TRANSFER DEADLINE DAY: One out | one back in

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Well hello there cruel world!

Why cruel? Well, it’s transfer deadline day which is not exactly a happy day for Arsenal fans.

No doubt we’ll do nothing because of all the good news around players coming back into contention.

Bad news it that Tomas Rosicky broke down again. So he’s been out all season, back for a moment, then out for the rest. Not great. I feel for him, because no one picks up injuries on purpose… but at the same time, our manager really should have assessed whether it was worth keeping an injury prone 34 year old on the books at mega money, especially as we all know it was against his will.

The more scary news was that Jack Wilshere is rumoured to have had ANOTHER set back.


I mean, if true. What can you say? I can’t lambast him for not being very good at maintaining fitness. I can’t lambast the management for giving him a new deal, because he’s only young and potentially a bit special.

It’s just a frustrating situation for everyone. I tell you what though, I’ll be mad if he fucks off to the Euro’s. He really should concentrate on being fit for next season. Not rushing to be part of the annual disappointment over in France.

On the vibe of disappointing news. City have announced that Pep Guardiola is heading over to them on a 3 year deal. That really is incredible. City, with all that sexy infrastructure, with a Pep at the helm.

Daaaaang gurl, that’s fine.

Here’s the thing. They have a manager in charge at the moment who has won them the league in living memory. He’s in all four competitions (and properly in them, not like, ‘Arsenal are still in the Champions League’ in). And the board are like, see ya Pellegrini… we are about the future.

So basically, all the best managers have GONE. We’re still sitting there mulling over giving Wenger another 5 year deal, intent on having man in his seventies still calling the shots.

There aren’t many managers that you think, jeez, we passed up a good’un there. But, Pep is one of them. I don’t think we need a mega name to replace Arsene, but if there was one that I’d have gone for, it would have been him. He plays our way, he has fire in his belly and he pretty much guarantees dominance.

Who is there now?

Right, as it’s deadline day, worth mentioning that Wenger made a joke about not refusing Messi if he were offered.

Don’t kid yourself Arsene, you’d put that £150m fee into your value spreadsheet and determine there was no sell on value.

We’re going to shift on Debuchy to Bordeaux for the rest of the season. Again, I think this is a mistake because Calnaldo or whatever he calls himself these days still looks very green.

On the inbound, there’s really nothing. No one seems to be making waves, I guess clubs with good European players probably fancy waiting until the Euros before flogging potential gems.

OH NO, SORRY. Gnabry is back. Wenger wants him to be like Coq and make a name for himself with us. He has the potential, explosive directness, some skills… but does he have the attitude? If you can’t make it at WBA, how are you gonna do at a club that boasts the class of Joel Campbell? Lot of hard work ahead for the young German.

On the good news front for Arsenal. We have a fit Coquelin and Elneny, who look like they’d be pretty adept at pinning the midfield in big games. We have a full compliment of strikers coming back into contention, that’s good news for numbers, but I’m not sure they have the quality we need.

Still, a fit squad heading into the home run. If they can’t do it, then the manager knows he’s probably got a little bit too much average in his ranks.

Then we’ll get to the summer, praying for big names, Wenger will shit his pants about inflation of the Euro’s, then we’ll end up with no one.


Enjoy watching everyone else opening presents, I’m going back to bed.

P.S. Fun watching Gary Neville do so badly over in Spain. But here’s the thing, he hardly inherited an incredible setup. This is the madness of football, he’s having a bad run, could get sacked in the next week, but he’s never really had a good go at implementing his ideas.

Still, saying that football management wasn’t your long term career path 2 weeks in was possibly a bit dim. Going to a country where you don’t speak the language wasn’t smart either. I mean, he didn’t set himself up for success there, did he?

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  1. Dissenter

    I’ve seen Giroud actually provide assists for Ozil, so far Ozil, has scored one of them.
    How many assist (real assists not ricochet) has Theo provided for anyone. Theo’s link up play is weak because he’s not good passer. Beyond the running into space, pressing defenders back have ‘s useless in my opinion.

    Southampton also have two fast covering full backs.
    Southampton are going to clog unless mine middle again and harass Ozil so that he doesn’t have as much time. Theo wont have a a chance today.

    I think we need Giroud as an option tombs able to use the wings and cross the ball.

    Sanchez can provide all the attributes that Theo brings to the team… and he does them way better than Theo.

  2. Leedsgunner

    “Add to what Romford said, when Theo is upfront it keeps Alexis out of the middle third!”

    The presence of Alexis is what pushes defenders back and he is the player that the defenders fear the most because he actually can finish.

    Theo wouldn’t be a starter at any of the other top top clubs but he is a good squad player, who from time to time has good scoring streaks.

    Theo is an excellent instinctive finisher — his best goals have come from when he has acted from his gut and not his brain. When he is presented with a situation where he needs to think and given space — more often than not he fluffs his chances!

    Want proof?

    Think about the Burnley game… all he needed to do was to round their keeper and he fluffed it. With a £140k a week? Not a chance.

  3. peanuts&monkeys

    If I had the powers, i would have got in RvP on loan from wherever he is. Even if that was for 160K p.w. For the rest of 20 weeks, it would have cost lesser than Arteta + Welbeck put together – two of whom should never be close to an EPL match ever in their lives.

  4. daz

    CA yeah I would go with that line up,

    We know pep will be making a fair few changes how about fernandinho is he good enough to play in peps midfield? I was led to believe he was the best CDM in the country

  5. Wallace

    qna said it earlier, i think, if he does go with the adventurous side it’ll be a welcome change to have subs in Giroud, Ramsey & even Iwobi who can come on and make a genuine impact.

  6. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dissenter, Theo assisted Özil against Man United and Alexis against Olympiakos. None were ricochets. We’re really not a team who crosses the ball loads so I’m not sure why you harp on about that. We can’t just have Alexis as the pure outlet in the team considering he’s not playing upfront. Ideally we have s better striker than all the ones we have but Wenger is to blame for that.

  7. Louis Almeida

    “The presence of Alexis is what pushes defenders back and he is the player that the defenders fear the most because he actually can finish.”

    Theo opens up the space for Alexis to run into. Giroud is a constant as the striker/lacks movement so he doesn’t help and is why he often gets in Alexis’ way when he tries to dribble.

  8. Leedsgunner

    “Man city coach n players know their time is up they won’t bother fighting for the club”

    I doubt it.

    They know that if they do that they’ll be the first out the door as soon as Pep comes in. In contrast, they might even play with more intensity because they know they are playing for their futures.

    Even if Pep doesn’t want them, if they win the title, they will be more marketable for any other future employer.

  9. peanuts&monkeys

    When was the last you ever had a player like Dele Alli at Arsenal? Never ever. The entire English flock of Arsenal should not be even close to the English team. This time its bound to me packed with Spurs players.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    I think Guardiola will totally restructure City’s middle and add someone new in the wide area, like WE said, maybe ‘Ham-Ez,’ seems slightly out of favour at Madrid.

    Going to be a big summer for City, exciting times to be a City fan, I imagine United fans will be waiting to see who they are going to get, same for Chelsea.

  11. Romford Ozil Pele

    Anyway back to us. If we’re gonna win the title we need to win all our home games and be productive away which will be hard considering the teams we’re playing. Still think a firing Aguero is trouble for everyone.

  12. Dissenter

    Excellent post about this Theo making other players better myth.

    The Southampton game last month shows up Theo’s weaknesses. He’s a footballing lightweight.
    Alexis does everything Theo can coo bit does them exceptionally better.

    It’s annoying to see is crossing into the box with Theo in the middle because you know he’s never going to get a chance. With Theo in, you know he’s going to lose 100% of aerial battles with defenders.

    Theo actually constricts the range of our attacking play. We are only limited to the pace and movement approach which Alexis can also do (better)

  13. Wallace


    “I think Man United may end up getting Mourinho even though I don’t think they really want him because of his poisonous personality and lack of longevity.”

    yeah, probably far from their ideal choice, but he’ll make them competitive again, even if it’s only in the short term…

  14. Leedsgunner

    “A fit (lol) Wilshere wipes the floor with him though.”

    Right… when was the last time Wilshere played 30 plus games for us in the middle of the season when we needed him? I really would like to know… I genuinely can’t remember.

    A decent player that can consistently play is in my book more worthy of a contract extension over a luxury player that can hardly play because of injuries., no matter how high his potential

    The only injury ridden player I would tolerate is Aguero. Almost every time he plays, even after long injury layoffs, the man makes a difference. Man City would be keeping Chelsea company right now if it wasn’t for him.

    An immense player. Wilshere although similarly injury prone is nowhere as effective and good as he is.

  15. Dissenter

    “Hmmm Southampton defeat was a fluke
    We’ll beat them tonight n I am sure we’ll win our next 3 games to go back top of the league”
    Don’t drive or operate any machinery today cos you’ve been drinking.

    Did you really call a comprehensive 4- 0 trashing a fluke?

    They let us have the ball, borrowed it for 35% of the match and wiped our behinds with razor blades.

    …a fluke?

  16. Romford Ozil Pele

    Leeds, it’s irrelevant. That wasn’t my point. What I was saying is that Wilshere’s top level is higher than anything we’ve seen from Alli. Obviously I said if fit because he hasn’t played 30 odd games since like 2013.

    I feel sorry for the lad because obviously he doesn’t get injured on purpose.

    Also why are you comparing a midfielder to a striker? It’s the same way you’re comparing Alexis to Theo. Different positions. They’re not in competition against each other

  17. Wallace


    you seen the clips of the Nigerian kid – Kelechi Nwakali – we’ve just signed?

    looks like a rolls royce of a player. turns 18 in June. if he can come through quickly he’s the kind of player you can build a team around.

  18. leon

    I think this our best chance to win the title next season will be very tough I fully expect city to much stronger will chelsea and manu. Having only seen the new signing once its very difficult see weather he can really play dm position he clearly is a very dynamic player and high work engine which will help and is much improvement on flamani who is clearly far past his best. I was not surprised no one else came in the caliber of player this team needs you dont get in January they still need top cb world class a leader a throw back defender real no nonsense type in the mold of a tony adams a real leader, another dm eleni has show that he has discipline to play dm and a top striker that can score 25 plus goals

  19. Romford Ozil Pele

    Wallace, by all accounts I’ve seen snippets but don’t know much about either. Both seem to be highly rated though. Nwakali appears to be in the Y. You’re mould and has a good passing range. Let’s see though. Always weary about these young players. After all, a year on everyone already seems to have forgotten about Bielik who himself cost £2.5m. We have a lot of young players with potential now so we’ll see who develops at a quicker rate. My personal favourite is still Crowley although he appears to not be having the best of seasons. Glad to see Akpom get a hattrick at the weekend though.

  20. Carts


    Aww bless em…China just trying to stay relevant in sports. I mean, the money a low tax is insane and if I were in the twilight years I’d be over there in a jiffy!

    I can’t lie, I campaigned for Martinez as one of my CF upgrades, however the £35m they wanted was insane. He’s a £25m player tops. When they looking to swap out one did for another (in Falcao) then that indicates desperation

  21. Leedsgunner


    Good to hear from you…

    I knew what you were trying to say, but the pass that Wilshere gets because of his fabled potential is ridiculous. I wasn’t trying to get a rise out of you as it were. If I have, it was inadvertent… 🙂

    In your words…. “Wilshere’s top level is higher than anything we’ve seen from Alli. Obviously I said if fit because he hasn’t played 30 odd games since like 2013.”

    Wenger constantly compares that he can’t compete financially but he’s happy to
    carry a player who hasn’t played more than 30 games for four years? Top level doesn’t mean anything if you can’t actually play.

    The reason why I compared Wilshere and Aguero is because according to some that’s where Wilshere’s potential lies… his top level (in your parlance).

    Yet, as far as I can see Wilshere isn’t a game changer like Aguero is… that was my point. If you are a game changer, you are worth keeping on, no matter the injuries… I just don’t see Wilshere as one… that was my point.

    As for Theo and Sanchez, aren’t they both attack minded wingers, able to play across the top if needed? What do you mean they are players in different positions? Please do clarify.

    Wishing you the best…

  22. Romford Ozil Pele

    Leeds – there no animosity dude, it’s cool.

    I’m quite critical of Jack as it comes as IMO he’s one of the best players at the club. That’s obviously moot though as he’s always injured, and I put that partly down to Wenger for overplaying him in his debut season here when he won plaudits galore.

    I don’t ever know if Jack will be fully fit and at this stage we shouldn’t really be relying on him because we can’t trust his fitness. Unfortunately what he could contribute is vital as there’s nobody in the team, let alone the league as a whole who brings what he does in terms of transitional play and that’s key for when we get pressed heavily.

    I don’t really see the point in comparing players in different positions. With Aguero you give him leeway beside you know that he’s one of the best strikers on the planet and you can’t really find better. Like you say Wilshere isn’t really a game changer in the goal scoring sense, however, a fit and firing Wilshere can elevate the whole level of your midfield due to his ball carrying skills.

    I don’t class Theo as a winger. He hugely unbalances the team when played out wide as the basics of his game are lacking so much which is why I advocate him up top as he’s less likely to cause us problems when there. He can also, through stretching play, help to create more space for Ozil and Alexis to exploit (see the games against Leicester and United as reference).

  23. Dissenter

    Dele Ali isn’t a striker though, he’s an attacking midfielder, know like Jack.
    Just because he has a knack for scoring doesn’t make him a striker.
    Lampard scored more than mist strikers but was still a midfielder.

    Its bard to compare the 2016 version of Wilshere with anybody else because he’s not stayed fit enough to provide a good sample to use. We can’t keep delving back into the archives to use the famous Barcelona game you keep citing.

  24. qna

    ROP:After all, a year on everyone already seems to have forgotten about Bielik who himself cost £2.5m.

    Yes. But the strategy is good nonetheless. No point in us trying to bring through arbitrary teenagers and expecting them to be the type of players worth buying in 5 years time for £50m. That is like buying powerball tickets.

    The strategy of buying £2.5m kids is more like venture capatilist stuff. Buy 10 with the expactation that 1 will pay for the other 9 and then some.

    The real question mark now is on the scouting team. They are the ones we entrust with this VC capital and they need to be evaluated on their results. If this batch of kids are not successful the responsibility should be shared by the scouting and development network.

    The worry is with Oxlaide and Chambers. These are teenagers that cost £12m and £16m. If the club isnt able to develop these then what hope do the £2m kids have. Gnabry also was at a high level but did not come through. Hopefully we have got it right now.

  25. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dissenter, Jack isn’t an attacking midfielder. He’s played as a #10 but he’s best used as a deep lying midfielder transitioning from defence to attack. He’s best instigation our attacks. Picking up the ball from CBs and either playing long or accelerating past two/three players to bring us to he final third. Alli is more in the Lampard mould. Alli is actually more like Ramsey.

    For sure I’m not even talking about Wilshere now. Look what I just said above to Leeds. The Barca game gets highlighted because it was against arguably the best club side ever but Wilshere was incredibly consistent that season when you remember he was just 18. He won YPOTS so it kind of refutes the arguments of those that think he just became famous because of that Barca game. I think he’s had much more impressive performances.

  26. Romford Ozil Pele

    QNA, I’ve got no problem with us buying good young foreign talent because it’s plainly evident that there aren’t enough good English ones coming through. Jonker had already alluded to this.

    The problem for kids is that youth team football is always a completely different environment than trying to step up for a team who are aspiring for honours. There are so many different factors. It’s not just down to management. Like a lot of the young players who fell by the wayside over time should probably look at themselves because it certainly wasn’t down to a lack of game time for them failing. Wenger has to shoulder blame of course, but I think sometimes it’s too easy to blame him. Players have the resources so it’s how they utilise that to integrate within the team set up that also sets them apart.

  27. Dream10

    Mertesacker back into the XI. One of Koscielny or Gabriel to partner him.
    Gabriel looked shaky against Burnley.
    Our CBs cannot be split apart.
    Ronald Koeman tends to do well against us. He’ll know that we are below average at handling the press.

    We have been poor performance wise in the PL for most of 2016. Can’t have a poor first 20-25 minutes. Feel individual brilliance is needed for three points, as performance will leave us wanting.

  28. leon

    qna chaimberlains lack of passing ability is real concern to me yes he has pace not allot else I think cambell is allot better. The truth is real top top young talent will always make it through. In the past this team had average young talent they just looked really good against much lesser teams in carling cup at the home if you look at players like JET, landbury fran merida ect were are they now if they were really that good the top clubs would picked them up long time ago. I am talking edan hazard standard of player or better

  29. Relieable Sauce

    Iwobi and the Nigerian kids already heading for Flamini-like “legend” status.

    Going on past history I’d overhyping these kids does more harm than good.

  30. Bamford10


    Except that Wenger HAS overpaid a good many middling players on account of his socialist wage scale. This is a matter of record. So Joe or whomever is correct about that.

    Keep trying.


    “Payet will not do better than Campbell has done.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the above means you regard the two as equals. That’s fucking moronic, and no one who has seen the two play would say such a thing.

    And please point out one thing I’ve said which is as silly as the above.

    Iheanacho has more promise than either Giroud or Walcott ever has? Nope. I was and am right about that.

  31. Bamford10

    Leave Loyika alone. He seems a decent sort. Just thinks the discussion gets bogged down on Wenger at times. Reasonable criticism.

  32. daz

    “Like a lot of the young players who fell by the wayside over time should probably look at themselves because it certainly wasn’t down to a lack of game time for them failing. Wenger has to shoulder blame of course, but I think sometimes it’s too easy to blame him. Players have the resources so it’s how they utilise that to integrate within the team set up that also sets them apart.”

    Very true, I would say most youngsters who make it into top clubs academies are all good enough from a ability POV but then comes into play the attitude, desire and work ethic which will be the difference from dropping to a lower level or making it at the big club.

  33. daz


    That’s not what I was saying pal, they say equally moronic things just on different subjects, and how do you rate the Eriksen is better than Özil comment? Lol

  34. vicky

    Good to see Romford,WE and Louis back here , we are finally talking football and not Wenger.

    I don’t think there is anything to add really as far as discussion on Wenger is concerned. It has become stale and even irritating.

  35. Bamford10


    Except what you cited wasn’t/isn’t an absurd remark. It’s accurate. Wenger has overpaid middling players.

    As for the Ozil/Eriksen remark, that was gambon, and his claim was that Eriksen at one-quarter the fee and equal output (in 2013-14) was a better SIGNING than Ozil if not a better player.

    That’s a different claim. Do better.

  36. leon

    daz Ihave to disagree with you there wenger in my mind is not ruthless enough he gives these young players more chances than most managers would he is extremely loyal to his players but the truth is to get to the very top level you have work so hard and be extremly mentally tough me I think its sink or swim that may seam harsh but that how I feel

  37. vicky

    Regarding Iwobi, he was very ordinary while playing on the wings but as a midfielder he has been impressive. His decision making is good and his passing is quick unlike Ramsey. Very easy on the eye and looks quite assured on the ball. Still needs to add a lot to his game though.

  38. daz


    If you look at Jeffrey’s comment he is actually trying to claim Wenger has purposely kept the quality of the team down just so they don’t leave which is moronic

  39. Bamford10

    Iwobi looks like a good player. Some here, including the great gambon — 😉 — are being too harsh on him on account of their justified frustration.

    Iwobi looks quite promising through the center, IMO.

  40. rollen

    Romford Ozil Pele
    February 2, 2016 12:06:20

    Dele Alli is ok. A fit (lol) Wilshere wipes the floor with him though.

    Sorry ROP but Jack only wipes floor with his bottom sitting on the grass looking like counter goes against us when he lost the ball in the mean time complaining to the ref.

  41. Bamford10


    No, that is not quite what he means. He simply means he has overpaid middling players — both out of his fidelity to his socialist wage scale and his loyalty to these players. This is fundamentally correct.

    Let me help you, though: the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard Joe say is his “guarantee” that Arsenal would win the EPL with a different manager. No question we would COMPETE for it, but to say we’d ‘win’ it is too much.

  42. qna

    Leon. Yeah agree that real top talent will go through. That is what we must hope for. Bellerin for us. Dybala at Palermo in Serie A. Sane at Shalke. I typed up a whole thing but pressed the back button.

    I also think the more talented the squad the better the development. So having a youth squad that cost us £50m will likely benefit the whole squad by conpetition alone.

  43. Mysticleaves

    “Correct me if I’m wrong, but the
    above means you regard the two as
    equals. That’s fucking moronic, and
    no one who has seen the two play
    would say such a thing.”

    you have already changed mouth? I thought you said just few hours ago that I said Campbell was better?

    as a matter of fact I see them as same level players. that doesn’t mean they are equal. payet is not the player that wins you the league neither is Campbell. we need better than both. and instead of spending 10 million on payet that’s 28 I would spend 2 on Campbell for just about the same product level.

    if you don’t agree with this, that’s your problem. I am responsible for what I type not what you understand.

    as for your moronic statements, iheanacho, he has is promise. even comparing him with a made international striker that could lead france as first choice this summer is simply moronic.

    iheanacho has promise, grioud doesn’t, he’s already there.

  44. Leedsgunner


    You and I agree that the root of Wilshere’s problem is his first season where and when Wenger played him played him and played him. At 16 it was far too much.

    Shame really because we could really use the fit, fighting and fiery Wilshere of old.

  45. Mysticleaves

    Bamford aka king moron

    you said Wenger would never win anything with Arsenal again, he won the fa cup back to back, that’s moronic.

    you said anthony martial would relegate Giroud to 3rd choice striker for france after he played one match, that’s moronic

    you said pogba is 3 times the player Ramsey is, that’s moronic..let me stop here for now..

  46. qna

    Bamford. Thing with Iwobi is its now time to throw him out of the nest. Arsenal shouldnt be in the business of messing about with mediocre players. With our youth we must give them a certain amount of time and then take off the training wheels. We should back Iwobi in. Give him enough game time to really evaluate him – and fairly too. If he is not quite ready then we send him on loan. If he is ready then we have our next Bellerin.

  47. daz


    No Jeff is a fantasist I’ve seen a number of comments which give me this impression,

    “He started hoarding mid-range players and paying them excessive wages so they would stay”

    Yeah so I think I was right in what he meant

  48. Leedsgunner


    Further to your comments if we win everyone’s happy.

    If we lose the title it’s Wenger’s fault for relying on injured has beens instead of strengthening last summer. I don’t mind being wrong if Arsenal wins… I’ve been wrong before and learnt from them.

    Wenger seems to make the same errors and turn a blind eye to the bloody obvious… and get paid millions for it.

  49. Mysticleaves

    ” You and I agree that the root of
    Wilshere’s problem is his first season
    where and when Wenger played him
    played him and played him. At 16 it
    was far too much.”

    I thought wilshere became a regular fit arsenal at 18?

    and even at that, Wenger should not be flogged for playing him to injuries. other players play for first teams regularly at 17/18 and don’t suffer the kind of injuries wilshere has suffered..

  50. Sam

    I wonder if le grove’s favourite Iheanacho will still at Man city when King Guardiola takes over
    Well he can still sign for Aston Villa

  51. qna

    By the way. There is nothing wrong with sending our young players on loan. We are looking to understand if the player is Arsenal quality. Top draw. Ideally a player that we would want Wenger to sign if we didnt already own him. If a player is mediocre then we can find that out pretty accurately if we send him on loan. Its actually better if we dont have to risk our own premiership points and cup ties on evaluating out own players. A loan can also inflate a players value so that even if he is not quite good enough we can still get good money for him.

    That applies to young players only. Loans to players like Podolski just means we fucked up, signed the wrong player, overpaid him and no-one wants to buy him off us.

    The problem is that Arsene has trouble cutting players that are not good enough. Akpom, Gnarbry, Jenkinson, should probably be cut now. They wont ever be top level players.

  52. leon

    Wenger has made some pretty shocking signings in very recent history as well chamakh,santos, park, brought in a player who was inured on loan as well and these players were all on 50-60 k a week . I mean now the squad has to be said allot better than what it has been the past

  53. Paul Wild

    I really don’t want to moan, but as a lifelong Arsenal fan and season ticket holder, I really wanted to see a few more signings this window. I just think that with the top 4 how it is now, with Leicester (who I am still convinced will not make the top 4) and Spurs, the league is really up for grabs. I think its between us and City as do the bookies. I really thought whoever singed the best this January would go on to win the league. Another striker who could back up Giroud and maybe someone who could solidify centre mid and I think the title would come our way. now that both Arsenal and City haven’t singed anyone, its 50/50 for me…

  54. rollen

    you said pogba is 3 times the player Ramsey is, that’s moronic..let me stop here for now..

    lol do you even watch football?

  55. Leedsgunner

    Mystic you’re right… although Jack played a few games for the first team before he turned 18, his breakout season was as an 18 year old.

    Thanks for the correction.

  56. gambon


    Does a fit Wilshere really wipe the flor with Ali?

    What exactly did Wilshere do for us when he was fit?

    Goals? Nope
    Assists? Nope
    World class passer? Nope
    Defensive workrate? Nope

    Im a huge fan of jacks ability, but he is such a nothing player.

  57. Red&White4life

    “Goals? Nope
    Assists? Nope
    World class passer? Nope
    Defensive workrate? Nope”

    Smoking ? F*ck yeah!! lol

  58. vicky

    As much as I love Rosicky,at 35 years of age I don’t see him cut it anymore in English football. He is injury prone anyway and it’s even more difficult to heal from long term injuries at 35. I think he will be allowed to leave at the end of the season. A sad end to what could have been a fantastic career.

  59. gambon

    Rosicky is 36 at the start of next season, so theres no chance of him staying. He isnt a Ryan Giggs, he is always injured and has no chance of playing on.

    To be honest, we have a real job to do in this summers transfer window.

    Its obvious that significant money will be spent by UTD and City. Not to mention the PL will be awash with cash.

    I fully expect us to sit back, watch our rivals sign some good players, while we do nothing.

  60. qna

    Honestly. What is Wenger doing re-signing two grandpas like Rosicky and Arteta in the first place. Even the fittest athlete will start to lose his power at their age. Combine that with these particular guys recent injuries… its just a joke.

    And people defend him for these types of decisions.

  61. gambon


    You think lots of 18 year old CMs play 49 games in a season at the highest level?

    Wenger absolutely ran Jack into the ground as an 18 year old.

  62. Cesc Appeal

    ‘To be honest, we have a real job to do in this summers transfer window.’

    Completely agree with this. Flamteta gone, Rosicky gone, Wilshere is unreliable, need to look at a CB, RB, CDM and/or CM, RM and ST.

    ‘I fully expect us to sit back, watch our rivals sign some good players, while we do nothing.’

    Sadly I completely agree with this as well, hearing about Bielik, Iwobi, Adelaide and how Elneny is a year in, Wilshere and Welbeck are new players and that the money in the EPL and the Euros makes buying difficult.

  63. vicky

    I am not even thinking about summer at the moment. We got to win the league this year anyhow. We are not winning the league for the next few years irrespective of what we do in the summer. If we miss out this season even signing 2-3 quality players in the summer won’t excite me to be honest.

  64. Cesc Appeal

    All starts tonight then, we need not just a win but a good performance, I’m struggling to remember the last game we played where we didn’t look laboured and vulnerable, certainly would be 2015 though.

    I’m a little concerned because of the FA Cup line up Wenger is going to go with his usual in the league, Flamini and Ramsey base, Ozil, Campbell, Walcott and Giroud.

  65. Leedsgunner

    Strategically, Wenger has got everything back to front.

    Whether deliberate or not I don’t know but Wenger has put himself under huge huge pressure to spend this summer… not having spent last summer… especially if he struggles into third or fourth place in the title race.

    If he really didn’t want to spend one summer what he should have done was to spend big on a DM, a commanding CB, and a world class ST this past 2 transfer windows… capture the EPL title and UCL and add one or two players this coming summer to add to his triple winning squad.

    As it happens, realistically, as we will end up with is an FA Cup (hopefully) and an outside chance at the title if (and that’s a big if) our long time injury absentees find their feet…

    Obviously I’ll be overjoyed if we win the Cup and the EPL but we all have to stop day dreaming at some point…

  66. Rambo Ramsey

    “I’m a little concerned because of the FA Cup line up Wenger is going to go with his usual in the league, Flamini and Ramsey base, Ozil, Campbell, Walcott and Giroud.”

    agree Cesc. you can see that midfield selection coming from a million miles away. he can be so stubborn its infuriating. though I think he’ll definitely start Sanchez

  67. vicky

    “Flamini and Ramsey base, Ozil, Campbell, Walcott and Giroud.”

    Southampton will rip apart our midfield again if we play Flamini and Ramsey. Coq has to play tonight. Flamini just withers away against high pressing teams like Southampton and Liverpool.

  68. Cesc Appeal


    Maybe, in which case Giroud starting the FA Cup might mean he goes back to Walcott up top and Sanchez wide?

    Not that Walcott deserves it at all.

    I just think he won’t want to put Coq in, and he already said in the press Elneny needs to get use to the EPL physically before he can be deployed…that means Flamini.

    Maybe he will surprise everyone though.

  69. Red&White4life

    “Jürgen Klopp believes that Pep Guardiola will not dominate the English championship with Manchester City as he did in Spain with Barcelona or Germany with Bayern.”

  70. DUIFG

    iwobi looks a decent prospect, looks fairly confident on the ball. its so congested in that section though when everybody is ft so lets see if he make the cut then.

  71. Mysticleaves


    the name that comes to my head is Barkley.

    messi is not a cm but he started playing regularly for barca at18

    Neymar is another example. they are many.

    my point is, to blame it all in Wenger is a bit lazy but it could be a factor

  72. Joe

    Fair point about Newcastle and Villa. The only difference is that their supporters do not have an expectation to win title.

    Are you Fucken kidding me? Comparing us to villa and Newcastle?? The only difference being fan expectations

    That has to be one of the stupidest comments I’ve ever heard in here. And I hear a lot

    How about yhe differences in revenue we bring in. Stadium size. Ticket prices. The money in the bank.

    Just to start with.

    To say we should look
    At thier fans when assessing our situation

    What a crock of shit and the most stupid thing I’ve heard on here.

    Sums up the AKBs perfectly

  73. Rambo Ramsey

    Cesc, damn straight re Walcott. been so poor that he shouldn’t even make the bench. Let the lad contemplate his worth and contribution to the team. but being the father figure our manager is gives him the captain’s armband. Giroud has done better so really he should keep his place. so should Campbell.

    maybe a Coq-Ram base then? anything but Flamini!

  74. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t disagree.

    Just thinking, based on his FA Cup team, I think Flamini starts tonight with Ramsey.

  75. gambon


    At 18/19 – Barkley played 7 PL games and 9 games overall. Including loans he played 26 games overall.

    Messi as you say, doesnt play in the rough and tumble of CM, but he played 25 games overall.

    Wilshere played 35 games in the PL and 49 games overall. That means he onkly missed 3 PL games all season, absolutely ridiculous for an 18 year old.

    Its not remotely comparable to Barkley.

    For every game that Barkley played at 18, Wilshere played twice.

  76. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, agreed.

    I said the other day Walcott just sums up everything that has been wrong with Arsenal for the last 10 years, sort of perfect in a way that his arrival began the decline of Wenger and when you look at him, over-rewarded mediocre talent that is overinflated, idealised by fans, constantly injured, constantly backed, flawed…you can extrapolate it out onto a lot of things at Arsenal.

    In all honesty tonight I would go with Coq, Elneny as a base, Ramsey, Ozil and Sanchez and then Walcott.

    Walcott doesn’t deserve it, but it allows us to play Ramsey wide, overloading the middle when we have to and means his lack of positional awareness won’t hurt us so much, also means Sanchez can breeze into the ST role when he wants to.

    It isn’t perfect by any stretch. But right now I think its the best we can do…very harsh on Campbell and Giroud though.

  77. TheBayingMod


    Welcome to the stage of acceptance.

    The health advantages are endless.

    Personally I am not so sure about Pep”

    I agree with this; to a large degree Pep is just another Moron-yo; he’s only ever done it at massive clubs with endless budgets and a super start squad already, and once again he will be doing the same at City. We all know all they need is a decent manager, Pelligrini even though he has won them stuff has been a bit of a disaster in other senses. I mean getting done at Tottenham, and they’ve been awful in the CL. I’m not so sure why everyone is so quick to rim Peps hairy arse hole for him; I’d have more respect if he took Arsenal over and faced the challenge of undoing years of richly rewarding banality and mediocrity that AW has instilled … but maybe he knows the problem lies as much with IG and SK than it does the old cunt?

  78. daz


    Cesc played 50 games in all comps in 05/06 I think he was 18 at the time, not saying either player was not over played but I think there is more to it with Jack than simply being over played

  79. Relieable Sauce

    Cech Szczesney …
    Bellerin Chambers Gabriel Mert Koz Monreal Gibbs? …
    Coq Elneny Ramsey Santi JW Ox
    OG Sanchez Ozil Wally Welbz JC

    How many of that 22 do you see Wenger selling/releasing or loaning out?

    Gibbs,Mert and Santi maaybe but unlikely, Welbz or JC, possibly both.

    If Jack hasnt had a leg amputated I think Wenger might settle for that midfield and blood a kid or two next season.
    OG is going nowhere and the same goes for Walcott – who is now a mock club legend and is being paid accordingly.

    Possibility of Rugani and/or Gotze type??… if they are giftwrapped of course.

  80. Danny

    Be afraid, be very afraid, The Mighty Southampton are coming to the Emirates tonight, the team that smashed us 4 – 0 just over a month ago.

  81. TheBayingMob

    Black Hei February 2, 2016 06:31:06

    Wenger is gone next year. He has already not so subtly hinted that the next year is the last. If folks can’t take the hint, its too bad”

    Arsene Wenger is outright, bare faced liar drunk on the power and money the AFC job has rewarded him. He is closer to being a Sepp Blatter than anything else; completely deluded in a job with no external pressure to succeed. I’d be VERY VERY surprised if he jumped before he was pushed; all the time he is getting top four and last 16 in the CL he will continue; that new contract will be like a new bottle of whisky to the alc; it will be next wh0re to the straying husband, it will be the next bit of rough to the of a wife. He won’t be able to resist it if it’s on offer; another chance to win the title on no spend. Ahhhhhhhh, the crack cocaine of Arsene Wenger, the net spend balance sheet …

  82. Joe

    I just read somewhere that someone doesn’t want Simone because he is too much like Jose

    A Jose who has won trophies hand over first for the last decade.

  83. Whitty

    Fuck Wenger he is here for life..
    body bags with AFC on them…
    That’s the only way he’s going in a fuckin body bag.
    Will be selling these in Arsenal shop
    Fuckin money grabbers

    Wenger out

    Thanks on way to game now can of fosters in hand

  84. Leedsgunner

    For every game that Barkley played at 18, Wilshere played twice.

    It’s alright… Jack’s making up for that now.

    For every game Barkley plays Jack rests 10… if not 20. Such poor poor management of a tremendous talent.

  85. Relieable Sauce

    -The challenge of the EPL will be too much for Pep.

    -Peps not challenging himself because City are the easy option.


  86. #WAHT

    How many of that 22 do you see Wenger selling/releasing or loaning out?

    I’d get shot of …

    Szczesney (if he won’t stay as No.2)
    Gibbs? (arguably could get a better No.2 LB)
    Elneny (Don’t rate at all)
    Ramsey (Take the money and run)
    Welbz (Cut loose)

    The debatables

    Mert (Maybe? Less game time if he accepts it?)
    Ox (Maybe loan?)
    OG (IF we could get a [definitely] better striker then maybe but whether we can or not is highly debatable)
    Theo (Can’t decide)

  87. daz

    Anelka made 40 appearances in all comps in 97/98 at I think the age of 18/19 was he also mis managed along with cesc and jack? Look no doubt that Wenger could have eased them in abit slower but Jack has not got the problems he has simply for being over played as a youngster

  88. salparadisenyc

    I’m not in the camp that still holds the great hope for Wilshire.

    Hasn’t played with the freedom he had in 2011 since, instead of reacting he seems caught in thought on the ball. A glimmer maybe but nothing consistent.

    Then the injuries, started with Wenger playing him beyond his endurance levels at young age and has been really the only consistent thing we’ve had from him. Regardless of blame thats the reality and likely why he’s been given the new deal without having featured in a single game this season.

    Guilt, Wenger putting player ahead of club. Our midfield is filled with them.

  89. Red&White4life

    “I’d be VERY VERY surprised if he jumped before he was pushed”

    And the main question is : WHO THE F*CK WILL HAVE THE GUTS TO PUSH HIM ?? lol

  90. Rambo Ramsey

    don’t buy this notion that the manager broke Wilshere. your body should be at its best recovery and stamina wise when your young. never heard of 18-19 year olds being beasted or pushed to extremes beyond repair. that would be 35+ year olds. its contact injuries that ruin careers and not playing 30 games when your 18

  91. #WAHT

    I’m at the point where I don’t think he voluntarily gets rid of anyone, but only lets those who ask to go, go.

    So not sure … some maybe, more likely not that many.

  92. gonsterous

    with coq and sanchez back , i see us winning tonight.. kos and gabriel or mert better show up, and not fock about.. kos is beginning to think he has out grown the club.. no motivation in the last few games..

  93. Romford Ozil Pele

    Tbh the league has gotten a lot quicker and athletic since those days. Rarely will you see outfield players play so much in a league these days. Wenger loved Wilshere then decided not to trust anyone else. Maybe he’s just naturally injury prone though so who knows

  94. Rambo Ramsey

    sal, he says that all the time though right? another one of his catchphrases alongside ze mental strength. whenever a player gets injured you get news headlines ‘Wenger admits he might have overplayed the player’.

    ” Wilshere would be in perfect health if Arsenal was in Vegas”

    Loool, your on a roll mate. Keep it up!

  95. TheBayingMob

    No one will push Wenger rout, it’s the perfect storm of mediocrity. Elite purgatory.

    IG is 50 odd? Early 50s? Josh Kroenke is mid 30s I think. Stan Kroenke is 60-odd. Just JK being on the board is evidence in itself that Arsenal are set to be what they are for the next 20years plus. This isn’t going to change.

    Even if Wenger was hit by a bus tomorrow, S and JK would just install another yes man to keep things ticking over. There is simply no ambition to be anything other than a boring middle of the road club that r@.pes it’s fans for everything they are worth.

    Unfortunately AFC has an aging fan base in the stadium; many AKBs are like the club and it’s direction as they have safe, boring, no sex please lives themselves; they own Prius cars. They frown at indulgence in most forms.

    They are safe no risk supporters.

    They enjoy the safe no risk way the club is run.

    They will take the pegging (google it, but not in work) the club give them every week and enjoy it. They will reason the argument and the anal pain they are feeling by looking at clubs like Leeds or Portsmouth and scwwweam “IT COULD BE US!!” in their girly high pitched voices …

    It’s their default position to look at a club like Guildford (randomly picked) and reason “they are happy just to be watching football and supporting their club, you should do the same” while ignoring THE ABSOLUTE FORTUNE the club charge in all areas of it’s operation, and also ignoring THE ABSOLUTE FORTUNE the owners are fleecing directly from their pockets.

    It’s the perfect status quo. RedChelseaFan may be many things, a troll included … but he is right. The majority of AFC fans have absolutely not guts for the fight to make the club what it should be.

    And so the elite purgatory will continue ad nauseum …


  96. TheBayingMob

    Wilshere is a very odd running style and his style of play leads him to get injured a lot (getting injured for England v Demark (I think?) was the perfect example).

    He always leaves his foot in a challenge. He is just another Steve Williams; could have been one of the greats, will just be known as a crock who never made it. It’s over for him, just like it is for Rosicky. He is our very own Darren Anderton.

    If I were Wilshere I would be at the end of my bed praying to whatever guardian angel spoke to Wenger to give him another lucrative contract.

    I’m sure he’s a nice guy, and I wish him no harm, but fuck how lucky can you get? He’s been perpetually injured. It’s like Wenger gives these players contracts because he’s SHIT SCARED that a different manager will actually be able to keep them fit and have them playing at their potential. It’s as if he’s protecting himself by keeping the crocks at the club!?!???!?!?!?!

  97. Danny

    Even if Wenger was hit by a bus tomorrow, S and JK would just install another yes man to keep things ticking over.
    Don’t agree with this. They know fuck all about “soccer” and only care about the money. Whoever comes in will be given tons of money to spend and hopefuly won’t make stupid decisions like Wenger makes week in, week out.

  98. Romford Ozil Pele

    TBM, to an extent although that data is still skewed. How many U16s will be able to afford a season ticket to Arsenal? You’d argue none so of course the percentage will be low. But it doesn’t take into account now the growing majority of 20 somethings who are attending both home and away, especially the latter. It’s a very young group. And finally, you’re assuming that just because someone is ageing means they’re an AKB. Just because you’re attending an establishment doesn’t mean you’re in agreement of all the policies they have in place.

    Anyway, new post.

  99. TheBayingMob

    My good mate has a ST north bank upper; all the people around him moved on from Highbury (North Upper) most debnture holders from when the NB was rebuilt; they area has an average well about 40, they are all near enough dead. I think they only go week in week out as they are too scared to know what to do if they didn’t have the football routine. I mean bless them an’ all, they are all Arsenal fans … but they are old, they like the safety first nature of the club.

    Arsenal is like a 70 year old driving a Jag F Type around at 56 on the motorway; it has all that potential and power, but it will never be used as it’s just the nature of old men to be scared and lack self confidence to take risks. Arsene Wenger is that old man.

  100. TheBayingMob

    “you’re assuming that just because someone is ageing means they’re an AKB”

    Not really; I’m assuming that most people as they age start to be more risk adverse. It’s definitely true. People have families, young kids, debts and mortgages to service; their mortality becomes all too apparent. It’s just nature; so as the average of the HOME support is more or less middle aged, then even if they aren’t fervent AKBs, most will probably tend to be forgiving towards what appears to be the safety first business approach of the club; but what is always forgotten in these arguments is the mountains of cold hard moolah being creamed off the top by the Kroenke’s, and not to mention Wenger’s very own healthy pay packet …

  101. Red&White4life

    “Morgan Schneiderlin insists Manchester United are still in the hunt for the Premier League title.”

    Add more laughs to your day.

  102. NYCgooner

    Bel per Kos Nacho
    Ramsey Coq
    Joel Ozil Alexis

    Not much height but I believe that team offers the most pace and dynamism. Might swap campbell for theo and start Giroud up top.

  103. Phd007

    TheBayingMobFebruary 2, 2016 14:43:53

    Love the analogy..Pretty spot on..
    Best post of the day..

    In b/w I’m a long time admirer of your posts..

  104. Danny

    At least this evening all the matches are starting at more or less the same time which means we won’t have our usual catch up farce or whatever.

  105. Ustyno baba

    the only constant thing is that we will always be served this sweet bitter dose as long as Wenger is still here,the most painful part is that we can’t even see change anytime soon…..

    Please people shouldn’t be talking about title shit cos that talk is as good as dead.4th place here we come,Wenger,the board and those deluded fans most coveted trophy