Most missed player back in contention. FINALLY

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Oh good evening to you all!

Sorry for the delayed-ness of this. When things went to sh*t in England, I’d post in the afternoon, over here, different beast… because you don’t get it until late.

It’s just me and you America. Just me and you.


Chelsea sold Ramires to China for £25m.

Here are my thoughts. Wouldn’t he have been good for us? I mean, doubtful they’d sell him after gifting us the god of all keepers. However, I do struggle to come to terms with this move.

Lots of Arsenal fans saying he’s not at the level we need, whilst praising the astute signing of a player we’ve not seen yet. On Ramires, I absolutely disagree he is not at the right level. He was a beast a few seasons ago. He can run all day. He can play a disciplined role. My thing with him, or other options in the league, is that they have NOW capabilities. Wenger is a specialist at signing players in January that he doesn’t use until the next season. We’ve needed a DM all month. We have one, but he’s not ready. Why didn’t we just raid this league?

… but more to the point, what the hell is a 28 year old Premier League player doing going over to China?

‘Ramires, it’s the police. We have your hard drive. Could you pop down to the police station for chat’

That’s all I can think of. Anyway, what about Chelsea selling their cast offs for mega money again? Bruce Buck is quite the dealmaker.


We have Coq back in contention. That is so big. We’ve missed him badly. At least this time he returns into the side and we have an Egyptian who can drop in when he is tired.

How good is that? Very good.

More good news. Danny WELBZ is back in training. About bloody time right? If he can work on his composure, he’ll be a massive gift to the run in. That height combined with the speed is going to give us some nice options. It’ll no doubt kick Theo up the backside.

I just hope we don’t get the usual… return to action of 3, lose 4 the next week.

Sam Allardyce said this on Debuchy moving.

“I am not sure he wants to leave Arsenal or that Arsene Wenger would sell him.”

Not sure I’d want to move to Sunderland either. We should absolutely be keeping him at the club if we don’t have a back up organised. I’ve no doubt Bellerin will get injured at some point. We have to have someone ready to muck in if that’s the case. Kind of feel like Wenger should be rotating the full backs though. We pile games on Monreal and Bellerin… which is fine, but it doesn’t do much of the motivation of the backups. Then when they’re called upon, they’re rusty as fuck and a little bit hurt (remember when we needed Vermaelen a few years back?).

Anyway, just my two pennies.



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  1. Jonraid

    It’s just another disappointing window of hope. The best thing that can happen is Cazorla returning earlier than expected! He will be vital for the run in, and to kick the ass of the clueless Ramsay.

  2. jwl

    Coq is back early, isn’t he? I thought we were not supposed to see Coq again till March, I hope he’s not being rushed back. But it is good news indeed because Arsenal are mostly lummoxes with out Coq to stop opposing team.

    I assume Ramires to China is about his salary, he probably doubled or trebled his monthly wage. Maybe he doesn’t care about trophies, has Ramires won a few already with Chelsea?

  3. Emiratesstroller


    1. It is very good news that Coquelin is returning soon.

    2.Elneny is a low budget and low risk acquisition to join our squad but most probably not this season to play in starting X1. As I wrote last week the game against Chelsea was probably too early and also too great a risk, but I hope that he will now be understudy for Coquelin rather than Flamini for rest of season.

    3.Arsenal would never pay £25 million for Ramires. It is a grossly inflated transfer fee for this player. In any event Chelsea would not sell him to us.

    4.I would not sell or loan out Debuchy in this transfer window. There is no
    other right full back in our squad should Bellerin get injured or need a rest.
    Debuchy was in my view a poor acquisition because we spent £10 million on
    a 29 year old player whilst Man City acquired Sagna who was 30 on a free
    transfer. Now that he is 30 there is probably minimal resale value and I am
    willing to bet that we would have to subsidise his wages if he went out on loan.

  4. Mark

    One positive from the Chelsea game is _ At least Gabriel might get a few games & do well enough to keep per out of the side… till the end of the season . Hopefully.

  5. Mick Kartun

    Reports in The Sun this morning suggest that the European Clubs Association is preparing to force through changes to the Champions League format.

    I believe it should go back to the original format and have only the CHAMPION of each league in the competition. This way the champions league winner will be a team which won the league the previous season to book a place in the competition. This makes the trophy much more prestigious.

    And this way, wenger can not have excuse and delude all the gooners with 4th troph

  6. Mick Kartun

    This little review of Yarmolenko sounds promising, but what for if just rumor crap:

    “Yarmolenko is a unique talent to be honest and is in that RvP or what Draxler’s potential has him being. Tall (6’2”), pacy, quick intelligent attacker that plays on the wing (preferably RW) but is left footed and capable of playing across the front 3. He is lethal in front of goal having scored 18 goals in 20 something matches this season but is just as capable of picking a pass. He technically really good on the ball with either foot but is so confident in his left that he becomes too-one footed. On the counter he can be unplayable due to his technically ability coupled with his pace and power. Tireless worker on the flanks who does the dirty work in tracking back and defending but can also win the ball back and start the counter similar to the way that Ozil does. His career arc to be honest reminds many of Bale: started at LB, then showed incredible attacking talent, moved to winger and then showed finishing ability and is now capable of playing across the front 3 and since he is 6’2″ he is more than capable of holding up play. Couple of things that people would worry about is the difference in talent of the leagues naturally but also how he would fit into the side. Another thing is the fact that because he is so confident in his left foot (and if you have seen him play or even highlights you will know why) that he is almost too-one footed and instead of an easy tap in with the right he will go for something using his left. He is also a fiery/moody player at times.”

    Had anyone saw this guy playing? Not over hyped review is it?

  7. Champagne Charlie


    Yarmolenko has always been a standout when I’ve seen him. Incredible feet for a big guy, and impressive acceleration and top speed for someone with a 6’2 frame. He’s a classier and more lethal Arnautovic if you want to compare to someone familiar. Seems utter bs that we’re signing him though.

    Anyway…. glad Coq is back, only cos flam is dire. Elneny long term won’t be there to let us rest coquelin, let that be made clear. It’s great to have him back early but just to keep things crystal it’s not because coquelin is a worldie, it’s because the alternative is trash. For us to get better it’ll have to be better than coquelin moving forward. Enter elneny.

  8. Mick Kartun

    I am still pissed off of the suarez 40m + 1 quid stupid wenger bollocks.

    Still our deficiencies are world class ST, RW, left footed DM, and World Class Center Back. And of course….get rid the old muppet arsene with new manager and the potential squad would be:


    Bellerin Gabriel HUMMELS Monreal

    Coq XHAKA

    DOUGLAS Ozil Sanchez


    So, only 2 world class signings and 2 regular signings (200m available) and new manager.
    No need for a GENIUS to figure it out, but most AKBs will bash me as usual to defend their lord master wenger.

  9. tunnygriffboy

    Yarmalenko is qualideeeee

    Versatile. If we signing him our forwards bar the beserk Chilean will poop themselves. They’ll all have to pull their socks up if they want to play. Just what we need

    Grab him and Isco and we’re sorted in attacking and midfield areas. £50 million for some serious talent. Leaves us money for a leader and organiser at the back.

  10. Black Hei

    “Still links to Yarmolenko and Nolito. Yeah I’m gonna take everything with a massive pinch of salt.”

    You are at risk of a heart attack given the salt intake.

  11. peanuts&monkeys

    “More good news. Danny WELBZ is back in training. ”

    More English shit to be around. Oh! What a good piece of news for ArsenaLosers. May you end 6th this season and play more and more boring football.

  12. peanuts&monkeys

    Welbeck, Walcott, Ramsey, Wishere and Chamberlain…all shit all average subaverage, for that matter. These english blokes wouldn’t find a place even in a chinese team. Did any club come after these guys in the last 5 years? none.

  13. Phd007

    How you can compare Theo to Torres&Falcao beats me..??!!

    What are you implying?
    That Walcott from day 1, has always been a pretty good finisher until the last few weeks? ?

    And suddenly he’s not so good anymore? ?

    & you’re comparing his finishing ability to that of a naturally talented Torres&Falcao (who admittedly are past their best).

    Seriously? ?


  14. ADKB

    Hope the FA cup draws are favourable as that’s our only hope for a trophy. 3 in a row would be nice.

    Yet again our transfer policy has damaged our chances for the EPL title

  15. qna

    I am reading that Newcastle are trying to sign Gibbs on loan for the rest of the season. Unlike with Debuchy, sending Gibbs on loan would be a HUGE MISTAKE. There are two undeniable truths about Gibbs

    1) He is a backup player. His main purpose is to come into the team in the event of injury or suspension to Monreal.
    2) He is injury prone. He is like Diaby. His body is a lemon. Whether he plays a string of games for Arsenal, or Newcastle, he is bound to get an injury.

    It serves us NO PURPOSE to keep Gibbs, yet send him on loan to Newcastle. We either must sell him, or keep him in the squad and use him sparingly as a backup LB.

    I personally prefer to keep him, but its a good idea to buy this Chilwell kid and send him out on loan Chelsea style for a couple of years. At that point we could sell Gibbs.

  16. Wallace


    with Monreal renewing I’d imagine Gibbs will leave in the summer. can’t see him being happy to continue as a squad player. not at 27yrs old. good chance Chilwell’s the replacement.

  17. daz

    Ramires is going to China for the pay day, asamoah gyan is apparently the highest paid player in the world right now more mercs will be headed that way in the near future.

  18. Mo

    “Mick Kartun January 29, 2016 02:39:47

    No need for a GENIUS to figure it out, but most AKBs will bash me as usual to defend their lord master wenger”

    And yet Mick, nobody is paying you 8 million pounds a year to manage a PL team. That must really hurt as you’re such a genius. How come you’re not working at the top, top level? It’s a mystery.

  19. London gunner


    It’s pretty simple, but your to much of a fool an idiot to understand.

    Walcott was a decent finisher indeed he was one of the most accurate shooters at one point, but he has been awful this season he has either permantly lost and finishing ability he had or is suffering a temporary massive dip in form.

    The point of using Torres and Falcao as examples is that even the worlds most natural finishers can lose their ability so it’s more then possible that a once good finisher in Walcott can.

    It’s a pretty simple obvious point and I’ve tried to spell into it to you, but me thinks you stilled won’t get it 😉

  20. London gunner

    Champagne Charlie

    You are so stupid it hurts.

    You are already claiming that elneny is A better than coquelin and B his long term replacement yet you have never even seen him play for Arsenal and probably have only seen YouTube highlights.

    That’s an incredibly biased an idiotic approach which basically is evidence that you can’t rationally judge or asses coquelin because of your inherent bias.

    Coquelin is going no where I will enjoy him even more starting for the first 11 because I know It will be pissing you off.

  21. qna

    Daz:Ramires is going to China for the pay day, asamoah gyan is apparently the highest paid player in the world right now more mercs will be headed that way in the near future.

    Not really that different to the mercs that play for PSG if you ask me. Except for the CL, they play in a league far below their talents.

  22. Emiratesstroller

    Every player in Arsenal’s squad as indeed in every other club in EPL or Europe as a whole is potentially ‘for sale’.

    The question is how many of the current squad do Arsenal want to sell, loan out or release.

    We know already that Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky will be released at end of their contracts this summer.

    Also the probably is that both Ospina and Debuchy will depart as well. Historically when a squad player agitates for a move particularly when he reaches the age of 28+ Wenger will usually allow such players to leave.

    So the question is who else might leave? Obviously players who are currently
    out on loan might be considered surplus to requirements particularly if they
    are over 21. Arsenal’s track record is that they seldom keep players who fail to
    make the grade in first team by that age, which means that Jenkinson and Sanogo are strong candidates to leave.

    I tend to agree with qna that Gibbs might also be a prime candidate for departure in summer, but probably not in January. However, that will depend on a]
    finding a suitable replacement b] Gibbs wanting to leave and c] Arsenal receiving a decent transfer fee.

    However, having said that Gibbs is one of the younger members of our defence and is also ‘Home Grown’. Whilst Monreal may be ahead of him in the
    pecking order at moment there is no guarantee that will be the case next
    season. Monreal will be after all 30.

    What I am fairly sure is that Wenger is unlikely to make wholesale changes
    to his squad. Personally I think that 5 departures and arrivals in one transfer
    window is absolute tops.

  23. qna

    Wallace. Why cant Arsenal have players that stay for love. You seem to use that as a reason we cannot bring top players even if we can offer them double the pay.

    Gibbs must not have much confidence in his body. There is no better place in the world for a player with serial injuries. His body cam only handle 10 to 15 games a season and Arsenal will pay him 60k/wk for that. That is around 210k per game.

  24. qna

    Emirates. Agree that the following players will be outs: Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Debuchy. Ospina may agitate for a move, but Wenger will try to keep him. I hope he can. I wouldnt be surprised if Jenkinson is brought back into the squad if he recovers from his injury in time. I hope this is not the case. Unlike Monreal, Bellerin needs quality competition to keep him mentally focussed and motivated.

    This leaves our squad looking like this:
    GK: Cech, Ospina
    LB: Monreal, Gibbs
    RB: Bellerin, Jenkinson
    CB: Kos, Mert, Gab, Chambers
    DM: Coq, Elneny
    CM: Caz, Ramsey, Ox??
    AM: Ozil, Wilshere
    FW: Giroud, Sanchez, Walcott, Welbeck, Campbell
    Youth: Iwobi, Adelaide

    This is a squad of 22 plus youth. It is an extremely weak squad in my opinion. But I dont see any substantial additons. Especially when you consider a lot of these players have terrible history with injuries.

    Next season is looking extremely bleak. I think even Spurs may be looking to see if they could push ahead of us if they dont sell.

  25. Wallace


    Gibbs can start at a lot of other PL sides. he can probably also earn more doing it. I think he stuck around this season to see if he could reclaim the starting spot. that’s not happening so i think he’ll look to move.

  26. qna

    Wallace. Donr see it much better players than Gibbs stick it out as squad players for CL teams in the top 5 or 6 leagues. Gibbs wont leave unless we want him to.

  27. Wallace


    not full backs. usually the least talented players on the team. now we have close to a full squad to pick from I can only see Gabriel of the defenders making the subs bench. Gibbs & Debuchy up with Arteta & Flamini in the stands.

  28. qna

    Wallace. You dont pick your subs in talent. You must have balance. There must be someone to play any position if needed. Gibbs provides some flexibility and will still make our bench even when everyone is 100% fit. Even if he didnt what your saying about him walking out the door is wrong.

  29. Phd007

    No need to spell it to me you muscular c**t..

    As far as I’m concerned Theo was never a pretty good finisher in my books.An average finisher..

    Pretty simple. .Enjoy your weekend.
    Stupid muscular c**t!!

  30. Dissenter

    Don’t you think you should moderate your Walcott defending ways with new information?
    Walcott was never a “decent” finisher, if you’re defining “decent” with the previous level of Falcao et al.
    He did show promise and was probably deprived of his momentum by injury.

  31. WengerEagle

    Yarmolenko isn’t coming to the Emirates, not a chance of that happening.

    Just makes too much damn sense for Wenger to act upon.

    Doubt that we’ll sign anyone else before the deadline.

  32. Dissenter

    It will be hard to find a replacement for Gibbs?

    Where else will you find an average English international whos’s content to earn 60-75k weekly and lounge on the bench?

  33. Dissenter

    Wenger isn’t bringing in anyone else.
    He’s pretty much said so, in very plain terms.

    I actually agree with him.
    Retuning players (from injury) are more likely to settle in faster than new players, if we are thinking of winning the league.

  34. Emiratesstroller


    The squad is not ‘extremely weak’ as you suggest, but there is of course room for
    improvement, but that also applies to virtually every other major club in England and Europe.

    Yesterday I agreed with Tunnygriffboy and suggested that Arsenal should concentrate in the summer transfer market in upgrading the two or three
    starting eleven positions where there is clearly room for improvement.

    I would suggest that bringing in one centre back, central midfielder and forward/winger would be obvious choices.

    Personally I do think that the club should have shown more ambition last summer, but hopefully they will do so this time around.

    One of the major issues at Arsenal which needs to be resolved sooner or later
    is succession to Wenger. So long as he remains at the helm life at the club will
    remain “too comfortable”. We see that in the lack of development of certain
    players. Most other clubs would give players like Walcott and Ox a couple of
    years to prove their worth. At Arsenal we are talking about a “decade”!

  35. WengerEagle

    ‘I actually agree with him.’


    As it is we’re struggling for goals, the only goalscorer returning from injury is Sanchez and even he isn’t what you would call a consistent goal scorer.

    If Giroud suffers a dip in form (has happened every season he’s been here) we will badly struggle to pick up points, especially away from home.

  36. qna

    So Jenkinson has done his cruciate ligament. Seeing as he was not a very good player yo begin with his Arsenal career must be over. It makes no sense to perservere with him. With Debuchy wanting to leave (and already past his prime) this leaves Arsenal with a difficult decision. Is Chambers good enough to backup and provide the nessesary competition to Bellerin? I think Arsenal should be looking for a new top drae first choice centre back who can play tight back. We can wait until the summet but it should be top of the agenda for the summer.

  37. Jamie

    Dissenter –

    “Retuning players (from injury) are more likely to settle in faster than new players, if we are thinking of winning the league.”

    I disagree with this statement. If you buy the right caliber of player in the first place, I don’t think they would need much ‘settling in’ time, if any at all.

    The reason Elneny (or others supposedly on the radar) needs time to settle is probably because he isn’t of the required standard or have the necessary experience to make our starting 11. That in itself is worrying – how does Flamini start over him?

    All this to say, I’m behind Elneny. I hope he hits the ground running. We are being sold the same lie by Wenger over and over, though. “We only look for exceptional players” is nonsense. “We only look for cost-effective solutions” is more apt, but that doesn’t encourage fan investment on the same scale.

  38. WengerEagle

    ‘We can wait until the summet but it should be top of the agenda for the summer.’

    Top of the agenda? A back-up RB?

    Stuff that for a laugh, we’re in dire need of a couple of starting forwards and an offensive midfielder.

  39. WengerEagle

    ‘ If you buy the right caliber of player in the first place, I don’t think they would need much ‘settling in’ time, if any at all.’


    Didn’t take Sanchez long to adjust did it?

    Or Aguero for City.

    Or even Martial for United.

  40. Dissenter

    It seems we might just win the league DESPITE Wenger’s misjudgments.
    It’s like a technical knockout because our squad is approach fill strength just at the same time the other title contenders are facing injury crises.
    Vergoghen drops like a fly, then Kevin de Bruyne.

    Wenger can still find a way to f*** it up though.

  41. Jamie

    Can’t see us fluking the league.

    Anything other than a win against Southampton, and we’ll have dropped 9-10 points in 4 games. Forget about what the other teams around us are doing, that simply isn’t title winning form.

    A midfielder and a stiker last summer and things could have been so different for Wenger this season. Clown.

  42. qna

    Emirates. I agree with you on most points. But the squad is weak. You know straight away that we are going to have significant injuries. Wilshere, Gibbs, Walcott, Oxlaide, Welbeck have major issues with their bodies. They are injured men walking. Add to that now Cazorla and Coquelin coming bavk from serious injuries with high rates of reoccurance. The we get to our over 30 players. Once a player reaches this age his general form drops and he picks up more and more injuries. We havr started to see this from Kos who will almost certainly have some injuries again next season. Will Cechs body hold up? Merts? Monreals? Giriuds?

    Squad is weak.

  43. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle,
    When you have Welbeck coming back desperate to impress to make the England Euro squad, you don’t need to desperately seek and striker and pay over the odds for him.
    These returning players have extra incentives, its like playing for new contracts.

    How many January transfers hit the ground running.
    My post was specific to this season’s title race.
    Its already squeaky bum time. There very little time to start experimenting with a news striker.

    How many qualidee strikers have actually moved this winter break?.

  44. qna

    WE: Top of the agenda? A back-up RB?

    No. I didnt day that. I said a first choice CB who can also play RB – not a moneyball one either, top quality like Laporte or Varane.

  45. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle and Jamie
    “‘ If you buy the right caliber of player in the first place, I don’t think they would need much ‘settling in’ time, if any at all.’


    Didn’t take Sanchez long to adjust did it?

    Or Aguero for City.

    Or even Martial for United.”

    Eh …NO!
    Sanchez came in the summer and had the benefit of a preseason, there’s a vast difference.
    Try harder to find better example, maybe Asharvin but our squad was better than it was in January 2009.

  46. WengerEagle


    Ah, my mistake.

    Varane will never happen, completely unrealistic to expect Real Madrid to part with the best young CB in Europe. Why would they want to sell him and more to the point, why would he want to leave Real for us?

    Laporte is a more feasible option and I’m a fan.

    Would rather Mustafi off of Valencia though, he’s my first choice.

  47. Emiratesstroller

    Wenger did not buy Elneny to replace Coquelin or for that matter our current
    Central Midfielders in starting X1. At the price he paid it is fairly certain that he has been recruited as a squad player.

    Frankly that was what we have been agitating for since the Summer. Most posters held the view that neither Arteta nor Flamini were good enough replacements for Coquelin.

    Sadly it took Wenger until this January to “react” to what everyone else believed and there is no question that his indecision has cost us quite a few
    points in December and January.

    This is always the problem with Wenger. He did not replace at start of last
    season Vermaelen and we were down to just two established Centre Backs
    including Koscielny who started season injured. Gabriel was recruited last
    January which again cost us a lot of points in first half of last season.

  48. qna

    WE. Yeah. I just listed 2 names. But the point is not a signing like Gab or Elneny who I dont have anything against. Good value for money for squad players and both maybe progress to be world class if they are good enough. But we need to add ready made talent to walk into certain positions – like we did with Ozil and Sanchez. We need more like that for CB to replace mertesacker, in CM to replace the aging Cazorla, and a FW to replace Giroud and/or the RW position.

    Not going to happen I know, but with Jenks injury its at least an oppurtuniy to now replace Debuchy with one of those requirements.

  49. peanuts&monkeys

    Is it correct Dmitri Payet earns 10K GBP less than Aaron Ramsey per week? What a waste of money on Ramsey that is! Moreso, this reflects the club’s attitude of ignoring class and quality and ignorance of skills avl in the market. Only Arsenal fans can turn this around…if they ever show a banner/white hanky etc.

  50. qna

    Emirates. Yes its the same story repeated over and over with Wenger. It would be funny if it didnt make me so mad. He is his own worst enemy. A poster made me laugh the other day by saying something like – not since Hitler invaded Russia has anbody done so much to undo his own legacy.

  51. leon

    Everyone goes on about mertestaker lack of pace but to me its more the lack leadership and organization and intelligents and far more important than pace I guess the best example of that over the years is john terry and I dont think tony adams steve bold or martin keown were the quickest defenders either so I think people put to much importance on pace and on the other side of the field is another perfect example of what I a talking about wilcatt and chaimberlain niether on these players are the most intelligent of players but they have allot pace

  52. qna

    Peanuts. Cant compare a players contract before his break out year. Definately it was a massive get for West Ham that everybody else overlooked.

  53. daz

    “I disagree with this statement. If you buy the right caliber of player in the first place, I don’t think they would need much ‘settling in’ time, if any at all.”

    Not always the case, Özil has taken awhile to really show what he is about, I think it’s hit and miss regardless of talent some hit the ground running some don’t

  54. WengerEagle


    Ok then.

    – Luis Suarez.
    – Sturridge.
    – Juan Mata.
    – Matic.
    – Kurt Zouma.
    -Papiss Cisse. (He’s obviously been found out now as a fraud but he had an incredible impact when he signed in January)

    That’s literally off the top of my head and that’s only the BPL.

  55. WengerEagle

    ‘How many qualidee strikers have actually moved this winter break?.’

    Not many but why do other team’s inactivity excuse ours?

    City aren’t in need of another forward and Leicester who have outscored us are on record as looking for another striker.

    I’d be surprised if Spurs don’t even attempt to bring in another striker before the deadline.

    ‘When you have Welbeck coming back desperate to impress to make the England Euro squad, you don’t need to desperately seek and striker and pay over the odds for him.
    These returning players have extra incentives, its like playing for new contracts.’

    Lol so all of a sudden you rate Welbeck?

    You were giving it the large on here worse than anyone else besides London Gunner who has a personal grudge against the lad and lambasting his contribution to the side saying that he offers us nothing.

    And now he’s our great white hope emerging from a year long injury? Not to mention that he had never even hit double figures in the BPL.

    Give us a break.

  56. Bamford10

    “Arsene Wenger rules out further January signings as Danny Welbeck nears Arsenal return.” – TalkSport

    Yet he told us it would be a “busy” window. Cannot wait until this twat fucks off.

  57. Bamford10

    Red & White

    Yes, I know. I’ve previously highlighted that what he really meant is that it would be a busy window … FOR OTHERS. He said this as if he were an observer and pundit, not a manager, reminding all that he’s a voyeur and a pathetic sack of shit.

    Cannot wait until he fucks off. So annoying. He is the reason — the ONLY reason — that Arsenal will fail to compete, yet again.

  58. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Socialist Wenger:

    on if big clubs should have guaranteed positions in CL…
    I think you can guess my answer. This sport is based on merit and is one of the few areas in social life where it’s down to merit. The ideal merit would give exactly the same amount of money to every single club in the Premier League [and you would say] let’s go for it, which is not the case. You cannot guarantee anything to any club, no matter how big the support is.

  59. Sihle

    “Yet he told us it would be a “busy” window. Cannot wait until this twat fucks off.”. Can I ask where he said this? its very unlike him honestly. Thanks

  60. Relieable Sauce

    “Personally I do think that the club should have shown more ambition last summer, but hopefully they will do so this time around.”

    lol lol lol

  61. Red&White4life

    “Cannot wait until he fucks off. So annoying. He is the reason — the ONLY reason — that Arsenal will fail to compete, yet again.”

    Unfortunately, there is not enough Grovers who thinks the same…

  62. Wallace

    “It’s a possibility that I have a look at him [Elneny] tomorrow. He’s a naturally box-to-box player and maybe a bit more defensive minded than the usual box-to-box player so he can play in both positions – a bit more defensive in front of the defence or really box-to-box.

    “He has good technique, good vision, quick decision making and he’s very mobile and agile.”

    – Wenger on Elneny

    I think he was signed primarily as a partner for Ramsey or Wilshere, so be interesting to see how he gets on with the former.

  63. london gunner

    Don’t you think you should moderate your Walcott defending ways with new information?”

    Falcao was a brillaint. superb, exceptional finisher. A world class finisher if you will.

    Walcott was a good finisher.

    As for moderating my views? I’ve been asking us to sell Walcott and bring in Griezmann since last summer and have been asking for Walcott to be benched.

  64. Red&White4life

    “He has good technique, good vision, quick decision making and he’s very mobile and agile.”
    “And that’s why I have prefered to play Flamini against chelsea” lol

  65. Bob

    Now coq is fit im not sure we will see much of elneny partnering Ramsey this season or even next season once Cazorla is fit, unless he has a stormer tomorrow & when he does get the opportunities to play he takes it with both hands,

  66. Bamford10


    The problem was in comparing Walcott with Falcao and Torres. He was never at their level — not even close.

    (Not really a big deal, though.)

    Happy Friday, all.

  67. Bob

    That is the important difference though bamford there aren’t enough fans or people in world football for that matter, who feel the same way as a lot of le grove, so bar an absolute implosion on wengers part, it’s unfortunately a waiting game

  68. london gunner

    “Yarmolenko isn’t coming to the Emirates, not a chance of that happening.Just makes too much damn sense for Wenger to act upon.”

    Lol this pretty sums it up.

    A player who we could afford? Check
    A player we could realistically sign? Check
    A player who would be a massive improvement on our right side? Check
    A player who is of the right age at 26? Check
    A player who has both technical and athletic ability(pace) Check
    A player who would probably work with our style of play? Check
    A player who is a goal scorer and could add much needed goals? Check

    But nope the hapless Welbeck is returning to save the day

  69. champagne charlie

    London Gunner

    *sigh* you’re clearly a moron. I didn’t say elneny was better than coquelin, I suggested long term (ie when he’s settled and appropriately adapted, if that becomes the case) he is a replacement for coquelin. I know you find it hard to swallow that coquelin is replaceable, but he is.

    If arsenal want to get back to playing a possession game against all manner of teams there’s no way our deepest midfielder can be as bad receiving and using the ball. It’s a tired argument that won’t ever be resolved until we have a player in the role doing what’s called for. Only then your sort is enlightened.

    I said it’s great to have coquelin back early because he’s better than flamini by a mile. But I pray for the day we have ourselves a DM with the ability to play, then we’ll actually be a able to play some football. Currently we concede possession to every team of a comparable level or better (which is a lot). The best possession based teams have the ball vs anyone. We’ve room to go yet to achieve that.

  70. Jamie

    “Please don’t try to defend this disingenuous twat.”

    Look, he’s made 50,000 substitutions and he’s been long enough in the game to convince himself he can lie to the fans when it suits him.

    He’s a total penis.

  71. daz


    Maybe the elneny signing was “busy” for Wenger, saying he will be busy isn’t really something you can put a scale on busy for him might not be busy for you, not his fault you have taken it upon yourself to assume he meant multiple signings


  72. london gunner

    champagne charlie

    Coq has a higher passing accuracy per game than Morgan Schniderlin at 91.5 percent to MS 90 percent. He only passes 10 less total a game and 7 less forward passes a game and 1 metre less average distance of pass(not much at all and can be easily improved on) Fact is Coquelin is two years younger than MS and statsitcally is improving his passing game after game month after month season after season.. no reason to believe he wont match MS output and MS is a player lauded for his passing…

    As for ability on the ball Coq averages higher dribbling stats than MS and Matic… So kind shows how fucking wrong you are and how you basically chatting out of your ass.

    You are a hypocrite as you constantly berate and bash one of our top performers of the past year Coqeulin and mention how he is limited and we need better.

    Yet you make no mention of the inconsistent and quite frankly awful a lot of the time Ramsey, who is a limited player in the sense that he isn’t a consistent passer, has no discipline and makes numerous mistakes in the middle and the final third and less mobility and pace then coquelin! BUT of course it makes sense to bash Coquelin are reliable player who statically is one of the best performing DM’s in the league.;)

    My argument isn’t that coquelin isn’t limited in any way my argument is that nearly every player in arsenal/premier league and most of world football is limited in some aspect. But your weird bias/fetish for Coquelin makes it impossible for you to realise this.

    As for possession we have a higher win rate with less possession? So enough of this tik tikka nonsense you would have us play! Lets become a lethal counter attacking team and with Coquelin’s reading of the game, mobility and amazing tackling ability he allows us to win the ball back in the final third, which allows us to catch the team on the back foot. He has started numerous counters from his pre-emptive tackling and in this way he really helps us on the attack. So not only does he destroy opponents counters he is often the starting point of our own.

  73. #WAHT

    Really wierd having the news/posts on here a day behind. Just can’t get used to it.

    It is disappointing he said we’d be busy and we’ve got one average player in. However it’s not like anyone else is making waves (China aside) so I do kind of understand it regardless of not liking it.

    I’m not fussed about Yarmolenko so if this isn’t true I’m not bothered. Isco, if he is available is the only pleayer that’s moved/has the potential of moving that i’d be concerned with, and he may not go anywhere.

  74. Champagne Charlie

    London gunner

    There we go, says it all. You’re the sort to dick measure with stats. I’ll leave you too that because frankly it tells me all I need to know about your blatant inability to understand football. Coquelin is a good destroyer and poor distributor, and your passing accuracy stats don’t fathom how.

    The fact you want to see a team like us become just a counter attack specialist is embarrassing. No elite team worldwide operates this way, they all dominate the ball and dominate the play with players that have the ability to do so. Your idea of ability is so skewed I think talking to you about it is redundant, fucking passing accuracy and dribbling stats smh. Watch a game of football without the Arsenal specs on and see Coquelin struggle in the noted areas. I don’t comment on Ramsey because he’s not a starter in my eyes and we desperately miss Cazorla at present because we have no ballers from CB until we reach Ozil which is why we’ve taken 2 points from 9 and looked comparable to Stoke.

  75. Carts


    I’ll be honest with you – Mertesacker isn’t going to get any quicker over the next few season and phasing Gabriel in should’ve been happening more this season.

    Like Cesc (and I spoke about) a few days back, there too much sentiment behind Wenger’s decision making. It’s that simple.

    Gabriel possess a lot of the attributes required to easily partner Kos. As to why Wenger doesn’t play him more is madness. I can’t tell you how often Mertesacker has been caught with his pants down like he was against Chelsea but playing him week in, week out, doesn’t benefit us long term.

  76. Sihle

    ““I’ll be busy, that’s for sure,” he replied when asked about his January transfer business. “I’m already busy and I said already one month ago we are a bit short to deal with all the competitions we face, especially in midfield. We will be busy, yes.””
    Ahh there it is. :'(

  77. london gunner

    champagne charlie

    You are utter moronic cunt.

    Stats are real world data. I don’t just look at one stat e.g. passing stats I look at a series of them such as average distance, whether they are forward or backward passes all the while understanding the framework of team they are part of this then gives one a fuller understanding of what exactly is happening on the pitch and leaves out anecdotal evidence. Fact is MS has only marginally better passing stat’s despite being in an LVG team tha that highlights the uselessness of possession for possessions sakes mantra.

    In such a team you would expect MS to be even further ahead in terms of average passing totals instead he is a mere 10 passes ahead. I have never ever seen any evidence what so ever that MS is a better dribbler/on the ball then Coquelin… The stats prove Coquelin is better and viewing you can see this as well as he has the ability to dribble out of tight spaces in the centre.

    The fact is you view Coquelin in a vacuum you are judging Coquelin on his first period of performances with Arsenal and not reassessing and re-evaluating your opinions but instead desperately clinging onto your hopelessly wrong and outdated stereotypes of a player who until his injury was improving all aspects of his game including passing from game to game.

    I might understand your opinion if Coq was 28 plus but he was 24 so it reasonable to assume he will further improve and the data shows he has been.

    So wake the fuck up you clueless imbecile..

    Oh and you might not see ramsey as a starter but he is so comparisons will be drawn and you ignore the many other players with limitations in the squad further showing up the fact you have some bizarre fixsation on Coquelin.

    As for losing points without Cazorla we have also lost points with Coq out and and conceded double the amount of goals per game.

    I would agree with you though that we have missed Cazorla, but the whole fucking point is that Cazorla and Coquelin worked. They both have limitations and they both had strengths and they worked as a great pairing to elevate each others performances and make up for those weaknesses. Now you can ask for Coquelin to be the complete player but why do you ignore Cazorla’s very real failings? And how can you not understand their are very few complete players out there.

  78. Sam

    I don’t think Ranieri has favourite players in the squad no matter how crap they perform they’ll still start.
    No manager does this, It only happens at Arsenal Fc

  79. Champagne Charlie

    London gunner

    Name calling is a sheer sign of your inability to construct a valid point other than spewing garbage that is “evidence” under YOUR perceptions only. You’re comparing players like Schneiderlin and Matic when that’s not the type of player I’m even alluding to… Further demonstrating your ability to argue a point that’s not relative to the one presented.

    How about Bayern, Barca, Real, Juve, PSG where are the “destroyers” there? They have technical performers that dominate midfield from deep and throughout. Coquelin wouldn’t get a game there, but Cazorla sure as hell would. Keep peddling your stats argument, that’ll be why Coquelin hasn’t made it into the French national side, or if you’re such a stats man just where were you in coquelins Freiburg or Charlton days? Didn’t see you dragging his stats out at that point in time. He’s a great destroyer, I don’t see why you keep trying to create the impression I have a fucking agenda against him, he’s simply not rounded enough to be the mainstay if we want to evolve.

    Fact is you compare him to deep midfielders of elite teams who play football how we aspire to and he’s not comparable at all…. Alonso, Kroos, Veratti, Busquets mould. So yea Coquelin serves a purpose, but if you’re unaware we’re not exactly that good compared to those teams I mentioned, hence the idea our current DM isn’t up to scratch is fair. And before you blather on….why him and not Ramsey? Because DM is a far more important role in modern football., and because Cazorla gets in the team ahead of Ramsey 10 times out of 10. When Caz returns Rambo will get wing duty or bench, which says it all.

  80. salparadisenyc

    In terms of excusing our inactive window because others aren’t doing business is comedic considering the summer we’ve just been through; ”Only team to of not signed an outfield player.”

    Elneny’s in, but don’t tell me he’s an acquisition for the back half of this season, otherwise we’d of done a deal in August. Wenger always gambles with our depth and options, i’m sure he’d explain why but I highly doubt it would make any sense.

    Were not signing anyone else, I don’t even bother reading the rumor pages any more. As Eagle said, Yarmelenko makes too much sense, bloody hell.

  81. Up 4 grabs now

    Would kill to have a Gilberto in our side now.
    Great news that coq is back early. Closest thing to having a Gilberto in years.

  82. El Tel 1

    Get the point. Wenger needs to go (Yaaaaaawn) been reading this shit on here for years.

    By the way I want this too but no point in going over it again and again and again. It makes no difference He is still here telling lies.

    Some of the comments re how shit our players are is disturbing.

    Per doesn’t get caught out time and time again, focus on his CB partner. Koscielny is a good player but he exposes Per far to often. The reason John Terry who is no better than Per is supposedly (False again) successful is because they have a system.

    How can anyone have been watching Arsenal and say Coquelin is average? Biggest load of bollocks I have read on here for ages and there is plenty crap every hour on here.

    Known is slow I read earlier. Obviously you never saw him play.

    Elneny is average I have read. Of course those who have said this have been watching him for many seasons and know this for sure. This guy has not played one minute for the Arsenal and He is already getting slagged off.

    Why would Varane want to play for Arsenal when He is at Real Madrid. So nobody decent has ever left RM? Ozil?

    Spurs will overtake us next year? Been reading this total bollocks for 20 year. This year they look good. This year, yes they might. Next year they might sell the Keeper,CF and anyone else that will give them loads of money.

    They will also lose their Manager when a big Club come calling.

    Let’s read some positive stuff for a while, you would think we were in trouble like the Chavs when you read comments on this site.

  83. salparadisenyc

    EL Tel

    Pretty apparent Wenger’s about creating the group and fighting on with spirit.
    His manifesto against the modern game and the high money some spend.
    He’s winning on his terms or not winning, which equates to 4th place.

    The new 1st place.

    Thats getting old with unspent transfer budgets and a reported surplus of £200m with our options in attack and lack of depth in key areas.

  84. TheBayingMod

    “Please don’t try to defend this disingenuous twat.”

    Look, he’s made 50,000 substitutions and he’s been long enough in the game to convince himself he can lie to the fans when it suits him.

    He’s a total penis.

    He is, but he can lie to the fans. He does so constantly and the AKBs lap it up. Whatever is said here, the AKB is still a large contingent of the support, ergo, Arsene can lie to them like a cheating spouse and they forgive him every time …

  85. Ughelligunner

    he said he would be busy, he didn’t say how? Searching? Buying? Sealing off contract? All of the above is been busy. By the way he got in Elneny and the two Nigeria world best players at the under 17 level.

    It is so pathetic that the AOB regard wenger’s comments more highly more than the AKBs. That shows who never learns amongst the two group.

  86. Ughelligunner

    well if you say knew that was what he meant, why bother drawing his statement out and getting more angry about it, when the Akbs are more relaxed. Because we all know him and his statement is not to placate fans, but journalists asking questions.

    Q- wenger, would this transfer window be busy for arsenal?

    W- yes, it will be busy, we are already busy (signing elneny), we will be busy till the end of the window and if we see any exceptional talent (nigerian kids) we would buy.

  87. Ughelligunner

    Somebody, who didn’t buy an outfield player in the summer, buys one in the winter when the big boys are struggling and you are expecting what more actually?

    He didn’t buy when Ramsey was down and we were top except a broken back player and you are expecting him to buy when his players are resuming their season?

    Just relax AOBs and watch in 3d until he retires, no need getting angry at Akbs. Everybody gets to support the club in his own way.