.

  50. Dissenter

    Don’t you ever use the photograph of a roaring lion to introduce your post.

    Kindly Photoshop a squeaky mouse’s face superimposed on Wenger’s head.

  51. Dissenter

    I agree with your match predictions except for
    Everton away, we lose 3-1
    United away, we lose
    Sunderland away, we draw

    Our losses to city, West ham and Spuds away will be heavy demoralizing losses.

  52. qna

    Carts. If you can pull that off you will be a multi-millionaire. For me its more simple. Losses at City, United and Spurs. An average of 2 points per game for each of the other 11 games. Gives us 67. Looking through our recent records we have dipped to 67 once and 68 twice in under Wenger. In life some numbers appear to repeat. 3rd, 4th for example.

    I can see 67 or 68 this season. It fits.

  53. Emiratesstroller


    I suggest that you go and check most recent seasons in EPL

    For example take a look at season 2004-5 when Chelsea won title and we finished second.

    Chelsea Goals For 72 Goals Against 15
    Arsenal Goals For 87 Goals Against 29

    Chelsea won title and we finished second.

    I am not suggesting that goals are not important, but teams in England who win titles are more often than not those with the best defence.

  54. gambon


    While I agree that the club at Board Level is very poor, im not so sure that Wenger is merely a symptom of the problem.

    Yes, its a huge problem that our board are all 70 somethings with no footballing knowledge.

    However its hard to come to the conclusion that Wenger is being denied funds.

    If the board were holding back i find it hard to believe that we would have a £193m wage bill (almost certainly higher now), I dont see how we would have bought Ozil or Sanchez, and I definitely dont see how we wouldve spunked £32m on Chambers and Welbeck.

    Since stan effectively took over the club he has taken £6m out, which im not happy about, but we are talking about £6m during a period where we bought in about £1.2bn.

    I think Wenger is 100% the problem.

    He has complete control, he has absolute power. he even attends the board meetings, and he has a significant budget. Lord Harris even said a few months back that we could afford any player that isnt Messi or Ronaldo.

    However the fact is Wenger just isnt good enough.

    Yes there should be a football director on the board that challenges Wenger, but is that really the reason we went into the season with Arteta and Flamini? This is obvious stuff that 10 year old fans understand.

    Ive said it before, and i still believe that it will one day be a known fact that Wenger had some kind of illness in his final years.

    Compared to the 46 year old that took over, he literally doesnt know what he’s doing.

    He makes bizarre decisions, he looks like a nervous wreck, all the strange outbursts, the weird reactionary opinions that make it seem like he doesnt know what hes talking about.

  55. Dissenter

    I just learned that our wage bill is 4X that of Leicester’s

    Holy cow.
    I hope they win the bloody thing to shut up the usual excuses of the Wengerists.

  56. azed

    “So the next time you hear a whiner complaining about Wenger and his purported stubbornness, stinginess, lack of this or that……………..just remind them and yourself who most young players dream of playing for”

    Snippet from a post from the kool aid team at untold.

  57. WengerEagle


    Solid predictions there, disagree with Everton, I’d be amazed if we beat them at Goodison, I see it being a draw or a narrow defeat.

    Think we will probably beat Bournemouth too.

    75ish points is what we’re looking at yet again though IMO.

    Which will be at least 5 points short.

  58. Relieable Sauce

    Even a lot of AKBs know Wenger is shot but are still happy to let him see out his contract. AKBs that are no longer deluded, or in denial, but have graduated to ignorant and apathetic.

    We’re getting there….
    …s l o w l y

  59. gambon


    Sorry, youre wrong there (not a surprise)

    The team with the best attack is a better indicator of potential champions than the team with the best defence.

    Having the best attack AND defence pretty much guarantees the PL.

    Having the best attack is more important than having the best defence.

    It seems you can score your way to the PL if you have the quality.

    Arsenal havent had the best attack in the PL since the days of Henry, hence why we dont win it.

  60. Danny

    i still believe that it will one day be a known fact that Wenger had some kind of illness in his final years.

  61. Mick Kartun

    I think 5th place this season will at least shake a little bit to shock the wenger tolerance people (akbs plus the neutral).

    It might not be enough to sack wenger, but will increase the chance to him to be quitting by his own will after the inevitable great booing from his own those fans i mentioned above. Maybe he will sign the extension during that time, but as I said, next season will be even harder to get 4th trophy, so another 5th next season, definetely he will be forced to quit by his own turn riot followers.

  62. Carts

    Dissenter, QNA & Eagle

    Seriously, after Merson’s eloquent rant on Saturday, my view on Everton has changed somewhat. Martinez, is actually having a bubble. And cos of that, I actually think we’ll beat them, but I can see why some consider this unlikely. That’s all I’m saying.

    I think the logic of 2 points per game fits well; can’t argue with

    I can easily see us losing to Bournemouth and beating Spurs, that’s how unpredictable we are. Bournemouth have a lot of pace too.

    I suppose the general consensus is 67-75 – that’s not title material either way

  63. tunnygriffboy

    Do people here really think we’ll ever consistently challenge for the CL? We may get lucky the odd year and have a good run but we will never be in with the elite in Europe. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be doing better than the last 16 though

    We are 4th largest club in the PL. Stands to reason we won’t be favourites for the league. That’s not to say we shouldn’t now challenge seriously for it every season. We may get to win it now and again. This season being a case in point.

    Groundhog day with the bloody injuries and not planning for said injuries has f.cked us this season. We need 2 or 3 players of Ozil/Alexis quality to be regularly winning the title.

    Gambon (dear god I’m agreeing with him 🙂 ) got it spot on. We have good players who would make up a very good squad if we had 2/3 top players extra brought in.

  64. tunnygriffboy


    You will always get the odd anomaly and Leicester is that. It shows you can win the PL with not the biggest budget. However over a long period it’s the teams with the most money tend to end up on top of the league. Once in a blue moon that may change but it’s seriously rare. If it was happening regularly I’d agree with you.

  65. kc

    No motivation from the manager to win equals no real effort from the players. This is a classic case of the employees slacking off because the employers don’t care.

  66. Carts


    Tbh, that article simply buttresses what we’ve been drumming on about for ages. But yes, it holds water and highlighted many issue we have with Wenger. Absolutely nothing will change and nor do I think Kroenke cares – which is a biggest problem

  67. tunnygriffboy

    Bournemouth (a)
    Leicester (h)
    Man u (a)
    Swansea (h)
    spurs (a)

    We within 3 points of the lead after those games we’re still in with a shout. Reckon we’ll have to win 4 of them . . . . . gulp ! ! ! ! !

  68. Dissenter

    Did you see Oxlade’s cavalier attitude in that article?
    He was doing the shuffle when it was warm-up time before a game. It just goes to show that Wenger runs the club in a pressure free way.

  69. salparadisenyc


    I had to let it go, the writing was on the wall after Chelsea, its now tattooed.
    Were not good enough, that simple.

    Wenger’s created a cup team mentality capable of a one off 90 min win that can skate through at the mercy of the draw.

    No more.

  70. Leedsgunner


    If Wenger went tomorrow do you think our club would be any better if Stan was still the controlling majority shareholder?

    I’m not sure.

    THere might be the initial shock and spend, but after awhile, the new person would be expected to conform to the bottom line if he wanted to stay employed.

    If you look at all of Stan’s teams they all have a common theme… they are all middling profitable teams looking in whilst their rivals win the biggest trophies.

    In my eyes Stan and the Board is the source of the problem. I’m not saying Wenger is blameless by any means but he wouldn’t have the power at AFC if the Board didn’t kow tow to him.

    Is Tom Fox gone from Aston Villa? Not surprised. He wasn’t very effective as our marketing man so it’s not a revelation he couldn’t make the step up.

  71. Mick Kartun

    Just found out the reason Why are Chinese clubs suddenly paying so much?

    “President Xi has made it one of his personal goals to help China both qualify for the World Cup and also to host the tournament, while he declared last year; “My greatest hope for Chinese football is that Chinese teams can become one of best in the world.”

    This is a real ambition, contrary to our club huh?

    Wish this chinese president will make an offer that stan can’t refuse to buy arsenal.

  72. Carts


    lol – i’m all for players expressing themselves. It’s like office life, I can stand the thought of people being scared to fart cos the big cheese manager might say something. I really like watching Ciy’s tunnel cam. Balotelli was gold.

    But Ox, right now, can’t even get near JC. That outlandish wannabe Take Me Out presenter needs to wind his fucking neck in before his hair line travels further down his grid and joins his moustache

  73. tunnygriffboy


    Are we ever going to be good enough ? It’s sometimes amuses me that the mansger and 80% of the team are not good enough yet there is outrage that we’re chucking the title away.

    We need 2/3 top level players to be serious contenders regularly. We were left short again in the summer.

  74. Mick Kartun

    and gervinho just arrive there at china, i missed that news.

    still laugh that arsene’s bollocks signing,

    remember gervinho’s wannabe ala c. ronaldo’s dribbling?

    still LMAO.

  75. Carts

    I wonder how many of the black player plying their trade in China will head over to Guangzhou “Chocolate City” City for the homely feeling??

  76. gambon


    Its hard to say really.

    To win the PL, we would have to go out and buy some very good players. Maybe 3 more Alexis level players. One in defence, one in Midfield and one up front.

    So you are maybe looking at £70-£130m spend and a wage bill that matches our rivals at c£200m.

    We can afford both of these.

    The next thing would need to be better management.

    Our current team, plus them 3 players, would still fall short under the current regime, because Wenger is 10 years out of date.

    Wenger makes so many basic mistakes, I really do mean so fucking many really really simple mistakes.

    Now i honestly dont think our current board would object to spending £100m+ – the problem is Wenger doesnt want to, so he doesnt even ask.

    Even when he did splash out last summer, becuase I think he was being pressurised to by Gazidis, he went and spent the money terribly, buying shit like Chambers and Welbeck and Debuchy.

    Now in terms of the management style, I dont see what vested interest our board have in getting so many things wrong.

    If Potchettino came in and said “Im going to teach these players to press, make them work harder, and improve their finishing” im pretty sure the board wouldnt say “Oh no youre not, we dont like your sort around here”.

    Wenger likes the world to believe he is a one off, and no-one else could do what he does.

    Its bollocks, he finished 4th with the 4th biggest budget, sometimes third. That is nothing special.

    Look at Ranieri and Pochettino, that is what exceeding expectations is about.

    I do agree that our board arent proactive, and have alomst no football knowledge, but Wenger has the money and facilities to win the PL, he just doesnt use them.

  77. Mick Kartun

    Been having a threesome with 2 lovely chinese girls after pub nights 2 years ago.

    Man, that was awesome.

    Oops, i hope my wife will never once across read le grove someday, she knows my secondary e mail is mick kartun.

  78. Micheal

    I think posters are missing the point big time if they believe that Kroenke gives a flying fart at the club’s performance. The only performance that matters is the financial one and AFC in business terms is doing very well indeed.

    Of course, it could do better. But Kroenke is probably weighing up whether the extra “investment” in a better squad would make a significant improvement to the overall finances. Some, yes. But significant ? I doubt it.

    And always keep in mind that Kroenke is not an Arsenal supporter. Success on the field is irrelevant. Full stadium every week, TV riches pouring in, sponsorship, shirt sales in China, etc, etc. What’s not to like ?

    So Kroenke is probably content and sleeping easy at night as we drift gently into 4th place. Only when we fail to qualify for Champions League, TV revenues drop and the fans stop turning up will he notice.

    4th is the new 1st.

  79. qna

    Dissenter/Wright. An absolutelty brilliant article by Samuel Mensah- fall on his sword. Really well written and spot on.

    Some absolutely brilliant stuff in there. A must read for all fans I think.

  80. salparadisenyc


    The outrage from me is pretty obvious. The fact had Wenger done just that, added 3 players this summer we’d likely be top of the table within this league. Next years another ball of wax.

    But Wenger’s constant struggle with doing that for whatever reason will always hinder the club. His vision of our talent and certain players ability seems far from aligned with the reality.

    All equating to one thing, its time to hang it up. He’s no longer fit for service to win the league.

  81. Relieable Sauce

    Its ok Wenger can sign all the players we need this summer.. just as soon as the Euro’s have finished and we’ve won the UCL qualifier.

  82. Mick Kartun

    This is a good one taken from other blog, especially from Pep’s haters.

    Some guy in the Mail, reckons that Guardiola showed a lack of ambition not coming to Arsenal…


    Far from a lack of ambition, I think it shows that he’s got his head screwed on…

    Why would Guardiola put his reputation on the line working for an owner like Kroenke.

  83. Dissenter

    The singular name that encapsulates Wenger’s failure in his second decade is Yaya Sanogo.
    He’s so bad Ayax sent him back and actually stopped him from training with their 23 man squad.

    This is the player that Wenger turned to after the silly 4,000,001 bid for Suarez.
    This is the striker he started a key CL game against Bayern.
    This is is the player he deemed potentially worthy of a 50 million evaluation.
    This is the damn player he sold off the likes of Afobe for.

    I hope Afobe turns the screw on us this weekend and actually celebrates.

  84. Emiratesstroller


    It does not follow always the pattern you and RT suggest.

    1. Arsenal were top goalscorers in league for 4 seasons between 2001-2005.
    Yet we won the league only once.
    2. We won the league title in 1997-8. This was first title won by Wenger after
    he inherited the George Graham defence .Man Utd scored far more goals.
    3. Chelsea have won the league title three times, but have been only once
    top goal scorers and on that occasion they scored the same number as
    Man Utd.

    I will redefine what I said and that is unless you win as Man Utd have done the
    League by a ‘country mile’ you need to have a solid defence to win title.

    Liverpool lost the league title two seasons ago because despite scoring 101
    goals which is one of the largest numbers scored in EPL they conceded in same season 51. The team were prolific but also vulnerable to losing matches.

  85. jwl

    It is going to be delightful here at le grove when feckless Arsenal don’t score against Bournemouth and then Afobe scores winner in last minute.