Jack Wilshere: Is he worth that new deal?

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Sooooooo, not often you’d see widespread condemnation of Arsenal tying a young English player down to a new deal. But, that’s what’s just happened.

Jack Wilshere, a man more elusive than Abou Diaby, has managed to land a £31.5m deal, despite hardly ever playing.

It’s a weird one. He’s a player that ran the show against Barcelona as a kid. He was our future captain. He was the new Mr Arsenal.

… yet the deal sticks in the throat a little bit.

JackWilshere is being paid £110,000 a week. It’s a monster salary for someone who really has struggled to make a dent in even a Lucozade bottle (cause he’d leave his foot in and roll his ankle) over the last few years. He’s not young anymore, he’s the same age Cesc was when we dropped him off at Barcelona. He’s a year younger than Aaron Ramsey, he’s 5 years older than Bellerin, 5 older than Delle Ali of Spurs. 4 years older than Raheem Sterling… players doing things for their clubs.

He’s middle aged for a footballer these days.

It’s a weird one, because I’d understand the logic if we were signing a player who was in a good place. But for me, Jack still doesn’t know his best position, is he a DM, is he a future Mesut Ozil or is he a wide players? I mean, how can you be dishing out deals like that to a player that barely plays, has barely developed and doesn’t even have a role in the team?

Seems odd. But what’s the other option? Let him go? I mean, part of me thinks that would be really sad.

What else are we expecting, that he’d take a pay cut?

I mean, really, the only option was to pay and hope.

There’s something in there, it’s just a bit of a worry that we’re investing a heap of cash in a player that’s a long way off playing and a long way off delivering to his £100k a week valuation…

Anyway, that’s your lot today, let me know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Wenger's wallet

    Wenger has bred tip tap scared to shoot money grabbing wank bags. Off to get another whiskey. Fuck Arsene Wenger. Fuck Arsene Wenger. FUCK ARSENE WENGER.

  2. daz

    Just be thankful Wenger turned up when he did before Adams ended up like Kenny Sansom and you would have been watching him on Jeremy kyle

  3. PieAFC

    Even the ex players under Wenger always trea the line in what “they really want to say about Arsenal”

    Almost makes you think, they watch themselves cos they know how much control and power he had at the club.

    Wish one of them would just come out and see it like we do.
    Actually finally for once critique him like he deserves, he put this team together he changed the style of play.

    For years we was a 4-4-2.

    Swtitched to this poncy new system and for years done us fuck all, all cos the rest of Europe wanted to copy Barcelona and faile miserably!