Player could leave, but are our backups good enough?

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Oh what’s that?

FA Cup eve I hear you say.

Interesting indeed. Exciting. And interesting.

Why? Because we could make it three on the bounce. The FA Cup is back in the Arsene Wenger good books and I’d imagine he’ll want to have 3 on the bounce as part of his already pretty special record in this competition.

Has the FA Cup lost its shine? I think it did. But I kind of feel it has it back now. Mainly because we’ve been winning it. I think clubs will be resting players again. But once you get into the quarter finals, it starts getting exciting again.

We have Burnley, which is a bit of a treat. It means we can ease players like Coquelin and Sanchez back in and it means we can rotate players like Gibbs and Debuchy into the squad. Give Gabriel a start and hand Chamberlain his 32nd chance of the season to impress.

I’d also like to see Iwobi. What you saying?

No Ospina though. I know what I’m getting there.

What about Burnley though? They’re smashing it up in the Championship, sitting pretty in third. So they’ll be totally up for this. They’re unbeaten in 2015 and they haven’t lost since December. They also have 14 goals in their last 4 games! So potential for a fun game.

Their main man is Andre Gray, who moved from Brentford. He has 15 this season. He’s fast, low centre of gravity with a pretty tasty finish. But, he’s a Championship striker… so no need to lose your shit!

However, as Wenger says, be humble yeah?

“We have to be humble enough to accept that and to think it’s not because we turn up at the Emirates and play against Burnley that we will win the game.”

Wenger defended Per in the press conference.

“It is easy to look and explain on the screen during the game or after it, and anybody that understands football can explain that. But when you are down there on the pitch, if you are caught a fraction out of position it is impossible to correct. That is what happens and I have to accept and live with it.”

“We forget the amount of times Mertesacker saves a goal from going in and that happens. The risk is part of the game and you have to feel comfortable with that. Mistakes are part of that competition but we learn from defeat.”

I am kind of with Wenger. I feel like we’ve been saying for a while that Per is on the cusp of going the way of Rio Ferdinand. I’m not sure he’s quite there yet though. In general, he’s a very steady impressive defender. He makes the occasional gaff, but I’m not sure that’s a sign of decline. He plays a lot of games at a very high level.

I do think we should be looking at finding a replacement though. A very tall replacement. We don’t suffer from set plays like we used to, in part down to him, in part down to Giroud coming back and helping out as well. But let’s not leave it until the tipping point before we get someone new in who can do what he does.

Other tidbits before I go. Wenger has ruled out signing anyone, because he has many ‘like a new signing’ players back in training. He also let everyone know that Carl J is out for 6months with a ligament injury, get well soon! He then said he has many options at right back, so Matty D might be able to do one. He said the same about the striking position.

I love how Wenger can make you feel totally confident about something that is untrue.

Sure, we have options at right back. But bad options outside Bellerin and we don’t have anyone better than Debuchy waiting in the wings. Same with the striking position. Theo, WELBZ, Sanchez, Giroud, Iwobi, Steve Bould and Neil Banfield. Sure, we have bodies, but the right bodies?

We’ll see… we’ll see.


P.S. I was in Williamsburg this morning, I had to get the subway. It’s pretty busy because New York has a terrible train setup. Anyway. I wasn’t paying attention. The carriage opens in front of me and it’s empty bar 5 people. I walk on, and walk out immediately. The reason it was empty was a man had shit himself hard.

I had to tell you because I am mentally scarred at the moment. I think I can taste it.


No fucking decorum.

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  1. Phd007

    Doesn’t matter if Walcott has yet to be onside..

    By all accounts on here..he’s a pretty good finisher!!


  2. Danny

    Walcott really has just descended into the realms of being totally useless
    Quote of the day, brilliant!

  3. Cesc Appeal



    When you remove Sanchez you see how uninspired we are, as Ozil has sort of waned every so slightly in recent weeks that had told a bit, his incredible form had been bolstering that weak forward line.

    Also, Giroud was terrible today, always amuses me when he’s started in a cup team he plays as if he’s too good to be there, as if he’s babysitting, very half-arsed, lots of waving hs hands about, stupid touches, no look flicks.

  4. Wallace


    “Pretty extremely view to have after 70 mins of seeing him in an arsenal shirt. He’s 6ft, mobile, technical, and full of running. He’s also looking for the ball and making contributions to our attacking game.”

    agreed. liked what i saw of him today. and was still running hard at 90mins.

  5. DaleDaGooner

    Some of you just look for a moan. It’s Elneny’s first game, he was tidy, kept it simple and was up and down the field. A lot of teams have midfielders like that. Don’t know why you have to knock everything

  6. Jeff

    From what I’ve seen of Elneny, I don’t think he’s done much wrong. He gave a fair account of himself today I thought.

  7. Phd007

    Don’t worry he’ll score next week. & some imbecile will say he’s world class..Just having a dip in form like all world class players..


    We had one muscular c**#t , the other day,compare Walcott to Torres &Falcao..

    Funniest thing , I’ve read on here in years..

    Up there with Drogba only had one good season.-from another so-called seasoned poster.


  8. MidwestGun

    True. .. we need Wenger to break open the wallet for a quality goal scoring threat, yeah right. Lol. Made myself laugh.

    I can see this summers Euro’s being an excuse next summer and so it goes on. Anyhow, we have what we have. Since AW has already dismissed the rest of this tw.

  9. Bamford10

    19 y-o Iheanacho with a hat-trick against Aston Villa. Told you he’s more promising than Giroud or Walcott ever were. 😉

  10. izzo

    Elneny was very good he did what Ramsey doesn’t do a real box to box player who keeps it simple with his passing and moving and has a thunderous shot he will score goals given Wenger doesn’t tell him to stop shooting. He looks like he will be an important cog in our midfield. at least we can now get rid of Arteta and Flamini

  11. Wallace

    decent performance. Iwobi & Elneny the stand outs for me. also thought the Ox was looking a bit more confident than he has done recently.

    need more games, but the Gab/Kos partnership was more Verm/Kos than I’d have liked. still think our best two CB partnerships both feature Mertesacker.

  12. qna

    No point in reading too much into todays game. It was the 2nd string team and they got the job done. Mission complete. End of story.

    Also valuable game time for Elneny, Coquelin and Sanchez. Now will they get up for the mid-week game? Iwobi was fantastic again. I like what I have seen of the boy. Shows more than many of our players that we kept around for far too long.

    Walcott miss didnt matter but it tells a lot about his quality. He is probably a 70k/wk striker (with British premium – 40k/wk without). Yet he is getting paid 140k/wk. We could do a lot with that cash. Someone like Reus for example. Its a shame.

  13. daz

    “19 y-o Iheanacho with a hat-trick against Aston Villa. Told you he’s more promising than Giroud or Walcott ever were. ”

    I’m not doubting the boys potential but you don’t half jump the gun

  14. qna

    Daz.I’m not doubting the boys potential but you don’t half jump the gun

    Not much of a leap he is making though. The bar is pretty low if is only comparing to Giroud and Walcott.

  15. ARSEdefence

    I haven’t commented on here for a long time…but today i had to….and what made me comment was Theo……Please sell him…..if a “striker” doesn’t score THAT kind of a chance, he is not a striker at all. He has progressed at all in all those 10 years…no football brains whatsoever.
    And of course our defenders just HAVE to make a crappy team look like they play with 10 Messis. All over the place in some parts of the game…..i always wanted to see an arsenal defense that could see out games without looking like they have roller skates on…..may be some day… *sigh*

  16. champagne charlie


    Fair enough. Thought you’d made up your mind on him after 1 game by how it was stated. That’s a fair assessment, hope to see more of him but I was impressed with his mentality today – wanted the ball and wasn’t afraid to play. Bodes well

  17. Phd007

    Trying telling that to Nasri’s Mouth about Walcott.

    He would vehemently disagree with you Wenger’s sweeties. .

    He will tell you, he’s a pretty damn good finisher&his stats back it up..

    So, you are wrong&I am right..

    Stats don’t lie!!


  18. WengersSweeties

    I have no idea what Wenger sees in any of the chuck outs at Arsenal.

    Gibbs, Chamberlain and Walcott are just not good enough.

    I’m not even sure they can cut it at any club in this division.

    The squad is such a fucking mess.