Micro-disappointments starting to add up. But will they cost Arsenal?

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A point away at Stoke is no failure considering we haven’t beaten them at their place since 2010 when Aaron Ramsey broke his leg. Quite an amazing stat really. It’s Stoke, not Chelsea we’re talking about here.

The point looks even better when you consider we lost Ozil before the game with an injury, which left us with pretty much zero creative talent in the line up. We had to resort to Chambo in the number 10 role, which was a massive ask considering his drab form this season.

Factor in how poor the performance was and the how much the heroics of Petr Cech contributed to the result, well, you have to say that maybe we were lucky today.

Talking points

The Struggle Bus: The whole setup lacked balance today. I mean, we’re pretty depleted, so it’s forced unbalanced stuff, but it’s not good. The midfield looking really clueless. Matty Flamini really doesn’t help our game and Chamberlain in the number 10 role really was a horrible decision. The front three didn’t really work, Giroud missed a glorious chance when he was fed through by Joel Campbell. I can barely remember Theo doing anything of note. He was missing in action yet again and he didn’t look up for the fight.

As for the Ox, it was a car crash of a game. The only thing that seems to have saved him getting the criticism he deserves is a fierce shot he flew at goal in the first half. He does a good impression of a being a top class footballer at the moment. He makes the right turns, he runs powerfully and he looks the part… but his end product is beyond poor, in fact, even the basics he’s struggling with. At one point, he didn’t move from a 5 yard radius for what felt like a long time, when an Ozil would have been finding space. My biggest worry for him is he doesn’t look like he wants to be on the pitch. He hides. You can’t have that in a young pro.

Joel Campbell: Quite the turnaround for the Costa Rican! He’s gone from ‘oh my goooooosh, get him off’ to ‘wow, this guys is this seasons Coquelin’… I’ve said it many times, but he plays with the fear that if he gets kicked out of Arsenal, his top flight career is dead. You kind of don’t get that vibe with Theo, Ox and Jack. They’re English, they’re fine whatever happens. Another good game where he deserved an assist.

Toothless: Giroud didn’t have much of a game today. He really did blow that one chance you get in the tight games. The one chance a Robin or a Thierry would have buried. There’s no point in complaining about it, but that’s what will cost us the league this year. The keeper is saving us points, the strikers are losing them. I know there’s very little we can do about that now, bar pray that Alexis comes back into the side and hits the ground running.

Petr Cech: He gets his own section for brilliance every week. But he really has been a major difference this season. Our best signing of the last ten years. As Jack Butland said after the game, he had little to do in the first half, but turned up in the second showing incredible concentration to keep out some pretty solid attempts at his goal. I don’t like that he’s so consistently having to bail us out of a hole, but I am pleased we have someone capable of winning us points. He certainly saved us today.

IWOBI: I said before the game that I felt his skills were more suited to the game than those of Chamberlain. Someone who has vision, looks for space like Ozil does and has a bunch of confidence. He lacks experience, but Chambo plays like he lacks experience, so what’s the real difference? He came on late in the game and replaced the dismal Theo, he immediately gave more spark to our game. His deft touches and tight dribbling skills gave us a threat up top. I don’t want to bang the drum of a young player like we always do as Arsenal fans, but I really think this boy is special (I still think Chambo will be special for the record).

Top of the League: But the pack is tightening behind us. We’re missing opportunities and we shouldn’t be. The gap between Arsenal and Spurs is now only 5 points. I worry that we’ll look back on these progress hindering results against weaker opposition with ‘that was when we f*cked it’… one of my major concerns is that City have a title winning 5th gear, we don’t and we’re starting to look like we’re dropping from a steady 4th to a worrying 3rd.

Major hope is that the return of Ozil, Welbeck and Sanchez will give us the opportunity to inject some freshness into the set up. It could be enough to kick us back up into fourth… and only then will we know if we have the gust to shift it up into 5th for the run in.

Anyway, a point isn’t disastrous given the context of the past, but when it comes to our title hopes, these micro-disappointments are starting to tally up. One win in our last 6 away games. It’s not good enough.

We need to get the show back on the road in time for Sunday. 3 points lost against Chelsea and we could start to see a collapse.

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    I’d say it is well earned journalistic pessimism over our ability to handle pressure.

    Annoying that most pundits and journalists have always written Arsenal off over the last 10 years, more annoying we always prove them right.

    Up to Wenger to change that, I doubt in the time he has left he will get a better chance at the league. Still has two weeks of the window left, he either has to have total confidence in the return dates of his players, or he buys.

    In failure this season, there really is nowhere to hide for him.

  2. Joej


    Even if he is right about Jack and wellbeck
    They are not really ones to ‘win’ us the title.

    Santi is done for the season

    Le coq. Who knos

  3. vicky


    City 12 away games – 28 points
    Arsenal 10 away games – 23 points

    We have more points won playing away than at home despite playing fewer games. I don’t know why you say we have been average playing away.

  4. gambon

    We’ll pick up another 31 points.

    9 wins, 4 draws and 3 defeats.

    75 points should secure 2nd place.

    Man City
    Man Utd

  5. vicky

    A very conservative estimate

    7 away games – 4 wins, 1 draw, 2 defeats – 13 points

    9 homes games – 7 wins , 2 draws , 0 defeats – 23 points

    Minimum 36 points. Sum total – 80 points

    We will see though how it pans out. But Yes 80 points is the minimum we will get to.

  6. vicky

    At home we play Chelsea, Southampton,Leicester, Swansea, WBA, Watford, Crystal Palace,Norwich and Aston Villa.

    We couldn’t have asked for a easier fixture at home.

  7. gambon


    Like we were going to get 4 points from our last 2 games.

    We will blow the Chelsea game on sunday….and blow most of them away games.

    We wont win any of Man City, Spurs, UTD, Everton or West ham games.

  8. Joe.

    We’ve drawn 5 and lost 4 already yet some of you think we are only going to lose 2 the rest of the way when wenger is notorious for blowing it when it matters.

    We will lose to city, United , spuddies and best draw at Everton.

  9. vicky

    “We wont win any of Man City, Spurs, UTD, Everton or West ham games.”

    I will change my moniker to ” I am a cunt ” if we don’t win any of these games.

  10. daz

    We wont win any of Man City, Spurs, UTD, Everton or West ham games.

    That’s a bold statement, I would say we will win 2 of them most likely the utd and west ham games

  11. daz

    City could drop points at home to utd, Leicester and spuds and they still have Liverpool and Chelsea away throw in an away game at Newcastle 4 days after travelling to dynamo kyiv yes Newcastle are mostly shit but I will be interested to see how city do after that trip.

  12. Emiratesstroller

    I find it increasingly annoying that people are suggesting that the EPL is
    mediocre and that if Arsenal should win the Title the outcome is devalued.

    The EPL has produced this season 3 qualifiers for last 16 in Champions League
    including Chelsea who are currently in 14th place in League. So if the football
    here is so poor then what does it say about the rest of Europe?

    Realistically there are perhaps three teams in Europe who are significantly
    better than English Clubs and those are Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Otherwise I don’t see any other clubs who are better than the top
    teams in England.

    The main reason that English Clubs are no longer performing in Champions
    League as well as we used to do is the strength of our League and the TV scheduling which gives our clubs very little time to recover.

    Mediocre clubs in Europe can rest their players and their respective leagues
    are much more accommodating on fixture scheduling than ours.

    When you look at the football transfer market today I believe that it is increasingly obvious that many of the better players want to move to England for very obvious reasons which are:

    1. The English Clubs are better financed and pay superior wages.
    2.The EPL is now the most competitive league in Europe and most decent
    players want at some stage of their career to play in England.
    3. Life in England is far more tolerant and stable than in most other countries
    in Europe. If you are an African or Muslim Footballer you are far less likely
    to be abused here than in other countries.

  13. Sam

    Pep Guardiola the mercenary is not available. He’s already building his Man city squad while still so called coaching Bayern Munich.
    Even Katie Price will wait at least till the divorce is done before moving with the next husband.
    Leaving Bayern Munich for Man city.Lol!!
    Maybe he’s in love with the town, Mrs Guardiola loves that flipping curry house in longsight n enjoys shopping in Piccadily

  14. gnarleygeorge9

    I’m told Stoke are called The Potters. An apt description for their supporters would be The Fuck-Wits 🙂

  15. Sam


    Most of these doom merchants are also Chelsea trolls
    If We win the league then they will bore us all summer that we will collapse like chelsea did.
    They’ll never give up

  16. WengerEagle


    We’ve lost 2 and drawn 3 of our last 6 BPL matches away from home. Our only win came against the hopeless Aston Villa.

    So I’d certainly go as far as to say that we’re pretty ordinary away from home.

    Our remaining home fixture list is pretty ideal, every match on it we’re the favourites and we should be getting the 3 points but away from home it’s a different story.

    Of our last 7 away matches, 5 of them are vs Man City, Man United, Everton, Tottenham and West Ham.

    I honestly don’t think that we’ll pick up any more than 5-7 points from these fixtures which won’t be enough.

    Knowing us as well we’ll drop a few points at home vs those weaker sides when the pressure is being applied in March/April.

    Have to just hope that Citeh continue to fuck up too.

  17. Sam

    Hmmm We always put on a decent run after we get knocked out of CL
    Yipeeeeee no more boring midweek games till Mai n this will happen when we are already top or second in the table.
    Doomers will be doomed coz we will win the league

  18. Pierre

    The dads army brigade are still at it. “We’re all doomed”.
    The crucial stat is city have 9 away games to play and the arsenal have 7 away games to play.
    Our record against top clubs home and away in the last year is good so nothing to worry about there. Spurs and Everton away will be our hardest games in my opinion. We struggle against teams that play with high intensity.

  19. Dissenter

    The only way we the league is if city continue to fu** up.
    They look like they are beginning to play well.
    Aguero is baaaaaaack.

  20. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle,
    “Of our last 7 away matches, 5 of them are vs Man City, Man United, Everton, Tottenham and West Ham.

    I honestly don’t think that we’ll pick up any more than 5-7 points from these fixtures which won’t be enough.”

    That’s where we lose the league.
    We should also hope city progress far in the CL which will weaken them for subsequent premier league games.

  21. Dissenter

    Gary Neville is stinking out Valencia.
    At least now managers can reply these new class of loud pundits with ZERO managerial experience easily.

    Just retort that ” Gary Neville found coaching is a lot different from studio commenting”