Heavy rotation rewarded with a controlled Arsenal victory

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So, that was, well, pretty good.

I mean, yeah. Next round. No real drama. Some new 2016 faces. Some good performances. Some ok performances.

But qualification.

The biggest disappointment from the day had to be the fans. Half the stadium empty by 90th minute. Very flat as well. I get it though, I’ve been in that zone. Too many games in too short a time. You’re spoilt and it’s hard to motivate yourself to be THE GREATEST FAN OF ALL TIME every week.

The starting line-up was quite interesting and certainly merited more fan enthusiasm. Coquelin, Iwobi and Elneny in the middle. Sanchez, Giroud and Chambo in the front line. Chambers, Gibbs and Gabriel new in the backline. Ospina in goal.

They played pretty well considering the change as well. Iwobi continued where he left off. Tight control, working space well, composed. I thought Coquelin looked relatively solid bar the strange collapse in the build up to their goal. Elneny did a good job as well. Unspectacular, but very steady. Not a destroyer, that’s for sure. Loves a long shot, Wenger will have that beaten out of him in no time.

We opened the scoring in odd fashion, Iwobi passed to Sanchez on the edge of the area, the Chilean poked it to Chambers… our new right back side footed a shot into the top corner. Straight from the book of Bergkamp!

We let Burnley back in though. We didn’t clear on the edge of the box, Vokes was fed a peach of a cross which he finished with a bullet header.

We picked up in the second half, a lovely counter attack, Iwobi fed Chamberlain out wide, he crossed dangerously and Sanchez rifled into the top corner. He doesn’t miss from there.

I can’t not praise Ospina for making some tidy saves. Our backline was pretty shaky all day and he was called upon to be decisive a few times and he delivered.

I also thought it was a positive day for Chamberlain. He landed an assist and he was far more productive than he usually is.

Still not sure about Chambers as our right back. He’s so green. He’d cost us in big games and he’d be top of your ‘here’s how we get at them’ list if you were an opposing manager.

Two final things. Am I the only one who shouts ‘DISGRACE’ when I hear Theo is our longest serving player? I am? Ok.

I know that am I not the only one who shout ‘HE’S GONNA MISS THIS’ when Theo is through on goal under no pressure. Because that’s what happens every time. Last minute, he has the chance to bury it, he has time to think, he uses that time to think about his favourite sandwich, he blows it.

In big games, against big teams. That is your one chance. Against Barca, he might only get one chance over two legs. That’s why we’re not 2004 elite. Too many players like him in the side who can’t deliver under pressure.

Anyway, we won the game. We’re on for 3 in 3. We picked up no injuries and successfully rotated our squad again.


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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Feel for Tomas a bit

    But the exceptions are now the norm injuries

    He an the club don’t learn
    Tomas been riddeled with injuries his whole arsenal career
    Sling in diAby
    Theo Gibbs welbeck

    All out with long term injuries

    But there’s plenty more

  2. Louis Almeida

    I hope to see something like this on Wednesday:

    Bellerin Gabriel Kos Monreal
    Coquelin/Elneny Ramsey
    Campbell Ozil Alexis

    It’s quite annoying to pick Theo because of his bad finishing but I’m thinking more what he’ll bring out of Ozil and Alexis.

  3. Ughelligunner

    Wilshere didn’t suffer a setback. I thought only wenger was worried about him. It seems Roy Hudson is too for Europe sake.

    The best thing for wilshere is earn as you play contract anyway. But i am not bothered about the lads salary, it would’nt stop other players coming in. Wenger just uses the injured players as a leeway to dodge questions on signing.

  4. alexanderhenry

    Emirates stroller

    It is a mystery why arsenal fc don’t spend. There are two schools of thought:

    1. Wenger refuses to spend money available to him on principle

    2. Kroenke is withholding funds and stockpiling money at arsenal.

    Surely 2. is the only plausible answer. The idea that wenger is deliberately not spending money available to him is far fetched to say the least, and would probably make him the first manager in the history of football to do so.

    An above poster- black hie – pointed out correctly that Kroenke insists on arsenal running in the black like all his other clubs, but we are in the black so why not spend.
    Incidentally, the stadium debt does actually put us in the red in a sense, but it’s like a mortgage and a very manageable debt, accounting for only about 10% of annual club expenditure. In other words, arsenal fc should be able to spend more on transfers and service the stadium debt quite comfortably.
    So, why don’t the club spend? I suspect it might have something to do with Kroenke’s plan to move the Rams from St Louis to L.A. The planned new Rams stadium and sports and leisure complex will cost an estimated $1.9 billion.
    Kroeske won’t take money directly from arsenal but he could use the club’s worth and stability as collateral for a loan. Makes sense to me.

  5. gambon


    Our investment at youth level certainly wouldve cost a fair bit, but to under invest in the first team in favour of the academy would be a crime.

    For a start, what happened to an academy developing local talent? Why are all our youth players foreign? That isnt the idea of an academy.

    All of this however ignores the fact that there is about to be a huge surge in TV money in 6 months time, a new contract that will see Arsenal earn circa £140-150m extra in the next 3 seasons.

  6. gambon


    So you think its Stan that is stopping Wenger spending?

    Care to explain this quote from Peter Hill-Wood, this is before Kroenke was even involved at Arsenal.

    “Danny and I had dinner with Arsene in June and Danny asked him ‘what would you do if we gave you £100m to spend now?’ and he said ‘I’d give it back to you’.

  7. Carts

    Morning chaps,

    I must say, I found it incredible how many people NOW realise how much of a fraud Walcott is.

    Those who are familiar with my post will know exactly what my opinions were on Walcott last summer and 3 summer before that. I’m not one to sift through old post to prove a point mainly cos of the setup of this blog doesn’t allow for pinpoint-post(s) to be copy and pasted, but I can assure you the posters out there who were straight up protecting Walcott were a fucken embarrassment to say the least.

    To name a few liners, they ranged from:

    “him being compared to Hazard”,
    “injuries have hampered him; just you wait till he gets a run of games”,
    “he’s been at Arsenal for almost 10 years and has never once been portrayed negatively in the media” – may have been me as I could fathom any other reason
    “what’s the point selling Walcott to then spend £30m + £100k wages on someone else”,
    “there’s no one out there” – eye larf evri tyme
    “Walcott needs to be played down the middle not wide right”
    “he has good stats…”
    “we can easily afford £140k..”

    I think Gambon must’ve listed everything Walcott fails to do week in, week out and some of the responses were jaw dropping.

    This is the tripe that was doing the rounds last summer, I mean, honestly, I’d fucken screen grab those comments and link them as img’s.

    Tbf, for the most part, the majority of posters in here are in agreement that Arsene has shaped this team into one of the most unbalanced “top sides” in world football. The disparity at times is unfathomable. I believe it is deliberately that we have players like Walcott and Sanchez on the same pitch.

  8. nepGunner

    I lost most of my faith in Wenger after the 8-2 at old trafford and the subsequent trolley dash on the transfer day deadline.. Now he occassionally amuses me with his repetitive stand up bollocks that he delivers as if it’s quite intellectual but frankly it’s ingeniuine and full of hypocrisy and mostly irritates me by turning up year after year with loser written all over his face without a shred of dignity.

    Other then that he seems a like an OK chap.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t know why anyone bothers listening to Wenger in the transfer market any more, look at his ‘Messi at 5pm’ comments, the guy talks as if he has a squad of worldies…and the ‘player who wasn’t available’ was most likely Chilwell who we had a £4 Million bid knocked back for.

    ‘Not available,’ in Arsene Wenger speak means ‘his club didn’t want to sell for what I think he’s worth so I won’t be forced to pay it.’

    Remember this in May, if Wenger wins the league he is vindicated, if he doesn’t, he spent what, net £5 Million in the summer in the summer, and the extent of our ambition was a prospective £9 Million spend in January of which we only managed to spend £5 Million. So remember these moments in May.

  10. Carts

    ““Danny and I had dinner with Arsene in June and Danny asked him ‘what would you do if we gave you £100m to spend now?’ and he said ‘I’d give it back to you’.”

    Come on, Gambon…we all know Kroenke told Wenger to say that lol

  11. qna

    Alexanderhenry: Surely 2. is the only plausible answer. The idea that wenger is deliberately not spending money available to him is far fetched to say the least, and would probably make him the first manager in the history of football to do so.

    I have been giving Wenger the benefit of the doubt on this same point for most of the period of the stadium move. But you seriously cannot believe that the club did not offer Wenger more money to spend than just the 11m it took to buy Cech. Surely, that is far fetched to say the least. Please do not counter that with – he only buys when there is quality – Gabriel, Elneny, these buys have one thing in common and its not that these guys are exceptional quality talents.

  12. Carts

    Yep, looks like Gibbs is destined for the door come the summer, imho.

    Seen glimpses of Chilwell but not enough to have an opinion on him.

    If we do sign him, plus the fact that Monreal has extended, then it’s fair to say Gibbs’ day are numbered. Not sure who’s going to pay him £60k-£65k pw, though

  13. Dissenter

    Why is Wenger indulging Dubuchy so much.
    He’s on a contract so hold him up to it.
    There’s talk that United want him on loan. I wont be surprised if Wenger’s naiveté rises up to that level.
    The team should always come first.

    The same standard should hold for Wilshere when he does come back.

  14. gambon

    If we want to sell Gibbs I have no doubt we would get a buyer.

    I think Walcott is the only one we would struggle with, due to the ridicuous contract we gave him.

    I dont see us selling them though.

    Wenger loves his babies.

  15. Louis Almeida

    I don’t think Wenger wants to sell Gibbs though he definitely could. Gibbs should be happy with his role because he will never get better than Arsenal. He should just make-do with being a back up LB.

  16. OleGunner

    Arsene’s presser this morning, he threw in a gem of a line I’m sure will get Le Grove frothing at the mouth:

    on club loyalty…
    “The loyalty works two ways. I always consider that I’m paid for my commitment to the club and I’m well paid, so once it is over the club owes me nothing and I have to get on with my life and find another way. I do not expect an reward because it is part of my contract.”

  17. Dissenter

    Wenger: “My prediction is that this could be one of the most active January transfer windows that we’ve seen,” said the Arsenal

    February 1st 2016 update
    Wenger:” The whole period was much quieter than I anticipated, the fact I’m here now shows we’ll still be quiet,”

    I wonder why he keeps giving all these dopey non-Arsenal commentaries.
    It just goes to prove he’s past his sell by date.

  18. Dissenter

    “If we want to sell Gibbs I have no doubt we would get a buyer.”

    Who else will pay 60k weekly for a glorified crocked defender who dodges physical contact?

    I say we’ll struggle to move him on.

  19. Carts


    You’re probably right, and as Gambon mentioned, Wenger has an affinity with his British babies.

    But IF we do sign Chilwell, then what use is 3 LB in our squad? surely logic dictates that Gibbs will more than likely leave for a reduced amount?

  20. Louis Almeida

    Carts, I do not know much about Chilwell but how much of it is paper talk and how much of it is genuine interest? We have two LBs at the moment and it’s not a pressing area for a signing in my opinion.

  21. Carts


    True, but I consider paper talk to read like this: “Arsenal monitoring Neymar contract hiccup” not “Arsenal to lodge second bid of £4m for Chilwell (after snaring their head scout)”

  22. gambon


    The question is, how many teams have an inferior LB to Gibbs?

    I would say at least half the PL do.

    As much as I dont rate him, he wouldnt be out of place for most teams that arent in the top 5-6 spots.

    £60k per week is £3m pa, now when you consider that whoever Gibbs was replacing would probably already be on £20k-£40k per week, it will only be costing them £1m-£2m pa in wages, to have an England international left back.

    Every club in the PL will be getting between £30m and £50m more per season from this summer due to the new TV deal.

    We would easily offload Gibbs for £8m or so if we wanted to.

    It doesnt matter though, cos it wont happen.

  23. David Smith

    Kroenke doesnt like the club spending too much, and Wenger doesnt like spending either.
    I would call it a coalition of the willing.

  24. Carts

    Well something is adding up, cos when you consider we had the likes of (Diaby) Bendtner and Denilson on £50k-£60kpw – how many seasons ago? – make you really question what the agreement is.

    Socialist wages seems to be the norm.

  25. Cesc Appeal

    Gibbs is 26 remember, people think of him in the same way they do Walcott who is approaching 27, just because they play like 16 year olds doesn’t mean they are.

    Monreal is 30 now, so to be honest, whilst he’s still going strong we could do with getting a youngster like Chilwell in to take over in the next couple of seasons. Gibbs is nothing, he won’t be a starter for us, he isn’t a LM, he’s average back up.

    Plus, it should be part of a scheme of lowering the ridiculous British wages, get Chilwell in on a small wage, get rid of the ridiculous £50 000 to £60 000 a week Gibbs is earning, same with Niles, bring him in and get rid of an overpaid British player.

    They don’t really contribute that much, outside of Ramsey, would losing any of them actually impact us in a fooball sense?

  26. Emiratesstroller


    I think that the explanation for ‘underspend’ on first team was a combination of factors:

    1. Wenger did not want to continue spending on “squad” players, because the
    club had plenty on its books already.

    2. There was last summer a very “limited” availability of world class players
    particularly in those positions which required an upgrade. If you take a
    look at what actually happened most of the major clubs both in EPL and
    elsewhere found it almost impossible to acquire top players.

    3. For example Man Utd and Chelsea failed to acquire most of their top targets.
    Many clubs like Everton proved remarkably resilient to offers.

    4. If you look at the players who were sold to English Clubs last summer I
    would venture to suggest that the only players of genuine proven quality
    who moved were Cech, Sterling and De Bruyne. Manchester City had to pay
    a King’s ransom for Sterling and De Bruyne’s services. Everton managed to
    resist the offers of Man Utd and Chelsea for Stones despite significant offers
    being made.

    That does not mean that Arsenal could not have improved their squad. An
    additional CMF/DMF would not have gone amiss.

    As I suggested also during the Summer I would personally have offered Walcott in part exchange for Sterling. Sterling was younger and had better potential than Walcott who I am sure would have been happy to move to Liverpool.

  27. Carts

    Also I read some people were slightly concerned witht the Gabriel and Kos partnership, having only seen Chambers’ goal via vine, I can’t objectively comment on the game and/or their performance. But what I can say is that the longer Wenger persists Mertesacker & Kos, the more it’ll make Gabriel & Kos look amateur.

  28. gambon

    Niles has been a very average Championship player this season.

    To give him game time next season would be ridiculous.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Niles has done fine, and its less ridiculous than spunking wages up the wall to meet a quota, would much rather see a player like that get a chance over a season than the dross we’re currently paying through the nose for.

  30. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Wenger & Kroenke would be a ‘Take Me Out’ 100% ‘Likey’ match after a flirtatious break at Fernandos.

  31. Relieable Sauce

    Chilwell is tiny and hasnt played many top level games due to his age. Cant see him being ready to play back-up to Monreal for a while yet.

  32. Dissenter

    “Plus, it should be part of a scheme of lowering the ridiculous British wages, get Chilwell in on a small wage, get rid of the ridiculous £50 000 to £60 000 a week Gibbs is earning, same with Niles, bring him in and get rid of an overpaid British player.”

    It wont happen though.
    Wenger believes Chilwell’s feelings will be hurt if he earns substrate less that the mean wage if the squad so there wont be any savings.
    Milan paid Flaming about €15k weekly at the end of his contract in 2013, Wenger placed him on the 65k weekly bracket winch would be quadrupling his previous wages.

    Wenger talks a lot about looking for a good deal for players but this is limited to just the transfer fee.

  33. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t think its a case of the British guys needing to pull their weight, they are just on far too much money for their ability level, if Walcott was on £60 000 a week I don’t think as much fuss over his ineptitude would be made, because that would be about the right sort of wages for him.

    Gibbs and Oxlade, £120 000 a week between them, nowhere near worth it.

    They clog up squad space and wages so we expect more from them than they can actually give.

  34. Carts


    “They don’t really contribute that much, outside of Ramsey, would losing any of them actually impact us in a fooball sense?”

    I’ll be brutally honest with you, mate…you could throw Ramsey out with the other lot and not much will be felt. Wilshere has broken down again. I feel for the lad cos all he wants to do is play football, but my gosh the boy is cursed. I read a stat on Sturridge last week and during his time at Liverpool he’s played 55% of game…while picking up £150k pw -________-

    But yeah, your post is spot on. Clearly Ben Wrigglesworth has said something to someone at Arsenal. Could Chilwell have a Bale-vibe about him?

    English LB look like flavour of the month at present: Shaw**, Targett, Rose**, Baines**, Bertrand**, Galloway, Garbutt, Cresswell, Gibbs**, Chilwell

    **We know what they’re about a;ready

  35. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have been remarkably lucky with many of their most recent acquisitions. Noone will argue that Messrs Cech, Monreal,Cazorla,Ozil, Sanchez and
    even Giroud were poor buys. They were all certainly ‘good value for money’.

    Contrast that with some of the other major financial disasters made in recent
    years like Di Maria, Negredo, Soldado and Llana [although he seems to better
    this season]

  36. Dissenter

    I don’t think any of our loaners have done enough to come back to the senior squad.
    Knowing Wenger, I expect that the midfield vacancies will be filled by two returning players.
    People are going to have their hopes dashed come summer 2016.

  37. Cesc Appeal


    This socialist wage policy is ridiculous, because its a smaller waste, less obvious than a massive expenditure on a big player, Wenger gets away with it.

    But I wonder, how much cumulatively has Wenger wasted in wages? You just look this season, Arteta £80 000 a week, Rosicky £70 000 a week, Wilshere £90 000 a week, Walcott £140 000 a week (say for arguments sake £40 000 too high)…just here, four quick examples that is £280 000 a week we’re flushing down the toilet this season alone.

    That’s without considering players like Oxlade and Gibbs who are overpaid etc, that’s without looking beyond this season. That is over £1 Million a month we’re wasting…the great economic expert.

  38. Leedsgunner

    Please…. not these ridiculous Arsene’s doesn’t have the money debates. We know he has the money. He’s always had the money even through the years of new stadium being built… but for the most part spent it badly on mediocre players and rewarding them ridiculous generous wages. You can’t have it both ways.

  39. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, I didn’t include Ramsey because at the very least he plays, is a starter and does provide us with something, although I do agree, he’s playing way below his level right now.

    Indication of that is people talking about a Coq, Elneny middle purely because Elneny is more disciplined and shows more caution with possession. Ramsey is all about the ‘I.’

    That’s what I thought, we landed Leicester’s scout and suddenly we were very interested in Chilwell, you would suspect something was said.

  40. Dissenter

    If we feel Chilwell is that good and is being recommended by a newly signed scoit, they why are we messing around with a £4 million pound bid?
    Leicester will get more than that for him from the tribunal even if his contract expires. He’s highly sought by at least 4 premier league clubs.

    We were happy to pay £12 million for a French RB mot too long ago.

    It doesn’t make sense.

  41. Bamford10

    Lest anyone forget, Southampton trounced Arsenal 4-0 the last time we played (Dec. 26).

    Shane Long bothered the back four with runs in behind and had two goals, and they got two other goals from set pieces (corners, I think).

    We dominated possession (65%), but they had nearly twice as many shots on goal (14 to 8).

  42. Louis Almeida

    I think Wenger will go with Coquelin and Ramsey though I’m still unsure about that partnership too. Elneny played more of a B2B role on Saturday but he can also play DM so I’d like to see him next to Ramsey at some stage. Elneny needs to bulk a little like Monreal and Kos did though.

  43. David Smith

    Read somewhere that as part of the stadium deal, money had to be put aside for the club to remain competitive. Wenger apparently refused to use this to bring too many players in, so he used it on the silly wages instead.
    I am quite sure Wenger would be more than happy if he never had to sign a senior player again.
    However unfortunately, Wengers micro management of his backroom staff has led to difficulties in bringing players up through the failed youth system, the injuries havent helped either, in the youth setup, they have been just as bad, if not worse than the first teamers.
    Thats what happens when one man gets too much power, and is too stubborn to appoint specialists who might be inclined to over rule him

  44. Dissenter

    It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that Wilshere is still 23 year old.
    He’s has the recovery of a 33 year old, like a vintage car being restarted after 50 years of dormancy.

    I have been asking the same question over and over again: The recovery time for a hairline fracture on the fibula is not eight months for a well conditioned young person , is there something else we don’t know yet?

  45. Leedsgunner

    About Santos, Park, Arshavin, Squillaci, Chamakh Flamini Arteta Podolski etc… yes Santi, Mesut, Petr, and Alexis have been good buys recently but we’ve had our share of flops as well. Plenty of them.

    What does Wenger continue to say though? That he’s not afraid to spend and that he will spend on quality… even with his record on flops…

    A spot of genuine humility wouldn’t go amiss and would be good for him!

  46. Leedsgunner

    “Read somewhere that as part of the stadium deal, money had to be put aside for the club to remain competitive. Wenger apparently refused to use this to bring too many players in, so he used it on the silly wages instead.”

    If true and proven that is stupidly arrogant beyond belief.

  47. Dissenter

    The Southampton approach wont be any different from the last time we played.
    They’ll out-run us, close us down and physically harass us until we make errors.

    I think the Chelsea game was far easier to win then tomorrow’s .

  48. Dissenter

    “What does Wenger continue to say though? That he’s not afraid to spend and that he will spend on quality… even with his record on flops…”

    The word you’re looking for is “exceptional quality”

  49. Cesc Appeal

    Bellerin, Mert, Gabriel, Monreal
    ————-Coq, Elneny
    —–Ramsey, Ozil, Sanchez

    Walcott doesn’t deserve to start at ST, but you have to play him there if you’re putting Ramsey at RM and the fact Sanchez can interchange with him seems to bring the best out of the Chilean.

    Elneny was solid enough against Burnley, and we can go back to overloading the middle were Saints bullied us a few weeks back with Ramsey out wide. Also means his lack of discipline won’t hurt us so much…might also serve as a wake up, he has not been been great in the centre and has lost his place to a guy who has played one game for the club.

  50. Bamford10

    I think it would be best to turn the conversation to tomorrow night’s match, rather than rehash the Wenger discussion for the 10,000th time, but three things:

    1. he has had plenty of money to spend for some time now but has elected not to do so on principle (frugality, loyalty, old world ways, etc.)

    2. he is a frugal French economist who regards spending in general and today’s valuations in particular as distasteful and gauche

    3. that he thinks quips like today’s Messi remark are funny show what a fucking senile numpty he is

    All supporters with brains look forward to the day when this twat fucks off.

  51. Dream10

    Chamberlain will definitely get a new deal sometime in the fall. Probably until 2021. With Walcott, the best club can do is to loan him out next year. Arsenal will likely need to pay half his wages though.

    Amavi of Aston Villa will develop into a very good LB (out for Season). He has Ashley Cole’s competitiveness. Turning 22 this year.

    Have not seen Chilwell play. He any good?

  52. Louis Almeida

    My team (high press)

    Bellerin Gabriel Kos Monreal
    Coq Elneny
    Camobell Ozil Alexis

    I know Wenger will play Ramsey though but I like the balance the above two has even though it was only one game and it was Burnley.

  53. gambon

    Cesc Appeal

    Define “fine”?

    Players that are average in the championship cant possibly come in and help a team that are at worst the 10th best club in the world.

    If Maitland-Niles was an Ipswich player this season there is no way in the world any scouts would be urging Wenger to snap him up.

    Demerai Gray is a better player…we werent interested in him for 3m.

    The same goes for Akpom, Toral, Gnabry etc…..if they werent already Arsenal players there is no way Arsenal would be interested.

  54. Dissenter

    Simon Collings (@sr_collings)

    10 secs ago – View on Twitter

    Mathieu Debuchy to Bordeaux on loan with no option to buy [L’Equipe] #AFC

    The ambition-deprived manager put the player’s feelings above the team’s aspirations.

    Q—-I wonder what happens if Ballerin goes down injured tomorrow?
    A—– Another Wenger-manufactured injury crises.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    Why with no option to buy? Surely we’re looking to sell him in the summer. That deal just makes no sense at all.

    But there you go, Chambers was a CB, then a RB until torn to pieces, then a CDM,but he scored from RB on Saturday so I guess he’s a RB again now.

  56. Dissenter

    I’m beginning to feels sorry for Chambers.
    He’s mot going to amount to much under Wenger because he keeps playing him all over the field.

    He needs to move away from Arsenal for his own sake.
    What an unserious manager, one day the kid is the mercurial DM, another day he’s RB, then CB. I wont be surprised if be prayers him as center forward because of the well taken goal against Burney.

  57. Red&White4life

    So, our pal John Terry will not finish his career at chelscum…
    Sad news for so many footballer wives lol

  58. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Is Ramsey really playing below his level?
    …or is this his real level after a purple patch where nothing went wrong for him?

  59. Drey

    Cesc Appeal
    love your comment on Ramsey getting a wake up call. You know,out of the numerous failings of Wenger,this is what gets me most. He doesnt add to the team simply because he doesnt want his favs to feel threatened in the team,making them complacent and the is worse off. I mean,i get it if you refuse to buy to replace Alexis,but still..

  60. Carts

    Wenger should’ve said it for what is was. Wilshere fractured his tibia/fibula. To refer to it as a hairline fracture is disingenuous at the very least. His recovery attribute is worrisome. If he can’t heal from hairline fractures in mere weeks then God help us when he does an ACL

  61. Carts

    re: Ramsey

    don’t get me wrong, Ramsey isn’t the worst player around, but he rubs me the wrong way when I see him play. That purple patch is the worst thing that has ever happened to Ramsey. His head has gone!

  62. Leedsgunner

    If we feel Chilwell is that good and is being recommended by a newly signed scoit, they why are we messing around with a £4 million pound bid?

    That’s Wenger’s way. If he doesn’t succeed… he can fall back on his usual, “Don’t blame me I tried to sign….” as if that means anything.

  63. goonerboy

    This transfer window is classic Wenger- buys a couple of 17 year olds, buys a cheap obscure midfielder from a lower ranked league-hoping that his injury prone squad will be fit enough.
    Wenger would buy big if a top player fell into his lap-at the right price- i.e not market rates. or salaries which means this is unlikely- though not impossible.
    These are not the actions of a manager striving to manage the number one team in England or trying seriously to win the ECL.
    Hes not bothered unduly that his team cannot beat Chelsea in a competitive game or will be humiliated again by Barcelona. as we were away at Bayern.
    Complacent Wengers aim is 4th place- and ECL money. nothing more.
    The gentleman Board cannot see beyond Wenger- a potentially big club only able to think small. A weak Board fatally flawed by the self interest of its members.

  64. OleGunner

    Damn City get Pep.

    No one left of a high caliber to take over once Wenger leaves in 2017.
    Guardiola was my dream coach!

    Future not looking so great long term now that all the good coaches are snapped up.

  65. Biggles

    So the rumours of Debuchy leaving keep happening. Why oh why would this even be a consideration? Who is our backup if anything happens to Bellerin? Chambers? He doesn’t appear to be able to hack it. At least Debuchy is an international and has plenty of PL experience.

  66. Cesc Appeal

    What’s the betting we didn’t even bother our arses to try and entice him, its all irrelevant now, and pro-Wenger people will say they offered him oil money we couldn’t, but you can almost guarantee no one at the club is even thinking about change.

  67. salparadisenyc

    Ruthless ownership right there, brining Pep in whilst team is fighting in four fronts. Into the final of the league cup.

  68. #WAHT

    February 1, 2016 13:06:56

    re: Ramsey

    Couldnt agree with you more. Going to have him for another 3 seasons before he has another good spell. Feel like we should get shot.

    As for the Debuchy thing, people need to chill out. Wengers been saying he’ll not be sold and only go on loan with a recall option. Makes sense, at least he’s playing as he’s been awful for us when asked to stand in.

  69. OleGunner

    Can see Bould taking over the reigns..in 2030 once Wenger is off life support lol.

    In all seriousness though, City will be a frightening outfit with Pep’s managerial brilliance and the Sheik’s bottomless money barrel.

    Arsenal really have to win the league this season, any other time will be
    infinitely more hard.

  70. Cesc Appeal


    Guardiola at City, United and Chelsea will both be snaring new bosses in the summer, Klopp will have his first summer window and Liverpool and Pochettino may still be at Spurs building.

    Meanwhile we’re stuck with Triple D.

    Wenger needs to win the league this year, I think a lot of his support will star ebbing away if we throw this away and have to watch our rivals bring in top bosses.

  71. Danny

    Chambers? He doesn’t appear to be able to hack it.
    He’ll be good enough to make us limp over the line to get 4th.

  72. NEEG


    Pep’s first choice was AFC. He even offered to take a year out to fit in with AW’s current contract. It appears IG has become a ditherer – just like his manager & boss.

  73. Cesc Appeal

    Going to be huge changes at City, will make for a very interesting summer for them.

    Be like nails on chalkboard listening to Wenger welcome his new rival and wish him well.

  74. Red&White4life

    “Wenger welcome his new rival and wish him well.”

    Ah ah ah, it’s getting better and better with Ze specialist in welcomze!!

  75. OleGunner

    Don’t see what’s naive about wanting Pep at Arsenal as a fan.

    If anything it shows ambition as he’s the best in class.
    Sure our chances were very slim but after Wenger, he’d have been the perfect shot in the arm this club needs.

  76. Up 4 grabs now

    Dead man walking at city. Might affect them hopefully.
    Wengers New contract to be announced next!
    Should have lined up ancelotti when we had the chance!

  77. underrated Coq

    Wow..gotta feel sorry for Pellegrini. His conferences from now on will be awkward, so will the mood in that dressing room I hope.

    Pep Guardiola’s reputation will surely take a hit. ” I only go to clubs which can give me mountains of cash and I don’t do long-term either “. Hah..even the much maligned Jose Mourinho proved himself with a lesser club in Porto.

  78. kc

    Same shit different year. Good thing is I care less and less as time goes by. Wenger has made a mockery of this club. Arsene’s Financial Club is what AFC should really imply.

  79. Red&White4life

    “Don’t see what’s naive about wanting Pep at Arsenal as a fan.”
    Then there’s nothing I can do for you lol

  80. Brooklyn

    Pressing game with Ozil as CAM is no good….Best we can do is the lineup Cesc posted with either Giroud or Walcott…but Elneny will be in bench….also people won’t learn until we are shredded to pieces from crosses and set-pieces without Mert….all of the tall strikers(almost all teams in PL have atleast one who are very good in air) will win long ball against Gabriel and Kos leading us to stay even deep….pressing can do shit against long balls if we can’t win those long balls….and then if we sit deep I don’t trust either of Kos or Gabriel to maintain position or deal with crosses…..New CB needed….Kos or Gabriel should be sold before Mert….New CB, Mert, Kos/Gabriel, Chambers/Monreal are good enough four CB….one young substitute, one veteran player(substitute), and two 1st teamers…need a DM too as backup or competition to Coq….

  81. Up 4 grabs now

    Well presuming Wenger stays Doh!
    Maureen pops up at utd.
    Who gets the poisoned chalice at chelsea, pellergrini?

  82. Brooklyn

    Pep to City. Well shit….without expending in 3-4 top class players next season we can forget about competing for league….And also hopefully City will be distracted enough to make only spuds and Leicester city as our main title threat season this season…

  83. Danny

    I don’t ever recall this happening before whereby a new manager is announced at the start of February. I mean Man C are still in all 4 competitions, imagine if they were to win all 4 then what would be the point of replacing Pellegrini?
    Completely weird.

  84. salparadisenyc

    Flip side: To be fair City not really performing up to potential by announcing this they’ve just lit the fire as everyone’s now playing for a contract with future manager.

  85. kc

    Umm sorry to burst the bubble of all you dreamers out there. But we have 0 chance of winning the league. It’s not something Wenger is interested in attempting at his old age. He needs built in excuses to hide the fact he’s a shit manager. You know like overplaying players until they break, then referring to those players coming back from injury as “like a new signing ‘. It’s clear as day to the long time supporters. Fourth place here we come.

  86. Carts

    City will have about £200m to play with in the summer, you just wait and see. That purchase from the Chinese conglomerate will free up crazy cash.

    This will be a massive test for Pep. Lest we forget, when Pep first joined Bayern, he pretty much went full Ctrl, Alt, Delete on what Jupp Hynckes had done. Unless I’m mistaken, bothe Sammer and Robben made direct comments about his approach. I very much expect Bayern to reach the semi-final; but I think Barcelona might win it.

    Now at City, he’ll be taking over from a team that isn’t the most cohesive or dominant as they should be. Stylistically, he’ll improve them definitively and at retaining possession (though this isn’t actually a problematic area).

    If he thinks he’s going to do dumb shit like 3 at the back then he’s seriously mistaken. lol

    My prediction is bids for Stones, Barkley, Dybabla, Pogba, Griezzman, Koke, Verrati et al

  87. Tomtom

    We all know that fourth place is the best this squad can hope for with Wenger in charge.
    Surely a hungry manager would have made the necessary signings required to push this team on.
    It’s utter incompetence from Wenger that is costing us trophies

  88. underrated Coq

    ‘I’ve got so much more respect for Jurgen Klopp attempting to revive a fallen giant than Guardiola again taking charge of the richest team in the league.’

    A comment I completely agree with.

  89. qna

    Pep to City. Not surprising. Doesnt bother us, we have far more to worry about than that. Mourinho to United next? Maybe. Dont care about that either.

    City will sell off a lot of mediocere players at discounted prices. Can Wenger resist? Thats what I am more concerned with. We can fill our squad with more Welbecks.

  90. Chika

    Wenger’s priority is not to appease the fans. His main objective is to make his employers happy and ultimately retain his job.
    As fans, we can only hope Stan Kroenke cares about the fans (winning trophies).

  91. Cesc Appeal

    Well, if Wenger doesn’t compete at least until the very last knockings, then there is nowhere for him to hide, I fully expect the excuses about spend and injuries to come out, but they aren’t really excuses.

    Very interesting few months, landscape of EPL will change, Guardiola at City, new bosses at Chelsea and United, Spurs developing strongly, Liverpool under Klopp…could be a lot of pressure on Wenger, will only make Arsenal fans more restless for change.

  92. #WAHT

    Don’t know what you people are on about distraction.

    From what i’ve seen the players and board are still behind Pellegrini, and from what he’s saying he knew, the players knew and he’s been involved in the whole thing. I hardly think that’ll derail them.

    TBH for a few of their big players they might need to start impressing more to make Pep’s cut before he starts making up numbers to bid for Europes elite.

    If anything, I think this will help them kick on.

  93. Rambo Ramsey

    I’ve got a funny feeling Pepsy will get shown up in this league. with or without Pepsy, Barca still extraordinare. Messi influence was higher than the manager’s. Bayern were at at their peak before Pepsy haven’t been the same since. next up City, never been much of a dominant side in the country.

  94. Cesc Appeal

    Wonder who will take over at United, I really can’t see it being Mourinho, and I just think Simeone might end up at Chelsea…Pocehttino maybe?

  95. Carts


    So Sanchez is going to drive north after Arsenal accept a nominal fee? no chance. For Sanchez to go to City, I can see us accepting anything under £70m. It’ll be am EPL transfer record at very least

  96. Whitty

    Pep to shitty….

    Arsenal FC……. R. I. P


    Wenger for 3 more fuckin years.

    Sad just fuckin sad.

    Aim for 4th again is on…. i”m so excited….

    Getting fucking boring now.

    WENGER OUT!!!!!!

  97. Alfie

    I know its a lazy argument but does anyone else feel Pep has taken the easy option AGAIN?

    Im not saying go and manage Sunderland but Utd/Arsenal would have been more of a challenge and more interesting………..

  98. Red&White4life

    “That purchase from the Chinese conglomerate will free up crazy cash. ”

    There’s 2 words wenger likes in this quote. The last 2.

  99. Moray

    Guardiola to City shows a huge lack of class on his side.

    I don’t think he needs the money so why not try to go to a club that isn’t the richest in its league? He’s still a young guy. Maybe he’s not as good as everyone thinks he is. And the way he did this all halfway through the season is really distasteful. Seems he has to be the biggest news…cunt!

  100. qna

    Thats pretty much the end of Bony. Was a terrible buy in the first place. Who else is finished? Nasri, Sagna, Clichy?

  101. Danny

    He enjoys the freedom he gets at Arsenal.
    Maybe but he said at the end of last season that the season was a failure coz we didn’t win the league, so what will he say at the end of this one when we end up 4th?
    I hope you’ll be right.

  102. #WAHT

    Yeah he has Alfie.

    Unfortunately it’s hard argue that’s not the right thing to do. He’ll be judged on trophies and by going to the most financially powerful clubs who are already winning trophies he keeps winning. Keeping the contracts short means it limits the chance to go sour before he departs on good terms because that’s all he agreed to do.

    Same as Mourinho, turn up with new manger effect, beast the team, chuck them and spend money, leave.

    I’m not saying as a fan I wouldn’t want the short term glory but I’d imagine he’ll leave City in a state like United after 3 years.

  103. qna

    People saying Pep os not taking a challenge are being ridiculous. He could have stayed at Bayern. City have never won the CL and not many PL teams manage it for that matter. Pep will have to take City to a plane of existance that no PL team has before to compete with Bayern, Barca and Madrid. It is certainly a massive challenge. Will he be heavily funded – yes. But so have plenty of PL managers before him and without much success. His competitors for the CL will also be no less funded than Pep. Madrid, PSG, Barca and United will all be given as much as Pep to spend and all but United start with a much better squad.

    Taking the easy way out comments on here are ridiculous.

  104. Whitty

    So much to look forward to…

    Wenger new contract
    Bould or remi grade as new manager
    No money to spend(wont fuckin spend anyway tight cunt)
    500m in cash in bank 2022
    Season ticket price increase
    Selling Alexis and ozil
    Jack Wheelchair still injured

    List goes on

  105. underrated Coq

    “Who else is finished?”

    Yaya Toure

    ” Taking the easy way out comments on here are ridiculous. ”

    Nope, they make perfect sense. I can already see his next move being PSG. If Mourinho gets a shellacking for being a ‘chequebook manager’, Guardiola should get the same.

    As far as winning the CL with City goes, Lol..good luck with that. I mean, he couldn’t do it with Bayern fucking Munich.

  106. Alfie

    “Taking the easy way out comments on here are ridiculous.”


    Unlimited resources
    Best team in the BPL
    Potentially one of the top 5 best teams in the world.

  107. Moray

    “Same as Mourinho, turn up with new manger effect, beast the team, chuck them and spend money, leave.”

    Right. It seems the younger managers have the same attitude as the players these days. Funny though, since Guardiola was a one team player; one of the last most probably. I really wonder who is advising the guy. His timing moving to Bayern was terrible, and now he is just moving to a club that is shitting on its history and announcing it halfway through the season thereby undermining the current manager.

  108. daz

    “As far as winning the CL with City goes, Lol..good luck with that. I mean, he couldn’t do it with Bayern fucking Munich.”

    Yeah was thinking the same, like I said at the end of last season Luis Enrique is now the best manager in the world lol wonder why

  109. qna

    UC:Nope, they make perfect sense.

    No they dont actually. Only a moron could argue that a manager who is wanted by nearly all of the top teams in the world should choose a poorly funded team to prove something. What a ridiculous notion.

  110. Louis Almeida

    Guardiola wasn’t a chequebook manager at Barca. Many of the improvements he made were internal. He took a team that finished 4th the season he took over to winning the double. He got rid of Ronaldinho, Deco, Yaya Toure and went with many youth players so he definitely proved himself. I’m disappointed in him taking the City job but he already said he isn’t a long term manager so people should know what they’re getting.

  111. Johnty79

    Stoke have signed imbula. He just the strong dominant midfielder we need to off set the the weaklings we have in the team. He is abit vieira ish. Wenger refuse to compete with man utd Chelsea in the market. It now appears we can’t compete with stoke or Everton.

    Even dombia on lone would of give us some completion.

  112. Alfie

    “No they dont actually. Only a moron could argue that a manager who is wanted by nearly all of the top teams in the world should choose a poorly funded team to prove something. What a ridiculous notion.”

    Bless. Its hard for you to understand the point.

  113. rollen

    February 1, 2016 13:25:19

    Ruthless ownership right there, brining Pep in whilst team is fighting in four fronts. Into the final of the league cup.

    In this case it will even help IMO – all City players know that Pep is already watching them closely.


  114. Carts


    Pep is top class; but I think there are a lot of factors to consider before we conclude that he’s taken the easy route.

    Look at it like this: so Pep’s rep put the word out that Pep won’t be staying past 15/16 at Munich, every team from Accrington Stanley to Madrid now have a chance to look objectively at their situation and going forward.

    For arguments sake, let’s take City, Arsenal and Utd.

    City: Haven’t really surged forward with Pellegrini, some say his appointment was underwhelming and had an air of Mancini about (well that what I thought anyway). He spent close to £200m and yet if City were to play Barcelona or Munich tomorrow, it would be messy. They could’ve sacked him in the summer but held off. Fuck all has changed now he’s free to go.

    Arsenal: won back to back trophies for the first time in 9 seasons. Still can’t figure out how to get past the QF of the champions league. Looks like were choking the EPL. Wenger’s methods are tried and tested to the point where the team go through the motion – no thanks to the disparity in player quality and poor planning.

    Utd: similar to Manici/Pellegrini analogy, Utd bring in a relic in LVG. At first I thought it was a wise choice especially after the shit fest Moyes served up. LVG said “judge me after 6 months”, almost 24 months later Utd still look like their on pre-season in Austria (hold on, wait…). He’s spent £250m, bored OT to tears, sponsors looking at them side-ways and rumours of dressing room unrest are well publicised. Woodward has pissed of a few people at Utd with his dealings, and probably didn’t want yolk on his face by sacking LVG before the summer 2016.

    Quite frankly, in this case, City simply showed the most ambition and made that abundantly clear. I mean, can you imagine what Gazidis would’ve told Pep over the phone? “hey Pep, I love your work! We really think you’d be a good fit with Arsenal but right now Wenger is being vague cos he wants to prove he can win the league with Walcott, Giroud and JC. If he fucks up, then there’s a 12.5% chance he’ll leave. If he wins the league he gets a new 2 year ext. Fancy hanging around to see the outcome?”

  115. Emiratesstroller

    I am always nervous when Arsenal pursue English players, because our track
    record with them in recent years has not been exactly wonderful.

    The one player who might possibly have made the grade if compared to some of our European acquisitions was Wilshire, but sadly he is injury prone.

    The three acquisitions from Southampton i.e. Walcott, Ox and Chambers flattered to deceive. I think that Liverpool will confirm also very similar experience with ex players from that club.

    Welbeck like most of the other English players has proved injury prone.

    Gibbs is not a great player, but he is good enough to sit on bench and he did not cost us like Wilshere a transfer fee.

    The reality is that we need home grown players so for the time being until we
    discover real talent we are obliged to keep these players and pay them ‘inflated wages’.

  116. qna

    Seeing that Southampton want to sign Oxlaide on loan for the remainder of the season.

    If we managed our squad properly and had replaced RosFlamTeta in the summer this would have been a golden opportunity for Arsenal.

    Koeman is a superior manager to Arsene and the team plays high quality football. He might have come back the player he was on track to be a couple of years ago.

  117. Carts

    “Wenger refused to loan Debuchy to Man Utd as he believes them to be title contenders”

    4th place contenders. Couldn’t resist. Anyway, as you were..

  118. Red&White4life

    “Wenger refused to loan Debuchy to Man Utd as he believes them to be title contenders”
    Yeah, I think he did the same things some years ago with a famous arsenal striker…