Ivan e-mails Arsene the good news

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Well, we’re nearing the end of the month. The publishers are making pageviews while the sun shines on the last of the transfer window.

‘Arsene handed £70m for exceptional player’

Sure man. Ivan just woke up yesterday, dropped an e-mail to Arsene (BCC Metro and the Daily Star) and said…

‘Yo Arsene, my man. Here’s a shitload of cash I’d like you spend at a moment’s notice. Thank me later, bro’

I remember back in the day, when a transfer rumours used to mean something. When it at least had a grain of truth. Now there’s literally a whole industry dedicated to making up stuff… and we, as the reader, never, ever learn.

I still have mates that message…

‘Pete, you heard anything about Messi for £420m?’

Point for me about this window is we haven’t really done anything. We’ve signed a guy with great stats from a terrible league. God knows when he’ll drop into the side. He must be having trouble adapting because Flamini is still in the side trolling the fans by playing literally wherever he fancies.

We’ve not added anyone to our forward line, despite us having real trouble there as well.

That said, for all the salacious predictions, not many teams have moved for major names. I mean, United haven’t dropped their customary £100m, which is bad news for LVG. Chelsea have barely registered a move. Liverpool signed Caulker.

Pretty drab.

So, will this window look like a missed opportunity? Or will it be the right decision to add one outfield player to a team that didn’t do particularly well last season?

I guess we’ll find out in the coming months…

Hopefully the team will find its feet again, but they need to soon because this is about the point in the year when teams make their moves.

Fingers crossed, right?


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  1. Champagne Charlie

    What is “the Arsenal way” to some of you here?

    Far as I can see from the last few seasons we don’t have much of a philosophy as far as football is concerned so why are we kidding ourselves about quality football etc

  2. Danny

    “Mertesacker is out because of the red card, and everybody else is available, apart from Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla.”
    So what about Welbeck?

  3. Red&White4life

    “Arsenal have agreed a £23m fee with Dynamo Kiev for Andriy Yarmolenko, according to reports.”

    Any thruth in that ??

  4. alexanderhenry


    Good, sensible post on wenger.
    However the real ‘change’ required at arsenal is financial change. They allowed wenger to spend a bit on ozil and sanchez and he delivered two FA cups. This summer arsenal fc returned to their old ways and spent a mere £9million on cech. As good as cech has been, arsenal fc need to make significant investments in their squads every year, not every few years. This is what fans should expect and -taking into account the cost of a season ticket- what they deserve.
    If you don’t spend you don’t win…makes no difference who’s in charge.

  5. salparadisenyc


    Certainly not due to Cechs excellent positioning, calm under attack and ridiculous ability to save what should and good be a goal.

    Our points tally seems to directly correlate with Coquelin being fit to a certain degree. Since his injury we’ve conceded 13 goals in our 6 away matches dropping 9 points against opposition we should of turned. Think i’ll start there.

  6. Relieable Sauce

    Only fans with a defeatist attitude are the AKBs.
    They are the ones who celebrate fourth and fear changing the manager in case we fail to qualify for a competition he cant win.

  7. tunnygriffboy


    I’m pretty positive we had more than £10 million to spend in the summer

    I have no problem in spending £5 million on Elneny if he turns out to be a useful addition. Transfer fees don’t have to be big to get quality

    We are lead to believe by many in the club there are substantial amounts of money available. Proof will come in the summer when Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky leave and we have to buy quality replacements. If we don’t then we’ll be in trouble.

  8. Carts


    I completely see your argument, but I’m talking pound-for-pound here, as opposed to statistically.

    Maybe Kos should get the nod over Otamendi; though I’ve rated Otamendi since his Porto days, it seem like City are playing 3 at the back cos Mangala has been awful and Demichellis has almost lost his legs.

  9. tunnygriffboy


    In the transition years moving to the Emirates that 4th spot was vital for the revenue it brought in. Some of those teams were dodgy as well

    It’s a moot point on how much money was available and until when

    However today we have the basis of a very good squad and with the resources available should now be challenging for the title and not seeing 4th place as the satisfactory finishing place it once was.

  10. Redtruth


    Forget Coquelin our points total the season before Coquelin was 79 points and the following season with Coquelin it was 75 points… lol you need to have a word with yourself.

  11. Mr J

    “Red Tangible in points, you could argue a couple of these but its debatable. West Ham -2
    Crystal Palace +2
    Liverpool +1
    Everton +2
    Spurs +1
    Norwich +1
    Sunderland +2
    Newcastle +2
    Stoke +1Thats 9 points in 22 games, on course to John Terry’s pre season assessment the keepers worth 12-15. Don’t think the same can be said for Ospina or Chesser.”

    I think that Red’s point is that in actual fact, we are only two points better off then we were at this stage last season – 2 points.

    So if Cech has saved us all those points, then we have truly regressed.

  12. #WAHT

    Ugh the rumours are killing me, I hate Arsenal transfer windows.

    If Isco is even slightly available we should be all over that. Easily worth £25m.

    Yarmolenko, don’t think so. All the sources just link to each other, no one wants to say they uncovered it. Looks like clickbait.

  13. jwl

    “There are reports flying around that Arsenal have agreed a deal for Andriy Yarmolenko, but the whole story seems a bit odd.

    Sport Witness have delved into the rumours that Arsenal have agreed a deal with Dynamo Kyiv to sign the player in the summer, and they seem questionable to say the least.

    Not only do some reports in Ukraine seem to come from an unnamed Arsenal fan website, but the claims made by Sport.ua say a deal has been agreed before saying how much Dynamo Kyiv would expect to receive for the player.”


  14. jwl

    Arsenal transfer windows are equivalent of Schrodinger’s cat, is it open or closed, alive or dead, who can tell with Wenger.

  15. salparadisenyc

    Like I said some of those are likely debatable.
    Others cannot be denied.

    Total number may not be up to 9 but it certainly not below 5. Its a dump argument from the off thats been rolling around here for far to long. Theres no doubt Cech is a far better option than anything we’ve had in the past decade.

  16. Emiratesstroller


    I am inclined to believe the club that spending in transfer market was restricted in the years following our move to Emirates.

    1. The club needed to move to a new site and not build at Highbury which increased cost significantly of project.

    2. Unlike Bayern the bulk of the cost of development was borne by club through financing rather than sponsorship.

    3. Arsenal made the decision to redevelop themselves the Highbury Residential Project. That programme was completed in aftermath of the start of recession so that the sales were much slower and profit forecasts had to be reduced.

    4. Arsenal’s commercial sponsorship deals in early years was restricted due to need to complete them at almost any price.

    I do think that our circumstances are different today although I agree with you that I did expect Arsenal to be spending in summer at least £50-60 million
    in the transfer window.

    My expectation was that Arsenal would make at least one major signing in the
    £30-40 million+ range particularly since our sponsorship deals with Emirates
    and Puma total £60 million combined.

    My main problem with Wenger is that he fails to anticipate too often weaknesses in his squad whether through injury or decline in form.

    You can go back 5 or 6 years and there is always an area of our team/squad which should have been strengthened, whether striker, centre back or defensive midfielder.

  17. salparadisenyc

    Red whom says Ospina is a better option to Cech. The keeper whom ushered in the softest goal witnessed in Europe this fall. That goal was like Ron Jeremy after an 8 ball.

  18. Luke

    Re. Cech points saved debate. It’s a pointless (no pun intended) argument. Unless a save is made during the last kick of a game it’s impossible to attribute the points to that specific moment. What if Cech doesn’t make the save mid-game? That goal may give the Arsenal team impetus to up their level and dominate the opposition. Likewise, keepers offer more than just ‘saves’, other forms of contribution i.e. organizing the back four, breeding confidence in the team and intimidating opposition players with their presence also impacts our performance and thus the result.

    Thanks to Opta, technology and extended punditry TV/radio/podcast shows, football is developing an unhealthy obsession for stats.

  19. Redtruth

    I’d dread to think what carnage Cech would bring to the team if he was thrown on in a game after a spell on the sidelines…….. oh wait we’ve seen the destruction against West Ham.

  20. rollen


    So Cech is our problem? You guys have no clue.

    I would rather lost everyone else apart from Ozil and Sanchez then Petr.
    Red Wenger totally fucked your brain!

  21. Joe

    If cech has saved us 9 points, what does that say about our playing squad?

    We would be back in 10th

    But AKBs say we have to trust Wenger when he said no one was available better than a 10th place playing squad.

  22. Phd007

    A manager that makes Theo captain-well says it all..

    Worse of it is, fans put up with this nonsense…

    Lol..You deserve everything Arsene throws your merry way..

    Arsene cock teases everyone of you, every season without fail.& you fall for his teasing, manipulative ways..

    How much has the charmer conned you out of, over a 10 year period. .?

  23. Emiratesstroller


    You have an obsession with Cech. It is beginning to grind.

    He is an excellent goalkeeper even if he does not meet your expectation. Noone
    argues that Ospina is not also a fine keeper, but he lacks the physical presence
    and positional sense of Cech.

  24. rollen

    January 28, 2016 17:02:18


    You mentioned problem..i merely pointed out he’s not our solution.

    Most of management + board need replacement + 60% playing squad and you keep bubbling about Pert Cech – he is world class let it go.

  25. rollen

    New Manager

    Hector Gabs Kos Monreal
    coq WC CDM/B2B

    Gotze Ozil Reus


    keep Ramsey Elneny OX Welbz for 1 or 2 more years rest ——> sell

  26. Arse n finger

    Gota love Claude! Arse anal tv is a fucking laughing stock for opposition fans.great viewing.nearly as good as Southampton 4 arse anal 0. Woolish is <— way

  27. Wallace

    “Jack and Santi are progressing well but they are at least a few weeks away. But these two apart, it is just about competitiveness and match fitness.

    Danny Welbeck is not completely ready but he is not far. He needs a game or two because he’s been out since last April. The Stoke [under-21] game is too soon because he only had one session with the team, and that is too short.

    on Coquelin and Rosicky…

    Francis is available to play now because he has passed two weeks of full training. Tomas is also available for selection.”

    – Wenger

  28. London gunner

    My cunting line up


    Bell koz gab mon

    Coq ros

    Joel Ozil Sanchez


    Coq rosicky is the best centre pairing we currently have. Rosicky has pace, movement, forward momentum and passing ability of a b2b and is less of a liability than Ramsey. Coq is superb but needs some creativity next to him.

    I might put Sanchez up top and play ox on left.

    Walcott needs bench time

  29. Phd007

    Why would you bench Theo..

    Weren’t a lot of you defending him up till recent times.Let’s not forget he’s a pretty good finisher-stats don’t lie!!!


  30. Uwot?

    Oi arse don’t be a .c***t al l your life.supporting a club that has a cock & basketball on its shirt,seriously?lol!

  31. salparadisenyc

    None of them were up to the level to sustain it at Barca.

    Van Bronkhorst

    Don’t think Rambo will make the list. Yet Wenger’s found magic in Sanchez.
    The simple pleasures.

  32. London gunner

    Cunting Ramsey is not up to barca standard wouldn’t be surprised if they have youth players better than him.


    Walcott was a very decent finisher till recently where he has been nothing else but shockingly woeful. Just because a player was good at something once doesn’t mean they always will. Case point Torres.

  33. salparadisenyc


    Good stuff!

    Agree w/ LG, don’t think Barca will entertain Rambo. City on the other hand… maybe. Wait Peps coming, strike that.