Heavy rotation rewarded with a controlled Arsenal victory

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So, that was, well, pretty good.

I mean, yeah. Next round. No real drama. Some new 2016 faces. Some good performances. Some ok performances.

But qualification.

The biggest disappointment from the day had to be the fans. Half the stadium empty by 90th minute. Very flat as well. I get it though, I’ve been in that zone. Too many games in too short a time. You’re spoilt and it’s hard to motivate yourself to be THE GREATEST FAN OF ALL TIME every week.

The starting line-up was quite interesting and certainly merited more fan enthusiasm. Coquelin, Iwobi and Elneny in the middle. Sanchez, Giroud and Chambo in the front line. Chambers, Gibbs and Gabriel new in the backline. Ospina in goal.

They played pretty well considering the change as well. Iwobi continued where he left off. Tight control, working space well, composed. I thought Coquelin looked relatively solid bar the strange collapse in the build up to their goal. Elneny did a good job as well. Unspectacular, but very steady. Not a destroyer, that’s for sure. Loves a long shot, Wenger will have that beaten out of him in no time.

We opened the scoring in odd fashion, Iwobi passed to Sanchez on the edge of the area, the Chilean poked it to Chambers… our new right back side footed a shot into the top corner. Straight from the book of Bergkamp!

We let Burnley back in though. We didn’t clear on the edge of the box, Vokes was fed a peach of a cross which he finished with a bullet header.

We picked up in the second half, a lovely counter attack, Iwobi fed Chamberlain out wide, he crossed dangerously and Sanchez rifled into the top corner. He doesn’t miss from there.

I can’t not praise Ospina for making some tidy saves. Our backline was pretty shaky all day and he was called upon to be decisive a few times and he delivered.

I also thought it was a positive day for Chamberlain. He landed an assist and he was far more productive than he usually is.

Still not sure about Chambers as our right back. He’s so green. He’d cost us in big games and he’d be top of your ‘here’s how we get at them’ list if you were an opposing manager.

Two final things. Am I the only one who shouts ‘DISGRACE’ when I hear Theo is our longest serving player? I am? Ok.

I know that am I not the only one who shout ‘HE’S GONNA MISS THIS’ when Theo is through on goal under no pressure. Because that’s what happens every time. Last minute, he has the chance to bury it, he has time to think, he uses that time to think about his favourite sandwich, he blows it.

In big games, against big teams. That is your one chance. Against Barca, he might only get one chance over two legs. That’s why we’re not 2004 elite. Too many players like him in the side who can’t deliver under pressure.

Anyway, we won the game. We’re on for 3 in 3. We picked up no injuries and successfully rotated our squad again.


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  1. Emiratesstroller

    The bottom line for better or worse we are still in 3 competitions and the closest to the top of EPL that we have been for some time.

    We have managed to get there this season despite a series of injuries to key players. You can criticise Wenger for not buying an outfield player in summer specifically a DMF or even failing to bring in cover for Wilshire and Welbeck.

    So let’s wait and see how we perform in next two months before making a judgment whether we are going to suddenly collapse.

    The fact of the matter is that we have lost this season 5 games in league including two against Chelsea where we have lost 3 players to red cards. Most
    other clubs in similar circumstances would have lost those games.

    So when we talk about bad performances in EPL this season we are talking about defeats against West Ham, WBA and Southampton. If we look at Man
    City I would suggest that they have not performed any better than ourselves.

  2. WengersSweeties


    January 31, 2016 19:19:52

    “Constant moaning on a blog is not real!! It shows a lack of something worthwhile to do with ones time.”

    The irony.

  3. Marc


    You made the statement that made you look stupid “any other manager would have won the league this year”

    Don’t get pissed off that I showed you up, I’m not an AKB but saying “Wenger’s a cunt” 35 times a day doesn’t change anything and stops any moderate middle of the road fan taking comments seriously. We end up with a very vocal set of two minorities who shout each other down and when anyone dares to oppose their view they get shouted down and labelled. Put a considered constructive argument across and I’ll agree or disagree and put my view but you border on fanaticism.

  4. Loyika


    We keep Wenger in charge!? Must check my birth certificate again!? Didn’t know i was related to Silent Stan!? Damn it!! I’m Rich Bytches!!!

  5. Joe


    Wenger himself said coming in top 4 is more important than winning the fa cup

    There you go son

    How many league titles has Wenger
    Won? 3. GG won 2.

    How many times has weneger won in Europe. 0. Even GG won in Europe

    But yes. Talk
    About yeh fa cups

  6. Loyika


    They are not my FACs they are for the team i support. And i do remember saying 12!? Which means all the FACs won by ARSENAL FC and not Arsene. Jeez!!

  7. gambon


    Could you explain how journeyman Claudio Ranieri is sitting 3 points clear of Wenger?

    Considering Wenger is the best in the world an all that.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    It isn’t exactly surprising the AKB’s/pro-Wenger fans what have you, don’t want to really talk about Wenger for extended periods, they sort of dip into discussions, make some disingenuous point and then run away again.

    It’s not some revelatory point to make. They don’t not talk him, they avoid talking about him, there’s a difference.

  9. Loyika

    But the WOBs that talk about him are always right!? Funny logic.

    Everyone is entitled to support the team whichever way they like (no one puts money in the pocket of the other to support the team)

    So the constant labelling of fans is just childish!

  10. Marc


    No I can’t, Ranieri is having a cracking season and certainly deserves manager of the season. Not sure I’d call him a journeyman but I certainly wouldn’t have put him in the “Elite” category at the start of the season.

    I don’t think Wenger is the best in the world – you just don’t get it. I don’t care who is in charge of Arsenal I will always support the club. I want Arsenal to win everything, doesn’t mean I think they will and I do think it’s time for Wenger to go but if winning something means Wenger adds something to his managerial CV then I don’t care.

    How far would you go to get rid of Wenger?

  11. Cesc Appeal

    ‘So the constant labelling of fans is just childish!’

    You mean like you’ve done for the past hour in a conversation by yourself?

    No one said who was right or wrong, just that pro-Wenger fans don’t seem to have much stamina in a debate about their guy, with a few exceptions on here. They normally just end up making a totally idiotic statement, turning into an enormous hypocrite, or just making stuff up, one such man achieved all of those in the space of a few posts today, quite impressive.

  12. WengersSweeties


    I’ve noticed that too. Far too precious these AKBs.

    The penny should drop when you have such a divide in supporters that Wenger isn’t performing.

  13. Loyika


    We know Arsene’s record in Europe is piss poor but blaming him for everything including The Zika virus isn’t tge way to go.

    Arsene has his bad sides, buy he also has his good side. Saying that he is the worst thing that happened to Arsenal is just banter and ones opinion, which is fair enough. However stating it as “fact” is just plain wrong.

    He might not be the best Manager in the World but he certainly ain’t the worst.

  14. Loyika


    I never labelled anyone. I used rhe term “So called” as a means to show how stupid it is. What i couldn’t stomach was the constant statements of people wanting the team to lose in order to prove a point.

    Have no problem whatsoever on which side of tge “so called” divide people chose to stand (afterall the Swiss were neutral c@nts through out the WWs)

  15. WengersSweeties


    Who’s blaming Wenger for the Zika virus or global warming?

    What are talking about?

    He’s rightly being blamed for holding us back so peruse his failing projects.

    Are you from the USA……..Just out of interest?

  16. Joe

    The fact they are bringing up the charity shield to defend the wanker says it all.


    You’re right about the hypocrisy.

    How can we compete against the money clubs. But it’s ok we draw stoke who make
    1/4 our revenue and salaries are a 1/4 less because well ‘ we just don’t do well up there”
    Our amazing brilliant manager can’t figure out how to beat , or even score against a stoke in the middle of a title race when we desperately need points. Or beat a Chelsea team who’ve only won 7 all season. 2 against us. We can’t even score against Chelsea but the div 1/2 team they played today can even score against the chavs

    Goof thing he earns 8,5 m a season

  17. Loyika

    Hmmmm!? Anyways CA i have no issues with you mate.

    Like i mentioned to Joe once, we are all fans. I chose to support the through thick and thin (and take the highs and lows in equal measure) however i draw rhe line in actually wanting my team to lose a game. If ever i get to that point then i would stop watching the Arsenal.

    Eitherways, it’s all good.

  18. Marc


    Answer the question – how far would you go to get rid of Wenger? I’ll make it easy and give you multiple choices.

    i) Finish outside the top 4

    ii) Get relegated

    iii) Club goes bankrupt and ceases to exist

  19. Loyika


    Wish i was. Just to live in a country where Trump could actually become the President and control actual Nuclear arsenals seems like fun.

    Imagine – Trump vs Putin vs Kim!! (Add Iran and Bibi in the mix and we have a safer world to look forward to for the future)

  20. Joe


    Don’t need the team to lose to prove a point

    The point has been made over and over and over again since 2005.

    Wenger proves the point all by himself.

    Humiliating losses and draws.
    Blowing the title in numerous years because of stubbornness and not buying in Jan. Or in the summer.
    Substitutions. Liverpool being the latest fiasco.
    Press conferences. 50000 substitution. Etc
    Not plying arshavin to prove a point.
    Playing Sanago.
    Buying Kallstrom
    Keeping faith in Denilson. Bedtner, Ox Walcott Doujoru
    Buying and defending Silvestre.
    Keeping faith with almunia
    Should I keep going ??? I’m
    Sure others can add to the list.

  21. daz


    I think the problem is as joe demonstrates on a daily basis that the “extreme wob” talks so much shit it in an attempt to belittle anything Wenger does it causes the wob argument to get tidius, I have no issue with the majority of reasonable peoples arguments against Wenger because yes he fucks up as does all humans from time to time, I actually can’t wait for him to step down just to make things interesting again

  22. Relieable Sauce

    3 leagues and zero European trophies in 19 years is not the record of a good manager.
    You have to be deluded to think otherwise, as most AKBs are. Thats to be expected tbh…but the fans who claim not to be Wengerites still cheer any crumb of hope and peddle the myth we will sort out the lack of quality next TW….WTF is that all about??

  23. Sam

    If it wasn’t for arsenal academy we wouldn’t have David O’leary, Tony Adams, Ray Parlour et all.
    Idiots like Jambon think it started with Wenger n Wilshere so they hate Arsenal academy which is part of our tradition n will be here even after Wenger

  24. Joe


    How many times does he have to fuck up before you realize he is just not as good as you think
    He is

    I’d think 11 seasons of fucking up would be enough.

    Just check the quick list I made up off the top of my head. I’m
    Sure it can be doubled if actual thought is put into it

    I wish Wenger would leave so I never have to talk about the cunt ever again

  25. Joe

    How many Fuck ups before it’s more it’s just who he is rather than fuck ups

    Its like Ox. How many shit seasons can he have before it’s realized he is crap and not Just out of form

  26. Joe


    Who has Wenger produced out of our academy that even come close to those you just mentioned


    The academy is a failure under Wenger

  27. daz


    I would agree with you if

    1. He had gone from dominant team to dominant team ala José
    2. We were a dominant team when he arrived
    3. The club already had the infrastructure to succeed on a regular basis

    But no we are a club who have never been dominant in our history. so are we in a better position to compete now than when he arrived? If so he must have done something OK along the way.

  28. Cesc Appeal


    Well we’re in agreement with that end part 😉

    Wenger is an incredibly divisive figure, he inspires a lot of heated arguments, you see it everywhere not just on here.

    I think the thing is, posters like myself are just a little bored of everything Arsenal now because it all so predictable. The pro-Wenger people say ‘aren’t you bored of repeating yourself?’ I would answer ‘yes…a thousand times yes, the fact I’m repeating myself annually mean the same things are happening annually.’

    In general it is very good on here, far better than any other comments section, I mean pro-Wenger people complain on here but if someone like myself, who to be honest, I don’t think I really insult people a whole lot, unless they just flat out lie about something, try to cover obvious hypocrisy or say something blatantly disingenuous, but I would banned after 10 minutes on somewhere like Untold.

    I do get what you’re saying, but then its bad on both ends.

    The fact Wenger has been around for almost two decades promotes restlessness, his mistakes are his mistakes, and they repeat annually, so its only natural that with each passing year the pissed off get more pissed off and the defenders get more defensive.

    The main difference is, the ‘anti-Wenger’ people see history and they predict the future off of that, whereas the ‘pro-Wenger’ think the future will change at some point, Wenger won’t make the same mistakes this time and things will fall into place.

    The fact that it is a ‘belief’ argument if you like is what leads to the heat. Pro-Wenger’s think anti-Wenger’s are being pessimistic, anti-Wenger’s think pro-Wenger’s are being deluded.

  29. Joe


    If you are going to quote me, please quote the whole thing wanker

    I said SINCE we are NOT going to win the title it may as well be Spurs or Leicester.

    Not instead of us. Not I want them to win

    Since we are NOT going to win

    LOL. Wanker.

  30. naijagunner

    One would have thought Wenger met Arsenal at the height of European and domestic domination and drag us down to the level we are at now.

    I get that the man has stayed around for too long in most people’s eyes but come on guys…do most of you really believe all the stuffs u spout on here?

  31. alexanderhenry

    Taking into account all the injuries we’ ve had, we find ourselves in a great position. Sanchez is back as is coquelin, and I like the look of elneny. We have some tough games ahead but I fancy us to beat man u and get results at city and spurs. If we prevail- there’s a very good chance we will- a lot of you on here will look very silly indeed. I’m looking forward to the excuses actually.
    Seriously though, some of the more extreme anti wengerism out there is ignorant and disrespectful.
    Wenger is arsenal’s most successful manager whether anyone likes it or not. He has kept the club challenging and in the top four despite an enforced austerity period introduced- so we’re told anyway- as a result of the stadium move. Since the temporary financial changes at ‘self sustainable’ arsenal, he has delivered two FA cups and continued CL qualification, and despite the all too brief cash splash a couple of seasons ago, he has achieved this with a fraction of the resources afforded to those managers many of you rate so highly.
    Arsenal fans with any sense of loyalty and common sense should at least get behind the team until the end of the season, wait and see what happens and shut up about the manager.

  32. Joe

    We had won in Europe two seasons before Wenger got here. And he inherited DB 10, and possibly best back 5 in Europe.

    And still couldn’t win in Europe

  33. daz


    You have no idea of how good I think Wenger is, you assume I think light shines out of his arse just because I don’t hate him, the FA cup is a very old competition and has had great managers throughout the years trying to win it yet Wenger has won it more times than any of them its an amazing feat for such a shit manager

  34. Joe

    He has kept the club challenging and in the top four

    No he has not kept us challenging. We haven’t challenged for the league in 11 seasons and CL only once.

    And we are always in the top 4 as per revenues etc so top 4 is no achievement. It’s bare minimum.

    He has never over achieved.

    Fa cups. Bare minimum for a club of our stature.

    It’s an over achievement for Portsmouth and Wigan to win it. Not Arsenal.

  35. gary

    Easy with the wanker bit..why so aggressive.. Do you want Arsenal to win the league this season with old Wenger in charge..a yes or no will suffice

  36. Joe

    Arry and whoever Wigan manager. It was a great feat for them.


    You’re missing the point.

    Fa cups along with some titles in the last 11 seasons and competing in the CL would of been great

    But 2 fa cups by themselves is not enough for a team like Arsenal

    Sorry you can try to spin it anyway you can but 2 fa cups in 11 seasons for a club of Arsenal’s stature and revenues is crap

  37. gambon


    How far would i go to get rid of Wenger?

    I wouldnt….its not my job.

    Would i be bothered if we finished 5th? Not really….theres no difference between 4th and 5th really…..we just get into a competition that Wenger could never possibly win.

    If the board or Wenger came out and categorically stated a non CL finish would mean a change of manager I would take it in a heart beat.

    We may not underavchieve under Wenger….but we certainly never over achieve.

    Not to mention how absolutely shicking his understanding of real basic stuff is.

  38. gary

    You say of course Joe but I find that hard to believe..the man u hate would b getting all the credit..his stupid smile would b from ear to ear.. how could you possibly want that

  39. Joe

    They want to be in the CL for the money.

    Money that Wenger never spends

    So what’s the point of being in the CL

    Never will compete in it under Wenger. Will never spend the money we make in it under weneger

  40. daz


    Yeah I suppose saying in our entire history was incorrect but I wasn’t thinking that far back at the time of writing

  41. Redtruth

    If ever there was an.example of somebody needing to take up his coaching badges then Wenger is your man..

    Tactically naive unable to understand or read the game hence his substitutions and his constant use of the words mental strength shows his lack of acumen on the training field.

  42. Loyika

    Could we please get back to discussing the midweek game?

    In other news, how gutted must Terry have been to know he wouldn’t be considered as the new Chelsea manager come the end of the season. (Lol! But to be fair to him, didn’t affect his performance against us last week)

    Giroud and Snachez or Theo and Sanchez against the Saints?

  43. nigel tufnel

    not average players schneiderlin or matic that he was ejaculating about for so long– has now switched to the underperforming and disappointing Fernandinho .. what a douche you are Bamford.

    no wonder your daddy treated you that way.

  44. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Tuesday big game night.

    Which Arsenal will turn up ?
    Really can’t see us beating saints ….

    City will win at Sunderland Spurs will smash Norwich ….

    Spurs could be top of league going in to March !

    One marquee signing would have lifted the whole squad but yet agin he lies ….

  45. daz

    “Sorry you can try to spin it anyway you can but 2 fa cups in 11 seasons for a club of Arsenal’s stature and revenues is crap”

    must have missed that joe, no you are missing the point yes if you look at him over the last decade and ignore any of the circumstances then yes its a crap return. but why do you get to only count the last decade? face the facts he is the most successful manager in the fa cup how is that not something to hold your hands up and say do you know what fair play he has done great in that competition for us.

  46. daz


    so what hes not allowed to get to a cup final or have a decent run in the league because of the shit circumstances? im not trying to make out we were in a complete crisis but the hands were tied in certain situations which we have been over a million times

  47. Spanishdave

    Wenger is in decline he is now stale because he has created his own dictatorship in the club,
    Bould doesn’t get a look in he’s overpaid like many of the players so they all say nothing against him.
    Wenger doesn’t care about the club he only cares about himself, otherwise he would retire and let somebody else have a go.

  48. Joe

    So we should keep him in a job even though he has failed for last 10 seasons and made maitake after mistake after mistake after mistake.

    Because of sentiment and what he did over a decade ago?

    Where else other than Arsenal is that the situation anywhere in the world. Not just football but any walk of business

  49. daz


    is that what i said? i’ll make it simple for you stop trying to belittle his achievements just because you hate him.

  50. Joe

    If he had left 10 seasons ago he would of been a legend in every one eyes

    He’s soured his legacy and more than 50% hate him.

    He tarnished his own legacy by being greedy and stubborn and believing his own hype

    Statue? Fuck that. Only after GG gets one.

  51. Joe

    And you know what. I could give a flying duck what he did a decade ago.

    We are talking about now. And he is an crap manager who has out stayed his welcome.

    And he needs to fuck off

  52. daz


    I’m not going over the whole debate of Wenger in/out, I was just trying to see what you think of the fact he is the most successful manager in the FA cup and wether you can acknowledge that as an achievement

  53. Joe

    No I don’t.

    It’s the 3rd in the priorities for top teams.

    And the first 2 priorities he has an awful record in.

    It has history. But it’s not held in the same esteem as PL and CL

    Not even close

  54. daz


    No GG was not as good as Wenger, he was a great manager in his day but not quite up there with Wenger and he soured his legacy by going to spurs

  55. daz


    So its not as big as the PL/CL so it doesn’t count for shit in your eyes, had GG won it 6 times I’m sure your story would be a different one

  56. Joe

    GG won 2 titles and in Europe in 8 years and had a 1 loss season.

    Wenger has 3 titles and 0 in Europe in 20 and an undefeated season.

    Not much in between them in major trophies

  57. daz


    A man has to work? Ha ha I’m sure he would have been quite comfortable without taking that job what with all the bungs he had under his mattress 😉

  58. Pierre

    Are you a comedian . To say that more than 50% hate wenger shows your ignorance . Keep it up , I like a good laugh.

  59. daz


    We are never going to see eye to eye on this, for all wengers faults I think his heart is in the right place (is that a reason to keep him? No but its a reason to have a tiny bit of respect for him),
    GG on the other hand can’t really say the same taking bribes then managing spurs was he really that arsed about arsenal?

  60. Joe

    See we see it different

    If Wenger really cared he would take a pay cut to help out Arsenal.


    Sure he is taking quite a few bungs you don’t know about

  61. daz

    If it comes to light that he has been taking bungs then I would lose respect for him but until that happens I’m not going to accuse the man of something without any evidence

  62. Sam

    Yup no one paid attention that our academy was badly managed till Arsenal got rid of Benik Afobe who was prepared to do anything to stay at Arsenal, even 4th striker or sent to many loans he didn’t mind, In favour of Yaya Sanogo.

  63. daz

    Which actually leads back to my original point why do you insist on making shit up about him trying to discredit him in any way you can? What I said about GG is common knowledge and your response is to say well Wenger has probably done it aswell

  64. boy dio

    same old le grove
    its a shame really
    always a mention of 11 years? which other manager takes on the arsenal job in those 11 years?
    heck usmanov and dein both say arsene wasted his prime years being hamstrung by budget restrictions
    let it be, when the next man comes in there’ll be chimes of arsene keeping the seat warm and bank balance healthy without thanks, while whoever is in at the time breaks the transfer fee record every summer ala lvg

    way i see it, and it’s only since 40+mil got dropped on ozil, was that arsene didn’t have spending power before that
    is the man flawed? yes he is, no doubt about that, though we can only discuss those at length due to his longevity.
    if he had another 10 years in him i’m sure he would begin storming the league regularly just due to the tv money coming in and wouldn’t be gearing the bank balance and transfer strategy with a successor in mind, though i doubt we’ll ever know

  65. Joe

    Boy dio

    I would gladly waste my life at Arsenal while Making 8.5 m
    A year.

    Fuck I’d do it for 100k pounds a season

    And let’s be honest he would not last a year at any other club If the last decade is an indication of his managerial skills.

    He hit the lottery by being able to stay at Arsenal for the last 11.

  66. boy dio

    the funny thing is you wouldn’t last a year in the job, let alone the amount of time arsene has been in it

    and any top team would take arsene, you’re a fool to think otherwise, more so for holding him ransom to results over the last decade

    context is everything here, you wouldn’t have been able to do it and arsenal would be a league 1 side at best under your guidance along with massive debt, while some other team that has no desires to build a stadium took over world football with arsene at the helm

    but eh, i digress
    good day to you joe

  67. tunnygriffboy

    For all his faults, and there are many, he was still a man who was part of a vision to take the club into the 21st century by moving into a new stadium. If we hadn’t moved then we wouldn’t be in the situation we are today ie more or less self sustainable and a huge international club. I doubt this would have happened had we stayed at Highbury.

    Part of the standing we have around the world is, like it or not, due to Wenger who is respected throughout the game

    He can be stubborn, fixed in his ideals, principles and the way he likes to play. Whereas once he was innovative he isn’t now. There is evidence in the last couple of seasons he is trying to get new foundations and more up to date systems in place. He has blind spots it seems when looking at certain parts of the team and is fussy about who he signs and for how much and often dithers in the transfer market.

    He is no fool though. For years he got squads that were built on a shoestring into the top for ahead of teams who were throwing huge money to get there and failing. Some of the players and teams he had were average. He refused to be pragmatic and alter his style of play when it may have benefitted us to do so. Perhaps he knew those teams were never good enough to challenge

    Since Ozil we have spent more money, pretty well as a rule and have won 2 fa cups. A great base and start for a proper title challenge. Hence my disappointment at not buying more in the summer. This is his year to challenge down to the wire. It’s his squad and he’s happy with it. If he fails and we drop away then he needs to answer critical questions.

    45 points still to play for. Man city with their squad still favourite but we need to push them all the way.

  68. tunnygriffboy


    Irrespective of that, and I’ll take your word for it, genuinely, Wenger was tasked with the job of managing the team during this transition. You have to admit that for years there was little money in comparison to other clubs and getting some of the squads and players to fourth wasn’t a doddle

    Just tried to give you my takd and reasoning on Wenger. Is he the best manager in the world ? No. Does he have a number of faults? Absoluetly. Can he make me angry with some of the things he does ? Certainly. Is he an absolute buffoon and has no idea ? Certainly not. Is he a good manager and well respected by those in the game ? Yes

    Is he the man to take us forward if we royally f.ck it up this season ? I doubt it

    Makes no difference though. He goes when he wants to go. Getting angry won’t change that situation.

  69. Joe


    What about all the money he wasted on inflated salaries. He wanted to show the world he could do it his way. Through the failed youth project and his socialist wage policy. He decided he wanted to not spend on transfers and rather spend it on salaries.

    It failed miserably

    So you can say his net spend was only so much but you have to include salaries to get a fair picture

  70. Follow the money

    Cesc @20:28 well said. Alexander Henry we will see. But if Wenger can’t win the league this year, with MU and Chelsea out of the mix then even you will have to admit he has grossly underperformed. Being in the top four for so long and not tripping and falling over the line to win it a few more times than he has is symptomatic of a losing mentality

  71. tunnygriffboy


    Between 2003 and 2013 we are 7th in the net spend league and that includes Ozil right at the end

    Average net spend per season

    City 51 mill
    Chelsea 49 mill
    Liverpool 31 mill
    Villa 20 mill
    Sunderland 10 mill
    West Ham 8 mill
    Arsenal 7 mill

    Chelsea and City spent a billion each and liverpool 700 million. We spent 400 million but made a lot through sales

    Re the wages. He chose not to have wages to far apart as it was his philosophy. I see what he attempted to do but I’m not sure I agree with it. It appears to be changing recently.

    However irrespective of wages you have to attract top players and to get them you have to pay big transfer fees. We were unable to do that and were constantly having to sell top quality players which were hugely difficult to replace

    Surely with the disparity in monies available you have to see that the teams spending that much more on their squad would have better chances of winning over a period of time than those who spent considerably less.

    We were hindered from this for many seasons. Recently we have bought and are slowly playing catch up with some star names, good signings and youngsters who cost peanuts coming through

    Of course there’s been mistakes but as a general rule over a period of time bar the odd exception the teams with the most money tend to win the most

    Anyway good talking. I’m getting some shut eye now. See you tomorrow.

  72. Sam

    Well Pato already signed for Chelsea so fok him
    but you can’t say he’s passed it, Lol!!!
    He’s the same age as Walcott

  73. Joe

    So tunny

    Instead of paying the likes of Denilson, bed enter , chamack, theo, And whoever else we had during those 10 years , to high of wages we could of bought 1 or two stars and kept the dross salaries low and pay the stars

    He did not have to sell RVP. Nasri. He didn’t want to pay them what they were worth so he wouldn’t upset all his crap darlings.
    It failed.

    It never made sense even if you say you understood it

    Where in the world do crap performers earn as much as the stars??

    RVP should of be given 150 a week. He deserved it. He got us the coveted 4tg place on his own that last season.

    And he is still at offering Jack 110 a week and who knows what Ox is on. I know he doesn’t deserve it.

    It was his system. Instead of buying stars he wanted to make them and win his way.

    It failed. Miserably.

    In all those years . We could of afforded someone better than Denilson and bedtner and chamack Sanago but no. He wanted to do it his way. And only his way.

    And he failed. Time and time again.

    And will do again this season. Because he kept arteta flam and Giroud and Walcott as his guys. And the Ox. And wellbeck and Jack.

    Bs he will fail again.

  74. Joe

    And Dein and alisher?

    They aren’t even allowed near the board room. How would they know what Wenger can and can not spend

    And please tell me one top team who would sign arsene

    Bayern haha
    Barca haha
    Real haha
    Man U haha
    Chelsea haha

    Some Chinese team. Probably

    That’s about all his suitors.

    Even Psg wouldn’t hire him.

    Maybe Monaco.

  75. qna

    Great 5th round draw. Home game for us. City or Chelsea to be knocked out. Liverpool a tricky away game. United an easy on paper home game that if they lose must be the sacking of LVG. Surely he cant lose that one and survive.

  76. qna

    *United an easy on paper AWAY game

    Our draw is particularly good, because I feel Hull at home means we can make another 9 changes from our league team and still should get through. I dont feel that we could have done that if it was Hull Away, or even another premier league team at home. Dont think our rivals can afford to do the same. Even Spurs have a difficult tie.

  77. Black Hei


    I think the board has been conservative and we do not know what goes behind the scenes. But an educated guess will be that Stan gave the order that Arsenal stays in the black no matter what.

    Many on Le Grove do not understand how financial institutions handle debt. Back in the early 2010, which was post Lehman, credit in general is still tight. The world’s economy had no $$. The only ones that had $$ were energy rich nations, basically Russia (Chelsea) and the Middle East (Man City).

    So we faced a situation where costs of credit was going up while football expenses was exploding out of control due to the bubble effect City and Chelsea’s spending was creating. Add on with the collapse of property prices which affected the sales proceeds of Emirates apartments and you get a net operating loss in the year of 2010.

    What pushed us back into the black was the sale of Nasri and Fabregas. Now I think that our lenders will look at Arsenal’s balance sheet and think that its no biggie to go a few percentage points into the red since Arsenal is sitting on a mountain of cash.

    But, the wider picture is what kind of debt Stan holds. Maybe, back then, he wasn’t that secure or he might be a little shaky. Who knows.

    But what we do know is that Stan does not give a molecule of concern for our footballing well being. He is here for the capital appreciation of the asset called “Arsenal”. If it fails to grow, he will start milking significant $$ out of it. Just like the Glazers who I heard is going to start taking a15% cut.

    Sorry for the boring post but real life is often boring.

  78. qna

    Black Hei. Nice post. Pity you have made every thing up. Have a look at Arsenal’s cash balances since 2007: http://goo.gl/8pqb0A

    Arsenal’s cash balance has steadily risen: May 2007 £74 million, May 2008 £93 million, May 2009 £100 million, May 2010 £128 million, May 2011 £160 million, May 2012 £154 million, May 2013 £153 million, May 2014 £208 million and May 2015 £228 million.

    May 2016 (after only adding Cech and Elneny) ????

    You dont seem to understand what long term debt is (ie. the debt used to build the stadium). Arsenal certainly did have to balance the books, but none of what you have written has any relevance to our situation. We needed to ensure we could make an annual payment of £35 million to service this long term debt. Part of balancing this equation was ensuring we could still cover our debts even if we failed to qualify for the UCL which was worth around £20m to £35m in the years we are talking about.

    But Arsenal most certainly did have money to spend and when you combine annual transfer and wage bill spending, we were still one of the highest spending clubs in the world during this period.

  79. BacaryisGod

    It should be very interesting to see our line-up for the Soton game. With a few players back, there’ll be some debate as to who should start and even who might make the bench.

    As I see it, there are currently 9 healthy automatics (Cech, Bellerin, Monreal, Mert, Kozzer, Coquelin, Ramsey, Alexis and Ozil).

    This leaves Giroud and Walcott to fight for the CF position and Walcott, Ox and Campbell to battle for the right attacking spot.

    Campbell and Theo were rested this weekend so it looks like they’ll be starting.

    Nothing like a little competition though….

  80. Dream10

    Southampton have been excellent defensively over the last month. They have four wins in their five (one loss away to West Ham 2-1). In those four wins, they have four clean sheets. Their midfield three offers ample protection to their back four, which is the main reason they have allowed the least shots on goals in the PL during this period. Van Dijk is very good in the air, so expect Walcott to start at #9 tomorrow.

    Bellerin Mertesacker Koscielny Monreal
    Coquelin Ramsey
    Campbell (Elneny 80′) Ozil Sanchez (Chamberlain/Gibbs 80′)
    Walcott (Giroud 65′)

    Bench: Ospina Gabriel Gibbs Flamini Elneny Chamberlain Giroud

  81. Black Hei


    Lets make this simple by using number bulleting.

    1. Yes Arsenal is sitting on a mountain of cash, which, I pointed out.
    2. Being in the red has to do with revenues, not the amount of cash you have.
    3. Arsenal being in the red isn’t something I cooked up, since Arsenal’s financial statement is on their website. You google it.
    4. I was making conjecture of why we did not spend, as oppose to whether we had money to spend.
    5. By pointing out that it was reasonable to go into the red and that the board was conservative, perhaps it is not a stretch of an imagination to suggest that I was in fact inferring that Arsenal had money to spend.
    6. Instead, I suggested that the possible reason that Arsenal did not spend has to do with the owner’s own debt profile.
    7. Take for example the Glazers. Man United might be financially sound. So why did they have trouble refinancing their debt in 2013. Or was it 2012? Don’t say I make the dates up.
    8. If you wanted to turn the spotlight and heat back on Wenger, you could have done some research on Stan’s debt profile. Maybe he is solid gold. Maybe he really loves the club and me the mean AKB is just hammering him to defend my lord Wenga because I am oh so brain washed.

    Ok last part is bit of a stretch, but this is the internet and I pick these things up from my buddy red.

  82. Emiratesstroller

    I gather that Rosicky is once again injured after spending less than half an hour on pitch! This demonstrates once again the stupidity of retaining both Arteta
    and Rosicky on books as well as Wilshire.

    This puts immense pressure on the rest of our midfield.

    Also it would seem that Newcastle want Gibbs ON LOAN. I find it ridiculous that Arsenal would consider loaning out experienced International players
    but when it comes to finding replacements we need to spend inflated transfer

    If clubs want so badly players like Debuchy and Gibbs then frankly they should pay the market rate for their services. The problem is of course that
    Arsenal are paying such inflated wages for these players that we then have a
    problem in selling them.

  83. Wallace


    “Also it would seem that Newcastle want Gibbs ON LOAN. I find it ridiculous that Arsenal would consider loaning out experienced International players…”

    fairly sure there’s a loan fee involved these days. think Utd had to pay Monaco £5/6m when they took Falcao last season. but can’t see us letting Gibbs leave.

  84. qna

    Black Hei. Again you clearly dont understand what your talking about. If you are talking about revenues, then you are talking about operating profit (or loss) then how can Arsenal possibly have year end surplus in cash reserves if they are operating in a loss. You must surely understand that the year end cash reserves are the surplus from our income after paying out all of our expenses (wages, transfers etc) as well as servicing all our long term and short term debts as well as paying any taxes.

    What is interesting is that by the summer our stadium debt will be down to around £300m, while our cash reserves will be up around £250m. You would have to assume that these guys are not stupid and that we are getting interest close to what we pay on interest (~5.5%pa) for our cash. If so, our net cost to service our loan must be much lower than we though, perhaps just on £50m rather than £300m.

  85. Ughelligunner

    joe, gambon, red why are all of you guys agree with AKBS? Shouldn’t you guys take your anger to the emirates? I have not seen any of you running into the pitch or throwing a shoe at him.

  86. qna

    Emirates: This puts immense pressure on the rest of our midfield.

    That is one of the costs of keeping Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky one year too long. Another cost is the 235k/wk wages they cost. But for me the biggest cost was the wasted year. We could have brought in their replacements, even if one of them was Elneny and they would have had a full pre-season (possibly) and a full year with AFC, ready to go and really make a difference in 2016/17.

    This would have also allowed us to then look at brining in players to freshen up and improve the squad in other areas, namely one or two quality forwards to replace the ineptness and unproductiveness of Welbeck and Walcott as well as adding a top centre back to our aging first choice partnership. Clearly Gabriel isnt up to the job at this stage in his career- he may never be. Now in addition to that we also have probably got to bring in a new second choice right back and goal keeper, and potential a new second choice left back even.

    It was a MASSIVE FAIL by wenger and it will arguably be the reason we dont win the title – although I am not convinced we wouldnt have found other ways to screw it up anyway.

  87. Ughelligunner

    The Akbs don’t pay wenger’s salary neither are they at fault for the teams incapability to win trophys. So why get angry at a fellow supporter as if you give him money to support the team the way he likes and he is squadring your money?

  88. Red&White4life

    “but the one he wanted wasn’t available”
    lol so typically arsène!!

    Thank God Elneny was available lol

  89. Ughelligunner

    Joe, you complain that arsenal hasn’t competed for the league. Compete or win which is it?
    As if when we lose the league on the last day for consecutive years you would’nt complain.

    Pls no fan has a hand in arsene wenger’s team, not the Akbs or the AOBs, stop accusing positive fans of supporting the team the way they like.

    Be negative all you want and accuse the manager, players and team, but not the fans
    if you want wenger out after all these barren years, leave the comfort of your sofa and come share your aggression at the emirates. Not at fellow fans that you cant see.

    When i am annoyed with the way we play, i take a break not accuse fans who are satisfied or have a mental strength greater than yours to handle the situation.

  90. Louis Almeida

    Wallace, come on now, it’s Wenger! He always plays his cards close to his chest. I am interested in knowing what position it might’ve been though, that could help in trying to guess the player.

  91. qna

    “but the one he wanted wasn’t available”

    Nice to know we are just one player away from achieving all that Wenger hopes to achieve. Sums up his ambition perfectly.

  92. Emiratesstroller

    Black Hei

    Arsenal did not make a loss in last financial year. They made a profit of £24.5 Million.

    The Bank Balance has been escalating over several years including this year.
    It exceeds by a country mile all other clubs in EPL and European Football. The
    only other club with a balance now in excess of £100 million is surprisingly
    Man Utd. Arsenal’s is now approaching £250 million.

    Two reasons that Arsenal may not have spent much money in the transfer market on First Team Squad are possibly:

    1. They are spending significant money on improving facilities at Training
    Ground and Hale End and

    2. The decision has been taken to upgrade our Academy Programme. I
    mentioned some months ago that our Junior Programmes were poor with
    U21s playing in second division and our Under 18s finishing rank bottom in
    their age group last season.

    On point 2 I was advised by a local sports journalist in May last year that Arsenal’s Youth Programme fell well short of those of our major competitors
    including Spurs, Chelsea and Man City. There were serious concerns about
    scouting and the level of coaching at club.

    That was more or less confirmed by Jorge Bird who follows the Youth programme and writes regularly articles and posts tweets.

    In October 2015 an Article appeared in the National Press . I cannot recall the
    paper in which it wrote that there had been serious problems and complaints
    about the way that the Academy had been run. There was also several disagreements within coaching staff.

    There was also belief that there had been too much focus recently on first team and neglect of the club downstream.

    As a consequence senior management at club including chief scout had
    investigated and conducted a review.

    There have been changes including recruitment recently of Chief Scout from
    Leicester and of course ex players like Henry, Pires and Ljungberg have become involved in activities of club including coaching younger age groups.

    The club has also become since summer highly proactive in recruiting some
    of the best talent in Europe with recruitment of Reine-Adelaide, Fortune, Malen and one of most gifted Croatians. Now we see that Arsenal have recruited two of the most talented Nigerians from their winning U17 World Cup

    My suspicion is that all the above has cost considerable money albeit not the
    £50 million+ that we would expect in transfer market.

    Maybe Wenger believes that this should be a season of consolidation at first
    team level having spent £120 million last season.

    Personally I am halfway house. The first team needed some investment, but
    probably not as much as many posters suggested.

  93. Wallace


    “I am interested in knowing what position it might’ve been though, that could help in trying to guess the player.”

    yeah, I’m kinda surprised. assumed Elneny would be the only addition.

    Kroos would be nice…

  94. Ughelligunner

    Wenger on Terry…
    He was not only a great player,
    he certainly still is, but he was
    also a great coach on the pitch. I
    saw him here once at London
    Colney playing with the
    under-21s and the way he
    coached the team as a player
    was absolutely marvellous. He
    was a real leader and he had a
    great career as well, let’s not
    forget that. That’s never a
    coincidence. The guys who last
    such a long time have something
    special. He was the symbol of
    cohesion inside Chelsea’s club
    because him, Lampard, Drogba
    and Cech were the players who
    carried the club’s values for long
    periods. When you lose players
    like that you’re always in danger.
    on whether he could become a
    I see a coaching career in his
    future, certainly. He will remain

  95. Cyrus the virus

    “If he plays longer, it will be for Chelsea,” : “Great player, still is and is great coach on the pitch. Has had a great career.”

    Arsene Wenger when asked about the possible signing of JT

  96. Phd007

    “Wenger in his press conference this morning said that he would’ve liked one more player but the one he wanted wasn’t available”


    What did we expect..??!!

    I’m sure,Arsewipe will tell us,all will be revealed in his long awaited book.

    Or ,when he is on commentary duties..

    I’m sure when he’s book comes at he will probably charge £150.00..

    Reporter:Why is your book so expensively priced Arsene at £150.00?

    Arsene:Because it required a lot of mental strength to recall all my trophies,including the European ones..The never ending f**k ups were easy to recall(water off a duck’s back).
    But the most important consideration, is that the book is super qualidee!!