Martin Keown would be good right now | See Mesut doing god like things

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How’s it going there?


Marvellous news.

My day is snow filled. I like sharing updates on my Facebook about the snow. It makes me happy. It also makes other English people happy to see what snow looks like. We’re simple like that.

So, what’s hot off the press today?

News of Mesut’s contract has been leaked by a football site called… Football Leaks. It’s a bit like WikiLeaks, except it’s not really doing anything to free the world from tyranny.

Anyway, the contract is interesting. We actually paid £36m upfront. We pay a little bit extra for Champions League qualifications for a few years, totalling £3m or something. The interesting part is 1) Madrid whacked in a buy back clause. So if Barca move for him, they have first dibs. 2) If we sell him for £38m, they get a chunk for the sell on.

So basically, it’s not really worth our while to sell him.

News, but not news.

I love Mesut. Do you? Oh right, when he pulls his finger out in big games? I like that too.



Anyway, that’s what his deal looks like. I’d link to the site, but there’s some weird PDF sharer thing that’s probably just stolen my credit card details and sent e-mails to my nearest and dearest asking for money to bail me out of a kidnapping.

Still feeling pretty upset about what happened at the weekend. Another loss against Chelsea. I really don’t understand how Wenger allows himself to get his teams into ruts like the one we have against Chelsea.

Does there come a point where you just lose your tactical mind and do something mental?

‘Right, we’re going to play a slightly different game, here’s what we’re going to do… kick the sh*t out of them, all ninety minutes, like madmen.’

I mean, how many games do we have to watch ourselves get bullied by the same old characters? I don’t think we’ve had a side since 2004 that actually goes to war. We have players who have more fight, for sure. But we don’t have a warrior mentality. When was the last time you heard Arsenal described as bully boys? Or dirty? Or too physical?

It’s a familiar missing ingredient when you rack up the… ‘what went wrong?’… excuses for the season. We just need some nasty. We don’t even have it in Gabriel. I mean, he had it all to be a madman. But he actually seems quite nice and very focused on being a good guy.

Give me a bastard. Please. Someone who will take his boot off and smash someone occasionally (my pal did that once, total banter in the 8th minutes). Ok, maybe not that extreme. But you get what I mean. We don’t have any loose cannons out there.

NFL has plenty of them. I watched a player for the Bengals use his head as a weapon to such effect, I thought he actually broke the guys neck. We don’t really have that in our blood. Not that I like it. But where is Martin Keown when you need him?

Where are people that care about winning so much, they’ll comfortably take things WAY too far.


Dortmund want £100m for Pierre-Erick. Maybe not this week.

Right, that’s your lot. HAVE A GOOD DAY X


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  1. Leedsgunner

    Think about this everyone next time you hear Wenger pontificating about transfers and how difficult it is.

    1. His normal response to whether he will spend is that he is not afraid to spend if he finds “exceptional quality” or someone that will add to the squad something the squad does not have already.

    2. When he does sign someone the transfer is usually very protracted, painful and long because as he wants to apparently get the best value for money.

    3. If we take statements (1) and (2) at face value… logic says the players he has bought at great expense should be of exceptional quality and value. If bought for the first team they should be ready to go should they not?

    4. If so, why are they often not played? Campbell has proved himself worthy this season with some notable and hardworking displays but it has to be said that he only got his chance when Alexis and Wilshere was waylaid with injury — and Wenger had no choice but to use him.

    When these third stringers surprise people and do well, Wenger likes to portrays himself as some guru and says he kept faith with them because he knew they would come good. (If they don’t, they are quietly left to languish on the bench until they are quietly let go on a free without a word of criticism to the manager who signed them in the first place. How is this a good use of our so-called limited finances?)

    This is speaking with hindsight firmly in his pocket… and is very flimsy at best. If he was truly convinced of their talent why does wait so long to play them, and only when injuries force his hand. Had he rotated more purposefully our stronest players would not be injured and overplayed as they are.

    As in seasons previously, we are faltering in the title race because our strongest players are not available to face our most crucial games… had Wenger rotated his squad properly the likes of Sanchez and Coquelin for the Christmas rush and we would be well ahead in the title race.

    To think that this Board is considering giving him an extension when he refuses to change and carry on like this is very very depressing.

  2. Brooklyn

    None of the continental sides are called bully boys, dirty side….including the likes of Juve and Atletico…’s PL thing….maybe we should try find balance between being bully boys and technical side….We can’t really be Bullies with Ozil in our side….we can’t play 4-3-3 to deal with bully boys with Ozil in side…..
    Happy snow Pedro.

  3. Jonraid


    Is Eleny bought as a third choice back up to Coq and Flamini? I thought Wenger wanted exceptional quality, so I’m not sure why he settled for a benchwarmer? So disappointing if this is true…

  4. DM

    Nice one Jonraid. I’m downloading something and it used up all my bandwidth, page wouldn’t refresh till now. Enjoy the trophy!

  5. shad

    Yep..that Chelsea loss was a real kick in the teeth, albeit a really predictable one. We couldn’t beat this Chelsea team under Mourinho (twice), Di Matteo and Guus (twice). I mean, we last scored a goal against them in 2008! Geez!
    Wenger really has let his weak, senile mentality seep into the players. You have to think that any other manager with the same players would extract so much more.
    For Wenger, winning a trophy is a bonus for having tried to play football “our way” and hence half the times his set up vis a vis personnel are just shocking.

    Anyway, never had real hopes of winning any major cup, not under this man.

    Granting him a contract extension is farcical bordering criminal.

  6. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t have any problem with the contract for Ozil. It only kicks in if Arsenal
    sell the player for a higher figure than we paid for him and that is highly unlikely.

    First I think that Ozil is quite happy at Arsenal and will be here for quite a lot
    longer. If and when he does eventually leave the club the transfer fee is likely to be much lower primarily because of the wages we pay him.

    Yes the result and performance against Chelsea was not good news, but we
    need to move on and make sure that it does not repeat itself again.

    Hopefully we will have Coquelin back in team by Tuesday. Personally I don’t think that lightening will strike twice in game against Southampton even if
    they play the same tactics with Long upfront. I suspect that Gabriel will be
    playing alongside Koscielny and with Coquelin in midfield it will be more
    difficult for them to counterattack and play long ball as they did in away game.

    What is also important is that Sanchez starts scoring goals. Let’s face it Walcott has not managed to score a single goal in EPL since Sanchez got injured
    and we have been overdependent on Giroud to score our goals.

  7. Troy McClure

    We have one bastard hard man, Flamini. Unfortunately he isn’t physically intimidating, doesn’t combine ability with his combative attitude, and is on the back 9 of his career. Being at Arsenal for a period of time, on a huge salary training in a leafy suburb with Mr. Peace and Harmony Wenger as a boss, smooths out all the rough edges that our players have – complacency sets in. I don’t know all of their personal histories, but you would think at least a few came from rough places where they had to play rough and nasty. Maybe it’s because rough and nasty gets you sent off or injured – see Gabriel or Jack Wheelchair. Hopefully we see a bit of it from Elneny and what’s left of it in Gabriel before they go to Wenger finishing school.

  8. Ughelligunner

    i think spurs form is down to
    lesser pressure. The form
    leceister is showing now is
    preventing the spuds from
    getting due attention.
    They usually choke when the
    pressure is on and teams,
    journalist and managers start
    taking them seriously, they
    start the choking, A little bit
    like arsenal and every other
    smaller teams.
    As for leceister, presently they
    are only playing for the
    Premier league, they are out of
    all football tourney. Less
    pressure and rest for their
    players too.

  9. Joe

    We don’t need bullies.

    We need players who play with some passion. Heart. For the Fucken badge.

    The team is a mirror image of the weak minded Wenger

    Where was the heart drive passion. Vs sfoke?

    We came out so flat and slow vs Chelsea.

    Are you kidding me? A chance to be a team that has been crap all season and a chance to go top and we came out that flat

    Can’t blame the players. It’s the cunt who is supposedly leading them.

    The players have all changed over the years. One thing has remained constant.

    And that one thing has ruined Arsenal

  10. jwl

    There are no big character players in Arsenal squad because they would challenge Wenger and his desire to do minimum every season and finish fourth.

    Gabriel is total hooligan but he is not allowed to be by Wenger or FA, times have changed, Gabs would not last long here if he went madman a few times a season and collected red cards like vieira used to.

  11. Ughelligunner

    In continuation from last topic;

    Naija, that was what i was saying here two days ago, the love in for spuds, Liverpool and chelsea players is just too much. Legrove fans metal strength is
    really low for the support our players need to push over the

    Every season, you got
    Liverpool, totenham, stoke fans believing they would override us even at our best
    and you then see our own fans deriding the positive supporters as AKB.

  12. jwl

    Huge snowfall is fun for few days than pain in ass. Lots of snow is alright if your city is prepared and has plows to remove snow quickly so people can move again but for areas that dont have infrastructure, lots of snow brings town to a halt.

  13. Joe


    Over ride us? You are talking like we win the league to even compete for the title every season.

    And don’t say CL. What is the point of being in a competition we have no chance of winning because of our manager.

    Don’t say the money it brings. Because Wenger did not buy one outfield player with that money.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Every season, you got
    Liverpool, totenham, stoke fans believing they would override us even at our best
    and you then see our own fans deriding the positive supporters as AKB’

    That must be it.

    Shit the bed.

  15. Ughelligunner

    When Liverpool where almost close to the title 2 years ago, you could feel the trophy won
    in the hearts of the kop fans all over the world, gunners on
    legrove were even urging them on, just to tell us how
    better Bredan Rodgers was over wenger.
    For a team not to have won the title or Finnish in the top 4
    in a decade but keep on dreaming, but the other team just lost all hope just because
    the summer window was poor.

    The state of lack of mental strength in the fans here is much more than that of the players.

    Even Gambon who was quietly hoping for a faithful year in
    which he would have an upper hand over his northern friends
    was the first to have his mental strength tested.

  16. Joe

    So is that the new trophy

    Didn’t get overridden by stoke Liverpool and Tottenham trophy.

    The last thread to hang on to for the AKBs.

    We finish above spuds and Liverpool and stoke.

    It’s all they have left

  17. Ughelligunner

    We are always above them, yet we repeat the same stories all over again like what we accuse wenger of doing.

  18. azed

    Every season, you got
    Liverpool, totenham, stoke fans believing they would override us even at our best
    and you then see our own fans deriding the positive supporters as AKB.

    What’s positive in finish 4th year on year and playing in a tourney just to make up the numbers?

    17 years in Europe, 0 trophies, 1 Final.

  19. azed

    For a team not to have won the title or Finnish in the top 4
    in a decade but keep on dreaming, but the other team just lost all hope just because
    the summer window was poor.

    Liverpool won the Champions league in the past decade. Something we haven’t managed to do.

    What’s the point of playing in a tournament you have no hope of winning?

  20. Cesc Appeal

    ‘We are always above them, yet we repeat the same stories all over again like what we accuse wenger of doing.’

    Get there…get there, you’re so close

  21. Joe

    love how the talk of winning the league has changed to

    Finishing above spuds and Liverpool and stoke.

    Laughable AKBs.

  22. Mel

    Brilliant post by Leedsgunner – AW is the most disingenuous manager in English football. Coquelin was the same as Joel C left to languish at Charlton and only because of an injury crisis brought back and AW takes all the plaudits for such a great find when in reality he didn’t fancy him at all.

  23. Bob

    I’m with the majority I want wenger gone just as much as the next, but using teams like spuds,Liverpool,Stoke et al as examples of how we should be doing things this season & seasons gone by, is just pure tosh as the last time I looked we regularly finish above these teams by the end of the season, so I’d say there a lot further away from the pl than we are, that’s not to say they won’t catch us & maybe even over take us, but tbh I still think we should have enough this season to drag ourselves over the finish line, not saying we will just showing a lil optimisum

  24. salparadisenyc

    Agree this side needs some steel, a modern Keano to balance out the soft underbelly we saw on Sunday.

    Oddly feel like i’ve posted this before, annually around late January.

    Nice post up Leeds.

  25. Steve Boulds velvet glove

    Wenger is a eunuch. He’s scared of upsetting his players so just takes the easy road with them. Far happier to piss off the fans

  26. Joe

    We just need a new manager.

    The whole atmosphere of the team changes.

    We will no longer be the in the image of a weak pathetic manager.

  27. Bob

    His relationship with some players is strange, almost fatherly trying to protect them or give them opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t deserve somewhere else, the persistence with Theo & ox & mert is odd.

  28. Bob

    How we haven’t been hurt a lot more by teams playing off mert is astonishing, I mean it’s either pure luck or mad scientist stuff that normal beings can’t see, everyone should know how to set up against us with mert in the team

  29. Carts

    I dunno anymore. I really don’t.

    In other news, I really like the way Serie A is shaping up.

    I know Juve have been on a “fuck all ya’ll” tear-up of late; and Roma look far from the team that was bopping the ball around and playing at such a high tempo.

    But Napoli, who I have a little hard-on for look strong. I’m not sure they’ve got the spunk to last the full course, purely cos it seems like they’re going to lump all their chips on The Hig, and usually that shit always ends in tears.

    I’m still disgusted with their stadium (as well as the Stadio Olympico). I don’t think I’ve ever not made a disparaginf comment about that annoying fooking atheltics track. Seriously, it’s so damn crappy.

    I mean, do the IAAF even hold Golden league meeting there let alone the local high schools, ffs?

    Inter Milan look like they’re struggling to finish their risotto as well as putting teams away. You’d think with a front 3 of Jovetic, Icardi and Ljajic they’d have a solid goal difference to accompany their league position. Mancic that tinkering pleb will be the reason they don’t finish top 4 (or is it 3, this season as well?)

  30. Joe

    You have a manager who give players raises for just hanging out why would the players show anything

    When the manager only does Bare minimum why would players do more than bare minimum.

  31. Dan Ahern

    Surprising that Özil has that buyback stipulation, but the more I think about it that’s probably standard for all Madrid and Barcelona sales.

    Also thought he cost more than €44m. Nice work Dick Law. Is there any man on earth the Dick can’t penetrate? His smooth tongue warms them up and then BAM, he’s in. Deed and deal done.

  32. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Surely Elneny will start on Saturday. Surely Wenger doesn’t think Flamini is a better player- if he does what was the point in buying him. The Flamini + Ramsey partnership is so disjointed. The Sky pundits touched on the fact that Flamini just runs around, without purpose. The constant fist clenching and clapping doesn’t fool me Mathieu. Ramsey is just a headless chicken. Neither have any discipline or tactical nouse.

  33. Dan Ahern

    I think we have some sort of mentality issue for sure, but I’m not sold on “steel” being the missing ingredient. Koscielny can be a bastard when he wants to. Coq goes hard. Cech is resolute and gives everyone confidence. Even Giroud stopped being a baby and uses his size.

    The thing we seem to lack a bit is unity. When things go badly you don’t see a great deal of team spirit and rallying. Not a ton of communication, at least not that I can see on TV. (Flamini pointing doesn’t count.) I don’t really want another bastard, I want somebody all the players respect and respond to. And you can be respected for much more than shithousery.

    Your friend who used a boot as a melee weapon sounds cool though, Pedro.

  34. Honest Bill

    It’s not just steel we are lacking, but also technical quality. When you have a midfield of Flamini and Ramsey who are unable to to take a proper first touch and then a combination of Giroud and Walcott up front who are both utter wank on the ball, then it’s no wonder the team so often goes to shit.

    If Özil, Sanchez, or Cazorla don’t come up with something special, then there really is very little quality in the side to pick up the slack.

    Wenger, of course, seems to think that belief and togetherness can make up for this lack of quality.

    He’s wrong.

    If we aspire to be a great side like Barca or Bayern, then we don’t have to look any further than this for an explanation. You can have all the ‘Steel’ or ‘Heart’ or ‘Guts’ or ‘Never say die attitude’ you like but it will get you absolutely nowhere without good footballers. This is why Barca are great and Stoke aren’t. It isn’t because Barca have more mental fortitude or toughness. They are simply better football players.

    Arsenal have too many inadequate players on the field. It really is that simple.

  35. Arse n finger

    Good news the Kyle show have got kenny Sansom a bedsit in woolish.Right next door to wengers two cambodian boat boys

  36. Redtruth

    Wenger can take some plaudits for bringing in.players such as Anelka, Petit and Vieira but that’s as far as it goes as the rest was down to the players to deliver for the tactically inept manager.

  37. WengersSweeties

    Such a divide amongst fans on Wenger it’s unreal.

    Never have I known the club to be so split.

    I think it says all you need that the manager is shit when the fans can’t all agree.

    One thing for certain. After the game the fans just walked out. No Boooooing. That was pathetic!!

    Even the fans don’t show any fight anymore.

    LVG has been giving hurling abuse after that Southampton game. Arsenal fans just walk away like spineless defeated melts.

    We don’t show enough as fans. The club’s gone stale.

    It’d depressing.

  38. salparadisenyc


    Its pretty simple regarding Cech. You can put a point value on it as in points gained or saved. John Terry actually got that right.

    Not up for argument. In fact id appreciate it if you’d admit getting that one terribly wrong.

    Do the right thing man.

  39. salparadisenyc

    Red are you really going with the AKB tag?
    Oh dear, troller off leash.

    As only a fucking nincompoop would argue against fact Cech has added much.

  40. MidwestGun

    New batch of Spud trolls make Redtruth look like a mensa candidate.

    Only a Spurs fan would name themselves anything to do with fingers and asses.
    Pretty appropriate for a toilet Club.

    Anyhow, video of Ozil is sexy as fuck your right Pedro.
    Now you an see why Girouds goal total has gone up,Ozil literally bounces it off his skull. All L’oreal has to do is stand there.

  41. Dan Ahern

    Players respect other great players. If you let a disaster like Flamini run around in your midfield, or celebrate Theo’s club birthday instead of picking a real captain, everybody sees through that. I’m with Honest Bill, it’s not about being a rough cunt, it’s about having the requisite quality.

  42. Dissenter

    You’re spouting tripe if you think every post that objectively compares us with Spuds is proof that people are less Arsenal than you.

    There’s nothing wrong with asking why a smaller club in the same geographical area can get comparable results with 70 million less in wages.

    I’m not responsible for the trolls who jump on to display their idiocy.
    It’s like suggesting that routinely screening for suicidal risk causes suicide.

  43. Dissenter

    That Ozil trick with the ball is obscene.
    How many times did he try that out to get it right.
    The devotion that these elite players have to show to get to their level is massive.

  44. Dissenter

    Your real, life IQ has dropped every time you’ve spontaneously put up these sick Cech posts. Now, it’s so low we have to drill to find it.

  45. WengersSweeties

    You’re blind if you think Cech hasn’t added anything.

    If you take away the points he’s saved us we’d be in a lot more trouble.

    Ridiculous thing to say.

    Have a word with yourself.

  46. Whitty

    Fuck Wenger this club is going no where anytime soon.

    The only people whos getting anything from the club is Wenger, the board and the cunt owner.. and that’s all they want….. Money

    The fans get fuck all… it’s not even fun going anymore

  47. Arse n finger

    Maldini couldn’t stabilize your defence.Your hopeless at the back and chavskis number 2 has been ur best player this year ffs,…’s over

  48. Arse n finger

    All my own work,drug problem + handicap = crack wheelchair….give him a new deal si we can laugh at u some more.

  49. Redtruth

    If we match our last 15 games of last season we’ll end up on 77 points just 2 points better off….lol The Chelsea reject really has made a difference…lol

    Last 15 games of last season:


  50. salparadisenyc

    Thursday night footie and this finger n cunt poster thinks he’s got the ground to stand on to give Champions league stick. What was that about IQ Dissenter?

  51. MidwestGun

    Finger in Ass-
    Oh so your the representative of intelligence from the Spuds contingent? Wow…. well… that insult was pretty hilarious. You know whats more hilarious is when Spuds are eliminated from winning anything meaningful for the past…. what is it….. forever?

  52. Bob

    Haha ok arse finger enjoy your Thursday night thriller against fiorentina in the last 32, I’m sure it will be a must watch, and everyone will be clammering to view it,

    While we take on one of the best teams in the world, I know you will be watching wishing your team was there, I imagine your players will be to

  53. MidwestGun

    Also, hilarious Spud fan talking about World football … when their Club is completely irrelevant on the International stage and only has majority of fans from their small minded local community. Doubt anybody would even show up to see Spuds play Barca.

  54. Ughelligunner

    Midwest, i know you are joking about Giroud and ozil. Walcot could have also have a dozen if it were just so.
    Just saying before fans start picking on your Giroud point. You know people are rightly frustrated now.

    Has anybody heard of kronke giving the arsenal players motivation pep talk? Or it is business as usual.

  55. Bob

    All seriousness though if messi starts alexis or Campbell must play on the left, if Theo’s there messi will have a field day, like wise on the right vs Neymar although pace wise bellerins sweet just the doubling up or overloading barca might put on the wings worries me big time

  56. MidwestGun

    Leeds _
    No kidding. That should be instant termination. I thought people were only joking when they said all the Spuds fans were mentally challenged. But judging from their temporary incursion here. Guess not.

  57. Ughelligunner

    Red has lost all hope of all things arsenal and football since the era of moustache players past, he doesn’t see anything good now.

    The reason i fancy him is, he always remains calm all through the match until about one hour later.
    Something tells me he is a season ticket holder. The timing and everything is always in line with when other guys are back from the emirates. Funny post as well. He doesn’t believe them too.

    He only hates the over hype players get.

  58. Redtruth

    Bamford after beating Man City
    December 21, 2015 21:57:18
    “This game has changed my thinking: this Arsenal team does in fact have the mettle to challenge for the title.”
    “Tonight showed me that whatever weaknesses we have, this team has desire, toughness, confidence and unity.”
    “I still think City are far more talented, but talent isn’t everything.
    “Hats off to the boys. Great performance. Great win.”
    “Even Ramsey. Sure he made a few errors and could’ve done better here or there, but a big, big effort.”
    “Agree with whoever above said that Cech has strengthened us both quality wise and mentally.”
    “Mert and Kos are tough-minded, full of desire. I like it.”
    “Good stuff, boys.”

    Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol……I like how he mentions how our keeper has strengthened us both quality wise and

    Mert and Kos tough-minded…lol lol

  59. MidwestGun

    Red already said he stopped supporting the Arsenal about 20 years ago. Le Grove is just his hobby.

    Sadly I’m already convinced Wenger has inked an extension already now that Kroenke has the LA green light so he can concentrate on it and not have to concern himself over anything Arsenal. Wenger already saying he wants to stay until he’s mummified on the touch line.

    Will be criminal given Pep is available, apparently.

  60. MidwestGun

    Short answer is probably no/ but honestly I spend so little time thinking about the Spuds I couldn’t say for sure. Not sure why anybody supports a Club that thinks a rooster or whatever it is, is a cool representation of a Club and want to support an organization that is virtually irrelevant on the world stage.

  61. Ughelligunner

    mid, red might be steering the sh*t as usual. He really ever comes on immediately after a game, or ask for link to watch the game, or live tv programme, and he is in London.

    But he knows everything that happens and just comes on to laugh at both positive and negative fans.

  62. Ughelligunner

    Red has lost all hope of all things arsenal and football since the era of moustache players past, he doesn’t see anything good now.

    The reason i fancy him is, he always remains calm all through the match until about one hour later.
    Something tells me he is a season ticket holder. The timing and everything is always in line with when other guys are back from the emirates. Funny post as well. He doesn’t believe them too.

    He only hates the over hype players get

  63. Cesc Appeal


    We all know how this goes, Guardiola moves, Simeone moves whoever, but none of them were available to us, probably some excuse to do with money…its the same with players, its the same with everything.

    Normal rules apply to all clubs with the exception of Arsenal. For Arsenal everything is harder, everyone wants more money, everyone deliberately steals our deals away from us with gajillion pound offers we could never match, everyone we want doesn’t want to come to England…we’re a special case and we just have to accept that.

    So when Guardiola goes to City, Simeone to Chelsea and whoever else, remember, they offered them deals we could never match and so should be grateful that Wenger extends his stay because it isn’t worth trying for anyone else.

  64. Mr J

    Red has an argument.

    Are we any better with Cech?
    Can you see us matching last seasons last 15 games?

    It can be said however if he weren’t here, it can be said that we’d be a lot worse off… a whole lot worse.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Arsenal are not having a great season, but an average one… par for the course.

    Its just that everybody else are so poor.

    When normal service resumes, Utd, Chelsea & City fix up and get back to norm… Arsenal will be in their rightful place – 4th

    That Ozil thing though…

  65. MidwestGun

    Ugh _
    You would have to ask Red why he spends so much time here given he hasn’t liked anything about Arsenal since GG. My guess is bored and lonely.. but whatever.

    Yes…. its honesly like being stuck in limbo. I mean nothing ever changes and apparently that’s how the majority like it, so… it just becomes madness at some point.

  66. Phd007

    Why is everyone surprised? ?!!!

    It’s a bit of a scratch your head moment. .

    You’ve had eight years of watching the same play in repeat mode.

    Not sure why the pissing&moaning. .

    A few good results& the majority of you would want Arsene to sign for life..

    So fickle. .

  67. Cesc Appeal


    Because of that old thing, Wenger doesn’t fail, at the top level he does, but he doesn’t fail badly, so there is no external pressure for change, he makes the clubs tonnes of money so there is no internal pressure for change.

    That is it. Nothing to do with him being a great manager, he is a steady pair of hands who achieves the minimum he should do.

    Arsenal fans have become comfortable with that, so a new manager presents a risk, could lead to massive reward, or could lead to us slipping below the average we expect.

    As the average we expect isn’t bad, most are happy with that.

  68. Relieable Sauce


    (1) REAL MADRID CLUB DE FUTBOL, a professional football club governed by the laws of Spain and the regulations of the Spanish Football Association….

    (2) THE ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB PLC, a public limited liability company…


  69. MidwestGun

    Phd _
    I disagree, I believe the majority here don’t want to see AW for life, however, I believe the majority of fans do.
    But at this point AW is already here for life, or at least his football life, I don’t think he will take another management job after this.
    So ….. not sure what you want fans to do? Protesting is basically moaning in an extreme form.

  70. naijagunner

    It’s the tone blog that gives fans of non-entity club like spurs the gall to comment on here. You fellows spend all day bashing your players and wonder why your idiotic rivals are joining in.

    I say “your” in this Context cos no Arsenal fan outside England gives a rat arse about spurs…they are just another mid table English club .

  71. MidwestGun

    For the record other blogs have trolls from other teams as well. nothing at all to do with the tone on here. Chelsea bloggers troll 7am, Spurs troll Untold, as well as Mancs. Just Arsenal is trolled by everyone.

  72. tunnygriffboy

    Injury Alert Injury Alert Injury Alert

    Remarkable. It appears spurs may have an actual serious injury. Verthonghen may have done knee ligaments

    Sad for him, but spurs having an injury ? It rarely happens remarkably. Their backroom staff do amazing things.

  73. MidwestGun

    Arsenal fans have become comfortable with that, so a new manager presents a risk, could lead to massive reward, or could lead to us slipping below the average we expect.

    As the average we expect isn’t bad, most are happy with that
    Yep, that’s pretty much it. Throw in we won a few Cups and have brought in a few Marquee players over the last 3 seasons and like I said it becomes a perpetual motion machine. Elite purgatory… best term Pedro ever coined.

  74. Redtruth

    Big mistake signing a keeper when outfield players were the order of the day.
    Ospina was doing fine no need for change.

    The only defence for signing Cech is the limp argument we’d be worse off….lol

  75. Cesc Appeal


    That’s exactly it. we keep getting to eat the big boys table, so we don’t care, even though we’re an irrelevant guest.

  76. MidwestGun

    Red –
    Does your bot track have another channel? So all of the issues with Arsenal so far this season… and you decide Cech is the target for your lol’s? Again, Cech has 10 clean sheets. Allowed 3rd fewest amount of goals with Coquilin out and Flamini pinning the DM. So far this season Ospina has given up 6 goals in 3 matches and lost to Zagreb and Olympiakos and it took 2 goal by our awesome striker Flamini to win the other one.

  77. MidwestGun

    Red _
    hahaha I didn’t mean change to Aguero head less chicken, soundtrack.

    Serious question, name 11 good PL players you would prefer as our starting 11? So Ospina is your starting keeper, who else you got?

  78. MidwestGun

    Sal _
    Ha you know I’m bored when I’m debating whether Cech is better than Ospina with Red. Slow news day. Google Arsenal news and all you get is speculative links to the new teenage Martial. I though Martial was the new Martial?

  79. naijagunner


    It’s actually naija not naiji….and u can ignore my moaning about the moaners…i believe we have had this discussion before so I don’t know why my posts bother u.

  80. MidwestGun

    Naija _
    Spell check. my bad. Again, I read every post. Reading is not difficult for me. It doesn’t bother me, but the pattern of every single one of your comments is to bitch about whatever you perceive as negative.

  81. MidwestGun

    I can scan and comprehend a comment in about 10 seconds, by the way unless its E-Stroller or Rhys Jager.
    So a bit pointless to ignore ones when my eyes have already read it.

  82. Cesc Appeal

    Like walking into a pub every evening and exclaiming ‘I shan’t be drinking in here because the tone of the conversation doesn’t suit me.’

    Fine, feel free to just float by without sticking your head in. What does that comment add?

    Absolutely zilch.

    ‘Well feel free not to read it then,’ right, well why make it then, what are you possibly saying tonight that we couldn’t have gathered from your daily snipes at Le Grove. This isn’t an obligation for you, no one is forcing you to come on here. Find somewhere else or wait for your crowd to get on here…really do not understand people posting on a blog literally for the purpose of expressing their dislike of that blog.

  83. Wallace

    “Kylian Mbappe? Wheres Karim when you need him?”

    we’re gonna need another French Football correspondent if he keeps up with this ‘disappearing when we need some info’ shit…

  84. naijagunner

    Like the general pattern of your comments is to bitch about Wenger no?
    Ignore a comment means don’t reply to it not don’t read it..

    @Cesc appeal

    I don’t dislike le grove…on the contrary its the only Arsenal blog I read besides a cultured left foot……i just find u guys go a bit OTP on the comments section every now and then

  85. MidwestGun

    I know English is not everyone’s first language…..mine is American.(kidding sort of}
    but I would literally have to blindfold myself to ignore a comment.

    Thus making it hard to read. A conundrum. I guess some sites have an ignore button or whatever, not a fan of that.
    Anyhow, been thinking about what our lineup versus Barca might be and it so hard to predict due to Coqs seemingly early rehab and not seeing anything of Elneny I don’t think ever. maybe once in an International, I think Egypt used to have the old US head Intl manager,Bradley.
    Anyhow, we best get our midfield sorted by then.

  86. MidwestGun

    Also, If I read something and have the wherewithal to comment , in other words the inclination and ability. Why would I just ignore the opinions of people I don’t agree with . The whole point of a blog is to share viewpoints.
    Also, I think if you took a total of my comments where I mentioned Wenger it would probably be less then 50%. He is the manager of our club for the past 20 decades.

  87. naijagunner

    @Cesc appeal
    U need to check up the word weird in the dictionary

    It’s a cold night in Kaduna (that’s northern Nigeria by the way) and since am still unmarried cos I am yet yo find top” qualidee”….i will grab my blanket and leave u guys to it.

  88. Joe


    Do you really think it matters who we put out against barca

    It will be the differ ever between 4-0 and 8-0.

    And Wenger will play some weird style to try to outsmart barca….